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Full text of "Caribbeana : being miscellaneous papers relating to the history, genealogy, topography, and antiquities of the British West Indies"

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11 & 13, EREAIvrs la'lLDINGS, ClIANCEKY L.V^E, E.C.4. 








"TTTITH the completion of this volume has come the armistice, and 
with the advent of peace vre may now loot forward to an 
amelioration of the difficult condition of the printing trade. 

In spite of shortage of workmen, high prices and scarcity of paper, 
this magazine has been carried on without a break, for whicli our 
thanks are due to Messrs. Mitchell Hughes and Clarke. 

To meet partly the increased charges and wages it has been found 
advisable to raise the amount of subscription from 10s. to 15.'?. per 
annum., and even with that increase the Editor will be out of pocket 
£100 a year. 

Among several subscribers who have passed away, we have to dej^lore 
more esi^ecially the loss of Sir Alfred Scott-Gatty, '' Garter/' who was, 
oti his motlier's side, great-grandson of a phinter in Dominica, and 
grandson of the Kev. A. J. Scott, Avho resided in Antigua 1772-7G with 
Sir Ralph Payne, and was later Chaplain of H.M.S. Vicfonj. Another 
old contributor was the late Lieut. -Col. H. W. Pook, who was interested 
in St. Kitts, and was an active member of the Society of Genealogists 
of London. 

During the past year the list of wills in Barbados to 1800 has been 
concluded, and P.C.C. Administrations brought down to ICSG. 

West Indian Grantees of Arms have been reprinted from the 
Harleian Soeii'ty's volumes. IMr. Reginald Glencross has been able to 
resiane his al>stracts of Nevis "Wills for which we are grateful. ^Vest 
liub'iiu M.I. in this country have appeared regularly, and there is very 
litile material left. 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2012 



Numerous short pedicrrees conliniie to ho printed, mid of these there 
are liundreds more in !MS, Tliey must of ncccssit}- he often sketcliy and 
douhtful, until a search iii tlic ishmd record offices has heen made, hut 
they nevertheless afford a hasis for future research and correction. 

A supplement to tlie Book-plates has increased the collection 
to 80G, and it is now very diiHcult to discover additional plates, tlioug-)i 
Mr. Frederic Cattle is ever on the watch. 



( T ) 


Alhill, Chfi3. H., Eiclimond IIoiTild, Colle2;e of Arm?, Queen Yictoria Street, 

E.C. 4. 
Bauii, A\^illiam W. ran, M.J)., 1401 Spruce Street, Philadelphia. 
Bosanquet, X. E. T., Arthur's, St. Jnmei's Street, S.AV. 1. 
Bowcii and Sons, 20 Broad Street, Bridgetown, Barbados (2 copies). 
Bromley, Mrs. John, 30 Manchester Street, "W. 1. 
Calder, J. Y., Worthy Park, Ewai'ton, Jamaica. 
Cattle, F., Eavenswood, Ilcanov, Derbyshire. 
Chambers, Bertram, llear-Admiral E.N. On active service. 
Cornish, J. E., 10 St. Ann's Square, Manchester. 
Da Costa, Dr. G-. F., 11 Dulco Street, Kingston, Jamaica. 
Douglas, E. Langton, 2 Hill Street, Piccadilly, ^V. 1. 
jDyett, E. 11. Kortright, St. John's, Antigua. 
Ferguson, T. Colyer-, Ightham Mote, Sevenoaks. 
Fircbrace, C. AY., Freusham Place, Farnliam, Surrey. 
Ford, H. A., British Consulate General, Philadelphia, U.S.A. 
Fry, George S., The Grove, Xethcr Street, Fiuchley, Middlesex. 
Gibson, jMrs. Wm., Shady Avenue, Squirrel Hill, I'ittsburgh, U.S.A. 
Gillespie, W., S2 Fer.churcli Street, E.C. 3. 
Glencross, E. I\r., 17U A\^)rple Eoad, AVimbledon, S.W. 19. 
Grant, Cajit. Percy, C.B., E.N. On active service. 
Hay, Miss G. C, Fort William Estate, Petersfield, Jamaica. 
Haynes, Hon. A. P., Bissex Hill, Barbados. 
Hiflman, E. H., 4 Somcrs Place, Hyde Park, Y^ 
Ivemieway, Mrs., Stepliens Plot, Spetisbury, Dorset. 
Lawreuce, Y'. P., Cowcsficld House, Salisbury, Y'ilts. 
Leigh, E. A. A. Austen-, The Froyles. Liudfi'cld, Sussex. 
Livingston, Noel B., GS Harbour Street, Kingston, .Lamaica. 
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Murray, Keith ^V., 37 Chenistou Gardens, W. S. 
Nembhr.rd, Miss M., Hotel Somerset, Orchard Street, W. 1. 
Oliver, Tho. L., Oakhill, Burslcdon, Hants. 

Ottley, Sir Chas,, liear Admiral E.N., 17 Queen's Gate Gardens, S.Y''. I. 
Pedder, J. L. K., Heywoods, St. Peter's, Barbados. 
Phipps, H. R, Col. E.F.A., Innell.iu, Cavendish Eoad, Sutton. 
Saiutbill, 3I:'s. A., 104 Sloane Street, S.W. 
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Siticklcr, E. (}., Doucrliis, St. I'eter'.s, Barbados. 

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^\'uodruff, C, M.D., llyatt.viUo, -Maryland. 

Yearwood, II. G., Ericndly Hall, St, Micliaer^, Barbados. 


American Antiquarian Society, Worcester, ^lasp. 

IJaltimoro, Maryland — reabidy Institute. 

Barbado.s — Free Public Library. 

Boston, JIasi. — Boston Atbenanim. 

Cambridge — University Library. 

Cambridge, ! — Harvard College. 

Domiuica— Pree Public Library. 

Dublin — Trinity College Library. 

Edinburgli — Advocates' Libraiy. 

Jamaica — The Institute, King- ton. 

London — Bi-itisli Mu^^euin. 

Ixoyal College of Arms. 

Poyal Colonial In>litute. 
New Entjlaud Historic Genealogical Society, IS Soiaer.-;et Street, Boston, L^'.S A. 
New York Historical Society, 170 Central Park "West, New York U.S.A. 
New York I'ublic Library. 
0.x ford. The Bodleian Library. 

Penn.-jylvaiiia Historical Society, 1300 Locust Street, Philadelpliia, U.S.A. 
St. Kilts. Administrator's Olllco. 
West India Committee, lo Seething Lane, E.C. 3. 

( Tii ) 



List of Subscribers 

List of Contents ---- 

List of Illustrations 

Addition!? rvnd Corrections ..--... 

Tobiu of Nevis - - _ - 

Case of Ilenr}' "Willo^iglibv, Esq. ...... 

List of Wills recorded in Barbados down to the year ISOO 

9, G2, IIG, 113, 177, 

Eicbardbon of Nevis 

Pollard of Barbados ...-..-. 

Bwarris of Jamaica --------- 

Patent for a Freneli plantation in St. Kitts to Dame A)iu Stapleton 

William Stapletou of Nevis, Bart., a.d. 1G9G 

Netbeway of Nevis 

Davies of Jamaica ------... 

llohne of Nevis 


Monumental Inscriptions in England relating to West Indians 

44, 87, IGj, 
Kotes and Queries 

Penwick of the A\''est Indies - 

Gardner of Nevis ........ 

Norton of Tortola, ........ 

"West Indian Members of the Highland Society . . - 

Alsers ......... 

Audaiii --....... 

Buncombe of IMontserrat ...... 

Cottle of St. Kitts 

Crooke of St. Kitts ....... 

Daly of IMoutserrat -.....- 

Estwiek of Barbados ..--..- 

Pahio of St. Kitts - - 

Georges of St. Kitts ....... 

Jackson of St. Vincent 

Lettsom of Tortola 






1, 128,323 

235, 2G9, 293 

- 17 

- 18 

- 19 
and Sir 

- 32 

- 35 

- 38 

- 40 

- 43 

193, 247, 2G0 
47, 312 

- 47 

- 47 

- 48 

- 48 

- 312 

- 313 

- 314 

- 310 

- 31G 

- 318 

- 31S 

- 319 
• 320 

- 321 
. 321 



Notes and Queries {continued) — 

Licence to Tractisc Medicine and Suri^ery - 

Markham of St. Kitt.s 

Molineux of Montserrat 

Smit]ier of Antigua -.--.-- 

Sterne in Jamaica ...---- 

Turner of Antigua ..-.--- 

Fox of !^^ou^serrat ------- 

Sidney Cuiloge, Cambridge . - . . - 

Yv'cst India'i Chancery Suit.-- in I'.R.O. 
Grearlieed of St. Kittn -.-...- 

La\YC3 of .Jamaica - - 

Browne of Antigua -----.-- 

W;itl<iiis of Aiitigua -------- 

(■rraut of Arms to "William Ik'rlcionl - - - - - 

Administrations (P.C.C.) relaling'to A\'cst Indians - 
Burt of Xevis --------- 

]\av>Iins of St. Ivitts and Xevis ------ 

Hussey of ]Montscrrat 

•Jliver and j\oyail of IMassacliusctls and Antigua 

Moade of Mont ^crrat ...---- 

'l'v:i-\V(Jon of Barbados ------- 

L-ear.^, St. Miiliaels -------- 

.Uose of Jamaica ..--..-. 
l^illcr of .Jatn.'iica .-.----- 

jlcniing of .Tamaica -------- 

Jjlenman of Barlad()S .--.--. 

Gj';uitees> of Arms II., l(■>s7-1^0^ 

Kii'i; of Antigua -------- 

Docu;nents in Public liil)rarv, St. .lolin'^ l\nvn, .Vn'.igua 

.B:\yly and Edwards of Jamaica --..--- 

Cuiiyngiiam and R ■bcnlcau uf ."^t. Kilt-* . - - . 

V.'alltr of ]';ii'bad.^s and .sonili *.':ir<'iina - - . - 

Letter from tlic Hrni. A\'. Markiniien of Antl'_'ua 

Letter fnna W. AVoodloy. y.M\., of .'^t. Kitts 

St. Nioiiolas Abbey, JJarbados ...... 

]5riilg\valer of Nevis -------- 

Ii'gii\botba:n of jJarbaiios -..--- 

AW'lcli of Jamaica ..-.--.. 
Herbert of ]Nevis ---...-. 
I«r.i3ied of Jan.aica --..--.- 

L-.s.tck of St. Kilts 

Kovie'.vs : — 

Notes ou Colonel Jknry \'a.->a!l (17-1-I7(i0), bis wife Penelope IJoyall, 

Ills house at Ca'iibr^d;',>-. ar.<l liis slaves Tuny and Darby - - 2-lS 

Memoirs of Willuun liickev, Vol. IL 325 










































07, IGl, 













































































Sober of Barbados 249 

Sanders of Xevis ...-...--.- 203 

Snnla Cru7, or St. Crcnx . . . 2G5 

Hals of Jamaica - 276 

Abstracts of Xevis Wills in P.C.C. 278, 299 

JJevcrcux and Ga^'c of Montscrrat -.....-- 2S3 

Vcnioiis Piaiitatioii, Antigua .-...-.-. 2S7 

Carib lv'eniain« 2SS 

]ioll)oru for Foiitabellc] Hou^c, Bridgetown, Barbados - - - - 2S9 

Adams, Maxwell and Walker of Barbados ------- 290 

AVill of Ealph Parkinson, Esq., of Jamaica ..---- 29i 

Amorj of St. Kitts 292 

j^cckles of Barbados 29S 

Cl'.ristian of Aniigua SOS 

Listof Wills i)ruved in the P.C.C. from 1S13 to ISIG inclusive - - - 310 

West Indian Bookplates - - 32S 

Index 329 

Ijjdex to Additions and Corrections -------- 372 



Ilolborn (or Fontabelle) House, Bridgetown, Barbados - - frontispiece 
View of Lord's Castle, Barbados ...--- .facing IG 

Label of Mr. Joseph Hall of Barbados „ 49 

Bookplate of The Literary Society in Barbados „ 89 

Lears, St. Michael's, Barbados ,,129 

IVlition from Antigua in I70S-9 ,, 1G9 

St. Nicholas Abbey, Barbados - - - „ 209 

Bookplate of Losack of St. Kitts 2J3 

Antiguau Bookplates facing 249 

Bookplate of John Sober 251 

Holbi-ru (or Fontabelle) House, Bridgetown, Barbados - - -facinr/ 289 

( ^ ) 


Page 2. 

Mrs. Henrietta Tobin was Capt. Tobir/s s.istcr not uife, who married 9 Dec. 
1730 Samuel Clarke, Jr. Her sister l^arali Tobin inarrieil 3Iauricc ]?erkcley, Jr., 
and died 23 Aiii;;. 17oo, aged S3. Anotlier sister, ^Luy, b. IGUO, married John 
Symonds, b. 1G>^G, B.A. 0.\f. 17(>S, speaker 1712. She buried 10 Dec. 17U2, 
aged GG. Further notes will appear in Vol. VI. 

Page 17. 

1687, March. Lieut. John Hill then a Member of the Assembly. 

1G72, Nov. Petition of John l^odney ct Franees bis wife to the King that 
Stei)lien Mall d. seized of an est. in X. worth £.")t'0 a year. J'et' Trances his dau. 
<fc h. mar. "\Vm. Eichardson, mcrcli*, after whose death jictitioners intermarried & 
returned for England. In their absence Tho. Cole, pretindiug a debt of 00,000 
lbs. of sugar (^about £300), s'* pi" was .^^old by oute-ry in 1070, & Cole bought it 
for 00,000 lbs., turned out their servants, sri/ed their stock &■ goods & felled 

Inventory appended : 33 negroes tt Indians, I w. servants, 9 cattle, 2 sugar 
mills, 7 coppers with stills & coolers, besides liou.'-es & near 100 acres of canes. 

Gov. Sir Jas. Ilussell replied that the estate was greatly encumbered with 
debts & C.Tsar J^odney, Capt. K.".-' brother, waited tlie stock (Col. Cab, p. 429). 
On 23 June 1073 a special comuiisjiuu was ordered to be held iu JS'evis. {Ibid, 
p. 502.) ^ ■ 

Hon. James Symonds of Nevis. AVill dated 21 July 17')S. To Eliz. & Hen- 
rietta Richardson, daus. of John Kichardson, IImj., by my niece Eli/,, his wife, 
10,000 lbs. each at 21. 

Page 3d. 

See p. 300 for the will ot Jonathan Xcthewav, sen. It was ln"s son who died 
iu 1720. 

Letter from John Xetheway, Dcp.-TJov. at Nevis, 21 Sept. 1GS9. . . . My old 
age & infirmities . . . desire to go to New llngiand, where 1 have a son tt dau. 
(America <t AV.I., vol. 5oO, p. US.) 

Pago 41. 

In GilHngham Cliurch is a tablet recording the deatli at Novis oi Mrs. Christiana 
Broome, widow of Ivlidiard (.?("c) B., on 1 Nnv. 172l\ au'id OS. On her tombstone 
the liate of her b;rtli is given as 2"» Feb. 1G.">7, but the 7 may be 1. Siie was 
evidently bapliseu 21 March 1002-3. Siime additional notes v.ill appear later. 


Pago 57. 

Susanna Temple was dau. of Eobert not Thomas Temple according to her 
M.I. Eliz. widow oF James Lawes died lo Sc was buried 123 Jan. 17S-1, aged SO, 
in Westminster Abbey, & by lier will, dated 19 Nov. 17S3, bequeathed to her 
relation AVm. Clalc son of the late Henry Gale of St. Eliz., Jamaica, then at 
AVestmiustcr School, her house iu Portman Sq. aud her estate in the said island. 

Page 128. 

11th line. Tor " Cooke " read " Tooke." 

P. 138. 

In the Sloane MSS. are four letters from Dr. Eose Puller, 1733-39 at Jamaica. 

Page 168. 

St. George's, Basseterre, St. Kitts. 177G, Peb. 12. Henry Morton "Willis, s. 
of Mark & Ann Arabella Dver, b. 20 Oct. 1775, bapt. 

St. Anne's, Sandy Poiut^ St. Kitts. 17-iS, Oct. 10. The Honourable Charles 
Morton, Esq., & Anne Louisa Georges. 

Page 173. 

St. George's, Basseterre, St. Kitts. 1762, . . . Jolm Spratt & Mary Roberdeau 
p. Lycencc. 

Page 186. 

Newton AValker was only child & heir of Alex. Walker of Barbados, Esq., and 
died 1772. Wui. Y/alker, attorney-gen. j was of Mount Wilton plantation in 1722. 

Page 197. 

St. JoKivr's, AxTiarA. 

1810 June 13 William Sinclair Cathcart, Infant son of L' Col. George Maekie, 
S'^ Batt" 00"' Keg. and Catherine Culy his wife, bapt. 

Page 211. 

James Smith of St. Thomas Lowland, Nevis, Esq. Will dated 29 Oct. 1778. 
To Kogor Pemberton Bridgw.^ter, son of 'J'hadeus M'^Carty J^., by his late deceased 
wife Hannah, £S00 at M, & to Bridget Pemberton B. his sister £000. (\rar- 
burtou, 323.) 

St. Geoeoe's, Basseteeee, St. Kitts. 

1762 Nov. 3 Eich'' s. of Eich'^ & Susan Bridgwater, bapt. 

1763 Aug. 17 Henrietta dau. of Hich'' & Susannah Bridgwater, b. 11 June ult. 


1764 Dec. 1 Sarah Bridgwater, buried. 

Page 227. 

On the 2'ith Dec. 191S at 20 Gloucester-terr., Hyde Park, Magnus Forbes 
Morto)i-Herbcrt, late Capt. 4Sth Northamptonshire Eegt. & E.von of the Yeomen 
of the Guard in his 93rd year. (West Indian papers please copy.) (" Morning 
Post " of 30 Dec.) 

Page 288. 

Luffman writing iu 1786 descri]>c8 a tumidus to the south of Parham, as 
oblong in shape, very regular, lessening gradually from its base to the top, which 
was Hat, o-600feet long aud from -iU-uO feet high. 


Page 328. 

To tlie CampLell coat add : — a lordure f/olony Unnine and Vert, l)ut tliis may- 
have been oiiiitted from tlie book jjlate by the dt!--igner. Peter Campbell Searlett 
•vvas left his grandfather's watch, chain and seal. 

Q'he following names were unfortunateJ}' omitted from the Index : — 

Pcake, Katherine, 130. 

Preeke, John, 301. 

Messer, Kichard, 301. 

Mills, Edmond, 204 ; James, 204. 

Neave, Sir Eiehard, 310. 

Norriy, John, 312. 

Part, John, 145. 

Tooke, Mary, 128. 

Col3Ui iDf 0M^. 

James Tobin, the Elder, o£ Nevis, E-^ij. Will d;Uccl 13 Oct. 17G7. :\ry sou 
James and dau. Eliz. Cross .£10 each. (All estate to several coloured children. 
A black Avomau called tSophj Tobiu named.) I'iworn 81 March 1770. (Xevis 
Deeds, Book of Wills, p. 258.) 

Geo. Webbe, the Elder, of Eedland iu AVestburj-upou-Trym, co. Gloucester. 
Eso^. "Will dared 31 Dee. 17SS. i\[y dau. Eliz., wife of Janios Tobin, 3:]sq., 
£1100 aud £100 a year (316, BisJiop). 

1707-8. Census of Nevis. AV alter Tobiu -1 w. males, 4 w. females, 12 slaves, 
1713. Waiter T. appraises floods. (Xevi.s lieeords, p. 33.) 
. 172-i. Deposition of ilr. John Tobiu of Nevis that his sister Symouds had 
not had an illegilimate child. 

1727. Census of Nevis. Tho. and John Tobiii. 

1728, Nov. 21. Iiid're between the ]ron. Chas. Eridgewatcr, Senior, E.sq,, 
and Eliz. his now wife, Chaa. B. his son aud heir by Eliz. his wife, and Eliz. Tobiu, 
dau. of Walter T., planter, dec'', and John T., planter, aud Sarah T., widow of 
AVaiter. A marriat^e to be solemnized between Cha. B., J'', and Eliz. T. AV^alter 
T. by his \vill made 10 April 1719 gave his dau. Eliz. £200 st. and £500 c. 
(Ne\is Deeds, ii., 63.) 

1731, Nov. About the middle of Oct. last some persons arm'd broke into the 
House of M'' Spike at Cove in Ireland, where lodt^^'d AI"' ^Maurice Borklev, juii. 
his Wife, Wife's Sister, & a Servant Maid, Passengers iu the Apollo, Cap' Tobiu 
for Nevis. 

They went up into the Chamber, Avlicre AD* Henrietta Tobiu lay, took her out 
of Bed, ^t cavry'd her off -with only her Shift ou. The Eriiuupai iu this Fact was 
one William I'owcr, who had lately been several Times in her company. 
M/ 3:?crkley took liis Sword, engaged I't wounded a Person who stood Centinel 
at the Door; then pnrsu'd them to the Strand, Avhere he was agani oppos'd by 
tlu'ee Men armed witli Swords & Pistols. Upon which he ery'd out Murder, 
etc., two or three coming to his assistance, they foUow'd them to the Watersiile, 
took ]ioat, it coming up with them, rescued her amidst all their Eire. The 
account she gave of their Usnij;e was, that they forced her on ITorsebach before 
William Power, which with struL'gling, she had quilted several Times, & was as 
often remoitntcd by Ids assistants. ('• G.AI.," -lOs.) 

1701, April 30. Janu's Tobin. tiie Elder, of Nevis, Esq., conveys to James 
Smith, Esq., his plantation in the p. of St. Thomas of 200 acres in Truit. (Nevis 
Deeds, vol. K., p. 325.) 

17GG, Jidy 7. Ja: Tidnu of Salisbury, Esq; to AJiss AVebbe of Stradford, 
with 10,000 1. (-'G.AI.," 312.) 

See ante for several close rolls recorded in 1700, 177-1, 1702, 1705 aud 1707. 

177G, Dec. 3. James Tobiu recommended for tiie Council of Nevis. ■ 
VOL. V. B 


Aems. — Or, three {? holly) leaves. 

CjiF.ST. — A dove, in its leak a fjiri;/. (From W.I. Bool<plate Xo. GOj.) 

Walter Tobin of Xcvis 1707.«;.=FSarali . 

Will dated 10 April 1711) 

a widow 172S ; bur. 

at ^t. Joiiii's 17 April 1719. 

.Tolin Tobin, James Tubin, born IGDS ; .- a >lnp^:^ 

born 1G93; nia&ter and of tlic " AjmiIIo" 1 7:U : 

bnr. at St. bur. at St. .lohns :31 .March 1770, 

John's, Fig- a<^ed 72. Will dated 13 Oct. 

tree, lOptd-. 1767; sworn 31 ^lardi 1770. 

1757, aged Conveyed to T. in 1701 Ids jdan- 

61. tation in St. Thomas of liuO acres. 

hip"[? Henrietta Elizabctli Tobin, 


mar. Clia. Bridge- 
water, J un. ; set- 
tlement dated 21 
iS'ov. 172y. She 


Thomson. Tier 
will dated 17G5. 

James Tobin, born 1737; articled 1753— Fliz. Webbe, dau. of 
as a solicitor; of Salisbury 1777; of Oeo. Webbe of Nevis 
Berkley Square, Bristol, 179s ; dicil 
G Oct.'lS17, aged SO. M.I. in Clifton 
Burial-ground (ante, XL, 37^). Wrote 
political pamphlets in defence of slave 
owners. C' ;" AV.I. Boolqtlate 
No. C)05.) 

and Bristol ; mar. at 
cfi. Wilts, 30 June 
17(.iG; died S July 
is-Jl, a-ed 80. M.l. 
in Clifton. 

Eliz. Tobin, mar. 
.... Cross. 
John Tobin 
Crosse, ? their 
son, mar. 1790 
Marv Burlce. 
(Ante, II., 1G8, 

James Webbe Tobin=p 
of Bristol and Nevis, 
born 17G7 ; of Wad- 
ham Coll., Oxford, 
matric. 9 Nov. 17S7, 
aged 20, B.A. 1791; 
died 30 Oct. 1S14 in 

George A\'eld)e Tobin, born: 
13 Dec. J7G^ at Salisbury; 
i;ear-.\(l(iiiral K.N., C.IJ. : 

died lu A 



G9, at Teiginu'juili. i\I.I. 
tiiere wiili his aims {ante, 
IV., bo). 

-Dorolhy, dau. of Capt. 
Gordon Skelly, E.N., 
and widow of 3Iajor 
IJutr, 2G Foot; r.iar. 
13 JunelSOi; died 30 
Aug. 1840, aged 72. 
M.l, at AVeston, Bath. 

Walter Tobin, admitted to 

St. Paul's School 1 June 

1821, aged 9. 

Henry Hope Tobin. ad- 
mitted to St. Paul's School 
5 Feb. 1S22, aged S; 
drowned at Heidelburg o 
June 1831, aged 17. 

Frederick Tobin, went to 
California ; last heard of 

(leor're Webbe-r Susannah C lirislian, 

Tobin, at l!ioii 
1S21; Capt. 
Q. Bavs; .lied 
21 Sci"-t. ISlo, 
aged 33. .'\1.1. 
al St. Paul'.-, 
I^ri^toi, and 
at Weston. 
(Ante. I.. 1^1 ; 

dau. of .Iclin Cob- 
ham. V.<i\.. of J>ai-- 
bados ami Bristol ; 
lirst-cousin lo her 
hu>band ; died 2 
Jan. IS ID. M.I. at 
St. I'aul's, i>ristol. 
(Aii/e, 11., 305.) 

Eliza Lucy 
Hope Tobin, 
only dau., 
born 25 Nov. 
IS 10; died 
11 March 
1S31. atred 
23. M.l. at 
(An/e, I., 

I .,. ! 

O'Hara John Tobin, born~Lilhan Mav, .lamo lobin, 

ISIS; Lieut. B.M. | mar. ls9o. ' iMni ]sJ9 

/}s died lS55. 

^laruaret Anne, mar. 
died IbSS. 



1770, Sept. 23. Power of Attorney by Lydia Tliomas Tobin, late of Nevis, 
now of l^ristol. ;<pr., to .Jas. Tobin of vSalisbury, uho intends soon to embark to Xevi.s 
.... mentions slaves and other property as joint owner witli her sister Anne 

1791. Jas. Tobin of Bristol, Esij., power of Attorney to Geo. "W'ebbe, the Y', 
and Edu'l Brazier of Xevis. (Xevis Deeds.) 

170S, Xov. 9. .las. Tobin of Berkley Sq., Bristol, Esq., power of Attorney to 
Jdlm 'J'avlor of jS'evis to itianagc his plantation, etc. (Ibid.) 

1798, Oct. 29. Ind're of sale of a slave by .las. AVilliams as attorney for 
.las. Tobin, Azariali Pinney and Henry Hope 'i'obiii of Bristol, merchants. 

] 79y. Sarah Tobin, Avidow, ex'tri.v of the will of AValter Tobin, deceased, 
release to Y. S. Symonds in the presence of .John Tobin. 

ISUl, June 13. Capt. Tobin 11. X. to ^Irs. Uuft", of liichmond co. Y'ork, widow 
of the late Major D. of the 2Gth foot. (" O.M.," 595.) 

Henrietta Tobin, mar. 9 Dec. 1730 
Sam. Clarke, Juu. 

Lydia Thomas Tobiu and Anne Tobin, their 
power of attorney 1770. 

Henry=pLucy, dau. of Tho. 
Hope [ Oliver, Lieut. -Gov. 
Tobiti of I of Mass., and of An- 
Bristol. ! tigiia and Bristol ; 
merchant. I mar. 22 Nov. 179s at 
deadl8l2. St. Angustine's; died 
10 Jan. 1857. aged 
85. M.I. at Clifton. 
(Ante, III., 90.) 


Joim Tobiu, born 
20 Jan. 1770 at 
Salisbury ; of 
Lincoln's Inn 
1781, play-writer; 
died Dec. 1801. 
31. 1, at Cove, CO. 

Eliz. Tobin, boru 1772; mar. 
4 Jan. ISOS, at St. Augus- 
tine's, John Cobham of Bris- 
tol and Barbados. He died 
20 Oct. 1811. aged -IS. She 
died 20 May 182-1, aged 52. 
M.I. at St. Paul's, Bristol. 
(Anie, II., 301.) 

Jas. "Web be 


Cha. ^leadows 

Mary Theodosia,=f 

boru 1801 

, 2nd 

Tobin, born 

Youngest dau. of 

Lieut. B.A. 

; died 

1802; Lieut. 

Major O'llara 


58th Begt. ; 

Bavnes. B.A. ; 

died 182(). 

mar. at Dawlisb. 

:John Tobin,^]\Iary, 
born ISOl ; widow of 
Capt. 11th 3Iajor 
Foot; died Good. 


Tho. Geo. Webbe^f Alice JMaud 

Tobin, born 1>47: 
Ensign (ith ]'\iot; 
died 1891. 

Mary, <tau. 
of Capt. At- 
wood, 27th 


Cha. J. Yilliers 
Tubin. born 1819; 
dicil at Cape I'cnvn 
20 Dec. 1809, aged 

"Wm. Henry; 
John Tobin, 
born 1850. 

:Laura Brown, 

mar. 187S ; 
in New Zea- 

Cliarlcs Tobin, 
boru 1879. 

Geo. Hen. 








B 2 


180S, Jnn. 4. At Bristol. Jolm Cobliatii, E>q. of tliat citv, to Miss Tobin. dau. 
of J.i.«. T. esq. (" G.M.," So.) 

]S11. Tlio Hon. Jas. AVcokc.s of \cvis wrote that 'Mr. J. W. Tobln was first 
met by Jolm ]\''tcrson 25 yeai's a!,'o, and that the former's mother's family was 
I'oiinoctcd with the latter. 

ISll. ^ee an extract of 'Slv. Jas. Ti)bin',s letter in Southev's " AVest Indies," 
]). -198. 

ISIJ, Oct, 30. Died at his 'father's estate in Xevis, of a fever, James Wobbe 
Tobin, cs(]., etc. Lon'j: notice. c'G.M.," lbl.">, ]>. 17^i.) 

1815, Dec. S. Capt. Geo. Tobin, K.X. to be a C.B, (IhiJ., G29.) 

1521, Jnnc 1. AValter Tobin, aged il, s. of James AVebb T., 17 l?atc]iffe 

1522. Feb. 5. Henry Hope Tubin, aged S, s. of James Webbo Tobin, 1 Little 
Carter Lane. ("IJegister of St. I'aul's School," pp. 2(J1. 205.) 

1S31, Jnne 5. AVliile bathing at JLidelburg, in ids ISth year, Henry-Hope, 
youni^est son of the late Ja.?. AVebbe T. esq. of the J. of Nevis and of Bristol. 

1831, March 11. At Bath, acred 23, Eliza Lucy Hope, onlv dau. of Capt. 
Tobin, K.X., C.B. {Ibid., 5GG.) 

183S, April 10. At Teignmouth, Devon.'^hire, aged 09, Bcar-Adm. Geo. Tobin, 
C.B. Long notice. (//>/</., 101.) 

LSIO, Jan. 2. At Clifton, Susanna-Christian, wife of Geo. AVebbe Tobin esq. 
only dau. of the late John Cobhaui, esq. of Barbadoes. (JbiJ., 21S.) 

Chas. MeadoAvs Tobin, Joseph AVcbbo Tobin,=pliarriet Baynes, Lj'ances Tobin, 

born 1775; inatric. born 1770; Gen. E. A. ; mar. 17i''.) ; died mar. 3 May 

from AVadham College, died at Exmouth 21 29 April ls03, ISOl, at St. 

Oxford, 9 Nov. 1792, Eeb. 1SG3, aged 8G. au'ed .s3. Augustine's, 

aged 17, B.A. 1797. M.I. at Littleiiam. co. Bristol, Koh. 

Devon. (Anfc, IV., i ]3ush of Clif- 




Eliz. Margaret 

1 1 
Henry Geo. Edw. Alex. T 


-Louisa, onlv dau 

of Edward 

Tobin. died 21 

Tobin, Capt. 2 Queen's, 


Capt. AVillianis, 


Dec. 1 879. aged 

born 1815; died 29 


E.N., D.L., of 8 


72. M.I. 

180L]; 1892, aged 77. M.I. at 

rlon, c(\ Devon ; mar. 

mar. Littlehara, co. Devon. , 

2 Nov. is id; diei 




April 1909, aged 


Edw O'Hara 

Ered. John=^Clare Edith 


. Cecil— Sarah 

Era. Alfred 

Tidini, boru 


Gcorgie. dau. 




Tobin, born 

1852; ]^X.; 

born 1S5G; 

of T. AVatcrs 


dau. of 

is 03 ; died 

in New Zoa- 

Major E.I. 

of Parsons 







Town ; died 





Jas. Fethard Tobin. Katldeen Tobin, born 1891. 

•n Aj 


1SJ.G, Nov. 2. At Lympstone, Georsre Tobiu, esq, Queen's Koyal liegt. to 
Louis:i, only dau. ot" Thus. William.^, esq. L'oLiiinaiuler 1{.N. a magistrate tor Devon. 
("G.-M.," 1817, p. 191.) 

1817, Sept. 2'S. At Uawlisli, Cajjt. Joliu Tobiii, late of tlie 11th Kegt. eldest 
sou ot" Lieut.-Geii. Tobin, Roval Art. to Marv-Tlieodosia, youngest dau. of Major 
O'Hara Bayncs h. p. lioyal Art. {l/j/iL, G.'i2.) 

1SG3, Teb. 21. At Exmoulh, aged hG, Gen. G. AV. Tobin, Commanding 3rd 
Brigade E.A. entered tlie service in 1791, etc. (Ibid.) Also Harriet his widow. 


M.l. to John Tobin esq. of Line. Inn who d. at sea Dec. ISOi. (" G.M." for 
1815, p. 178.) 

There is a good account of him in Hoare's " Wilts," vi., 653. 

1766, June 30. James ToLin, esq., and Eliz. Webbe ; sp. lie. 

James Tobin wrote several pamphlets in favour of the planters. The Eev. 
James IJamsay, sometime Rector in St. Kitts, wrote in favour of the slaves. The 
two thus became antagonists, and numei'ous letters, replies and rejoinders ])assed 
between thera. 

1 have "A letter to James Tobin Esq. late M. of 11. M. Council in Xevi-s from 
James Eamsay A.M. Vicar of Teston pp. 40, 8vo, published in 1787." This v.-as 
written after the publication of " A short Rejoinder to tlie Rev. Mr. Ramsay's 
Reply by James Tobin Esq." Mr. Ramsay states tliat he Icnew a ship-mastei of 
Kevis called Tobiu, whose sou was sent to England and placed with an attorne}'. 
About 17G0-1 this sou visited ISTevi.s, but soon returned to England. On tlie 
death of his fatlier about 17GS-9 he made another short visit to Nevis, and in 
1779 came out a third time and remained two or three years. 

In another volume of pamphlets, formerly .Jas. Tobin's own copy with his 
bookplate, is bound " A plain man's thoughts on the present price of Sugar pp. 22, 
8", 1792." Signed in ink : " James Tobin." 

Some f.Gvr years ago a gentleman interested in the Tobiiis corresponded with 
me, and as a result printed " Notes on the Tobin Family," pp. G, 8vo, with a 
iolding tabular pedigree. 

Claiming the title, honour, and dignity of 


To be heard at the bar at the House of Lords on the .... Day of ... . 17G7. 

The Petition tets forth. That Sir Will la in Jfilloui/J/bi/, Knight, was. by Lettersi 
Patent dated IGth Fihrnari/. Ift I'dicurJ i!)i\i, created Lord Willovjihhy of Farham, 
to hold to him, and the Heirs iNIale of his liody. 

That he was fucceeded in the laid Honor by his .8on Lord Charles, wlio had 
lu'ue Five Sons ; namely, IVillian, Sir Auihrofc, EduuirJ. Clmrlcg. and Sir Thonuis ; 
and was Uicceeded in the Honor by his Grandron Lonl William, the ."^on and 
Heir of WilUum his eldelt Son. 

That the Heirs Male of the faid IJ'illiiiin, Firft .Son of Lord P/iarlf-". enjoyed 
tlie laid .Honor. fuceelVively. till the Year 1680, when JiOrd C/iarlrs, the latt 
lurvivin^ Heir 3lalc of f/iat Line, died without llUie 3Iale; and thereby the Line 
of the laid IFillioin, Firlt Sou of Lord C/inrli:.^, became extinct. 

That thereupon the Petitioner's (Trandfatiier Jlciiri/, the only Sihi and Heir 
of Edivard, who was the only Son and Heir of t!ie laid Sir Awhrofe, S( cond Son 
of the lirtt-named Lord Ch-irlrs, became rightfully intitU-d to tlie ILujor of 



I. WlLLIA^r, created Lord "Willoiii^liby oF rarham, 
1ft Edw. Gtli, to liiin and the Hkihs mall of liis Bodv. 

II. CnARi.KS Lord AVillouL;1il)y of Parham married 
Margaret, daughter of EJward Earl of Lincoln. 


Sir Amuhosk Wiu.oiMiii- 
BT married ^ufan Bi'ooko, 
and heirels 

El"()uirc, died in grandatiqhter and heirels 

the J.,ifo-time of of Kiehard Pates of Glou- 

liis Father. cel'ter. =p 


I I 

Ldwaud had a 
son J\obert,\vho 
died young. 

CiiAifi.ES died 
without IlTue. 

Sir TnoMAs AVil- 

LOffiHBY, Kt. 
lunrricd ^Lvry, 
daughter of John 

111. "WiLt.iAM Lord "Willoughljy- 
of l\n-hain married Frances dau. 
of the Earl of Rutland. 



X. Thomas Lord Willoughhy 
of Parliani firl't fat as a Peer 
1US(), on the death of (the 9th) 
Lord Charles. 

IV. FnvNcis Lord Y. "\A'h.i.ia>[ Lui 

WillouLrhbv of 
Parham had a Son 
"NVilliaiu, who died 

l.ori Wil- 
liMi^hby of 
P.nlia'ii mar- 
riii] i;i'/a- 
lielh Clinton. 

AV^illoughby of 
Parham married 
Ann daugh. of Sir 
Philip Carey, and 
died in Barbadoes. 


ob. fine 

born 1020, 
went to 
and died 
there 1GS5. 

YIII. .Ton>- 

Lord Wil- 
lougldiy of 
Parham died 
w iilmui 





XI. High Fkancis 

Lord ^Vi\. AVri.- 

lotigliby of LOUGit- 

Parham. by. 


Lord Wil- 
hnigliby of 
Pariiam mar- 
ried ALary 
Dixie, and 
died llw'J. 

Hexry, born 
at Minfter- 
worlh, 1GG5, 
married Kliza- 
beth Pigeon 

V(L John Lord 
AVilh tigld.y of 
Parliam died 






Coh.nel lli;.\]tY William (l!d) Foutixe AVil- 

AVlLI.OltiUliY, I'^DWAUU (:M) LOL-OUBY (.3th 

the profenl JosiU'ii (4lh) !Son) deeeafed. 

CLAIMANT. dead without =f= 

Iffue. I 

G EO ItG E W I l.T.O UO III! Y . 

Ju'solv'd that tlio Pel'" l,as fully n.ade out his Claim. (AVriiton in ink.) 



IViUottglihj/ of Parhim ; but that In IGSO, and for ibine Years before, the 
Petitioner's (TranJfathcr was lettled in Vircjiniu, and died there in IGbj, ianoraut 
of the I'aiiure of the llVue Male of tlie eldrr liranc-ii, defcended from i\\ej!rft 
nauied Lord Charlcti, and loft IlVue tlie Petitioner's Father his only Son, then au 

That tlie Petitioner's G-raudfather and his Infant Son being, in IGSO, the only 
Male Uelcendants of the laid iSir Ainhrofc IVilJoHrj/hbi/, Second Son of Lord Charles, 
aud the Petitioner's Grandfather not ap:)eariu<r to claim the faid Honor; and 
Edward and Charles, the Third and Eourth Sous of Lord Charles, horns lonn; 
before dead without IlYue, Thomas Willouf/hhif, the only Sou of Sir Thomas 
TFilhuf/hbi/, the i/ou/iqe/'t Son of Lord Charles, claimed the I'aid Honor, aud took 
his Scat in Parliament on the 2il't of October IGSO; and tlie Dt^fcendants of the 
laid Thomas fat in Parliament until the laft Huj/lt, who fat in Parliament by that 
Title, and died without ll'fue in January 17Go ; by whofe Death the iifue 31ale of 
Sir Thomas TViUou'/hhy, the Fifth Son of the Jir/t uamcd Charles, became extinct. 

That the Petitioner is Heir Male of the Body of Sir IViUiani WiUoiighhij, 
Kuiglit, the rirl't Grantee of the Honor ; being a Lineal Dercendaut from, the 
faid Sir Ambrofe, the Second Son of the iirft named Charles Lord JJ^illoufjhbi/, 
in the following I\Iauuer : 

Sir Ambrofe JVillourfhhi/,^ by his Wife Sii/an BrooJce, the Graudaughter aud 
Heirel's of liiclnird Fates, had Iflue Edivard, their only Son, who, by liebecca his 
"Wife, had Iffne Henry (who was in Virfiinia at the Time of the Pailure of the 
Ilfue Male of the eldeft Sou of the firl't named Charles Lord JVilloughhy) who, 
by il/'/z-y his Wife, had IlVue Henrij, who, by Elizabeth his Wife, had IlVue the 

His Majefty having been gracionfly "iiieafed to refer this Petition to the Eight 
Honourable the Iloufe of Peers, to examine the Allegations thereof, as to what 
relates to the Petitioner's Title, the Cal'e made by the Petition (it is humbly 
fubmitted) will be fully made out, if the following Propofitions are proved, after 
ihewing the Creation of Sir William Willour/Jibi/ a Paron in Tail Male, by the 
Title of Lord Willoufjlibi/ of Parham, aud that he was I'ucceeded by his Son Lord 
Charles, vAio had Ilfue IFilliain, his eldel't Son. 

Firft, That the Heirs Male of William, the eldeft Son of Charles Lord 
Willoughbi/, became extinct in IGSO. 

XU. Edward Lord Willoughby i'at in XIIL CiiAiiLEs Lord Willoiighby I'at 
Parliament in 1712, died iu 1718 with- in Parliament in 1713. 
(■ut llTue. =;= 

XIV. llvGU Lord Willougliby of Parham fat iu 17 . ., 
died without Ili'ue January 17G-J. 

Second, That the prcfent Clainuuit is the Lineal Dcfcend'Hit, and Iliir M(de 

of the Body of Sir Amhrofe Jniloiii/hhj/, the Second Son of the faid [-ord 

Charles, and, iu coufequence, the Heir iMalc of the Body of .Sir jrHliiiin 

Jflllot/i/libi/, the Pirft Grantee of the Honor. 

William. 1ril'loui/hbi/, Klq ; tlu; eldeft Son of Charles Lord Willowfthj, iiad 

IfUie iniliam, who I'ucceeded Lord Charles in the Honor. 

William Lord Willoa.yhbii, (Jrandfon of Charles, had Iffue two Sous, Fr.'ncis 
liis eldeft. and William his youngeft Son; and Francis fuccecded his Father iu 
the Honor. 

The faid Francis Lord Willoiif/hby afterwards died, without Iffue ^[ale ; upon 
whofe Death the faid William 'Willoayliba, his Brother, became intiilcd to the 
Honor, who died, leaving George his eldoft Soii, and Jnlm and (''iarlr.<. his younger 
Sous; and upon tlie Death of the laid William Lord Willoin/h/t// (Brother of the 



laid Francis) the faid George, Lis fldcl'i Son, fucceeded to the laid Title, and died, 
leaving John, Ids eldel't Son, an Infant, who riiceeeded to the liiid Honor, and died 
without Tllue Male; upon whole Ueatli the Honor dell-ended to the bel'orc named 
JoJdi, the Uncle of the laid Jo/ni laTt named; and xipon the Ueath of the laid 
JoJiii the Uncle without lUue .Male, the Honor dclceiided to Cluirlcs, the younijel't 
Brother of the laid George, and JoJni \ who likewile died without IlUie Male in 
IGSO, leaving EUzahcth iFilloi/qh/ji/. afterwards £UzaheJli Bcrlic, his Niece and 
Heir at Law ; and thereby tlie Ji^Ze Z/;?e of William trillot/r/hlti/, 'EUi; \h.e eldcj'f 
Son of the Jirft named Charles Lord Willotiqlihi/, became extinct. 

The Male Line of the laid IVilliam, elJej't Sou ofthcfirjt named Lord Charles, 
being thus become extinct iu 16b0, the Claimant's Grandfather Henri/ Willoufjhhy 
became then intitled to the Honor; he being the Son and Heir of Edward 
IViUoughhy, who was the ouli/ Son and Heir of Sir Amhrofe Willoughby, the 
Second Son of l\\efirft named Lord Charles. 

But it appears, That in IGSO, and for Ibine Years before, tlie laid Ilenrij, the 
Grandfather, was fettled in Viri/inia, and died there in ] GS5, ignorant of the 
Extinction of fuch IlTue ]NLile of the Firft Line, leaving Ilennj Willough.hij , the 
Claimant's Father, his only Son, then an Infant. 

In IGSO, during the Ablence of the real ILcir, in a foreign Country, Thomas 
WiUou(jhbij, the Son of Sir Tho/ijas, the Fiflh Son of thefirft named Lord Charles, 
was rummoucd to Parliament, by the Title of Lord IViHonghbij nf Purhum, and took 
liis Seat accordingly, upon a Brefumntion, that Sir Amhrofe, and his Two Brothers, 
Edward R.nd Charles, were all dead, without JlVuc Male; and the Helcendants of 
'Thomas continued to enjo}- the Honor, until the Heath of Hugh, the lafl Lord 
WiUoughlg of Earham, who died, unmarried, in January 17G5. 

The Eirft Line being extinct, the prelent Claimanfs Title, it is humbly 
fubmitted, i.s clear ; he being the Lineal Difecndant, and Heir Male of the Body 
oiHiv Amhrofe Willoaglihg, the Secojid 'Sow of the \\\\ii. firj't named Charles Lord 
Willoughhg, and, in conlequence. the Heir JIale of the Body of Sir William 
Willoitghhg, the Firft Grantee of the Honor. 

Amhrofe, (afterwards Sir Amhrofe U'illoiu/hhg) was Second Son of the Firft 
Charles Lord Willoughhg, and married Sufaa Brooke, the Grandaughter, and 
Heirefs of liichard Pates of 2latfon, in the County of Gloncefter, Efquire. 

Sir A-morofe Willoughhg, and Dame Safan, had IlVue Edward Willoajjlihy, 
3^fquire, their only Son, wlio marrietl liehecca Eraper, and Sir Amhrofe Willoughhg 
dying, Daine Si/fan, his "W'idow, afterwards intermarried with Sir Rohert Lovett 
of Sulhurg, in the County of Bucks, Knt. 

JJdward Willour/hhg, and liehecca his Wife, had llTue Henrg, their eldeft Son, 
baptized at Stewl-eleg, in Bucks, 11th Xovcmher IG'JG. 

Henrg W'lloughhg married Marg, and had Hl'ue Henrg (the Claimant's 
Fatlicr) and lived at Jlinfterworih, in the County of Glouceftcr. 

Li lG7o, Henrg ll'illoughhg (liic Cllaimanl's Grandfather) by the Advice of 
George Hudfon, to -whom he had fold iiis Eftate, went to Virginia, taking with 
him a Daughter named Bchccca, who afterwards married liichard Hull, and 
leaving behind him, at Jlinfterworth, Jhn-g Ins "Wile, Henrg (tlic Claimant's 
Father) his eldeft Son, and Snrali his Danghter. 

In IGSO, (being the Year in \\\\w\\ the lllno ^Nlalc of the eldeft Son of the 
Firft Lord Citarles became extinct) IJi-nrj; (the Claimant's Father) was of the 
Age of Fifteen Years ; and on the 2Gth of Sovcmber IGS.j, Henrg, the Claintant's 
Gr.uidt'ather, died at Hull's Creek, iu Virqinia. 

Henrg 'WilloiK/lihg, the Claimant's Father, married Elizaheth Pigeon, 2Sth Juh/ 

Henrg and Eli~ahcth had llVuc the prelent Claiinanf, their eldeft Son, and 
M'tlliam, Edwaid -Awd Jtfijih (wlio are all dead witlioul JlVue) and Fortune, their 
youngeft Son. who is allu dead, leaving George, his only Son and Heir. 


Ai.. WKDnmtBi'RX. 
John M.vuucks. 


( 9 ) 

?Li^t of ilMilU rrcoitict) in ^Sarliaticis tsolnn 
to ti)t j^tar 1800.* 











Names of Testators. 
Lope<s. Moses 
Lindsa}^ Dorotliy 
Liiido, Abrali;im 
LoDfT, Christo])]icr 
Lettoab, Leah Gabay 
Lavine, Isaac 
LucuniL, John 
Lashlev, Jaraes 
Lawson, Jolm 
Lampync, Nicholas 
Lon^^ Geor:;e 
Lewis, Sarali * 

Lyncli. Andrew 
Lashley, Mary 
Lynch, Anthony 
Lindsey, Joseph 
Lewis, Francis 
Lewis, George Taylur 
Leman, John 
Lyte, John 

Laccy, Henry 

Lewis, " Peleliou," Mary 

Lauahan, John 

Lewis, Kichard 

Leslie, ]Mercy 

La Tlo{|ne. Antliony 

Lashley, 'I'homas 

Lake, Thomas 

Lake, Eh"zabetli 

Lake, John 

Jjanahan,' Jcdm 

Jyindf^ay, George 

Leslie, iiichnrd 

Lawrence, ircnry 

Leary, Eli/ahcth 

JiCadcr, Jane 

Lawrence, William 

Lucous, Jacob 

Lewis, Ann 

Lnkc, Kebecoa 

La Eogiie, Francis 

Leslie, Catherine 

Leslie, Charles 

Lewis, Joseph 

Lewis, Francis 

Lindsay, ^5aruh 

Lucas, Natlian 

Year. Names of Testators. 

1771 Littlewood, Elizabeth 
„ Lavine, Isaac 

,, Lamb, )\'iHiam 

1772 Leach, Anne Ross 
„ Leach, Benony 

,, Lockman, Fiuslia 
„ Lucomb, Tliomns 
„ Laming, Edward 
,, Lynton, John 
,, Lash ley, ]\alph 

1773 Lavington, Mary 
„ Lucomb, Thomas 
„ Lane, Hi chard 

,, Lynch, ].'obert 
„ Linton, John 
,, Leslie, John 

Leach, ir'amuel 

Lucas, Sarah 

Lewis, Snr., Philip 

Laverick, \\'illiam 

Lynch, Harrett 

Lynch, Johnny 

Lewis. ^Mary^ 

Long, 'J'honias 

Lowe, AVilliam 

Lewis, James 

Lati'prey, Samuel Giles 

Luke, Elias 

Lopez, JMoses 

Lynch, Elizabeth 

Letts, Jnr., "William 

Letts, William 

Lewis, S.imiiel 

Lewis, Jolin 

Leacock, John 

Ijawson, .Mary 

Lewis, Fhilip 

Lamj)ln, Alexander 

Lion, Mat bias 

Locl<, Julm 
„ Ijcvis, Sarah 
„ Laming, Dymock 
„ Leacock, Susanna 
,, Lewis, Cliarles 
,, Lyte, AVilliam 
1782 Lunessuricr. Nicliolas 
,, Lynch, Elizabetli 








* Continued from Vol. IV., p. 35S. 




1 rso 


Year. N;ime< of Testators. 

17>2 Jiauiniinj^, ?»rary 
]7i>'S Lindsay, 8usaiiiia 
,, Lcary, Christoplier 
,, Law, Upton 
„ Leslie, Katiieriiic 
,, Leacock, Jo.<eph 
,, Leacock, Joseph 
„ I'ittlc\voo(l, George 
,, Lyder, Thomas Lavine, ]Mary 

liove, Nathaniel 
,, Lindo, Jiir., Abraham 
,, Lashlcy, ISusaniia Cooper 
„ liGwis, .lacob 

Lascelles, Daniel 
Leeds, Mary 
Lewis, Margaret 
Lewis, MaiT 
Leath, John 
Leslie, Bowman 
Luke, John 
Loyd, Agnes 
Lovell, Joseph 
Lucoml), John 
Lowe, liichard 
Lee, Joseph 
Lynch, ^lichael 
Leach, Elizabeth 
Legay, Jane 
Lovell, Jur., Edward 
Leath, Ann 
Luke, Joshna 
Leacock, Hamble 
Leader, lleiiry 
Lash!c3\ Sarali 
Lanahan, T-iuthe 
Lyder, Joseph 
Lopez, fc^arah 
Lnnahan. Jnr., ])engill 
]janiprey, Ei^Iiard (riles 
JiOveiJ, i'hilip 
,, Lowe, Mary 
„ Leslie, Jai:e 
„ Leach, Benony 
„ Lawsoii, James 
., Lewis, ICatlieriiie 
17'.)'j Lavine, f/nireniia Trent 
M Lawrence, William 
,. Leeth, Arilmr 
,, Lewis, J.)r. Peers 
,, Lloyd, Francis 
„ Leacock, 3Iary 
., Lewis, iS'aihanil 
,, Linton, Eli/abeth 
,, Long, John 
>, Leacii, kjarali 



J 789 


Year. Nam' s of TtsUitors. 

179;J Lewis, James 

1791 Le Messurici-, John 

,, Lynch, Kobert 

Leslie, r^Iargarct Applewailc 

,, Lynch, Patricia 

,, J>ord, John 

,, Leslie, John 

,, Langford, John 

,, JiCslie, To mas in 

179.J Lang, Elizabeth 

,, Lawson, Samuel Husband 

„ Lewelling, Josiah 

„ Lascelles, Ed win 

,, Lewis, Xathan 

,, Lindsey, James 

,, Leach, Elizabeth 

,, Llovd, Eobert 

1797 Lovell, Margai'ct 

„ Lynch, Elizabeth 

,, Long. G-coroe 

179S Lynch, Thomas 

,, liCwis, Jane 

„ Lewis, Sarah 

,, Lane, Andrew Jack 

„ Lynch, I\Iarv Elizabeth 

1799 Littlewood,"Mary 

,, ]jindsey, Erancis 

„ Li man, John 

„ Lynch, Sarah Eleanor 

,, Leslie, John Bowman 

,, Lord, Kichard Sargeant 

,, Lord, John 

1650 INlephelomie, Cormock 

,, Morris, John 

„ Meade, James 

,, ^lartin, James 

1G51 Mills, :^lrs. Marv 
:Mars1iall, Williani 

lt)52 Morgan. William 

„ ^[ott, Steven 

„ Morewood, Andrew 

„ Miller, Henry 

1G")3 3Ialpas, George 

„ ^Morgan, Edward 

,, ]\Iorgan, Capt. Erancis 
Mann, Jxichai'd 

lUOl Marsh, (reorge 

„ ^Morris, Gordau 

„ Miller, Thomas 

1G5G oMiller, AVilliam 

„ Masters, Joseph 

1G57 Mai pas, jNIary 

„ Macumbe, Calib 

„ Morris, William 














NiinKs of Testators. Ye;ir. 

]\rayo, Edward 1671 

jNlorgaii, Ixogcr ,, 

Mi.Tsain, Timotliy ,, 

i\raior, liobcrt „ 

jMorris, Peter ,, 

Mackrall, Audrew ,, 

JNiorse, Jolm . 1672 

Maibbye alias .Jolin Wilkins ,, 

ilay, Johi) ,, 

IMackerness, John ,, 

jMaiiirg, Patrick ., 

Mayne, Lewis 1G78 

M;icS\vain, Evan ,, 

Miiiitt, ThoDias 1671; 

jMurihie, Dirmott „ 

Moiuf, Vrilliain „ 

jMoore, diaries „ 
jMaxiicld, Tlugli 

Martin, Thomas ,, 

Morgan. Jolm ' 1675 
n-Ak, Pieliard 

Mitcbeii, Athinatius ,, 

IMarlolien, Earrell „ 

Morris, Owen ,, 

Morrison, Cray „ 

Morris, William „ 
?Jills, Jolni 

Minor. John „ 
Mills. Poliert 

Millard, Eobert 1676 

Mulian, John „ 

]\Ioore. Tiiomas ,, 

Morris, Ciiristopher 1677 

iMurrav, William „ 
i^iarsh; William 

Mullins, Alexander 1678 

jNIatkins. Henry „ 

IMarsh, William „ 

Murphcy, Daniel ,, 

IMills, George ,, 

iVfarele, Joiiii ,, 

Martin, John ' 1679 

Mackuey, iJaniel ,, 

jMiirrov, Kobert „ 
Melley, Charles 

Mackvada. Dermont ,, 

jNlai'tiiidale, Jidm ,, 

Murley, Darby „ 

Mo'side, Juditii ,, 

Mullen, 'league „ 

IMoody, John ,, 

Marey, William IGSO 

]Middietoii, Miles „ 

McCracher, John „ 

Morris, Thomas ,, 

MapIeto[>p, Margery „ 

N;aiics of Te>tator>. 
Morgan, liees 
Morser, Christopher 
^Merrick, Thomas 
Morrell, "William 
Meredith, Thomas 
jMansell, Robert 
Alaccaliester, Charles 
IMoure, Pen-hird 
31ar.shall, AVilliam 
Morgan, John 
Middleton, Thomas 
^lorgaiii, Evan 
Alaverick, Xatiianiel 
Monrow, Daniel 
Malozar, Nicholas 
Morgan, Thomas 
Morrison, A\^illiam 
Muntrons, ]ioger 
Mnllinax, John 
iMartindale. John 
Murpliey, Edmond 
Mascoli, Timothy 
Monlermack, AVilliam 
Murrow, Williani 
Miiidis, John 
Martin, Audrew 
IMaxwell, James 
Murphey, Ixlmond 
]\Iurfey, Thomas 
]Macoy, John 
Mosse, Thomas 
]\[itchell, Jau^.cs 
j\[anning, Edward 
Maggs, George 
Macrumarrow, Daniel 
Maidwell. Philip 
jMoor, John 
Llilles, Henry 
iMachahall, Dennis 
^funyon, Josias 
Moore, llichard 
Mills, Thomas 
JNLocov, John 
INIacartie, Daniel 
Morrell, Nicholas 
Macclicf, Dennis 
jNTorgan, Evan 
iNIclntosh, lienry 
iNiorrell, Xi<-h')l:is 
Munrow, Andrew 
Mayr, John 
iNIillar, Amlrew 
Munrow, John 
Morris, William 
MacGuin, Arehibold 
Morris, Nicholas 




Year. N;iiiies of Tcstutors. 

IGSO ]\Iatthew.s William 

„ -Mackcloud, Atiujuist 

,, Mann, John 

., jNIartin, John 

lUSl JMilcs, Riehanl 

„ Mac-kenny, Alcxandfi- 

„ Mirrell. Thomas 

„ Mills, Andrew 

„ Malony, Dernian 

„ Manson. 'J'liomas 

1682 Miles, Andiew 
Maltha, Fan-ell 

,, MacDowell, John 

„ Moraine, Matthew 

„ Martju, John 

„ Moyor, Samuel 

,, Maycocke, Thomas 

,, Mannack, Andrew 

,, Mannack, Elinor 

1688 Madden, Daidel 

,, MoiJ;gs, Anna 

„ JMears. John 

„ Mackill, Daniell 

„ Maddii^on, K'obert 

1681 ."Mcrrieke. Mumphry 

„ IMorrell, Jane 

,, Moore, iSnsannnh 

„ Makbernes, \\'illiam 

„ Mooj-e, Snsaiinnh 

„ Mackerwhoe, Thomas 

,, Moore, John 

„ Mart^on, lAiward 

„ iMason, (Tcor^e 

„ Muckaliall, Jone 

,, IMarke, IMary 

„ MncHollaud. James 

,, Maekellister, Thomas 

16S5 Murcoit. John 

„ 3[ercado, Dr.vid, de K' 

Middletnn, AVilliam 

,, ]\lca7,v, AVilh'am 
,, Mnrcott. George 

,, j\[ills, Jlenry 
,, Meade. Ixohert 
,, J\lorsj;aii. Joan 
1686 Morgan, Widiatii 

,, Marane. Mai-_'airi 

„ Monereiffe, Roierl 
,, iMriUonew Corneliiis 
,, Murray. Heni'v 
,, Morpliey, Cor!le',iu^ 
M\iiard. Sa'nm! 
16S7 i\l origan, 'i'tiomas 
„ Matson, Maitlicw 
,, Murt'ord. liiehard 
„ McJ.eud, i'lnlii'. 

Yfiir. Xaiiies of Totators. 

1687 ^lurphey, Dirmoiite 

,, ^lurfie. i'eai^ue 

,, Miirt'ey, Hui,di 

,, jNIarshall, William 

,, Moore, John 

„ -Mathews, AVilliam 
16S8 Man, liernard 

,, Mansfield, John 

,, Aleare, Koger 

,, Millesant, William 

„ M'Carine, Abraham, Governor 
of Tobago 

,, ^Monroe, Jolm 

,, fiercer, James 

„ ■Mclandins, Jiyran 
16S0 Alanby, Joan' 

,, JMavcoek, Thomas 
IMiUer, AVilliam 

„ Aliirrah, Janiies 

„ Mitchill, Kitdjard 

„ Mill, Thomas 

1690 Markclare, Elizabeth 
„ Mings, James 

,, Morgan, Paul 
„ iMaekbombes, JoIdi 
., Murphey, Kiidiard 
,, ^lafkerness, William 
,, 31oore, Thomas 
,, Meade, (Jeorge 

MeGnetr, William 

1691 Marlin, William 
Morris, Patrick 

16it2 Mnnyon. Ann 
,, Alirray, Jolm 
,, Morrison, George 
,, Mord, I'^raneis 
,, Mercer, Ki(diard 
„ Moiunstej)hen. David 
,, Malone. Mat hew 
16'.):} .Mid.lleton, Kichurd 
„ Mavllam, JoiiaLhan 

Miirrill, William 

Meade, William 
,, Mead. .Marcellus 
,, Mai-colister. j-^leoiior 

Mills. Henry 
„ Maccalister. Milinor 
,, -Moncriet', .N'nihauiel 
„ Madilocic, 'I'honias 
,, Mavcock, .Marj;aret 

Mifls. Jnhn 

Miih'or Wile. ];nlei-h 

Mills. J„s(>;di 

Munfeli, K^.bort 

Maddux. Peter 
16!)1 .\larklaud, Ueury 



Yenr. Names of Testators. 

1G94. ]\Iorfey, YAwuvd 

„ Mellows, Elislia 

„ Mcssar, Jaiiicii 

„ ]\ri(klletoii, Xathauil 

„ Morrow, Cliri^itiau 

,, Meiizies, .ToLii 

„ Miller, Joliii 

„ Mason, Miteliell 

IGDu MountsteplicuiJ, Tlionias 

., Morris, Kiehard 

,, Marcri.s, I\Iary 

„ Murpliy, .Alice 

,, Mar.sliall, Thomas 

„ Majoney, Owen 

„ jNIai'tin, Elizabeth 

„ Moloaii, Edward 

,, Morgan, David 

„ Makailey, Tlionias 

„ Morris, Thomas 

,, Morris, Elizabeth 

1G9G Manning, John 

„ Martholiu, Joseph 

„ McKowine, J3avid 

„ Mead, Samnel 

,, Moore, John 

„ Morris, Thomas 

„ Morrej, William Loring 

„ McMahon, Rosier 

„ Murphv, De!i)iis 

1G97 Metcalfe, Janes 

„ Marshall, John 

„ Majnard, Charles 

„ [Metcalfe, James 

1G9S jMorgan, ^\'alter 

,, Massey, Geoi'ge 

,, Monck, Hcnrv 

1700 Mansell, Samuel 
„ Murrell, William 
„ Movie, Kandolt' 
„ INIiller, Edward 

,, Mayre, John 

„ Mayre, Elizabetli 

„ Macey, iClizabetli 

„ Morgan, Ecnjamin 

„ Macey, Elizabeth 

1701 Murphy, IVter 

„ ]\lavorick, ^'atJianicl 

„ Moody, A niia 

„, ]']dward 

„ McKalo. r^Iarkhan 

„ Martin, Nicholas 

„ ^lay, Mary 

„ IMakeriies, William 

„ Monk, l\obert and INIary 

„ Maddocks, William 

„ Meza, de Fouseoa 

Ytar Names of Tostators. 

1702 Merchant. .Mary 
,, Mashart. James 
,, INIacov, JJaniel 

1703 :\larkland. John 
,, Moore. John 

„ Mills, Alexander 

„ Maekneal, Langhlin 

1701 :\rason, William 

,, jMaxwell, !Moinas 

,, Mollon, lluniphry 

,, Merrick', John 

,, iMartin. William 

„ Milles, Benjamin 

,, Millward, Jidin 

„ Mascott, James 

„ Mitchell, John 

„ Moore, llichard 

1705 Moody, George and Anne 

,, JMarkland, Henry 

„ Marder, John 

,, JMathew, Lewis 

,, MacErudy, l^ryan 

,, Musgrave, Mary 

170G ^leare, Dennis" 

„ Mnrroe, William 

„ Muckleston, David 

„ Mackswain, Cornilius 
Mitchell, David 

,, ^Jeliem, Tcage 

„ ]\Iurry, Jolin 

1707 Merricke, Ellinor 

,, Minnett. Jvobert 

1709 Muffy, Patrick 
,, Martin. Sarah 

,, McCondline, Daniel 
Mackbassell, JNIary 

,, McKarty, Joan 

„ Mings, John 

1710 Martin, Gabriel 

„ MackcoUin, Alexander 

„ Murray, John 

,, Mings, Ann 

„ Mackaskiii, Daniel 

,, Morris, Nicholas 

1711 -Morris, John 

,, Marrincr. Cornelius 

„ Mackaskiii, Norman 

,, McKen/.ie, George 

,, INIein, I'atrick 

171 2 .Mnlloney, Ann 

,, IMoore, JJenjamin 

,, Mat son, Ijonjamin 

IMiddleton. Kicl'.ard 
,, Monntsteplien, S;ii'ah 

1713 Mitchell. William 
,, Mayns, lioberc 




Tear. Names of Tostutorj. 

1713 jMciodr, George 

1714 Middleton, ]jcMijainiu 
„ ^lartiudalc, ^NTary 

„ jMaverick, ^'athaiiii'l 

„ ^larldand, Sarah 

„ 'Miller, Nathan 

171 o Maokdaulell, An-aish 

,, Muriy, Jidiii 

,, iNrelhide, TcaLjuc ]Ionrii|ue 

„ ^I:ipp. Samuel 

,, ^lorrel!, Niidiolas 

„ IMiiig;-, Elizabeth 

,, Matson, Matthew 

,, Maccollock, David 

1716 JNIason, Eieliard 
„ jMellowes, Elisha 

„ Murphey, AVilliam 

„ iMadux, Edward 

„ ]\rayiiard. Nieholas 

., jMartiii, Elizalieth 

1717 McCarty, Daniel 
„ jNfarklaud, Saimiel 
„ jNloore, Alexamler 
,, iNlounter, John 

„ Marshall, GLH)rge 

„ j\Iaddi«oii, May 

„ Macdaniel, Eorker 

„ Maverick, John 

1715 IMiiles, Joseph 

,, Maekay, ^faleoni 

,, ^[endcz, Mose.-;, de Soloiiian 

„ iSIoore, Ivohert 

„ Morphcy, Edward 

„ McUes, Joliu 

„ Martin, A drain 

„ Martin, Gabriel 

„ Morris, IJiehard 

„ Mofl'ord, Thomas 

.MitchLdl, Frizwitii 

,, Miller. 

1719 iMan, Mary 

„ Martin, John 

,, Mangles, Abraham 

,, iNlurphey, William 

1720 IMarriner, Cornelius 
„ iMordrick, Sanniei 

,, Manson, Alice 

,, Mayers. .Ii)hn 

1721 ^Mellcehamp, L'ruiicis 
„ JMaeGoune, StaiY.<rd 
„ ^[aupell, Samuel 

„ Magrow. D.mii'l 

1722 ]\[, .lulm 
.Milles, Jane 

„ ]Messon, George 

„ ]\Iunrow, i;ii/.ibeth 

Year. Names of Testator.*. 

1722 ^Favnard. Samuel 
,, 3IeCannon, Xcil 

,, 31urpliev, I'ingstou 

1723 ^Miller, John 

,, ^foiint Stephen, Liiey 

,, IMaeksield. Susannah 

,, Marlton, Ccaser 

,, Maskall, Thomas 

„ jMoore, Constance 

„ Closely, Henry 

1724 IMackandrew, James 
„ Alarlow, Katherin 

,, Martin, JMary 

„ McEirson, Daniel 

„ Morris, Francis 

„ Mead, Edward 

,, Mackluer, AVilliam 

„ Macoy, John 

„ Middleton, Thomas 

1/25 Martin, liobert 

,, I\Iears, Mar}' 

,, iMaynard, Christian 

,, jNlarcjiiez, Jacob 

172G Milward, "William 

„ ^NlagoAvn., Ann 

,, Morgan, Eichard 

„ Mickey, John 

„ Miiward, William 

„ ]Mulliner, Elizabeth 
!Macfarson, Kichard 

1727 iMoody, James 

„ Muschamp, William 

„ !Mason, Elizabeth 

„ Maxwell, Thomas 

„ jNLiller, John 

1725 !Murrell, Francis 
„ Moore, John 

„ Moore, Susannah 

„ ]\rartindale, John 

,, Martindale, Jane 

„ Moore, Archibald 

,, Morris, Elizabeth 

1729 IMayeoye, Patrick 
„ Millons, ^lartha 
„ jMolins, John 

„ Maude, Martha 

„ ]Mever, Herman Angus 

]\lill.s, John 

,, iMackswecnev. Ursula 

1730 .Miller, J onaii 
„ Moin, Jane 

,, Miteliell, John 

„ i\rjieallisler, Juhu 

„ ^lear, James 
MeCall, John 

„ Mount, Iviohard 











Name? of Testators. 
!^^al•sba]l, Abraham 
Mi lies, Jolin 
Mills, Elizabeth 
McKo^'an, >Sii?aiina 
Maycock, Tlioiuas 
Mayiiarcl, Samuel 
Martin, Jiirhard 
McCarty, Martha 
McCarty, Charles 
]\Iiiiys, James 
Moseley, Mary 
Massctt, William 
Mauniug, Charles 
jNIurphey, Thomas 
Murrey, Alice 
Morris, l^lizabeth 
Miller, Ileiirv 
McUonnell, kichard 
Maclcleur, A.uthoiiy 
Murrey, Elizabeth 
Miller, Eraucis 
Moore, AVilliam 
Merrick, John 
Moore, Edward 
McBounald, Alexander 
McKeovcr, Norman 
Moore, Sarah 
Monsanto, Jacob Xunez 
Mayhew, Marmaduke 
Marshaw, Law- 
Matthews, AVilliam 
Middleton, Eichard 
Mitchell. .John 
Milles, AVilliam 
Mounter, John 
Marshall, Eobert 
Magraw, Mei'cv 
Mitchell, Archibald 
^Marshall, George 
Marshart, Eliilip 
[Milward, Aim 
Maycock, Thomas 
Motlley, John 
Mackciawlin, Kli/abeth 
Morris, lulward 
Mapp, Thomas 
Mitchell, James 
Moore, Arthur 
Mafford, John 
INEackaskill, I)aui(d 
Merry, Ivichard 
IMciJrudye, Terrencc 
]Mearos, Thomas 
jMedford, Eli/aboth 
jNLallard, Thomas 
McCartv, Carala 








• Xames of Testators. 
JNLarlton, Abraham 
Mathcwes, Joyce 
Mason, Joseph 
Moore, Peter 
Mendez, Eachael 
]Mashart, James 
iMillington, John 
Mascidl, Stephen 
Mitchell, John 
IMason, Sarah 
]\Liller, John 
jMascoU, Ann 
IMascoll, ]?obert 
INIalloney, IMary 
Masterson. James 
Manning, Ann 
Manning, Joseph 
Morecroft, Eichard 
Moore, !Mary 
IMassiali, Daniel 
McXill, James 
Marshal], AVilliam 
Mcllowes, Erancis 
McCollock, Thomas 
Maddocks, Wiliiam 
McDonnell, Eandle 
Mordin, Edward 
jMorris, John 
McClair, Elizabeth 
JMinTiellc, David 
Mill, Patrick 
MaeCollin, John 
Murray, Alexander 
Mingham, Alary 
Maddey, Alary 
Morrison, George 
McAlachon, Gilasius 
McDonnell, Eandle 
Alurray, Andrew 
Alason, William 
AtcCload, Johii 
Alorris, Sarali 
Alavers, Joseph 
AlcK'askill. Daniel 
jMahon, Alichael 
INIallard, James 
jNTaddey, Thomas 
]Murrell, Xicholas 
AInnrow, John 
Mahawn, John 
jNlcDermott, Eoger 
Alaycock, Jolni 
Miller, Tiicadorah 
Aratthews, Kdward 
ALiddlelon, Nathaniel 
Aladdocks, Thomas 










Name-; of Testators. 

]\run(lav, Josepli 

Mayers, Honncr 

jMooro, Elishia 

Mihvard, AVilliam 

Mayliew, Kicliard 

Miller, Matllu'U- 

McCluihiui, Alcxaii'lor 

Morris, Willi.uii 

Milhvard, .la'.nes 

Maxwell, ThoiiKKs 

Marliii, Francis 

McLMinray, Evav 
, Munrow. Joliii 

Moore, FraiiL-i.^ 

Morrison, Tlioinas 

Mat-kccon, kSinion 

McKaslicll, Jhith Holder 

jMoore, Jose])li 

Morgan, Williaiu 

Mearc, James 

JMiller, llabbuckah 

Mayers, ^Nlars^'aret 

Milles, Uamaris 

Merrick, Joseph 
Merrick, 31ary 
Melm, Maruaret 

Milhvard. John 
Malswortli, Nicholas 
Menvielle, David 
McBriidy, Thomas 
Michler, Conrad 
Massiah, Judith 
Murray, Martlia 
IMead, Charles 
Murrell, William 
Mapp, Samuel 
Milles, Josepli 
Morris, Kobert 
Miller, Henry 
Maloney, ])ani(d 
Mfiverick, Cailienne 
Maxwell, Klizabetli 
Mapp, Kttbert 
jNlattliew. Humphry 
]\[ann, 3Iichael 
Maynard, 31:1 ry 
IMorreson, Charity 
Martin, Sarah 
Morris, John 
Mapp, luihert 
^leller, Geor<;e 
IVIorris, 'riiumas 

Year. Names of Testators. 

1751 Massett, 3[ary 
,, 31artin, Sarah 
,, ]Millcr, Ann 

1752 ]Martin, Sarah 

,, !Moore, Archibold 

1753 ^Nfeares, Jt>hn 

,, ^Malloney, Benjamin 

,, ^Mcllowcs, Sauiucl 

„ Menvielle, Susannah 

„ Maycock, Mary 

,, Mendcs, Isaac Jeosherin 

,, jMoore, John 

„ Moore, Thomas 

,, IVEat thews, Ephraim 

1754 McMahon. Thomas 
„ INIaddock, Ann 

„ Mitchell, Elinor 

„ Mingc, James 

„ jNIears, Roger 

„ Mill ward, William 

„ Morgan, Mary 

„ Meckneal, James 

„ McBrudy, ]\rary 

IMottlcy, Henry 

Moore, Adii 

Mas.^^iah, Jacob 

Mounlf'ord, Lord Henry 

INIost ley, Eicliard 

iNlalone, James 

,, INlcConchy, Kobert 

„ Mosley, liichard 

,, Mascoll, James 

,, Manning, John 

„ Mower, Aune 

„ Mcfargiihar, Kenneth 

,, Mayers, Jane 

„ INJayers, Kobert John 

iMiller, liuth 

1757 INFalion, Edward 

McDonald, Allan 

„ Maiiislield, Elizabeth 

,, iMartin, Jcdm 

,, jNLapp, James 

,, IMayran, Thomas 

„ INToses, John 

„ IMovris, John 

,, ]\laxwcli, Dorothy 

,, jNIacDonold, Jane 

„ Mcirgan, .lohn 

„ Moseley, .lohn 

„ M;igrath. lienry Owen 

1755 ^Nfalsworth, Nicholas 



{To he roiiiinued.) 











^ <-»■ 




:^ T 


^ O 

< '"^ 


c — - 


^ a 







Oi ^ 


!* iTi 












^ ■ .*.«I^>(BK*'5|^-*??'i:.-.-^-. 

.vJ'-'m. 1'".' f^ 

3 ^ft?.!:|M.! ;,| 



■'^* t*"'^*^'^ n r''— ~" "^ 

( n ) 

l\tc{)artJs^on of i^Am. 

.... ]\icliarilsou=r'T!i'iP Netlicrway. sister to Col. 
of L(niilon,gont., : Jnhii Ni-iluTway. Lieut. -Govr. 
dead 17ol. ! ot Xevis. Siie died in London. 

Joliu Rich-- 

-Elizabeth Hill, 

Marv Hill, 


dead 1731 and 

mar. A\'ni. 

Esq., I'resi- 

lefl a will ; co- 

Pviu Burt, 

deur 1724 ; 

heiress of John 

Chivf Jus- 

dead 1751. 

11 ill and Jo- 

tice. See 


seph Hill. 

his petition 

of 1715. 

Joseph Hill of ^forniiig-^ 
Star ])hinlation. His 
estate passed to liis four 
daus. and coheiresse.s. 

Ann Hill, mar. iu or 
before 1711 John Da- 
scnt, Chief Justice of 
Xevls. lie was boi'ii 
4 :\Iareh 1G91-2 and 
died 7 ^hu•ch 1752. 
She died 1721—35. 

Frances Hill, 
mar. Col. lit]. 


Aurr. 1725, 
a,Q;ed37. M.l. 
at St. John's. 

John liiehartlsou of Xevis, Esq.,=pl'>liza- 
1751 ; son and heir, a?t. 17 iu beth, 
1731 ; born 1711; M. of C. 1719 ■ ; mar. 
of Morning Star in St. John's ; before 
Figtree; Chancery Petition 1751. i 1755. 

Ann Eichardson, mar. Wm. i\Iary 

Huggins, Esq. He died in- Kichard- 

testate, adra'on 25 March sou. 

Henrietta P. (? Paris=Hon. John Richardson, born 175G ;: 
or Pend)crton), mar. died G Sept. ISIG, aged GO. M.L 
13 Dec. 17b3. at St. Paul's, Charlestown. 

= Grace, remar. 29 May 
1S2S Col. J. F. Browne, 
of 2Sth Regt. 


1717. " We John Richardson Esq. and Elizabeth his wife, AVilliam Pym Burt 
gentleman Francos Hill spinster, all of the Island of Is'evis .... 

Tliree or moie debentures made out in the names of Elizabeth Robinson 
(? Richardson — Eu.), Mary Hill afterwards the wife of the said William Pym Burt 
and since deceased, Anne Hill now the wife of John Dasent of JSTevis Esq., and 
Frances Hill .... 22 May 1717." (I^e Invasion of the French in 170G. John 
Dasent, attorney.)— Note by Lieut. -Col. Pook from P.R.O. Exchequer Receipts, 
Miss. Book Xo."20G. 

1721. John Richardson then President of Xevis. 

John Richardson aged 17 in purstiance of the will of his late ^fother Eliz. H. 
disclaims to his 2 sisters Ann Hu<ri:iu3 now wife of W'" H. and ]Mary R. all rights 
to his said mother's est. as one of the coheirs of John Hill and Joseph Hill dec''. 
His mother and her 3 sisters j\Iary Btirt dec'' wife of A\'m. Pym B., Frances 
Ihodbelt dec'' late wife of Ifich'' B. esq. and Anne Dasent tlie present wife of 
John D. esq. Recorded 31 May 1731. (Nevis deeds. IL, 137.) 

1739, !May 8. John Richardson of X. esq. and Eliz. his wife for love for their 
brother and sister Wm. Huggins esq. and Anne his wife convey Morning Star of 
13j acres to them. Recorded G Sept. 1755. (Ibid., V., 84.) 

1748-9, Feb. 3. John Richardson to be of the Council. 

1S2S, Mav 29. Col. J. F. Browne. Bristol, 2Sth Reg. to Grace, relict of the 
late Hon. John Richardson of the I. of X. (" G.M.," G40.) 

Sec Petition of John Richardson in 1750. (Ante, III., 31.) 

YOI,. V. 


^DoUarti of J5ailiatio«j» 

(J;i/r, in., 237.) 

AcW. M^. 3o.G5.') ill tl'.o Britisli ^^u^c^I1ll, from wliii-li llic followincr nolo? nre 
t.ikcii, fontoiii.-; 371 foliu<, and cniii[)ii>cs liio rorrc.-^iiuiKkiK'e of Walter i'ollanl. 
><u of iJr. 'J'lio. rnilar.l of IJarlnvl.s. Tin- e.xiilaiKitorv notes in square ln-u-kd.s 
aihi f. lotiioto.v are by the Ivlitor. 

Fo. 7. Eton, June 23, 1771. Jolm Pollard* to his brotlicr Walter Pollard 
at Harrow. 

15. Oct. 3, 1771. John about to ,^o that term to Oxford. 

17. Jan. 4, 1772. John at Queen's College, Oxford. "Walter & departure fur 

27. 'Nov. 29, 1772. Walter is at Emmanuel Cull., Cambridge. 

71. Nov. 10, 1775. D. Ottleyj t,) Walter Pollard, Es.j., Chandos Street. 
1 iiuist cross tlie Atlantic, shall he absent 12 months and study law on my reli.rn. 

bO. Barbados, June 7, 1777. Thos. Pollard, J', to Walter P., Golden Sijuare. 
Dear Protiicr. Our sister Mrs. Slavers' deatli after lying in on 20 April, has 
left a fine little boy J 

S2. Cove of Cork. Jan. 10. 177S. AValter P. to tlic Hon. Philip Yorke.§ 

SO. Amsterdam, Nov. 20, 177!). Yo' E.\cellenov [r a relative of P. Yorke]. 

102. Basseterre, July 31, 17sl. AValter P. to liis fatlier D' P. at Bridgetown, 
Mnrbados. Mr. Gardiner his Avifc and ciau. i\Iy m<. titer, mv sister. 

100. Barbados, Oct. 8, 17S1. W. G. H. t'o Walter P'., Esq., at Warner's,:! 
E.-t,.. M.D., Ilatton Street. Mr. flayers has married Con. Adams' daugliter.'" 

111. Barbados, Nia-. 22, 17bl. " Dear Wali\. Your affectionate Car. Hen 

1!3. Barbados, April 21, 17S2. Dr. Thomas P. [Junior] to Walter P. at 
Je.«epli Warner's. My sister's Iuiil: complaint. 3iy father has sold his furniture 
and will retire to England and settle at Batli. 

15."). Barbados, July 19, 1782. Erom AV. G. [?] Holder.'"* Y'our cousin 
Carringtou Eliza Willingft is now 31rs. Alle\ne. Jack Eorster is the hap])y man. 

IGl. Barbados,. Aug. 2S, I7b'2. Dr. Thomas P. to his son Walter. Your 
sister has hjemorrhage from tlie lungs as the fate of your two brothers. Your 
mother's failing health. 

* John, entered Eton 7 Sept. ITtil, niui loft iu 1771 <..M5>. list by 11. A. Austen Leigh). He 
iiiatriciil:ited from Quccirs ('cllc-e, Oxford. 7 Jinic 1771, .•I'.cd IS U'"<'ster), and apparently died 
youu..' of cuiisLunption. His bruthcr Walter also entered l-^loii 7 Sept. 17(11, l»ui evidently 
removed to Harrow. 

i Drewry Ottlty of Si. Kitts. ,L;-i-eat- grandson 1759 of Dreury O. Gcor-e O., jirobably u 
brother, was bapt. 1758 as »oii ol Dreury and KU/. O. 

J Jolm I'oUard ^Mavers, bencdier ol the Middle Temple, lato Airent lor Barbados, died at 
llra.sted, eo. Kent, 30 Dec. 1853, aiced 7(i. (" liM." for 1!>5I, p. 221.) 

§ riiilip Yorke, son of Charles, L'.rd lliu'ii Chancellor, .snci'ocded his nnele in 1790 as Itrd 
I'arl of Hardwicke. He was i.r.jhably a colleLTo friend of Waller I'ullard, ulioin ho betrieinled 
in many uays, oiYerinj; him a ro(aii in his town bouse. 

!' Joscidi Warner, son of A<hl<>n \\'.. .Vttorney Gen. of .Xntiirua, liorn 1717, >vas educated at 
C'U\'< Hospital, M.K.C.S. and I'.k.S., and wa> somelime of I!.') llallon rslreel. He owned llalt.oi 
Garden e.-t ite m Doniinioa, and died in l^ul, a^jed M5. He was a very [.opnlar surgeon \\iiii 
^^ ' -' Iraiians. 

* 'i his must be tlie sei.'ond wife. 'He Hon. Conrad .\danis died 2 Auc- and «as bur. 3 Alil,', 
ITS.H at Christ Church, (.i-v/f. HI., :-'1l'.) 

'• Probably William l'hili|) Holder, eldot son and heir of ^Vnl Thorpe II. of Hilloby pl:,n- 
tatioii and of Gro.-ViMior I'iaeo, died b.nehelor 17i)7. 

It In the Gibl)es enclosure, in the cduinhyard of St. James. Hi>le Tow'i, is a slone to 
-Mrs. Elijr. Hannah, relict of Cha. Wibin;:, Ks'p, late of I'biladelphia. She was Iwrn 12 .Mnreh 
17:!0 and died 12 Oct. 17!t5. The Hon. John Forster .-\llcyne of Porters mar. KHz. Gibbos 
'\N d';inL', spinster, of Phil ideljdiia, but this letter corrects her "naines. He was Pre>ident i8U7, 
imd died 21) Sept. 1^2a. a,'cd ti.i. His uife predeceased him 12 Feb. 1S20, a-cd 55, having nine 
sons and seven daus. 


rwAiaiis or Jamaica. 


201. ITatton Strool, Nov. 21, 17S3. Josej)!! Warner, J'', to Dr. P., 
OFice, IJatli. Your sou has gouc to Carolina. 

205. Charlestown, Carolina, Ych. ll, 17S-i. "Walter P. writes. 

282. April 1, 17S6. H. [Eutlil P. to lior hrorlier Waller P. Our dear 
father died 20 ^Marcli. Tc>;terday he ^vas burird with my brothers in Clit'ton 
cd)urchyard. By hisi will he left Mama ami myself the little remains of his fortune 
givim,' you a legacy of £20. ■ 

2l»l' Copy of "the will : Tlioa. Pollard of Bath, doctor of phy.^ie, ^Fareh 17SG. 
To inv wife Caroline Henrietta* all her jewels. Whereas 1 have by deed f,nven 
III}' sou Walter P., E-q., my moiety of two pat.'ccds of land in Virginia drawTi in 
the lottery of Colouel Byrd I coniirm it and give him £'2U. I liave received and 
used considerable sums the ])roperty of my wife 1 leave all my estate to her and 
my dan. Puih P. and appoint them Ex'triees. 

iJOl. ]3arbados, Oct. 12, 17S0. Tho. Gramme to Walter P., Esq.. at Phila- 
delphia. Your father and my uncle were bosom friends. My grandfather was, 
for mail)' years one of y'= masters at William and ^Nlary College in A'irginia (where 
my father was educated) and he had y*^ care of Grovernor Bpotiswood's affairs, 
a distant relative. On leaving America to settle in this Island he left behind him 
a tract of land. £o00 was still due in 1773. My uncle Stevenson's death. 
I was a minor under the guardiansliip of my mother. 31rs. Grreme. My mother, 
my brother, my sister .Jones. 

312. The second Mrs. Pollard was a Bostonian woman. 

327. Walter P. to his sister. A long undated letter breaking off all corre- 
spondence. He was bitterly opposed to his stepmother. 

355. May 18, 1788. Philip Yorke, lAI.P. for co. Camb., to Walter P. at 
Bridge Town. 

303. Oct. 4, 1788. Ph. Yorke at Hamcls [co. Herts] to AValtcr P. Good 
advice as to the bar. Sir Philip Gibbes is going to the AV.I. to visit his estate. 
Hisj sou who was at St. John's Coll. an.d his two daus. 

3G8. The last dated letter was on 20 Nov. 1788. 

The last letter of all is addressed to Walter P., Esq., 27 Soiithampton Buildings, 
and is sealed \\ith the Yorke arms. 

In St. Michael's Cliurchyard i.s a tomb recording the deaths of Emliu Pollard, 
died 21 June 1712, aged 78, also Mrs. Mary, wife of Dr. John Pollard, died 
20 ^lay 1733, aged 45, and several of their children. 

1779 (? Oct.). At Barbadoes, Mrs. M. Pollard, aged 115. (" G.M.," 500.) 

BtoaiTis of Jamaica, 

1709, Aug. 23. Died, Herman Dwaris, iunsuian of INP^ Barnard of St. Mary 

Woolchurch Haw, bur. Aug. 2S. (Par. Peg. of St. ]Mary Woc/luoth, London.) 
1748. Portunatus Dwarris, sou of Tlio D., " Militum Tribuni," America; 

born in the I. of J., schools first Uxbridge, then Eton (Mr. Cook) ; aihn. felL com. 

tutor and surety Dr. Euthcrforth 23 June <Tl. past 20. (St. John's Coll., Camb. 

Admissions, p. 120.) 

A note quotes M.I. from Archer. He was not a graduate of Camb. (p. 579.) 
1750, Sept. 28. Portunatus 1)., Anglo-.\mericanus. (Lcyden Students.) 
There is uo entrance-book at l]ron before 1754. Dwarris' name does not 

occur in any extant school list. It is imt in the list of 1745 or 174S aud none 

survives between two years. (P. A. Austen-Leigh.) 

* 1808, Nov. 11. In 13urlitr.,'t(,n-slr. Batli, :Mrs. Pollnrd, n>lict of Dr. V. of the islaud of 
Barl)o.dos. (" Dorchester and Sberboruc Jouinnl." and "■ Geut. -Mii^'.," 1128.) 

c 2 

( ) 




Arms. — Argeni, on a chevron fjulcs thnc roses Ictwccn as many griffins' Iteads 

C<<]. Thomas Dwarris of Jamaica.— died 1 Jan. 17*^2.==. . . ., survived liis wife 

r\\'ill iivoved llu'TP in i7;is. .she had i) iici^ros and and inherited lier 
Owned (iolden Hrove ot' (UK) dower of CUiU a year £.jOOU. ^ndhusband. 
acres ami Cliei'ry Garden of o.()i) charged oii lier son's 
acres, both in ^t. George's. e.state. 

I s.p. 



.\ov. 1 
dead 1770. 
l>t iiii^- 

Joiin Diini-=pFrauces, dau.=pHon. Fortunatus JJwarris, Herman 

ton, mar. G of Tlin. and I l.->t sonandlieir,bornl7l'7 in Dwari'is, 

Anne Harris Jamaica; inherited Golden lieriied 

of St. Tho- I Grove; educated at Eton; (iarden, 

nias-in-tlie- Fell. C. of St. Jolm's, Greenwi 

East; living Canil), 1715' ; 31.1). of Ley- ilien of 

ISIO. den 17t)0; J*l. for St. Geo. sop, co. 

175-1; Gustos 17S-1; died 1751. 
5Feb. 1700, aged 03. M.I. 
Kingston (Archer, S5). 
Will (GS3, Lovcday). 


late of 





• •) 


Ann Duuston,born 



175S ; mar 




Ncufville; spent 




1-1 months iu Eng- 


land, returned to 
Jamaica June and 
died 15 Aug. 17S2, 
aged 21. M.I. in 
Kingston (Archer, 


AVilliam Dwarris, born; 
1753 ; educated at Har- 
row ; succeeded his 
uncle at G olden Grove ; 
attorney-at-law ; went 
OUT tirst in 1771 ; died 
•1 Oct. 1S13, aged GO, 
at Stanmore. .M.I. in 
St. James, Chelten- 
ham {ante, R'., l;3(-)). 

=Sarali Smith, dan. 
of Lilley Smith of 
Coventry ; born 
17G0; went (Hit 
in 1781 with her 
husband ; died at 
Cheltenham 17 
and bur. at Stan- 
more, 00. jNliddle- 
scx, 2-1 Nov. 1810, 
atred 80. 

Ann Margaret Dwarris 
Dunston, bapt. May 
17^G; died Jan. 1787; 
aged S months. 

Frances Dtvarris Duns- 

Sarah. Taylor Dwarris 

Fortu- Sir Fortunatus AVm. Lilley^Charlotte 
natus Dwarris, F.K.S.. Knt , born Augusta, 

Dwarris, .it Kintrston 23 Oct., bapt. ' youngest 
born 5 3 Deo. 17SG ; entered Kugby dau. of 
jMarch in 1801, aged 1-1; of Univ. . Kev. Alex. 
and died Coll., Oxford, matric. 23 ^Lar. > Sterky; 
July 1801, aged 17; B.A. ISOS; '' mar. at 

1785. barrister-at-law, ^Fiddle Tem- Pimlico 10 

])le, 1811; knii^dited 2 May Julylsl.".. 
1837; I3encherl850;lU^corder 
of Xewcastle-under-Lyme ; I 
Master of Queen's Bench ; i 
died 20 May ISGO. 



Eton Iw.Vl; Fellow anrl Tutor of 
Durliam, \'icnrof By well St. Titer's 

Brereton Edward Dwarris, at=f=Georgiana. vountrest dau. of Capt. Ponsonby, 

E.N., of Spi-inL;tield, co. Cumberland ; died 
at Brii'htoii 1 March 18')3, aged 28. 




Tliis ^mVn■ made tlio 27 April 21 Geo. 2'' 17.51 lietwecn ircnuan AtkiiLsDuMirris 
1. of Grconwic-h co. Kent. Imt lunv of '\\\)i-ksop eu. >.'olt. gt. of llie one part aiiJ 
AV. AVelbv of tlie AliiUllo '1\ lt. of the other AVit. tliat for barring all est. tail and 
for IDs. II. A. ]). !-el!s all' that his pi" adjoining Fort Stewart in the p. of 
S' George I. of J'ca. enlled Cherrv Garden heretofore belonging to Col. Thos. D. 
father of the s'' IT. A. i). (jf ;iOO' a. with the hon.scs ncgroe s^laves and stock on 
trust to recouvey to T. II. D. Lea.'iie of 2G April. (Close EoU 5SG7.) 

JNlarv Atkins Dwarris, niar. 1st Honoria Duarris, mar. 

Johi'i McLean of Kingston, luer- about 17('0 Kobt. I^rere- 

ehant (liis will dated 1701), and ton, Esq. lie mar. 

had a dau. Mrs. Eliz. Hayes. 3rdly ."^ept. 17S2, then 

Mar. 2ndlv Dr. John Martin aged 58. His sou by 

Butt. (See Mann v. Hwarris in his 1st wife studying 

Livingston's " Sketch Pedi- law 17SG. 
grees," 55.) 

died Oct. 

-t)r. Grant, 

Letter S. 

.=pDr. DaTid Grant. Letter 57. Only surviving child= 

David Grant, Juur., 1789. 

Two sons and a dau. 1788. 

This Ind'rc made the 28 March 24 Geo. 2'' 1751 Betweeu Fortunatus Dwarris 
late of iS' John's College Camb. but now of S* George's in the I. of Jamaica Fscj. 
of the one part and Jonathan Ewer of L. M' of the other AVit. that for barring 

AVill. Henry Dwarris, born 1791; en-^Eh'z , died Edv.ard John Dwaiii.- 

tored Ptugby in ISO:^,, aged 12, and the 
Navy 1808 ; Lieut. 1817; on hnlf-pav 

21 Oct. 185^, born 1797; entered 
aged oi. 31.1. IJugby in 180t>, aged 9. 
at St. Mary's. 


all e.4. tail and for lO. P. D. grants to J. E. all that pi" of his abutting on Fort 
Stewart in the p. of S' George called Golden Grove formerly in the possession t)f 
Col. Tito. D. his father of GOO acres with the buildings mills negroc slaves stock on 
T. to reconvey. (Close Roll 5871.) 

1790, Latclv. At J., Fortunatus D'W'arris, M.D., custos of tlie parish of 
St. George. ("' G.M.," 47G.) 

179G, Oct. Mrs. Janet Grant, mother of Doctor David Grant. ("' Columbian 
Mag.," anfc, 1A\, 20G.) 

181:3, Oct. 4. At Stanmore, in his Gist vear, AVilliam Dwarris, csi]. o( 
Southampton-street, Bloomsburv, and Golden-grove, St. George's, J. of J. 
(" G.M.," 505.) ' ^ , 

■V :■ 



ISrO, Doc. 2S. Wrn. Gibney, M.D. of Clieltenliam, to Franccp. clan, of .tl.o 
laTo ^Vni. Dwarris, esq. of Great Siaiiinorc, Miikllescx. ("G.M.," Viol.) 

lH'I-). Letlcr.s patent to Henry MacUlock and Jortunatiis Dwarris to iiujuire 
into the adinon. of criminal jujJtice in tlie Windward and Leeward l.'^landfj. 

The AVe-st India Question, etc., by F. Dwarris. Svo. 1812S. 

1830, Juno. At ]Cverton vicarage. Hunts, the Kev. Charles Augustus Dwarris, 
M.A. of Enian. colh Camh. (•' G.M.," 5G9.) 

The Kev. C. A. Dwarri,s (who died ^March 20, 1S30) was tl)e youngest son of 
the Jale Wiu. D., esq. of Golden-grove plantation, in the p. of St. Geo., J'ca. 
(7i/</., 1831, 052.) 

1813, Nov. Hi. At Chelteuhani, lleiiry Adolphus Shuckhurgh, Capt. 10th 
Bengal Nat. Inf. yst. s. of the 1. Sir Stcvkley S. ik. (and bro. of the present 
Sir Tra.) of S. park, Warwickshire, to Sarah-EIiz. dau. of the 1. Win. D. of 
CoKlen-grovc, J. {ILid., ISll, 88.) 

181-3, .Inly 11). At Pinilico, Fortunatus AYm. D. to Charlotte-Augusta, yst. 
dau. of the 1. Eev. Alex. Sterkv. {Ibid., 117.) 

181G, Sep. 9. At Keswick, the Eev. Brereton E. D., M.A., V. of By well 
St. Peter's Northumberland to Georgiana, vst. dau. of the 1. Capt. John I'onsouby, 
E.N. f. of Springfield, Cumb. (Ibid.. G13.) 

181G, Nov. 17. At Cheltenham, a. SG, Sarah, rel. of Wm. D. of J. {Ibid., 
1817, 103.) 

18-33, March 4. At Brighton, aged 28, Gcorgiiia, M'ifc of the Eev. Brereton 
E. Dwarris, Vicar of Bywcli St. Peter's, Northumberland (son of Sir Fortunatus 
Dwarris), and youngest dau. of the 1. Capt. Ponsouby, E.N. of Springfield, 
Cumberland. {Ibid., 1-55.) 

ISOl. Fortunatus Dwarris, s. of W. D. Esq. Warwick, a. 1-1, Oct. 23 (p. SG). 
Barr.-at-l. Author of various legal works. Knighted. A Master of the Court of 
Q. B. Eecordcr of Newcastle. D. ISGO. (Eugby School List.) 

1803. Wm. Henry D. 2'> s. of AV. D. Esq. V.'arwick, a. 12, Jan. 1. Comni' 
E.N. Served as Mid" of the Loire, 38 guns. Silver War medal, 2 clasps. Present 
at the capture of the Islands of Martinique a7id Guadaloupe. {Ibid., p. SO.) 

Eev. Cha. Augustus Dwarri^, born ISOl ; 
entered Eugliy in l81u, aged 14; of 
Eman. Coll., Cand).. niatric. Nov. 1819; 
inov(d to Christ Coll., H.A. 1823, M.A. 
182G; died 20 March 1830 at Evertou 
Vicarage, co. Hunts. 

Caroline INLitilda Dwarris. 
died at Bath 12 April 
1SG7, aged 71. M.I. 

Frances M'^Keaiul Dwar- 
ris, mar. 28 Dec. 1820 
Wm. Gibney, M.D., of Henry A. 
Cheltenham. Shuck- 


Sarah Eliz. 
Dwarris, ■ 
mar. 10 
Nov. 1813, 
at Chclieu- 
ham, Capt. 

ISUG. F.dw. J. D. ,3' s. of W. D. Esq. Warwick, a. 9, Jan. 15 (p. 93); 
rc-admitlcd in IblO {Jbid., j). 105). 

1815. Chas. D. .«. of AV. D. Es(|. AVarwick, a. 11, Aug. 9 (p. 123). 

Sir Fortunatus AVilliam Lilley Dwarris, son of William Dwarris, of the I. of 
Jamaica, Fsij., matriculated from Cniversitv College, O.xford, 23 3Iarch 1801, 
nvo.l 17 ; 15.A. 180S, barri^ter-at-htw of the Middle Temidc ISIl, a b<nehcr 1850, 

recorder c-f Ncs.castle-undcr-L} me 
I'iouers, ;i m;i>tcr of llic Court of Q 
d. 20 M.iv l^iJO. (Foster.) 

, one of the municipal i.or|>oration commis- 
ueen's Bench, 1 .E.S. ; Knighted 2 May 1837, 



The fiillowiny grant of anus to Uwarris of London is given by Kowkuult^ou : — 
Altiis : Arijenl, on n fcsse Gidcs bcta-coi three cutjles heads erased Hab/e as iiuiiii/ 
roses Or. C'kl'si: A denu-lion rampant Anjent, peUettte, in its paws a battle- 
axe Or. 

John Duarris of East Greenwich, oo. Kent, gent. AVill dated 20 Aug. 1012. 
My son .Joliu ]J. £2U. Mv dan. Ann D. 12d. All re;jidue to my wife Judith. 
Troved 1655. (25, Aylett!) 

Foi'tnnatiis l^warris of Kingston, .Jauiaiea. dr. of ])hy. AVill dated 17 June 
17S9. .\eph. W"' 1). £200 c. Friend D"- L»avid Grant £50 c. My wife Fra., 
furn., jdate, carriages and horses, and negroes. I am entit. in her 
right hy the sett, made by Geo. Pinnock Dunston. Esq., on 29 jS'ov. 17S4 to 
£i371 for arrears of a rent charge of £300 c., payable to my wife by the will of 
her 1. hnsb'' John Dunston, Esq., I. give her that siun. To Eub. Brereton, Esq., 
who was tlie hush'' of my 1. sister Honoria, £20. My niece Eliz. Haves, dan. of 
1. sister .Mary Maclean by her husb'' John M.; Esq., dec'', £100. To my neph. 
AV'. 1). 3 ncgros. To my wife -iny house in iv'ston for life, then to be sold and 
the proceeds for my 2 goddaus. and granddaus.-iu-l. Fra. Dwarris Dunston and 
Sarah Tavlor D. D. at 21, in default to my s.-in.-l. Geo. P. D. All r. and pers. 
est. and slaves to Tho. Stoakes Harris, Tho. Bell, Cha. -Mitchell, and Geo. P. D., 
Esq's ill T., to pay to my wife £800 c. a yr. out of tlie reiits of my pi" called 
Golden Grove in the p'sh of S' Geo. A mortg. I gave of it to Hilton and Biscoe, 
M'^ in L., in 17G1, to be discharged now £720 only due. Trustees to purch. 
negroes, and after death of my wife to pay my niece Eliz. Hayes £1-J0 e. a yr., 
to my neph. Eob. Brereton, J'', £300 c. a yr., grand-nephew David Grant, J^ 
£1000 c. at 21. All res. of est. to my ueph.^V'" Dwarris. Tho. Bell, Esq., to be 
acting Ex'or and manager of est., and in of his death or leaving Cha. Mitchell, 
Esq., Tho. Stoakes Harris, mv neph. "W"' D., and my wife Fra., Ex'ors. Witnessed 
by Will Mitchell, Tho. AVilliams, Tho. Lowry. Proved 2S Sept. ISOO by W" D., 
Esq., the neph., p. r. to Fra. D. tlie rei., the other surv. substituted Ex'or. 
(GS3, Loveday.) 

Wm. Dwarris of jSTo. 3 Southampton Str., Bloomsbary, Esq. Will dated 
IG Feb. ISIO. My wife Sarah. My s. Fortuuatus Wui. Lilley D. My wile's 
father Lilley Smith's will. IMy ch'" W'" Henry, Snrah-]:)liz., Caroline Matilda, 
Edw.-John,Vannv M'^Kenud D." and Ciias.-Auii;.! £2000 each. My aunt D. in J. 
My I. uncle D.'s will. Proved 1S13. (-193, Heathlield.J 


The fidlowing 57 letters were written hy William Dwarris and his wife from 
Jamaica to her father J.,illey Smith, Esq., of Coventry. Some of them are very 
long and uninteresting, but I have made abstracts of all items of local interest. 
The letters were sold to me by a dealer. 

1. 17s], j\Iay 1-1. On board the V(>re and approaching the Downs. Vester- 
day we scaled our Guns, as did two other armed ships. 

2. 1781, July 20. S' Lucia. We left ])'^"'-" the 20"' ^fay in comiiauy with 
the ]S'ewfouiidland Fleet &c. with which we parted on the 5''' of June, »t in-o- 
ceeded on our passage towards Barbadoes, with two Frigates ^'i 19 Sail of 



IMcrcLrintiiun .... We arrived last 3Ionday at ]?arbadoc.s. wliich plnce we found 
under arms at our approacli — A; was inl'onned of the taking ot' ToLr.irf) by the 
J'rciich — liere we found only tlirec 3len-of- WaiT. Two Admirals havino; isaiJed 
frcjui thence two days before our arrival, liavini^ left orders for our Fleet to pro- 
ceed to this place on arrival, &. take other ships from hence to join for Jamaica. 
We left tiiat unfortunate ].'<land Barbadoes on Tuesday night & arrived here 
yesterday. But not before I had taken ISally on shore, to see tlie L'isnial ruins of 
a once fiourishing Town. "Tis impossible to describe the dreadful effects of the 
Hurricane,* not a single" hoase but what was somewhat Damaged <fc -whole 
Streets in ruins. The Church which was a very Elegant one Levei'd & some 
hundreds \et lay buried in the ruins. Three bells out of six are safe & placed 
up near a Temporary Church .... every article of Produce is very scarce, particu- 
larly fruit, all the Trees in the Island having been blown up by the roots. 
S' Lucia is about 25 Leagues from IJarbadoes so we soon run it here, but to our 
disappointment saw Ad'"' Dralu; coming out as we made the Island, going to 
S* Kitts (Xoph''^) .... The IVench made an attack on this [dace last May & 
landed some Thousand Troops, seven iShips of the Line anchored, none of ours 
being here, but the Battery on the Hill soon drove them out & they Avere 
obliged to get their Men olFin great confusion. A Lieu' ^lills of the jN'avy resides 
on shore & had about 200 Men on. the Hills, with which he accomplished his 
Defence .... [Sketch of Pigeon Island with its guns given.] 

Love & Duty to ^Mother, Brother, Sisters, Aunt, etc., Villers's, M'' Little, 
M' Sherwood. Addressed to " M'' Lilley Smith, Coventry, AVarwicks'"^." 

3. 1781, July 30, S' Kitts .... two dajs from S* Lucia, Sir George Eodney 
sent two line of IJattle ships from hence to convoy us up from S' L". On our 
arrival here yesterday we found Sir Geo. E. squadron k Adrn. Drake's with a 
convoy ready to sail for England .... Sir Geo. lioduey is just sailed for S' Eustatia 
to which place we are to sail tomorrow. 

4. 17S1, INov. 19, Jamaica, Kingstim. The late dreadful season the worst 
& most fatal to all kinds, both Europeans & old standers that ever was known. 
Last Wednesday the 15**^ ISov. the Thermometer was up so high as 92. The 
Morn** are cool & pleasant as the JN'orth Wind now begins to come in. Yo'' 
daur. & myself ride round the Race Course every morn'' at day break .... I am 
sorrj' to inform you of the Death of a very worthy & promising young Man — 
poor Dawson died the 31^' Ocf of a putrid Fever. A lock of his hau- 1 now 
enclose for his poor Mother. Mr. Craven his uncle 'M' !Mayo's partner. My 
cousin Di-. Grant. Flour in Barrels which contained about 200 w' has for some 
time sold at Publick Teudue for £10 p'' Bar. but is now down to £S owing to two 
large Prizes having come in a few days ago loaded with that article .... 

The ham which n)y aunt Gascoigne Avas so kind as to give Sarah .... money 
duo to me from my tiame being on the Brislols Books about S JNIonths .... you 
can learn at the ]Navy Ofllce, when I came the Bristol Avas gone home & the Ca]>i" 
Avas dead .... When the yl'olus left Jamaica I sold my pay to Capt" Atkins. 
Dec" 23. Th.e Cork I'leet are arri\ed at Barbadoes & coni])leatly blocked up by 
3G Sail of the I^ine .... Our (Governor leaves us in a few days whioh we are all 
heartily hajjpy at, altlio' wc have reason to fear, Ave shall not have a better 
in Gi'u' Campbell. Dalling has been treating the Council &, Assembly this 
fortnight so they are studying elegant Addresses for him to carry home .... 

5. 17S2, Jan. li. Cheese 3 shillings p'' pound .l' hams D" as to flour a loaf 
like a halfpenny roll Avith you for 71'' .... Ihe Death of mv Grandmother ou 
2<f\v Years Day after a few days illness, her estate being IVrsonal her ITusband 
comes in for it, indeed one luilf was spent befoi'e she died. ]\[y L'ncle gets 
9 >'('groes which she had for life tt saves a £100 p'' ann. Avhich was paid out of 

• Of ](» O'.t. 17S0, when there was a loss of life exceeding 3000 and of propertv over ouc 
million .*terlin''. 




his Estate .... ti.=i unt'i)rtuiiate for me slic had .not die<l before she marrieli, as 
she was worth i'.jOUU iV by will left it to myself & linV IJrereton but when she 
married slie made all over to the longest liver .... 'Wo are under the greatest 
apprehensions of the Spaniards S: French atlaeking us ... . the few Jleuimeuts 
wc have have not half their Complements of Men it hut four .Ships of the Lino 
however it must be a great forct- that can carry Port Jioyal. Gen' Campbell our 
present L' Gov' is actizjg with the utmost Diligence to get all the Ports in Order 
& the jMilitia daily exercising likewise the Jhigiiieers, we have boou)s ready to lay 
across the channell on their approach. AVe do jiot expect them to come with less 
than 2;5,000 soldiers .... They make little or no secret at the Havannah that 
Jamaica will soon be theirs .... As M' Harrison did not make myself or Sally a 
present of ^lourning I had almost resolved not to go into it neither did my uncle 
but my aunt prevailed ujjou ns . . . . Potatoes has sold lately at £i p'' hundred 1 
suppose they did not cost above 4 shillings at home. 

6. 1782, Feb. 10. About two o'clock in the Morning of the 3'' Inst, a fire 
broke out at a small dwelling house tenanted bv a Free Mulatto AV'oman (but 
how we cannot learn for certain yet think t'was set on tire by some of the French 
Prisoners who to the Scandal of our Police go at large here) &: was so very rapid 
id its communicatioit to the adjoining houses that tlic neighbours had scarcely 
time to save their lives, it soon made its way into Port J\oyal Street which is the 
most capital tho' not largest street in ToAvn, as all the Merchants Stores are. there 
& the place of Business .... four or five streets & as many lanes were all at one 
time on fire .... our houses have all Balconies joining each other & tops of the 
houses shingled with wood (wood split & made like your Tiles) .... The Fire 
continued burning till Six iu the Morning, by which time one hundred houses 
were consumed & nine wharfs with all their stores &, goods. I have an 
acquaintance who poor fellow, the dav before Mas a man of casv Fortune, he lost 
on one ^harf 2500 Barrels of Beef &" Pork. loOO firkins of Butter Sc 70 Pipes of 
fine IVfadeira wine, & is not now worth £'.")00. One Liverpool house has lost 
£25,000 which is the most that has befell one concern, sctircely a house that is 
burnt that rented for less than £S0 [ici- ami' t*c some so high as £200, the loss is 
computed at about a Million & a half .... ]My uncle has sent us a cook & 
waiting boy which came to him from his I\Juther"s death. 'J'ea before the fire was 
at 22/G it is now at the enormous ]irice of forty shillings ]>' p''. I am informed 
there are not now four chests in Town. 1 wish 1 had all here from your shop iu 

7. 17S2, March 5. My uncle yesterday jjave me a sight of all the Private 
Intelligence of our spies to the Governor. The French & S]);iniards should laud 
10,000 at Port Antonio which has a noble harbour for their Fleet .... 10,000 at 
Morant Bay about J^O miles to windward of Kingston — ]().(U)0 at Carlisle ]5ay 
about -10 miles to leeward of Kingston &. where I am sorry to .'lay there is not a 
gun mounted & a line open country to march thro' to Spanish Town, 10,000 to bo 
ke[)t on board the ships as a reserve, a feint to be maiic on Port Koyal by the 
whole fleet .... Our Assembly found it ab.solutely necessary to consent to tho 
laying on 3Iartial Law .... AVe have only one Frigate out at this critical 
juncture & ab' IS Pendants flying here in Harbour instead of at least oiu' half 
being out on observation .... ]My cousin 3f'^ Grant oifered to take Sally in 
the mountains with her fannly, she will either go Avitii lier or my aunt l)w arris. T 
believe 1 must now ^o it take my old post as lirst Lieut' of the 12 Apostle 
Battery opposite 1" Koyal (42 Pounders & a blockhouse with S six D") .... there 
are certain Mountains laid out for the rece])tion of women it children well 
fortified & where all the live stock is to be drove .... Ham 5/ p'' ]toun.l clieesc D" 
butter 3/0'' & that very indiifcrcnt. 

[Mrs. Sarah Dwarris his wife adds :] We shall be obliged to my LTucle V. for 
the ale as also to my Mother for clicese & bacon. 



S. 17S2, Ajiril IG. Wc liave tlie park ol: artillery next our house & stands ou 
some of our vacant ground .... llic re ha.s Leon about £2oO,OUO e.xpended already 
.... Two of tlie conipanys ol une of the Kint;;.<ton hattalioa.s of Militia lately 
ground their arms & refuse duty to act under a certain ^lajor only because he did 

. . The Loudon tleet is at 

not hnow his duty so well as these martinets 
S' Lucia. Mv uncle Dr. (rrant. 

9. 17S2, May G. Our minds are j)erfectly now as to the Erencli & 
Spaniards from the j,'lorious victory obtained over the i''rencb on the 12"' April by 
S'' Geo : Kodney, we have si.v sail of French line of battle ships here amongst 
which is the Ville de Paris of 110 guns & had 1500 men on board, with their 
Admiral Compte De (Wrasse wlio is develish surly in Spanish Towit, a house being 
provided for him there, as it is tho' he is a man of too much penetration & 
observation to go at large. My old friend Viscotxnt D'Escan commanded the 
Glorieux & behaved like an hero every mast & stick being carried away, he nailed 
his colours to the stump of the main mast, he had about 400 killed on board as 
was hisself fine fellow. S"^ Geo: is here .... Adm' Hood is cruizing oft' 
Hispaniola & Ixowk-y is ordered out in a few days with 5 fresh sail of the line to 
recruit them, as to Greaves you may order him iiome & hang him if you please 
.... I think my mother [in law] cauimt do otherwise than like KiUiugworth, for 
tis the most pleasant village I ever saw. 

10. 1782, May 18. [Mrs. S. D. to her father :] When you write to Birmingham 
remember me to my Grandfather & Aunt Wheeler. 

11. 1782, June 2G. The London fleet is safe arrived after only a passage of 
8 weeks one of which they stayed at S"- Lucia. In the tieet came M''^ jS'eufville &■ 
M' & M'^ Wallace from Netting' the first my uncle's dau'r in law who Avent off 
ab' 14 months since for her health & has spent uiv uncle lOO guineas a month in 
England, having kept a coach 2 footmen t*ie. this he told me hisself. Beef when 
we came was at its old price 7i, soon after at 10, no one complained as everything 
was rising, lately on S'' Geo : fleet coming in it got up to a shilling it is now at the 
price of 2 bitts V 3'' pork has this week past got up to [blot] mutton now 
at 1. lOi 3 bitts, flour indeed is nowlowi'o })'' barrel!, fish of which wo have every 
day great plenty has made a quicker progress than anything else from a bitt to 2. 
Jack Keyw'orth is always with us when on shore .... he is gone out with Drake's 
squadron .... he belongs to the Conqueror 71. 

12. 1782, July S. U' W & Miss AVallace v.*c two children, the family we 
went to visit in Nottinghamshire .... the death of a sister who died a few weeks 
before their arrival .... the tleath of cousin Keyworth in his ship after only 
14 hours sickness of a putrid fever. 

lis son a tine boy about 
her jealousy of us. 
. he is 58 

13. 1782, Sept. 13. Boor Wallace* is dead, ah 

5 years old, & this day month died M" Ncufvillet 
M.^ Brereton has lately taken unto hiniseif a young wife of twenty 

6 he has a son older than his mother in law. We have not at present any 
naval force here having sent them all to New York. AVe have above 4000 

14. 1783, April G. Peace being established it was proclaimed here 'a few- 
days since & the jieople shewed every possible. mark of disapjirobatiou .... the 
American lo\ali>ts. several of whom are here in the greatest distress. 1 believe 
there has been about ji:3000 distributed amongst the poorer sort, most of them arc 

• Peter A\'alI:K'o, K^'\.. ilicd 15 July, :i','eil 2S, ainl his son Tho. St. rake-; AVuIlace died the 
following day, nu'ed -t yo;ir> and 5 uionth> ; bur. in Kinirstou Churi;li\ urd. (Anliir, l.")2.) 

t Mrs. Ann Neiitville. dau. of .Mrs. i'ruuces Dwarris by her first husband John Dim-ton, Esij., 
died 15 .Vuij., ay:ed -'0. {I''u'., 85.) 



goin^ back to America .... The late aclditional duty on .sugars .... I believe 
M"" Coiiway }oui' present .Member was at scliool \s'ith me at JIarrow as there were 
three ot them there i boarded at 31'^ Underwoods when 1 was at 31'* lieeves's 
.... M/ Ellis* who was nufortunately lost in bis passage home la^t year held 
12,000 acres under different patents from the Crown, out of which lie liad about 
1800 settled & would neither lease or sell the rest it why? because we in this 
Island ouly ])ay a farthing an acre quit rent. But if an Aet was to pass the 
Assembly to lay on G''in tlie i)ound on all tmcultivated land tlie owners would have 
it at their option either to pay it or give up the surplusage land, by which means 
several Americans who are come here with numbers of negroes would immediately 
begin to patent those lands .... 

15. 1783, April 17. The Prince is here as also Lord Hoods fleet of IS sail of 
the line .... he is still only a midshipman & always appears iu that uniform with 
his star & garter. 

IG. ] 783, May 11. [Mrs. S. D. to her father.] We have not heard from my 
uncle Keyworth .... the captain had sent my cousin John's clothes to Plymouth. 
My sister Nancy. 

17. 17S3, June 27. [Mi's. S. Dwarris to her father.] Mr. Waugh a distant 
relation of M'' Dwarris's sails for England in a few days it who as (av'c) ever 
treated us with the greatest kindness for after my many illnesses in Kingston I 
have allways gone to his house at Port Ivoyal for change of air .... he is a ])lain 
& honest man Sc never was in England before. M"* Dwarris writes about ?vL' it 
M" Gascoignes affairs. In my last I mentioned having gone twice on board the 
Eoriniduble to visit Ad' Pigot . . . . S'^ Charles Douglass his first Captain. 
M'' Benton the present ordnance store keeper is a Lincolnshire man & his sister 
was married to a gentleman that lives near .Market Eason. ]My uncle will make 
about 170 large shipping h'ds it ab' 110 puncheons of rum .... his relation 
M"" Maclean. 

18. 1783, July 
Smith, Esq. 

Letter of introduction for M"" Waugh to Lillev 

19. 1783, Aug. 31. The thermometer up as high as 92 .... we have lost 
several gentleman of this town from the heat & amongst the rest one of our 
members & M.'' Brereton who married an aunt of mine now stands as, candidate for 
the ensuing election. Lord ^lontague who raised a regiment in America it who 
has been here some time, sailed yesterday with most of his ollicers it men 
for Xova Scotia. iP' Waugh a very worthy young man who has by his industry 
acquired about £.5000. \\"e expect Admiral (Jambier out to relieve Admiral 
Kovvleyt in whom we shall not have the least loss as he is a very proud it illiterate 
man. M''= S. D. writes of Nancy it Billy [her sister and brother]. 

20. 1783, Oct. 10. On Thursday last the G"' Oct. the thermometer was up 
at 102. I have known it twice at 97 but never felt the heat equal to this 
last week. 

21. 1781, Jan. IS. Admiral Kowley sails tomorrow for England. We have 
been feasting it c.irousiug from one house to another these three weeks past .... 
a dance at my uncles .... lie was as young as any one in company it pushed 
about claret it chatniiaigne very briskly, the latter arlicle is very dear in this 

* John Ellis was lost at so;i with his wiCo and niece. He was futlinr of Lord Seuford. 
t Sir Joshua Rowley, Vice-Aiimiral, succeeded Sir Peter Parker as Naval C. in C. iu 1762. 
He wui; created a baronet iu 17m3 and died I'tj Feb. 179(', aged 70. (" D.N. J!.'") 


i>l;ui(I ,C]0 pei- dozen tlio otiior £"•'>. Imt ho i-:ni very well afford if. ns lio is out of 
flflit Sc li;i> no i-hilJreu to save for. :M'' Harris .tiMrs. A\':tl];vc-o .... liis Cs-tatc 
about "j(l mill's out oi" town .... lu' Im.'^ liecu appointed one of tlie jud'^es. 

[Mr.<. S. D. add.s:| " .\s my father used to he very iniieh troubled witli the 
rumalics if Ijo will follow this receipt he will find it do him a trreat deal of ,<;ood 
but h(^ must take it for a Ioul,' time. Take two ounces of liguunivita" add a quart 
of haft rum half brandy .<hake it well touetlicr it take a teaspoonful of it night Sc 
nioniing iu a wine glass of watpr." 

22. 17s I. -Aiarch 20. IM'-^ S. D. Five weelcs visit to M'' Harrks's family & 
M" -A' Harris & ^Mrs. A\^allace leave .Tauuiica in May next for 
England where slie is going to stay two lU' three years with her children 
■which she left tlicre, she mt'ans to reside at >,'otiMg]iam. Jlr. H. will not 
stav v.itli her in England a.s she cannot prevail upon her mother to leave this 

23. 17S1, May 3. W AVallace it her father .... the little girl which she 
brought out is to stay here with the graudmother. Miss AVallace M'" AVallaces 
sister who came out at tiie same time is very happily married, she has got a fine 
little girl .... Mrs. Jirercton too has a little girl. 

24. 17^ i. June 2S. Altho" v'otith is frequently sent from here to England for 
improveiiu lit it must be recollected that they are in general youth of fortune or 
great expectations t'is therefore tho' most advisable to send them to the first 
schools siich as Eaton or "Westndnster wliere they may form connections with the 
first familys in the kingdom. 

M'' Harris i.> a very genteel man, hut rich it prodigious stingey. 

2u. 17vSil, July 20. Poor YU Thomas ."Maclean is dead, it we are in mourning 
for him ; my uncle, who has always refused honours, has been at length tempted 
to accept fiom Governor Campbell before he left tis the appointment of Gustos 
liotulorum of IS^ Gcoi-ges, the parish where his estate lies, so that he is 

the Elon''''" E. L) Eemember us to my uncle it aunt Keyworth grandfather 

Cowlys coiisiris itc. 

20. 17Ni. AuLT. 11. We have experienced a very dreadful htirricaue on thi.s 
side of the country it continued its course about 00 miles, all the estates GO miles 
to windward of tins town are destroyed — all the ships l)ut two here were either 
sunk run on ground or di.smasted, it several of their crews totally lost — all the 
brick walls »t fences down it several houses unroi fed. A vesscll coining round 
tlie island is lost it 11 passengers in it amongst which is tho collector of 
I'ort .Antcnio, If my father can now ask E'' B. or any other acciuaiuf^^'- to apply 
to llie commissioners for it for me it will he a greater matter 1o me than any other 
person for idthough tiie salary is (Jidy :t:i20 i)er ann yet the prolits make it about 
400 currency, it 1 could carry on my business at Tort Antonio the only att> that 
practised there lately having died. 

27. l/'sl, Aug. I:!). A]'' Saui. Gat(n' who from his great extravagance has fiu- 
1 may say a 3'' time ruined himself is now in goal for life .... he will lose two 
})laces which he enjoy.s comptroller of Port Antonio it JJepnty K'egister of the 
Court ot \ ice Aduuralty .... a new api)oiutment la\ s with a ^NL' Owsley Eowley* 
of Lomloti the patentee*. 1 served my time 5 year's with ^l'' lliuton" l^ast the 
former J)cji. Keg'. The judge is an "old school fellow of mine Al>' Eickcttsf a 
counsellor at our bar . . .". [details about apjilying for the post]. 

* 1/Nl, |)i>-. ()\\>lo_v IIdwIov, csii ; to bj re.,'isl.T of ilic vico-a'luiinilt y court in J. vice John 
Morv, .',-1 i!m-. ('• O.M ;> -,9j ") 

t Wi;inm lliMo-y RiclNCits, boi-ii 1710, lj:nTiMor-:it-knv of (iniy's Iim 17i;5, hcnclicr 17();), 
M. ot l' , o!' I.nii_".\ood, H:iiits, died in .l;oii:iii;i .) Ort. 17'.i^. Geo. Cnnvtbrd llickotts, his 
DCjdicw, wa.^ Atluriiey-Lieii. in 1796, and died U Ala'il 1811. 



28. 17S-1, Oct. 1. At M'- Brcreton?. His noisliboiir W Clarice & D^ PugK 
of Spani.';h Town were rivals the lady boin^ on a visit at ^L' C'lai-kc.«. The doctor 
calling at I\l'' Clarkcs asked for a glass of water aligl.tcd from his liorse & told 
M' C. he luul soiiicthing to say to him in private A \\ent i]i a field at the back of 
the house, when lie pulled out a surgical knife it stabbed him twice in the left 
breast. i\L'' Clarke run a few yards called out he was a dead man fell it expired. 
The wretch then plunged the same blood}'- iiistrum' intc his own brca.-t -1 times Sc 
expired .... I run to the place where they buth lay 10 yards of each ulhcr .... 
both amiable young men .... liis corpse was buried in the highway. 

20. 17S1, Xov. l-l. "W'e have in the course of this last week catehed 3 
desperate pirates & murderer.s who murdered a whole crew & brought the vessell 
in here & sold the same with her cargoe (consisting of lumber from America) they 
have spent all the money in rioting. 

30. 178-Jl:, Dec. 12. I believe this packet carries home our Assemblies 
Petition to have the duties lately laid on sugar taken oft ».t to allow the Americans 
to trade with ns in their own bottoms .... Since our late hurricane 1^' Aug. the 
Governor with the advice ot- his Counsel allowed the Americans to bring us 
supplies in their ow'u vessells. 

31. 1785, Jan. 23. The death of the land & tide surveyor of this jioi't a 
]\P Feutou. My aunt Dwarris has been out of town these five weeks at her 
sons wedding. M' Stoakes Harris is dayly expected. [Example of his 

32. 17S5, March 20. My dear Sally was safely delivered of a clever little 
boy on the 5"' inst. A\^e are hourly expecting to hear of some dust being kicked 
up between the Spaniards & our people on the Mosunito Shore our ships of warr 
are all under sailing orders at Port lioyal .... we liave had 300 men sent to the 
defence of that place by different detachments in small vessells ».t without any 
noise. M'' Lewis* the oracle of the barr is dead he made the year he died .CMJOU. 
[On the back is a letter from W. 1). Smith, Covcntrv, 20 M.nv 17N.5, to his 

33. 17S5, April 2-1. M' & M''^* Dunston at my uiiele Dwarris's. I was there 
the night before last to pay a formal visit to her. 

31. 17S5, July 17. :\lrs. S. I), to her Motlier:— The dealh of our beloved 
child — so mueli the greater was our loss after liaving been married so nuiny years 
without a cliild. Mrs. Brereton was brought to bed a few days since of another 
girl. M''=' Uayes a cousin uf M"" D. was very kind w lien my little Fortunatus was 
sick. I wrote to my sister !M'^ Ellis. 

[Mr. W. 1). write s :] I have been this nuu-ning sent for to the goal by a 
gentleman wlio calls himself The Hon''''-' Cap. Alauners .... what or who he is no 
person here kuov.s. He knows everybody in Lincoln it my friends the IJolderos 
in York^hire .... he has been but illiterately brouirht uj) at Beverly in Y'orkshire. 
iio came here about 5 months since it brought a great ([uuutily of cash with 
hiin which is all <!,one. 

3-5. 1785, Sept. 11. On Sat. the 27"' Autr. about 1 o'l lock it began to blow 
very hard .... tiie hurricane increased dreadfully till about S o'clock .... many 
more houses blown down than in the last one in Julv M . . . . there were about 

* llui,'h Lewi-;, bora 3 Au/. 1753, barrislor-at-law and .Advcciito-Gtii.. ilieJ 23 Juu, 17S5. 
(Archer, 5u.) 


800 poor souls lost in tliis liarboiir. ^Ty iinclo's estate has suffered mucli, part 
of liis own (hvellini; house unshiiii^'jed, hi.s overseers liou^c down ail the negroc 
liouf-es ^'oue, his eanes lodged Sit. however his daiiiage does not exceed £30U0. 

3G. 17S5, Sept. 25. My uncle has been all his life hitherto contented with a 
cattle mill on his estate. ]]iit now he is out of debt A: declining in life, he \Nants 
to clear 200 more acres »if laud for canes, I'y; maice a hir^e watcrwork — the Maier 
he is 1o carry I] miles in a stone guttering to his wheel, he has laid out a ])laii lo 
run in dobt to the amount of about :4iLtt,0()U it he is then to make 300 hogsheads 
(if suLTur a year. I tliink him much to blame. He has no children is out of debt 
>^ iiiak(S about lot) hds now Sc ab'' 90 puncheons of rum — he was 59 yesterday. 
lie has ordered ISally to leave off eating sn])[U'rs. AVhen first I came over to this 
i«Ii>n<i every family had regularly cloth laid at night, & now I scarce know 
■I familys that do, persons in general finding they enjoy better health by leaving 
oil" that meal. 

37. 17S5, J)ec. 11. M'' Harris has been extremely ill up at Stoaksficld* his 
country house. 

38. 1780, March 27. AVe^have nothing stirring here hut seizing the 
poor American vessells & condemning them for not being navigated agreeable 
to law. 

39. 17SG, June 20. Mrs. Dunstons little cirl was christened about a month 
ago .... the child's name is Aim Mariraret JJwarris. Having some time since 
been reqtiested by my uncle Keyworth to send liim home some nun ((50 gallons) 
.... it is distilled with cocoa nuts c*c civil (s/r) oranges & 1 shall put in the juice 
of about 20 large pines. I am to have it at 2,8 p'' gallon which hs the price 
iny uncle's factor sold 15 puncheons at last week in town .... to prevent 
its being touched bv sailors it is to be cased in another large cask i will 
cost £11 St. 

40 and 41. 17SG, July 3. The death of the Hon. Tho. Davison the collector 
of this port. Mr. Papley the collector at Port Antonio may succeed to it ... . 
one of tiie commissioners of the customs being married to his sister. 

12. 17SG, July IG. 31'' I'rereton Si his wife have given up their house 
in town & are gone to live at their pcnn .... she is his third wife his first 
was Miss Dwarris my uncle's sister it by whom he has a sou now living who 
is learning the profession of the law. M'' B. has two children by his 
present wife. 

43. 17SG, July 25. The puncheon of rum properly cased is shipped on board 
the .lustina for want of the opportunity of a droguer coming round was obliged 
to ship it at Aunotto Bay. 

41. 17SG, Oct. 13. M--^ S. D. My bruther William in L. :\[y little niece. 

45. 17SG, Isov. G. AVe have experiemed another hurricane which happened 
in the morning of the 20"' of last month but has had less dreadful effects on 
this side of the island than any storm has had these five years. Hy accounts from 
the windward parts, wc learn that tliey have suffered very much i\: viU lose about 
one third of their next sugar crop. P.ut the Leeward accounts arc dreadful 
tliev h:iv(> siiffeivil but little less than in the year 1780 when the whole tuwn 
ol S:ivaniiali f.a .Nfar was destroyed scarcelv a house <>r set of works in two of 
their parishes but what are half dov> n <<; their canes blown U]) by the roots. 
My uncle had just got 40 hhds. on hoard a ship at the Bay near iiis estate 
A; the ship has rode out the storm. The 23'' Sally brought a fine little boy. 

* See description ot this oUl laaujiou iu CutiduH's " Ilislync Jamaica," p. 242. 



4G. 178G, Xov. 19. The ^^inchvard part of tlie island have been provident 
enough to put in a great quantitj- of ground provir^ious such as sweet 

47. 17SG, Dec. 0. Our dear little fellow was cliristend the third of this 
month at uiy uncles .... we had a very pentecl supper A .^^at down ahout twenty 
we have called him Portunatus AVilliaui Lilley. 31' ])warris stood fur you & 
3[rs. David;-oii fur uiv aunt Mary. !My uncle and aunt Dwarris both stood for 
thenisclvts & a l\Irs. Eetls. Mrs. Brereton was brought to bed abour a month 
before me of another girl she has now three Sc the eldest not four years old. 

M'' & 3frs. Davidson talk of going houic in tlie spring. You will 1 dare say 
see theuj as they will be a good deal with her sister in ^Nottingham. 

48. 17S7, Jan. 21. ~\Vc are going this week to inoculate our dear boy as 
the small pox is in town & of a very favourable kind. 

This island will, he all in flames in a few weeks if the Lien* Gov'' docs not 
dissolve our rascally Assembly. Just before they were prorogued they passed 
bills giving their Sjieaker £1-500 their messenger £500 st. & to an old broken 
member a Sir Cha,* Price Ear' £5000 by way of mortgage.* Our Sj)eaker never 
had any sallary before. 

The death of Mrs. Duustons child S months old. 

49. 1787, Feb. 18. Mr. Cousins who is anived informed me tliat lie had 
seen my aunt Cowley & my grandfather .... ^lost Europeans die here from 
imprudt'uce & excess on first coming over. Here is a club held in honour of 
liodiieys victory every 12"' April by old veterans, mIio meet it spend the day 
jovially. To be a member a person must have been 80 years here, an honorary 
member 25 years, & there generally dines from forty to lil'ty, all from within the 
vicinity of this town. My uncle's paternal & family estate which has been in this 
country above 100 years in our possession. Mrs. Hayes a cousin of Mr. Dwarris 
has been staying with me. 

50. 17S7, July 15. I was very happy to liear that your son was married to 
so agreeable a young lady. 

51. 17S7, Aug. 11. My uncle has lately made a ]uirchase of a house in 
town which he gave £2000 for. They do not diiic lill near live & never eat 
suppers. I cannot say I am fond of such very late hours. I think three o'clock 
a very good hour if yon are alone, & if yoti have company half past. 

52. 1787, Sept. 30. I am just come from a jaunt to the north side of the 
island, but the roads to that part arc always bad, and jiarticularly so this 
time of the year. I was under the necessity of swimming my horse over 
one rivei' three times, the precipices & road are very dangerous, in n:any 
places not above a foot wide — A man who made an immense fortun/" here in 
former days ust to say — make me your executor ct I dont care who is made 
vour heir. 

53. 17S8, Jan. 27. ^ly dear little Fortune is very well, 
present very nnudi involved. 

Mr. Brereton is at 

51. 17S8, Ajnil 22. ISly uncle had in companv with my arint the misfdrtune 
to be over turned in his chariot this day 3 weeks by which she was much 
biuised it he had his left arm broke .... he lives so very low .... 1 ihiiik 

* This was roscindcd 'dv the next -■V.'^scinl.'Iy as bcinj,' uuconsiitutiounl. (Cundall's 
' Historic Jamaica/' 205.) 


a man at Ins time of life (G3) should drink as usual Lis lialf pint of ^Madeira 
(it beiiii^ our common wine liore) .... To my certain knowlcd'^^c lie advanced 
£.jOO three months since to keep her son out of goal, who with his wite & 
child lives in his house it upon his generosity. 'Sly 17 years residence iu this 

55. 1788, June 1. Xotwjtlistandin!:,' all our frugality we dont spend loss 
tlian X'oOO a year. 

5(3. 1788, Sept. G. I send early intellic;cncc of the vacancy of the comp- 
trollers place of L'ort Antonio of this island by the (ioath of a very particular old 
friend a yi" Cator, wlio has a brother of pro !iL,nous fortune 1-i or 15 £1000 
pi^ann. in London .... tiie place or salary is either SO or £100 p^ ann. besides a 
few perquisites & entirely a sinecure .... about 20 barristers & above lOO 
attorneys here. My uncle Keyworth's loss of a son .... his other son & Sukey. 
It would amuse you & my mother to hear little Fortune talk half negroe like, 
AN-hich is the worst thing attending chiklreu here, but as they are always i)laying 
with the negroe children they learn their ways it language, notwithstanding my 
being vei'V particular. 

57. 1788, Nov. 9. B'' Grant* has been exceedingly ill — he has a very fine 
boy ill England by his first wife, ct by the present one three, two boys & a 
girl the youngest is not above two montlis old .... poor old M" Grant was 
really miserable at the thoughts of losing her son, as he is the only child 
she has left. The lire my uncle had at his estate .... the great house was 
on fire two or three tinies but it was put out .... My aunt has not been there 
these eighteen jears. 

Xov. 15. Prince William llenry has just entered Port Eoyal harbour .... he 
is come to ■winter here. 

^Datfut for a fmnl) plantation in ^u S\ttts 
to 3amt3nn ^taplcton anti §Mv (ISBtlltam 
^tapicton of i?cbi^, 35aronct, 9° 1696. 

WiLLTAii by the Grace of God of ]']ngland Scotland h' ranee and Ireland King 
and soveraign Lord of S' Christophers and all other his Majesty's Ameiican 
Plantations and Colonies Defender of the Faith Ac-' To all to w home thefe Prefcnts 
shall com Greeting. A\'^uki:i:.\s in the licigne of our Hoyall Predecelsors there 
has bin llverall conlidcrable Colonies settled as well on tiie Islaiuls as jMaino 
l>auds (.f Ainei'ica by our ^Subjects which has bin found very advantageous to the 
]u-opagation of the Christian Faith the JCnlargcment of our Dominions the 
Avancement of our lioyall Dignity the Kiu'reale of our Iveveniie and the trade of 
our Kingdom of iMiglaud and to the comfortable Stip[>ort of many of our Loving 
subjects. A>'o whereas Wee of our Koyall Goodncl's are Delirous to promote 
and encourage wiiat has bin found [)roductive of so many good effects to which 
nothing can lond more then to grant shucli Jiands as now are or hereafter shall be 
uiulilposed of iu any of our said Colonies to shucli Dilcreet and Industrious 
Penons who will imjirove the fame for the I'jids nforeliiid. And whereas it hath 
pleated the Allmighty Goodncl's to blcls our Armes whith succels agiust the 

* 1S17, Ma;,- 1. Died ut Pf.i-t>inoutli on tlio ISth inst. Lieut. S.uu. Grant, royal navy, 
yotms;csl son ot i)r. Grant of J.iiiiaica. 

1817, Soi)t. 25. Diod on tho 2Ptli June at Kini,'ston, Jamaica, as universally and 
deeply laineiited as lie wa< ju-t!y re-;MVctcd and beloved, .Duvid Grant, M.D. ('"■ IJatU 



Subjects of tlic Froiu'li K'mc^ (,iir ])fd:iro'l I-jirmy in llic aforoGiid Tslaiul of 
R' Cliri>to]ihc'rs whereby We liave not only rcLjaiiied thai part to us Formerly 
l)eloii2;inn; but made an abfobite and Entire Conquef^t of the whole Island and 
thereby become wholy seiz'' thereof in the lli^'ht of our Crown. Axd whereas it 
is greatly our Interest to Eiicourao;c a thorow : and speedy Settlement of the said 
Island by shucli of our Lovint; Subjects as shall repair thereto or who are in 
Circcumstances effectually to settle which will tend much to the prelent 
Strcnthenin'4 ajid Security of the Island During the AVarr and to y making; of the 
Settlement thereof in a much greater forwanliiefs and in a fairer rrospect on the 
Coriclufion of a Peace then Can olherwil'e be hojied for greatly to the promoting 
and advancement of the afore mentioned Ends. 2sow know Yee that in 
Confideration of the Premyses AVee of our Special <,'race certain knowledge and 
]\lecr .}Jotion by and with the Advice of our trui'iy and AVell beloved Christopher 
Codrington Esc]'' our Captain General and Governour in Chief of our said Island 
of S' Chri^topllers and all other our Caribbe Islands from the Leeward of 
Guardeloupc to the Island of S'- John de porto Rico in America have given granted 
and Confirm'd and by Thefe Prclcnts for ous our Heirs and succefsors do give 
grant and Confirme unto otir Trufty and AVeUbcloA-ed Subjects Dame Axx 
SfAPi.ETOX and S'' AVilltam Stapletox of our Island of ZS^evi.s Baronet and to 
there Heirs and Ai'signes for (^ver the Plantation formerly belonging to the father 
Hermit Lying in Cayan Qiuirter Containing Two hundred and Fort_y Acres 
beginning at the Mouth of Kayau River and extending by the several Angles of 
the River to the interlcction of the Common Path, >>'ortlnvcsterly Twenty Deurees 
one Chain and a half, Is'orthwcsterly Scaventy two Degrees two Chains, ]N'orth- 
westerly sixty two Degrees two Chains to Davies Line ; Thence Xorthwcsterly 
two l)ep;rees twenty Six Chains and a half; Thence A\^est five Chains Forty Links 
to the Common Parii; Thence Xorthesterly two Degrees Three Cham and a balf 
Northeslerly six Degrees seven Chain sixty Five Links Xorthesterly seven Degrees 
two Chains liighty six Liid<s Xorthesterly Three Degrees Eleven Chains North- 
Avesterly Thirteen Degrees two Chain and a half Xorthwcsterly twenty seven 
Degrees three Chains and a half Thence over the Path by the Interlection of the 
Chains Southwesterly Eighty Degrees two Chains Xorthwesterly Eighty two 
Degrees Fouer Chains and a half Southwesterly Eighty Degrees Three Chain 
X'orlhwesterly Eiglit Degrees Forty Five Chains to the Sea side. Thence by j'he 
Several xVngics of the lea side to the Mouth of the River which was the first 
station iJonnded to the Xorth E'st with the lea To the soutb East with Kayau 
River to the West with the Land of Davies Decoal'ed the Common Path and part 
of Durres Together AVith all and finguler Alelsuages Houles Edifices Jiuildings 
Structures ]\[ills Suger AVorks Orchards Gardens Lands Tenements Pastures 
Poodings Mou7itain Lands IMarl'his Timber Trees AVood Underwoods Cains Cornes 
witb the soyl andgrotind of tlie same Walcis Water Courfes Fifhinsjsand Fifliing 
Places witii all otber Profits Com"'odities Emoluments and A])purtcnances 
AV'^hatsoever unto the said Plantations and Tiai-t of Land in any wile helonuing or 
apjHirtaining. A>'i) of our Spaciall Grace Certain Know ledg and ^Eeer ^lotion 
we Do by thet'e Prel'ents for L's our ileirs and Succefsors give grant and Coniirme 
ITnto tiie said Dame Axx SiAi'j.Krox and S'' Wtllivm Stai'I-ktox Baronet their 
Heairs and Afsigues for ever the said Land and Plantation, with all and singular 
The Rights Meuibers and A[ipurlenances by thel'e prelents before given granted 
and Confirmed or .Mentioned or intended to be given granted and Conlirmed and 
all our Right Title and Enterest of in and To the Premiles and every part and 
parcell Thereof as fully freely abiblutely and Intirely and in as Large and 
beneficial ^Manner the same came to our hands by vertue of tlie Conquest of the 
said Island or by any other good Right or Title Whatlbever and in as full Free 
Ample, Largo and beneficial Manner as any of the former Pro |n-i(.' tors Polelsors or 
occupyers of the premyses have heretofore held and enjoyd the sam To uavi; and 
to hold all and singuler the said lands and premifses witli their it every of their 
appurtenances of tlie said Dame A>x Stai'LLtox and Si" AN'ili.iam Stai'llxox 
VOL. V. p 



liefelvinir ot-' tlie same and at sucli 

beiuir -c Lomtitut(.\l and .i])ponnea lor tlic Ivefcivm^- or me same ana ar sucii 
place witliin our liiid Jslaud as sliall be for tliat purpole by us or our said 
Commander Nominated and A])p()inted lliero Yearly sum of T\velvej)ence Currant 

T's our Heirs and Sud'elsers tliar is to say to the liands of sucli oilk-ers as shall 
us or our Commander in Chief of our said Island of S' Chriftophers for the time 
beiuiT be Coul'tituted and Ajjpointed for the 
])laee within our liiid island 

Commander Nominated and A]); 

Hid Lawful) mouy of our faid island to be paid yearly at the Feast of Cln-iltuuils 
and all") yielding and payiu^^ sueh further IJeuts and performing such services and 
Conditions for our Benefit and the tliorow and S])eedy Settlement of our said 
Ishmd in proportion according to the (Quantity of Land as sluvll hereafter bo 
Estalditht by TJs as a Standing and General liule in all our Grants of the Lands 
and Plantations of our laid Island Axi) farther of our Like Special grace certain 

unu riuuiatioub oi. our lajci jsianu /i>i) laruier oi our j^^ike opeciai gract; t-tnuuii 
Knowledge and meer motion by the Advice and Conient aforelaid We well and 
by theJe Prcfents for Us our Heirs and succel'sors do grant unto the said Uamo 
Anx Stai'letox and S"" "NVir.Lr.iM Stai'letox Baronet there Heirs and A Isignes 
that thefe our Letters Patents or the i'nrollment Thereof shall be in all things 
firmc good strong suHlcient effectuall and available in the Law against Us our 
Heirs and succefsors as well in all our Courts as ellewherc without any farther 
Confirmatiou Lycenfe or tolerati(ui from I's our Heirs and stxccel'sores hereafter 
by the said Dame Axx Stapleiox and S'' William Stai'letox Baronet there 
Heirs and Afsigues iu that behalf to be procured or obtciucd : Notwithstaxdixg 
any misnaming or not naming Milreciting or not reciting any part or parcell of 
tlie aforelaid Lands and Premiises or the Quantity thereof or the exact and true 
Limits and Bounds thereof. Axe NoTwrniSTAXDixc; the Not naming or ill naming 
the not reciting or ill reciting of any of the places Paril'h or Divifions or Precincts 
wherein or in which the Premilsis or or anv parcell of theia arc or ' ' 

A XI) 

King Henry tliu Sixth Axi) Nutwithstaximxg that our Writs ad Quod Uamnum 
were not Issued forth to Inquire of tlie Premilsis or any part or parcell thereof 
before the IMalcing of thefe our Letters Patent Axd Notwithstaxdixg any other 
Defect in not rightly naming the Nature Kinds sorts Quantities or Qualities of 
the premilsis or any Part or Parcell thereof. Axi) Notwithstaxdixg the not 
Naming or ill Naming the not reciting or ill reciting of any of the former 
Proprietors Pofsersors or Ocoui)pycrs of the Premilsis or any part or parcell thereof 
Axd Notwithstaxdixg any Statute Act Ordinance J^'(diibitiou Be.-traint or 
Provifion whaffoever to the Contrary Axd Notwithstaxdixg any other Matter 
Caul'e or thing whatlbever for the avoyding Araiulling or Weakeinng thele our 
Letters Patents In AVitnels whereof wee have Canted thefe our Letters to be 
made Patents "Wittnels our laid Cajitain General at Nevis the First Day of ^lay 
IGOG and In The Eigiith year of our l-Jeigu. 


Endorsed: The within Patent Ix'ecnrded the S Day May lOOG In tlie Book of 
Eecords for Inhabitants In folio GU0-GG1-GG2. 

Jii° Smargin Jun. 

D. Sec. 

See ante, III., 225, for a lease of this estate iu 1719, and ati/r, I., 23, for 
another lease in 175G. 

\ "i ■^' 





Thos. Ncalliv.av of Bristol, mariner. AVill (lntefI=FT^Jiz. 
7 Feb. lo95 ; ])vv\ed 20 Ych. Io03 (Lu, Drake), j . . . . 

Gcoi'gc Xctli\vay==Mar_y, 
of Jjristol, IMer- tlau. of 
cliant. AVill :\P Jolm 

dated 27 ^c\)t. Gou- 
1G'2S ; proved 14 ning. 
Dec. iGi-'S (ill), 


Tlioinas yeth-=pSarah 

way, liviiic; 1('>'2S ; 
of "Bristoi, Mer- 
cliant ; bur. at .'^1. 
AValbl^•i,^ Ail- 
m'on 8 Nov. lOHi) 
to Sarah, the 

AVill dated 
11 Jan. 
])roved IS 
June Kill 
(71, Eve- 


TJiehard Xethway 
ofBristol, brewer. 
KilO— .5:^. 

]?ogcr Xclhway 
of J3arbadoe.-< 
ItJol— G2. 

• o 

r . . . . n 



? 2iul 



1. Thomas Xetli- George Xeth- Sarah Xethway. 
■w«y, eldest son, way. — 

living 162S. — Eliz. Xethway. 

John Netli- 

Jane Nethewnv, 

mar Kicli- 

ardson of Lon- 
don, gent., dead 


Col. John Nethcwav of=f ]Mary . . . ., party 
Nevis, IMercht. and M. of : to deed of 1720; 
A. 1G6S ; Govr. IGOl 
died 12 Feb. 1G91-2 
Will dated 2-5 Julv 1G91 
(171, Fane.) 

died 1727. Ad- 
m'ou to rh. De 
Witt 172S. 

of London, 


John Clarke of Hogsdon, co. l\,=j= 
Merchant, 1GS2. 

Sam. Clarke=Ann 

. . . Kethe- Jonathan Xetheway of Loudon, !Mer-=;=Mary 

way, consin chant, born 10-37; a^t. 2-1' in 1081; 

of Jonathan, kinsman 1091 ; nephew of CoJ. John ; 

died about died in 1720, prisoner for del)t. 

1730. Will dated 21 Oct. 1720; proved 

Oct. 1722 (200, 3Larlboro'). 

a^t. 22 in 
IGSl at 

Wm. Clarke 
of London, 


Thomas Nethwaie of Bristoll, co. Som., marvner. AVill dated 7 Feb. l.')9.3. 
To my y*" s. Tho. N. £100 at 21 Mars; n\y good freind John Youngc of B. 
to have tlie putting forth of it ; if he die under age, then to my eldest s. 
George N. AVhcreas 1 was part victnaler at the time of my hurt in the good 
ship the Swan of B. in the sum of £15, I give this to my s'> .«. Thos. Kob. 
Trippett my apprentice my sea chest and instruments. My wife Eliz. and 
Geo. N. my eldest s. to be Ex'ors and John Young overseer, in tlie p. of 
Barth, Hoggrt, Tho. Greves, John Chcs.^cs, F. Arniarer. Proved 20 Feb. 1595 

i» 2 



l)y Tlio. Lovel], n. p., the attorncv of Eliz. tlie relict; p. r. to G-. X, 
(15, Drake.) 

Geo. Neathway of Bristol, :\rcrolit. AVill dated 27 Sept. 1G28. My Avife 
;Mary L'jOO'. Bro! Tho. X. llOO' an.l to liiin after my wife's ilealii all the Ids. I 
piirch. of j\['' Jolm Tomlinson. To my nephew Tlio. N., s. of my s'' hro., lOU'. 
-^^y f. in 1. 31'' John tionniuLje my mare. .My hro.-in-l. John (x. .50'. Co^^en 
Abr. Lyne. Gyles Elbridge (and otlier.-) overseers. Trovcd -1 Dec. 1(;2S by 
?I. N. the relict. (110, Barrington.) 

1639, Xov., fo. S4. Tho. Nethwav. On S"' adm'on to Sarah N. the relict of 
T. N., late o£ the citv of Bristol, deC^." 

Sarah Nethway of Brislol, widow of Tho. X., mercht., deed. Her will made 
1] Jan. 16-10 with a Codicil dated 27 Feb. 1010. and a later Codicil dated 
7 March 1640. To be bnricd in the chnrch of S^ Walburgh near 1. husb''. My 
brother Mr. Geo. Lane, merdi*, Ex'or. Friends Mr. Giles Elbridge and 
Mr. Joseph Jackson, merch'^ overseers. Children under age. My sister 
Lawrence. My sister Butler and her 3 children she had by John Hurston, vi/,. : 
Lawrence, John and Anne H. My broiher-iu-law "Wni. Ilohnan. Whereas my 
brother-in-1. Mr. Edw. Pitt, now one of the Sheriffs, and ]Mr. John Goning, 
merch', became bound to my dec"' hush'' for £2-30 after the death of my sister- 
iu-h Mrs. Pitts, s'' bond to my eldest s. Tho. X. My 5 ch" Tho., Geo., John, 
Sarah and Eliz. iNly sister Butler's husb''. .My liusb'^ died without a will. Geo. 
and R'', sons of my brother Geo. Lane. K'' Xelhway, brewer. My cousin Hall 
her .... My sister Jone Lane. My sister Anne Butler. To my dan. Sarah X. 
the 4 pictures of her grandmother, fatlier and mother. Proved IS June IGll. 
(71, Evelyn.) (Waters' •■■ Gen. Gleanings," p. 1009.) 

Xevis. Colh' John Xetheway of this Island, Governor. Will dated 25 July 
1G91. My sister-in-law Anne Hanscombe, widow, living in L., £'860 c, her 
former husband M'' Mathew H., deceased. 'My sister-in-law Eliz. Smith in L. 
£300 c. My mother-iu-law M'^ Margaret Xetlieway, widow, living in Bristol!, 
£100 st. My kinswoman i\i" Sarah Gurney's eldest child SOOO lbs. of sugar at 
14. My cousin John Bichardson SOOO lbs. at IS. ]My wife's kinsman's son' 
Phillip Dewitt, son of Pliillij) Dewit, 40,000 lbs. in 4 years at IS, if he die then 
to the next son. '^ly godson John lIulTum 5000 lbs. at IS. My godson "W" 
Chisurs oOOO lbs. at IS. ^Sly godson Simon Brown, son of Simon Brown, 
deceased, 30U0 lbs. at IS to buy a young negro boy. ]\Lary Q'hompsou 4000 lbs. 
and to Eli/,. Thompson 2000 lbs. at 11. Tho. Thorne 20(>0 lbs. for writing my 
will. All residue to my wile Mary and to my kinsnuxn M"' Jonathan X'etlieway 
of L., gent., and his heirs, and at lier death all to hiui, she to charge by will 
£500 st. on the estate. My loving friends Cap. AValter Simonds, Esq., Cap. 
W"' Helmes, Cap. John Standley, Cap. Daniel Smith and Lieut. Philip Dewitt, 
overseers, and 1000 lbs. each. Witnessed by John Smargin, Tho. Belman, Tho. 
Thorne, W"' Mnrden, Jas. Bawleigh. 

X'evis. 16 April 1692. A letter to M'' Jonathan Xetheway saying tliat the 
Governor died 12 Feb. last \K\st, signed by John Stanley, I'hil. Dewitt, Dan" 

On 17 Sept. 1692 appeared Jonathan X'cthewav of L.. gent. On 15 Sopt. 
1692 appearc(i Joseph .Martyn of L., merch', who swore to the signatures of above 
letter, and said that I'hilip j)fwitt was former) v his servant and now corresponds 
with him, Pn>ved 17 Se^pt. 1692 by Jonatli. X., power reserved to Mary X. the 
relict. (171, Fane.) 



Jonatlian yetheway, late of L., merclil. To Sarah "W'axliam, S', £100. My 
cousins IVInry, Thomas. 1-^liz. and Sarali \V., .Tun', Judith, Ani), Hennetta nnd 
\V"' \V., and Lucy Ashwood and Bciij. Ashwood £100 apiece. My aunt Eliz. 
Cudsden and lier son John C. £100. My uncle M'' Samuel Clarke and his wife 
Ann £50 apiece. My cousins, W"', Sam. John and Mary Clark £20 each. My 
cousin Netlicway Smith nnd his wife £50 each. Cousin Ann AVarren £10. Marg' 
llaynes, Mary Warren, -10s. ea. Cousin Echv^ Xelsou £5 and his wife -lOs. 
Kinsman Peter James one g^. Cousin John Tucker 1 g-'. All residue to 
M'- Samuel Clark and M'' Tho. Waxham equally and Ex'ors, 21 Oct. 1720. In 
the presence of jMargaret Battiv and others. Proved 9 Oct. 1722 by Sam. 
Clarke, Esq., and Tho.^ Waxham " (200 Marlboro'.) 

lGo3, Sept. 2-i. Licence to Eichard Xetherwav of Bristol to transport from 
Ireland to Virginia 100 Irish tories. (Col. Cal, p. 40n.) 

16(JS. John Netheway, tlieii M. of the Assembly of Nevis. ("Antigua," 
i., xli.) 

On 10 Jan. he signed the petition of the merchants to Wm., Lord AVilloughbv. 
(Col. Cal., p. 538.) 

1G77-S. Census of Nevis. Capt. John Ncthway's Company. 

Capt. Netlnvay's family : 7'^. men, 2 w., 3 cli", 57 negroes. (Ante, IlL, 80.) 

16bi3. Petition of the merchants in L. trading to the Leeward Islands signed 
by Edw'i Netheway. (-19, Colonial, Leeward Islands.) 

1G89. Letter from John Netheway describing the Irish attack on St. Chr. 
Seal of arms : A tun (?) between three piteous. (America and AV. I., vol. 52.) 

1698, June 17. James Vernon, Esq., Sec. of State, recommends Mr. Jonathan 
Netheway, to wltom a good estate in Nevis lias descended, for a seat in the 
Council there. (B. T. Leeward Islands, vol. 5.) 

1720, Dec. 29. Mary Netherway of Nevis, widow of John N.. late of Nevis, 
Esq., who made his will on 25 July 1G9I, and gave his nephew Philip Ue AVitt 
of Nevis, planter, £500. (Nevis liecords, i., G17.) 

1728, July 10. Philip Do Witt, administrator of the estate of Mary Netheway. 
{Ibid., ii., p. 57.) 

1751. Chancery suit at Antigua. Eichardson, Netheway and Clarke. 


1G51 Oct. 5 Eob* y'^ s. of Eoger Nothwav, buried. 

1GG2 Aug. 15 Alicc'the D^ of M' Eog'' Xetherwav, buried. 

1G91 Oct. 4 M' John Nethcrway, buried. 

BAEROW GUENEY, CO. SOM. (Phillimore, ii., 1-13.) 
1G7G May 13 AVilliaui Netheway and Mary Terry, both of Yatton. 

1GS2, Dec. 29. Jonathan Netheway of Throckmorton Str., L., Gent., 15., 
ab' 24, and M'^ Mary Clarke of llog.sdon, :Midd., Sp^ ab' 22, with consent of her 
father ^f.r. John C. of the same, Merch', at S' Leonard, Shoreditcli, Midd.. or 
All Hallows in the AVall, L. (Mar. Alleg. A"ic. Gen. of Archb. of C, 
p. 118.) 



Babies of 55<"^niaica. 

Arms u^^(>d, tlioso of D.ivies of Mar.^li, co. Salop. 

Kev Davios of co. Brecon. Supposed to liave had= 

21 cbildreu, of wliom the uauies of six oulv are known. 

. . . .=pDavid Byron Davic-^. born 27 ^laioli 17Go;=pCatli. Eobinson, 
.Ist ( Brevet Lieut. -Col. in tlie Arinv 12 Auc dau. of Tiio. Lan- 
wife. ' 1810, <j9th Ee.£;t. of loot; 1st Com. 1!) 

I Oct. 1791, lC5tb Bucldngbanishire l\e^t. 

; of Poot ; purchased INew Baltic, St. 

I David'a (? a coffee e^taie) ; Grand .Master 

I of Eoval Sussex Lodi^^e ; died at Jviver 

I Head 11 Jan. 1S22 ; bur. at New Battle. 

i Estate Lad 69 slaves and S stock. See 
"AV.I. Bookplates," No. 7GS. 

ca.-ter of Eccles^- 
ton, St. JJavid's; 
mar. there 22 Dec. 
179-5. Wrote in 
1S33 from Or- 
chard St. James. 

born 30 

Eliz. Dillon ! Davies, 
mar. Edw. Croa^daile, M.D. 
Edin., of Eiver Head estate, 
St. David's. He was bur. 
at BoulogTie, France, 30 
Dec. 1S5G, aged 77. She 
died 3 June ISGi. His 1st 
wife, dau. of ... . Despard 
of Golden Square, died s.p. 

Tho. Lancaster Davies, = 
matric. from Magdalen 
Hall, Oxford, i June 
1S18. aged 19; Ensit;;n 
3 March JSll lUOili 
liegt. of Foot (renum- 
bered in 1810 99th) ; 
A.D.C to treorgc, Sth 
Marquis of Twcedale ; 
Lieut., later Surgeon99rh 
Regt. ; bur. at New jxtt- 
tle 10 Oct. 1838, aged 40. 

:Isabc]la, dau. of Geo. 
M"^Gowan of Galloway 
Hill, Jamaica; born at 
Garlistou, Wigtonshire, 
■i Jan. 181.J ; mar. at 
Port Eoval 8 Nov. 
1832 ; reiinar. 10 Mav 
1841 Eobert Chcvallier 
Cream, M.D. Edin., 
wlio died May 1S97. 
She died 3 Aug. 1885. 

Lancaster Byron James^Harriett ^Farianne, 
Davies.bora iDec.lS3i; i dau. of Lieut-Col. 
Ensign 13 Feb. 1853 
llth N. I.; Capt. Ben- 
gal Staff Corps ; died at 
J nmalpore, Suffrabad, 
India, 2-1 Sept. 1807, 
aged 33. 

Ealph Thorpe, 
E.l.C.S. ; born 9 
:March 1839; mar. 
at Dinapore 10 ^Lay 
1800; died 29 Nov. 
ISSi, aged 45. 


Decima Isabella Kath. Davies, 
born 27 Jan. 1S30 ; mar. 15 Sept. 
1853 Cha. Inman of Old Hall, 
Spital, Birkenhead, great-graud- 
sun of Cha. Inman of Kingston, 
merchant (Archer, 88, and 
J3urke's " Landed Gentry "). 
He Avas born 11 Oct. 1823. 
She died 1871. 


Thos. L;nicaster of Ecclesiuu in St. David's, died there April ISOO. Bcsiden 
a dau. Cath. ]{iibinsou, who mar. 22 Dec. 1795 Lieut. -Col. David Byron Davies, 
lie left a son Tho. Farrar Lancaster of Content and Eccleston, who matricidatcd 
from Triniiy Cdle-e, Oxford. 10 Dec. 1800, aged 20. lu the '• Jauuiica Magazine " 
is the following obituary notice: — 

1812, July. .\t Content, in St. Davids, on the 14th insl. Caroline, wife of 
Ihomas l'\ J.nncastcr, V.<k[. of that ])ro[)erty : This highly accomplished and ntucli 
rc.-])ccted Lady survived her sister J^Irs. Tait, but live weeks, whose early fate but 



too severely operated on lier alfcetioiinu- iuiiul ; ^he was buried the followiiif; day 
at Mouut-Cliarles in the same jtarish by the side of her beloved bi^^tc^ atleiuied to 
her grave by many who Ivuew her worth and wlio tet^tified by tlieir sorrow tlie loss 
society bad suj^tained by her premature death : She died as siie liad lived au 
exalted pattern for imitation. (" Jamaica Mag.," i., 85S.) 

borji 9 

John Davics,: 
born 2S INIar. 
1771 ; died 
15 Oct. 1819. 

:Mary Seaman, remar. 
William S. Paine, 
Kiq., Solicitor, of 
Furnival's Inn. She 
died 1 Peb. 1851. 

Margaret Davies, 
born 9Aug.l775; 
died 30^ Sept. 

Henry Davic.<, 
born 25 Mav 
1782; died 1 
March 1800. 

Henry Byron Davics,^Anne, dau. of Abel A^^hford and "Will. Seaman Davies, 

born iO Feb. 1802; I liis wife Susannah (nef Seaman) of born 21 ^larch ISoi; 

died 11- March 18S3. Kenton Hall, Dcbenham, co. Suf- died 29 Oct. 1808. 
folk. She died 1 Dec. 1881. 

Blanche Isabella Davies. Son and dau., died young. 

lu the "Almanac" of 1322 ho is given as deceased, and Ecclestou then con- 
tained 81 .slaves and 7 stock. 


Greorge M'^GrOwan of Garliston, "Wigtonshirc, Scotland, born there 7 June 
1774, after the death of his wife removed with his family to Jamaica. He had 
four daus : — 

1. Margaret, born 3 May 1S12; mar. before 1S33 James M'=Fadyen, ]M.D. 
Glasgow 1837, born 1799, Island botanist of Jamaica, where he died of cholera 
21 IS'ov. 1850 (('life, IV., 80). She died 21 June 1813, M.l. in Kingston Chun li- 
zard. (Archer, 113.) 

2. Isabella, born at Garliston 4 Jan. 1815 ; mar. 8 Nov. 1832 at Port Eoyal, 
The. L. Davies of Xew Battle estate. 

3. Elizabeth, mar. 4 — G July 1833 John AVhite Cater, sometime of Kingston, 
Jamaica, where two of their children were buried in ls34 and 1810 (Archer, 1 13). 
He was later of Lyston Hall, co. Essex, then of West Lodge, East ]3arnet, co. 
Herts, J. P. Bucks and Herts, Director of the Bank of England and of Lombard 
Street, banker. 

4. Caroline, mar. in Jamaica. 

There were probably also some sons sent to school in England in lb33. The 
above George died in Jamaica June 1S21. His brotlier James owned Galloway 
Hill estate, and was presumably father of Isabella, wife of Alex. Miller of 
Kingston (Archer, 143). AV. W. M'^liowan, J.P., of St. Thomas, is given in ihu 
"Handbook" of 1890. 

Further particulars of the above families are desired. 



|L)cImt of 0thi^. 

Aems. — On a hciul .... ihrce pheons. 

Alice . . . ., bur.= 
2 June IGili. 

1. ]^obcrt 
bapt. 21 
1G13 ; 
? mar. and 
bad 12 

^IJobert Helme ol:= 
Giliiiigljaii), CO. 

Olavy Card, dau. of Tho. Card, 
mar. 7 Nov. 1613 : bur. 10 
Au!?. 16S3. 2nd wile. 

Tbos. Jre]ine.==Mary Eobort IJelme~-f Sarab Baxter, dau. of 
.Sutor, of is'evis, [Mer- John ]3axter of St. 
mar. 12 chant 1G7G ; ; Dionys Backcliurcb, 
Feb. ;et. 3Uin IGSO; clotbworkcr ; bapt. 81 

1G70-1. Aij;ent for E. May 16-35 ; mar. lie. 

dated IGSO, then ret. 

23. AVilldatediOct. 

1G.S7 ; proved 17 May 

1690 (72, Dyke). 

Gent., of Gil- 
lingham, bapt. 
17 July IGil ; 
only brother and 
heir-at-law of 
Kobert in 1705. 

of is'evis, [Mer- 
chant 1G7G ; 
:et. 30 in IGSO; 
Aij;ent for R. 
African Co. 
until 16S5. 
Made a Avill, ; 
now lost. I 


Robert Ilelme, 
bapt. 26 Oct. 


G June 

William Helme, bapt. 8 Feb. 
1G79-S0 ; bur. 25 April IGSO. 

Mary Holme, bapt. 3 Jan. 
1671-2; ?mnr. 1 Oct. 1720 
Jos. Osboldstone of Sarum. 

Christiana Helme, bapt. 
3 Feb. 1G77-S: bur. 11 
Jan. 1679-80. 

Anna Holme, bapt. 11 
IS'ov. IGSS. 

14 Jan. 

Sarab Helmcs of Neviy, sole Ex'trix of Robert H. of ]S^evis, deceased. "Will 
dated 4 Oct. 1GS7. Tho £500 st. demi.'^ed by my late husband to my tister 
Cbri.stian 11., for which Cap. Philip Lee hath on my behalf entered into an 
obligation to her, is to be paid him out of such sums due to n->e by M'' John 
JTaryo)! of Ereinitree, co. Essex. To my sister Eliz. wife of Cap. W"' Freeman 
all my clothes, jewels, plate, linen and household stuff and £200 st., for which 1 
have obliired myself in the jienal sum of £400 st. to M'' Joseph Little of 
Montserrat to. be ]),ud bini. To Silvanus Taylor of Nevis, merchant, £20. -My 
3 si'rvants Humpbi'ev Edwards, Eliz. Hughes "and i'^liz. Hatchfcild, £10 eacli. To 
my Iriciul Cap. Phiiip Lee my large silver tankard, 'i'o my friend M'' Jane 
Masculine of L. my wrought bed in England. To ^1" Mary Marvon, dau. of tlie 
said John Isl.. my silver bason. To my aunts .M" Maiy Baxter of L. and 
j\l'' ]Mary Little of Alsebury, co. Bucks." £25 each. To my dear brother Cap. 
AV"' Freeman £100, al.-o £50 to .M'' Henry F. his brotlu-r." All residue to my 
r.cecc 3f* Eliz. Baxter of L.. only dau. "and sole Iieir of my dear brother 
A\ '" Baxter of L., lately deceased, and b^x'lrix. James Houblin, ICsq., and my 
brother Ca]). AV"' Freeman of Jj., and l'hili|i Lee and Henry Carpenter of 
Aevis, Es(|uires, overseers. To Jas. Ihniblon and Henry Carpenter each a 
hog.shead of claret. 

A\ itnessed by Arch. Hiitcheson. Ra. Lomax. Silvantis Taylor, W"' Harrington. 
Proved 17 ]\tay 1690. Commission to .las. Houblon, Esq., guardian of Eliz. 
Baxter, a minor. Proved 25 June 1701 by Eliz. Baxter, now of full age. 
(72, Dyke.) (•' Antigua," i.. 271.) 



TAh. Holme of Gillijii^hani, co. D':<et, snr. Will dated 12 May 1787. To 
tny niece Marv Cox the clothe called T]ioi-iijj;rovc ot" 2 acres. To my servant 
Eliz. Pavett ray house near the common mead called the ClKUintry House 
and £G0. 'Mj niece Grace Cox my moiety of the |)lautation.s, negroes, etc., in 
the Island of Xcvi.^i and all residue, and sole Ex'trix. Proved 7 Sept. 1792 by 
G. C, spr. (170, Fountain.) 

Christopher Helme, 
bapt. 17 Mar. 1(347-8; 
mar. and had 7 chil- 

Eichard Helme, bapt. 
17 Oct., bur. IS Oct. 

Mary Helme, bapt. 
25 June 1G4G. 

Christiana Helme, 
bapt.2lMar. 1G52-3. 

Christiana Helme, born ^Majorn 

2.J Feb. 1G57; named A\'illiam 

1GS7 in the will of Mrs. Helme 

Sarah Helme; mar. 1st ot Au- 

Aron Chapman, Mer- tij^ua^ 

chant, of Nevis, who born 25 

died 15 March 1G9;3, set. Feb. 

40 ; 2ndly, Philip Brome 1G57-S ; 

of Nevis, Esq., who died M. of 

15 Dec. 1705, aged 52. Gen. 

His will dated 8 Dec. Council 

1705; proved 25 Sept. 1G91. 
1708, s.p. (19G,l^arrett). 
M.l. to all tliree at St. 
Thomas, Nevis. 

Mary . . . .,^^;=Henry 
died in Hat- Traveis. 
ton Garden. Junr., 
Will dated died iu- 
3 ]\rav and ! testate 
proved 10 | in 1703 
Mav 1703 I at 
(138, Nevis. 

). : 



AVilliam Helme, 
son and heir 
1703 ; apparent- 
ly dead 1707. 

Maria Helme,- 
only dan. and 
heiress ; mar. 

^Jolin Pinnev of Nevis, born .1 Mav IGSG : of 
Pembroke College, Oxford, 1703; of tlie Mid- 
dle Temple 1710; died 11 Dec. 1720. M.I. 
in St. John's, with his wife's arms on a shield 
of pretence. 

1G80, Oct. 10. Kobert Helme of S' Andrew's, Holborn. Bach., 3t). and Sarah 
Baxter, Spr., 23, of S' Dionis IJackchurch ; consent of parents; at S' Andrew's, 
Holborn, or elsewhere in diocese. (Mar. Lie. of Up. of L.) 

1GS2. Capt. llelmcs's ship. (Jeaiffeson Papers, i., 300, 321. 321; ii.. !)().) 

1G85, Dec. 'I'lio. Helchamber and Henry tai-penier appninled l)v the 
E. African Co. as Agents at Ne\is in the room ot M'' Jiobert Helme. 
("Antigua," ii., 250, 258.) 

1705, July 8. ^Ir. Thomas Holme of (Tiilingham, co. Dorset, (icnt., onlv 
brother and heir-at-law oF Kobej't Helme, late of Nevis. Letior of Attm-ney 
to Mr. Philip lirome of Ne\is, (ient., and .Mr. Kobert Hoiine of Nevis, 
Merchant, to recover all sums owing at the Leeuard Islands. (•' Antigua," 
i-, -'72.)^ 

173G, Nov. 15. Christian H. of Gillingham, co. Dorset, now residing in L., 
power of attorney. (Nevis Eecords, ii., p. 335.) 

1710, Nov. 13. Tho. H. of Gillingham, butcher, power of attorney 'o .lolui 
Fred. Finney, Esq., etc., for taking possession of certain lands in A. (Ibid.y 
p. 455.) 




hiV.i Yiuosiiiio primo die Maij Ki.b'tu.s Eliiics liliiis livWti Elincs baptiziitus 

lGt3 .Socuiidus die Junij Alicia Ehncs uxor Roberti Elines scpulta enit. 
lGi:5 .Sepliinu die Novoiubri.s Kob'tu.s Helme daxit Mariam Card filia' Thoiac 

IGll Uecimo septimo die Julij Thomas Jlelinc lilia (aic) Eob'ti Helme baptizatus 

lOlfJ Vicesiuio ([uinto die Junij >[aria Helms filia ]\ub'ti Helms baptizata erat. 
lUi7-8 Deciino septitiio die 3lartij Xpopherus Heimes tilius Kob'ti Helmes 

ba[)tizatus erat. 
1G.J2-3 Vieesiino prime die ^lartij Christiana Helmes filia Kobti Helmes baptizata 

1G.j7-8 William Helme sonne of liobert Helme was borne the xxv'^ day of- 

February, 1G57. 
1GG2 Hecinio septimo die Octobris Kic'us Helmes iilius Eob'ti Helmes baptizatus 

1GG2 Uecimo octavo die Octobris Eic'us Helmes filius Eoberti Helmes scpultus 

1G70-1 Duodecimo die Februarij-Thomas Elmes duxit uxore' Mariam Sutor. 
1G7I-2 Tertio die Januarij l\[aria Elmes tilia Thomsc Elure.s baplizata fuit. 
1G73 Vicesiino sexto die Octobris Eobertus Jielmes tilius Thouiee Helmes 

baptizatus erat. 
1G75 Thom;is Elmes filius Thomro Elmos baptizatus erat eodem die [sexto die 

1G77 Pobertus F'lmes de Cloverd duxit uxorcin Doritiieam Alt'ord liliam Poritlieo! 

Clarke vid: septimo die -Maij. 
1G77-8 Christiana Elmes filia Thonue Eluics ba])tizata erat tertio die Pebruarij. 
1G79-SO Chri.<tiami l^lmes filia Thouia' Elmes scpulta erat undeeimo die Januarij. 
.IG79-SO Guhelmus Elmes filius Xhouue Elmes baptizatus erat octavo die 

IGSO Guiielmus F.]lmes filius Thouuo Eluios sepultus erat vicesimo quinto die 

lGS'2-3 (hilielinus filius Thouue Helme ba[nizaiu,s fuit deciuio quarto die Januarij. 
1Gn3 Mar;a Fhues vidua sejuiit. decimo .\ui:usti. 
IG")! (iulieluius Heluu; lil' llob'ti Helme sep'''' vie" 3" Maij. 
H!^S Auna ill' TUo. Ifelme baj)' 11" Novcm. 
iG'.tG Xpoterus Helms 7" .Seplembris se[uiltus. 

Children df l\(d)ert Helme. 

lf>77-S Marja filia Roberti ICIim's h.uitizata erat sexto die Jauuarij. 

1G7!) Joliaunes Eiuies Iilius Jvolnrti IClmes baptizatus erat tcrtiudie Julij. 

lt)M>-l Roberius Helme filius Robert! Helme lapti/atus erat vicesimo septiuio 

llis.J liulieliuus filius Roberti Helme liapti/atu> I'liit decimo quarto die 

IGsl Thumas Helnu- fil'" |{ob" Hiimo bap"^ Dee'^ •)' Maij. 
lii">(; Carolus Helius )i!"' RoITii Helms vicesimo die Juuij bap'' erat. 
IGss S.irah lil' Roberti V.\\i\< baiu • -Jl" Oetdbi i-. 
U'''.li) i;i,z;;li,.tha W,* l^)l)rrti ill luu- bipt'30' Xoxcmb. 
W>U2 D.iroihea Helme 111' Iv'iberti Hrlme "J")' Si-piembris baptizata. 
1G'.»;M: Jiuanlus Helmes til" Ru'urii Heluies ile New bervf U" Feb, baptizatus. 
h;'>».j.G Jaua til' iv^.berti iieliuc 1 1' Feb. bap". 

• rur«;inli'.i !»y r;uiuii .M;iyo. .'.i-iJuor of '■Soiuer>o( :iml Porsol Notes luiil Queries." 
j: Jii Ciillui^'L'.iiu. 



1G96 Richarclus {il"= l^obcrti Helms 21" Dec. Se[)"\ 

1G96 JaiKi tilia liob'ti llelins 2i JJoc'"'' t^epulta. 

1696-7 Thos. fil"^ Anna; Helms 12" Jan. scp'''. 

1697 Jeana Elmc.-^ filla Kobciti Ehnes baptizata erat lL""'die .Septethbris. 

1698-9 Robenu.s liliu.s Koberti Elmcs sepultus 1'"" Febriiarij. 

Children of Chr. Heline. 

1683 Kobertiis filius C'lnis'oplieri Ilelmc fuit baptizatus viccsiino quinto die 

1681-5 Arthur IFclmes fil"^ X'^pheri Ilelmes bap"^ 2" Feb"J. 
1686 Guiel fil: Christ' Helme vie. sept. Uecemb. bai)"' erat. 
1689 Xtophcrus tils XtopLeri Heluie bap'"* 28 Jiilij. 
1691 Maria (ib^ Xtopheri' Helmc bap» 14" Aprilis. 
1693 Thomas Helmc:^ lil"^ Xtopheri Holmes 3 Septenibris baptizatus. 
1695-6 Eodem die (2 Eeb.) Xtiana Helms til'' Xtopheri Holmes bap''. 

MERE, CO. WILTS. (PhiUimore, vol. i., -43.) 
1720 Oct. 1 Joseph Osboldstone of Sarum and Mary Helme of Gillingham. 


. . . Baxter. 

John Baxter of St. Dionvs^Ann 

Backchnrch, London, cloth- 
worker, bur. 12 Sept. 16G2. 

. ., ^Nfrs. Mary Baxter ^Irs. ^lary Liltle 
bur. 8 Mar. of London IG.ST. of Aylesburv 
1G82-3. 1687.' 

Sarah Baxter, Wm. Baxter^Jemima Anna Eliz. Baxter, mar. Caijt. AVin. 

bapt. 3.1 ]May of London, 

1655; mar. 1680 Merchant, 

Robert Helme ofSr.Dionyy 

of Nevis. 1685. 

Baxter, Ereeman of St. Ivitts and of 

bur. bapt. Pawley, co. Bucl<?. He died 

10 Dec. 31 Dec. 1 lOct. 1 707. aued 62. M.I. 

1685. 1657. Will (199, Foley). 


Eliz. Baxter, bapt. 29 Jan. 1678-9, only dan. and heiress ; proved 
will of her aunt Mrs. Sarah Helme in 1701. 

"VVm. Baxter, sen., of Loudon, ^NFcrchaut. AVill dated 31 March 1686, 2 Jas. IL 
-| of my estate to my wife Alice, ', to iny dau. Anne B. at 21, '; to my soji Wm. at 
21. If belli die their shares to my wife, my sister Abigail Tuuildinir, my sister 
Dorotiiy Skinner, my sister Martha Proud, my cozen W'ni. Baxter, ^P, and 
cozen Jolui Skinner. My sister Alary Baxter. .My wife sol'j Ex'trix. My 
kinsmen M' Julin Hind, Cap' AVm. Ereeman and AV'" Baxter, overseer.^. Proved 
26 July 1686 by Alice B. the relict. (.92, Lloyd.) 



iHonumtntal ^hi^criptions in Cncjlauti 
rtlattng to ^Mtu Jhitnaus/ 


On a ledger-stone in the floor of the ohl churrli tower (tlic only remaining 
portion of tlie former church) : — 


To the ^lemorv of 

Died Feb'>- 3"' 1S04 
Aged IS Months and 3 davs 



Died Eeb'> IG"' 1S12 

Aged 12 Y'ears 


T. II. BARRTTT F.sq'-.- 

Died Ocf 2S"' 1S17 

Aged 70 Years. 

Mr. Leonard C. Price of Essex Lodge, Ewell, writes that there is a mnch 
worn stone with " Barritt Vault " on it, in the pathway leading up to the tower 
fn^m Church Street. 

179t5, March 24. Thoma.s Ilercey Barrilt, Esq., A\'., and Ann Mellas, Sp''; 
Lie. (St. George's, Hanover Square.) His will was dated 17 March 1S17. He 
came of an old Jamaican family (Archer, 29 and 38). His first wife was Eleanor, 
dan. of Sam. Booth of Verc, and 1 think Geo. Jiooth Barritt of Lewisham in 
18u7 was their son. 


A lofty arched gateway on the west side of the street leads to the mansion. 
]t i.s in the Adams style, a Jari^'c talbot standing on the top and the usual sphinxes 
lowei' down at the sides vf llic anh. There is a rough-luoking shield with many 
coats of paint on 'it, which I'cnder the identification of the arms diificult, but they 
are Barritt and Garbrand quarterly. J-Mmondsou's "' Heraldry "" gives grants 
of lioth, viz. : — 

l^AlvitiTT: Azure, on a clirvron Enii/iic hchrceii three (/rijji n)<' heads erased Or, 
tico serjyciift) in sullirr, (is part nf a eadi(ccus proju-r. Crest: A talbot' s head per 
fess Ari/cJit and J£riiiinr. cullnrrd Or, eared Sable. Granteil to Thomas Hercy 
Barritt of Jamaica Oct. 2S, 17GS. 

(TAKBlt.vNn: Or, n battle-axe in bend sinister, surmounted of a launce in bend 
dexter, and in chief a dart barwise pheoned and Jli^hted, all proper. Granted to 
Jotiliua Garbrand of Jamaica Oct. 2S, 17Gb. 

* Coutiuued from Vol. lY., p. 331. 


On a stone slab over brick grave in the norlli portion of cliurclivard : — 

Here lies tlie ]jO(1v of 


the Paririi of clarj-xdox 

in JAirATCA 

■who departed this life 

April 2.5'h 1791, 

Aged . 1 Years. 

AYm. Eryan was a merchant of Port Royal in 1793, and Richard Bryan 
a M. of Assembly for Liguania in 1GG3. (Feurtado). 

There is a stone in Kingston ohurchvard to Mrs. Snsanna Bryan, died 17 Oct. 
lSO-1, aged 20. (Archer, p. 137.) 


Tn the churchyard, soiith-east of chancel, is a low brick vault surmounted by 
a stoue slab and enclosed bj' ii-on railing, rust^- and broken : — 

In this Vault 

arc Deposited the Remains 


of Juniper Hall in this Parilh 

Wlio Departed this Life 

the 2G'^' January ISM 

Aged 79 Years 


the remains of jinincETTA 

Dauf/liler of the ahore 

end Wife of HEXRY KXIG flT EjY 

who died at Eriglithelmrtonc 

19"' Nov^ 1S15 

Aged {'■) Years. 


the Remains of 

Relict of the above 


Died September V' 1S:3.5 

Aged S7 Years. 

ISl-t, Jan. 26. At Juniper-hall, Mickleham. Snrrev, in his SOtli vear, .Tonalhau 
AVorrcll, es(i. (•' G.M.," ^UO.) 

1S35, Sept. 1. In Albemarle-str., agvd S7, Catherine, widow of Jonatlian 
"Worrell, esq. of Juniper Hall, JMickleham. (Ibid., -i 1^2.) 

In his will, dated 19 Nov. 1811, proved 22 ^farch ISII (191, Rri.lport), he 
]ianies his wife Oath., o sons, Wm. Bryant, Jouathau, Charles, Edward and 
Septimus, and 3 daus., Harriet, Hridgrt and Celia ^Maria. He owned Sedge Pond, 
Neels, The Spring and The Hill in Barbados, and -ILOOO acres in I'rince Edward's 
Island. See aiife, IL, 81, 30S. 



North aii^lc. A Cliippemiale shield-shaped tablet. 

On a small shield above: Arms. — Barrij of six Arfjent and Salle (perhaps 
A:urc) : — 

lu Meaioiy 


EDWARD .lE.srP El',j'\ 

of WrittJe Farh in Efsex 

A ^fan 

of Itrict Honour .t Probitv 

who Died 21 :Maroh 1770 

Aged 7G. 

1770 Mar. 2 . {sic) Edward Jcsup, Esq. (Eurial Eegister.) 
1770, [March 29. Eriday died in thi.s city, Edward Jcsup, Esq. (" Batli 

JCdward Jc.^up of AYrittle Park, co. Essex, Esq. Will dated 20 Feb. 17G9. 
To iiiv v.ife Eleanor a rent diarg'o of £400 st. cliarged on my real estate in iS'evi.'^, 
all my furniture and plaie, etc., in G. E., also my stock and corn on my farm 
togelher willi the lease. To ■ my dau. Isabella J. a rent charge of £10. To 
Mrs. INFargaret Short, now living at Erussclls, and to Mrs. Pei-egrina Short, now 
residing at Louvain in Erabant, each a rent charge of £.5. To Jolm Yaiiicl, now 
of Linccdn, gent., the son of my niece Era. Y., his late motlier, dec*^, at 21 £500. 
To Era. Gostling of jS'orwich, mcrch', the interest of £1.300 for the uiainteiuiuce 
of his 3 chilJrcn by his present wife and the capital to them at 21. To Edward 
Jesup ToLilman, s. of JMnrv Xaylor of Kingston in Jamaica, at 21 £500. To my 
wife £200. To Emma "Walgiavc of Stapleford Tamiy, co. Essex, spr., £100. To 
my servants one year's wages. Eich'' ]>Iaitlaud of L., Merch*, and Geo. Irwin 
and Era. Phillips, both of S' Chr., E>(|"% my wife and her brother John Ede, 
Esq., to be Ex'ors and £o0 cae'.i. All residue in Xevis or elsewhere I give 
to the said John Ede. Proved 9 April 1770 by John Ede, Esq., power reserved 
to tlic others. (1-1-9, Jenner.) 

The above will was recorded in Nevis in Book of "Wills, p. 292. 

Job Ede, apparently son of John Ede, seems to have inherited the estate in 
Nevis. (See (ivtc. JIL, ,'525.) 

17->2, Marcii 25. Edw' Jesup, late of Nevis, now at Ij., esq., and Eleanor his- 
wife and W'm. Woiidley, late of l>ittlo Parnuon, co. Essex, but now of l-JoufTham, 
ro. Suff., os((. E. J. mortgages his ]d" in S"^ Tho. called Dcwits of 300 a. for 
£17 H». (Nevis Deeds, iv., y. 49S ) 

1759, .lune 19. Edw'"' J., late of Nevis, now of AVrittle Park, co. Essex. In 
a later deed he was described as of co. Norfolk. {Hid., Iv., p. S9.) 

{To be contiiived. 

■ ( 47 ) 


1 ain engaged in tlie work of tracing the family of Fenwick, both in Xortlunn- 
Lerlani], Englanil, tlio county of their origin, and the original thirteen states of 
the United .States, In some instances the Eenwicks came direct to the Coast line 
of Xoi'th America, hut apparently in other cases, as in the case of niv great- 
gnuidl'atlier, Jolm Fenwick of Sontli Carolina, tliey came from the IsL'inds, 
])arlicularly li'arliados, and imquestionably Jamaica, possibly Antigua. 1 am 
to-day tracing, through ]Mr. Lopez of Spanish Town, the record of the Fenwicks 
in Januxica, commencing with Henry Fenwick, who was a member of the Assemblv 
for St.. Catherine in 1G78. 

I have a large amount of information regarding the Fenwick.s of Ehode Island, 
Connecticut, Xew Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and South Carolina, they 
apparently being all members of the family, who came direct, with the exce[)tiou 
of tliose in South Carolina, who were re])resented by two distinct family lieads, 
Jol)n Fenwick of Charleston and London, formerly of Barbados, and Eobert 
Fenwick, who caine from the' West Indies to Cliarleston in about 1090, on the 
ship "Loyal Jamaica," a so-called privateer. AVith this Eobert Fenwick, the first 
arrival (whose relationship to John Fenwick is not established), came some of the 
leading family progenitors of Charleston and vicinity. 

Any infoi-matiou would be greatly appreciated. 

William B. Goobwix, 
3U9 Hartman Building, (State Agent, ^F^tna Insurance Co.) 

Columbus, Ohio. 


Lieut. Cleorgo Gardyner of Nevis was sent in IG-jG by Governor L. Stokes to 
Jamaica, (riuirloe's "State Papers," v., -is.) 

Anne, who mar. 1733 Eichard Gardiner, was probably a dan. of Eoger 

Ind"re of 5 }iarts made 2 and 3 March 1 7G0 between David (iardner eldest son 
and heir of Eichard Gardner the Elder Exj., who was eldest son and iicir of 
Samuel Gardner Esq. his late grandfather deceased, who was eldest son and lieir 
of ^iauuiel Gardner the Elder of Nevis Esq. his great-grandrailier ; Eichard 
Gardner the Younger Es(j. the other son of Eichard (Jardiier the Elder and 
brother of the said David G. ; and Ann G., widow of the said Eichard G. the 
Folder and Mother of David and l^ichard. ISale for .ClOOO to Tho. Cottle of 
JioiiiuIliiU ])lantation of 40 acres. (Nevis Deeds, K. 217— L'L'7.) 

Ind're made 3 Mav 17G9 between Anne G. of Nevis widow and relict of 
Eichard G. late of the said island Esq. and David G. of ditto Esq. eldest aon and 
heir of Eichard G. of the one part; Alex'' Hotistoun, John Clerk, AVm. (,''richtou 
and y^m. Macdowall of London merchants of the other. IMie Gardners in 
consideration of 5s. sell to the latter a plantation called liiui-Iiiis Lend in the 
parish of St. James containing 5S acres and -13 negroes. Signed by Anne G. and 
David G. Armorial seal. Aitits. — Vert, a lion rampant tn'twcen three crosses- 
crosshf Jitchij. Ckest. — A siiiisfrr arm coupccl, emhoivnl, in the hand o sword. 

1772, Dec. 22. Petition of MarLraret G., aged 1!)\, for hor brothers-in-law 
David G. and Win. Sanders, Esquires, w!io marritnl her two sisters, to be lier 
Guardians. Granted. (Nevis Book of Wills, p. 310.) 

1775, Jan. 1-i. Petition of David G. of Nevis, E.^q., that Ann his wife is dead 
and a legacv is due under the will of his fatlier James G., ilecca-:;ed. Granteil. 
{Ibid., p.' 309.) 



David G. of Xevis. l><j. Will dated 5 .Tune ]779. !^^y neplicws and iiioco 
Edward, Thomas and i^icliard, and Ami, sous and dau. of i)i\- brollier J\ogc-r Ci., 
gent. Sworn i) Xu^. 17S."). Inventory C'Jo"). (Ibid., GG7.) 

James Smith, [■l<q. Will proved 1771). The lands called Greenland or the 
^lidillc Work plantation, whirh 1 lately pureha-sed of David (x., E.sij. {Ji'2'S, 

The Gardners appear to have mortija'^ed or sold all their lands and perha|is 
reinoved elsewhere. Jio„'er is referred to in 17!>!) in the parish register of 
St. Peter, Basseterre. St. Kitts. 


I visited the chnrchyard of Trinity (Episcopal) Church on Broadway, opposite 
Wall Street in this City, last Saturday, Augu^t 2(5, lOlG, and copied the following 
inscription on a brown tonibstonCj in the sonth side of the churchyard, a few feet 
from ilroatlway : — 

Here Ijes the body of lohn Norton 
Merchant from Tortolah One 
of the Virgin Islands who 
Dej)arted this life the 7''' 
Day of February 171^ (sic) 
Aged 20 years. 

Treasury Department, 

U.S. Customs Service, New York. 

AVm. M. Sweexy. 

A Colonel James Norton vras Deputy-Governor of St. Kitts 1697 until his 
dismissal in 1700, when he settled down as a planter. I cannot say if he was 
connected with the above. (Editor.) 


1 was looking ovei- some papers of the Iliuhland Society, and found the 
following among the signatories to the "' Act for the Incorporation of the Highland 
Society of London 21 May iSlG." 

William ]\[uiray, Es(]uire, Earbadoes. 

Gilbert Sal+otrii, Esquire. Bermuda. 

Alexander .\racrao, Esquire, of Demerara. 

Cliarles Grant of tlie Island of .lamaiea, I']s(jnire. 

Peter Grant of the Island of Jamaica, Inquire. 

William Iloseason of the Island of Jamaica, Esquire. 

John Macintyre of Jamaica, I']s(|uire. 

Hector INLickay of Jamaica, Esijuire. 

Alexander .Macrae, lvs(]uire, of Clarendon, Jamaica. 

27 Gilbert Street, Y\^ 

]\lAliEL NkMUHAI!!). 








- >*s.«^SI^Si^4 

( 1» ) 

Governor W'" !>r;itt!ie\v, in lii.s will dated 17.".2, refers to an Indenture of 
22 and 23 Jan. 1711) between te:<tator of the 1=' ]iart, his son W" jNIatthew of the 
2^ part, and Joliu Willett and John Grcatliccd of the 3'^. ('-Antigua," 
ii., ^54.) 

Eich>' AVilson of St. Chr., Es(j. AVill dated 2:5 July 1755. To my dau. Ann 
Grealheed £100 c. a year ; my two grandsons Kioh'' Greatheed and John Douglas 
Greatlieed and four gianddaus. ]']li/.., Ann, Marv Jk'rtie and Jane Grcathecd 
£-:]00 eacli at 21. Sworn 11 July 17G0. (109, Lyneh.) 

Sam. Greatlieed of S^ Geo., Hanover S(]., E.-q. "Will dated 21 April 17'j6. To 
my wife Lady Mary gold and silver plate and furn. iii Eug., coach and horses. 
AVhcrea.s by our IShxv. sett. I have charged my jjlantation in S' Chr. with the 
payment of an aniiuily of £000 and £10,000, part of her mar. portion is assigned 
after my death for lier use and £.5000 ]iart of thai \\c liave agreed to be laid out 
in the purchase of the Mansion house wherein wo reside called Guys Cliff near 
"Warwick, and the reinain<ler in the purchase of other lands, I give mv s*^ 
plant" to my friends Tho. Truuian and Jas. Geo. Douglas of L., M"% on Trust to 
pay iny wife the further annuity of £1.50, and to pay my brother Marmaduke G. 
£100 c. yearly and the like to my bi'other ]\ichard G., they to release all claims, 
and to levy £.5000 for any younger cli". To iny brother Craister G. £100. My 
sister Mnvy G. £100. All res. to any eldest s. or dau. If no ch" to my 
right heirs. All slaves to belong to plantations and not to pers. est. My bro. 
Craister to manage pi. and be p'' £200 a yr. My wife and s*^ Trustees to be 
Ex'ors for pers. est. in England and bro. Craister for S' Chr. 

Codicil dated 12 June 17G2. Whereas my bro. Mann, is dead leaving issue 
one son R'^ Wilson G. and several daus., the annu'>' to s'' nejiliew. Proved 
3 [March 17GG by Ladv Mary G. ; power reserved to J. G. D., T. T. rcn. 
(101,Tyndall.) ' 

lit. Hon. Lady Marv Greatlieed, widow and relict of Samuel Greatlieed, late 
of Guy's Cliff, CO. Warwick, Esq. AVill dated 19 Aug. 17G7. My only 
surviving child Bertie Greatheed. Craister G. of St. Chr., Esq., brother of my 
late husband. Eich'' G., son of ZkLuinaduke G., Es(|., brother of my late husband. 
My sister the IV Hon. Lady Jane Mathew tiie intere.-t of £a000 and after her 
death to her children. Witness. jMary Greatlieed. 

Adm'on lo Ajiril 1782 to l]ertic Greatheed the son, now 21. On 19 Dec. 
1771 appeared E' Hon. Lonl Jjrownlow, the uncle and guardian of Bertie 
Greatheed, a minor. Testatrix was late of St. George's, Bloomsbury. (137, 

John White, late of St. Chr., now of Chichester, Esq. Will dated 2 March 
177.5. My cousin Craister Greatheed of St. Chr., Esq., £1000. (104, Bellas.) 

Mary Greatheed, late of Guyscliff, but now of the borough of A\''arwick, 
spinster. Will dated 2S April 17S4. To be buried in the vault of my late 
brother Sam. G., Esq., deceascil, in the jiarisli chun-h of S' Mary, A\'arwick. To 
my nephew 1)^ liieh'' G. £300. To each of my 3 nieces Eliz. G., Ami the wife of 
Bertie G., Esq., and Mary Bertie G., the daus. uf my late brotiier Marmaduke G., 
Esq., dec'', £r)00. ]My plate anil furniture to my said niece Eliz. G. All re.-idue 
of estate to my nephew Bertie G. I\ly nephews J)'' li'' G. and Hertie G. and 
W" Manning of L., Mcrcli', and mv niece Eliz. G., E.v'ors. Proved 29 3Iay 1790 
by D' ]{'' G. and B. G. (241, Bishop.) 

vor.. V, E 




A >:altij'r Icl irrcn four fliurs-dc-lh. 

John Greailiced of St. Mary C.iyoii, St. Kitts!, party-T=Fi'aiic'CS 
to a deed of 17ir>; aiipoiiitcd Chief Justice in 1721', 
and removed by Gov. [Malliew in 1727. 



^Samuel Greallieed, = 
^\\^v- M.l\ for Coven- 
try 17-17— Gl ; pur- 
cliased Guv's Cliff, co. 


2 ^^x^. 



17()-3 ; bur. in 
Clary's, ^Varwi^■k. 
A^ilf dated 21 April 
17oG ; codicil 12 June 
1702 ; proved 8 [March 
17UG (101, Tyndall). 

-Lady ,Mai-y ISertio, 
1st dau. of I'ere- 
ii;rinc, ;3rd Duke of 
A ncaster ; mar. 21 
Teb. 1717 at St. 
Gcoi-i;e, Ilaiiover 
S(]uare ; died 'I'-l 
April 177-1. AVill 
dated 19 Any;. 
17G7 ; proveil H) 
Dec. 177-1 (1:37, 

Ivicliard Great -= 


heed, bovn 

dau. of CmI. 

172.5 ; inatric 


fi'um Univcr- 


sitv C(dl, O.v- 

of Aiili<;ua 

ford, l;5 Mav 

and St. 

1712. a-ed 17 ; 

Kitts ;■ died 

died 28 Dec. 




heed, ad- 
mitted to 
Eton 22 
1701, left 

Bertie Great-- 
heed, born 
17G0 ; only 
child 170? ; 
died IG Jan. 
1S20 at Guv's 
Cliff, aged 00. 


IJiehard AVilson 
Great heed, born 
l-l and bapt. 2S 
March 17-1S-9 ; 
onlv surviving 
son 17G2; 31.]). 
before 17S !• ; 
livinif 1702. 



Mary Bertie. 


Bertie Grealhced, iuu., at Eton 1701- 
Italy, 8 Oct. ISOl.'agcd 2\i. 

died at Yiccn/r 

:...., mar. ni 

Anne Caroline Greathecd,^ 
.burn ]St».5, only child and 
heir; mar. 20 March 1^22 ; 
died S June lSb2, atjed 77. 

-Eurd Chas. Percv', Sth son of Algernon, Earl of 
Beverley ; born 4 March 17i)l; had a grant of arms 
in 1S20 on assuming the name.s of Greathecd and 
Bertie ; died 11 Oct. 1870. 


^^Mary Greatheed of Croydon, co. Surrey, widow. AVill dated 2 Jan. 1702. 
Whereas I am seized of a ])lantation called Arnos Yale in the ]'arish of St. (icorgc, 
1. of S' A incent, and the negroes and stock subject to the undivided moiety 
tlu-reof, heretofore the estate of my late husband Craister G., Esq., deceased, 
charged with a certain rent c'large which, by the li.d're of release made on the 
inarriane ot my sun Samuel G. with 3Iary his wife, late 3Iary AVilson, spr., were 
secured to her by way of jointure, 1 give tl e iu(dely to my said son. The other 
moiety which fc-iniei-ly belonu'ed to W'm. CrouKc, ]i.-i|.. deccast d. to the tise of mv 
said son Jul- his life, and after the determination oi the saitl estate to liichanl 
^\ ilson, J'^i., of Haker sir., and Bich'' AVilson Greatheed. Esq., nephew of my 
late in T. for him, and after his death for any of his children lie shaJl 
direct, and in default to his elde^t .son in tail iiuile, llien to datis., then to mv 



nepliew Milward Crooke, Esi]., of S' Chr. All rc.~iduo to my h. Sam. and solo 
Ex'or. In the presonce of ¥vi\n^ Fislior, l.s'' Aiiber, J'', Eli/. Groatliecd of 
Croydon, Proved 2D Jan. 1793 by .Sam. G., Esq., the .son. (21, EodweJl.j 

v\' Si. 

(ieorgr IJas- 
Sftt'i're, died 
17.",(J— GL'. 

= .\nno 
\\ ilsoii, 
dan. of 
of St. 
jiamed iu 
his will 

Ci'aistor Grcathccd. 
Chief Jud^^o of St. 
Kitfs \7C,i) ; Pre.'.i- 
dent 1775 nntil his 
death 2G Fvh. 17SU ; 
bur. 27 Feb. at 
St. Georp;e ; owned 
Avnos Yale, St. 

Olary Crooke, dau. 
of Sam. Crooke ; 
bapr. :U Dec. 172G,- 
i<ok' heir to her son 
John ; died Oct. 
17n2,a-edGG. 3LI. 
Will dated 2 Jan. 
17i)2, then of Croy- 
don, CO. Surrev; 
proved 29 Jan. 1793 
(24, Eodwell). 

Mary C4reat- 
heed, late of 
Guv's Cliff, 
then of War- 
wick. Will 
dated 2S 
April 1784; 
proved 29 
31a V 1790 

Jolin Great- 
heed, at Eton 
1764-67, and 
as son and heir 
admitted to 
Inner Temple 
20 Jan. 17GS; 
owner of Arnos 
A^ale, St. Vin- 
cent. Will 
dated IS Sept. 
17St); codicil 
25 May 1790. 

Mary—Samuel G reatheed,= 
Wilson, ! born 2 July 1752 
died , and bapt. 3 3Iay 
179G. I 1753 at St. George 
Basseterre ; ])nr- 
chased Landford 
Lodge, Salisbury; 
died there 10 July 
lS29,aged77; owned 
Arnos Vale. St. A'in- 
cent. Will dated 26 
May IS 23. 


W'm. Great- 


heed, raatric. 


from Christ 

2 Au.g. 

Church. Ox- 

1797 ; 

ford, 17 Jan. 


1 774, aged 


IS; ? died 25 

June 17S1. 

born 21 
bapt. 25 
at St. 

Samuel Grcatheed of Landford=f=. 
Lodge and .^rlu^s Vale, St. Vin- 
cent, vet. 21 in 1830 ; died at 
Southampton 4 iVpril 1847. 


Sojdiia Groat- 

Marv Great 


liecd, mar. 

lieed, mar. 


}ivx. Rich. 




AVin. Sam. Grcatheed of Landford^ .\melia Frances, ^latilda Margt. Great- 
Lodge, at Eton 1811 ; late of 41st dau. of Hugh Iieed, 1st dau., jioru 
Ecgt. and Capt. Hants ^lilitia ; .las. BaiUic ; 1^27 ; died 1 Fob. 1909, 
living at Arnos Vale ls50 — 53. i born circa 1S20. aged 82. 

Hugh Bertie Grcatheed. 

Jas. Percy Grcatheed, 

Frances Crooke of King Str.. Portman Sq. AVill dated 1797. 
Sam. Grcatheed £500, liis ample fortune. (.7G5, Walpolc.) 





Erownlow, Dulic of Aiioa^ter. AVill dated (5 Jan. ISOS. "My neidicws Eei-tie 
Groathccd and i!in\vnlo\v ^latiluw. Es(["-°, etc., ost. oji Trust for my graiidion 
Colvcar, and in ca^t; of \m death to tlieiu. (100, Loveday.) 


This mansion was formerly denominated Breaeh House, and belonged, with 
the estate attaehed to it, to Dodinixton Ejjerton, Esq. In 177tj Sir AVilliani 
Ileatlicotc of Ilur^^ley in iranipsliire, B'art., jjinvliascd the property; and, having 
taken down tlie greater part of tlie former residence, rebuilt nearly the whole of 
the present mansion in a style of j.rehiteeture somewhat corresponding with 
Hur.sley Lodge. He, liowever, sold it in I7y7 to ... . .Spooner. Esq., and in 1792 
Mr. Spooner again disposed of it with the adjacent lands to Samuel Gicatheed, 
Esq., who made it his permanent residence. 

On liis death the estate descended to his eldest son and heir of the same 
name, who also resides here,^ and has made considerable improvements in the 
premises. (Hoare's " Wilts," v., S7.) 

On a mural tablet in the north chapel of tlie Clun-ch : — 

" ^"ear this place are deno^ited the remains of ]\I^^ IMAEY GL'E.VTHEED, 
widow of CKAISTEII GEEATIIEED, Esq. who died Gth Oct. 1792, aged 
66 years." 

In the cliurchyard : — 

"Here are deposited the remains of SA^tll'EL GEEATHEED, Esquire, of 
Landford Lodge, wlio died July 10, 1^27,* aged 77 years."' 

March 27—30, 1&5S. lie Grcathced. 

A petition for the sale of the Arnos A'ale Estate in St. Vincent. The 
estate is charged as to one moiety -with a jointure to Airs. Sophia Gr., tlie widow 
of the late Sam. G., l-si]. (who d. in ls27), and the entirety is charged by 
his will with a sum of £21.000 for his tiiree younger children John G., Esq., 
Soplua the wife of the Eev. Eiehard Burgess, and Alary the wife of Barnard 
Trollope. Esq,, in equal shares. Ecference to Chancery suits of G. c. G-. and 
G. i'. Elliott. £2000 arrears of jointure arc due to tiic widow and £:^,276 
principal due to each of the younger children witli interest. The estate has been 
unproductive since 18-")1, when flie jointress distrained on tlie crops and stock. 
Conditional order for sale made absolute. 

Nov. 1, IS-jS. The tirst sale by auction of this Court took jdace on 1 Nov., 
and was of the above estate of l.")! acres, and it was knocked down lo the 
Ecv. F. 11. Braillnvailo for £10,0o0. 

♦ The year 1.S27 h an error for 1829. 


^^ay 12, ISoO, The following:: c'laims on the proceeils of sale wcro sotliod, 
viz.: ifr. Tho. Cliapmaii, coiisinjntc from 1 ^■jO — -j-j, £73i- — allo',vei.l : ]\ 
Davis and B()d(!iim:t()n abont :£3.28tJ, halancc of account current — allowcil. Jii 
April lSi;j .Sam. (x., owing ihe )iriu .C."),2Ul. evecutcJ a mortt,'a^e. 'Sir. Wni. 
Saui. G. oil coming of age inherited an insolvent estate, .^old his commission in the 
army, and from 18-50 — .33 acted as manager and receiver ami conducted the 
estate successfully until Mrs. Sophia G. distrained in 1S.55 on the mules, etc., and 
threw the estate out of cultivation. 

:^ray 27, IS.jO. John GJ-., by his will dated IS .Sept. 17SG, de\ ised a moiety of 
the estate in question to his mother 3Iary (x. in tail and devised all the residue to 
lier. and by a codicil dated 2o M:iy 1700 gave a rent charge of £40 c. to 
Anne -McDowal, which has been paid lier for GO years. Claim with G years' 
arrears allowed. 

June 24, lSo9. The claims of 3Ir. Wm. Sam. G., the owner, and Mr. John G. 
disallowed. (Cust's " W. I. Estates and ]<eports," pp. 207—245.) 

In the Privy Council on appeal. Feb. 7— ^lareh 29, ISGO. As to tlie 
manager's claim. In 1S23 Sam. CI. was tenant in fee simple of a moiety of the 
estate subject to a charge of £G00 a year jointure to his wife .Sophia. He was 
tenant-iu-tail of the other moiety. He had two sons Sam. and John aiid two 
daus. Mary and Sophia, nnd_ on 20 May 1S23 made his -w ill and charged his 
estate with £24,000 for his younger chiidren, and devised the whole estate to his 
eldest son and appointed his two sons Sam. and John Ex'ors. Testator died 
10 July 1.S29 leaving his wife and fmir children surviving. On the death of his 
father, Sa.muei the eldest son became teiiant-in-tail, and in 1S30. having attained 
21, barred the entail. In Hilaiy term ls33 a suit was instituted in the Court of 
Chancery, Eng., by John G. v. his brother Sam., and on 14 Dec. 1S.33 a decree 
was made. £l0,(i00, part of the £24,000. was then paid, and tho balance due 
eventually reduced to £9,500. On 22 .lune 1843 San;. G. mortgaged the 
plantation to Messrs. Davis and Boddingtou to secure £5,261. Sam. G. died 
4 April 1S47 intestate as to his real estate in the W.I., which descended to 
W. .S. G. his eldest son. £1,800 claim by the Ex'or of Grant the manager 
allowe.l. {I/j/d.. pp. 24G— 2G1.) 

In 1S05 on Arno's Vale, St. George's I'nrish. there were 337 negroes, and the 
crop made G15 hhds. of sugar, 184 pun. of rum and 92 of molasses. For the 
14 years ISOO — 14 the average crop was 45G hhds. of sugar. 

17G3, Dec. 23. Eich. Greathead, Esq. and his huh, of the island of St. Kits. 
C'G.M.," 019.) . 

17G5, Aug. 2. Sam. Greathead, Es(] ; at Guy's-Cliff, in AVarwiekshire ; he 
was member in the two last [),'irliamcnts for Coventry. {IliiJ., 395.) 

17()G, ]\ray 29. London. Cra-tcr Greathecd. .) udge of the Vice-Admiralty 
Court of the Island of St. Christopher's, is appointed Chief Justice of the said 
Island. (•■ D.ith Chronicle.") 

17GG. AVarwick. Peregrine Greatheed nephew of the Duke of Ancastcr. 
(" London INlag.," 53.) 

17GS. Feb. 1. James Greathead, Esq; in Charles-street, Eerklev-square. 

1774, April 23. In Charlotte-street, liloor.isbury, the K' lion. Lady :Mary 
Greathead. sister to his Grace the Duke of Ancnster. {lliiJ., 239.) 

1780, April. The Hon. Craister Greatheed, president of his m.ajesty's council, 
and com[)troller of the customs, in Antitrua. (••Town and Country Mao;.," 22.3.) 

1790, May 10. At AVarwick, Airs. Alary Greatheed. (•' G.Al.V 47s.) 

1792. As to a work by Ijcrtic Greatheil. (^Lhid., G91.) 

oi CAllIBl}i;ANA. 

179G, Lately. At Lanrif(,rd-lo(l<^t'. near yalis1)urv, Mrs. Greatheed, wife of 
Saiiual G. c.-'j. (Ibid., :].'(;) 

1707, Aug. 2. Sauiuc-l Grcallu-ad. e.<q. of Langford-lod<rc, Wilts, to Miss 
yopliia AVhitc, cf Geor;^c-.'<1reet, Mauclifstcr-squarc. (Ibid.. 710.) 

ISOJ, Oct. 8. At Yicfiiza in Italy, a. 23 . . Bertie only i<. of Sam. G. \c. 
(Long obituary notice. 1073 and 12;!().) 

1S19. I3y the death of the Hon. B. C. C'olyear, son of Visc<nint ]\Iilsinto\vn 
& grandson of Bro\\nlo\v late Duke of Ancaster" . . . £300,000 now goes equally 
to 8auiue] Greathead esq. of Guy's-court tt General ^[ontagu Mathew. 
(Ibid., 2^0.) 

1822, :>Lireh 20. Hon. C'liarle.-< Percy, son of the Earl of Beverley, to Mis.s 
Greathed, the rich heiress. (Ibid.. 3(59. j 

1.S2G, Jan. IG. Long obituarv n(;tice of Bertie G., aged GG. (Ihid., 367.) 

1820, July 10. At Landlord Lcd-e AViirs. a. 77, Sam. Greatheed. (Ibid .p'-i.) 

18-17, Lately. May. At Southampton, Sam. (Jreathead. of Landford Lodge, 
Wdts. {Ibid., 503.) * 

1909, Feb. 2. On the 1st insi., at 24, PeiiiI)ridi;e-road, after an operation, 
aged S2, ^Latilda Margaret, dan<:;hter of the late Samuel Greatheed, Esqre., 
of Landford Lodge, in the county of Wilts, and of Arnos Vale, St. A'incent. 

1724. Hon. John Grcarliead, Esq., party to a deed. (Vol. A. Xo. 1, 
Series Xo. 2i';.) 

1727. Petition of Jolm- Greatheed of St. Chr., Esu,., that Gov. Wiu. Mathcw 
had removed hiui from his uflice of Chief Justice to which he was ajjpoiuTed bv 
Letters Patent in 1722. (CO., 1-52.) 

1753. Sam.- Greatheed, esq. one plantation in S' Peter Basseterre. (Baker's 

1771, ^larch 23. Attaclied to an affidavit .-worn bcd'ore Craister (Ireatheed. 
Chief Justice of St. Jvitt's, is a seal with .Arms: A snilire betitceii four flcurs-df- 
lis. Crest: AJ!cit)--Jc-lis. (iJ.T. Leeward 1., v(d. 34.) In 177G, as Pret-idenr. 
he was acting as Governor. (Ibid., v;!. 3G.) See 13urke"s "Armory" for the 
coat granted in ls2G. 

Abbott Hamilton Greatheed : admitted (nft^-r one term at Tiinitv) pensiouei' 
under Mr. Ash 13 Jan. 1834. 

B.A. _(2Gth jun. opt.) 1837, M.A. 1841. Admitted scholar (Somerset) 30 Oct. 
1S34. Youngest son of tlie Jiev. Sam. G-. of Bishops Hull, near Taunton. 
Hied ill Piccadillv 2G April 1S42, aged 27. (Kegister cf Christ's Coll., 
CamI).. ii., 410.) 

The above iii:iy liave been of the St. Kitts family. The Mills's of that island 
resided many years at JJi.'^^lioiis Hull. 

17.s() I'eb. 27 Crai.>ter (ireathoeil Commander in Chief it President. 


1717-S >rar. 9 Frances D. .d" .Maniuidnke .t Ann (ireatheed, b. 20'- Feb-'' 

17 JS Sept. 2.J .A[ary, I), of Crai>ter ^t :\Liry (rreatheed. b. 21" :\ray 1 74S. 

(.There are several more.) 


i74b-!) >i:ir. 26 Hieliarcl Wi!.>ou S. uf .Miu'tnaaukc .t Anne Grcatlicod, b. 14"' 

Murcli 171S-i). 
17r)2 Mar. 7 John Doui^las 8. ,oi: .Marniaduke it Anno Grcatliced, b. 27''' 

Pob'J 17.32. 
1753 May 3 Samuel, S. of Craister & Maty Greatheed, b. 2'' July I7'y2. 



1721-2 Mar. 10 Ricdiard Sou of Jolni and I'ranses Greatliead. 
1722-3 Pcb. i Eichard Son of John aud Frausts Groailiead. 
1723-1 Mar. IS Eichard Son of John aud Franses Greatliead. 

17G3 Oct. 12 Eichard Greathcad it Pri.-eilla (•? a child of). 


1717 I'Vb. 21 Samuel Groatlieed, Esq"", & the E' Hon. the Lady Mary Bertie, 
Spiuster. Special Lie. 

ilaUics of §amatca. 

Sir Nieluilas Lawes. ^Vill dated 1 Aul,^ 17;!!). Late of Islewortli. now of 
Jamaica; Horu iu IG-j* of honest and loyal [):ire!its, wlio .•oitlen-d t'nr ilieir 
loyalty to the Eoyal Eamily iu the late (Jraiid iiebelliou. Conlirni indeutui-e of 
1 Oct. 1720 between myself aud .Janu\s l,a\\e.<, Em|.. my (■l(le>t sou and heir. m;ule 
on ills UKUTiaLie with Eliz. Gibbons, .spiuv-ter, only dan. aud heiress of W'ni. (i., late 
of Yere, deceased. My [)lautatiou calKd ^^mnv Hill in S' Andrews and I'eun, 
Mount James plantation, a moiety of Swallowlleld aiul Eeun, aud a moiotv of 
Temple Hall aud tract on New Eiver to my said son. Tlie other moieties and 50 
acres Savannah in Lignanea aud 2 lots in Oranije Street. Kingston, to my sou 
Temple Lawes, aud to both my sons (.(luady my moiety of Tuwuwell Plantation, 
formerly purchased from the lieii's of Danied I'lielio (?). ,£.')0 per annum in the 
South Sea annuities to my dau. .iuditli ^laria Lawi-s, and the said stock to 
be made up to £2000 according to the settienuni 1 m idi' with iur m.^thcr i>efore 
mariiage. ^ly gr;iutldaii. Eli/,. ILimmertou 1'20 ]ier annum. 31y sistcr-iu-law 
Lady Ann Clieshiret and Nir .lohn (Mushire L'n). .My dau. -in-law (trace 
Eecston, widow, cClO Jier annum. .My cousin Mary .Iiunings i;20 per annum. 
My kinsman Henry Arclibould, Esq., .i;25. (.Vdd. MS. 27,!)G:s, fos. G and 179.) 

* Wot here 

t A short [leJi^rec is ijiven of Sir Tho. Ij;i\vlcy, f;ithoi' of KHz. Coltou and (if Luly Ami 


Caribbean A. 

James Lnwes in his will says : — 'Sly (.■onsin -Sir TIio. Litllcton of llacley, co. 
Wore, JJart. Kinswoman M'=> Clii'isiiaii Vht. oido.-t dan. of tlic said bir Tho. 
Littleton, Bart., and wile of Tho. Pitt, E<(]., of hisvaUowfieid, co. Berks. Hichard 
Littleton, 3'' son of Sir Tho. L., residnary devisee. Legacy to niece Susannah 
Bernard, sister of \Vm. ITenrv J5. ^Irs. Susannah Dicivcns £100 c. Lucretia 
wife of D"' Mathew Gregory £oO. ^lary dau. of the said .^lalhew and Lneretia 
Gregory. {Ibid., fo. G.) 

(Add. MS. 27,908, fos. 7, 84, 132, 181.) 
Nicholas La'wes=pAmy, bm'.=i=Col. Gregory Tom, arrived in~Capt. Henry Arch- 

of CO. AVilts, 

1G89 at. St. 

J. 1G63 with his wife Amy; 
died 1GU5. 


bould, mar. 1GG8 at 
St. Andrew. 


1. Eliz. Potter,=j=Sir Nicholas Lawes. Kt., born~2. Frances, dan. of ==3. F.lizth. 
mar. at St. i 1652 ; went to J. 1G()3, thi-n aged Panl (.Jodwyn Car- (Sec 
Andrew's 20 | 11 ; returned to England 1703 ; ter, s. of Era., Bp. opposite 
MavlGSO;bur. ! resided at Tslewortii 14 vears ; of Hereford ; mar. page.) 
10 Feb. 1GS4-.3 j knighted 1717 and Gov. till 1722; 
at Half AVay i arrived at J. 2(5 Aprill7l>! ; died 
Tree. in J. 17 June 1731, aged 79, after 

living there 54 years. Will datcnl 

1 Aug. 1730, late of Islewovth ; 

proved in J. s.p. 

ter, s. of Era., Bp. 
of Hereford ; mar. 
23\fav 1GS4; bur. 
7 March 1G92-3. 
^LI. at St. An- 
drew's (Archer, 

Amy Lawes, bapt. 18 Nov. IGSl ; mar. 20 Jnlv 
1G99 Chas. Long. She died Nov. 1702. 

Trances Lawes, bapt. 22 Nov. 
and bur. 8 Dec. 1G84. 

Tho. Bernard of St. Cath.. J., Esq. Will dated 11 June 1728. 
Lawes £.30. S^Nich. L. £20. J'>rothcr Temple L. £20. 

Brother Jas. 

Nicholns Lawes of Comptou Chamberlen (co. AVilis). AVill dated G .Tune 
1G4G. \cvy impotent by reason of owld age. To be bur. at C. C. near my dec'" 
wife. 1 dispose of mv osl. as bv art. of ai::reemet\t between nnself and my 
grandcliild Jolm Bnshell. gent., made the S [May 1G44. Edward Pile my great- 
grandson 40.«. Poor 20.-;. Chnrch 20.s' All residue to niv s'' grandson J. B. and 
Kx'or. Proved 30 Dec. 1 047 by .]. B. (23 1-, Fines.) 

1G55-G, March. John T/vwes. On the 21st ailm'on to Ehz. L., relict of 
J. L. of Broadchalke, co. Wilts, (fo. 59.) 




ST. AX1)REA\'. 

Taken 23 July 1787 by John Roberts (Add. .M8. 27,9GS, fo. TiO). 


IGSl Nov. 10 Aiiicv ills. Avmo Daur. of &■ YA'v/J^' Law. 

IC.Sl Nov. 1'2 (Um'ik) Daur. of Nicdiolas & Eliz"' Law. 

1G97 June 11 JaTiifs S. of Colonel Nic' Law.s. 

1699 Dec. 26 Tein])le S. of Nu-' & (blank) Laws. 

1738 Sept. 18 Eliz"' Butler, Daur. of Temple & Mary Laws. 


Nic' Laws & Eliz"' Potter.* 
Nic' Laws & Frances Carter. 
Nic' Laws & Eliz''' Barry. 


May 20 


May 23 


July 2 

Sir Nicholas- 
Lawes, Kt. 

3. Eliztli., only dau.^pL Susanna Temple. 5tli" 
of Sir Tho. Mody- dau. of Tho. T. of Franck- 
' ton, CO. Warw., and widow 
of Sam. Barnard, son of 
: Dr. Sam. B.,S.T.P., Rector 
of Crovdou ; mar. 11. Juno 
' 169G ; 'died 20 April 1707, 
i aged 46. JM.I. Lsk-worth. 
I Her arms ou the chande- 
I Her in St. Andrew's 
; Church, Jamaica. 

ford, Bart., and 
widow of Col. Sam. 
Barry ; born IGGO ; 
mar. 2 July 1G93 ; 
died 11 Nov. 169 1 
in J. 

-5. Eliz., dau. of 
Sir Tho. Lawlov, 
3rd Bart., of 
Spoonbill, CO. 
Salop, and rel. 
of The. Cotton 
of CO. Warw. ; 
died 26 Oct. 
172-5, aged 3-j. 
M.T. in Bath 

James Lawes, born==Eliz., onlvdau.and 
in J. 26 Feb. and h. of A\'m. Gib- 


bapt. 11 June 1697; 
M. of A. 1721-2; 
M. of C. 172.3; 
Lieut. -Gov. ; bur. 
29 Dec. 1733. M.I. 
at St. Andrew's 
(Archer, 240). 

bons of A'erc; niiir. 
20 Oct. 1720. She 
remar. 3 742 Win., 
8lh Earl of Home. 
Granddau. of John 
Fa veil of A'erc 
1720. Bookplate. 

bapt. 26 
died at 
Bath. Tunc 
17.5 J-. 

dau. of 




6 .Ian. 


Judith IMaria, 
only child, 
mar. 1737 
Simon Lut- 
trell. Lord 
Irnham, and 
later Earl of 

Eliz., born 6 months after her father left J. ; bapt. Is Sept. 
1738 ; mar. a son of Alarh Hall Butler of J. 

1684 Dec. 8 
16S4-5 Feb. 10 
1692.3 jMar. 7 
1733 Dec. 29 


Francis Law, Juu''. 
Eliz"' Law. 
Francis Law. 
James Laws. 

* As Eliz. Coalc mar. 18 Juii. 1(575-0 John Poller, who w;is bur. 7 Nov. lG7i). 



ST. CATHEKINE'S. {Ibid., fo. 29.) 

1()9G June 11 Coll. Xicliolas Luwes it SuMiiunah Barnard. 

IGDO July 2G Charles Loii^^ & Amy Law?. 

1720 Oct. 20 James Law.s, Eyq., & Elizabeth Gibbons. 

CLARENDOX. {Ibid., fo. 30.) 
1780 Jan. 6 Tcmi)le Laws & Mary Butler. 

lG2t. Obiit apud Milstone, co. Wilts, Nicholas Lawes, etc. 

1(530. Nieh. Lawe^, living at Compton Chamberlain. 

10-5G. Tho. Lawes, then of .Sarum. 

Tiie I\r.l. and trick of arms of .Susa. L. at Isleworth are given on fo. 182. 

1717, July 25. Tlie King conferred the Honour of Knighthood on Nicholas 

L., Esq., and appointed him Gov. of J. in the Eoom of the Lord Archibald 

Hamilton. (Historical Register, p. 33.) 

1720. His speech to the Ass':'. {Ibid., 25S— 2("-5.) 

1731, April IG. James Laws, Esq ; of J. (" G.iM.," 330.) 

See the W.I. Committee Circular for 29 July 1913 for an illustration of 

Cheere's inoimment to .Tames fiawes in St. Andrew's Church at ILilfway-Trce. 

jMr. Cuiidall gi\es a transhitiou of the Latin inscription, and describes the arms 

painted thereon as : — Or, oa n chirf Azure tlirceestoiles of eifiht points of tiicjlrd. 

On an escutcheon of pretence: — Or, n lion rmnpont Sable debruised of a bend 

Gules charged with iliree escallops of the f eld. 

%xiM\\t of ^utiflua. 


Antigua, January 20, 1817, 

I v.ould have had the pleasure of writing you long ere this on the subject of 
tlie Family (Queries you ocniided to my attention, but the hope 1 have had of 
affording you very satisfactory information respecting your Ancestors induceil me 
to liefer communicating such as I obtained soon after my arrival from England. 

Tiie knowledL''C I have as vet trained of ynur l''amily is principally from the 
Records of the Register's Olilce. which 1 took every j)ains to search, and began 
wiiii the Etitablishment of the Records as early as the year IGGS. I beg leave 
thciefore to inform viui that in the year IGGb there was living in thi.s Island 
Anthony Browne, to whom Lord Willoughhyof Parham, the Governor in Chief 
of l{arba<los and the rest of the Charibbee Islands, in that year, made a Crant of 
ii Plantation in Willoughby bay Division. Between IGiJS and 1099 there were 
several Transfers of Property to Aiuhony iJrowne, and in the latter year I tind 
Atitlicny Browne and Elizabeth his Wife began conveying away Property. In 
1703 a Deposition was made by Anthony Browne, who swore ho was then 
firttj i/far.t of aje, w hich circumstance proves that he was not the same Anthony 



Browne to wliorn tlie Gr?ut of the plantatiun was made, and induces me to 
believe tliat he to wlunn tlie Grant was made, so early as in tlie year IGGS, was 
one of the first settlers in the Island, the same Person with lUizabcllt his wife 
conveying away property, and the Father of the Anthony I^rowne who swore ho was 
fortij years of age in 17U:} ; alihougli it is nut improbable that the latter also 
might have been a settler, since he appears to have been born in KiG^. During 
the years 1703 and until 170S several Transfers of Property ])rincipally in 
Isonsuch Division were made and recorded to Anthony Browne ; and in the 
latter year Anthonv iJrow iie and Mary his Wife sold and conveyed property in 
that Division. T'lis circumstance made me again strongly suppose that the latter 
Anthonv IJrowne was either the Son of, or a different Person from, the first 
mentioned Anthony Browne, who in 1G99 In^d a Wife named EUzahcih, and in 
1708, supposing him to have become a settler before IGlJS, when he obtained a 
Grant of a Plantation, he must have been a very old man. During the years 
1708 and 1720 several Deeds and Couveyances relating to Laiuls in Nonsuch 
Division and Willonghby bay are recorded to and from Anthony Browne and 
Mary his Wife. In 17i.'G the Will of Anthony Browne, dated January 1723, was 
proved and recorded, in which his Wife Mary is mentioned, and his Sons and 
Daughters, viz., Anthony Browne, to whom his Esinte at Foint Cdfjoicay and all 
the Residue of his Estates, Thomas Browne, jS'icholas Browne, George Browne, 
Barbara Gary, Sarah Browne, and Mary Browne, and also Jiis Grand Daughter 
Mary Gary. In 1730 Antluniy Browne, Son of Anthony Eroicue, coiweji'd his 
Estate, ^'c. Mentioned in the IViU of his Eatitcr Anthony Bron.'ne, to Geoi'ge 
Skerrett, and soon after that George Skerrett married Mary Browne the widow ; 
for in the same year he and his Wife Mary, late Mary Brotrnc, Widow, nutde a 
Deed of Gift to Sarah Browne Daughter of the said iMary Skerrett. George 
Skerrett died in about ]73-l, in which year his Will is dated, and in 1735 
liis Executors conveyed Slaves to his AVidow Mary Skerrett. Nicholas Browne, 
one of the Brothers of the third mentioned Anthon)" IJrowne, made Ins Will and 
died in 1710, at which time it appears he left living two of liis j^rothers, Anthony 
Browne and Thomas Browne; three Nephews Will"' Howard Browne, Anthony 
Browne and Francis Browne, and one Niece Mary Browne ; but it was not 
mentioned whose Children were those Nephews and the Niece. You observe 
however a fourth Anthony Browne is introduced ! In 1759 ^lary Slcerrett Uuide 
her Will which was proved and recorded in I7G0, and therein slie also mentioned 
her Grandsons AV^illiam Browne, Anthony Browne and Francis Browne, and her 
Great Grand Daiigliter Sarali Browne, Daughter of her Grand Son Anthony 
Browne. Tliis Grand Son I have taken to lie your Father, who must have died 
before the year 1773 before your Mother, since in that year I iind by the Will of 
Mary Bladen, late Browne, and youv Father's Sister,* some devises to her 
Nephew Anthony Browne, Son of Sarah Browne, Widow. 

Upon finding out the foregoing particulars, I apjjlied to the Ivector of the 
Parish of Saint Philip in the Division of Willougldn' l)ay, in which it aiipears the 
Familv of J^rowne resided and possessed cnusiderable property aluiosr from the 
earliest Settlement ot tlie Island ; but J regret to inform you that 1 was much 
disajijiointed iu finding only your nuirria^e inserted iti the Paiish Jiecord of 
Marriages, without being able to ascertain from any of the I'arish Books the 
Baptism, .Marriage, or Death of any other Browne, except the Death ot your 
Brother, which happened not many years ai^o, notwitlistandiin,' there is a Family 
A'ault in the Church yanl. which has arisen from the luipanlonable negligence and 
carelessness of former ]\eclors and Clerks of the Parisli ; since I had the 
morliilcation to observe that the IJecuriis in the possession of the prc>i'nt Weclor, 
The Keverend George Collins, ww not older in date than a ti'W years prtwii)us to 
your Marriage, and it is mily at the present time tliai liu'y are correctly kept. 
On inv ride to Willonghby bay, which yon know is \ery far from Saint .John's, to 
ascertain the particular dates of Ba[)tisms, Marriages and Deaths in the Family, 

* The ktier u rii 

IT li:is iii'iilf 

:i >\\\i hero— for >isicr re ;ul aunt. 



and procure llie iiecossarv Certificates to Fubstnntiato tlicin, T was inrorniefl, upon 
making jiarticular inquiries, that many very a<j;cd Pei-.sons were living in tliat 
Division of the Island, and souio of tliein upon Lauds or Estates which were your 
ancestors, \\l)o could •^ive me some useful hiforination ; but J have not been able 
from unavoidable causes to take the necessary rides to Wil]on<j;hby bay. I be::; 
leave to inform you there is also a Natural ]3au<Thter of your Father, before his 
]\Iarria£^e, who is rather advanced in ac;o, and who has sent to inform me that she 
recollected your Grand Father, and would give me all the Information in her 
power. You will, I hope, excuse this part of my Letter, and be assured I shall 
use her Information only as far us it may lead to Facts, which other Persons may 
be able to prove. 

Having your Instructions now before mc, in whicli the first Information 
particularly v.anted is to ascertain v.-ho Anthony Browne your Grandfather was, 
whether a native of the Island, or if not, from whence he came ; I think on this 
head I need only call your attention to the statement I have made of the Family 
in the forepart of my Letter, founded upon Kecords in the Eegister's Office ; and 
from that statement there can be no doubt but that your Grand father was 
a Native of this Island, and the Son of Mary Skerrett, who was the Widow of 
one Anthony Browne, whose birth place cannot be traced with so much 
probability as that of his Son,-for as I said before he might have been the Son of 
the Anthony Browne whose Wife was Elizabeth, or like him might have come to 
this Island soon after it's Settlement. It is unfortunate for the chain of 
circumstances so well connected from the time of Anthony Browne the Great 
Grand Father and Husband of ^^lary Skerrett to your time, that before the 
former period I could find no l^ecord of a Will or any Heeds to shew the 
Kelationship, if any, between your Great Grand Father and the Anthotiy Browne 
who had a Grant in IGGS. The only hope 1 have is in finding the Petition of that 
Anthony jirowne v.hich is mentioned in the Grant to have been presented to the 
Council and Assembly, in which there may be a description of the Person. 
I have made repeated searches in the Secretary's Office for that purpose, but on 
account of tlie Eecords to which I must refer being so ancient, it is very 
difficult to tind out anything. Toti may however rely on my continued 

I have not procured any of the Certificates of Marriages, Baptisuis, ttc, 
mentioned in yotir Instrtictions, for the reasons I have given respecting the 
Parish K(>cords of Saint Philip— there being no Entries made in them ; and 
I could not fmd any after making; regular searches in the Parish Books of Saint 
John's ; but it is my iutention to search the Hooks of all the Parishes, to the 
Rectors of some of which T have already applied for leave. 

A copy of ^['5 Skerrett's will, and tlia( of her iirst Husband Anthony Browne, 
I have seen and have det'err'd olitaining them till I from you — but 1 could 
not find the Will of your Father ov Mother in the l?ei;ister's Office ; neither 
could I find any Will of your Grandl'alher ; but in that of his Brother Nich'jlas 
Browne there are no allusions made to Kelations before settled in the Island. 

I have agreeably to your directions endeavoured to ascertain whether any 
Family of the name of .Malbrankc ever resided in or owned any Estates in 
the Lsland, but I have not been aide to find out any Person of that name among 
the J^econls which i searched for the from IGOS. 

It nniy be necessary Sir f(>r me to observe that I have sometimes found the 
name s[)eird without an e; but move often with it. 

I now beg leave to assure you tliat I sliall use my best endeavours to find out 
the particulars you wish, and I will not fail to make the necessary Extracts, and 
secure the proof of every circumstance \. think necessary to the cause; and 
I hope by the next packet to give you more interesting intelligence; at the same 
time 1 wish you to be informed that my motive for making enquiries and searches 
relating to the affair you have confided io me I endeavour to keep as much 
as possible to myself. 



As I liave liocn at soine cxpenco in procurinc: the Information Avliich I have 
given you, aiul other expence.-; \vill iiee-essarily Ite inciirrrd, 1 have tahen the 
liberty of draw" upon you for £'^0 Sterliiii^ ai tliirty chiys »si'^ht, wliich I beg you 
will pay, ami which Sum I s<liall hold to y<iur I'retiit, and apj)]y it towards 
defraying the Expenses iucurred in your business, of wliieh 1 shall furnish you 
with a correct account. I have preferred drawing on you as you desired, to 
calling upon M'' Athill or any otlier Persou for money, as it would he utipleasant 
to do so as often as small expenses are incurred. 

I remain with great T?cspect, 
Tour most obedient 
Anthony Browne, Esq., humble servant 

M.r., lllCUAltD WlI-SOX. 

Montagu Place, Eussel Sq., St. John's. 



In the Book of Claims dating from 1GG7 there is an entry under AVilloughby 
Bay of a claim by Jiicliard Brown to t5 acres (as adnunistrator of George .Mould 
in right of his wife Barbery Mould, sister of deceased), also (iU acres by 
purchase, total iO-j acres. 

In the Book of Patents, transcribed in 1G7S from an earlier book, is the 
record of a grant in 1GG8 at AVilloughby Bay to Anthony Browne of 105 acres, 
but there is no patent to liichard. John Cox of Nonsuch, by his will dated IG"."), 
bequeathed all residue (]3,t)0U lbs.) and his oO acres to Anthony Brown, a child, 
his son-in-law (? stepson). The will of Darby Noonan of Nonsuch, dated IG'.ll, 
was witnessed by Anthony Brov\'ne. In a petition in 171G for a patent x\nthoiiy 
Browne stated that he owned .'jO acres in ISonsuch, also parcels of 120, 10, 10 and 
75 acres. The .50 acres may have been derived from John Cox. In the pedigree 
printed in "Antigua," i., Tl, I erroneously took it for granted that Anthony II., 
the testator of 1723, was identical with Anthony I., the patentee of IGGS, but 
there is no doubt that there were two generations. The first settlers were nearly 
always dead by 1700, or if octogenarians by 171(h I do not know which 
register books i\Ir. Wilson saw in 1817, but in ISbS-i) 1 found baptisms com- 
menced in 17G7, marriages in 1GS3 and burials in 1685. Anthony Jirownc \. 
was M.P. for Hedon in ISOG and nearly fifty years agent for Antigua, dying in 
Kensington G March ISIO, aged 72. (" G.^M.," p. 412.) He was a partner of 
Browne, Cobbe an(i Co. of G7 Lomburd .Street, Bankers. His wife Dorothy was 
a dau. of the Hon. Sanniel Ilarnniit of llarnuins in St. Philip's ))arish, but there 
were no children. The extraordinary conser\atism among West Duii.ins in 
retaining the same christian name is hei'e exemplified, there being five i^cnerations 
of Anthony. In my own family there have been six generations of Thomas. Jt 
is most confusing for the genealogist. 



SList of MXilU rccorticti in iiartiatioG "Dcbn 
to tijc jjcar 18U0.* 

Vi ;ir. \:imo= of Tislators. 

l"')^ ^lurrav, Dorciis 

:klaivliall. William 
.Maldiicy, ICli/alicth 
,. Masi-oll. i'la\l)nriie 

:>lilkM-, Israrl 
,, 3Ia>liai't, Pi'ikIoiil-c 
31al)tin, John 
17')!) ^[onrc, Juliii 
,, ^loorc, A brabain 
,, ^laycoL'k, .lohn 
Moi'Siiii. KieliarJ 
irUO :\rc:^rahoii, Elizabctli 
., ^lahew, Susan 
., 3larsliall, Thomas 
., IMapp, Tliomas 
17GI >roiris, John 
,, ^Miller, Jusepli 
MivCL;ctt. .lohn 
„ Matthew.-., John 
^lilk-r, John 
ITo'i Miller, Knuu-i?< 
,, Mower, Thomas 
jNIiller, ^latthew 
^laekeluer. Atllerk 
„ -Mand, Susannah 
17a;3 Miln. JJavid 
,, ]Marlin, ]'jl\\anl 
,, Moseley, Jlenrv 

Mamlerlield, Kmanuel 
„ ]\Iayers, Edward Laseelles 
„ ^IcC'onnelie, John 

Moore, Franeis (Jrant 
17(;i McDonald, William 
,. Moores, John 
,, ^leCavoiudc, Patriek 

Mandewell, Emanuel Fi'aneis 
17G") MeBrudy. snr , James 
,, ^lalonev, Thomas 
:\Iarshall, William 
,, ^larshall, 'Hiomas 
„ McCrai^h, Alexander 
., Murray, Gilliuja.i 

Mawson, Jeremiah 
1, Malsuorih, (ieors;e 
„ Martindale, John 
„ MeDonold, Anguish 

Yoar. Xinnos cif Tostutors. 

17(i5 ^Mavnard, William 
rklarsliail-, ICIi/abeth 
MeDonold. Anuuish 
:\Iaseoll. Peter 
^liUer. ^largaret 
17G(J Mat lies, John 
., Mayers, John 
,, .Afartindale, Elizabeth 

]\rcCluer, ]':ii/abeth 
„ Maddock, Samuel 
,, Menzies, Gilbert 
„ Matthews, Tiiomas 
„ Mavliew, 'I'homasin 

Miller, "William 
„ Miller, INIargaret 
,, Marshall, Samuel 
„ Minvielle, jiary 
,, ISIanning, l^iehard 
„ jNIurphoy, l>asi! 
17G7 Mayhew, Jane 
„ Malloney, AVilliani 
„ Mahon, James 

Marshall, William 
„ IMorris, Mary 
,, jNlunson, Ann 
,, Merry, Hichard 
,, ]\Iissi)n, freorge 
176S Murray, Kiehard 
Morphey, Trcnte 
,, M urphey, I'rusto (m'c) 
,, ]Nrei\askcll, Samuel Gollop 
17G9 Malloney. William 
„ ]McBriidy, Hen jam in 
„ i\Ieare, John 
,, ^lapp, ;\[ai'y 
„ INIurray, ]\Iary 
,, ]\rasliart, James 
:Mashart, Mary 
1770 IMeCartv. William 
„ ^lavlindale. Jtdmdden 

^lerritt, John 
., Mortis. Barnard 
,, jNIallonev, John 
^klillwanl, John 
„ ]Millward, I'Mward 

* Coiilimioil fruiii ]>. 10. 



Year. Names of Testators. 

1770 ;Mi]lward, Thomas 

McCavo, Elizabeth 

McCoiickfv, Mary 

Middleward, Jolui 

^IcXiel, Lai-lilaii 

jMilvin, J''raiii.-is 
'71 ^lorphey, Elizabeth 

Millor, Au^ii?:tus 

Miller, Mayiiard 

3Iorri.soii, .'^arah 

Mayers, Elizabetli, JVieholas 

31 avers, Ann 

Mattliews, Elizabeth 

Moll, William 

Murray, Margaret Quinton 

Mui'ray, iMary 

Miller,"^ Elizabeth 

Martindalc, AVilliam 

1773 Mose, Francis 
Mose, James 
McCarty, AVilliam 
Millington, John 
Moore, Denjamin 
blasters, Philip 
Martindalc, Mascoll 
jNIole, Sarah 

1774 Morrison, Morris 
Mascoll, James 
Miller, George 
Marshall, Robert Jolmson 
Mineville, Tlionias 
May hard, ^Margaret 
Mattison, James 
Morris, ]lubert 
Moore, Maty Ann 
McCoUin, Alexander 
jNIascoll, Mary Baldrick 
INIillons, Sarah 
^layers, .John 
Mason, ]{iehartl 
Malloney, Elizabeth 
Moore, Benjamin 
Martin, Jnr.. William 
Mitcliam, John 
^lorrison, Kcv. Kenneth 
Moore, Ijiizabeih 
Maverick, l^ydia 
^Martin, jMarv 
jNLilUvard, Sarah 
McDaniell, James 
Moore, Henry 
Martindalc, Ann 
Meade, Garritt 
^lar.shall, Henry 
Morris, John 










Names of Ti-tators. 
Maycock, James 
Massiah, Simeon 
JNIcKerse, Elizabeth 
^[orris, Katherin 
Morris, .John 
Mihvard, William 
]\rerritt, Martha 
INIercer, .lames 
Mann, Sarah 
Mori-is, 3Iargaret 
Ma])|), Jvebecca 
Mehrudy, John 
Mnrray, Thomasin 
Moore, Jnr., William 
Moseley, .Tosepli 
Mings, John 
Mashart, Anu 
Maloney, Ann 
^Icade, Mary 
Mathews, ]\ichard 
Mings, William 
Moore, Alexander 
Morphev, Jo.'^eph 
Marshall, Jioberfc 
]Morphey, I'Mnavd 
Moody, William 
Morphey, 31ary;irt,, Mary 
Morrison, Niel 
Moore, John 
McCloud, Rowland 
McCartliov, Daniel 
Mauderfield, Philip 
Martin, John 
Mayuard, Jonas 
Mose, Mary 
Massiah, Esther 
McPhersion, Daniel 
i\Iaggee, Henry 
Mooie, Josepli 
Martin, William 
McClean, Alexander 
Meller, Lydia 
Misson, George 
i\Iillcr, Jacob 
Matthews, Abel 
Mascoll, Sarah 
Marshall, Jiobert 
Moody, Mary 
IMarshall, James 
iMatthcws, Edward 
Mellowes, Benjamin 
Mose, Ann 
Martindalc, .Jonathan 
Miller, Aaron 
3Iartin, Francis 



Ye;»r. Names of To>tator5. 

1 "'?•"> Morrison, Lydiii 

,, Moe, IriiKiues 

„ ^lillur, Ann 

,, Afascoll, Timotliv 
:M:isliart, MicliaJl 
Martin, .Sarah 

,, ^K-Donolil, .lulni 

,, Mullinonx, ^laribali 

]7S(', Mill ward. Mary 

,, ■\lassiali, Bciiiaiuin 

„ Miiklleton, Tiioina.s 

„ !McMuri!o, Jaiucs 

„ Moll, Elizabeth IJarnadistoii 

„ jSrcCarthy, Elizabeth 

„ ]\[oore, AVilliam 

17b7 Morris, Jasper 

„ Morpliey, Thomas 

„ Moore, James 

„ Mashart, Saintiel 

„ Morris, Jolm 

„ Mackay, Aiitlionoy 

„ Mayers, AViliiaiii " 

„ Mashart. Conrade 

,, MiiiiT-^, ^Fary 

„ JMassiali, Simeon 

„ ]Mandevilic, Thomas 
Miii^s, Olive 

178S j\foore, Ki chard 

„ Matlhe'.vs, Jereiiiiali 

,, Massiah, David 

,, INIurphey, Alias 

,, M ur[)hey, ^lary 
iNIalier, Aliee 
]\Liller, John 

„ Mt)selev, llenrv 

:\liller,"Sar.di VVilly 

„ Morphoy, IJenjamin 

,, Moore, Ik-lty 

„ ^latdy^arry, Mary 

., Murray, Andrew, !Mai!asser 

,, M uoif, .lanies 

I7sn, Erancis 

„ iMcCarthey, Wilkinson 

„ Mears, Daniel 

,, Morris, Edward Ifartlie 

,, Murrell, Xichuhis John 

,, Miihr, Henry 

„ MiT)uL;!in, Joim 

1700 Miliowes, Elisha 

„ Masviah, AVilliam 

„ !Mal)on, Jolm 

„ ^Malion, Elizabeth 

„ i\Iansey, ^\'illiam 

,, Marshall, Thomas 

,, i\rascoll, 8ur., William 

1791 Massiali, Isaac 

1 7!) I 








Names of Testators. 

Maeeurt, Anthoney 
Malloney, :\[althe\v 
^laynard, 'J'homas 
Mil bourne, 3[aiy 
Morris, John Henry 
Mannini,', liobert llowtoii 
Mo^eley, Mary 
MeCliire, William 
Milward, Priulenee 
]Mascoll, Elizabeth 
^lillor, Ann 
^lakins, (leorge 
Morris, 3iicliael 
Malion, Elizabeth 
Muycock, Dottin 
Mtiiiill, Xathaiiiol 
Masline, liiehard 
Masco] 1, Francis Forde 
Moore, AVilliam 
Musrocii, Brock 
^laynard, ."Sarah 
Moe, Christopher 
McClui-e. Elizabeth 
Morgan, Stephen 
Morris, Joim 
Mashart, l^lizabeth 
]\[cNie], Christian 
Moore, AVilliam 
Maycock, Surah 
Morrison, I\lary 
Morgan, I^ichard 
Martindale, Abigail 
Mclk'udy, Terrence 
Miller, Koberf 
Miller, Andrcw 
^Fassiah, l^stlier 
Mosley, Henry 
Massiah, Sarah 
Mapp, James 
Manning. John 
Morris, AVilliant 
jNFanning, AVilliam 
Moll, Nicholas 
Morris, Jano 
Maloney, Tlioraas 
jNIarr, John 
Alitchell, Samuel 
AFcConney, Henry James 
JMiller, Margaret Sarah 
^[anderfield, Mary Ann 
AFower, .\nn 
I\FcGueen, Areliibald 
INIailoiiey, Thomas Spnen ('f) 
Mascoll, Alexander 
Manning, Joseph 
Martindale, Elizabeth 



Year. Names of Testators. 

1793 Millet, Alexander 

„ jMorris. Eicliard 

,, Marsliall, Eobcrt 

„ Moore, Isaac Massiah 

,, ]\rascoll, Cliristiaiiity 

,, jNIottley, Jleiiry 

„ Mui'pliey, .Tolm 

,, May, Joliu 

1709 :\las^'iaii, Jacob 
:\rasooll, Robert 

,, Mitcliell, Samuel 

,, Marshall, Joliu 

„ iMoore, Sarali 

„ ' Mc Alpine, Agues 

,, IMoore, Thomas 

,, jNIastiu, John 

„ Mc Andrew, John 

„ McDoncld, John 

„ McPheraon, William , 

1651 Nelson, Thomas 

1654 JS-icholns, Thomas 

„ Nock, Th.omas 

„ Nuun, Yrilliam 

1G59 Neavis, Francis 

„ Nyeli, Ambrose 

„ Norwood , Willia7ii 

„ Norris, Magdaline 

1660 Nelson, Henry 
„ Nunn, John 

1661 Neilsome, James 
,, Norris, John 

1662 Norman, Peter 

1664 Norris, Jeremiah 

1665 Noiiou, Dennis 
„ Nealau, "William 
,, Norton, George 

1667 Nutt, Eobert ^ 

1668 Nightingale, Edward 
1671 New bold, Eicliard 

„ Noji, Eicliard 

1673 Neale, Patrick 

1674 Norton, Thomas 
„ Nevinson, John 

1676 Nighlinuale, Pricilla 

1678 Nowell,'^Johii 

,, A'ore, George 

,, Nelson, Dennis 

,, Nelle, Ambrose 

16S0 ><ightingale, Grenado 

„ Nelson, Julian 

1681 Nicholas, John 

,, Nicholas, Joyce 

16S3 ^Newton, Edmond 

„ Nelson, Arichibold (sic) 

VOL. V. 

Year. Names of Testators. 

16S8 Necksou, Edmond 

1684 Nor they, John 

„ Newton, George 

„ Newton, Samuel 

,, Nowell, Abraham 

1685 Nugent, Patrick 
„ Northeast, John 
,, Navarro, Aaron 
„ Nickson, James 

,, Newemau, A'alentine 

1686 Noble, Marke 

„ Nickolls, George 

,, Nyles, John 

1687 Nelson, Anthouey 
,, Nelson, Ann 

,, Nielsen, Thomas 

,, Norgrove, Ann 

16S8 Nelson, Priscilla 

1690 Necksou, Mary 
,, Norvell, Thomas 

1691 Noell, Sir Martin 

1692 Nighton, Samuel 

1693 Ncllson, Peter 

1694 Nyle, Ambrose 

„ Newtou, Barbara 

1695 Norris, Elizabeth 

1696 Nore, George 
1698 Nelson, John 

„ Newman, James 

1700 Newsum, Eicliard 

1701 Nowell, Eobert 
„ Nicholes, Brise 

1702 Newton, Ann 
„ Nore, Lucy 

„ Nickels, Eichard 

1703 Nurse, Eobert 

„ Niccolls, Margai'et 

1705 Newland, John 

„ Nickson, Thomas 

„ Newton, Basal 

1711 Niccolls, AN^ 
„ Ncedham, Allin 

„ Neale, Daniel 

1712 Norlhcy, Samuel 
„ NichoUs, Eobert 

1713 Northcy, Isabella 

1714 Numias, ManuU 

„ Iv'clsou, Ecbeccak 

1715 Nuson, Kathennc 
,, Nusum, Edwanl 

1716 Nixon, Penelope 
,, Nowell, Prancis 

Neblitt, William 

,, Nickolls, Darcas 

1717 Nesficld, William 

1718 IS'icholson, Thomas 




Names of Testators. 


"Xo-Ainan, Grace 


Kewton, IJobcrt 


Kimno, Jolm 


Xcwsam, Somers 


^N'cale, Tliouias 


Xusam, Samuel 


?s'ovi¥oii, Ann 


Ncwuni, Clminley 


Kicholls, l?obert" 


Newton, John 

] 721 

Xeblitt, Lydia 


Kewton, -lolm 


Nurse, Eobert 


Kurse, John 


New, Jonathan 


Ne-nsmn, Christoplier 


Nicholas, Eobert 


Nusuni, William 


Neal, Newman 


Neale, "William 


Nurse, George 


Newsum, Eichard 


Northcy, Jaiie 


Needham, Susanna 


Noell, Abraham 


Nelt-on, William 


Nicliollti, Christopher 


Neblitt, John 


jN'i^'litingale, Natlianil 


Nunez, Abraham 


Nurse, I'earnot 


Norman, Thomas 


Neblitt, Jane 


Nusum, Arthur 


Naufan, ]iichard 


Nusum, Susaijuah 


Nc.-^iiield, John 


Ncel, John 


yew, Jonathan 


Nurse, Eichard 


Neblitt, AVilliam 


Newgeuf, AVilliam 


Niccolls, jMarmaduke 


Niles, John 


Nelson, John 


Newton, Kassil 


Nunes, Abraham Israel 


Niccolls, Edward 


Neblitt, Henry 


Nunes, Eenjamin 


Nurse, Eobert 


Nurse, Jolm 


Neblitt, Samuel 


Newton, Thomas 


Nicolls, "William 


Newton, Samuel 


















Names of Testator?. 
Newland, Elizabeth 
Newport, George 
Neale, "William 
Nicholson, Edward 
New bold, Ann 
Needtors, John Frederick 
Needham, Thomas 
Neblitt, Samuel 
Neclb Eleanor 
Neblitt, Thoman 
Neblitt, Eenjamin 
Nutt, Edward 
Newton, Abraham 
Norley, Mary 
Neblitt, John 
Nurse, Samuel 
Neblitt, Lvdia 
Nutt, William 
Newton, Isaac 
Nurse, James 
Niles, Ambrose 
Nurse, Eichard 
Neblitt, Samuel 
Navarro, Daniel Lopes 
Niles, Johji 
Norris, Eobert 
Nutt, Eleanor 
Nightingale, Graudo 
Nutt, Hannah 
Niccolls, George 
Nurse, "\7illiam 
Niles, Erancis 
Nurse, Alexander 
Nurse, Joseph 
Nurse, Ann 
Neblitt, Elizabeth 
Newbold, Samuel 
Napleton, Eebecca 
Nurse, Thomas 
Nunez, Judith 
Neblitt, Christian 
Neblitt, Thomas 
Newton, George 
Nunez, Eebecca 
Neate, "William 
Nightingale, Grinado 
Newton, Jonah 
Nash, Jiichard 
Niles, Jc'seph 
Norris, Eichard 
Nusum, Arthur 
Norris, ]\achael 
Nurse, Mary 
Neblitt, Jane 
Na.sli, "William 
Norville, Ann 



iS'araes of Testators. 



^S'eblitt, Heury 



Xurse, James 



^N'orris, John 



jS'ehill, Dauiel 



Nurse, Elizabeth 



Nissfield, Jolm Peter 

1 J 


Xorvillo, Elizabeth 



Xeblitt, Lydia 



Xowill, John Henry 



Xurt^e, Geori,'e 



JS'ewton, John 



]N, iMary 



jS'iles, ]Michael 



Nurse, Sauuiel 
Xelson, "William 




Xighlingale, Gamaliel 



Xapleton, Xeale 



iS'iles, Jane 



Nusuin, John 



jVeblitt, Walter Scott 



jS'ioholls, liichard 



Neblitt, John 



Kilcs, Joseph 



Xiles, Thomas 



Nicholas alias Clarke, Elizabeth 



Nurse, AVilliam 



Newton, "William 



Nicolls, Benjamin 



Newsum, Samuel 



Niles, Arm 



Nilcs, Michael 
Newby, "William 




Neblitt, Ann 



Nurse, Eliza, alias Miller 



Nohill, Thomas 



Neblitt, Elizabeth 



Niccolls, Robert Jolm 



Niles, Francis 



Norri.^i, "William Robert 



Nusum, Ann 



Neahokl, Ann Carlton 



Ni:^fiehl, A\ illiam John 



Nistleld, Elizabeth 



Nunez, AVilliam 



Nilcs, .lane 



Nunes, .Jacob Israel 



Nurse, AVilliam Lynch 



Nunegan, John 

Nusum, Samuel Christopher 




Nehill, Michail 



Norvill, Rebecca 



1G50 Ohaiue, ConncU 

Ogle, Cuthbcrt 
1053 Oshia, R:charu 



Names of Testators. 
O'Gary, Daniel 
Osborne, John 
Oursloth, "William 
O'Gary, Daniell 
Orchard, George 
Osier, Richard 
Oatlcy, Gilbert 
Orrick, John 
Odonoghou, Hugh 
Oistiiie, Edward 
Osmond, Thomas 
Ocanly, Teage 
Owen, Roger 
Owen, David 
Orcsbid, Thomas 
O'Carnye, Patrick 
Occurrant, Jenkins 
Ohaley, Thomas 
Osborne, Samuel 
Oharah, Hugh 
Ormoud, Richard 
Ormunt, Rebecca 
O'Canty, Deimis 
O'Cantv, Cornelius 
O'Canty, Darby 
Osborne, Mary 
Overton, Jonathan 
Osborne, Jonathan 
Oker, George 
Oates, George 
Ocstiue, James 
Osborne, Alexander 
Oately, John 
Outtram, "William 
Owing, ^lary 
Owins, Richard 
Ostreham, Thomas 
Odiarne, Thomas 
Owens, Thomas 
Osborne, Ellinor 
Osborne, Robert 
Olton, Ralph 
Osborne, Jonathan 
Oatly, John 
Odell, Andi-ew 
Oateley, Gilbert 
Odianic, Elizabeth 
Outtram, John 
Oneal, Dennis 
Odwin, Tlionuis 
Oxnard, Edward 
Olton, Moses 
Olton, Gir.a 
Odwin, Samuel 
Osborne, Samuel • 
Osborne, Robert Jonatliau 
F 3 




Names of Testators. 


Oidorson, .Tolm 

. ^ 

Otlwiii, John 


Osborne, Agnes 


Oxnard, Tliouias 


Oxiev. Jnhn 


Oat ley, C.ilbcrt 


Oiiwin, Thomas 


Odianie, .Toli'i 


Osborne, Tliunuis 


Oftreham, John 


Osborne, Kiohard 


Oxnard, Ai^ncs 


Odiarne, Xathaniel 


O^borno, James 

) J 

Otrehan, Thomas 


Osborne, Eobcrt 

Oi^deii, Joseph 

] 752 

Orne, John 


Ostrehan, Kathcrine ' 


Outram, Elizabeth 


Oxnard, Edward 


Odeil, Thomas 


Osborne, Samuel 

1757, ileiuT 


Oxicy, Sarah 


Oltoi), -N'athau 


Odwin, Cornelia 


Osborne, Eii/abetli 


O'j'rian, John 


O^bnriie, Ixobort 


Outtram, Chonilev 


Oxiev, John 


Od\sir.. John 


Order in ordinary rcprocr 



Osliornr', James 


Odelh ?.Iary 


OltoU, TilouKlS 


Olton, b'alidi 


Owe I,, Alud 


Ovelioi), Elizabeth 


Ostrehan, Sarah 


Olton, !\Ioses 


Olton, Eli/.nbclh 


0;;den, Joli'i 


Odwin, San.ucl Ajard 


O'Diinneli, Oeorge 


Ostrehan, Thomas 


Odwin, ]Mary Ann 


C^sborne, Calherinc 


Osborne, Samuel 


Ovley, ^Vi]liam 


Olton, IJenjamin 



Names of Testators. 


Onealc, James 


Odle, Hannah 

Odwin aUns Knight. Horatia 


Oatlev, Jolm 


O'Xcale, Phillip 


Odell, Joseph Kawlins 


Odell, Eds\ard 


Odell, Tliomas 


Olton, J Or. i as 


Odwin, Thomas 


O'Bryan, Nathaniel 


O'AIira, Jane Maria 


Owens, Marv 


O'Bryan, William 








{I'O hi 



PoAvell, William 
Palmer, Peter 
Peasly, Elizabeth 
Parker, Eobert 
Parsons, Michael 
Parker, James 
Pntlerson, John 
Potter, George 
Powell, ^lorgan 
Phumpher, Isaac 
Patrick, Fenyu 
Paley, William 
Pitts, George 
Poskoske, John 
Parlett, Eicbard 
Peade, AVilliam 
Price, Philip 
Petiy, Richard 
Priest, James 
Price, Thomas 
Payne, Launclott 
Powell, Edward 
I'arker, Jan\es 
Powell, Eichard 
Pellis, Jolm 
Powell, Daniel 
Parke, Daniel 
P.'.rker, Eichard 
Phillips, Edward 
Pigot, I'^rancis 
Pinnev, Antlioney 
Pyett,' Mary 
Price, lulward 
Pooly, Eobert 
Pope, Eobert 
Parker, Daniel 

( 69 ) 

A copy of the following suit lias been seut me by ^Mr. Dyott, the llegistrar. 
The bill of complaint covers 12 fo. pagers, and of this 1 give an abstract : — 

Antigua. In Chancery. . To H. E. Geo. Thomas, Esq., Capt.-Gen., etc. 

Humbly complaining sheweth yo\ir oratrix Ann "Watkins of tlio said i.sland 
widow of John W. late of the s'^ island Esq. dec^' and sole actina: Extrix of his 
will and Eowland Oliver late of the said island but now of the island of Nevis 
Esq. That upon your oratrix intermarriage with John ^Vatkins an Jndrc. trip, 
made 20 Jan. 17-11 between the said John W'atkins of the 1-' part; John IMurray 
Esq. now dec'' and your orator of the 2'' part; yo'' oratrix as Ann Oliver spr. dau. 
of Eich'' O. of this island dec'' and sister of Eowl'' O. of the 3'' part; by which 
£1000 c. was to be p.aid by the s'' Enwl'' 0. being a fortune left her by her father 
did give to John Murray and Eowl'^ O. one rent charge of £1-50 c. to be issuing 
out of all that plantation in the Body Division of 80 acres bounded E. with laud 
of Abr. Eedwood called the Cassada Garden, W. with lands late of Lucy Parke 
then of Cha. Dunbar, S. with., the broad path called Lontc Lane and X. with 
lands of AValter Nugent Esq. and lands late of Jas. Langt'ord with the houses 
etc. also that parcel of land in the Division of Dickinsons Baj" containing 10 acres 
bounded E. and N. with lands of Win. Mackinen Esq., S. with lands of Win. 
Hillhousc and W. with the sea, also all those 2-1 slaves boys and girls the annuity 
payable after the death of J. W. and J. W. and your orator sold to Walter 
Nugent Esq. dec** the s'^ parcels of land by Indre. of 7 Sept. 1742 and J. W. 
made his will 27 Feb. 17G2 and appointed your oratrix, Era. Farley Esi]., Tho. 
Oliver Esq., Wm. Smith Esq. and yo' orator his Exors. and gave her the residue 
and she hath taken on the execution thereof and testator died Aug. 17o2 seized 
of four messuages in the town of St. John and of the slaves v.hieh are chargeable 
with the annuity and she hath sold the houses for £800 c, £'-'>S0 c, £1:00 e. and 
£315 c. and sold the slaves and goods as in schedtile A. so that the whole of testator's 
real and personal est. amounted to £10,900 c. All sums in his possession as ]\ Easter 
in Chancery were paid over to Edw'' Gamble Esq. his successor as per schedule 
B. and John AVatkius did tipon the 29 May 1750 mortgage to your orator the -1 
messuages and divers slaves and she hatli paid £SS8 in discharge thereof and 
testator died indebted much mojc tlian his est. will pay and judgments have been 
obtained against your oratrix by Eich'' Oliver the Elder now dec'', Eich'' Oliver 
the Y"", W'" Smith Esq. and AV'" Lcssly and Tho. Tow mariners as in schedule C. 
and a certain ludre. was made 2 Jan. 1740 between Judith Liott widow of the 
one part and John Liolt planter of the other [f/cj) /<e>-e] and that Era. !Moore, 
John Pyne and AVnt Eoth merchants and partners did bring an action in tlie 
Court of C. P. on 2(.) May for £30, Sam. Clapham on 31 iMay for £37, Elias 
Ferris and liob. Malloun merchants and partners on 1 June 1763 for £sl, John 
Teamans and A\'. Atkinson Exors. of tlie will of AVin. Wardsworth. dec' for 

£120, A\''. Shaw and Ciias adm'ors of Tho .... for £30, Joseph Buckley 

carpenter for £280, A\'. Buckley and Josejih Buckley adm'ors of K' 15. doc'' for 
£235 and for rent £-195, Jas. Tate and David Eobeits merchants and partners for 
£59, Geo. Green £21, and plaintilfs threaten to levy upon the whole of houses 
slaves and goods sold by yotir oratrix and refuse to pi.-rijiit your oratrix to keep as 
much of the money as will be sullicient to pay hei* rent charge of £150 and 
Judith Liott her rent charge of £90 and AV. Smith, Era. Farley and Tho. Oliver 
combine with the s'' plaintiffs and your oratrix claims to have £2500 c. laid out 
to secure her rent charcje she could not have sold the est. exct>pt free from the 
annuity. The two jiarccls of land had been charged with £300 c. to ^larv 
AVatkins afterv.ards wife of Isaac Anderson pavable in four years after the death 
of Giles AV'atkius and Eliz. his wife and with £3oO c. to Alice wife of llenry 

70 CAlllBBEANA. 

Kiiiglit anolher of the daus. of Gilos "W'atkins aud Eliz. liis wife in two years and 
£15 c. a year to Eliz. Tliiboii late Charle.-i the other dau. of Giles ^VatkiJl^< and 
Eliz. his Mife aud your uratrix di.-^cliar^ed all incuiiihraiices and Judith Liott in 
consideration of a reuteharge of £00 a year conveyed to John Liott 35 acres in 
the Eoad Division in the parish of IS' Mary with the building and i slaves by 
Indrc. of 2 Jan, 17-10 and by ludre. of 12 Feb. 1745 John Liott and Mary his 
wife for £i)00 c. sold to John Watkins the said 35 acres with 11 .-laves and 7 
cattle and the said John Watkins and your oratri.x by Indre. of 12 Oct. 171-7 in 
consideration of [bhinlc'] £ conveyed the plantation to John Ellyatt discharged of 
the annuity, and Beuj. Steele planter as surviving partner of Sam Sanderson 1. of 
A. Esq. on 29 May 17G3 brought an action in tiie court of C. P. against your 
oratrix for £240 c. for the use of 30 acres in tlio parish of S* John .... Tho. 
Eaiiiy merch' for £50, W. Macldnen, Era. Earley and YV. Warner Exors. of tho 
will of John le Spraiuger Spencer Kossington for £25, John Morison and W. 
Mackintosh merch'= for £35, W. Miller, John Muir and Hugh lergusou mer- 
chants and partners for £200, Kenneth M*-Uonald [(jap here'] Pray for an 
Injunction and writs of subpcena to \V. Smith, Tho. Oliver, Fva. Earley, Ben. 
Steel, John Grice, Tho. Eaiuy, W'" Mackinen, AV"' Warner, John Morhson, \V'" 
Mackintosh, '\V'° Millar, John Muir, Hugh Eergu.son, Kenneth M'^Donald, Era. 
Moore, John Pyne, W'° Eoth, Sam. Clappam, Eiias Eerris, Eob. Malone, John 
Tearmans, AV'" Atkinson, W""' Shaw, Cha. Crouch, Jos. Buckley, "W"' Buckley, 
Jas. Tate aud David Eoberts, John Eoss aud Geo. Green and Sam. Clapham. 

Signed by " Thomas "Warner." 

Schedule "A" mentioned in and referred to by the foregoing Bill. Accou)it of 
Sales of the Goods and Chattels and effects of John Watkins, Esq"', deceased. 

Purchasers' Names. 

!NeiI Campbell .... 
John Tearman .... 
Galbraith Patterson . 
Baptist Looby, Esqr. . 
Isaac Thibou, Esqr. . 
Samuel Martin, Esqr. 
Edward Home, Esqr. 
Samuel Martin, Esqr. 
Samuel Martin, Esqr. 
Thomas Oliver, Esqr. 
Mrs. Ann Watkins . 

Thon\as Oliver, Esqr. 

Eobert IMaliouu 

Eoberi Mallonn 

Edward Home, l''s(|r. 

Samuel ^lartin, Esqr. 

AVilliam Muckuien, Esqr. . 

William -Mackinen, l'l<qr. . 

Jiobort }dallouu 

Eobert Malioun 

l<(d)ert Midloun 

Kobert ^lalloun 

John WaiTcn .... 

llis Exccllencv General Thomas 






Ned . 


Tom . 


Old Johnny 



Quamino . 




Does . 




Humph ray . 


Sherborn . 





Molly with 





and Quamino 


Phil is 



Silence, Beaty au 










Old Susanna 

(past la 






Tack and Pear 




, , 











Ad jail with 





Quaeo and Ha 





Old Toncy . 






Tom Jones . 




Purchasers' Xames. 
His Excellency General Thomas 

His Excellency General Thomas 

Thos. Oliver, Esqr. 

Thos. Oliver, Esqr. 

"William Smith, Esqr. 
Doer. John Mnir 
John Lyonf, E^qi'. 
John Lyons, Esijr. 
Baptist Locby, Es^qr. 
AVilliam Jarvis, Esqr. 
William Jarvis, Esqr. 
Mr. Ca'sar Koae-h 
KioharJ Donovan 
Eubort Mallouu 
Mr. Caesar lioacli 
John ISniith, Junr. 

Mr. Gambl«.' 

Jolin Year man and 

"WLat Sold. 
Tack Day . . £110 

Halliday . . 80 

Quashey . , 90 

AYiuter . . 80 

George Walker . 50 

^Vm Pitt . . 65 

Good Luck , 50 

Halifax . . 50 

Leg ... 70 

Cook Daniel . 50 

Guy ... 80 

Sammy . . 70 

Esau ... 100 

Tomau . . 90 

Touey . . 80 

Occum . . 70 

Hamlet . . 60 

Ham ... 70 

Stephen . . 70 

Billy ... 80 

Duncomb . . 90 

Warner . . 70 

Terry. . . 70 

King ... 80 

Sackey . . 80 

Nannet . . 90 

Stephen . . 70 

Tacks . . 50 

Glascow . . 60 

Brutus . . 45 

Cajsuis . . 50 

Sambo . . 70 

Beef ... 50 

Coomba . . 35 

Gatley . . 60 

Natty . . 50 

Cyrus . . 50 

Symon . . 40 

Peter ... 50 

Bob . . . 50 

Quammy . . 70 
Sam . 
Trim . 
Billy . 
Ton"i . 
Sance . 
A Ca'dar Book case 

A parcel of Paper 
























Purchasers' Names. 

"What Sold. 




Thomas Oliver . 

. A parcel of Books £9 18 


Francis Parley, Esqr. 

. Nine yards and p. cloth and 100 

yards lace 




"William Alexander . 

A silver mounted Sword 



John Gatley 

. A ditto .... 



Mitchell . 

. An Old :\luskett 




James Brebner, Esqr. 

. Two Cutlasses for AVatchmen 


Captain Ockley . 

. Two Oval Mahogany Dinnin^ 

Tables .... 

' 5 


Doctor Coakley . 

. Two Square [Mahogany Dinin^ 

Tables .... 

! 8 

John "Weir 

. One ditto .... 



John Smith, Junr. 

. One Card Table . 



Doctor Malcolm 

. A Mahoi^any Tea Table 



Benjamin Baunerman 

A .Tapan'd Tea Table . 



William. Jarvis, Esqr. 

. A Dozen Mahogany Chairs 


Captain Ockley . 

. Six old ditto 



John Gattley . 

. Two Elbow Chairs 


Mrs. "Watkins . 

... Half a do/.. Chairs with Stra\\ 

Bottoms .... 


Ann Boudinet . 

. Half a doz. Chairs with Cover. 

and one easy Do. 



Thomas Oliver, Esqr. 

. A pair of Silver mounted Pistells 



Doctor Coakley 

. A pair of Bi-ass mounted Do. 



Lawrence iMcLintocke 

. A Close Stool Chair . 



Edward Byam, Esqr. . 

. Eight Wimlsor Chairs 


Captain Ockley . 

. Ten small Chairs 




Mrs. Hurst 

. A marble Slab or stand 



Doctor Coakley 

. A Beaufctt 



Benjamin Bannorman 

. A Tutelar and Glass . 



George Bini^'liam 

. A Bum Case 



Thomas Oliver, Esqr. 

. A Carpet .... 



Roach ... 

. A Elour Cloath . 


Doctor iSIckittrick 

. A Do. . 



Eevd. Mr. Lovely 

. A Eeathcr Hed, Bedstead, Mat- 

rasK and Bavilion 


Samuel Henry Warner, Esqr. 

. A Do 




AVilliam Atkinson 

. A Do 




Charles AVcathril. Esqr. 

. f^onie Landscapes 



Benjamin Bannorman 




Thomas Oliver, Esqr. 




Mr. Alexander Cain|)licll . 

. A Sedan .... 



AViliiam Smith, Esqr. 

. A parcel of Old I'ewter 



Edward Bvam, Esqr. . 

. A (Jun .... 







Gattley . 

. A Tack and Anpurtenances 


Mr. Boach " . 

. A Fisl: Kettle' . 

Mr. Boaeh 

. Two (Tridirun-;. a pair of Dogsanc 

Cuilendar .... 


Mr. l\oai.-li 

. A P.oll metal Tott 


Mrs. A\'atkin.; ... 

. A FiMtlur lied. ]?edstead. Mat- 

r.i>s and I'aviliou 


Doctor Ooaklcy 

. A Ditto .... 


Mrs. AVatkiiis " . 

. A Large square Dinning Tal)ie . 


IMrs. Watkins . 

. A roijud 'JMiall .... 



. A ruii'id tea Tabic 





Purchasers' Names 
Mrs. Watkins . 

Mrs. Watkins . 

Mrs. "Watkins . 
John Yearmaiis . 
Mrs. AVat kins . 
Mr.s. Watkins . 
Praiicis Pjirlcy, ]?]sqr, 
Mrs. Watkins . 
John Gatley 
Henry Va.ssei], Esqr. 
Mrs. Watkins . 
John Gatley 

Mrs. AVatkins . 
Mrs. Watkins . 
Trancis Farley, Esqr. 

John Smith, Junr. 
Mr. AVilliain Byam 
John Smith, Junr. 
Mrs. Bart a 
Edward Hornc, Esqr. 

Join) Yeannans . 

John Weir 

Edward Home, Esqr. 
Denbow Sawcolt 
John Smith, Junr. 
John Lyons, Esqr. 
Captain Ockley . 

John Smith, Jur.r. 

Mrs. Watkins . 
Thomas Oliver. Es(|r. 
Tiiotnas Oliver, hiSiir. 
WillitiLn Smith, K^qr. 
Doctor Mi'kittriok 
Thomas Oliver, Esqr. 

W. Roach .... 
William Smith, Esqr. 

Charle.-> Payne Sharpc, E?qr. 

Wliat Sold. £ *. d. 

A Sideboard Table of red J.,aun- 

ders 3 

Twelve Mahoganny Cliairs, diffe- 
rent sorts . ' . . . 12 
A Close Stool Chair . . . 1 10 
A Larj^e Hum Case full of Brandy 24.. 10 
A Small limn Case, old . . 10 
An iron Chest . . . , 15 
A Chest of Drawers . . . 13 15 
An old wainscoat IBcaureau . 7 G 

A Mahogany Slab . . . 5 5 
A Mahogany Shaving Stand . 4 18 
A SmalfLamp Stand . . . 15 
Two Large Looking Glasses, one 

of tbem broken . . . 5 G 
A Dressing Glass . . . 15 

A Carpet and two flour Matts . 1 10 
Two Trays and a Bread Bas- 

kett 4 

A Silver mounted Hanger . . 8 2 
Two Mourning Swords . . 10 
A Carbine and Bayonet . . 4 10 
An old Glass Lanthorn . . 7 G 
A Blue and white China Taurecn 

and two Dishes . . . 3 10 
2 Doz. Enamled China Plates 

and 10 Dishes . . . 8 5 

1 Doz. and 11 Blue and white 

China Plates, 1 Doz. soup Do., 

and large soup Dish and three 

other Dishes . . . 5 5 

1 Doz. Burnt tea Cups and sau- 
cers, G Blue and AVhite . 
Twelve Chocolate Couloured Ba- 
sons . . . . . 15 
Twelve red and white Basons and 

12 plates . . . . G 2 

Two China Pint and one Quart 

Mug 1 14 

Two Quarts, two pints and one 

Gallon Decanter, and one 

Dozen . . . 2 

1 Large red and A\hite, 1 Blue, 

and 2 red China ISowls . . 2 15 
A Canlar ..... 
A Silver Tea Kettle . 

A Coffee Pot, ;is 15 at 13.S-. . 25 3 

A Caudle Cup, 72 17 at i:?.v. . 47 7 0| 
A Tankard, 33 oz. at U..-. b/. . 18 5 9 
Two Half pint Cups. lU 11 at 

8s. G(/ 4 8 

Two pint Cans, 24 12 at 0*-. 11 1 4 

One pint and a half pint Can, 

19 oz. at ds 8 11 

Two Sauce Boats, IS IG at 

1 U. G</ 10 15 9 



rurcbascrs' Xaines. 
John Gatloy 

Edward Home, iil^^qr. 

AVilliam Smitli, Esqr. 

Prancis Farley, Es(jr. : 

Mr. ]{oac!i 

AVilliam Sinitli, Esqr. 

James Brebner, E*qr. 
I'rancis EarlcN", Esqr. 

Charles Payne Sharpe, Esqr. 
John Smiih, Junr. 

Thomas Oliver, Esqr. 

Charles Payne Sharpe, Eyqr. 

Doctor Mckitlrick 

Edward Ilorac, Esqr 

John Smith, Junr. 

Mrs. "Wat kins . 

Mrs. Watkius . 

Mrs. AVatkius . 







Tlionias Oliver, Esqr. 
Edward llorue, Esqr. 
Chai-lca Payne Sharpo, E.-iqr 

What Sold. £ s. d. 

One Sauce Boat, plain, 9 6 at 

lOs. 3r/. .... 4 15 

Two embossed Salvers, 61 oz. at 

12s. 6(/ 38 2 6 

Four Pillar'd fluted Candle- 
sticks 62 

Four Hall Candlesticks, 77 10 at 

105. (id 40 13 9 

A Pair Chamber Candlesticks, 

20 16 at 9s 9 6 10 

A Set Silver Castors, 28 5 at 

10s 14 2 6 

Another Set Castors, 33 19 at 

12s 20 7 5 

A Soup Spoon, 6 18 at 8s. lOd. . 3 11-^ 
A Soup Laddie, 8 oz. at 

10s. 3^/ 4 2 

A punch Laddie . . . . 2 10 
A Doz. Table Spoons, 24 oz. at 

10s. SJ 12 16 

One Doz. Desert Spoons, 11 11 

at 10s. lOd 6 6 1 

A Doz. Desert Spoons, 12 10 at 

10s. lOf/ 6 15 5 

Eleven Table Spoons, old, 22 10 

at Ss. 6a' 9 11 3 

Four Scollopt Salt and Spoons, 

]5 18 at lis. {JJ. . . . 9 2 10 
Four plain Salt and 2 Spoons, 

10 8 at 8s. 6J. . . . 4 9 31 

A pair Chambers Candlesticks, 

20 10 at 9s 9 6 10 

A Taureen Ladle, 7 15 at 

8s 3 2 

A punch Ladle, 2 oz. at 

10s 10 

A Doz. Silver Spoons, 23 oz. at 

10s 11 10 

Six old Desert Spoons, 6 oz. at 

7s. ^d 2 15 

A Dozen tea Spoons, Tongs, in a 

case, 8 oz. at lOv. . . . 4 

Ei'^ht old Tea spoons, 3 10 at 

7s. 6(/ 16 3 

A silver Peper Box, 2 oz. at 

7s. (Jd 15 

A silver Cream pot, 3 oz. at 

7s. Gd 12 6 

A silver Sugar Dish, 9 oz. at 

8s. . . " . . . 3 12 

A silver Sugar Dish and Cream 

pot, 17 ]] at 13s. . . 11 8 1 

Three Skewers and a ^Marrow 

Spoon, 9 19 at 9.v. Gd. . 4 14 6 

Two Tortoise shell Cups and 

stands, silver rims and pedistals 12 15 



"Purcbasers' Names. 
Jolui Weil- 
John Gatley 
Edward Home, Esqr. 

Mrs. Watkins . 
Doctor Gloster . 
Mrs. AYatkins . 

"VV'in. Atkinson . 
Baptist Looby, Esqr. . 
Samuel Martin, Esqr. 
Edward Gamble 
Elizabeth Carnega 
A Free Negro . 
Edward Gamble, Esqr. 
Edward Home, Esqr. 
William Snaip . 
Mrs. Gamble 
Mr. Eoach 
Mr. Eoach 
John Galley 
Joseph Manwariug . 
William Atkinson 
Doctor Jolua Muir 
John Smith 
Edward ]?eed 
John Smith 
Edward Eced 
Lawrence Mclintock . 
John Smith 
John Smith 
Baptist Looby, Esqr. . 
John Gatley 
Edward Eced 
Edward Keed . 
Mr. Eoach 

Eobert lirowue, Esqr. 
Eobert Browne, .Esqr. 
Eobert Browne, Esqr. 
Doctor John ^Muir 
Doctor John Muir 
Eobert Browne, Esqr. 
Eobert Browne, J^sqr. 
Baptist Looby, Esqr. . 
Benjamin Bannerinan 
Eobert Browne, Esqr. 
Eobert Browne, Es([r. 
Eobert Browne, Esqr. 
Mrs. Law ford . 
Baptist Looby, Esqr. . 
Baptist Looby, Es(ir. . 
Benjamin Baunermau 
John Eicl)ardson 
Johu V»'cir 

AVhat Sold. 
Two cases silver liandled Knives 

and Eorks and 12 spoons 
Two Cases silver handled Knive 

and Forks 
Two cases China handled Knive 

and Forks 
A. parcel of linen 
A post Chariot and two horses 
A single hnrse Chaise and 

Mare .... 
An old Chaise 
An old axlctrere to a Chaise 
509G feet Boards at £10 . 
8770 feet Boards at Do. . 
500 Do. Do. . 

1000 Do. Do. . 

2J:02 feet Toit at £8 pm . 
15S0 Staves at £7 5s. 
7952 Shingles at So*', pui 
A parcel of I'ough Stone 
Three Hogshead Jjime 
Four Small Casks Terras 
Seven Wheelbarrows . 
A Cart and Harness . 
A parcel old rotten Harness 
4 Empty oil Tugs 
Ten Keggs of Paint . 

Six Tuggs of Oil 

1G8 30 Nails at 9i . 

500 20 Nails 

A Cask i Nails 57 

A Cask G oz. Nails 24 

A Cask 20 ... 

A pair of Shades 

1050 of old Iron at 10s. Gd. 

An old Trucks 

Two Bo.xes of Window Glass 

Cow Sarah .... 

Cow St. John 

Another Cuw and Calf 

Another Cow and Calf 

A Black Cow . 

Cow Lydia and her Calf 

A Black Cow . 

Cow Lee and her Bull Calf 

Cow Suly and Calf 

Cow h'ranky and Calf 

Cow Hainiah and Calf 

Cow Marote and iier Bull Calf 

Cow Clierry 

An old Cow, vcrv poor 

Cow Sally . ". . . 

Cow Marote and Calf 

Cow Cherry 

A Cow and Calf . 

A Cow .... 

28 10 

8 10 






1 10 

50 10 2i 

87 14- 01 



19 4 31 

11 9 1 
13 18 3f 



1 10 

2 12 G 

7 6 

16 19 


6 9 6 

4 3 9 

12 16 G 

7 IS 7 


5 10 3 

6 2 

10 .0 



11 15 



13 10 
9 5 

14 15 

10 15 




10 5 




Purchasers' Xaiuei-. 
Robert Browne, Esqr. 
Robert Browne, Esqr. 
Robert Browne, Esqr. 
Doctor Jolni Muir 
Doctor John Muir 
Doctor John Muir 
Doctor Jol)u Muir 
Henry Vassal, Esqr. . 

Edward Home, Esqr. 

Revd. David Hopkins 
Baptist Loobj, Esqr. . 

John Tearinans . 
Robert Browne, Esqr. 


John Weir 
Samuel Martin, Esqr. 
Thomas Oliver, Esqr. 
Mrs. Watkins . 
John Gatley 
John Lyons, Esqr. 
Mr. Roach 
Charles Payne Sharpe, Esqr 

Mr. Roach 

Edward Gamble, Esqr. 
John Gal way 
William Atkinson 
AVilliam .Atkinson 
Jolm Gatley 
Edward llornc, I'jsqr, 
Mrs. Gamble 
Mr. Roach 
Thomas Tew 
Edward Bull . 
AV^illiam Hillhouse 
Walter Burke . 
Bi.i^i^ott . 
Charles Winstone 

Richard Oliver, ll]sqr 
William Smith, Esqr 

Jeremiah Xibbs 
Ann Wat kins 

William Atkinson 
Joseph Buckloj 

What Sold. 




A Steer 



A Ditto . 



A Ditto 



A Young Bull . 


A Young Bull . 



A Ditto 

7 10 

A Ditto 


Horse Hulton 


Horse Buckhunter 


Eleven Weather Sheep at 

£8 Ss. 6if. . 

, , 


Eleven do. at do. 



Ten do. at do. and one Ewe at 

£1 Os. Od. . ■ 

, , 



Six Lambs 

, , 


Six Ewes and a Ram at £1 lO*-. (jd. 



Seven Ewes at £1 5s. 

Gd. . 




Fifteen do. at 45s. Qd 

, , 




Four Kids and two Rams . 



Four Kids . 

, , 



Four Ewe Goats 



A parcel of Law Books 


A Ccedar Press . 



A parcel of Paper 



A Mahogany Cabinet 



Six AV^indsor Chairs 

two old 

Chairs, and stool 



A AVriting Deske 



An old paper Press 



An old Desk 


A sideboard 



An old Saddle . 


12500 of Bricks at £1 

10s. pm . 



1000 Do. at 




GOOO Do. at 



1500 Do. at 




2000 Do. at 



1000 Do. at 




5000 Do. at 




A Negro man, Scipio 



A Xegro \Voman, Gr 

ice . 


Negro Woman Rachel and her 

child Sarah 



Negro Wrench or Gruffy . 


Bov Lorenso 

• • 


The Testator's Watch 

, a Legacy 




A parcel of Bermudas 



Three silver 



A Carpet . 

• • • 


A seilan Chair 

• • 



An old Mare 



Testator's wearing Apparel, Le- 

gacy to Atkinson, 


of ". 




6275 feet Lumber at 

fil2 pni . 





Purclia'ors' Names, "What, Sold 

Eichard Oliver .... A Kitchen Jacke .£500 
Ditto .... Eight Uoz. Maderia 

John Atkinson . 



. 12 
. 10 


30 13 

21 17 

5 2 


A cask of Nails 
A sett of Books 
20-30 Shingles at 

pm . 


£8975 2 31 

Schedule " B " mentioned in and referred to by the foregoing Bill. 

Account of the Estate of John Watkins, Esq., deceased, containing the 
amount of money and securities for money found in the House, the 
amount of what his lands, Tenements, Slaves, Household furniture and 
other effects sold for, and also an Account of the debts due to him at his 
death, for and how the money's arising by such Sale have been paid and 
applied by Ann Watkins his Widow and only acting Executrix, viz. : — 

The Estate of John Watkins, Esq., deceased. Contra. 

1762, £ s. d. £ s. d. 

Aug. 5 To Cash paid the G-eneral for Licence to 

bury the Testator in his own family 

burying Ground £1 10s. 4i., and for 

proving the Will and Codicils 75s. . . 5 5 4 

To Do. paid several Porters into the Country 

funeral 2 3 

To Do. paid Thomas Bogte for the Coffin 

and attending to the Grave . . . 4 110 
To Do. paid the Grave Diggers ... 76 

10 6 1 

9 To Do. paid Lawerence McLintock for 39 
Bushels of Indian Corn to feed the 

Negroes 12 12 6 

12 To Do. paid for Mourning for the Ex'trix . 20 18 6 
To Do. paid Lucy Eeynolds what she laid 
out for stock meat and the week the 
Testator died .... .250 

23 3 6 

15 To Ditto paid for a of Rice for the 

Negroes 4 19 2 

16 To Ditto paid Thomas Beech recording 

Clerk in the Regist. Office . . . 16 10 

17 To Ditto paid the Bell-ringer ... 30 
To Ditto paid the Ordinary for AVarrant of 

Appraisement ...... 15 

18 To Ditto paid the printer advertising the 

Effects to be sold 7 6 

30 To Ditto paid for a tierce of Rice for the 

Negroes . . . . . . , 6 8 

To Ditto paid the printer for a second 

advertisement .,,... 76 





. 4 



To Ditto paiil Williams and Co. for a 
Barrel! of licof for the Negroes 

To Ditto paid Q'hoinas Aranier, Esqr., 
retaining' ... ... 

To Ditto fill, the Farrier ciiiin',' tlie Mare of 
a I>aiiienal ...... 

To Ditto pd. tlic printer for a third adver- 
tisement ....... 

To Do. pil. ihc l{ej;i.ner's fee for Reeording 
the Testator's AVill 

To Do. pd. the seeretar}' for the same 

To Do. ])il. three weeks allowance to 3G 
negroes they were sold (a, £2 lUs. 3(/. per 
week ....... 

Oct. 9 To Do. pd. the smith for shoeing the Horse 
lUickhunter ...... 

To Do. pd. for keeping 67 days @ 1/G (he 

being lame) . ' . 

13 To Do. pd. a Portor to General Thomas's to 

appoint a day for executing Conveyance 

of Slaves to him ..... 

£ s. 


1 13 

IG 10 

1 10 






7 10 








Nov. l(j 

Dec. 1 



Jan. 17 

To Do. pd. advertising tlie lands and tene- 
ments ....... 

To Do. pd. Francis Elliott Eent of the 
Chambers ...... 

To Do. ])d. Judith ],iott a Quarter's Annuity 
duo 13t]i instant ..... 

To Do. pd. the Parson and Clerk's Fees for 
the Interment ..... 

To amount of Wai'ucr and Gloster's Bill 
discounted with (iloster .... 

G'o cash paid the ^Midewife delivering Eachel 

a Negro T\'oman ..... 
To Ditto jjaid the Barber shaving i\Ir. AVat- 

kins when dead ..... 
To Do. j)d. l]ihvard Jlorne, Esijr., retaining 
To Do. iM. for a half a Quire of Bands and 

Judgments ...... 

To Do. pd. for an advertisement 

To Do. pd. William Wordsworth on account 

To Do. pd. Doctor Warner 

To do. pd. for Taxes ..... 

To Do. pd. the adjutant of Blue regt. for 

Clerks non a|ip(ar;ince .... 
To Do. ])d. AVilliam AVordsworth on Account 
'J'o Do. pd. his housekeeper to get the 

necessary's for Funeral .... 
To Do. pd. George Freenum on Account . 

To Do. pd. AVin. Atkinson 
To Do, pd. Thos. Jicech 

1 6 

7 6 

37 3 11 

22 10 

4 14 10 

120 16 1^ 

3 6 

1 10 
16 10 



3 6 
7 10 
6 18 



1 16 
3 6 

9 6 
11 16 


16 10 
G 12 

£ s. d. 

30 16 7 

32 8 4 

185 12 4i 




Jan. 24 To Do. pd. 


s. d. 
14 6 

389 IS 

22 10 

10 4 


13 10 


9 18 


22 10 

£ s. d. 
57 1 3 

To this sum discounted with Ferris and 3fal- 

loun on the Testator's JJond Account 
To pd. Judith Liott a (Quarter's 
Annuity due 13th instant 
29 To Do. pd. liohcrt Killiii^ly for scvei'al 
surveys of Land and for hor.-^eliire . 
To Ann A\^atkins for the Board and of 
George Freeman ..... 
To Cash paid Wm. Atkinson on Account . 
Mar. 1 To Do. pd. the printer for two advertise- 
ments ..... 
Apr. 13 To Do. pd. Lawyer's Judge 

To Do. pd. Judith Liott her Annuity due 
this day ....... 

18 To Cash pd. Edward Ganihle Master in 
Chancery on Account of tlie Testator's 
Deht to the Suitors h\ Chancery . . 6790 
To Walter Tullideph his two bonds up 
to Edward Gamble in full of the said Debt 
to the Suitors in Chancery . . . 1500 

To Cash paid "Wm. Atkinson 

To Cash paid Caesar Eoach his vendor 

Account ...... 

To so much discounted with Caesar Eoach 

in full of his Account against the 


To Cash pd.the Executors of Daniel Warner, 

Esqr., in full of Testator's Bond. 
To Do. pd. Andrew Lessly, senr., in full of 

Testator's Bond ..... 
To Do. pd. George Bingham Do 

To cash paid Blizard and Warner in Full 
Testator's Bond ..... 
To Ditto paid John Halliday Ditto 
To Ditto paid Alexander Crawford Ditto . 
To Ditto paid Isaac Anderson for his claim 
To Ditto paid Elizabeth Clarke Do 

To Ditto paid Freeman ori Account 

rov. 2 To Ditto paid Do. due 13th instant 

To the followiiig sums allowed Thomas Oliver 
in his Account, the same having been paid 
by him to the undermeutioued Creditors 
of the Testator, A'izt. — 

Samuel Simpson the amount of his account 53 4 

John Atkinson for Eobert Douuison . . 17 IG 3 

Hart and Hillhouse 2 G 

Thomas Martin 20 

445 IG 2 

19 IG 



211 8 


227 19 


G4 18 

151 G 
312 2 





G4S 12 
366 2 
157 4 
3S2 11 





22 10 



17G3 £ s. d. 

Nov. 2 William Bcatv Gl 3 2 

John Smith " Bond . . . . 121 15 4 

AValkcr and AVoIr 39 G 11 J 

To this sum discounted with Alexander 

AVillock, beini; the amount of his accot. . 2G5 10 4v 

'J"o this sum credited in this aciount for Ord 
and JiVms Bond a verdict beiiiij fouml for 
the lieft. \\lien the bond was put in 
suit IGG 

To the lilce for Aron Lyms Bond, the 
same having been satisfied to in the Tes- 
tator's life ' IGO 

To this Sum credited for Edward Green's 
Bond, tlie testator being indebted to said 
Green in a larger Sum for monies received 
of Hans Mackens to Green's Tise and for 
Bussiness done GtJ @ \oO Exchge. . . 99 

To so much credited for Doctor Muire 
Bond, the same being discounted age, 
his account of Medicines and for Goods 
sold 200 

To so much credited for Jane LyoJis's Bond, 
the same having been allowed to the 
estate iu passing the Accot. with the 
suitors in chan. ..... 200 

To a Loss on Andrew Irwin's Debt, he 
being not to be found .... 

To the like on Pierce 3Iurphy's . 

To tlie like on Thomas Woohvard's 

To this sum crediteil for Andrew Lessly's 
Note, the same having been paid the 
Testator iu his life ..... 

To this sum credited as due from John 
Moi.telgue, he being J)ead 

To cash paid ^nn Wat kins, her Annuity to 
4th .\ugust 17U:] being one year 

To Ditto paid Ditto a Eund to secure her 
Aniiuity settled on her .... 

To Ditto jjaid Bowland Oliver, Esqr., his 
Mortgage account ..... 

To this sun; sujjpo^cil neu-ssary to answer 
the Annuity of .ludilh Eiott of £90 pd. 
and granted her by the Testator 

To Kichard and Richard Oliver Ditto 

To Jxichard Oliver tlie Ekler being so much 
received by the Testator for the use of 
Oliver of the Estate of Ixobert 
ratter^ou and for which .huigments . 2224 14 5 

To this sum credited in this Account a.s due 
from Hichard and Kichard Oliver, the 
same being allowed to the estate before 
the last Judgment was granted . . 104 I 10 

To William Smith, Esiir., ou Judgment . 42 14 .1. 

To Thomas Tew on .ludgniont . . . 229 7 7' 

To Wm. Lesslv on Judi'inent . . .. GO 17 -i-. 
























315 11 81 



17G3 £ s. d. 

Xov. 2 To this sum supposed necessary io answer 

Lawyer's Bills and Office fees . . 150 

To Clerks Lire and 100 

21,942 IS 2^ 

To tliis pum paid James Atliill, Attorney 
to Eieliard and Eichard Oliver, being so 
miicli received of NathaTiiel Kuiglit by 
the Testator a few days before he dyed 
for the said Knight's Debt to the said 
R. and E. Oliver and .... 550 

17G2, August 5. By Cash found in Iron Chest ; amount of Sales of the 
Testator's Slaves, House and furniture ; Cash of Thomas Tew in full of his Bond ; 
liichard Donavan his Bond with interest ; Samuel Nibbs his Bond. Interest 
thereon to 17th November 17G3. By Mansfield Ord and Aron Lym their joint 
Bond for £16G ; Aron Lvm's Bond £1G0; Edward Green Bond for £GG sterling 
Exch. at £150, £99; James Dealy'a Bond £12 ; John Muire Bond £200; John 
Martin £107 ; Jane Lyons's Bond £200; liic-hard Unnavan and Patrick Byrne 
their joint Bond; Interest thereon; Alexander AV^illocks Bond ; James Athill's 
Bond and interest ; Thomas Sawcohs Bond ; John Wand ; Anthony Browne's 
Note; Pierce Murphy ; Thomas Woolward ; Andrew Lessly's Note ; John !Mon- 
teiguc ])o. ; Thomas Nicholas Bond £22 ; John Patterson's note ; Walter Tulli- 
deph's Five Bonds £1501 ; a brick house sold for ; a wooden House sold for 

; a Do. ; a Do. 

By the following sums due to the Testator for Law Business Task Work. 
By Ceasar Boach for self and Hill Huggins, Henry Blizard, Saml. Nibbs, Eare 
Daniel, Baptist Looby, Patrick Byrne, John Bird, "William Sheriff, Harry 
Alexander, Estate John Tomlinson, John Otto Bayer. Eobert Christian, Prancis 
Elliott, Thomas Elmos, Thomas J^urton, INfain Sweet Walrond, Bernard Salwarvc, 
George Hurst, AVilliam ]Mackinen, John Gilchrist, Charles AVm. Mackinen, John 
Halliday, Byam Freeman, Ex'ors of Oliver Burke, fJstate Valentine Browne, 
Eichard and Eichard Oliver, Cash paid Ann Watkins in Silver. 

N.B. — Tlie following persons appear by the Testator's Books to be indebted to 
him in the sums after mentioned. But as they deny the , Executrix 

cannot sutficiently prove them. They are therefrom : — 

Ale.xander Eraser, Heyns and Sawcolt, Doctor Jolin Muir, Thomas Stovenson, 
AVilliam Jarvis, Dav and Gloster. 

Schedule " C," mentioned and referred to by the foregoing Bill. 

AVilliam Lessly, ^Tariner, obtained a A'erdict upon the day of 

1703 for the sum of £G(J 17a'. 4:1(1. Currency ags. the Complt. Ann Watkins in an 
Action upon the case for goods sold and delivered and Judgments thereon 
Entered ou the day of 17G3. 5th April 17G3 Ann AVatkins con- 

fessed a Judgment when assetts to Eichard Oliver the Elder for 

£G0 17s. 4:\d. Currency. 

5th April 17G3. Ann Watkins confessed a Judgment when Assetts to 
Eichard and Eichard Oliver of the City of London, Merchatit.=<, for the sum of 
£714 lG.s\ 9a. lawfull money of Great liritain with live Pounds Currency for Costs 
of suit in an Action upon the case for money lent, laid out and expended for the 
U8e of the said John AVatkins. £714 IGs. 9^. Sterling, 

vox,. Y. 


Si'd April. Ann "Watlnns confossrd a Judgment wlicn Aspctts to AVillinm Sinitn, 
E«(]r., for the sum of £iO 14.s\ Id. (Jold and Silver Cr.rrent money of the Island 
of Antigua v.^th live pounds Currency for Costs of suit in an Action U]ion 
the cape for nionev's Lad and reed, bv the said John AVatkins to the use of the 
said 'Wm. Smith. " * £40 14s. Id. Currency. 

2nd ^[ay 17t)3. Ann AVatkins confessed a Judgment when Assetts to 
liiehard Olive- the Elder of the City of London, ^Merchant, for the sum ot" 
£2224 14.V. 'id. Gold and Silver money of Antigua with iive jiounds Currency for 
costs of suit in an Aclion upon the case for inonev had and reed, to the use of the 
said liichard Oliver tlie Elder. " £2224 14.s'. od. Currency. 

Ann W.nkin^ confessed a Judgment when Assetts to Thomas Tew of the 
Island of .Vuiigua, Mariner, for the sum of £220 currency with pounds 

Curre?icy fur Co.^i.'i of suit an Action and upon 

an accepted order and for the use and occupation of two Chambers. 


(Srant ot Struts' to E23ininm 33tcltti:irti, 

(British Museum, Add. MS. 14,293, fo. 24.) 

To all and singular to whom these presents shall come S'' William Dugdale K"' 
garter principiii Iving of armes and S'' henrey S' Gorge (sic) Clarenceux King of 
armes send greeting whereas {blank) son & heir of S'' Tho. Beckford K"' late 
ahlerman of y^ citty of London deceased haveing made application to his grace 
Henry Daclc (sic) of Norfolk Earl marshall of Englatul touching a coat of amies 
and crest to he gviiiled to him and his deseudents the said Earl marshall being 
vrell satisfied of y"' loyalty and worthiness of y"^ said (blank) did thereupon by his 
warrant bearing ihire )'^ 2S day of January last past order and appoint us to 
devysc grant and assign unto y^ said [William Beckford*] and his descendents 
.such armes k crc^t as he and thay may lawfully bear Know ye that we tlie 
said Garter and C'lareu'-eux [King*] of armes by authority of the letters patents 
of our oilices under \'' great seal of England to us respectively granted and in 
pursuance of y'' said Earl ]\Lu'shalls warrant have devysed and do by these pre- 
sents grarxt ar.d a.=;sigue unto y*^ said [William lieckford*] )<= armes and crest 
here after meinioned viz. party per pale gules and azure on a cheveron argent 
belwcen three martlets or an eagle displayed sable and for the crest, on a wreath 
argent and mdes a cranes head erased or holding in y* beak a fish argent, as in' y^ 
inargiti liere id' more plainly appeareth to be borne and used for ever hereafter by 
him \'' stiid [Williaui I^eckt'ord*] &, y*^ heirs and others descendeitts of his body 
lawfully begotten in shield coat armore penon seal or otherwise according to >'' 
law of armes without y*^ lett or interruption of any person or persons whatsoever. 

In witncs whereof wo y^ said Garter and Clarenceux (blank) of armes have to 
iliese presents subscribed our names and afKx y"^ seale of our respective olHces 
this second day of february in y*^ first year of y" reign of our sovereign lord 
James y'' secisnd by y« grace of god (blank) of England Scotland and 
Ireland defender of the faith etc": aiuioq dui millesimo sexcentesimo (jiiinlo. 

William Dugdale, Ltarter. 
lieu, b' George, Clarenceux. 

[The arms and crest are sketched in pencil preparatory tojjein.g painted. This 
volume is a collection of copies of grants of arms. Only the iirsi 23 folios have 
the arms jiainted in the shields, in the remainder of the volume the latter are 
blank and unfinished. I have omitted using the numerous capital letters. — Ed.J 

* lu pencil. 

( 83 ) 

SDmimcitrationsa (?3X-C0 rtlatin^ ti5 

WBt^t In^mx 


In tho earlj Administration Act books the entries are in contracted Latin. 
In the margin isf; noted tlic diocese, but it' tfie person died abroad '" in partibus " 
is written. The great majority of such were of courbo mariners, and they are 
usually noted as having died "in parlibus ultramarinis " or " transmarinis " or 
"super alto mare," the name of the .<hip not a:^ a rule being given. Occa.-^ioually 
persons are recorded as having died in iScotland, Ireland, East India, Persia, 
oMuscovv, Spain, France, Germany, Holland, etc. Entries of Virginia a[)t>car 
in 1G27.' 

Commencing my search iu 1G23, I found no entry of the W. I. previous to 
1630, when the first one occurs relating, as one would expect, to S' Christopher, 
which was founded shortly before Barbados. This entry is given as a specimen 
iu full :— 

" 1630, June. Daniel Gulliford. Octavo die emanavit ComilTio Bridgitte 
GuUiford reke Daniclis GuUiford imp infra Inlulam Ui Chriltoferi in ptibus 
ultramarinis def heulis etc. ad adminitirauS bona jura et Cred dci def de bene 
etc. Coram Kicho Knight Ctico vigore Corn etc. Jurat 12'' 6^ lU'V fo. IZl. 


1632, Feb. Marcus Marshall. *G, to Robert Marshall, the brother of 
M. M., "nup intra lusulam vocat Le Barbadoes," with consent of Mary M. 
the relict. 

1633, Deo. 9, to Eoger North, t Es^p, creditor of — 


AVilliam ArrundcU, 
Francis Acton, 
E d \\ ar d B ra d f o r d , 
Thomas lieeton, 
Eobert ]3alard, 
AVililani Bud al's- 

Go wen, 
Francis JSolton, 
Amer Bicklifie, 

Henry Burdet, 
Koger Carpenter, 
Phillip Cui-tis, 
Robert Crosse, 
Jonathan Downer, 
Henry Dill.un, 
William Flud, 
Xathaniel Gulil, 
Raphe Moore, 

163G, Oct. Roger Lymbrey. 20, to Mary L., the relict of R. L., '•'nup 
in lulula Barbathoes," deceased. 

]Gb(!, Oct. Anthony Hilton. J 21, to George Grillith, piiucipal creditor 
of A. II., in foreign parts, bach., deceased. 

Philip Mackerna, 
Edward Lacy, 
Richard Robinson, 
Richanl y[)arke, 
Thomas I'hornebury, 
James Williams, 
Robert Wake, 

all of Amazonia. 



* T!ie words " Adui'ou on the" iu each entry for ilie siviii:;' of space I omit. 

t C-ij)luin Horror Nortli, brother to Lor 1 North, had aeronii.aiiicil b>ir Walter K ilei'jh on 
the lalti r's last vuya,i,'e to (iuiana. Alter hi:i reluni a ooiiqiany '.(as lurjucd in liUS, uml with 
other adventurer!: to tl;e number of 120 !ie sjiM-elly sai'ud from i'lynioulh the last, of April l(j:2t), 
solUed 1(;0 leaii-ues in> ilit A\ui7,on, and letnrnrd with a c-ir_'o of tohaeoo, hut thron^'li Spanish 
opposition was coniniiiujd to ihe Towner. ;Mr. Tho. AVarncr, John Rhodes, and Kobert IJims, 
after livin;.' two years on the .Vniazon. >;ailed for Eiii,'lind, went ih-Mieo to AMririnia, and liien 
settled the ].^h^nd of .St. Cl>.ri.sio)'her in Itiii;?-:^;. C'ajitain Nortli in liiiiS di>[' itidie I a rein- 
forcevaent of four sliips \vith 200 men : ' the lirst shiii with 112 men not one misearricd.'' Tiic 
adininistrafi'"'n of the iroods of the above 2-i men in 10^3 h>ad,-; one to suspect lliit a ship was 
lost, or these setth-rs were carried off by un e[>idemic. ("'Johu Smith's Travels,' IL., IbS. 
Coioiji.U C.'al. of .S;:-te I'apers.) 

I "Cap- Anthony UvUon, President of Mevis," siLrned tho Treaty of Peace 5 ."^ept. and 
8 Nov. 1<>2H at f<l. Chri-t,)phcr. Ife became about lt".;U Goxirnor of Tortii.:a, whi're the 
Ei:j!is!i Governor (probably Hilton) was killed at the Spanish attack in Dec. 1031. (See anle, 
II., 5.) 



Iti37, June. Sam. Lymbrcy. 2, to Jonas Hopkins, a creditor of S. L., 
bach., in pts., dec". 81 

1G3S, Oct. D"^ William Tufton, Kn'.* 16, to George llawle, creditor of 
S'' AV^. T., in forcij:;!! parts, baeb., deceased. 21G 

1G38, Jau. Thomas Barton. 21, to Aunc Barton, now wife of Lewis 
Morri.s',t " in partibus Barbadus remanen," relict of T. \l., late of Barbadiis, 
deceased. 2 

IG^'S, Marcn. Kobert Baylie. ?>1, to Henry Pitt and Nath. Bacheler, 
of the town of iSouthampton, merchant.^, to administer the goods of K. B., 
late of Antiego in America, bach., deceased. 21 

_ _16.S9, Feb. ham. Linaker. 2G, to Peter Cole of S' Michael, Cornhill, 
citizen and Btacorer, one of the creditors of S. L., late in the Island of IS* 
Christr.fcv, wid', deceased. 20''. 105 

1012, Peb. Ealpb Batson. G, to Edmund Batsou, clerk, the brother of 
R. B., late deceased in Le Barbadocs. 8 

16i;j, May. Michael Wilkinson. 20, to Tho. Townseud, creditor of M. W., 
late of the Island of S' Christofer but in London, deceased. 24 

[There is a hiatus from Aug. 1613 to Nov. 1G44.] 

1648, i»Iarch. Y/'illiam Davies. 9, to Kichard Davies, the father of 

^V. D., iti le Barbados, deceased. 28 

1619, April. Thomas Browne. 21, to Mathew Edwards, principal creditor 

of T. B., bach., late in le Barbadoe.^, deceased. 57 

1C49, Jirne. John llichardson. 9, to Stephen Eiehardson, gen., the 

brother of J. R., late of Carroii Hill iu the Island of Barbadoes, bach., 

deceased. 66 

1649, Sept. 'ihomas Willoughby, 12, to Edward W., the son of T. W., 
late of Soalhwaik, but in the J.^land. of Le Barbados, deceased. Eliz. W. 

thf relict. 109 

1GJ9, Oct. EdjL'Und Eraser. 5, to John Cooke, a mother's brother, 

principal creditor of E. V., in the Island of Barbados, bach., deceased. Also 

Johu Fra/.er. {The like adm'on.) 128 

J 6-1.9, Xnv. 'Thomas Powell. 17, to Peirce P., brother of T. P., late of 

tho Island of S' Xpofer, deceased. 134 

i6A9, Dee. J.jhu Latter. 21, to Jane L., relict of J. L., late of the 

Island of Bavbad', deceased. 3' 10\ 161 

1649, Dec. Edward Cranlieid. 5, to Mary Peisly al's Cranfeild, the 
motkor of V.. C, lale ni the Island (>f Barbadoes, deceased, during the 
minority of Francis, Wiliiaia and Edward C, tho children. See also April 
1G53 and J-jIv IW,). 170 

IGii), Feb" .L)hi! Bradford. 2G, to Anne B., relict of J. B., late of ]}ar- 
badoes. decea.nd. . IS 

1619. March. George Hartlolt. 8, to Eichard IE, the brother of G. II., 
late in " Judi.i Occi'Jciitali," bach., deceased. 37 

1GI9, M.uvli. Dermau Harrowe. 29, to jSIary H., widow, the relict of 
J). IE, late of the Jtland of S' Ciiristofer and there deceased, luv. 3(5' 1G^ 44 

1619, Oct. Edward Asforbv. 2'), to Chr. Porrell and Anne P. al's 
Asforby, his wife, the ninthcr of E. A.. 1. iu foreign parts, deceased. 117 

1650, April. John Olver. 0, to Eliz,. Levericke, widow, principal creditor 

of J. O., bach., l;.te of the Island of j^arbados, deceased. 53 

* sir Wilhar.i Tufton, cotumissiopcJ as Gdvernor of Barbados by tho Earl of CarlUlc, arrived 
Ml 2L Do-.-. If)-".), bin .v:is -JUpt-.-seded iti .Tune 16:?0 by Capt. Henry Ha'vley. In May 1631 
Turtcn was I'oiiiid giul'.y of trousou by a p.n;K(.d tribunal and shot. Schoiubur^'U incorrectly 
-^tyicd liiiii a biifonei. 

t Co;. I,c»vis MoiTJ.-, a Croniwellian wlio had i-apturcd Chepstow Castle, became a proraiaenl 
r/k'Uer iu St. Joseph's iu Ui57. 

ADM'oNS (p.C.C.) relating jo west INDIANS. 85 I 

folio. j 

1650, j\ray. Jasper Emrey. 30, to Eichard E., the brother of J. E., hite 
of the Island of S' Christofcr, deceased. G9 

IG.jO, i\Iay. Edward A.sfordby. S, to Charles A., tlie brother of E. A., 
late of Ic Barbadoes, deceased, the adm'on granted in Oct. 1049 to Cliristo- 
phcr Parrel! and Anne his wife being revoked. 81 

1G.30, Oct. Joseph Wetkes. 19, to Lewis W., tlie brother of .J. W., late [ 

of Chimley, co. Devon, but in the Island of 6' Christopher, deceased. loO j 

1G-jO, i\ov. Eiciiard li'ibothaiii. 1, to Klianor Koberts, the mother and | 

attorney of 11. K., lati^ of tbe Island Barbadoes, deceased. 162 j 

16-50, Feb. David Ilewett. 17, to Henry 11., the brother of D. II., late 1 

iu the Island of Barbadoes, bach., deceased. 18 I 

1650, March. Isaac Greene. 15, to Mary G., widow, the relict of I. G., 
late of the Island of Mevis in pts., deceased. 34 

[In 1651 the entries are no longer in Latin but in English.] 

1651, Aug. Philipp Strangeway. 1, to Wm. S., the father of P. S., late 
deceased in the Barbadoes, during y*^ minority and to y'= use of Cath S., 
his dau. 129 

16-51, Feb. John Eead. 18", to Burnell E., the brotlier of J. E., late of 
Barbadoes, widdower, deceased, during y^ minority and to y"^ use of Eliz. and 
Mary E., y" daus. 28 

1652, June. Wm. Trevis. 24, to Tho. T., the brother of W. T., late of 
y'' barbadoes, deceased. 99 

1652, June. Chr. 25, to Frances Ilobbs al's Dinghurst, the 
eister of C. D., late of Bristol but dyed at the Isle of S' Christophers. 100 

1652, July. Hob. Cox. 17, to Mary Cox, widow, tlie relict of E. C, 
late of the Islajul of tlie Barbadoes but dicing in v'^ city of "Westin''. 140 

1652, Sept. Tho. North. 2, to Alice Westwood, wife of David W., 
creditor of T. N., late dyeing at the Barbadoes. 171 

1652, Oct. Vincent Large. 1, to Eliz. L., wid., y*" relict of Y. L., late 
deceased at ve Barbados. 183 

1652, Oct. John Brasyer (Pauper). 14, to Mary B.. wid., y« Mother of 
J. B,, bach., iu v"^ service of y"^ State at y Barbadoes, dec''. 184 

1652, Oct. W'" Pope. If), to John Stephens, the nephew by the brother 
of W. P.. late of Stepney but dying at Barbadoes abord the ship Euth. 186 

165S, A \n-il.* Edward Cranfcild. 26. to Tho. Payne, curator of Francis C. 
and Edward C, minors, tlie sons of E. C, late in y'= Barbadoes, Esq., dec'', of 
est. left unaduiinistered by Mary Peasely al's C, since dec''. Adaruii de bono 
in April 165S. Adju'on de bono nou July 1663. The 1^' adm'on in Dec. 
1649. ' 3 

tl653, May. Henry Ilainsworth. 9, to Henry H. (.v/c), the fatlier of 
Bob. H. (.s7r),'late at Antiguo, dec'. 5 

16.53, July. W'" Howell. 20, to Anne H., the sister of \V. H., late in 
y<^ Barbadoes, bach., dee''. 19 

1653, July. Eich'' Butler. 20, to W'" Eudi,i, creditor of E. B., late of 
the BarbadoL-s, dec''. 22 

1653, .Sept. Tho. Porter. 26, to Tlio. Batsun, creditor to T. P., late in 
y'- AVest Indyes, dec''. 33 

1653. Jan. Eobert Hindcrson. 6, to Ellinor H., wid., the relict of E. H., 
late iu the Barbadoes, dec''. 44 

* In this Volume occur the luiiucs of many iiicn iii the States service, tlic sliips heiutr also 

t Tlie lirst 7S foliiis of the volinno, Ifi-")') :in(i 10.'>1. reliife to " pt"*. beyond the seas." Tlicii 
follows London, and the other administrations are all arranijed under couutiej. 




lCo3-i, Fol). Francis Browne. 17, to Edward !>., the brother of P. 33., 
i. of y« Isle of y' CliriatO[)}ier, AV.J., b:\tch., dec''. 51 

10.3:3-1, Feb. W'" Eurch. 14-, to Fatieuce Aslifeild al's B., the relict of 
AV. H., 1. in the liarhadocs, dec''. 52 

lG5i. May. Kichard .Morris. 2i, to Prescilla M., the relict of E. M., 1. 
of tbc p. of IS' .^[aniIl Iiei;ran, L., but in the J3arbadoes, dec''. GO 

1G51, Juno. AV'" Kilbce. 13, to John K., only brother of W. K., 1. in 
the liarbadoes, dec"^. G3 

1G.34, Aui;. Sam. Waad. 20, to Sam. W., father of S. W., 1. in the 
Caribda Hands (sic), batch., dec'*. 6S 

1051-5, Jan. ^.'ich. Pulsever. 30, to Joyce P., widow, the mother of 
X. P., 1. in Barbadoes, batch. 17 

1654-5, Peb. W'^ AS'^eston. 27, to John W., the brother of W. W., 1. 
in y* Barbadoes. ■ 40 

1055, Miiy. James Eadley. 2, to Tho. R., the brother of J. R., 1. in y'= 
Barbadoes. 105 

1055, I\Iay. John Ilarbome. 2-t, to Fra. Brooker, y'^ G. and Curator of 
"\V"' H., a minor, y'= nei)hew by y' brother of J. H., 1. in tlie Barbadoes, batch., 
dec-^. " 107 

1G55, May. Tobias Cooper. 18, to Eliz. C, widow, the mother of T. C, 
1. in tlie Barbadoes, batch. 107 

1055, June. John Dunn. 2G, to Eliz. Okeram al's Dunn, y^ sister of 
J. D., 1. of y= Isle of Barbadoes, dec'', paup. 122 

1G55, Sept. Jeffery Cransack. 2G, to Jane C, wid., y^ rel. of J. C, in 
y* W.I., at sea, dec'*. 181 

1655, Got. Robert Curtis. The last day, to W"' Corbold, Gr. of Jolin C, 
a minor, the only brother of R. C, 1. of Jamaica, batcii. 108 

1G55, Nov. Anne Maddrin. 3, to Ivath. Sparke, wife of Archibald S., 
y'^ only sister of A. 31., 1. of y": I. of Barbadoes, widow. 217 

1055, Nov. Mark Vincent. G, to Ester V., wid., y'^ rel. of M. A^.. 1. of 
S' Buttolph without Aldi;ate, but in v"^ Barbadoes. 217 

1655, Nov. Geo. Upcott. 8, to" Dorothy U., wid., y"^ rel. of G. U., 1. of 
Nevis in the Caribda I.«huids in the W. 1. 218 

1055, Nov. .lolni Parsouson. 10, to Robert P., the only brother of J. P., 
1. of Nevis, batch. 226 

1655, Nov. .losiah Gardner. 10, to Timothy G., tlie brother of J. G., 
1. of y'= I. of Barbadoes, batch. 223 

1655, Nov. Tho. Goodcheape. 29, to John G., y'- brother of T. G., in y'^ 
States Service in y^^ W. 1. 227 

1655, Dec. Tho. .ALetr^s. 15. to Susan Kock, wife of AV'" R., pr. cr. of 
T. M., 1. of White Chappell, but in the Barbadoes. 251 

1655, Dec. W'" Lh-yer. 15, to Roger Price, pr. cr. of W. F., 1. of Wiiite 
Chap]>ell, but in y^' Barb.idocs. 251 

( 87 ) 

iHomimtntal 'jruscrpptionii in Cnglaifo 
relattitg to HWim Jlntiians/ 


South transept, west wall. On a white marble tablet shaped like a 
sarcopliagiis : — 

Sacred to tlio Momorv of CHAKLOTTE, 

Widow of the late A SCAN 1 US W IF; LI AM SENIOR Eili'' 

and Daughter of .10 UN ABHE WALTER Efij'' 

by liis Wife JANi: Daughter of 

GEORGE, Lord Ahcrqavenni/ Premier Barou of EiigJund, 

she died the ibth of Is ovr. ISll, Aged 7'). 

(•i Hues omitted.) 

{Ante, lY., 282.) (Copied 24 April 1916.) 

1811, Nov. 14. Saturday died, at her house in Brock-street, i\Irs. Senior, 
relict of A. W. Senior, esq. (•' J3ath Chronicle.") 

1786, June 29. Eriday died, at his house in Upper Churcli-street, Nassau 
Thomas Senior, esq. {Ibid.') I found no tablet to him in Waicot Church. 
ITpper Church Street runs north out of Brock Street at the back of the Eoyal 


Nave. On a blue stone in the floor of central passage : — 

Here Lies the Body of 

M"' Dkxsie Ai.leyxe Son of the 

Hon''''' ]5rigad'' Thomas Ali.evxe Eiq'' 

of the Jfland of Barhadocs in 

AMEUICA who Departed this Lii'e 

the 5'" Day of :\rarch 17 J 5 

In tlie 10"' Vear of his Age. 

Here ALSO Lies Tlie Body of 

MK Thomas Ai.lkvne Another 

Son of The said HonourAULK 

BrigADiEii Tjiomas Allevne Esqr 

who UEPArteu This lite tIio 2U"' 

OF DecoMiici- 1715 .Vgeo 20 ycats. 

Alfo the Body of M'^ Egbert Ioiinstoix 

Son of ]{oiiERT Iouxstovx Esqf of the 

iriajid of Jhirhadoes \\\\o departed this 

life the 3'' of March 1720 .Etatis Sva> 19. 

(Transcribed 10 May 1916.) 
Lettering all of same size e.vcept capitals, and curiously uii.xed uj). 

The Brigadier was eldest son of the Hon. Abel Alleyne, Lt.-Gen., bv Eliz. 
Denzy. lie m. Judith dan. of Sir Timothy Tliornhill, Bart, (marriage artieles 
dated 30 June KISS), and made will 1 June 171:5. "To my son IMinmas 
my Eour Hill plantation at the age of 21 which will be on 27 C)ct. 1716." 
Four other sons survived, viz.: Col. Abel Alleyne, Timothy Alleyne, born 1691, 
Reynold, who came of age on 23 Jan. 1720, and Col. Johu AUeyue, who came 
of age on 1 Jan. 1722. 

* Continued from p. 46. 


Oil a tablet :— 









Tlierc are otlier incniorials to Jonas Laiif;fonl-Brooke 17SI, Tho. liangl'orJ- 
Brookc ISl.j and ]\Iavia Eaii^Tord-Brooke ISll. Mrs. Erooke was born 2 and 
l)apt. 2S ^larcb 17oi-5 at bt. John's Town. Her will was proved P.C.C., 121, 
Collinawood. Her eldest son Jonas took tlie name and arms of Langford, on 
sueceediiiLj to the estate of his grandfather Jonas Langford. 

Transcribed bv T. L. Oliver Aujj. 1013. 

WALTHAMSTOW. (Lysons' " Environs of London," iv., 212.) 
M'' Archer ^lartin of Janiaica, merchant, d. 1707. 

ST. CATHEEINE, JA^ilAICA. (Arclier, 64.) 

Marv wife of David Pugh, Esq., died 1710 in her 20"' } ear. Her mother Mai'j 
Watsoii'died IGOl. aged .33. 

Also the body of Mary Martin, beside Arclicr Martin, Esq., her former 
husband, who died 1703. 

Arms: A lion pnssmif beticccn three flmrs-de-Ii/s (Pugh); impaling: On a 
C7VSS heticeoi _fonr Jleurs-de-J i/s a crescent. 

Crest: A (femi-Iioii. in its janih ajicur-dc-lys. 

Archer Martin of tlio jiarish of St. Tho. in the Yale, I. of Jamaica, Esq. "Will 
dated 1 1 May 170G. To my wife JLary iNI. £500 c. a year for her life in lieu of 
dower. I\Iy cci/ea Kath. Gregory, P' dau. of jNTathew G. of s^ parish, Esq., 
£100 e. To eacli of the cli° of the said 'SI. G. £50 c. My gods Edw. Winter, 
s. of Ivlw. "W. of s^ p., 3 cows. Gods. Eduyn Savage, s. of 1)'' Edwin S. of s'' p., 
the like. Gods. Mathew Cosens, s. of Chas. C. of s'' p., the like. To my 
wife 5 lnHiye negroes. My plantation at Si.xtcen ilile AValk with tho negroes, 
houses and land at Passage Port in case I die s.p. to my sisters Jane JJisby and 
Dorothy Smith. \ of tlie produce to Jane and | to Dorothy, and after my wife's 
death to them absolutely. All residue to my wife, but if 1 with my wife sh"^ at .^ea in (uir intended voyage to Eng., then I give to M" Martha AVat^ou, 
sister of my wife, £500, to M'' Era. AV. her brother £300, M'^ Kath. Gregory, 
dau. of Mathew G., Esq., £200, and all debts owing to me in J'ca and all money 
in Eng. to the ch" of inv xincle ^hilhew Gresoiy. My wife sole E.\'tri.\. 
AVitne'ssed by Hu. 'J'otterdeil, ]{ob' Nedham, Jn" Ellis. 

Codicil. 20 Peb. 17UI). At St. Jago do la \'ega. J'ca, about to take a 
voyage to Ensi. for the recovery of my health. i\Iy sisters to enter into bonds of 
£20uO for the punctual payment of the £500 a year to my wiiV. "W'itnes.^^ed by 
AV" Brodrick, James Hurst, Benj. Burton. ProVed 13 Jan. 1707 by Mary 31. 
(10, Parieft.) 

Testator was siui of Gabriel i'>rartyn of Jamaica (will proved there in IGSS) 
by Cath, Gallimore. Her sister Jane mar. Mathew Gregory. 

(To he continued.) 

See " West Indian Bookplates," No. 243. 
The diite of this phite is aboat the year 1800. 


( 89 ) 

33mt of p^t'i^i^. 

Tlic family of Burt occupied from early days a very pi'omiacnt position in the 
Leeward Islands. A short pedigree appeared iu A'ol. J. of ''Aatigiia "' iu liiOi, 
since which date additional information has accumulated, many notes being con- 
tributed by Lieut.-Col. H."\V. i'ook. The following revised pedigree is believed 
to be fairly accurate. It corrects the Pym one which appeared ante, Vol. III. 


Jane Lauhather of Xevis. widow. AVill dated 23 Oct. 1G03. To my grandcli" 
Marv Pike, Penelope Pike, John Pike and Cath. Pike, ch" of mv dau. Earbarv P., 
10,000 lbs. each. My granddau. Eli/. Eurt and her dau. Eliza" 10,000 lbs. each. 
'I'o Eliz. Holt dau. of James K., dec'', 1. of A., 20,000 lbs. All est. to my grand ',iu. 
Jane Pym, widow of Tho. Pym, 1. of N., and Tho. P. son of Eliz. P. at lU (his 
father Chas. Pym) cipially. Sworn 11 F>b. 1G9-j-(J. Recorded at Xevis in 173S. 

1G91, Nov. 13. Chas. Pym, S\ of Nevis, in consideration that a moiety of a 
plantation belonging to M'^ Jane Lanhathcr is given by her will to my s. Tho. P., 
J. release all claim to the other moiety. (Nevis Court of Ordinary Records, 
p. 5SG.) 

Deposition oi Ann Brodbelt as to the will of J\t''^ Jane Lanhather, who left 
10,000 lbs. to Eliz. wife of Wm. Burt, Esq., formerly President of N., and to Eliz. 
dau. of the said AYm. Burt and Eliz. his wife. Sworn 2S March 172G. Recorded 
1 Feb. 1713-1. (Nevis Records, iii., p. 35.) 

1715, Dec. 23. Inctre made between "\Vm. Pym Burt of N., planter, and John 
Dasent and others. \V. P. B. owns 1 of Morning Star pi" and negro?, w^' were 
the estate and iniieritance of Mary B., dec', his late wife, as she was one of the 
daus. and coheirs of Joseph Hill, late of N., planter, dec'^, and gives this to Eliz. 
B. and 1' ranees B,, his 2 daus. and only ch" by her. Lease of the said -f for GO 
years in T. for them. (Nevis Deeds, i,, p. 5S9.) 

1719, Aug. -1. Antigua. "\Vm. Pym Burt of Nevis, geut., states that Sir 
Wm. Stapleton granted a patent to his grandf. "\Vm. B., esq., of an 1. called Dog 
Island, to the leeward of Anguilla. The patent was burnt or lost in the laie 
Prench invasion; pravs for a new one, w^ is granted on 2 April 1719. {lOiJ., 
i., p. 415.) 

1730, Sept. S. • Wm. Weekes of N., pi''. AVhereas Wui. B. of N., esq., made 
his will and gave to Mary his dau., now wife of me, 40,000 lbs., and made his 
eldest s. Wm. Pvm B., then of N., now of S' Chr., Esq., sole Ex'or. Release. 
(Ibid., ii., p. 129.) 

1752, April 22. Abcdncgo Yaiilami)ut ]?urt of N., esq., and the Hon. W'" 
Muthew B. of S' Chr., Esq., sale of a moietv of 2 plantations of 250 a. and 60 a. 
(Uiil., IV., p. 450.) 

1753, Feb. 9. Tho Hon. Wm. IMathew Burt of S' Chr., Esq., confirms to 
Chas. Pym Burt of N., esq., that plant" 1. of Abednego V. B., dec'', «t 250 a. 
Whereas tho Hon. Wm. Pym B., 1. Chief Ju.sticc ot S' Chr., dee', lather of Wm. 
]\Iathew B. and ot Chas. P. B., by his will, made 21 Nov. 1748, gave his est. in N. 
to his two sons Chas. P. B. and Abed. V. B., and d. 4 Ap. 1750. His 3 sons Wm. 
M. B., Chas. P. B. and Abed. V. 13. survived, and Abed. V. B. d. long since 
intestate and s.p. (Ibid., v., p. 109.) 

TQL. T, Jl 




Akms. — Argent, on o clievroa Gidcft Icticccn flirce }>i(glc-horns stringed Salle, 
as vumij cros-;c-< cros^Ief of I he j! rat (Bi irr). 

(r Lieut. Daniel Lanliatlici\=:p--J:mc .... "Will dated 23 Oct. 1G9:5, then 
M. of C. ICfJO aiid 1G7G.) I of Xevi.s widow ; sworu li Peb. I6O0-G. 

Col. "Win. Bnrt of Novis,^. . 
Planter IG7U ; ^l. of C. 
1G7S; J,)e])Uty (iuvernor ; 
IGSj; died IGVG. i 

Eliz. Lanliathcr, 
dau. and eolieir. 

Col. Wni. Burt of Nevis, M. o£= 
C. 1G92-3 ; President 1699 
until his death in 1/07. Will 
dated 15 Oct. and recorded 
4 Nov. 1707. 

=Elizabc1Ii Pym, 
f;randdan. of 
Mrs. Jane 

:Col. Charles Pj'm, Sonv., 
President of Nevis, died 
1G9;). (See cnfc, IIT., 

Charles Pym of Nevis. Will 
dated 13 I3ec. 1739 ; proved 
IG April 17-11 (132,Spur\vay); 
uncle of Wm. Pym 13urt and 
Mrs. Eliz. Fox. 

Mary Hill, one of-pCol. W^m. Pym Burt, eldest sou, sole ex'or=j=Loui?a IVfathew, 
the four dans, and '. of his father's will: nephew of Chas. Pvm youngest dan. of 
of Nevis, planter, 1715; U. of C. 1722 ; : Gov. '«ir AVm. 
removed to St. Kitts 1725 ; Chief Justice Matliew ; a 
there; died 1 April 1750. Will dated 21 | minor 170-1; liv- 
Nov. 17-18; recorded at St. Kitts. j ing 175G. 

coheirs of Josepli 
Hill of Morning 
Star plantation, 
Nevis; dead 1715. 

Eliz. Burt, mar. 
19 April 1730 
at St. Thomas, 
IVIiddlc Island, 
St. Christopher, 
"Wm. Ehlrinp;- 
ton Markham. 

Frances Burt, 
mar. 2S Aui;-. 
Point, St. 
Benj. JMark- 
ham, .Tuur. 

"\Vm. Mathew Burt,= 
1st son, M.P. Great 
INfarlow 17G1 ; Gov. 
of the Jyoewnrd 
Islands 177G; bur. at 
St. Johi\'s, Antisjua, 
28 Jan. 17S1. AVill 
dated 30 Dee. 177G; 
])roved 27 Mar. 1781 
(118, AVebster). 

:Sarali Foster, dan. of 
Col. John Foster of 
Jamaica; born ] 727 ; 
mar. at St. George, 
Hanover Square, 29 
Aug;. 1751 ; dietl at 
j?ath June 1781. 
Will dated IS Mar. 
and pi'oved 13 Sept. 


Chas. Pym 
Burt, son and 
heir, a minor 
1781 ; ilied a 

Eliz. Louisa Burt, a minor 

Burt, a 177G ; mar. before 1789 
minor jNL'ijor Bieli. !Mas?ey 
177G. Hansard of Miskin, eo. 


Wm. Pym Burt, 
named 175G in 
will of his aunt 
^Irs. Anne 

Chas. Pym 
liurt, born 
29 and bur. 
30 April 

John ^rort,'au 
Burt, died at 
Bou^nor 27 
Sept. 1799, 
aged 10. 

Eobert Gascoiirnc Burt, posthumous=f^Joannah Smart, 

son, born 1792; of Exeter Colleize, 
Oxford; matric. 7 Dec. 1810, acred Is ; 
B.A. ISll; :\r.A. ISIS: Beclor of 
St. Mary's, Hoo, ISIG until his 
death 18 Feb. 1875. 


3ril dan. of ^lis. 
Smart of tlic 
Str;uid ; mar. 
April 1829 at St. 
Clement Dances. 




1753. Auo;. 14. Chas. Pym Burt aaJ Kath. his wife. He was 2'' a. of the 
late Hon. Wm. IVm L., Chiof Justice. Ecoitos Iiiitre of Lease ami Release of 
3 Aug. 17.50 between Chu.s. P. B., then of Grays lun, and Kath B. hi.s wife, then 
Kath. Wood, late of Bed Lion ISq., then of Biclmiond, co. Siirrej, spinster, whose 
marriage was to he solemnised. Her parents Robert Wood and Jane his wife. 
Katli Wood was entitled to i of £10,000 at her mother's death. (Very long 
deed.) (Ibid., t., pp. 205 to 225.) 

John Burt of Xevis, Chirurgcon, ? father of^Jane Abram, mar. at St. John, 
Thomas Burt, M. of C. of Xevis 1737. | Antigua, 170L. 

Mary Burt, born 16SS ; mar. Wm. Weekes 
of Nevis, E.«q., before 1730. He was Gunner 
of Fort Charle:j 174S. She died 2 April 
1784, aged 9G. ]M.I. at Charlestowu, Nevis. 

Eliz. Burt, widow of Capt. Anthony 
'Fox and niece of Chas. Pym 1739. 
The will of Wm. Fox (probably her 
sou) was dated 1749. 

Cath.=pChn.s. Pym Burt, 2nd^ 
Wood, son,bapt,22Nov. 172G; j Dnport, 
dan. and M. of C, Nevis, 1753 ; i mar. 
coheir of sold his Tower Hill I 17G2 
Kobt. plantation there in at St. 

AVood, 17G9 ; resided for j George 
Doctor several years in St. Eus- t Bassc- 
of Laws, tatius and St. Croix ; terrc. 
and Jane later of Albeuira-Ie St.; 2nd 
his wife; : died30Junel7SS;bur. wife, 
mar. sett. , at Isleworth. Will { 
dated dated 1772 ; proved ! 

14 Aug. , 1788 (385, Calvert). 
1753. His arms in the Dutch 

1st wife. I Church impale four 
1 quartered coats. s, 

=F Hester =FPetronella Hev-= 

Jiger, dau. of 

John Heyliger, 

Governor of St. 

Eustatius ; born 

; 1742 ; bur. 11 

' June 1770, aged 

I 28, in the Dutch 

I Church, Austin 

I Friars. M.I.^ 

I Arms. 3rd wife. 


:Anna van Hemert, 
only dau. of John 
van Hemert of 
London, jnereliaut; 
born 12 and bapt. 
29 June 1748 at 
St. Dionys Back- 
church ; mar. 21 
Sept. 1770; named 
1778 in the will of 
her mother and 
1782 of her uncle ; 
sole heir 1802 of 
her son Wolfcrt. 

Robert Burt, born^Sarah Gascovne, 
17G0; of Trln. Coll., mar. at St." 
Camb.; LL.D., Yicar j George, Han- 
of Twickenham, I over Square, 7 

where he died 17 Oct. | Juue 178G. 
1791, aged 30. 

Charles Burt, born 
1755 in the West 
Indies; Mid. R.N. 
and aged 18 in 
1773; died 10 Nov. 

Cath. Mathew 

Jane AVood Burt, 
bapt. 20 Nov. 

Ernestine von Staft'eldt.- 
1st wife. 

:Johu Heyliger Burt, died- 

"Augusta Margarclha Caro- 
line jNIoltke, mar. Ib31. 





22 Oct. 


Jeannetta Burt, 
born 8 I^Liy 
1824; mar. 
Baron Cai vou 

Maria Bertha Heleiia 
Burt, born 5 April 
182G ; mar. Helmuth 
Karl Barnardt vou 
.Aloltke, Field-3[ar- 
bhal and Count ; s.p. 



Burt, born 



von Burt 

mar. AVolf- 


gang Knud- 

15 Jan. 



H 2 



William Pym Burt, Chief Juslice. AVill dated 21 Nov. 1748. My wife 
Louisa £1000 and £300 a year. !My o&t. in Novii- to my two sois Clias. l\in E. 
aud Abediiego A'aulcmput B. 'My dau. Pen. YercLild £GSO. ]My dau. Ann 
Guntlioi-]) £1000 c. ]\Iv dau. Louise I'razier £200. ]\[v dan. Su;," Phipps 
£1000. -My dan. :Nrary Ji". £1000, My .«on Daniel Mathew \i. £1000. My dau. 
Mariraret B. £1000. All rc.-?iduc to inv eldest s. AVni, Matliew B. My 2^ s. Cha. 

Clias. Pym Burt=f=Pebekali Wooley, named in the will of her mother !Mrs. Eliz. 
o£ St/ John's, AV^nnley dated 22 Nov. aud proved 1 Dec. 17G2; bur. 19 Peb. 
Xcvis. 17S5, aged S3. 

James Burt, born 17 and bapt. 2G July Child, bapt. 
1732; named 1762 in the will of his 1733. 

Eliz. Burt, born 21 and 
bapt. 30 Oct. 1731. 

I I 
Abednego Burt, 3rd 
sou, died 25 June 
1730, aged IL M.I. 
at Sandy Point, 

Abeduego Valemput 
Burt of iS'evis, born 
1730; died 2 Dec. 
1752, aged 22, intes- 
tate. M .1. at Sandy 

Daniel Mathew 
Burt, witness 
17oG to will of 
his sister Mrs. 
Anne Gun- 

Edward Blake 
Burt, died 27 
March 1739, 
aged 4. M.I. 

Penelope Burt, 
mar. 2G June 
1735 Hon. James 
A'erchild, and 
had 13 children 
bapt. 173G— 57. 
President 1750 
until his death in 
North America 
Sept. 17G9. 

Mary Burt, mar. 
9 March 17G1 
at St. Thomas, 
St. Kitts, Chas. 
Spoon er. He 
died 1790. \\m 
(352, Bishop), 
cnife, I., 1. 

John Hevliijer-, 
Burt of Coltcni 
House, Lich- 
field, J.P., mar. 
179G; died at 
sea June 1S17. 

pJndith, dau. of "Wm. Robin- 
sonof Hill Pid\vare,co. Staff.; 
died 1.S37. She mar. Istly 
John IToldcn, Jun., of 
Shcepy iJall, co. Leic, M'ho 
died l"l)ec. 17S9; L'ndly, 30 
May 1791, Bow land Parmer 
Olceover of Oldbury, co. 
Y\"arwick (as his 2nd wife). 

Louisa Burt, mar. Istly, 12 June 
17SS at St. George, Hanover 
Square, John Morgan of Tiedegar, 
M.P.; 2ndly, 2 Oct. 179-t, Geo. 
Tho. Smith, Capt. 2nd Life 
Guards, born 11 Jan. 1775; 
Sherirt" of Carnarvon 1M2. She 
died March 1S15. He died 9 
Sept. 1S13. 


Wm. =i=- 
Pym j 
Burt. I 

Edward Henry Burt, Ith sou, 
Burt. born"lSti2; of Wore. 

Coll., Oxford; matric. 

2 April 1S21, aged 19. 

Charlotte Eliza Burt, Ist dau., 
mar. at Prcshford, co. Som., 
19 April lb3S, Luke Henry 
Wray, Com. K.N. 

Wm. Burt. Henry Burt. Louisa Burt. Emma Burt. 




Pym B. My s,-in-l. Col. John Gunthorp of A. an Ex'or. Iiul. of H Sept. 174(5, 
betweeu inc and my wii'c of the one part and Ifis Exc>' Gen'' Mathew of the other. 
Sworn G June 175U. Cod. 2S March 17o0. (.St. Kitts DcclU, No. 4385.) 

17G2, Jan. 20. Chas. Pym B. of ^\, esq., sell.s to Clia. Spooner of S' Chr., 
esq., Tower Hill plantation of 24U a. C. P. B. married Cath. his late wife, one of 
the daus. and coh. of Kobert Wood of L., Dr. of Laws. (IbiJ., vol. 1.) 

Codriu<^tou Burt of St.=pMary, dau. of James Kemp Burt, posthumous ..sou, bur. 

Mary Cayou, owner of 
vessel 173G. 

Bisse, Senr. ; deed of 8 Jan. 1742. 

Eliz. Burt, born IG May 1726 ; mar. ]Mary Burt, bapt. Ann Burt, born 8 and 

20 Dec. 1745 Johu Earle ; living 20 May 172G ; bapt. 11 May 172S ; 

1792. He was born 14 May 1722 and died 1768. mar. ? Jas. Eriend, 

died 10 Nov. 1771, aged 49. M.I. who died 1759. 

Anne ^Mathew 
Bui't,mar. Istly 
Benj. Hutchin- 
son ; 2)jdly 
Hon. Col. John 
G-unthorpe of 
Antigua. He 
died 26 Xov. 
1754. AVill 
sworn Dec. Her 
will dated 22 
May 175G ; 
sworn IS May 

Cath. Mathew Burt, 
born 1720 ; mar. S 
May 1741 Hon. Jas. 
Euu-a of Nevis. She 
died 11 Xov. 1745, 
aged 25. M.I. He 
mar. 2udly, 13 July 
1749, Eachel Yea- 
mans of Antigua. 
He died 28 Dec. 
1759, aged 37. ]M.I. 
at St. Peter's, An- 

Louisa Burt, 
mar. Ale.xi*. 
Eraser, Sur- 
geon of Dal- 
zell's regt. at 
Antigua ; 
three child- 
ren bur. 
She and two 
daus. living 

I I I 
Susannah Burt, 5th dau., 

born 1724; mar. Erancis 

Phipps. She died 17 Dec. 

1748, aged 24. His will 

dated 5 June 1762. Ee- 

corded 27 Nov., No. G033. 

M.I. Ante, II., 361. 

Margt. Burt, born 16 April 
1736 ; died 25 March 
1739. M.I. 

A 2ud Margaret living 

Wolfert van 
Hemert Burt, 
died in Port- 
man Sq. Dec. 
1802. Will 
(669, Kenyon). 

Nath. Burt. 

Edward Burt, born- 
at Abergavenny 
1778; entered K.X. 
in 1795, aged 17 ; 
Comr. 1808; died 
at Woi-thing 18 
Nov. 1859, aged 
79 (s/'c). 


= Charlotte 

died at 
ham pton 
11 Jan. 

Eliz. Burt, 1st dau. 
1779; mar. 10 IMay 
ISOO Pear-Admiral 
Wm. Cuuiberland. 
He died 15 Nov. 
1832,aged67. -M.I. 
in Cheltenham 
parish cliurchyard. 


Anna Burt. 2nd dau., 
mar. 28 Eeb. 1842 
John Lewis of the 
Madras Army. 

Sii[iliia Cumberland 
Burt. 3rd dau.. mar. 
at Ere.shford 19 
April 1838 Walter 

I'^veliua I'vni 
Bun. 9th" 
dau., did a( 
1 Jan. 1851. 

.\ tlau.. mar. at 
Fresh ford 23 
l\b. 1S32 
John Planning 
of London. 



^m. Burt of Nevis, Esq. Will dated 15 Oct. 1707. To my daus. Eli/., wife 
of Anthony Fox. Anne Burt, Frances B., Mary B. and Jano" B. -ICUOU lbs. of 
BUgar each. Wife with child, if a boy, 50,000, if a f^irl, li),000 lbs. To my sons 
Codrington B. and Cha. I'yin B. 50,000 lb.s. each. My wife Eliz. -^ of ray estate 
in lieu of dower, plate duriniic life, and a negro woman. All residue to my s. Wm. 
B. and sole Ex'or. Col. Kich'^' Abbott, Col. Tho. Butler and Mr. James "Symonds 
of iS'evis, and Col. Anthony Hodges and Cap. Geo. AVeekes of S' Chr., Ex'ors in 
Trust and G. 

Witnessed by Kich*^ Abbott, Ju" Norwood, Mich^ Newell, Carew Brodbelt, 
Eliz. Pym, Jane I.<aacks. Sworn -i Nov. 1707. From a copy in the P.E.O., B.T., 
Nevis, 12, p. 233. (Lt.-Col. H. AV\ Book.) 

Ann Gunthorpe the T"" of Antigua, widow and relict of John G. of A., Esq., 
deceased. Will dated 22 May 175G. M-'^ Cath. Warner, wife of M"" Edward W.,- 
£10. My mother Louisa Burt £50. My sister Louisa Fraser £50. All residue 
to my 8. Benj. Hutchinson at 21, and in default to my nephew Wm. Pym Burt s. 
of my brother Chas. Pym B. My 1. husb'' Benj. H. If my said nephew W. P. B. 
come into my est., then he to pay to my sister Louisa Fraser £300 c, and £100 a 
yr. to my mother Louisa Burt, and £100 to Ann Verchild dau. of Jas. V. of S* 
Chr., Esq., and £100 to Mathew l^hipps dau. (sic) of Susannah P., dec*^, and £100 
to Cath. Mathew Burt dau. of Cha. Pym B.,and £100 c. each to each of my nieces 
Louisa Fraser and Ann Gunthorpe F., daus. of my sister Louisa F. Stephen 
Blizard, Alex. Fraser, and Tho. Warner, Esq., Ex'ors. Wit. by Daniel Matliew 
Burt, Jer. Blizard, Cha. W. Mann. Bv" Gov. Thomas was sworn Ch. Wager 
Man, 18 May 1757. Eecorded 1-1 July 1757 at Antigua. 

• Eiiz. Woolley, 1. of Nevis, u. of S' Chr., widow. Will dated 22 Nov. 1762. 
My granddaus. Mary King, liebecca King, and Eliz. Burt dau. of Kebecca Burt. 
My godf-ou Benj. King s. of mv dau. Eliz. King. My godson James Burt. 
Sworn 1 Dec. 17G2. (Lt.-Col. H.'AV. Book.) 

We, Chas. Pym Burt and Anna Burt his wife of Argyle Str., co. Mid^ 3 Sep. 
1772. Whereas 1 by Ind. dated 21 Sep. 17G9 have settled £2000 S. Sea annui- 
ties on my four children by my 1^' marr. with Cath. AVood, viz., 'W'" Pym B., 
Eob* B., Chas. B. aud Cath" Mathew B., and have also settled £3500 fo"r them 
charged on the moiety of the plant° called S' Johns in the J. of S- Croix, I 
do confirm the same to be in lieu of legacies given them by the will of my 1. 
wife Petronclla B. and myself, dated 17 3I;iy 1708. She died of smallpox. JMy 
two ch" by my s'' wife Petronclla are John iteyleger B. and Louisa B. AVhcroas 
since her death I have married with Anna A'an Ifcmert aud previously settled 
£200 a year on her charged on my s^ plant". To my dau. Louisa B. £2000 
at 2L. Danish Church at S' Croix aud the Hospital 50 rix dollars each. My 
s"" plant" and all est. to my son John Hey liger B. in tail. John Jacob Dewindt 
and Ab. Ileyligcr .Johnson at S' Eustatius, Tho. Lillie at S' Croix, Cha. Spooncr 
aud Dan' Mathew at London, and Messrs. Lower and Dc Bruine, M'^ at Amster- 
dam, T. and Ex. Translated from the Danish 13 Aug. 17SS. Cod., n. of 
Albemarle Str., Esq. I appoint 3Iessrs. Hope and Co., ^L'' in Amsterdam, 
Sam. Thompson of S' Croix, my son John Heyiiger B. of Albemarle Str., and 
my wife Anna B. T. and Ex, instead of those named in my will. I went to 
the A\'. I. in 1770 aud left a will tliore with my bro.-in-l. by marriage, .John 
Jacob de AViiidt at S' Eustatius, which I cancel. I have four ch" by my wife 
Anna, on whom is settled their mother's fortune, and they have also had legacies 
from their aunt Cath. Skrioko and uncle Woli'ert van Uomcrt. To my wife 
all furn., etc., conch and 2 coach horses. 11 May 17S6. Codicils also 20 May 
and 19 July 17SS. Proved 21 August 17SS by Anna B. the rel., and 2J; Oct. 
by J. H. B., E.sq., the son. [}^i>o, Calvert.) 



AVolfert Van ITcmcn Burt of Cro.-il)y Square in llic city of Lon-lon, iiK>r- 
chant. Will dated 10 Sept. 1n02. To inv motlicr Anna Biu't all my estate aud 
sole Ex'trix. Proved 2-i 6c\n. ]S02. (GOD, Kenyou.) 


178G, June 7. Eev. Robert Burt, Chaplain in ordinary to the Prince of 
AValcs!, to Miss Gascoyue of Suubury. 

1789, Dec. 1. At Biriniugham, John Holdeu Jun'' esq. of Shcepy Hall 
CO. Leicester. 

1791, May 30. At Sheepy co. Leicester, Rowland Farmer Okeover esq. 
of Oklbury to Mrs. Tloklen of Sheepy. 

1791, Oct. 17. At Twickenham*, Rev. Robert Burt, Chaplain to the Prince 
of Wales, and vicar of that He was in good health on the 1-1"' inst. 
and had not then completed his 31'' year. He has left two children and a 
pregnant widow to increase the general regret for his death. 

1791, Oct. 2. George Thomas Smith es(]. of the 2"^ Reg. of Life Guards 
to M''^ Morgan, widow of John Morgan esq. of Tredegar. 

1799, Sept. 27. At Bognor Rocks aged 10, Jolm Morgan Burl, chlcst sou 
of the late Rev. Robert Burf, vicar of Twickenham. Mid. who died 1791. 

1815. At Tuxford, Louisa wife of George T. Smith Esq. of Pendyffryn, 
CO. Carnarvon. 

1810, April 3. At Bath, the lady* of Admiral Sir Henry Trollope. 

1817, June. Ou his passage to England, J. H. Burt Esq. of Colton co. 
Stafford, and one of the County magistrates. 

1829, April. At S'^ Clement Danes, the Rev. R. G. Burt, of S' Mary Rochester, 
to Joannah, third dan. of 3Ir3. Smart of the Strand. 

1831, Jan. 11. At Little Hampton, Charlotte wife of Capt. Edward 
Burt, R.N. 

1S32, Feb. 23. At Freshford near Bath, .John Manning Esq. of London, to 
Miss Burt, niece of Adm. Sir H. Trollope. 

183S, Ap. 19. At Freshford, L. H. "Wray, esq. Capt. R.X. io Chariot to 
Eliza; and at the same time, Walter Ettrick, esq. s. of tlic Rev. AV. E., of Hii,di 
Barnes Park, Durham, to Sophia, eldest and third dati. of Capt. Edw. Burt, R.X. 
surviving nephew of his late Excellency W. Mathew Burt, esq. M.P. for Berk.'j, 
and Gov.-gen, of the AVest Indies. (051) 

Adm. Sir Henvv Trollope G.C.B. d. 2 Nov. 1S39 a. S3. M.I. in S' James 
Bath. (1810, p. 320.) 

ISol, Jan. 1. At Brixham, Evelina Pvm, ninth dan. of Capt. Edward Burt, 
E.N. (210.) 


SirTho. Rich, Bait., Virc-Adiuiral of the Blue, in his will dated 2 June 1798, 
mentions his six natural ehildreji by i-^liz. Burt. Proved 3 May 1803. (40!), 

Eliz. Burt, late of Stonehouse, co. Devon, now of Sonning, co. Pierks, in her 
^vi]l dated 3 ]\Iay 1801, after naming her six cliildi-en by her late iinich beloved 
friend Sir Tho. Rich, states tliat she is entitled to •C.'>.>00 charged upon her late 
father's estate in the "W. I. by his will, and to ;t:2H> from the estate of her late 
brother. Proved -1 March ISO-j. .(117, Nelson.) ."^ir Tlhimas had been married 
at S' George's, Hanover Sq., 1-j July 1771. to Anne Willis, who survived him. 

* In the r.aronetiige siio is called '■runny Burt." The Trnlli'j.u family liUlory ij'ivt> no 
iuformatiou about her. 



This EHz. Burt has not been identified. Chas. Pyin Burt in his will of 1772 
refers to £'S')0O, but does not name a dau. Elizabeth. His brother Gov. W. M. 
Burt had a dau. Eliz., a minor in 177G. 

Cl)arles Burt, entered in the muster book of the "Seahorse" 8 Oct. 1773, 
born in the W. I., aged IS, Midshipman, died 10 Nov. 177(3. 

Edward Burt, born at Aber;j;avenTiy, is half-brother of tlie late Lieut. Charles 
Burt, ]{.N. Entered the K.iS'. as a 1st class volunteer 12 Aug. 179-5, aged 17; 
Midshipman 2 Sept. 179G ; Lieut. 28 Dec. 1S02 ; Commander 23 Jan. 1808 ; 
invalided June ISIO ; pensioner of Greenwicdi Ifospital 25 June 1812; on the 
reserved list July 1851. He lias an chlest dau. Charlotte Eliz., m. to Commander 
L. H. AV'ray, ll.S. ; and a second dau. Anna, m. 28 Eeb. 1842 to John Lewis, 
Esq., of the Madras Army, s. of the late Eear-Adm. J. M. Lewis. (O'Byrnc's 
" Naval Biog. Diet.," 1849, and " Xaval Eecords.") 


*1730 Apr. 19 M"' William Eldrington Marldiam and Elizabeth dau. of Judge 

Burt, both of Sandy Point. 
tl730 Sept. 2i M'- Benj" Markham,"jun'', and Miss Frances Burt dau. of W" 

Pjm 13urt, Esq. 
17G1 Mar. 9 Mary Burt and Charles Spooner. 

1762 — 

Charles Pym Burt and Hester Duport, jr. Lye. 


1732 July 26 James s. of Charles Pym Burt and Eebekah his wife, b. y^ 17 

July, bapt. 

1733 — .... ym Burt & Eebekah . . . ., bapt. 


17S6 June 7 The Eev. Eobert Burt, Clerk, of this p., and Sarali Gascovnc of 
Sunhury. AVit. : Cha= Pym Burt, John G. Pan shaw," John 
Moi-jiaQ . 


According to a plan made at the restoration of the cliurch about ISGG the 
vault No. 32 of Charles Pym Burt was tilled in. There appears to be no tablet 
to him. 

• Also in tlie reu'i<tor at S:indv Point. 

1 Also in the rc^jister at .SandyPoint, where tho month i-; 28 August. (Lt.-Col. H. "W. Pook.) 


( 97 ) 

EaiuUus of 

@t l\itt^. 

Henry Eawlins late of S' Clir., now of Lower Gro-<venor Street, Tlj'q., 17S2. 
My wife Mary If ill E., plate, furniture, horses aud £700 a year, i^enj. Mark- 
ham Brother^^oii of 8'- Chr., Esq., and Lewis Hrotherston now of Ci' ii., Esq., 
trustees. Proved 17S2. (149, Gostling.) 

Era. Degen of IlamiiiLrsuiitli, 19 ^larch 17S3. My friend ?»lrs. Harlman, dau. 
to Mr. Joseph Eawlins of iSt. Kitts, ^-jOO. {Ante, I., 292.) (o07, Cornwaliis.) 

Stedman Eawlins of S' Chr., Esq., 1793. My wife Eliz. Taylor E. £(300 a 
year. Estate to sons Stedman and AV'illiam. My hrothers John, IJenry, Eich'' 
and Joseph E. My .sisters Mary Satterthwaite, Eliz. Young, and Ann Akers. 
My late fatlier Stedman E. Testator died Dec. 1793 at S' Andrew's, Holhorn. 
(A long will.) (o26, Harris.) 

Joseph Eawlins late of the I. of S' Chr., now of the Town of Baltimore in 
Maryland. Will dated 13 Sept. 1793. All my plantation to my sons-in-law 
J. H. Wallwyn and Edmund Eleming Akers, my nephew Stedman E. and my 
friend AVilliani Manning, M' in L., Esq'" on trust to pay my son Jo.sepli E. £200 
a year, and the residue to be divided nito 7 parts. 5 shares to my ."> daus. Ann 
Hutchinson Wallwiu, Mary Estridge llartman, Eliz. van Wyeli, ivebeeea Hutch- 
inson ThoQias and Erances Akers, --■ to my a'-' son Joseph E. and i to my two 
grandchildren ]NLaria E. and Henry J^, cliildren of my late son llrnry E. Ccdicil, 
3 Feb. 179-1. Baltimore, 13 Apr. 179-5, sworn. Proved 5 Apr. 1797. (,Vcry 
short abstract.) (2G9, Exeter.) 

"Will of Henry Eawlins. Mentions his wife Eliz"' {nee Wilkes), sons Sted- 
man, Henry, AVorthii\gton and John, and daus. Ann Mayuard, Caroline Galpine, 
Era. E. Tyson, Eose E. and Eel/^ E. He died 1823. (Nevis Eccords.) 

1731 May 


17G8 Nov. 


17G9 Julv 













Josci)h s. of M'' Henry Eawlin? and Ann his Wife ; b. 2.5. 
Eichard s. of Stedman an.d Mary Eawlins; 1>. Oct. 1.3, 17()4. 
Hcnrv s. of Stedman and ^lary Eawlins; b. July 7, 1701. 
Jose[)h s. of Stedman and .Mary Eawiins ; b. A pi'. 2, 17t;s. 
Eliz"' dan. of Stedman and 31ary Eawlins; b. Nov. 12, 17tJ2. 
Ann dan. of Stedman and Mary Eawlins; b. Oct. 1.'), I7t34. 
Henry s. uf IJenry and Eli/."' Eawlins ; b. Nov. 9, 'M. 
Stcdii'.an s. of llenrv and Eliz"' ]\awlins ; b. Aug. 24, '82. 
Stedman s. of J{ich'' and Eliz"' Eawlins; b. June 20, 17s9. 

Sponsors : Rob' Spcnce and Stedman Eawlins, Esq., M'* 

Erances Speuce and Miss Eebecca Walters. 

* There uiiist be an error in llu> entry. 





Amis. — Azure, three swords hcrwise, the points to dexter. 
Ckkst. — An arm in armour cmhowcd, coupcd, in the hand a daffz/er. 
Mono. — siraKE home. [Seal of Johu Hart Eawlins of circa 1820 — 30 ainl 

Elizabeth ..... bur. at Clirist^pHenr}^ Eawlins of Christ Church, =y= Ann 
Church 7 2s ov. 1722. Nichola Town, St. Kitts. 

at Christ 
Church 4 
Aug. 1722; 
bur. there 
10 March 

Henry Pa\vlins,= 
bant, at Christ 
Church 17 Oct. 
172-1 ; of Lower 
Grosvcnor St., 
Esq. AVill 
proved 1782 
(l-iO, Gostling). 

-Mary Hill 
dan. of 
Lewis Bro- 
therson of 
St. Christo- 
pher, Esq. ; 
single in 

Steadman Eawlins,= 
bapt. at Christ 
Church 21 Doc. 
1725; dead 1793; 
named in his sou's 
will ; died 6 June 
1788, aged 63. 


=Mary John- 
sou, dan. of 
John John- 
son ; born 21 
Jan. 1733; 
mar. 31 Dec. 
1752 ; died 
in England 
18 Nov. 

Steadman Eawlins of St.=^Eliz. 

Kitts and St. Andrew's, 
Holborn, Esq., died 12 
Dec. 1793 (52G, Harris). 


John Eawlins,=pSarah Johnson Hart, 3rd 

born 5 April 
1757 ; died 25 
May 1800 in 

dan. of AVm. Hart ; mar. 
5 April (? 1781); died Aug. 
1S37, aged 76. 

Steadman Eawlins, born=pGer- 
1784; Tresidcut 1S17— : trude 
1821 ; uamed 1793 in ' 
the will of his 'uucle 
Joseph ; matric. from 
Christ Church, Oxford, 
22 Oct. I SOI, aged 17; 
Acting Cxovr. of the 
Leeward Islands iu 1S17; 
liviuiT 1840. 






Mary, born 1 Dec. 
1789 ; bapt. 5 Jan. 

Henry Eawlius,born 
21 Feb., bapt. 2 
March 1791. 

Joseph Eawlius, 
born 23 and bapt. 
25 July 1792. 

I "J. '\ i 

Jan\es Tyson A\ illiam "W barton John Eawlins, 

Eawlius, Eawlins. bapt. 1 died 0<'t. 1839 

bapt. 1 Jan. Jan. 1814. at Sandy Point. 


Anne Tay- 
lor Eaw- 
lins, mar. 
22 Aug. 
1803, at 

Eawlins of 
the 30th 

M.of C; 
died 9 

1840 at 
St. Kitts. 

Louisa Frances, 3rd dau., 
mar. 12 Deo. 1814, at St. 
Kitts, ]{ob. Murray Eum- 
sey, Col. Sec. 

This pedigree is behoved to be fairls- accurate. It has been checked witli one 
in the ])ossession of Mr. John Brojuloy. There must be many deeds iu the 
Eocord OtHce at St. Kitts relating to Eawlins. 

hawlins of st. kitts. 


1790 Nov. 14 William Henry s. of H^ and Eliz"' Kawlins; b. Jan. 27, 1788. 
Sponsors: M' Wilkes, M' Henry Sprott, M''^ Wilkes and 
M" Garnclt. 

1790 Nov. 1-4 John s. of Henry and Eli/."' Eawlins ; b. Apr. 18, 17s!). Spon- 
sors: John Rawlin.s and Jaiiie« Akersj, jun., Esq., ]Miss Hart. 

1790 Nov. l-± "Wortliington s. of Henry and Eliz"' Kawlins; b. Oct. 15, 1790. 
Sponsor.s : Stednian Eawlins and Joseph Eawlius, Esq", M" 
S. Eawlins. 

Joseph Rawlins, bapt. at Charles 
Christ Church 'Si) June Eawlins. 
1727 ; bur. there 25 Aug. 

Euth Eawlins, dau. of Henry Eawlins ; 
mar. Chas. Lowndes, who removed to 
South Carolina and died March 1736, 
leavins: three sons. 

I I 

Mary, mar. Eliz., born 12 Nov. 17G2 ; mar. at 

Sat- St. Kitts, 21 J-une 1787, Capt. 

terthwaite. Anthony Young. 

Ann, boin 15 Oct. 17G-1 ; twin 
with Eichard ; mar. 9 Sept. 178-i 
James Akers. 

Henry Ea-svlins, born Eichard Eawlin3,=pEliz. jMaillartl, Joseph Eawlins, born 
7 July 1761. ^ " ' - — ^ 

Pedigree a. 

Rev. Wil-: 
barn Henry 
born 1785 ; 
died 14. 
Jan. 1840, 
aged 55, 
leaving 8 



Frances, bapt. 
at St. John'.s, 
Nevis, 28 Dec. 

>e boru 

15 0ct.l7G4; 

inar. 4 Sept. 

2 April 

17US. See 


with Ann. 






John Hart^ 

-Martha Hart 

1 1 


1 1 




Wilson, dau. 




born April 

of Win.Pon- 

born 20 

boru 5 


1795; M. 

souby Wil- 

.June 1789; 


of A. for 

son of Glas- 

bapt. 8 

bapt. 27 


gow ; boru 

Oct. 1790. 

Dec. 1790. 

St. Kitts, 

180:3 ; mar. 



1821 ; 

1820; died 



Lieut, of 

18 Feb. 1833. 

Ann, born 


13th Eegt; 

24 Aug. 

born 21 

died 1810. 


Oct. 1792; 

See his 

bapt. 29 

bapt. 12 


July 1793. 

May 1793. 

Alice Hart Eawlins, boru 3 .Ian. 1S2S ; died 23 Feb. 190G in 
Loudon; mar. 20 May ISlO, at St. George, Hassc't(>rre. 'I'ho. 
J>. Hardtman- Berkeley of St. Kitts, later President and 
C.M.Cr. He tiled G Nov. 1881. Clock Tower in Has.-<eterre 
and Ecredos iu St. Peter's, Basseterre, to his memory. 

1790 Dec. 27 John s. of Rich'' and Eliz"' Rawlins ; b. Sept. 5, 1790. Spon- 
sors : Adam Sprott and Peior Maillard, Esq", M''' ^Liry 
Sprott and jM'^ Marv iJrvan Webb. 




Pedigree ^. 
Henry Rawlins of Xevis. Will i'ecorded=pEliz., dau. of . . . 

there. Born 17G0; Acl'niL; Govr. of tlie 
Leeward Islands in 1815; bur. at iSt. Geo.* 
2-4 Oct. 1S23, ased G3. 

Wilkes ; bur. at St. 
Geo., Nevis, 23 
Aug. 1826, aged 61. 

Eawlins of 
Si. George's, 
Kevis, Esq., 
born 24 
Aug. 1782; 
bapt. 10 
Sept. 1784. 

Henry Eawlins, 

born 9 Nov. 17S4. 

A\''i]]iam HeTiry 
IJawlins, born 27 
Jan. 17S8; bapt. 
1-4 Nov. 1790. 

John Ea.vlins, 
born 18 April 
1789 ; bapt. 14 
Not. 1790. 

born 15 Oct. 
and bapt. 14 
Nov. 1790 ; 
? M. of A. for 
Trinity, St. 

Anna INIar- 
garct, 3rd 
dau,, born 15 
April 1792; 
bapt. 17 Feb. 
1793: mar. 
27 Oct. 
1814, at St. 
Wm. May- 
nard, Esq. 

! II I 
Caroliue Gal- 

Frances, mar. 
E. Tyson. 



Richard Johnson 
Rawlins, bapt. at 
St. Geo. 10 aTid 
bur. 25 Sept. 1820. 

Stedman Akers Rawlins,=j=Eliz. Mavnard, boru 1815; 
died 28 Aug. 1850, aged mar. at St. Geo. 20 Nov. 
43. M.l. at St. Geo., 1834 ; died 23 March 1891, 
Nevis. aijed 70. 

Anna Rawlins, mar. at St. John's, Nevis, IS Dec. 1855, Sholto 
Tho. Pcmberton, Chief Justice of Doininica. He was bur. at 
St. Tho., Nevif, 30 June 1SS9. {Ante, I., 271.) 




















A pr. 


Mary dau. of Stedman and Eliz'^ Rmvlins ; 1). Dec. 1, 1789. 

Sponsors: Joseph Ruwiins, Esq., the brother of the above 

Stedman Rawlins, Esq., Miss Rittah Garnett. 
Henry s. of Sledman and Eliz^i' Rawlins; b. the 21^' 1791. 

Sp''* : Joseph Rawlins, Esq. (brother of S.), Miss Rittah 

Josrjdi s. of Stedman and Eli/."' Rawlins; i). 23 inst. 
Ann :Marg' dau. of Henry and Eliz"' Rawlins; b. A])' LV''. 

Sponsors: Adam Sprott, Esq., jNIiss Sarah Wilkes and ]Miss 

^larv Jolmson Rawlins. 
RiohJ s. of Ricii'' and Eliz^'' Raulins: b. Oct. 21, 1792. Adam 

Sprott, Josejih Rawlins, jun', 31ichi ^Maillard, Esq", 31" Mary 

.Mary Ann dau. of Rich'' and Eli/."' Rawlins; b. Aug' 24. 1791. 

Henry Rawlins and Joseph Rawlins, jun., Esq., M" Eli/."' 

Young ;ind INt" Eli/,"' Rawlins, Sen. 
Sirali dau. of Henry and Eliz"' Rawlins; b. Nov. 20, 1793. 

Henry Harl. Anthony Youni,', Rich'' Rawlius, Esq", j\I" 

Hart,'M" Young and M" Rawlins. 

• I h:ivo a note that I're-iiient llciiry R:iwliiis ciit"! IS Nov. 1815. One of hi;- d.ius. m;ir. 
12 Juuc 1S06 Jamt's D.%vorcii. 



Pedigeek 33. 

Josepli Rawlins, late of St. Kittf, tlieu oi: Baltimore. See= 
Close Eoll dated 17G1. Died :U Jan. 1795. AVill dated 
13 Sept. 1793; proved a April 1797 (,209, Exctc-r). 

Joseph l\a\v-=p 
lins, Junr.,to 
have £2m a 
year ; ? mar. 
29 May ISOG 
Eliz.. Caines; 
dead 1S17. 
His minia- 
ture penes 
Dr. P. H. 
Markoe oi" 
New York. 

Ann, 1st 
dau. of 
and Man- 
Square ; 
named in 
will of 



Ann Hutchinson, 
mar. J. H. Wail- 

Mary Estridge, 
mar. Isaac Hart- 
man. They had 
6 children ; 1st 
child born 1777. 
She was named 
17S3 in will of 
Pra. Hegen. 

Eliz., mar 

van Wych. 

. . . ., died in 
U.S.A. July 

Eebecca Hutchinson, 
mar Thomas. 

Frances, mar. Edni. 
Fleming Akcrs, later 
of Berrymead Pricuy, 
Acton, CO. ]Middlescx. 
She died ;U Heel SI 1. 
He mar. 2ndlv, in 
Feb. ISIO, MissCath. 
Dewhurst of Baker 
Street, and died IG 
Feb. 1821 at Brussels. 

Prances George, mar. Lieut. J. Eawlins 
Thomas, E.N. She died at St. Kitts 
10 June 1817. 

I . I. 

Henry Eawlius. Maria. 

Both named in the will of 
their grandfather Joseph. 


Eliz"' Frances dau. of Henry and Eliz''' Eawlins ; May;, i»o. 
John Eawlins, Adam Sprotr, Esq'^ JM'^ ^^arah J. Eawlins, 
Miss Eebecca Waller'' 

1795 July 

1795 July 2G Heni'y s. of' Eich^ aiul Eliz"' Eawlins ; b. Feb. 22, "91. Henry 

Eawlins, Esq., by his friend Adam Sprott, Es(|., and Joseph 

Eawlins, Esi]., INI*' IMarv Satterthwaile and 3i'= Eliz"' Jiawlins, 

AV. of Hy. Eawlins, Esq. 
— Eliz"' dau.' of Eich' and Eliz"' Eawlins; b. July '95. John 

Eawlins and IJenry Hart, Esq'\ M'^ .Sarah J. Eawlins and 31'" 

Eli/;"' Young. 
]795 July 30 Eliz"' dau. of Eich'' and Eli/."' Eawlins; b. July 1, '95. God'": 

John Eawlins and Henry Hart, Esq'^ G"''*: .M" Saraii J. 

Eawlins, Al"^ .... Young. 
181-1 Jan. 1 James Tyson s. Hon'''"^ Stedman J\awlins and his wife Gertrude. 

iSponsors : the Hon. John Julius. Tiionias Tyson, Esq., Miss 

Sarah Tyson and Miss Christian Tyson. 
1814 Jan. 1 AVilliam NVharton s. of Hon, Sicdmau Eawliiis and his wife 

Gertrude. Spon": Hon. John Garnctt, David lllliot, Clement 

Challenger, Esq'% yi" KUiot and :\['* Stedm.m Eawlins. 
1814 Jan. 1 Tho^ Charles Coirv, s. of above. Eich'' J\awlins and Tlio' 

Charles Stewart" Corry, Esq--', 31" Eich^ Eawlins and M'« 

Eebecca AValters. 



1733 Aug. 12 :SV IK-nrv Rawlins. 

1768 Out. 31 >rarvR." 

17SS Feb. 17 :\lis.s Sally R. 

1791 Jan. 7 Mary infant dau. of Stodinan and Eliz. R. 

1791 Mar. 2 Henry s. of Stedinan and Eliz"' R., from the Estate called The 


1792 Aug. 3 Jo.^epli infant s. of .Stcdman and Eliz"' R. 

1793 Oct. 2U Mary Ann dau. of Rich, and Eliz"' R. .... 

1797 Peb. 3 Eliz. dau. Ri;;hard and Eliz"' R., from his Estate cajled 

salN, Sandv P'. 
1800 Dee. 10 ^ViUiam s. of Richard and Eliz"' R., from bis Estate called 

Soniar.salls (:Sandv Point). 
1802 Dec. 19 Mary infant dau. oi' Rich, and Eliz. R., from his Estate called 













Joseph. Poets and Mary Rawlins, spin. 

Jolni Satterthwaite and Mary Rawlins. 

James Aker? and Ann Rawlins; by ]jic. 

Ricli-' R.awlins and Eliz"' Maillard, spin. ; by Lie. 

Under Eicence. Rev'' William Henry Rawlins, curate of S' 
Ann's, Sandy Point, bachelor, and Elizabeth Rawlins Mail- 
lard, eldest dau^'hler of Peter Maillard, Esq., spinster. At 
Old Road, by the Rev'' J. H. Walwyn, minister of S' Ann's, 
Sandv Ponit, and S" Paul's, Capisterre. 

Tf "' Bryan P. Point Prances Rawlins of Middle IsP. 

Howard Maillard Clifton, M.I)., widower, S^ Geo. Basseterre, 
and Harriet Eliz"' Rawlins of M. H". 



1722 Eliz. D. of Henry and Eliz. Rawlings, Aug^' 4"'. 

172-1 Henry S. of Henry and .Ann Ra^vling?, Sber 17"'. 

1725 Steadinan S. of Henry and Ann ]?awlings, xber 2P'. 

1727 Joseph S. of Henry aud Ann Rawlings, June 30"^. 

1729 Charles S. of Henry aud Ann Rawlings, April 2G"'. 


1722 Buried Eliz. wife of Ifenrv Rawlings 9^''' 7"'. 

— Eliz. Daug" of Henry Ixawlinus, .March 10"', 1722/3. 
1729 Joseph S. of Henry and .\nn J{awling.-<, Aug" 25"'. 

(Ante, I., 37, 38.) 


1S35 Dec. 23 Prances d. of William Henry and Elizabeth Rawlins (clerk). 

1855 Dec. is Sb.olto Thon\as Pcmberton and Ann Rawlins. i\lar. 

'^^ 1 think tbcse entries wcr<i seut me by ihe late Maj.-Geii. It. B. Pemberton. 



1811 Oct. 27 W'" Maynard, Esq., and Anna Margaret 'S''^ d. of ircnry Kaw- 

liiis, Esq.* I\Iar. 
1856 Oct. 10 Stedmaii Bayford ]^'^v\•lins of S' Kitts, Bach., and 'Miwy AVoodley 

Caines of Si. Jolm's, Sp^ Mar. Lie. 


1S20 Sep. 10 Richard .Johnson s. of Stedman Bawl ins, Esq., and hi.s wife. 

1S:M. jN'ov. 20 Stedman Akers Rawlins, Bach., and Elizabeth ]\[aynard, Sp^ 

botli of S' Georc;c's Parish. Mar. 
1820 Sep. 25 Richard Johnson inf. s. of M"^ and M" Stedman Rawlins. Bur. 
1823 Oct. 2-1 Henry Rawlins, Esq., a?t. G.3. Bur. 
1826 Aug. 23 M" Elizabeth Rawlins, ret. Gl, wid. of Henry Rawlins, Esq. 


1771. M'' Rawlins then in S* Kitts and his children in Enfjland. " M"" Joe 
Rawlins has taken a house within 3 miles of Exeter." (Lt.-Col. if. R. Phipps.) 

1787, June 21. At St. Ivitts, Capt. Anth. Toung, to Miss Rawliug, dan. of 
Stidman (sic) R. esq. (" G.M.," 738.) 

1803, Ang. 22. " At Eltham, Kent, Capt. Rawlins, cf the 30th foot, to Miss 
Anne Taylor R. dan. of the late Stedman R. esq. of St. Ivitts. (Ibid., 788.) 

1815. The Hon. Henry ]-{awlins then acting Gov. of the Leeward Islands 
("Antigua," i., cxlix) and Stcdmau Rawlins in 1817. 

1817, June 10. At the estate of her late father, Joseph Rawlins, esq. at St. 
Christopher, where she went for the recovery of her health, Frances George, wife 
of Lieut. J. Rav/lins Thomas, R.N. great niece of Gen. Sir AVilliam Payne, bart. 
and of the late Lord Lavington. And Sept. 7, at Stonehonse, Devon, aged 
8 month?, Frances Anne, infant dau. of the above. (" G.M.," 2b2.) 

1821. Stedman Rawlins, President. 

Hon. AVm. ^V. Rawlins, J.P., M. for S^ Tho., Middle L, and Speaker. 

Stedman Rawlins, M. for S' John's, Cabbesterre. 

John H. Rawlins and "W'orthington Rawlins, ^L's for Trinitv P. p'. 

1839, Oct. 22. At Sandy Point on Thursday last Mr. John Rawlins, a son of 
Stedman R., Sen'', Esq. (" at. Chr. Advertiser.") 

1810, Jan. 3. On Saturday morning at Rawlins Mornes Estate, Mr. William 
R. a son of Stedman R., Esq., sen. (" St. Chr. Gazette."') 

1810, Jan. 14. At Nevis, on Tuesday last the Rev. W. H. R. aged 55 years, 
leaving eight children to lament their irreparable loss. (" St. Chr. Advertiser.") 

1810, Dec. 9. At St. Chr. ^Vm. AVhnrton R. (" G.M.," 1841, 558.) 

1844, Dee. 12. At St. Chr. Robert Murray Rumscy, Colonial Secretary, to 
Louisa-Frai:ces, 3'' dau. of the late Hon. AVm. AVharton R. member of 11. M. 
Council in that island. (Ibid., 1815, 311.) 

There are Close Rolls of the years 17G1, 17G4 and 1794 noted aiife, T. 

Charles Lowndes, bap. G Dec. 1G5S, by Sarah his wife had a son Cliarles, who 
settled at .S- Kitts and later removed to Charlestown, S. Carolina. He in. Ruth 
dau. of Henry ]?awlins, and died March 1 7oG, leaving 3 sons. (See ]ieJiijree of 
Lowndes in Burke's " Landeil Gentry," 7 Ed., p. 1145, and anfe, 1., 333.) Rut]i'.s 
mother is supposed to have been Ruth Garner, a widow, of St. Kitts. (E. 11. 

* This marriage is ulso recordod at St. GeorgeV. He is there staled "Hon." 



?LMi$$cj> of iHontserrat* 

This liid're Tiiailo 10 Bvc. 21 (Jco. TT. 1747 Between Tlio. Lee of llie T. of 
]\IoiitHerrat but m>\v residing' in tlie parifjh of S' Geor^-e the ]\Iartvr ]i]«cj. of the 
one jiart and i'eter ilussey of L. M' of the other part Wit. that T. L. for £G00 
])'' hy i'. II. sells all tliat capital uiessuage in the Town of Plynioiitli ii\ s'' 
I. bounded S. with the L^reat street, E. with the house and ground of Win. 
Chainiiej'.s, W. with the lamsc and grounds of Tlio. ]Meadc, jS'. with the. lands of 
J(din Cooper and D' Jas. Schaw. Lease of 9 Dec. precedes the above. (Close 
Eoll, oS7S.) 

This Ind're made tlie IS Jan. 23 Geo. II. 1749 l^etween Peter Ilnssey of L. 
!Mereh' of the one p' and Jas. Davenport of L. wharfinger ot the other Whereas 
hy Jnd'res of L. and K. dated 9 and 10 Dec. 1747 Tho. Leo of tlie I. of 
3[oiitf;eri'att but then residing in tlie parish of S' Geo. the Martyr Esq. for 
£.jOO .-<t. sold to Peter Ilussey the capital messuage of him T. L. in the town of 
Plymouth now P. II. for £()bO p'" by Jas. D. sells the same by way of mortgage 
for a year to the use of Peter Ilussey and Bridget his wile. 

The lease of 17 Jan. precedes the above. (Close KoU, 5S72.) 

This Ind're made 1 Feb. 24 Geo. IT. 1750 Petween Walter Lawrence of 
Lissregan co. Galuay Esq. of the one part and James Ilussey of ^Muntsei'at Esq. 
of ihe other Wliereas .lolm ticott late of Greenish co. Gallway g' dec'' being 
seized of a pi" in the Windward Div" called the ^Mountain pi" in Little Garden 
Hill did by his will ilated 13 July 174G bequcatli to his dau. Mary Scott (then an 
inft.) at is £500 st. and the residue to his s. Kob. Scott (then also an inf.) and 
appointed his brother Marcus ffrench, his brother John fl". and others E.\;'ors and 
d. soon after and Kob. S. the inf. d. before 21, and the fee became vested 
in M;iry S. as h. at 1. and sole dau. and she m. John Lawrence Esq. by whom she 
had issue only the s*^ W'' L. and Whereas by Ind'res of L. and Kel. of 17 and 
IS Ap. 1747 between s'"' Johii fl'rench of Kahashaue co. Galway Esq. tlie P'x'or 
Edmoiiil Kelly of Paly^^^irty co. G. gt. and Anstacc K. otherwise Scott otherwise 
ft'rench wife of s'' Ivim'' K. then lately the widow of John Scott of the one part 
and Peter Ilussey of M. merch' of the other reciting that J. S. was seized of s'' 
pi" in the [)ossession of P. II. by art. of sett, previous to the m. of s'' J. S. and 
Anstacc dicl settle £'t)0 a yr. on her as jointure and Peter II. owed £t)()0 sr. 
arrears of rent J. E., Edin'* K. and A. his wife agreed to sell the said pi. to P. H. 
for £1000 st. they in consideration of £1()00 conveyed est. to P. 11. iNIary Scott 
to coiifirii! when of age of 21 and the considered sum was ])■' to Cha. Hamilton 1. 
of Grays Inn Esq. (since dec'') by a p. of att>' to which John L. was a witness and 
wliereas John L. and ^Inry his wife d. long since and ]Mary having d. beiorc 21 
and Peter H. is dead and .)a<. is his eldest s. and h. at 1. and disputes having 
arisen they were submitted to Auuusiin Boyd of L. I\L' and Jas. ]']gan of St. Geo. 
the IVTarlyr Esij. as arbitrators they on 29 Xov. last })ast awariled that AV. L. sh'^ 
execute a good, title to .1. II. ami J. H. sir' pay £S7u. £75 to be abated. Eelease 
of all claims. W. L. now conveys s'' ])1" of 4 ^ acres with the mills negroes and 

stock. (On sliins oH, 37 and 3S.) Skiu 
the 31 Jan. (JJlose Koll, 5850.) 

35 is tho lease for one vcar made 



Peter Husscy of iMontserrat, nicrchniit, lessee of tlic- 
Mountain plautatiou 174:7; dead 1750. 

James Husscy, =t= 
Esq., eldest son 
and heir 1750, 
Mheu he pur- 
chased the iNIouii- 
tain plantation 
(Close Koll, 
58oG) ; executed 
bonds in 1757 and 
176S ; dead 1774. ; 

Peter Huisev^ 


of L., nicrelit. 

. . . ., 

1747 ; abroad 


in 175S ; of 






James Ilussey, son of 
Peter Hussey 17G4. 


James Hussey 
the younger of 
M., son and 
heir, inortga;,^cd 
in 17GS'lJa- 
monds, Dyers 
aud Germans 
Bay planta- 
tions ; died 
abroad in- 
solvent before 

Catherine Hussey, 
inar. about 1757 
Daniel McNamara 
of Lincoln's Inn 
Pields, barrister. 
His will dated 29 
Nov. 1793 ; proved 
13 Feb. 1800 (128, 
Adderley). He 
died at Streaiham 

of Mont- 
] 794. 


ran. 1800, aged 

Bridget Hussey, 
mar. 10 iS'ov. 
1724 Patrick 
Eoche.Esq. His 
will dated at 
Bath 22 ]S'ov. 
17G3; proved 
16 Aug. 17G4 
(325, Simpson.) 

Mary IIus- 
sev, mar. 23 
June 1721 
Tlio. Mcado, 
Es([., who 
died about 
17G3. His 
will dated 9 
Oct. 1758 
(455, Paken- 

Tho. Hussey-pjMartha . . . ., 
of Antigua. ! sister of Cath. 


in M. 

Murphy; mar. 
sett, dated 13 
Juno 17GG. 
Hi 1793 had 
£3000 secured 
on Chateau 
Belair, St. Yin- 

Tho. Hussev of Esse- 
quibo. Will dated. 4 
May 1802; proved 3 
March 1803 (210, 
Marriott). Vide ante, 
II., 383. 

Mary Hussey=i=Michael White of Catherine, Martha, 

of Baker ■ Chateau Belair, living 1807. — 

Street, , St. Yijicent, ? 2nd — Eliz. 

widow, 1801. son of Hon. Mich. Autoinetta. 
W. of Antigua. 

Mi:-hael White, eldest son and heir, sole heir 1802 to his 
uncle Tho. H. ; of Baker Street 1807. 

John Lydia. Eliz. 

Bridget Hussey wife of Peter II. send greeting Whereas by the within deed of 
release the s'' P." H. doth covenant with Jas. Davenport that he P. H. and 
Bridget his wife will ne.\t Hilary teiin levy a line and e.xeculo such other act a.-» 
by the law of ^fontserrat is tantamount to a line to assure to J. 1). the house and 
lands and AVhereas P. H. is beyond tl;c seas now B. H. to bar all dower ami for 
10a'. release to .1. D. all my dower 14 Dec. 32 Geo. 11., 175S. She appeared on 
19 Dec. and acknowledged the above deed poll. (Close Poll, G023.) 

VOL. V. 


This Turrrr made tlie 8 Dec. .' Geo. JIT. 17G4 Between Tames ITussey of L. gt. 
s. of Peter II. late of L. M' now of Guadeloupe of tlie one part and Jas. Dorau 
of the p. of Allhallow." Barkin mariner of tlie other. ^V]icrea.s Mary Farrill wile 
of K'^ F. of the 1. of M.[. by her Will dated tlic 19 Jan. 17Gi did by virtue of 
the power reserved in her m. sett, bequeath to Jas. Ilusscy u. or ]. of L. 
gt. s. of Peter il. \. of L. M' now or late of G-. all her lands and real est. 
comprized in tlie s'' sett, to s'^ Jas. H. now lie for £400 st. p'' by Jas. D. sells him 
the laud called the "Wash as mortgage and J. H. appoints Chas. jMolIiueux 
and AV'" of M. liis attornies. (Close Eoll, GlGl.) 

This Jnd're made the 11 Nov. 15 Geo. III. 177-1 Between John Dyer late of 
the I. of ^[. but at present of the p. of S' George Hanover Sq. Esq. of the 
one part and Jas. Hussey of !M. Esq. s. and h. of Jas. H. 1. of M. Esq. dec'' 
of the other Whereas by Ind'res of 27 and 2S Eeb. 17-18 made between t,'' John 
Dyer aud ^lary his wife since dec'' of the one part and s'' Jas. 11. the father .«inee 
dec'' of the other in consideration of £2700 p'^ by J. H. to J. D. and I\I. they 
conveyed to J. H. all that pi" in the parish of S' Anthony bounded jS". aud W. 
with R'' Cooke Esq. formerly ihc lands of W"' Fiucli gt. bounded E. with 
Nineteen Gutt S. with lands called Symes pi" at the head with the Mountain 
cfiutainiug 100 a. also that parcel of land in S' Geo. bounded S. with above land 
E. and N. with I'ds of Tho. Cross dec'' then 1. in the poss. of Peter H. dee'' 
W. with Ids. lately Martin Frcix-hcs c. 22 a. called Dogleap also Allers's pi" in 
S' Geo. c. (iO a. e.xcept the house where Daniel Allers then lived and -1 a jS. Avith 
Brian ^lOIahon dec'' S. the Eiver c. Col. Geo. Wykes's ]^.iver E. Edw. Parson 
Esq. called Cross's Land W. Col. E'' Cooke dec*" and Whereas Jas. 11. the father 
d. leaving Jiis. II. hi.s s. aud h. and Mary Dyer is also dead and doubts having 
arisen to confirm the title J. D. confirms. (Close Eoll, G3S0.) 

Daniel iMacnamara of Stretham, co. Surrey (Esq. in margin). Will dated 
20 Nov. 1793. All. estate to my wife Catherine and an])oii\t her sole Ex'trix. 
In the presence of Maria Macnamara, Henrv Thomas, Thos. Meade. Proved 
13 Eeb. 1800 by C. M., widow, the relict. (12S, Adderley.) 

1800, Jan. 20. Aged 88, John {sic) Macnamara, esq. of Strcatham, Surrey. 
(" G.M.," 181.) 



June 23 Thomas !Mead tt IMarv Hussy, by L. 
Nov. 10 M' Patrick Rodi &, Bridget Iliussy, by L. 

Robert Ilussey of Loudon had sons Edward, George, Robert, Peter ami 
Joseph, al! in Barbados in iGuU. (Berry's " Sussex and Surrey.") 

( 107 ) 

antr Sinttsua. 

Col. Robert Oliver, sccoiul son of the Hon. Col. liiclianl Oliver of St. Joliii's, 
.Antigua, was born in 17U0, but his baptism is not on record there. At his father's 
death in 171G he received a legacy of £1.jOO o., and tlien pureha.sed " Graers " of 
56 acres for £1500 c, and " Dugi^ans " of -10 acres for £3G0 c, and -with other 
lands formed a. plantation of 120 acres in ^'onsuch, X. of St. ]?hilip's Church, 
about 12 miles from St. John's. In 1726, on the deatli of the widow of his nncle 
Uobert Oliver, he succeeded to a plantation of S9 acres in New IN'orth Sound, on 
the N. side of Gunthorpes, but this being neglected and ruinous he obtained a 
private Act in 1731 for the sale of it to Lt.-Gov. EJw. Byam for £1127 c, which 
sum was then charged on his estate at ^s'onsuch. 

He had married in 1721-22 Anne Brown, on!}' child and heiress of James 
Brown, deceased. Her mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Brown, had remarried in 1707 
Isaac Eoyall of Dorchester, Mass., and of Popeshead, Antigua, by whom she had 
a son Isaac Eoyall, Jr., and a'dau. Penelope, who m. Col. Henry 'Vassall of 
Boston and Jamaica. 

On account of this family connection Ilobert Oliver forsook the Island iu 
1738 and removed to Dorchester, where he purchased lauds and built a house, 
dying there in 1762, aged 62. In the memoir of the Eoyalis by E. D. Harris, 
Bostoji, it is stated that in 1717 Isaac Koyall, Jr., and Henry Yassall leased for 
7 years of Eobert Oliver a plantation of 1-lS acres in Popeshcad, but I cannot 
identify this estate. Col. Ilobert Oliver had five sons, of whom the second, 
Thomas, was Lt.-Gov. of I\Iass. 177-1-76, removing the latter year to England on 
account of the rebellion. His first wife, Eliz. Vassal), d. in England, but when or 
where is not known. The Lt. -Governor's estate in Mass. having been confis- 
cated, he might have been ruined like other Loyalists, but visiting Antigua, where 
he still owned his Nonsuch plantation, he there m. in 17S1 Harriet, only child 
and h. of the Hon. Byam Freeman, deceased, and so acquired " Byam Ercemans " 
plantation in Popeshead (afterwards called Ervers Hill), besides a good fortune. 
He then seems to have turned planter, and in 1790 purchased Morgans of 74 
acres for £3000, and "Watkiu's of 93 acres for £2500. Iu 1791 he leased Mrs. 
Vassall's moiety of lloyalls, and purchased the late Isaac Koyall's moiety. In 
1793 he sold his father's phmtation in Nonsuch, then of 10-1 acres, for £-1400, 
and in 1806 purchased j\rrs. Vassall's moiety of Eoyalis for about £0000. He 
retired to Itristol, where he d. in 1815 at tiie age of 83, leaving no sous but four 
dans, by his 1st wife and two by liis 2nd one. Byam Freeman?, otherwise 
Fryers Hill estate, descended by the intail to Harriet AVatkius 0., the elder dau. 
by the 2nd wife, who m. Capt. Henry Ilaynes, E.N., of the Barbados family, 
and had two children, Freeman Oliver Haynes, Fellow of Caius C, Camb., and 
Thomasina Oliver Haynes, who m. the late Sir AV. S. Thonu.s, Bart., and their 
heirs appear to have sold the estate. I have inquired in several likely quarters 
for any colonial papers and historic documents that may have been the Lt.- 
Govcruor's, but without success. 

Mr. Edmund Ilaynes of 9 New Square, grands, of the above F. O. H., pos- 
sesses a miniature of the Lt. -Governor and a lino portrait of "Uncle Isaac 
Oliver," a yr. brother, b. 1738, killed in a duel, probably at Boston, at the age of 
about 25. Sir (leorge Thomas, 15art., also lent me a plan of F'ryers Hill and 
Dunbars. The Lt.-(rOv. had a neohew, Jiichd. O., a planter in Antigua, who m. 
at St. John's in 1805 Eliz. Isles, s|)r., and d. in 1809. His widow made lier will 
iu 1823, and left her few slaves and small property to her nephews Isles, so pre- 
sumablv she left no chihlron. If there ai-o any male dcscendauts of this branch 
iu U.S.A. I sh?.li be glad if they will couunuuicato with me. 

T *> 

1 W 



The following absiracts 
Anti'nia : — 

were ma'lc bv mo in 191-1- from dcccls on record at 

This Ind're made tlie 17 Doc. 1791 between Penelope Yassall late of Auti^nia 
^vidow now of Boston Mass. on the one part and Tho. O. of J^ristol E,-;q. of the other 
"Witncsseth tliar fnr the rent she leases to him her moiety of an estate in the 
parish of St. John and Division of i'opesliead bonnded etc. for 9 years at c-€;-550 
rent. Scliodule of slaves. The £,'rowin^ crops slaves and stock are appraised at 
£51G7. (Lib. Y., vol. o, fo. 8G.) 

This Ind're made the 9 Dec. 1791 betweeiT Sir "Win. Pepperell of IMarylebone 
Baronet Joseph Koyall of ditto Es(|. and Tho. Palmer of vS' Creorge's Hanover !^q. 
of the one part and Q'ho. (). of the ]'arish of S' Au<;nstine Bristol Esi]. of the 
other "Witnesseth that they sell to 'J'. O. Ihat plantation formerly belonginij; to 
Isaac Eoyall in the parish of St. John and Division of Po])esliead as by writ of 
partition in 17(5.j and that parcel of land of Isaac K. in his own ri<j;ht -wheT-eon 
the "Works are, botuided >•'. on the Sea and Chr. llod^e Escj. dec'', "W. and S.AV. 
on lajul of Tho. Jarvis Esq. purchased of said T. O., S. on the road to 8^ John's, 
E. on lands set off on the said writ of partition to Henry Vassal] in riglit of his 
■wife Penelope A'assall, containing' 59 acres 2 r. .S") ]). also 2 small pieces C. av.d Vi. 
in the plan of partition bonnded N. on Henry Vassal!, S. on Henry A'assali and 
Tho. Jarvis purchased of T. O., E. on T. J. contaijiing 4 a. 2 v. 20 p. also part of 
a piece E. ■whereon the net^ro houses are containing' 3 a. 7 p. the whole aiuountinij 
to G7 a. 1 r. 22 p. with the Avindir.ill, houses and slaves (about -10} and stock for 
one year. 

Eelea^e of 10 Dec. 1791. Isaac Koyall former!}" of "Mcdford, Vlass., late of 
Kensington Esq. dec^ by liis will made 26 May 177y ordered his estate in Antigua 
to be sold. AVill proved P.C.C. and legacies to be paid. The Ex'ors now in con- 
sideration of £5000 st. paid by Tlio. Oliver convey the said plantation of 07 a. to 
him. (Lib. \V., vol. 5, fos. 222 to 229.) 

This Ind're of three parts made 24 Feb. 1795 13ctween Geo. Lee of Lombard 
Street Banker, Geo. Erving of George Street Hanover Sq. Esq. and Tho. Latliam 
of Tower Street M' assignees of estate of John Lane, Tho. Eraser and Tho. 
Boylston late of Nicholas Lane L. M' and co-partners as Lane Son and Erazer of 
the 1-' part, said J. Lane ami T. V. stirviving co-]>artnei's of Tho. Lane dec'' of 
2'' pnrt and Tho. Oliver of Bristol 1-sq. of the 3'' part. 

AVhereas by an Ind're of 2S Feb. 17G5 Heniy Vassal! late of Camb. co. Essex 
Mass. now dec*' and Penclo])e his wife now his widow conveyed to John ]?owe of 
Boston Esq. AVilliam X. of B. Esq. s'' Tho. O. ar.d John A', of Camb. iheir moiety 
of a plantati'iu in the Division of Popes Head and parish of S' Johns ibrmerly 
the estate of I>aac Eoyall of Alcdford .Mass. Esq. dec" and thett held by Henry \. 
in right of Pen. his wife and by Isaac K. s. of s'' Isaac ]\oyall as tenants in com- 
mon bounded 1 parcel N. sea and lands of Chr. Hodge, A\'. on s'' Tho. O., S. on high 
road E. on Tho. Jarvis and s*' Tlio. O. and the otlier parcel X. on Tho. O., A\^. ou 
Tho. Turner S. and E. on T, Jarvis c. in tlic ■whole llo a. and their moiety 
of Gl slaves and 2o slaves purchased by Henry A', and L J{. as tenants in com- 
mon and 7 in Henry V. of her own, ami also 1 7 slaves of Penelope A', given her by 
her father subject to payntent by said Henry A'^. to John liowe of £9GG with 
Inicicst at G percent., to William V. of X'SOO, and to Tlio. ( ). of £2GG and £2."J0, and 
to John V. £2-ll, and by another Indenture of (! parts of 15 Ju!v 1778 between 
Jclin Rowe of I'' part. &'' AN'illiam A', of 2"^ s^ Tho. O. of 3'', John A^ of 1"', and 
Penelope V. widow of Henry A'', of 5"', and Tho. Lane, John Lane and f ho. Eraser of 



6"' recites that Henry V. <!id not pay J. Eowc tlic £0(30 ar.d £S00, but paid TIio. O. 
on 12 Jan. 17GS ;C"2(;G and £2-jO.'and John V. £211, and on the COllU a bahuicc 
of £Go7 and £2Gi Intcivsl niakini,^ £!)22 c. or ilGOl bt. to 1771 is in)v,- due 
to John Ifowc, and £yuO witli £1511 Interest or £1-111 is due to William V. 
and l'enelo])e A^. applied to Lanes to pay off said sums and they paid oil' £1773 
St., all said Henry and Penelope V.s moiety of said plantation was released to 
Lanes and the slaves to John I\ , AVilliam V., Tho. U. and John V. as mortg. 
and default was made and the Lanes became bankrupt in 1793 and Geo. Lee etc. 
were trustees for creditors and £7i)7 wa.s due to them which Tho. O. now paying 
they convey to him the moiety of said plantation and slaves. (Lib. 0., vol. 7, 
179o to lS('r 0)1, fos. S7 to 02 inclusive. This volume has index.) 

This Ind're made the IS Nov. ISOG between Penelope EusscU and Catherine 
Russell spinsters and David Pearcc merchant and Kebecca Pearce his wife (late 
Kcbeeca Kussell spr.) all of Boston Mass. which said Pen. liussell, Cath. Eussell, 
?aid Kcbecca Pearce, with Eliz. A'assall Degen wife of Chas. Purlong Degen of 
Leghorn mereli' are the 4: daus. and colieiresses of Eliz. Eussell late of Boston 
widow of Cha. Eussell of Antigua Esq. and which sa'd Eliz. Eussell was the only 
child and lieiress and universal devisee and executrix named in the will of 
Penelope Yassall late of Antii^ua but afterward of Boston Mass. widow deceased 
of the onft part and Tho. Oliver of Bristol Escp of the other Whereas Pt-nelope 
Vassall by her will recorded in America gave all her estate to her dau. Eliz. 
Russell who proved it there and Eliz. EusscU hath lately died intestate leaving 
the above -1 daus. and only children and by an appraisement pursuant to a Lease 
granted by Pen. Yassall to Tiio. 0. dated 17 Dec. 1791 he is entitled to receive 
£2000 c. and Pen. Eussell, Catli. Eussell and David Pearce and Eebecca Pearcc 
in consideration of Tho. Oliver releasing them of £loOO c. and iu consideration of 
the sum of £3300 st. sell to him their y shares of their land and slaves in tho 
p. of S' John and division of Popeshead which were set off to Pen. Vassall on 
a writ of partition made the G Aug. 170-3 one parcel bounded X. and E. on Chr. 
Hodge Esq.. >S. and AV. oa lands formerly of Isaac Eoyall Esq. but now of the 
said Tho. Oliver containing 17 acres and marked IIII. ; one other parcel bounded 
N. on the hill and quarry f. of Isaac Eoyall now of Tho. O., E. on land of 
T. Jarvis purchased of Tho. 0., S. on the hii^h road and AY. on lavid f. of 
Isaac E. now of Tho. 0. containing 8 acres and marked Yll. ; one other parcel 
bounded Is", on T. Jarvis purchased by Tho. 0., E. on T. Jarvis, S. on T. Jarvis, 
W. on Eliz. Turner containing 30 a. and marked A'lII. IX. X. ; and one small 
parcel with negro houses of 1 a. with sugar and boiling houses and slaves 28 men 
3G women, children and cattle all now vested in Tho. O. by lease of 18 Aug. 
1800 for 7 years at- the rent of £3.50 st. and the sellers appoint Sam. AYarner 
and Eich'' Oliver gentlemen and O. Y. Ash Esq. all of A. their Attornies. 
A^arious Powers of Attorney and atUdavits follow. Sworn 3 Eeb. 1809 by Sam. 
AA^arncr, Eich<' Oliver and 6. Y. Ash. (Lib. E., vol. 7, pp. 203 to 211 inclusive.) 

There is also a separate conveyance from the Degeus of their i share which I 
did not take. 

This Ind're made the 9 Dec. 1700 Between (4odschal Johnson of London Esq- 
and Sainiu'l Eliot of Antigua uinv in Harley St. Kscp surviving devisees in trn.-l by 
the will of AVilliam Ciunthorjie formerly of Auli'j:ua afterwards of PaddinL;ton VjM\. 
deceased of the one pan and Tho. Oliver of Bristol J'lsq. of tho other AVilnesseth 
they sell to Tho. O. Moiyinia of 7-1 a. bounded E. with lii.;h road and Jiuias 
Laiigford deceased AY. with high road and Jonas L. and William Mackinnou 
and heirs of John Lindsay, N. with the centre division of Morgans allotted br 
a writ of division to Byam Erccmau and Ann his wife both deceased, S. with 



laud of J. Lindsay, foniuTly in tenure of Tho. Jarvis Esc]. al.-^o JVoilhi.s'ti n\ 
93 a. bouudcd E. -^vitli Edward Erench deceased now of ]tou. How. JJurtoii, W. 
ivith centre division of iJorj^ans allotted to Byain E. and Ann liis wife and the 
high road; jS'. with the centre division of ^Vatkins also allotted to Byam i". 
and Ann his wife and high road; S. with lands of late Jonas Langford dece;ised 
late in tenure of John Dunbar E?q. in division of Dickinsons Eay and pari.-h of 
S' John, ■which plantations are noM' in the occupation of Tho. O., and also 
about 20 slaves for 1 year. . 

Ik'leasc of 10 Dec. 1790. William G. made his will S July 1777 and 
gave his 2 plantations calleil iMorgans and Watkins to trustees to sell and Tho. 
O. hath agreed to buy them for £5.jOO st. exclusive of the slaves and Langford 
Loveli ])urcha?ed for Tho. O. and paid for Morgans £3000 and for Watkins 
£2500 bv auction — reference to a decree bv the Court of Chancery in London. 
(Lib. AV.; vol. 5, fos. 4 to 15.) 

Tho. Oliver Esq. to John Elliott Esq. conveyance and assignment ; and John 
Elliott Esq. and Catherine his wife to Tho. Oliver Esq. mortgage. 

This Ind're made the 2 March 1793 Between Tho. O. late of the City of 
Bristol but at present in Antigua Esq. of the one part and John Elliott of 
Antigua Esq. and Catherine his wife of tJie other. 

Whereas Tho. 0. being seized as of fee of a plantation in the division of 
Konsuch by Ind're of 20 Dec. 1781 between him and Sam. Athill Esq. of the 
other in consideration of the rent payable by said Sam. A. he Tho. O. leased to 
Sam. A. his Tho. O.'s plantation of 101: a. boujided N. on lauds of Sam. 
Harman, "William Wickham Harman late Murrays and said Sam. A. late 
Lyuch's ; E. on lands Tho. Elmes's and lands of Sam. A. late Lyneh's ; S. on 
lands of Ben. March', Sam. Harman and Sam. A. late Lyneh's ; W. on the 
High K** and lands of Sam. Harman, with the windmill houses from the 10 Oct. 
for 12 years paying the yearly rent of £250 st. Plan of estate referred to — 
details of lease as to guinea corn, canes and trash, blast or oricketts, 2 baskets 
of dtmg to each hole, and AVhcreas by Articles of Agreeuiont of 21 Jan^ present 
1793 between Tho. O. of Bristol of the one part and John Elliott of Antigua 
Esq. of the other Tho. O. in consideration of £1-100 st. conveyed to John E. 
all the plantation of 10-1 a. then in the tenure of the Hon. Sam. A. as tenant 
and John E. -was to execute to said Tho. O. a mortgage thereof also of 35 slaves 
for securing £4100 with interest at G per cent, to be paid in 7 years and 
Tho. O. should assign the Lease which will expire on 10 Oct. next. Tlio. O. now 
sells and conveys said plantation free of dower of Harriet wife of Tho. O. 
Schedule of Slaves. 

John Elliot is bound in £SS00, 2 jMarch 1793. (Lib. X., vol. 5, fos. 200 

Tho. Oliver of Bristol Esq. Power of Att>' to Sam. AVarner of Antigua gent, to 
carry on the plantation business of all my several estates and in c.iso of his 
death the po^\er to my nephew Eich'' O. of Antigua gent. 9 Sept. IbOu. (Lib. 
0., vol. 7, p. 133.) 

Ind're made the 21 Jan. ISll between Tho. Oliver of Bri.-itol Esq. recites the 
Ind're of 22 Mavch 1793 between Tho. O. and John Elliott oF Antigua Esii. and 
Catherine his wife by which Tho. O. sold a plantation in ^'onsuch ^ubjoct to 
rcucmpiion on ()ayniont of £-4100 st. and tho said plantation was afterwards pur- 
chased of the Elliotts by J{ob. Buriithorn and by deed of 15 and l(i Ecb. IblO 
was conveyed to Eob. llvndman on Trust to sell. Tho. O. releases all claim. 
(Lib. G., vol. 7, fo. 151.) " 



I«aiic Ivoyal of Cl)arle>to\vii Xtnv Eiighunl. "\Vill daU'd 27 Doc. 173S. M-y 
dau. -in-law Ann wife of Ivobert Oliver of Anti-ua now in Now England 2 ncgroa 
and thfir lu children. Justatc tlicrc ' to dau. Penelope and l to son L-<aac. "Wife 
Elizabeth etc. Eecorded o JN'ov. 1739 at Antigua. (Sec full abstract in "Antigua," 
iii., 56.) 

Elizabeth Eoj-all of Charlestown co. or Middlesex gentlewoman. "Will dated 
4 April 1717. 1 give to my four grandsons Doctor James Oliver, Thomas Oliver, 
Isaac Oliver and Kichard Oliver at 21 £000 apiece. IM" Eliz. Ilewes of Cam- 
bridge singlewoman £300. My sister Mary Dunton £'lO0. To my granddaus. 
and goddau,s. Eliz. lioyall, Eliz. Oliver, and Eliz. Yassall I bequeath as follovrs : 
To_ Eliz. Eoyall at m." or 21 £1000. To Eliz. Oliver £1000 now lying iu debts 
owing from her father Kobert O. Esq. of Dorcliester upon two bonds one dated 
16_ Apr. 1713 for £IoO and the other 11 Feb. 1711-5 for 212 oz. of silver. To 
Eliz. Vassall at 21 or m. £1000 lying m debts owing from lier father Henry 
Vassall upon 2 bonds one dated 22 Oct. 171.1 for 375 oz. of silver the other 1 Dec. 
1741 for 250 oz. To mj^ grauddau. Mary Kovall at 21 or m. £500. A suit of 
mourning and a ring to my sou Isaac and his wife, my son-in-law Kobert Oliver 
and bis wife, son-in-law Ileury Yassall and his \\"ife, Jacob Eoyall Esq. and his 
wife, my eldest grandson .Tame3 Oliver, Mrs. Eliz. llewes and Mr. Chr. 3iinot 
one of my Ex'ors. A ring and a pair of gloves for each other Ex'or and my 
sister Dunton. I appoint Wm. Brattle Esq. of Cambridge, Mr. Joseph Dowse 
and Mr. Chr. Miuot both of Boston merchants and Jonas Langford uf the 1. 
of Antigua Esq. to be Ex'ors. Legacies to be ])aid when due witli interest. All 
residue in trust to Ex'ors to give one half of the interest to my dan. Ann Oliver 
and if site survive her husband to her absolutely but if lie survive her then to 
their 5 children. The other one half to my dau. Penelope Vassall (in like- manner 
but no children named). "Witnessed by Erancis "Whitniore, John Milchell, 
Joseph .Skinnar. Middlesex Segistry of Probate. 

5 May 1717 Joseph Dowse refused. IS May 1717 Letter of Chr. Minot. 

Inventory taken 1 Aug. 1747. £9719. ^worn 10 Oct. 1717 by M"" Chr. 
Miuot the only acting Ex'or. 

On 8 Oct.*17l7 Isaac Eoyall Esq. the only son and Col. Eob. Oliver .'.[ipealcd 
alledging testatrix was weak in mind .... her large fortune — the improper conlrol of 
one of her Ex'ors. 4 May 1747 Col. Brattle refused the trust. 

The parties being represented by Council the lion. Sam. Danforth, Judge of 
Probate, found for the will on 8 June 1747. 

(Co])v of will and other documenis on 33 quarto sheets procured iu 1012 by 
the late Mr. Lothrop "Witliington.) 

Isaac Eoyall late of ^letlford co. ^^Eidd^ Mass. x\ew England now of Ken- 
sington. Will dated 20 iLiy 177s. Dau. .Mary M'^lutosh Erving wife of the 
Hou. Geo. Erving Esq., sou-in-Iaw Sir W'ni. i'eppcrell. Sister Penelope Yassall. 
]\Iy nephews his Honour Tho. Oliver and Eich'* Oliver Esquires. Late dau. Lady 
Pepperell. Estate in Anliirua to be sold. (Long will.) (oo'S, Webster.) AViU 
also recorded in co. jlidd^ ^lass. 


iWtatie of ilflont^trrat. 

Tho. Meade of MoDtscrratt, but late of Ougerhill in the parish of Chertsey, 
CO. Surry, Esq. Will dated 9 Oct. 175S. To my wife Mary £200 a year and the 
use of plate and furniture in Great Britain, my coach and four horses and my 
title I now have to the house and lands that belonged to the late Eandolph 
Greenwav during the minority of his nephew John G. To my son Peter and my 
five daus." Bridget M., Cath. 5l., ^fary M., Eleanor M. and Sarah 11. £3000 at 21. 
To my son James ?>I. os., having already paid him his portion. To my Ex'ors 
£2000 in Trust, the interest to be p'' to my dau. Judith Lynch and at her death to 
her eh". My pi" called tlie Water Work' in the parish of Si- Peter in M. which I 
lately purchased from AY'" Fenton, now in lease to Tho. Caiues, I give to my son 
Dominick M. and his heirs male, and in default to my son Peter M., my son 
Tho3. 'M., my daus. and granddaus. a.s tenants in common. .All other lands in the 
West Indies and Great Britain to my son Thos. and in default to my son Dom. 
and my son Peter. £200 annuity due to W"^ Fenton, now or late of Maidstone, 
and Juliana his w-ife. My dau. Ann i\I. £10 a year. Poor of S' Geo. £20 a year 
for 7 years. All residue of personal estate to Ex'ors for son Thos. at 21. 
By articles of 15 April 1750 I have agreed with Mary Newton, Spr., and Eandolph 
Home, two of the devisees of T^audolph Greenway, gt., dec'', for the purchase of 
f of a house at Onger Hill, but b}' reason of the minority of John G., son and 
heir of the late Bob. G., who has -\, the purchase cannot be completed, it shall be 
carried out. Z\Iy friends Bob. Freeman of Weston, Derbyshire, Dom. Trant, late 
of M., now in Great Britain, Constuntine Pliipps, late of S' Chr., now in Great 
Britain, W"' Irish, Jas. Hussey the Elder, Cha. O'Gara, all of M., and my nephew 
Edniund iMorphy, Esquires, "Ex'ors and G. Witisersed by John Piper, Bobert 
Dyelt, W"' Beach. If any child become religious my heir to pay only the portion 
of the house and £10 a year as my dau. Anne is paid. Oa 7 Aug. 1815 adm'ou 
of estate of testator, late of M., Esq., dec'', gi-anted to Tho. Hill, Esq., one of the 
Ex'ors of Bridget M., Spr., dec'', the dau. and a legatee. The Ex'ors died without 
taking probate of the goods of dec'', and Tho. M. the son died a bach, intestate, 
Dom. Meade the brot/ier, Mary M., Bridget M. and Eleaiior or Helena AF., sprs., 
the sisters and only next of kin of Tho. M. the son, with Cath. Lynch, spr., and 
Eleanor Dutoit his nieces by a dec"" sister having died. On 19 May 1S29 adm'ou 
of Tho. ]\I., late of Onger Hill. etc.. left unad. by Tho. Hill, was granted to John 
Ilopton Forbes tlie adm'or of Tho. M. the son. (455, Pakcnham.) 

Dominick ]\ftade. Will dated 20 ^March 1805. All my property in Montserrat 
to my sisters Bridget ]\reade and iMarv ]\Ieade. they to settle .£200 a year on my 
son Stanislar 3Je;ide. Wni. Sh.clucin oi' Grav's Inn, Esq., guardian of mv son, and 
£200. To each Ex'or £50. W" Sheldon^ Nicholas IliU, Wm. Furlong. J^ and 
Henry Hamilton of M., Es(]uires, Ex'ors, recommending my tiephews and nieces 
to my sisters. £20 a year to my sifter Kleonora jNfeade. All residue to my said 

Codicil. Mv son to take tho name of S' Hilair instead of Meade. 

Proved IG May 1S05 by Wm. Sheldon. (371, Nelson.) 

Helena Meade of SpetiMbury Ho., co. D'set, Spr. Will dated 21 Feb. 1^00. 
All my real and per.-onal estate unto my sister-s .Bridget M. and Mary "^L of 
Duke Str., ?Ianch' S(|., sj rs. Witneb.-ed by Bev. Ja« Newsiiam, Sjictisbury, ]'cv. 
Balph Southw(.rth of Sptaisbury Ifo. On 5 -\ug. iNloadm'on oi the goods of 
Eleanor (.iitierwis(< Helena M. ^'ranted lo Tho. Hill. Esq.. one of the E.K'or.<? of the 
will of Bri(;(.'et i\I.. Spr., dec'', the sister; Mary M. the other sister died without 
proving. (155, Pakeuham.) 

Meade of montserrat. 113 

Briflget Mcarle, late of Duke Str., Mriiiclicster Sq,, now rcsifliiig in Edward 
Str., Portmau Sq. ^V'ill dated 2G May 1813. All real Ci<tate to AV" Sheldon of 
Gray's Inn, Esq., 2sicb. Selby of Acton, Esi\., and Tlio. Hill of the I. uf Mont- 
eerrat, Esq., upon to sell to pay debts a.s well my own as those of my late 
sister i\Iary, dec''. To Stanislaus the son of my late brother Doininiek M., now 
residing in France, £2000. ^Nly nephew Tho. Lynch the interest of £1000 for 
his life, and at his death to his 4 daus., his present wife. My nephew Isidore L. 
£500. My niece Cath. L. £500. My niece Eleanora Dutoit £5uO. Louisa 
Farrcll, spr., now residing jn Pr.ris, who resided with M" ]Macnamara, dec'', £50. 
Madame Charboniere (hxte Liddy Earrell), wife of M"" C, £100. M'^ Stonor of 
Spetisbury IIo. £180^ due to her by my late sister Helena M., also £200. 
W"' Sheldon, Nieh. Selby and Tho. Hill "£50 each. All residue to Stanislaus 
The. L., Isidore L., Cath. L. and Eleanora Dutoit. Triistees to be E.x'ors. 

Codicil 31 Oct. 1S13. Leg. to servants. Proved 7 Aug. 1S15 by AV. S. and 
T. H., Esqi''^^ ; power reserved to Nich. Selby, Esq. On 4 Nov. 1837 adm'on of 
estate left unad. by W. S. and T. H., deC^, granted to Tho. Hopton Forbes, the 
Ex'or of Eleonora Mary Du Toit, wid., dec'', the niece. Nich. Tuitc (written 
IS'ich. Selby) having renounced and is dead, Tho. Henry L., Cath L., sj)r., and s'' 
El. Mary l)u Toit survived, but died, and Isidore L., Esq., not appearing. 
(455, Pakenham.) 

Mary Meade, late of Duke Str., S' Marylebone, Spr. AVill dated 2(3 March 
1809. All my real and personal estate to my sister Bridget M.. late also of Duke 
Str., spr. On 27 Sept. 1815 adm'on of testatrix, late of King's Bench Prison, spr., 
granted to Tho. Hill, Esq., Ex'or of B. M. Ou 18 May ls29 adm'on of estate 
left unad. bv T, H. granted to John IToptou Forbes, the adm'or of goods 
of s-i T. Hill. ' (510, Pakenham.) 

Sarali Meade, Spr. Will dated 15 April 1789. All estate to my 2 sisters 
Bridget M. and JMarv M., Sprs. Ou 23 Sept. 1815 test., late of Portmau Str., 
granted to Tho. Hill, Esq., E.x'or of Bridget M., dec''. (510, Pakenham.) 

Close EoU 5920. 

This Ind're made tlie 9 May 26 Geo. II. 1753 Between AV'" Fenton of Maid- 
stone CO. Kent Esq. and Juliana his wife of the one p* and Tho. ^Nlcadc of 
Isleworth co. IMidd^ Esq. of the other AVit. that for £0500 A\'. Y. and J. sell all 
that pi" called AA'aterwork in the p. of S' Peter and S' Anthony in the T. 
of Moniserat containing 5 oi- GOO a. and all btiildiuGS negroes stock heretofore the 
est. of W" F. 1. of ]Moiits' dec'' the father of W'" V. (subject to a lease made by 
AV. F. the father to Tho. Canes for a term of years). 

Lease of 8 May for one year precedes the above. 

Close Poll 5909. 

This Ind're made the 10 Jlay 2G Geo. II. 1753 Between Tho. Aleade 1. of tho 
I. of Montserat but at present of Isleworth co. Midd^ Esq. and Mary Ids wife of 
the one part and Peter licheup tho Elder of Steeple Morden co. Camb. of the 
otlier AVit. that for 5s. paid by P. L. they sell to him all that pi" of him T. :M. in 
the p. of S' Geo. called his AViiulwaril e'st. bounded at the foi-t with th.> sea at 
the head with dry gutt, N. with Sliarps Kiver and S. with the land of Col. .lohn 
Daly, containiiii: 200 a. with the buildiin^s IGO negrue slaves mules horses cattle 
nulls also all that oiher ]d" in the s'' p. called the New AVindward est. bounded at 
the foot with the sea at the bead with the lands of AV"' Beach or John Joyce; 



s,. '■...'■IS Mfa'le of Montscrrat, Capt. in the one 
K. .,t of foot ]G7S ; M. of C. It5:s0— S^. 

Sergeant Dominick MOado 
of MontseriMt 1G7S. 


'I iio. Mf;i(le of Montscrrat, planter. 1720; purcluiscd __ 
ITCs.i the Walerwork platitation in the parish of St. Peter 
ot W'm. Fenton ; owned the AVindward pLautation in St. 
(iforgc of L'OO acres and tlie Xew Windward of 140 acres ; 
ilif.l "in M. in 17G3. AVill dated 9 Oct. 1758 ; adm'on 
7 Aug. 1815 (-155, Pakeuham). 

-^lar}-, (hiu. of 
Peter llnssoy of 
'M., Merchant ; 
mar. 23 Juno 
172-1' ; living 

l).iiuinic'k Meade, 
ist son and heir, 
died .".p.l. Will 
tiated 20 March 
and proved 10 May 
lb05 ('.ill, Nei- 

hon). ; 

Thomas Meade of St. George, 
Hanover Square, and residuary 
devisee May 1763; purcha.<cd the 
Hussey plantation 1779 ; ex'or 
1785 of Michael AVhite ; arrived 
in England 1793 ; died intestate 
a bachelor before 1805. 

I I 



Bridget of 
AAmII dated 2G 
May 1813; 
proved 7 Aug. 
1815 (-455, 


Stanislaus St. Hilair, in France 1813. 

X. with the land.s of John Beach and John Joyce ; S. with Pelican Gutt cont. 
1 JO a. n. in p^ls^;e^^sion of Eob. llixou at the yearly rent of £450 .st. and all hou*e.s 
windaiills cattle mills with 40 negroc slaves and stock also those 140 negroc slaves 
which he hath jdaced upon the pi" he 1. held by lease from the 1. Sir A\^m. Gage 
.an.! stock alr^o all tliat pl° 1. of AV'" Penton called AVaterwork pi" in the p. of 
•S' Pftcr cont. 5 or GOO a. and all slaves and stock for oiie year. 

Kelca.«c. This Ind're made the 11 May, 1753 (as in the lease). Tho. Meade 
h;i- an t'stalc and 3U) .-laves and hath entered into a treaty with Wm. Penton 
y.-^il for the |nircha<e of his est. and pursuant thereto by Ind'res of the b and 9 
j:i>t. iji:i(ii> between AVin. Fentoii of ■Maidstone co. Kent Esq. and Juliana his 
Wiic of the one p;irt and Tho. Meade of the other they sell to him all that the 
W.iier NVork pi" formerly the est. of W'" F. 1. of I\lontscrat dec'' the father of 
>-^ \\ '•' 1". .iMil whereas Tiio. Aleade applied to Peter Leheup for an advance of 
.C^iKO ,111 ilio security of all his estates and T. M. hath not any of his- 
t.lh; i1(-(mN or list< of slaves Nich. Tuite of Lyme Str. mercli' and" Isidore 
I-_\ucli* (if JeiVcrys Sipiare S' I\lary Axe (who is the son in law of .-'' T. M.) 
w.'i IccMiic .-eiuriiy ainl join in bonds now in consideration of £8000 \V. F. 
.'hd ,]. i-nnvcy all c.-t. to L'. Leheup interest to be at 5 per cent, and they 
a;. p. .ml Di.ininick Trant, James Farrili and AV^m. Kyan all of M. lilsquires 
tht'ir atlunuv>. On 10 skins. 

rhancory Proceedings, 1714—58, Bundle ISSG. Phipps v. Oliver. 

IG June 17(;G. Bill by Constantino Phipps, AVilliam Irish and Charles O'Gara, 
Inquires, -urviving Ex'ors of Will of Thomas Meade late of ... . r Hill, Surrey. 
Ks'.j.. dec, and Thomas Meade of St. George's, Hanover Square, Middx., Esij., 
one of the sous and legatees of aforesaid Thomas :Meade, v. Bichard Oliver, 
Thomn-* Oliver and John Piper. Thomas Truman, George Douglas and Kichard 

!.">. r»iil,uc Lyucli, Esq; oue of tbe oldest merchtiuts iu. Loudou. 


' 177>'. .h.'v 
.M.,"33('. ) ■ 



Keave, mcrditints of London, bought in 1755 certain plantations, etc., in 
St. George's, Montserrat, from Doniinick Farrill of M. and Mary his wife. The 
Bill is lonp;cr and the answer voluminous. Nothing more re Pliip[)s, who acted 
only as Ex'or of Thomas Meade. 

[pr. Lt.-Col. Phipps, K.A.] 

The Editor applied at the P.K.O. for the above suit, but it could not be 
found in the bundle. 


Lj'nch of 
Jefferys Sq., 
St. Mary 
Axe, Mer- 
chant 1753 ; 
Pdied 15 
July 1776. 


Marv.diedin the King's Bcncli Sarah, of ]Marv- 

prisun. Will dated 2G March 
1809 (510, Pakenham). 

Helena, or Eleanor, of Spetis- 
burv, CO. Dorset. Will dated 
2-i "Peb. ISOG (455, Paken- 

leboue. Will 
dated 15 April 
1789 (510, 
Pakeniuun)., entered a 
religious house. 

! ' .1 1,1 

Stanislaus The. Lynch, Isidore Lynch, Cath. Lynch. Eleanora Mary Lynch, 
mar. and had four daus. Esq. mar Dutoit. 

General George Gordon jlcade of Gettysburg fnme was descended fi-om 
a family in Moutscrrat. (" N. Y. Nation " for -1 Feb. 1909.) 

In 17S0 Tho. Meade of M. was godfather to a grandson of Kobert Meade of 
Philadelphia, which last-named emigrated from Limerick in 1742. 

In St. Botolph's, Aldersgate, is a tablet at the west end to a wife of Kobert 
Meade of Philadelphia. 


1723 Nov. 24 Terence Hart .t Eleanor Mead, by L. 

1724 June 23 Thomas ]Mead &, Mary Hnssv, bv L. 
1728 Oct. 1 Redmond Tlieige & Elizabeth Mead, by L. 

1723 Oct. 4 George, S. of W"' Mead & Mary his wife (also at S' Anthony) ; 

1725 Aprill? John S. of W'" Mead & Mary his wife (May 17 at S' Peter's) ; 


1726 Mar. 6 Judith Mead, Widdow ; bur. 

1726-7 Jan. 7 Anne D. of W"' IMead & Mary his wife ; bap. 

lu the census of this parish in 1729 he is styled a waiter (of custonus). 




SList of £S:ltl(5 rftorXict) in 25ailfali05 tioiini 
to Hje j>tar laoo,* 

Ycir. Names of Testutors. 

1Gj9 I'cake, Lyon. 11 

,, Pe})pert.'oriie, AViiliiUii 

,, Perry, Francis 

,, Perry, Jane 

,, Pinnell, John 

,, Pope, George 

16*J0 Piigriru, Elias 

„ Parris, John 

„ Pitfold, Thomas 

,, Pawlcv, John 

IGGl Peers," Eicluird 

„ Padmore, Tliouias 

1GG2 Pate, .Aiin 

„ Pate, Tiiouias 

,, Pearde, Gcorpjc 

„ Partridge, Nallianicl 

,, Pownev, liicliard 

1GLJ3 Phillip, i;cor-e 

IGGi PuUeiu, Alexander 

„ Pleniiig, CJeorge 

„ Padtnore, Thomasj 

„ Peartie, Joiui 

IGGu Peers, Edward 

Phillip.-, William 

,, I'alnier, William 

,, Porte, .Jeit:r(M- 

,, PickeriiiL', Joseph 

16GG Pan'ls, Ilcnry 
Parker. .lames 

1GG7 Purle, JJichard 

„ Pickeiimj:, ^W'illiam 

„ Price, John 

,, Paviiter, 'J']iizal)etli 
PhlUipt:. "WMHiam 

IGGS Peello, Jin-, r 

,, Penrfc, Jaiiie.> 

,, Price, Thomas 

,, Peal, Thomas 

,, PiiminiiluiK Robert 

1()G9 Po'.vdrell, Tliomas 
,, Parrv, J^.unuol 
iG70 Pirkcriviix, Joseph 

,, Pi^'^'otr, I'raucis 
Po\\(-ll, Amlrew 

](>71 Pan;eter, Thomns 
]^-)^^ci!, ilw-h 
„ i'inckoit, Daniel 





Tear. Names of Testators. 

1G71 Pottiu, William 
,, J'inkitt, ]{icliar(l 
,, Probert.^, John 
„ Pugh, Edward 
,, Pilham, Edward 
„ Prichard, Thomas 
Ponfritt, Abraham 
Phillips, Ambrose 
Powi'cy, John 
Priddith, James 
Pearce, William 
Price, Lawrence 
Parris, Thomas 
Pearson, Francis 
Pallmer, Samuel 
Pitt, John 
Purvcr, George 
Phillips, Humphry 
Price, John 
„ Povey, Joan 
,, Pyne, Thomas 
„ Pipercorne, Joiin 
„ Pickford, lloberl; 
„ Phumley, William 
„ Powell, Edward 
1G77 Pollard, Thomas 
„ Pickering, Elizabeth 
Powlitt, William 
1G7S Plowman. A\''illiam 
,, Parsons, William 
,, I'lice, Pichard 
1G79 Power, Pierce 
,, Parris, Edward 
„ Pelcvson, .]ohn 
„ Pcarcc, Pichard 
., Porcer, John 
IGSO J'olgrun, Thomas 
„ Peak, Thomas 
„ Parnell, Thamar 
„ J^lddiford, John 
„ Parkins, Thomas 
,, Piinicstone, Thomas 
,, .Perry, Samuel 
„ I'inn. Jvichard 

Porlall, Nh-holas 
„ J'inckett, ]\latthew 
,, I'eriiuuui, John 
„ Pinell, Thomas 

Coiitiuued froai p. G3. 




Tear. Names of Tcstr.tor3. 

1651 Powell, William 
„ Pile, Thco])luilus 

Pilllielcl, Sobastiii 

,, Purse, Daniel 

„ Payne, William 

,, Pres^ton or Prison, Mary 

„ Prince, Anthony 

„ }''owcll, Daniel 

,, Poakc, James 

„ Pinl^ette, Mary Elizabeth 

., Pady, Poger 

,. Paliotozns,* Pardinaud 

1652 I'almer, .'^amuel 
Polkard, Pichard 

„ Poyno, Pau-i(jk 

„ Prim, Martha 

„ Parrott, John 

„ Perfiti, Augiislin 

,, Palmer, Thomas 

,, Pollard, Jamea 

„ Parker, tSnr., ]-iichnrd 

„ Pathscoe, Jacob 

,. Potiicarv, Christopher 

10S;i Pur.son, ];ichard 

,, Palmer, Adam 

1G34 Pearchiiouse, Elizabeth 

„ Pierce, AVilliam 

,; Parker, Ambrose 

„ Price, Henry 

„ Pritchett., JNlary 
Perriu, John 

ICSj Phillicott, Thomas 

„ Pickering, Alice and Joseph 
„ Phillicott, Pichard 
IGSG Price, Elizabeth 
„ Pritchard, John 
,, Powell, Humphry 
,, Parker. John 
,, Payne, Samp.son 
„ Phillips, Thomns 
„ Payntcr, Paul ' 
,, Pinchback, Thomas 
„ Phcnton, Samiicl 
,, Phenton, Elizabeth 
., Proverbs, Jolni 
16S7 Pollard, John 
„ Pi^t^ott, John 
„ Perkins, >.'alhaiiiel 
,, Parris, George 
,, Pichford, llunno." 
„ I'owell, Mary 

Phillicott, Jane 
,, Price, John 
,, L'ooler, Thouias 
1GS3 I'ollard, George 








Xamc= of Tc- tutors. 
Phmkett, Robert 
Proverb, Thomas 
Prothers, Thomas 
Pcarce, Thomas 
Preswcll, ^[ary 
Peters, Thomas 
Patridue, Nathanil 
Peers, John 
Paterson, Dun kin 
Par2;iter, Thomas 
Perfect, Ansustin 
Perwedgh. Elizabeth 
Phillips, John 
Parrott, Mary 
Prince, Edward 
Potter, Col. Cuthbert 
Price, AVilliam 
Prout, Thomas 
Pcarnell, John 
I'age, 'Jliomas 
Parrish. William 

Pratt, (jeor^e 

]^ope, Charles 

PayPiC, Adam 
Parkes, Thomas 

Ponys, John 

Prigg, Charles 

I'hillpott, Thomas 

Pickett, Adam 

Pvke, AVilliam 

Pl.iUips, William 

Pi'ining, Teaiie 

Poore, Michael 

Plinkett. Thomas 

]*billips, Thomas 

Price, Philip 

Porteous, \Villiam 





? Paleologu?. 




Pounders, Garrett 
Palmer, William 
Piddock, T(»I)ias 
Porter, Kichanl 
Porter, Elizabctli 
l^ollard, James 
Pecke, Thomas 
Parsojis, Richard 
I'earce, Thomas 
Padniore, ThoMias 
Pindtr, J\ichard 
I'ryor, Mary .Ann 
Parsons, Kdward 
Peers, Jidin 
Pavne, (ioorge 
Ph'iliips, John 
Pastield, Samuel 





Xnnios of Tostalors, 



riiillipt^. William 
I'ar.sons. Edward 



Pcg'^c, Edward 



PooltM', "William 



Polgrui), John 



Poor, Jolm 



Pocockc, Pidiard 



Part^oris, Edward 



Pen-in, ]^)^crl 



Piiickctt, Daniel 



Parr, Grorge 



Parr, Eli;-.abetli 



Parry, Edward 



Pieicc, John 



]\'nberton, James 



Price, Lawrence 



Peach, Thouas 



Parker, Ann 



Prince, Edward 



Pym, Thomas 



Povcry, Ann 



Prideaux, xs'icliolas 



Parris, !Mor^an 



Pojid, William 



Parker, !Malachi 



Parker, ^Villiam 



Pearne, 'J'homas 



Peters, Thomas 



i'ile, barah 



Polgrun, Jean 



Porter, ]{ichard 



Pincston, Thomas 



Part^ons, Ej'ancis 
Parris, Evan 



Ponard, Eilward 
PilL,'rim, i>orathea 


Pickcrins; or Picker, Sir If 

eury, 1720 

" J'.art." 



Phillijts, 'Mary 


Prothcr.:, John 



Pivei', W illiam 



Pig.^otl, Koo;er 



Pearco, Jolni 



I'upe, Nicholas 



I'liclccrmg, John 


I'risli, yaimiol 



Pare. IMward 



Phillips, .lolm 



I'iu'Uolt, Jane 



Pullin<r, Mary 



Perry, SaniTiel 



Pcrrin, John 



I'ayiie, llichard 


f 1 

Perryinan, Richard 



Parkinson, Daniel 



Prior, Mary 


Karnes of Tcitator.s. 
Pi-idcaux, Damaris 
Par:<ons, Edward 
Pemberton, Charles 
Parris, Alexander 
Peacock, Susan 
Pickering, Joseph 
Pavnc, Benjamin 
Piatt, N'athauiel 
Penny, Humphry 
Penney, AVilliam 
Phillips, William 
Pilgrim, John 
Proverbs, Ambrose 
Poyer, Thomas 
Passalargne, Peter 
Panton, John 
Pilgrim, Thomas 
Pinder, Jolni 
Poor, John 
Park, John 

Panni/.zar, John ^[atthcw 
Pilgrim, Pilchard 
Poor, liichard 
Pacheco, Ester 
Price, Pichard 
Perrin, j\[ary 
Poyer, Abel 
Price, John 
Pearce, John 
Porter, Thomas 
Parsons, Kichard 
Peyton, Charles 
Poore, Benjamin 
Pond, Margaret ur Mary 
Paterson, John 
Preston, Pobert 
Peyton, Elizabeth 
Perkins, Ann 
Potts, William 
Pegg. Ixobert 
Punnet, Christopher 
Prescott, Moses 
Parsons, Jean 
Poor, Thomas 
I'oters, Olive 
Pollard, Anne 
Pubbles, John 
Parris, Elizabetli 
Palmer, William 
Pearccy, Israel 
Phillips, Ji)sias 
Pinder, 'J'imothy 
Parsons, William 
Perrin, Alexamler 
Parris, Elizabeth 
Phillips, Ana 














Names of Testators. 
Payne, Cliark'S 
Price, AVilliaiu 
Pulling, Jame.s 
Peacock, AVilliaia 
Power, l-kioliartl 
Peltzer, IVIary 
Parkcs, Jolin 
Payne, Peter 
Proverbs, John 
Palmer, Mary 
Pare, Edward 
Peinberton, Joseph 
Pile, Thenphilus 
Pear, Edward 
Peisotto, Pachael 
Pinlcett, jNIary 
Pocket, AVilliam 
Palmer, Thomas 
Priest, Ann 
Perryman, Francis 
Polgruu, James 
Phillips, Eenn 
Pirratt, John 
Poor, Benjamin 
Pope!, John 
Pleston, John 
Pickering, Ann 
Poor, Thomas 
Pooler, Mary 
Piatt, Elizabeth 
Polgruu, John 
Porter, Eobert 
Paine, John- 
Popell, John 
Pollard, AVilliam 
Polgruu, Henry 
Pile, Francis 
Perkins, Thomas 
Phillips, Thomas 
Parker, Samuel 
Piuder, John 
Padmore, Thomas 
Perryman, Joliu 
Phillips, ]]dward 
Podd, AVilliam 
Phillips, James 
Paultrcis, John 
Parsons, Daniel 
Prilchard, John 
Palmer, Ann 
Paine, Dorothy 
Piggott, Thomas 
Price, l\ebecca 
Phillips, Edward 
Phillips, Mary 
Palmer, Elir.abeth 



Tear. Names of Testators. 

1731 Petterkin, Eohcrt 
„ Popell, Elizabeth 
Pile, :Micliael 

1735 Pile, Francis 
„ Parsons, John 
,, Ping, Joseph 
„ Pead, Marv 

„ Piukett, li"ichard 
,, Payne, Nicholas 
„ Pliillips, John 

1736 Pollard, Johu 

„ Payne, Hannah 
„ Pilgrim, Thomas 
„ Pilgrim, John 

1737 Pollard, Margorey 
,, Pinder, Jiichard 

173S Parkes, Johu 
,, Poyer, John 
„ Poo re, James 
„ Pcgg, ]fobert 
Peele, Mary 
Pollard, Benjamin 
Perkins, Thomas 
Pilgrim, Mary 
Piuder, Ruth" 
Pollard, Johu 
Peers, llenty 
PeKS;, Sarah 
Part, John 
Palmer, Kobert 
Padmore, John 
Pcreira, Aaron 
Parsons, Edward 
Pile, Francis 
Paulsworth, Richard 
Pearcey, Thomas 
Peters, Thomas 
Payne, Grace 
Puckering, Dorotliy 
,, Porter, Thomas 
,, Padmore, Elizabeth 
,, Poole, Thomas 
,, Pcmberton, JUizabeth 
„ Pilgrim, Edward 
Phillips, Bushell 
„ Palmer, Kebecca 
,, J'ar.sons, J\icliard 
17-13 Polgruu, Thomas 
,, Piuder, William 
„ Piggott, Boger 
,, Phillips, George 
,, IVrcei'ulI. Edward 
,, Palmer, Johu 
,, Punnett, llcnrv 
Pollard, I'oUard 
„ Pile. .Mary 






Year. Nuuies of Testators. 

17-4:3 Pi<;j^ott, liobcrt 

17-ii Pile, Praiicis 

,, Perkins, David 

„ Pesi^, Steplifii 
PoUanl, Sarah 

,, I'loifv, Ecnonv 
Pullard, Joini ^ 

,, Perrvman, Kicliard 

1745 I'uyc'r, Abell 

,, Parr. Margaret 

,, Peters, John 

„ Puli^run, Katherine 

,, Peers, Joliii 

,, Price, AViliain 

17-JG Pooler, J>arah 

,, Perrieza, Ryiiia 

,, Pahner, Jo.-^eph 

„ Pielceriuii^, John 

„ Pcarcv, Elizabetli 

17i7 I'aiiie, John 

,, Pel rail, Jolm 

,, Pile, Ann 

„ Parsons, ]\rar<:;aret 

,, Punnctt, .Sarah 

,, Pulnian, William 

17-lS I'arsons, 8arah 

„ Phillips, Joseph 

,, Palmer, ^Samuel 

„ Phillips, Thomas 

1749 Phillips, .Vun 

,, Palmer, Eliakim 

,, Phillips, Josias 

„ Pool, Thomas 

1750 Poake, John 

„ Prieliard, Clement 

,, Pientis, John 

„ Pinder, Timothy 

„ Pcgg, Ann 

„ Parratt, l^iehard 

,, I'ayne, John 

„ Peters. Dorothy 

,, Parfilt, James 

„ I'erkins, Hannah 

1751 Pickering, John 
„ Partridge, Sarah 
„ Pratt, Henry 

„ Piiikett, ^[a'tthew 

„ Pea.ree. Tliomas 

,, Partridu^', Samnel 

,, Poor, Thomas 

1752 Patirson, .Vnn 
Pile, Conrad 

,, Pile, Franels 



Tear. Namos of Testators. 

1752 Purcell, Henry 
„ Poore, Elizabeth 
,, Poycr, George 

1753 Poekctt, Esther 
„ Price, Philip 

Phillips, Elizabeth 
,, Pinder, Edward 
„ Pinder, Sarali 
,, Perkins, Thomas 
„ Phillips, AVilkerson 
,, Porter, Samuel 
„ Porter, Johti 
„ Pilgrim, Eachael 
,, Pritchard, John 
„ Poycr, George 
„ Parkinson, John 

Proveilis, ]Mary 

Petree, George John 

Patterson, AYilliam 

Parks, Thomas 

Piatt, Edward 

Petcrkins, John 

Pinhciro, Abraham 

Pinder, Ann 

Pollard, William 

Pollard, Eli/.abeth 

Pearce, Hannah 

Peters, John 

Page, Dorothy 

Polgrun, Thomas 

Popcl, Ann 

Phillips, John 

Paine, John 
,, Price, John 
„ Perry, Samuel 
„ Pemberton, Agnes 
,, Price, John 
„ Pare, Edward 
„ Phillips t'lia.'i Hopkins, Peter 
,, Packer, Charles 
,, Pcai'ce, Francis 

1758 Pollard, John 

,, Parfit, Augustus 
,, Polegrun, Jane 
,, Pockett, Ann 
„ Phillips, Elizabeth 
„ Perry, AVidmor 
,, Parks, George. 
„ Popel, Stephen 
„ Payne, IJcnjamin 

1759 I'ullinger, liove Ecarnot 
,, PuUingcr, George 

,, Poycr, Phillip 



{To he continue'].) 

( 121 ) 

3Xato^iDU of 33arbatio?5. 

The following notes liave benn made from Add. .MS. 15,o.jG, British Museim!. 
which is labelled "Abstracts of Tiiles, 1GS7— ISOU ": — 

Jiy deed poll dated 3 April 1UG2 and reeorded at liarbados :31 Marcli ](3'>:3, 
James Holdip of the said Island, esq., sold to U;ime Kliz. IJawdon, Tho. JJawdon, 
esq., ?]liz. Porster, widow, aud Kubi-rt Swiiiiiorton, merchant, all of London, a 
moiety of that plantation called Fisher's Pond, contaiuini: 350 acres; also that 
parcel of 300 acres part called liawdon plantations in tho parish of ^' Michael. 

It appears that between 10-33 and IGGG the 300 a. was leasedi out by Col. 'rim. 
liawdou without if Swinnerton, who d. 1G74, beinn; consulted. Fisher's Pond 
(the other moiety having been conveyed to Col. Tho. Jiawdon by John AViildoe of 
the said Island, esq., by deed of S 8ept. 1G53) was in consideration of £13,000 
St. convey^ed by Col. Eawdon to Edward Thornburgh. The present claimant, 
Joseph Keeling, esq., married Hester, only chdd of Marmaduke Eawdon, 
esq., tho last heir male, who by lease and "release of 1-i and 15 Oct. 1750, 
recorded 30 April 17G2, couveycjt Eawdons Kcnts, otherwise Eawdons plantation, 
to the said Joseph Keeling and 'Esther ami to the longest liver now devolved on 
M'' Keeling by survivorship, (fo. 111.) 

Schedule of Ind'res gnmted by Col. Tho. Pawdon, 1G51 to 1GG5, taken from 
the Sec. Ollice at Parbadoes in 17G2. 22 names are t:iven. (fo. 110.) 

Appended (fo. 100) is a short tabular pedigree of 5 generations down to ^i" 
Hester Keeling. 

Maekiage Licences. 

lGlO-11, March IG. Marmaduke Pawdon, Clotliworker, of All Hallows 
Barking, Bach., 29, and Elizabeth Thorogood, of Jlodsden, Herts, Maiden, 19; 
consent of father Thomas Thorowgood of same, Gent. ; at Brosborne, Herts. 
(Bishop of Loudon.) 

1G72, Sep. 17. Christopher Sparke of Inner Temple, Gent., Bach., about 30, 
aud Elizabeth Pawdon, of Hoddesdon, Herts, Sp', a bo tit IS; her mother's con- 
sent; at Hoddesdon afs''. (Vicar-Gen. of Arclib. of Canterbury.) 

1G72, Dec. IG. Marmaduke Pawdon, of Broxbourne, Herts, Esq., Pacli., 
about 25, and Hester Corsellis, of Stepney, Midd., sp'', about 21, her parents 
dead ; at S'' Cath. Coleman, S^ Hunstan in the E., or S" Olave, Hart Str., London. 
(Faculty Oflice.) 

IGSi, July 19. Xathauiel Brent, of llodsdon, Herts, i^ach., 30, and Eliz. 
Eoydon, Spr., 18, 3au. of Marmaduke P. of same, who consents ; alleged by 
Henry Crew, of S' Olave's, Hart Str., L. ; at Hertford, Slapleford or Amwell, co. 
Herts. (Faculty ODice.) 

1GS9, Dec. 9. Marmaduke Pawdon, of S' Mary jMagdalen, Bermoudsey, 
Surrey, Mariner, Bach., about 35, and M'* Margaret Peverell, of tho same, spr., 
about 20, at own disposal, no parents or guardians; at S' Mary Magd. afs"'. 
(Vicar-Gen. of Archb. of Canterbury.) 


1G12 Mar. 29 Tho' Eawdon s. of ]\Lirmaduke Eawdon and Elizabeth his wife. 
1G18 Apr. 9 Elizabeth dau'' of Marmaduke KawJou and Eliz'' Lis wife. 
TOL. V. K 



Aji>r3. — Ari/rjif, o fens between three piteous, all Snhlc. 

Cni;sT. — On » //lural coronet a plieon with a laurel Ijranch issuing thereout. 

Kafc Eawdon of Stear<liv in Yorks]iire=Jane. daii. of Johu 

loGS. He lieaus tlie pcdiuree in the 
Visiiatiou of Loudon of 1C)8;J — o. 

13rice of Snlliug- 
ton, Yorkshire. 



]ia\\ilon of York,^=^fa^e;ery, dun. 

burn at Uraiu^l-y ; f rcenia]i 
auil gi'ocer I'yxi \ Slieriff 
lC)l-5; Alderman lU'ii; bur. 
in Crux (.'iiureli (> July 1G2G, 
af;;ed oS. Arms cm blue stone. 
Will dated G and proved 21 
July 1G2G at York. 

of Wni. Bar- 
ton of Cawton 
ilall; died 17 
April IGil, 
aj;ed 7-1'. 

Eobcrt Eawdon, citi-=pKatlicrIiie, 
zeu and iislnnonger dan. of 
of LonJon, died l-"> , 'I'ho. 
,Sept. lG-11. Will j J lacker of 
(20J;, Pines). ! London. 





liobcrt JJaw- 
dou of 31it- 

rev, died 
lu'-M and left 


^larnniduke IJawdon, bapt. at 
Crux IS -Alarch 1G09-10 ; nier- 
chaiif in tlie Canaries ; died 
bachelor G Peb. IGGS. ]M.I. at 
Broxbourne. AYiU (22. Coke). 
Sec his Life and "D.X. 13.' 

Margery, mar. 
Sir Koger 
Jaques of El- 
vin"ton, Knt. 

and a 


Marinaduke !l?a\vdon=f:ITcstcr, -Ith and youngest dau. of Abraham Cor- 
of lloddcsdon, I sellis of London, brewer ; mar. lie. dated IG Doc. 

t;on and lieir ; died 80 
Oct. IG^l, aged oo. 

1G72, tlien ai;ed 2-1 ; died 7 July 171!), aged lo. 
M.l. at Bro.xbourne. Will (IG!), Browning). 

2nd sou, 

Charles Dorothy, dan. of-:^I\tarinailuko J\awdon of Iloddesdon, only^^l\cbecca 
Ixawdon, Joim J'reeniau of 
died Colchester, co. 

young. ]>sex ; mar. 3 

Peb. 170o; living 

1712. 1st wife. 




son and lieir, attorney-at-law of Colches- 
ter ; purchased Pingringhoe manin* in 
1707; had claims to Pisher's I'oml and 
Kawdon's Keiits in Eai'bados ; died 31 
Oct. 1 7'>2, aged 72. M.L at Broxbourne. 
AVill (,2SG, Bcttesworth). Last heir male. 


]Jobert PlnnK'r=r~llestcr ]^iw- 
of (rrcat Am- , don, only sur- 
well, D igh She- \ viviug child 
riff of Herts; ' and heir, died 
died 11 Jan. ; at ]'"ingring- 
1710, aged 52. ■ hoe,nearCo!- 
M.L at Great ' chostev, 5 
Aiuwell (Cus- ; Sojit. 17oG. 
saus, ii., 12^). j Will (IS, 
I Herring). 


-Joseph Keeling of l?arking,-^Alico Sla- 
i'-sq., bapt. at St. James, i nov, sister 
Clerkenwell. 1 Julv 1721; of' John 
mar. 25 July 17-li : J.l'. Slaney of 
Essex and Middlesex; Col- ! Norwicli, 
lector of Customs al Barba- ; Esq. His 
dos ; owned l-iawdou's plan- will (105, 
tation; died Aug. 17S)2. Bcvor). 
Will (i3G, l-'Nunt;un). See 
AV.l. Bookplates, No. 20S. 


Joseph Keeling. John Keeling. "William Keeling. Mary, mar Tooke. 



J()21 Xu'j^. '29 ^Manuaduke soiine of ^rarni*''^ Eoviloii and Eliz'' liis wife. 
1(322 Dec. 11) Martha dan' of Mnrmadiike K..vdon and J':ii/> Ids wife. 
1621 Apr. 2o Katlicriiic dair of ^lannaduke Jioydon and Eliz" Lis wife. 

(A long notice of ISir jMarmadiikc is given in the Historv of tlie parish, 
pp. GG-G7.) 

Sir ^Marmadukc ]\a\vdon, Knfc., hnpt." 
at Brand-bic 20 ^[:>rch loS2. a"ed 
29 in 1610-lL of All Hallows Hark- 
ing; a great merchant adventurer; 
J\[.P. Aldborough 1027; Lieut.-Col. 
of Cit^v Bands 1G20; Master of Cloth- 
workers' Co. ; owner of plantations 
in Barbados 1G27 ; fined for Alder- 
man 1039 ; raised a regiment for the 
King lG-13; Govt, of Farringdon, 
where he died 28 April lG4(.t, and 
was buried. 

■Eliz., only dau. and heir of Tho. AVilliam 
Thorogood of Iloddesdon in liawdon, 
Broxbourne, co. Herts; uiar. 7 -1th son. 
April 1011 ; lie. dated 10 March — 

1010-11, then aged 19 ; her for- James 
tune was £10,000; sole ex'trix liawdon, 
10-10 of her stepmother Mrs. oth son. 
Martha .Molesworth. Had 10 
sons and G dans. AVill dated 27 
Peb. 100(! ; proved 5 March 
IGGS (3G, Coke). 

Col. Q'homas Eawdon of Bar-: 
bados, born 20 and bapt. 29 
JMarch 1G12 at Barking ; F.C. 
Trin. Coll., Camb., 1G21; 
resided in Portugal 1G30— 8 ; 
Envoy there and Col. of 
1G4-1; retired to Canaries for 
two years ; resided in Barba- 
dos until 1G02; bur. 3 Aug. 
IGGG and M.l. at Broxbourne. 
Will (13G, Mico).- 

= Magdalen, dau. 
of Bandolph 
Crewof Hatham 
Barne, CO. Kent, 
Esq. ; mar. 21 
Aprill012, aged 
1.). "Will dated 
3 2s ov. and 
proved 2 Dec. 
167.5 (130, .Dy- 

^rarmaduko l\aw-=j=Sarah, 2nd 
don, 2nd son, born dau. anil| 
16 and bapt. 29 coheir of 
Aug. 162 L at Hugh 
Barking; F.C. of Xorth of 
JesusColl.,Camb.; Teuin, co. 
a mcrcliant ; heir Herts. 
and ex'or lOGS of (Cussaus, 
his cousin ]Marma- | ii., 13). 
duke. I 

George Baw- Eliz., 1st dau., mar. Chr. yparke of Magda- 
don, 3rd son, tlic Inner Temple ; mar. lie. dated 17 lone. 
1666. Sept. 1072, he aged 30 and she Is. 

Martha. Kathe- 

Magdalen, mar. 




Geo. Lvsons of 


s will 


Gray's Hm. 


Elizabeth, mar. Sam. Hacnal of Lnudoii, 
Salter. She died 11 Dec! 1712, aired 31. 
M.I. at Bro.xbourne. 

Marmaduko liawdon and I'dmond l"o<ter were two of tlio^e London mer- 
chants, who obtained from the Earl of Carlisle a grant of 10,000 acres in i!ar- 
badcs in 1627-2S. This company sent our a ship the Maryi^nld. .lohn Jones 
master, with Capt. Charlo.s Wolferstone and Ca[)t. .John .Swan as their agents, 
which arrived in Carlisle Bay on ■'> .Inly 1G2S. (" ^B-moriaU of St. Lucia,"' 
p. 471.) The 10,000 acres are shewn in Lyu'ou's m.ip o\' about iO,')t). 

IGSli, Sept. 2. Ind'ro between Tho. Kawtlon of IBiddesden Ilarlfiuvlshire 
Esq. and Capv. Wm. ^lott of Barbados gent, ciuicerning certain laiuls near the 
Indian Bridge in St. 31ichaers parisli belonging to Dame Elizalieth l\awdon 
widow of Sir Alarniaduke Jia\\dDn. (New Eiig. Keg. for 1911, p. LnI.j 




17oG, Sept. 5. Mrs. Hosthcr Keeling, Colclicstor, Essex. ("Loudon Mag.," 

175G, Sept. 13. Wife of Jo. Keeling, Esq. ; at Eingringlioe, Essex. 
("G.M.," 451.) 

1792, Aug. 9. At Barking,, Joseph Keeling, esq. collector of the cus- 
toms for Bridgetown, Barbadoes, aiid in the commission of the peace for Essex 
and Middlesex.' {Ihid., 771.) 

Tlie manor of Westbury in Barking was owned by Blackburne I'oulton, 
attorney at law, who died 1749, leaving it to his nephew Poulton AUeyne, from 
whom it descended to Joseph Keeling, Esq. (Wright's " Essex," ii., 4S1.) A 
pedigree of Keeling was entered in the Visitatious of London and Staffordshire. 

For other authorities see Clutterbuck's "Herts," ii., 04, 74; Cussans' 
"Herts," ii., 190 ; Wotton's " Baronetage," iv., 470 ; Wright's " Essex," ii., 734 ; 
"Mis. Gen. et Her.," 5 S., i.. 19; the " Life of ]Marmaduke Eawdon of York," 
Camden Soc. Pub., 1863 ; " Visitation of York "; Calendar of State Pa])crs, • 
Domestic, 1G2S-29 ; Illustration of Eawdon book-plates iu Ex Libris Soc. Pub., 
vol. vii., 10. 

Robert Rawdon, citizen and fishmonger of L. AVill dated 7 Aug. 1644. 
£700 I owe my son-in-law Nich. Raynsford by bond of £1000 to be fir-st paid. 

Bevell Raw- 
don, 3rd son, 
a merchant 
fit Surinam 

Robert Rawdou, 
9th son, godson 
1014 of his uncle 
Robert ; died a 
bachelor in the 

Elizabetl), Ist dau., bapt. 9 Martha, 2ud dau., 

April 1618 at Barking ; mar. bapt. 19 Dec. 1622 

I'^dmond Eorster, partner of at Barking; mar. 

Col. Tho. ]\awdoM, and a Tlio. Williams of 

grantee of land iu Barbados Layton, co. Essex; 

162S; Capt. of City Bands a widow 1066. 
1633. She living 1006. 

Katberen my wife shall have J of my personal estate. My s'' son-in-law N. R. 
and Eleanor his wife and my s. AV^"' K. shall have J-, and the testators \. I will 
as following. To my s. W™ £20. To my bro. Marmaduke R. my best cloke and 
£3 for a ring. Rob. R. my godson, his son, £5 at 21. My cozen Raphe Trattlc 
£3. Cosen Mary Trattle £3 at marriage. My part of the good ship the " ]Mar- 
niadukc " to usy 4 grandch" Rob., Edw'', ACarm. and Nich. Raynsford. Aly graiul- 
child Katlitryne Raynsford £20. I'oor of jNlagnus parish 40*'. Poor of Magd. 
IJermondsey £3. All residue to Katheryne my wife and my said son-in-law 
N. Raynsford and Ex'ci-s. To my wife the house on the bancksyde which 1 purch.ised 
of M^ Edw' Gryffen iu .S' Saviour'.s, Sonthwark, for her life, then to s'' son-in-law. 
To my dau. El'' Raynsford those 3 tenements 1 lately bought of John Pope in 
!Mitcham, co. Surrey. 1 give that house I bought of Harryson Eatlaffe in Burn- 
liam, CO. Essex, to my 2 Ex'ors. Aly brother 3larm. and cosen ]{aphe Trattle to 
be overseer.^. Proved 8 Oct. 1017 by Kath. R. the relict and Nich'* Raynford. 
(204, Fines.) 

Martha Molesworth of Hoddesdon, co. ILartford, widow. ]\Iy 1. husbavid 
Pryn's ijods. W'" P. of Lincoln's Lin, Esq. 1 give unto Marmaduke Kowdon son 
of my Ex'trix £100. To Bevill Rowdon her sou £200. Rob. R. her son £20t). 
To Alarm. 1{. .«. of Tiio. R. £2uO at the ase of 7. Cozen Anne Forster. Widow 
Alarlha W. dau. of my Ex'trix £lt>(H). To the 2 liaus. (>f my grandson Edward (.^'/(.■) 
Porster of L., march', to lOliz. the eldest £l.'30. and Martha 2'' dau. £150, in dis- 
charge of all promises bills made unto the a" Ednunul {sic) F. To Edmond F. s. 
of s'' Edniond F. £200. yiy dau. -in-law Eiiz. Lucey my gol<l ring « ith 5 diamonds. 
Martha l|er dau. a gold chain. To my b'' grandsons Edmond P., \V'"' Bosvyer 



and Heury Crowe £10 each. All residue to my dau. -in-law Dame Ellz. l^owdon 
al's Ivawdou al's Thorow^uod and sole Ex'lrix. Tlio. Tl)orow<j;ood, my late dec"' 
husband and father of the s'' Dame H. R., left me a plentiful estate. J do love 
her and her children. 19 July lU-lG. Proved 26 Oct. IGIU by Dainc Eliz. 
Eowdon al's Eawdon al's Tliorowi^ood. (US, Twisse.) 

Testator's 3'' husband wa.s Hcvile JMnlesworth, whose will was proved in 1030. 
(Vivian's " Visitation of Cornwall," i., 327.) 

1G53-4, Jan. S' lioger .Ja'ques, Kn'. Adm'on on the 21st to Dame Mary 
Jaques, relict of S"' j^ J. of the city of York, alderman, fo. 023. 

Tho. Kawdon of Hoddesdon, co. Hertford, Esq. AVill dated 1 April lOOi. 
All my estate in the Isle of Barbadoes to my si.x younger children, viz., Thos., 
Geo., Eliz., I\Iagdalen, Martha and Kath., equally at 21 or day of marriage; to 
be educated and l)rought up by their mo her. To my s. Thos. all sui^er and 
sums due to me from my brother Bevill R. which I sent him towards the selling 
of Ids plantation in Surrinam. All residue to ^lagdalen my wife and sole 
Ex'trix. My trusty friends S'' John Colleton, B', and Benj. She])pard, scriveno"", 
overseers, and £10 apeece. In the p. of W" Kawdon, etc. Proved 2-j Sept. 
IGGG by M. R. the relict. (13G, ^ilico.) 

Katherinc, 3rd dau., bapt. 2o April 1G21 
at Barking; mar. AVm. Gamble alias 
Bowycr of Laytonstone, Esq. He died 
22 Sept. 1658, aged 43. M.I. at Brox- 
bourue. (Cussaus, ii., 1S3.) She living 

Jane, mar, 





. . . ., dau.. mar. Henry 
Creweof Bristol, Surveyor 
of Customs. He died -l- 
March IG'^^, aged 69. 
iM.I. at Broxbourne. 
(Cussans, ii., 106.) 

Marmaduke Raudon of L., merch', s. of Lawrence R. late of the city of 
York, alderman. If I die near York to be buried in Crux church in the chancel 
where my dear father and niotlier and most of my family have been buried. If I 
die at Hodsden to be buried in the chancel of Bro.\bonie church near my cos.sen 
Bowyer. To the sons and dau. of S"" Roger Jaques, viz.. Roger, Henry, W'", 
Robert and Grace, 20s. each. To my aunt the Lady Raudon £10. To Coll. Tho. 
R., to his sou Marmaduke, Ijis dau. Eliz., and to his wife £30, and to his sou 
Marmaduke my emerald ring with the R.'s arms. My eossen lievill R. my great 
ring of diamonds with the King's picture in it ancl one of my Spanish rapers. 
My cossea M'^ Kath. Bowyer my cup of puie gold and great cup of mother of 
pearl set in silver iund £lb. :m"''^ Eli/. Eorster £10. M'-^ Jane Crew and her 
husb't £20. M"-^ Martha Williams £.->() and £10. Her son .AP David W. £10. 
Cossen AUington and his wife l'l(\ and his sister Kate and other brothers £5 
apiece. Cossen M"" W" Bowver £-5. ^^1' I'ho. Hoycott and 31' Xaih. I'cn his 
brother £-3 each. Cossen AV"'" Rawdon and his wife £2t), and to her I'lOO, 
and each of his sons £')0 only. To my godson Lawrence £l(i0, and to each of 
his daus. £20. Cossen Raphe Trattle and his wife £10 each. Cossen 31" Mary 
Fellowes £5. Cossen M'"' Jane Ticc £.j. Cos-sens Chr. Ifebden, W" liebdcn 
and Tho. AVhite each a silver tankard with my arms to be engraven thereon, and 
to every of their children 2i).s-. Cozen M^'Amu Brice, wife U) 'M' Era. 15., my 
ring with o diamonds. Tn the eldest child of M"" .Iidin Harrison of Bransbic £5, 
for'th.e love I had for tliciv uivcle my Stuart [,svVr steward] AIarn\:ulukc Harrison. 
Cossen M'^ Eliz. Templcr my oriental emerald ring. .My Laily Hewley. \\ife unto 
S^ John Hewley, my great jewel of gold with K. David Ins [dcluro. To the |)ari>li 
of Crux, York," where 1 was born, €100, to be imploycd in land and penny loaves 
given every Sunday to the poor. £G0 to the citty of York for a gold chain to bo 



A\orn by the Lady ^faiorcss, :uid £100 for buying those houses wbicb bclou'^iil lo 
M"' bcolt iirxt All!i;illo\vs to be pulled ilown nnd to widen the [Kivciiiout and to 
make a cross or shelter for the inarkei people that sell meal and corn, also a cui) 
of pure j,'old of £100 with the citiy's an(( my army eimraveu on it, also a silver 
chamber pot of £10 for the L'' Mayor. To the poor of Bransby and Stersbie 
where my dear father was born, and parish of Canton whore my good mother was 
born, £5 each, to be disposed by my cossens Hebdens of Stersbie and cosen 
Barton of Canton. To Mary How, once servant to my sister the Lady Jaques, 
£5. Toward.s repairinrr the chapel in the town of Hodsden £10. Gods. jMarma- 
duke K. s. of IJob. IJaudon of York Pinner £10 and £oO at 21. My neidiew y\' 
AV'" Jaques and M'^ :Margt. Brown £10 each. Cossen Eaplie Trattle the Elder 
my fur coat with -1 doz. pure gold buttons upon ir. £100 upon a monument in 
J5roxborne chiirch in tiiat E. window where M' Bail^ lieth buried, which may 
correspond with the mmiument of >S'' Eob. Cock on the other side, which 1. <,dve 
in memory of uiy ever honored L'nckle y ^larmaduke liawdon ; also hard by the 
great window in the chancel, to correspond with nij- cossen I'owycr's monu'.nent, 
£20 or £;k) in a small monument in memory of me and recording my travels in 
Holland, Elauders, France and Spain. All residue to my loving cos.sen Marma- 
dukc ]{., 2'' son of y ]\larmadake 11. of Hodsden, Kn', and sole Ex'or. 

In London this 19 June 1GG5. M'' Hugh Hassall mv plain gold riug with the 
King's picture and £5. Proved Feb. IGGS by M. K. ' (22, Coke.) 

Magdalen liawden of Hoddesdcn, co. Hartford, widow. "Will dated 3 Nov. 
1G7.5. To my dau. Magd. E. £900. My son Geo. M. £700. My son Thos. li., 
having advaiiced, I give only £10. My household goods in the house at II. 
to my son Marm. My brother and sister Crew aiid sister Price £10 eacli. My 
children -Marm., Eliz. Sparke and lier hiisb'' Geo.,* Magd., and to my sou Marma- 
dukc's wife £10 each. ^lagd. dau. of my son iNIarm. £10. My negro Frances 
£10. To my dau. Magd. all arrears of rent for my joynture. Whereas I have 
granted to my son Sparkc rents in Hartfordshire of £15 2.^'. G(/. for £200, this 
sum to be repaid. To my son Marm. £5 to buy 2 silver trencher plates, ISly 
son Cfeo. li. and my da\i. Magd. E. Ex'ors and tlie residue of personal estate. 
To be buried in the parish church of Broxborne near my late husb''. Proved 
2 Dec. lG7o Iiy Geo. K., the sou and surviving Ex'or. (130, D\'cer.) 

Dame Eliz. Kawdou of Hodsdou in the parish of Jiroxbourne. co. ITerlf(U'd, 
widow. To be interred in the parish church of Broxbourne. To my grandson 
^Marmadiike 1\.. eldest son of my son Tho. R., dec'', all my messuages, lands, in 
the parish of 8' Antholin's within the walls of the city of L., also my ine.ssnage tlie 
wiiite hinde and the messuage and toft adjoining in the town of Uodsdon, also 
my cojiyhold me>suage called the upper house in the parish of Waer. co. Hert- 
ford, and o acres, also my copyhold land and tencm^ uithin the manor of Nasing- 
bury, CO. Essex. My said houses in S' Antholin's was burnt by the late L;reat tire 
I give £")U0 towards Ihe rebuilding of them. To iNIarm. B., my 2' son, my 
messuage in llod.-don, the Cock with the 2 other decayed tofts adjoining, and 
7 acres and 1 acre of meadow lying in Dutch meade, 2 acres called Chadwell 
meade. To Hevell B , my :i'' son, mv messuages in the parish of S" ~Mary .Mat- 
felloti al's \Vhitcclia])|ii.'ll, co. ]\ndd'^, for his life, and at his death to return to my 
s'' grandson ."Marm. B., and failing him to mv grandson Geo. B., 3'' son of my 
cKIest son Tho., ilec''. To my dau. Martha William, widow, £G0O, to be laid out 
by my dau. ivath. Uowyer in land for an annuity, and at her death 1i> my .s'' 
grandson Marm. U. To my godson (xic) Tho. B., 2'' son of my (ddest son 'J'ho., 
dec'', £■")() at 21. Geo. B.', the youngi'st son of my P' son I'lio. B.. doc''. CoO 
at 21. To each of mv sons and dans. L'o for mourning, viz', my dau. Magdalen 
K., sou Marm. and Sarah his wife, Eliz. Foster my dau., Henry Crew my sou-iu- 

• lli< iriiuc was Christopher. 



law ancl Jane his wife, ]\rai'tlia Williams mv dau. Gifts to s^ervaiits. Poor £'10. 
Porfi;ive debts duo from my dau. .Martlia W. or her luisb"' TLo. A\'., doe''. 1 have 
loft in WTitins; several leuaeies to my sou.s and liaiis. not ineorted in this will. All 
residue of lands and goods to my sou l^evell ]■{., at jjresent on the plantation of 
Surenani beyond the seas, and my rii^dit in that plantation called Ijarbados. Mv 
s'' son and dau. Kath. Bowyer, \vido\v, joynt Ex'ors. 27 Feb. 100(3. TO Chas. 2'', 
in the presence of ifenry AHngtou, W"' iJowyear. \V"' Turner. Proved 5 March 
16GS by K. Eowyer tlie dau.; power reserved to ]>. K. (30, Coke.) 

Hester Pawdon of Hodsdon, co. Hertford, widow. Will dated 17 Dee. 1712. 
To be buried in Broxbourne Church. To my s. iMarmaduke P. and my tlau. 
Hester P. all my household goods (except all such as were my sister Anne 
"Williamson's which I give my s'' dau.). To my s. !Manu. all family pictures and 
£800, but if he die before me the s'' sum to my cousins ^S'ich. Corsellis of Layer 
Marney, co. Essex, Esq., and I\farm. Allington of Line. Inn, Esq., and my s'' dau. 
upon T. to invest with the approbation of my dau. Dorothy P., wife of my s'' son 
for the use of my gi-anddau. Hester P. his dau. and any other dan. To my 
granddau. Anne Lysons 20 gs. she havinj]; a very plentiful est. Of the residue 
^ to my s. Mann. P., -J to my dau. Hester P., /. to my s. Sam. Pagnall of L., 
Salter, and my dau. Hester P. on trust for my 8 grandchildren Sam. B.,. Eliz. B., 
and Hester E. Whereas my sister Anne Williamson, dec'', by her will dated 
27 Oct. 1709 gave me and my s. Marm. £b00 in trust for the use of my dan. Eli/,. 
Bagnall and her children, and my dau. is dead leaving 3 cliildren. Xo accounts 
to be demanded for my s'" sisters boarding with me. !My s. Marm. Pawdon and 
dau. Hester Pawdon Ex'ors. In the p. of Nic. Corsellis, Tho. Bagnall. Proved 
2G Sept. 1719 by both Ex'ors (109, Browning). 

]\Iarmaduke Pawdon, late of Hodesdon in the p. of Broxborne. co. Herts, now 
of Kentish-Town, p. of Pancrass, co. ikliddx., Esq. AVill dated 17 Oct. 1750. 
To be buried in the Church of B. where my Father and ^Mother were laid. To 
my dau. Esther, wife of Joseph Keeling of Barking, co. Essex, Esq., all my lands 
in the I. of Barbadoes or En2;. and all moneys yet in arrear for the purcluise of 
one pi" in B'oes called Fisher's Pond, which was sold by my gramlf. The. P. 
shortly before his death, and for wliich a judgment was obtained as by my box of 
writings relating to the est , and to one other called liawdon's Pents or pi", which 
last 1 have conveyed to my son-in-law Joseph K. and Esther his wife my dau., 
to be delivered to her also the picture of my Father and ^randf. To my wife 
Pebccca plate aitd arrears of rent and one annuity from the Exchequer, all furn. 
and personal est. IMy son-in-law Joseph K. and my wife Ex'ors. {'roved J- Xov. 
17o2 by Joseph K. ; power reserved to Pebecca ]\., the relict (2S0, Bettesworth). 

John Keeling of the parish of St. James, Clerkenwell,* co. IMiddx., brewer. 
AVill dated 21 March 1753. To be interred in niv family vault in Lci^h. co. 
Stafford. :M'' Jas. Pevnolds late of S' Jas., C, butcher," £100. My brother 
Joseph K.. Esq., £250' Bro.-in-l. Tho. Hughes £100. My wife Ann £100 and 
^ my furniture. All residue of persoiuil estate in trust to pay C2(i0 a year to 
liev and to carry on the business of brewing until my son John K. be 21, then all 
to him, it' he die .' to my brother Joseph and \ fur my wife. All real e.^iate 
to son John and in default to mv »'' brother. 

Codiril. Cousin Mary wife" of P'' Prerst £50. Jan. 1755. On 2s ^\ay 
1759 appoints Jos. K. of S' Jas., C, Esip Proved 30 May 1759 by Ann K., 
wid., etc. (171, -\rran.) 

Hester the now wife of Joseph Keeling of Fingringhoe. co. Essex. Esi|.. late 
Hester Pawdon, spr. AYill dated 21 .\ug.'l75(). .Ml my real estate in England 

» Testator, 'Jnd son of John and M;iry Kcolini,', wns h.qii. 2o .Mny 17-1. 



ir cl-owlieve to my lovinp liusband Joseph Keeling niul his heirs absolutely, 
;.!>() ;tll pcr.soual estate and sole Ex'or. Proved 20 Jan. 1757 by J. K. 
(Is, irerriiig.) 

John Slaiiy of the city of Norwich, Esq. AVill dated 3 Sept. 17S7. To 
'l'ni.stci'S £:50dO bank stock, £1GU0 3 jier cent, bank annuities, £.j-l per anu. bank 
\nuii annuities, £100 short annuities and £'.")00 o ])er cent, annuities to jiay iho 
iiiU-rest to my s'' sister Alice Keeling for her life, aiid at her death the interest of 
; for her hush'' Joseph K. for his life. 

I'mlicil. -l Oct. 1790. Plate, linen, china and glass to my s'' sister. 

I'roved 30 Aug. 1791. (40-3, Bevor.) 

\o .Shmys are named, only nieces Kath. Hunt and Mai-y Cooke. 

Joseph Keeling of "Westbury House in the parish of Barking, co. Essex. 
Will dated Jan. 1792. Infirm of body. To my wife Alice all nn' farms and 
hinds in threat Britain, bank stock and consols, plate, furniture, horses, chariot 
tor her lite, to be disposed of by her by will to such of her ch" as she thinks 
pnipcr. My snuff box and gold watch to my dau. Mary Tookc. Tlie new gold 
walcl) to my dear son Capt. John K. with the seal of arms of K., Rawdon and 
J^hiiicv. AVIiereas my son has been most cruelly treated and neglected by his late 
liiu-Ie .li)lin Shiney, Esq., who has taken no notice of him in his will, and I am 
« niitlfd to a moiety of a mortgage of £1000 from Lord Cahir of Irel'', the interest 
bcinu p;ival)le io my wife and at her death to go to her son and dau., and my son 
h:i\in'4 (iisposcd of the post obit to M'' Playters for £100, w'' I purchased, 
i br(jueath it to him. I give him my claim on my lajids in the parish of 
.'^' .Mkh.u'l, ]. of B'oes, conveyed to me by my late F.-in-l. IMarm. Rawdon, Esq., 
for whii-h 1 liave expended large stims endeavouring the recovery thereof without 
rft'fct, but have recovered part -which I have called Rawdon Place, consisting of 
3 hiuiscK and lands adjoining the fort called Greenwill fort to the I-eeward of 
I'rl.ii^c Town. -My wife Alice sole Ex'trix. If 1 die in Barking to be interred in 
tli:it pait of the ancient symmetry (sic) w'' I have ordered to be enclosed and set 
i\\:\r\ ;i.- a burial jilace for myself and family next the chy^' of Barking, the wall 
«>;' u'' I r^hall break a gateway fronting the X. door. If I die at Buxton or near 
l.« iL'li in Sian"ord>liire, in w'' chy'' 1 have a family vault, to be interred there with 
iiiv aticislors. 

1 All-. 1792. Codicil. M'hercas I have £500 stock of the Bank of England 
w.rtli l.'l<M)(), my wife to have it, but sh"^' my son succeed in his application for 
the llarwic-b p:ickct, the stock to be applied towards fitting that out and having 
il;;tiO <,r flUHi at my bankers, let that be applied towards the annuities of m_y 
in-|ilu'w .Iiihn Keeling and his wife, and the copyhold malthouscs in the manor of 
(".uiuiiiibiirv. Kingston, mav be sold. 

V<,^^(^^ ■•JO Aug.. 1792 by Alice K., wid., the relict. (43G, Fountain.) 


Maurici' Berkeley, ,Iun., bad married in liOndon, in or before 1731, Sarah, 
dau. cf Walter Tobin. Henrietta Tcdjin, spinster, wa>^ her sister, and afterwards 
jnarried in I7.')('t .^amuel Clarke, Jun. 

In the Ncvi.s Rcenrds (vol. ii., oa) I noted an indenttire dated 29 ]\fav 172.j, 
by wliiib ."^iirali Tcbin, widow and executrix of Walter Tobin, deceased, quits claim 
!i::.iin>t Mary Symonds. widow and relict of John Symonds. and her son Edward 
Suiioiids. 'J"iii-< J<din Symonds was born 1GM>, B.A. Oxford 170S and Si)eakcr 
1712. His wife Mary was pndiably the " Sister NymoiuN " of John Tobin in 1721. 

Stom-y Orove, the property of Messrs. Gi'lespio Brothers, and the residence 
cf the hit.' lliiTi. .1. S. lluiiings, is a fine old mansion. The 'i'obins formerly 
owned it. and .Mrs. Bromley writes that the original plan of the estate with their 
coat of arms on ii is preserved there. 

( 129 ) 

This old house is a few miles from Bridtrctuwn. The basement ami ground 
floor are of the usual ei<,'hfeeutli L-eutury style, the stonework beini,' very strong 
and tliiek. Tlie gables are also probably original, but not the roof, uhieh is now 
of nijly galvanized iron. The oblong wooden panel in tlie cast or right-hand 
gable has : — 

" E. 1G51 IT. 
JAN. 28 E. 1758." 

K. TT. was doubtless the bnilJcr of the mansion and the second date may 
reconl a reconstruction. The shield on the panel in the west gable has suffered 
damage, but there are traces of arms, viz., two htiuh^ and a canton. Some charges 
which may have been aiiixcd are now missing. Jn a grove adjoining is a brick 
vault surmounted by a stone slab recording the burial oF " M'^ Ar.CE Lk.v«," wife 
of Thomas Lear, who died 21 Oct. IGSS. On a mantled shield are his Arms : . . . . 
n fesae rafjide letwren three unicorns' heads coiiped. Crest: A denii-xmicorn 
rampant coiipcd, in its paws a spear — over wreath and helmet. 

Peter Lear was appointed bV Penn and A'cnables one ol" the commissioners of 
the Prize Ofilce in Barbados in 1055. He became a wealthy plante;*, and was 
created a 15aronet on 2 July IGGO, having then retired to London, and died s.p. in 
IGSl. x\t Ailhallows Barking, was baptized — 

IGGO March 1 Thomas sonnc of 8ir Tho^ Leare. 

In the census of the island in IGSO under St. George's Parish ai-e entered : — 

S'' Peter Leare 336 acres, 8 white servants, 123 negroes. 
M' Thomas Leare 127 „ 1 „ „ 75 „ 

Sir Peter Avas succeeded by his ne])hew and heir Sir Thomas of Lindridge, 
ro. Devon, i\r.P. for Ashburt(ni 13 "Will. ]H. and 1 Anne, who dieil s.j). I7li5, 
having mai'ried Isabella, ihird Uau. of Sir William Courtenay, Knt., of Powdcrliam 
Castle (who Avas bapt. IS Dec. IGGO). Sir Thomas was succeeded by his ne.vt 
brother Sir John, who died about 1710. when the title became extinct. By his 
wife, a dau. of Cln-istophcr A\'olston, l;e left ]\lary, an only child, who mar. 
Sir Thomas Tipping, Bart. 

1700, May 7. It was ordered that the Council meet at the house of 
"Wm. Davis, joining upon Lears plantation near Henleys in St. Michael's parish. 

Col. John Lear of Xancymond co., Virgin a, was sworu a M. of C. 22 .May 
1GS3, was collector of Lower James ]xiver, and died in IGOG, having married the 
widow of Seth Sotlrell, Gov. of Carolina. (Col. Cal ) 

David Lear was of the same county in 1G77. 

Col. James Lear was i\L of A. for the said county in 1GS3 and Tho. hvixr in 
1G93. It is not known if this "\'irgiuian family was related to the Barbadian one, 
as no search has been made. 

The illustration is from an enlargement of a photograph taken in 1911 
by i\[rs. Vere Oliver. 

Francis Ford, Esq., of St. ^richael's, by his will dated 1772, devised Lears to 
his dau. Anne. '"I <lo also give mv daus. theii- resideiice in my dwelling house on 
my plantation called Lears, each to have the sole use of a clianiber to 
herself." (Ante, 111., 372. j 

TOL. V. 



i\osc of Jamaica. 

Anlliony .Swymmcr of Bristol and Jamaica, Esq. Will dated 11 Oct. IG'^l. 
My brotlior and sister Fulke Kose of S' J ago de Ja Vc'^a, Estj., aud his wife. 
(Ill, E.\tun.) (Ante, IV., 220.) 

Fulke J\ of the parish of St. Katlicriiie and Island of Jamaica. AVill 
dated 27 (X-t., o Win. and Mary, lGii;3. I lic(iuealli the marble at my storeliou.-e 
in town and at the An//rlls and at Sixteen JSJUe Wiillit's at uiy plantation to pa\(> 
the chancel of the church now to be erected at Sixteen Mile W'alkes. To mv 
oldest dau. Eliz. Eose my plantation aud negroes in !S' Thomas in the Vale calli-d 
KnoJJis, and my farm at Oxuey, near Deale in Kent, lately in the occupation of 
.M"' AV<u)d. To mv 2'' dau. Anne Kose my other plantation in the said parish 
called MicJclcton with the negroes, also my land at Maggatty called Warrens and 
Jlqi/urslt/.-! and negroes, and to them all my houses and lands in tlu^ town 
of y Jago de Laviega, my lands over the river and at the lied hills, boih in 
S' Kathcrines. To my joungest dau. Mary Hose, Xonnington farm, near 
Canterbury, aiul £1500 now in the hands of my brother ]M'' AV"' IJose of London, 
apothecary, also my laiids on the North side of this Island in i>' Maries and 
S' George. To my sister Eliz. r^lilner £'40 a year. My aunt i\Iar;,'aret Tudor a 
suit aiul the continuation of the allowance my brollicr W\n. has paid lu-r. To my 
brollicr AV"' liose and his wife, my brother John Eose and his wife, my brother 
Era. llo^c and his wife, my brother Norgrove and his wife, and my sister Miiner 
cacli £20. My brotiier-in-law Andrew Langley and sister Martha Langley £10 
each. "My ■-ister-in-law Martha Langley £luO. My goddau. Kath. Eeake £20 
a year till iU. My godsons Cha. IJeid and Ellis Langford at 10 a good bible. 
Philip AVheeler £-]0 when free of his apprenticeship to me at 21. Jf ail my datis. 
die without heirs then to Eulkc Eose, 2'' son of my brother Wm. Eose, Knollis 
plantation and t^.xncy farm, he paying my sister Miiner £200 a year. To my 
brother Francis Eose. [Mickletons plantation, etc., he paying to my sister Xorgrove 
£lo0 a year. To my brother John Eose, Xonuington farm, etc. If my wife have 
a son ail my estate to him, then to my dau. Eliz. £2iH;0 at 17, my datis. Aii'K) 
and Mary £"1.jOO each. 3Iy children to bo jiaid £00 a year till 10. jMy wife 
Eliz. Mi\v E\"tri.\, her thirds and £2000, all plate, Jewells and household stuif. My 
friends Sam. Hernard, E^<|., 31athew (Iregory, Esq., Edward Drougiiton, Es<|., my 
brother Cap' I'ra. Jvose and M'' Jiob. Nedbani Trustees and overseers and £10 
each. All residue for my dans. AVitnessed b}' Leonard Claiborne, Henry Lowe, 
IMicli. Honldsworth, AV'" Layers, Jas. AVhitchurch, Sam. Jones. 

C'odlril, ,S Nov. lOiK). Jn case my wife have a son I give to my dau. Eliz. the 
further sum o'i £2000 and my daus. Anne and Mary £1.300 each. AVitnessed by 
John Smith, Sam. Lewis, Ileiu'v Sanders. Proved 2-4 3larch 1()03 by Eliz. Eose 
the relict. (1)7, Box.) 

Tho. ifals of Clarendon, J'ca, E>(]. AVill dated 21 Aug. 1702. AVife :\rary. 
Cnpt. John Eose and his wife. Tlio. Eose, sou of Capt. John Eose of Loudon, 
merchant. (HO, Degge.) 

Eliz. Eose of the I. of J'ca in America, but now in L., widow and relict 
of the Hon. Fra. E., late of J.. Es,|., dec". AVill dated 20 Dec. 172.5. .Aly 
nephew Fra. Sadler .£000 st. at 21. My nephew Tho. 13u?h €:W0 at 21. .My 
sister Eliz. Hush £100. My sister Ann Norgrove £100. ^ly negro woman 
Marg' .£ J a yvwv. My ne<:;ro woman Amimba and her 2 ch" .f 12 a year. Wiiereas 
mv late husii'' by his 'will dated IS Nov. 1720 gave to our late son Tho. Rose all 
the residue of his estate, and for default of issue to mo for uij life, then to his 



neplicw John Tvose, s-uhjcct to tlic payment of £':?000 c. to sucli rorsons as T sli'^ 
appoint, ami Tho. l{osc" is sinco dead witliuut is>ii(', 1 lierchv ap)'oint the .I'P.iUKt io 
be ],nii(l to my 2 iioiccs ^Fary l''iillcr. wile nf I Iid. \\ ,,\' ,J"c:i, }]sq.. and Cliri.-tian 
Forbes, uifo of Alex. F. of J., Esc]. To I'ra. Oldticld of Bloouisbury ?>q.. Esi|., 
and ^l' Jolm .Serooold of L., meivh', ioU apiece. All residue to inv said two 
neices and sole Exeeutrixe.s for J'ca and V. (). and J. .S. for G. B. Witnessed by 
Ann ;^^odvford, Jobn Halton, Tisa Bernard. Jiob. Hobbs. Proved U J)ec. ITl'"? 
by P. O. anil J. .S. (:10G, Farrant.) 

Sam. Ilenn'nt; of S' Annes, J., Esq. "Will dated :3 Jnne 1720. :\ry :\r. in 
Eliz. Jiose )io\v residing in L. £20 a year. 'My coiizen Tho. Ivose, Esq. 


Tho. Eosc, late of the ]) of S' Cath. and 1. of J., but now of G' B AVill 
dated 7 Xov. 172-1. To my Motlier £'2000 st., my plate, chariot and 2 coach 
horses. ^Fy aniit Eliz. Bush £.30 yearly, and to her sou, my consen, Francis ]}. 
£200. .My couscn Eliz. Snell £25" yearly. Cousen Christia"n Price £o00 c. To 
Mrs. Ann Jleckford, dau. of Peter B. of J., Es(j., £2000 c. Fleury Bvndloss, son 
of Polnitz B. of J., £1000 c. at21. To Jane Bvndloss. dau. of said P." B., £500 e. 
at 21. :My friend Win. Cockburn £■'300. Cap'' J3igby Dent £500. Col. Twogood 
£200 and claiuLS I have as his attorney. John Gregory's bond to be 
cancelled, also AV"' Aikenhead's bond. Chur(dnvardens of S' Cath. £100 c. yearly 
for 10 years for mainleuaiice of poor children and ajijjrenticing them. 1 manianise 
my slaves Molly and Grace and give them £lj a year. I free my negro Sasoe and 
give him £12 a year and free his wife Ccelia. 1 free Mimba, Scotland and Abba. 
All monies to be remitted to M'' Sam. Jk'rnard and M'' John Serocold of L., 
merchants, to be laid out in the i)urchase of land for my coiisens Clia. Pi'ice and 
Tho. Price, sons of my uncle Chas. Price of the parish of S' .Icdnis, J., Es(]. 
I devise my plantan walk and land at the ^lagotty in the parish of S' 'J'homas in 
the Yale adjoining any of my 3 plantation.s or sugar wurks. my land in the jiarisli 
of S' [Nfarv called Bagnall Ticket, my pen and ])cn land at Cut W'oath Gidly in the 
parish of S' Cath. to such persons as shall injuv my \i sugar e^tates in the ])aris]i 
of S' Tho. in the Vale called the Old plantation. Burtons, and the New Works.* 
All residue to my said 2 cousens eqiuiUy at 21. Sam. Bernard and John Serocold 
to be Ex'ors for (>' B. and my umde Cha. Price fur J. and £20 apiece. In the 
presence of Tho. Barrow, Tho. Pick haver, Tho. Clarke. 

Abstracted from an ancient copy on seven sheets i)f folio paper in the IMilor's 
possession. It is also recorded P.C.C., 25:J, B.dion 

Jcdin Pose of Cotterstock, co. ?\"ton,Esq. Will dated 24 Xov. 17;;G. Cousin 
Rob. Fotherby and Fra. his wife £25 apiece. Ct simi Maiy Stilenian ,£20. Cousin 
]\[artha Milner £20. Cousin Tho. Bush £15. Cousin Tho. Pain the Klder of 
Oundle £35 for himself, his wife and 2 scms. ^ly .sister Eliz. i'ate ami her 2 daus. 
Eliz. P. and Anne P. £2ii apiece. J-]hnes .Spincks of Alhvinckle, co. M'ton, J'sq., 
£10. Chr. Bainbrig, elk., V. of Cotterstock and Glapthorn, £lO. 3Iary Buzzard 
of Oundle, .spr., £10, all for mourning. 'J'o llliz. Pate and Anne Pate £>U0 
apiece. Fra. wifeof Jiob. Fotherby £Utb. .M.iry -Stileman £100. Mary Buzzard 
£100. 'J'ho. Cooper flDd. A\'"' VVard of C. Clo. Cou>ins John Paine and Tho. 
Paine, the youngi'r sons of s'' Tho. P. the llldcr, £100 apiece at 21. Tho. IJusli 
£500 at 21. £100 for the poor, ^ly sister YAr/.. I'al.' £25 a year. Alartha 
IMilntT £15 a vear. iMy effects from J'ca. My cou.>.in Kosc Pidlcr of J'ca, V.-i\ , 
£50 c. Cousin Francis S;uller o\' J., gt., £2<i c. ami C2U00 c. when he shall have 

T1k'-c C".tafe< Wirt" caW^d " I'n-e ll;i!l " nlion in the ]'0-;-vS<ioii liter of tlio I'rii'i-s. 

<- 2 




remittcfl tlie wliolo of rnv personal folate from J. All my ven\ estate in Cotter- 
Ktool, (Uaj>tliovii. Oiiiiille, Tausi^r, I5ni,'stuck, aiul King.'^tcafl to my nephew John 
Pate, inf., ;inJ in default to my contain I'ra. Sadler, cousin Kose i'uiler, s'' nephew 
to ohan<{c his name to Eose. £() a year for poor ch" of C. to be apprenticed. 
Elmes .Spincks and Clir. Bainbrid<j; Gr. and T. and 100 ffs. apiece. Joseph Billears 
of Bristol £12. Conjoin 3Iarv Smith of Leic'', wid.. £12. To John Pain, 1 s. of 
Tho. P. the Elder, £100. Mary JJod^^son. dan. of Rev. Master Jus. D., Yicar of 
S' Ives, CO. Hunt., ."0 i^s. £-jO c. to the 2 sons of Tho. King, late of Spanish 
Town, J., dancins; master, dec''. Pra. Sadler £1000 c. £G a year for poor ch" of 
(ilapthoin ;■)' a. to the Vic. of V. All residue to «'' nephew .Icdm Pate and sole 
Ex'or. M"" Tho. Bush £10 a year. On VA Jan. 1730 appeared Eiias ?*Iickletliwait 
of S' IMaraS "NVestm', <jt. On 1") Jan. IT'.iG adm'on to Eliz. Pate, the -M. of J. P. 
the ne]diew by the brother Uic). Proved 13 Dec. 1710 by J. P. the nephew, he 
having attained the ai^e of 17. (12, Wake.) 

John ]^ose of Xorthill, eo. Bedford, Esq. AYill dated 17 Au?. 1753. All my 
estate real and ^lersonal in the I. of J'ca and Eng. to the use of Tho. AVentworth 
of Brittons in the p. of Silkston, co. York, Esq., and Joseph Letch of the Mid. T., 
gent., u)ion Trust. To my ln-ot,lier-in-laAv ]M'' jidm Serocold £30 and my brother- 
in-law M'' James Esdaile. IMy aunt M'^ Sarah Tvit( hen, wife of ]M'' John Iv., and 
iny uncle INL'' Tho. Nickless each £20. JM'* Martiui Ilenn, now living with me, 
£')0. To each of mv trustees £')0. Eev. Tiich'' I'rice of Cotterstock, co. N'ton, 
£oO. Mr Henry Clark of Chas. Str., Westm^ and Dominick Pile of Wcstm'', 
apothecary, and Jolm Shickle of J'ca, Esc(., each £20. To tlic Hon. Cha. Price, 
Esq., and his son Chns. P., Escp, both of J'ca, each £.')0. Tho. Wentworth and 
Jos. Letch and Cha. Price the father and Cha. Price the son to have each £-30 
a year if they will take on the trusts. Trustees to pay to INLartha Henn £30 
a year and £120 a year, and maintain and educate my two dans. LaHitia Pose 
and Sojdn'a Pose. L. b. 2S A p. 1751 and ba])t. on 7 Jlay following in the p. 
of S' James. AVestmi", and S. b. 10 ]M.ny 17.j2 and bapt. 12 May" in the s^ 
parish. If ]\Iarilia lUnn shall have any other child, to be also maintained, and 
at 21 .ill residnniy estate to n,y children. If they die all to x\lartha Henn for 
her life, then lo my nephew Peter Esdail, the son of s'' Jas. E., and in default 
of issue to all the ch" of my late sister Eliz. E., and in default to Jas. E., 
Joseph E., Hilary E. and AV"' E., the ch" of my s'' bro. -in-law Jas. E., then to 
Kingsniill Clark in I'igtree Court, Inner T., and the soji Sir Simon C. of J'ca. 
My jilantalions to be kept well stocked with slaves, etc. Tho. \\'ent\\orth and 
Jos. Letch Hx'ors for G. ]i. and Cha. Price, s' and j'', for J'ca. Proved 2S Xov. 
17oS by T. AV., E-q., and J. L. (3-lG, Hutton.) 

John Serocold of L., merch'. AVill dated 13 Oct. 17-13. My eoiiyhold 
messuages in Kuislipp. co. ]\IidiP, to my son John S. and hi.s heirs, then to my son 
Tho. S., my sister I'li/,. S., my cousin Tho. S., grocer, and his sou AYalter S., 
if latter inherit he shall pay :£lb00 to his sister jMarg' S. i of my personal estate 
to my 2 ch" Jcihn and Thos. S. 1 am a freeman of L. of the c" of mercers. Of 
the other ! 1 give to my friends Col. Chas. Price and John Hudson Guy. Esq., 
both ol' J'ca. my sister Eliz. S., my sons and friends M'' Slini^sliy ISethell and 
^NP Haniing Touikins £20 each. Ddits to me in J'ca. To Eliz. Trewhella iny 
eerv' £oO. All rc.-idue to mv sister Eliz. S. in Trust for mv s'' eh" at 21. She to 
be sole E.\'trix and G. Proved 20 July 171 1. (179, Ansti's.) 

Joint Serocold, late of Love Lane, L., merch^ now residing in Q. Ann Str., 
East. Will dated 3 Nov. 17sS. All residue to my dan. Eliz. Jackson, wife 
of M' John J., Sir Jas. lilsdaile, Kn', Aid" of L., AV" Jones, late of Love Lane, 

KOSE or J.\MA1CA. 133 

now of Grauge AY.ilk in Soutlnvark, j;t., and .lalm Kocbuck of S' Mary at Hill, 
grocer, upon Trust to invest in the funds. i l^'Ivc them '20 g*. each for a 
ring and to pay the interest to my s'' daus. Cliildreu of my bro. Tho. S. 
T. to be Ex'ors. Proved 11 Dec. 17S8 by Eliz. Jackson the dau. ; power 
reserved to the others. (G'Jl, Calvert.) 

This Ind're tripartite made the 15 July 170:! 2 Anne between Eliz. Kusc of 
the parish of S' Gyles in the ifeilds co. 3Iidd\. spinster 1^' dau. of ITulke ]{., 1. of 
the parish of S' Katharines in the I. of Jamaica in parts beyond the ..Sea Esip 
deceased of the 1*^ part; John Fidler J"" of Waldron co. tjussex Esip of the 2'*; 
and H [riihlcd licrc hy fold'] of the parish uf S' Gyles in the ITeilds doctor in 
physick and Eliz. his wife (I. wife of the said ifulke l\'ose) and John lleathcott of 
London Mercliant of the ;j'' part. "Wliereas ffulk J-fose by his will dated 27 (Jet. 
1093 devised to Eliz. his eldest dau. all that his jdantation in S' Thonuis in 
the \a[e called Kuollis Plantation with the negros stock houses and also that 
farme at Oxncy co. Kent then or 1. in tlie tenure of M'' AVood and further devised 
to Eliz. and Anne her sister all his houses iu the Town of S' Jagoe de I.aviega his 
lands over the Eiver and at the Eed liills in S^ Katharines pai-i.sli with all 
buildings negros and stock am] to each of his children 00' per annum till the age 
of 10 and after that age 80' per aitnuni and constituted his wife Eliz. sole Ex'trix 
and devised to her the third part of the ]>rolitts also the money owing him by his 
brotlier Fi'ancis li. and as mtich more out of the estate as w<' make up 2(iOO' and 
devised all residue as trust for all his daus. and appointed Sam. Bernard J^sq., 
JNJatthew Gregory Esq., Edw. Braiigliton Esq., his brother Capt. Era. IJose and 
M'' Hob. Zs'eedham Trustees and Overseers and AVhereas Eliz. ]\ose the relict 
proved the will and married Hans Sloane and the Trustees preferred their Bill iu 
Cliaucery against the said Hans Sloane and Eliz. his wife and against Kliz. K., 
Anit 1-?., Mary E. and Philippa E. the -1 daus. and it was ordered that defendants 
D'' Sloan and Eliz. his wife should produce accounts before a ^Master of tiie 
Court and they have done so before Tiio. Pitt Esq. and Eliz. Eose the eldest d.iu. 
being now 21 applied for her share and by an order made the 2-j June last it is 
decreed that one third be let out for 1)'' Sloan and Eliz. his wife and that ;!ie 
residue (subject to a charge to one Eliz. Milner) be divided equally among the 1 
daus. and the ^faster made his Keport dated the 12 instant July and reported din' 
to Kliz. K'. -ls9' for her fourth shai'e and there is furlhei' due 1o her one fourlii of 
1 JiW debts outstanding ai\d for her share of the [)roduco of the e.-tate till', 22")', 
and 1G50' and for her share of the produce of the plantations to her devised U)12', 
and for interest 105' making a total of 1125' and Whereas a marriage is intended 
between John Fuller and the said ]'>liz. Eose siie doth acknow ledge to have 
received the said T125' and discharges all parties. 

Sio^ned bv " J'^liz. Eose." J-iOzenge-sliaped seal:- — .\rms: ... on a hciuJ ilirrc 
roses .... Ill tlie presence of Oliver Marlon, John Butler, Sam" Osboi'i;. 

On two skins formerly in lln' lvlitoi''s jios^cssion. [Mem. 22 -hine I'.tM. 
I sold this deed to the Eev. A. Fuller of The Lod^e, Sydenham Hill, S.i;., who 
writes that he has now the Eeleases of Eliz., Philippa ami Mary Kose.J 

Tliis Indenture made the 17 .lune 17t»'.l S Ani.e Fxtween Hans Shjane of llu; 
p'sli of S' Giles in the fl'eilds co. ]Midd\. J)' in I'hssiek and I'.o/,. Slo;nu' ( formerly 
Eliz. Eose wife of ITulke Eose Esip deceased) n. wife of s'' flans S. of ihe one 
part and John Heathcott of L. ^lerch' of tho other. W'liei'eas by an indre trip, 
dat. 9 ^lav 1G95 betw. Hans Sloane of the 1^' pari ; I'liz. Ins wife (llieu JCiiz. 
Eose) of S' James within the laberty of Westniinsier widow of the l'' part : and 
John Heatiicott and John Beriiai\l cit. and tijdiolsler of L. of t!ie :!' part after 
recitin;; that a mairiage was then intended betw. H. S. and J'Jiz. Ko^e and that 




Fulke Eos^o Esq. had been seized of several plantations and houses in Jamaica 
and of divers ines.-uan;es in England and of a considci'ablc pcrs. est. made liis will 
on 27 Oct. 1G03 and gave his f-aid wife in lieu of her dower one third of the neat 
profits of all his est. both real and personal for her life as also the money 
his brotlicr Era. K. owed him and as much more money within '2 years as w'" make 
up cCJODO aiul gave tlie residue to trustees for his dans, and made her sole Ex'trix 
and she did accordinc;ly assign to John Heathcott and .lohn ]5cruard her said one 
third share for Oil years upon trust to place out the said £2000 and pay one third 
the interest thereof and of her said sliarc to her for her sole use and the residue 
or I to Hans Sloane and "Whereas John Bernard is dead now tliis Ind're 
"NVituesscth that Hans Sloane and Eliz. his wife acknowledge they have received 
their sliares and acfjuit John Ileathcott and AVhereas by Ind're dated 14 Eeb. 170S 
made between 31ary Ivose (one of the 4 dans, of the said ffulke Uose) of S' Giles 
in the ft'eilds si>inster one of the dans, of said E. E. of the parish of S' Ivatherines 
in J. Esq. dcc"^ of the l""' Jiarr, Tho. Crreen of IS' Margarett AVestminsier Esq. of 
the 2'^ part and Hans 81oane and Eliz. his wife of the 8'' part reciting a marriage 
shortly intended and since solemnized between Tho. Green and Mary Eose and 
that there was duo £Ut ll.v. to Eliz. JSloane for life being the interest on £489 
and £14."3, the £082 bciiur tho share of iMary Eose in the partible est. of E. E. 
thitherto received and Hans Slcan and Eliz. liis wife had agreed for £85 to sell 
their interest in the £10 11*'. charge 'I'ho. Green hath paid that and they acquit 
him and it was also recited that by an Ind're dat. IS Jan. 1708 which is a 
marriage settlement of G parts, it was agreed that Mary Eose should as soon as she 
attained tlie age of 21 convey Xunnington ffarme near Canterbury iier share of 
her father's est. (wherein Eliz. Sloane was intitled to -!,) to Tho. Cross and 
Wm. Green and it was agreed that if the latter paid £258, Hans Sloane and Eliz. 
his wife would release her claim and ihev appoint the said sum to be paid to 
ilrancis Annesly of the Inner Temple E>q. in trust for them and appoint John 
Heathcott after such payment to convey and assure the farm. 


Hans Sloane 
Eliz : Sloane 


Crest. — A lioiind sejant. 

In the presence of Edw'' Clifton, Tho. Page, Edw. Wood. 

The following is endorsed on the 2nd skin : — 

To all Eeople Sir Ilans Sloane of S' Gyles in the ffeilds Baronctt and Dame 
Eliz. his wife send greetini:. AVhereas since making the within Ind're John. 
Heathcott acted Mmie ycais and dyed and made his will and constilutcd Sir 
Gilbert Hcafhcote (.wV) "of I.. Kn' an<l AVm. Heathcott 1. of L. ^Mercliant (now- 
dee'') I']\'(iis who acted in tlio Trusts until the death of Wm. H. and he having 
made his will constituted Sir (iilbert Heathcott E.x'or who hath acted .... They 
quit claim against the He;ithcntts this S ^March 1719 U George. 

Sigurd b}' Hans Sloatie ami ]*'liz. Sloane. Seals not heraldic. 

In the presence of Tho. Isted, IMiilippa Eose, John Eccles. 

On the 1»{ skin is eiulorscd : — 

'• 17 Junij 1709 Doctor Sloane and his Lady to M'' John Heathcott one of the 
two Ec!ease.> touching the Estate late of ffiifke J\ose Esq'' deceascHl and other 

lOu 8 sk'ns sent In' Colemans 2 June 191 1 in error and returned to 
Eev. A. Euller.] 



1G70 Oct. 4 William AI;u- an,l :\r:irL,'aret Koso. (Ante, }., HI) 

1G78 July II rulko Rose and Elizabeth l.aiigley (at I'orleKoyall). (Ihid.,Gl.) 


]G87 April 21 Fulice Kose son of Fiilke Kosc, in the Chanccll. 
1G91 Mar. 29 ll'oulke Kose, Maivhaiit, in the ClKuicell, Xorili side. 

1695-6 Mar. IS Fulke Eose, buried alt Barkin, in London. 


1695, May 9. Han.s Sloan, D'' of Physic, of S' Giles in the Field.?. Middx.. 
Bach. 30, and Elizabeth of S' James in the Field,';, Middx.. Widow ; at 
S' James aiV or — (Harl. Soe. Pub.. ]). 21.j.) 

170.3, July 10. John Fuller, J'', of Wnldron, co. .Su.^sex, Esq., Bn-li. 2:!, and 
Elizabeth EJse of 8' Giles in tlie Fields, Midilx., Sp'' 22, dau. of yi'^ Sloan, wife 
of 1)'' Sloan, who consents ; at S' Giles afs^ or — 

1703, July 19. Thomas Isted of the Middle Temple. Es(i., Bach'' 25. and Anne 
Eose of S' Giles in the Fields, ^liddx., Spr 1<), dau. of M""^ Sloan, wife of Dr. Slo;ui, 
who consents; at S* Giles afs'' or — {Ibid., p. 210.) 


1G70. St. Katherine's parish. FuIkc R'lsc ."{sO acres. 

As M. of A. for St. the Vale he was idectcd in l(i75 (then st vied Capt.), 
1G77, 1G78, 1070 (J.P. KiSO). 1()S2, 1US3 (as I)'). 

1G81-, Feb. 25. A List of the iittest men in .1. to be Coum-illors : — 

Dr. Fulke Rose, a sunreon bred, and .i very discreet and virluons man. His 
plantations render hiui over -lUDi)/. \n'V annum and his pi-aciice about (iOO/. 
A member of Assendjly. 

1G93, March 23. Lt.-Gov. Sir A\'m. Bceston rccinnmends Fulke Ro.-e, a man 
of integrity, ability antl estate, for the Council. 

1G93, May -I. "He was elected M. of A. for S' Johns aud Francis ]{. for 
St. Tho. in tlic Yale. 

1G93, June 30. Order of the (^ueen in Council. Fulke Eose to be of the 

1601, ]\'b. 12. The Lt.-(iov. writes that :^F Fulke Eose was gone to England 
when the warrant for his ap[Hjintinent arrived.. 

* The Lauijli'ys livcil ia this iiuri-ih, which was probably why Dr. T. Ivo-c was l)uriod there. 



I'iOJ, March 5. Jouriml of the Lords ol:' Trade. Col.Eose from J. was h-eard 
and liis Jleiiiorial about J. read. 

1G95. Col. Johu Bourdon's Ecg. of Foot. Major Fra. R's company. 

1700, Feb. 1. ]\!ajor Fra. 11. of S' Tho. iii the Y. of good interest and 
a settled family recommended for the Council. 

1701, Jidy'l. ISlajor Eose, then M. of A. 

1702, Aug. G. Francis Eose returned as M. for S' Catherines. 

1702, Dee. 10. Lt.-Gov. to the Earl of Nottingham :— 

I beg your Lordship Mould he pleased to put in as Councellor Lt.-Col. Francis 
Eose, a man that is faithful and zealous for H. M. service, and one of a very good 
estate in this Islaud. 

17U3, Jan. 28. Francis ]iose sworn a ]Nr. of A. for St. Georges. 

1703, Tklarch 9. Col. Francis Eose, M. of A., granted leave of absence, 
1703, Sept. 10. I'etiliou of ... . and Francis Eose of the Council. 

IGo-j. A Capt. Stephen Eose was at the capture of .J. (Yenables Narrative.) 

Lond", May 2^, 1721. L'res from .S' Jago in Jamaica, say the Hon'''' Francis 
Eose, l■^sq^ president of his ]Majesties Council tiiere, is dead. ("Mawsou's 
Obits" in Genealogist, New- S., iii., 110.) 

1721-, iS'ov. 12. j)y'd Major Kose (sic), an eminent Jamaica [Merchant, and 
formerly one of his Majesty's Council in that island. (Historical Eegister, 48.) 

17;!.'), Oct. S. The" Ecvd. Mr. Stanley, to Miss Eose Daughter to the late 
Fulk Eose, of Jamaica, Es(] -, bv Dame Eli/.abeth afterwards Marry'd to Sir Hans 
Sloan, B;ut. (" G.IM.," CIO.) 

182.5, April 27. At St. Dunstan's Cliurch, Fleet-st., .lohii Parson, of B<>tles- 
dalc, SulTolk, to Eliz.-Georgiana, oniv dau. it h. of the 1. Fred. Geo. Eose, of 
Black Eiver, J., & niece of Lady Davidson, with a fortune of 30,000l. & lOOOl. 
per annum in pin money. (" G.M.," ■1'62.) 

Cotterstock Vicarage, 


Sir, Oct. 17///, liUG. 

jNTr. Eose was- the owner of Cotterstock Tlall and ]mpro],ria1or of the 
Eictovial Tithes. He is, ] believe, buried in the cliancel of the Ciuirch of 
Cotler.-«lock. I do imt know h(>w he became the owner of Tieariy the whole of 
Coltersl(H-k, 1 suppose by pun-hase, but I do not know tlic name. The oidy one 
near his time vas a Mr. .Inlm Norton, whose name I can find. 

1 know notliing of the bequest of £{> yearly for apprenticing poor children. 
AVe liavi' another called 15cllan\y's Charit\ lor that puriuise. Bellamy lived 
during tile Ci'mmonwealth days, and was contenipornry with .Mr. Norton 
afore>aid. He and his son lived at ditleient times in Cotterstock and Tansor, 
] believe. 

J tlo not knov." anything of the oi acres left to the Vicar. Q'lierc is no such 
property belonging uow to the A'iciU", only the vicara'j,e and a small meadow given 
in lieu of common riglits when the ])arieh wax enclosed. 

i\H-. l^ile Eose gave .£200 which was met by a grant from Queen Anne's 
Bounty Board of a sinn'lav sum, £S0 of which was given for the vicarage, there 
liaving been no vicarage before. 1 believe the vicarage had been his property. 




In the Terrier it is called the house and orchard and tlie extent \ an acre. The 
remaining £120 wa3 eipeuded ou leasehold land in the ])aridh oi Warmington; in 
the Terrier it is descrihed as 57v acres, and was in little strips in various parts of 
the parish. At the Enclosure ;3Uv acres were given instead. The measurements 
must have been very bad, as that I was told by the churchwaruen and overseer 
of Warmington was the case with all the lands. He describeil it as 7 rood.i 
to the acre. 

I believe Mr. Pate Rose wis buried in the family vault. He left two 
daugliters ; one Letitia marred Kev. Sir Kicltard Boutli, and both she and her 
husband are buried in the vault. There is a large mural tablet to Sir R. J^ooth, 
and the burial of the others is mentioned on it. I forget the other daughter's 
name. The property was left to them, and they sold it to tlie Countess of 
Westmoreland, who left it to her sister's sou Viscount Melville, whose nephew is 
the present A'iscount. 

1 think this is all that I can tell you. 

Yours faithfully, 



On the floor of the nave, white marble with blue veins : — 

Arms. — On a lend three roses. 

Here lyes the Body of the Hon''''-- | l^KAXCJS EOSE, I'^scj | Lite President of 
the Council of | this lsL.i.M), wlio departed this Life ] ye 20'*^ of November 1720 
in the j 67"' year of his age. (Ivuby, p. 82.) 

On the floor of the north transept, wliitc marble with blue veins: — 

Akms. — On a bend three roses ; impaling Barry of six, n canton. 

Here lyeth the budv of J M'^« ELIZABETH EOSE | late wife of | the Hon"'' 
THOMAS EOSE Esq | who departed this life | the S'" day of October | 1722. 
Aged 2.J years. {Ibid., 47.) 

On the east wall of tiie north transept, a marble monument with Arms : S^ihlc, 
on a bend argent three roses rjulrs ; impaling Barri/ of six oryeni and gulrs, a 
canton of the second : — 

Near this place | Ives Litcrred ve body of | THOMAS KOSi': Es,| : j who 
departed | this life | ye 12^'> of Nov. 1724 | Aged 85 years. (//./,/., Ik) 



Jolin Laut^loy, Alilcrninii of JjOiulon, born 17 I\rareh==rEli7,. Middletoii, Jan. 
1G12, niul hapt. ai St. Peter's, Coriiliill, 28 March ^ and coheir ot' Jiich. 

M., Alderman of L. ; 

1G13. Had 8 SOILS and 5 daus. (See his pedigree 
in " Misc. Gen. et Her.," 2nd S., iii., 170.) 

mar. 14 Sep. IGIO. 

Jane Lang- 
ley,* 5th 
dau., UKir. 
of Jamaica, 
1G61, later 
of Bristol, 
Esq. Will 
dated ICSl 
(141, Hx- 
ton), names 
his brother 
Fulke Kose 
of J. 

lev of 

Sir Hans SInane,t: 
Hart., M.])., 
mar. lie. and set- 
tlement 9 Mav 
1G95; died 11 Jan. 
1753, aged 01 ; 
bur. in old Chel- 
sea churchyard. 
M.I. in "G-.M." 
for 180S, p. G70, 
and pcdfgrce in 
1810, p. 207. 


=Eliz. Lang 
ley, dau. 
and coheir, 
died 27 Sep. 
1724, aged 
GG ; bur. in 
yard. M.I. 

=pDr. Tulke Eose of St. 
i Thomas in the A'ale, Ja- 
maica, mercht. and Col., 
owned 3S0 a. in St. Calh. 
in 1670; M. of A. for 
St. Thomas in the Yale 
1G75; mar. at St. Oath. 
11 July 1G78; M. of A. 
1GS2; named 1G92 in will 
of Esther Cope and in that 
of his brother -in- law 
Sam. Laugley; M. of C. 
30 June 1G93 ; bur. at 
St. Peter's, Coridiill, 29 
March 1C94. Will (97, 

, I i 

I'ulke Eliz. liose, born^ 

Eose, IGSl, 1st dau. , 

bur. and coheir ; in- ; 

at St. heriiod Knollis ' 

Peter's, in St. Thomas 

Corn- in the Yale ; ' 

hill, 21 mar. lie. 19 July 

Ajiril 1703, aged 22. ' 

1GS7. She died 18 and i 

bur. 2G Feb. j 

1727-8, and I 

M.I. at AVal- | 

dron, a!t. 4G. I 

:Johu Puller of 
Brightling. co. 
Sussex, J. P., 
ba{)t. at Wal- 
dr(ni 28 July 
IG^O; bur. 
there 10 Aug. 
1745, ai^ed G6. 
Will (223, Sey- 

2ud dau. 
and coheir, 
born 1GS4 ; 
mar. lie. 10 
July 1703, 
aged 19, to 
mar. Tho. 
Isted of the 

Mary Eose, 3rd dau. and 
coheir, mar. Tho. Greene 
of Xorthlaud Ho., Chel- 
sea, brewer ; mar. sett, 
dated 14 Feb. 170S. She 
died 23 July 1724-5. 

Both bur. 

at Weston 

Philippa Eose, youngest 
dau., witness to deed of 

Joiin Pill- Hon. ]{ Fuller, 2iid son, Graduate-f=Ithamar, only dau. 

lerof Jiose (d" Leyden 1729; J)r. of Physic 173G ; and heiressot Hon. 

Hill, CO. M. of C. of Jamaica ; of lirightling; 

Sus^e.\. i.-t M.P. for l{ye. His father' settled 

son. AVill the estate in Jamaica on hiui. Pur. 

(42, Paul), at Waldron 15 Mav 1777. AVill 
(211, Collier). 

Eiclul. :Mill of St. 
Cath. ; died 22 
April 173S, aged 17. 
M.l. at St. Cathe- 
rine's, Jamaica. 

8th son, 
agent of 
mar. and 
left four 


* A Major Andrew LaiiL'lev, perli:ii'< her brotlicr, \v;is a J. P. iu J. Aug. 1687 (AV.I. Cal., 
p. -Uti), aii.i .M. of A. U.T St. >iary's KISS II/,UL, p. 509). 

t 8ir H:iii8 Sloane loft t^vo ilaus. and colieircsscs : 1, Eliz., who mar. 1717 Chas., Lord 
Cidokjaii : 2. Sarah, mar. Geo. Stanley of I'oiiltons, co. Uauts. 

X See peJigrtVi in Uutuhins' Dorset, i., 1:!2. 



Aems. — Sable, on a lend j\r(jent three roses Gules (liosK). 

John llo»c ot"=p 
London. 1 

Hon. Major rrancis;- 
Rose, born IOjI ; of 
St. Tliouias ill tlie 
Vale, J. ; M. of A. 
1G93; Speaker 1702; 
M. of C. 17U3 ; died 
20 Nov. 1720, aged 
G6. M.I. at St. 
Cath. with his arms 
(Eoby,p.32). Will 
dated IS Nov. 1720; 
? recorded iu J. 

=Eliz. Price, 
dan. of 
Ciiyt. Fra. 
Price of J. 
Will dated 
20 Dec. 
172o in L. 
(306, Far- 

of L., 

of L., 


Tho. Rose of St. Cath., J.,^Elizabeth Fuller 
M. of C. 1722; died 12 Nov. | (? dau. of Chas. F., 
1724,aged35. M.I.(Roby, 
p. -14). " Will dated in Eng. 
7 Nov. 1721 (2.33, Holtou). 
Left his three plantations 
to his cousins Cha. and 
Tho. Price. 

who died 170o-0), 
died 8 Oct. 1722, 
aged 25. M.I. at 
St. Cath. (Rob}', 47). 
Arms. — Barry of 
six argent and 
Gules, a canton of 


Eliz.=pSir James Esdaile, Knt.,=i-!Mary Ann Pate, 
Pate, i Alderman of L., Lord .... mar. John 
1st Mayor 177S. Of Up- 2nil Serocdd of 
wife. ; minster, cin Essex; died '• wife. 
G April 17!)3 in Buulull ! 
Row. Will dated 2J) | 
Oct. 1700 ; ]) roved 9 i 
April 1793 (198, Dud- 









]Mary Rose, 
mar. 1st. 
^lajor Tiio. 
Hals, \vIio 
died 1702 ; 
2ndly, Col.' 
Clia. Sadler. 
Roth of 

John Rose of 
Esq. Will 
dated 24 Nov. 
173G; nephew 
and heir of 
Fi'ancis Rose 




Ij., miTcht. 
lliswdl was 
dated 3 
proved 1 1 
Dec. 1788 
(G21, Cal- 

Jt)hn Pate, nepliew and heir 
of .lohii Rose, wliose sur- 
ii nine he assumed, and w hose 
will lie proved 13 Dec. 17Ui, 

tliou a 
17 AuL 

;ed 1, 
. 17.3S. 

AVill (latfd 
llicn of Xiir- 

tliill, CO. Dedfoid, and 
proved 2s Xnv. I7rjs (31(3, 
llutlon) ; died s.p. I. ; bur. 
at Cotterstock. 

Letitia, born 2S April— Rev. Sir Kichd. Bootli. 

1751 ; bapt. 7 May at 
James', Westminster. 


M.I. at Cotterstock. 

Sojihia Ro.^c, born 10 and 
bapt. 12 May 17.')2 at St. 
James', Westminster. 



iruiltr of Samaita. 

John rullcr of IJrigliiling, co. Sussex, Esq. ^\■ill dated 21 Pcb. 17i3. To be 
bur. ill the paris^h chuix-ii of Waldrou uear my hite wife. Whereas by my mar. 
sett, dated 15 July 1703 £GUOO is cliarged upon my est. for such of my younij;(.T 
ch" as 1 apj)oint. Whtreas my sou Kosc F. is uow iu Jamaica and 1 have by 
Ind'rc of 31 Dec. 173(J between me aud Hose F., D' in Phys., my 2'' sou, of the 
1" part; Sir John Lade of Soutliwark, B', of the 2*^, aud John Serocold of L., 
merch', and John Kent of S., diugyist, of the 3'''^, ."-ettled my est. in J'ca upon my 
son Kote, I give him £2U00. My s.-in-l. Wm. Sloane, Esq., and my dau. Eliz. Ins 
wife £20 each. My cousin Iho. Fuller of Mayticld, gent., and to Tlio. F. my son. 
sugar baker, of L. my advowson of the Kectory and parish church of Mottisfont, 
East Dean and Lockerly, co. Southauiptou, upon T., to present my sun Henry and 
convey the inheritance to him. if he do not be in orders my son Stephen to bo 
presented, and in default to my eldest son Jolin. To my son Uen.-y £5000 and 
£1000 more if he do not t;^ke orders. AVhereas I have advanced to my sou Thos. 
£1000, I give ])im £2000 more. My son Stephen £5000, aud if he do not take 
orders £1000 more. Whereas I am possessed of the ne.xt presentation of the 
parish clmrch of K. Stoueham, co. S'tou, 1 give it to Tho. F. of Mayfield and 
Tho. F. my son of L.. stigar baker, upou T. to present my son lleury or Ste[dicn. 
My founders, miners, colliers, furnace men and wood cutters. All residue of 
personal estate to uiy eldest sou John, aud I bequeath unto him all my manors, 
lands, etc. Witnessed by Lawrence iS'oakes, etc. 

Codicil. 12 July 174-1. My sou Stephen is now m. to M" Eliz. IN'oakes and 
by his mar. sett, of 7 July inst. 1 paid over £4000 aud give him £1000 more. My 
coz. Tho. F. c;f Mavlield is now dec''. 

Proved 13 Aug. 1745 by John F., Esq., the son. (223, Seymer.) 

John Fuller of Rose-hill, co. Sussex, Esq. I 
my wife £300. To my brother Kose F. and his heir 
remainder to my brothers Henry, Thos., Stephen. 
£1000. Bro. Stephen £1500, and £200 a year 
possession for liis trouble in collecting rents and 
and iron works. To inv sister Sjoaues ch" £100 
Fuller of lleathiield, Esq , £100. (Other godch" 
and with Henry, Tho., and Stephen, Ex'ors. W 
presence of Kicli'' Beckford and others. 

Codicil. 17 Jan. 1755. Bro.-in-l. W'" Sloane 
Proved 5 Feb. 1755 by Henry, Tho., and 
reserved to Koso F., Esq. (42, Paul.) 

confirm my mar. sett, and gi\e 
s male all my manors and lands, 
Bro. Henry" £1000. Bro. Tho. 
more until my bro. Eose take 
managing the furnace foundery 
each. Gods, the son of John 
,) All residue to m\ bro. Eose, 
ill dated 17 Jan. 1755. in the 

and his wife £100 each. 
Stephen F., Esquires ; power 

Kose Fuller of Brightling, co. Sussex, Esq. AVill dated 4 Dec. 1771. To be 
buried in the chancel of the church of Waldron. Whereas by Ind'res dated 
G and 7 M:iy 1771 made jirevious to the m. of John F., J:]sq., eldest son of my 
brother Tho. F. of L., merch', with Eliz. F., since dec'', one of the (Uius. of my 
brother Stephen F. of S' Geo., Bloomsbury, Esq., to which 1 was a party, 
1 continued to (Godfrey Webster and Henry Hunter, Esq''*', tho manor and farm 
of dxiiey, CO. Kent, on trust for theui. All my manors in G. B. and plantations 
or 8ug;'.r works in Jain.iica with the slaves aud stock lo lienry Hunter of Jieacli 
Hill, CO. Berks, Esq., and Janus Dalrymple of Maytield, co. Sussex, Esq., to the 
U.SC of my brother Tho. F. and his 2 sons John F. and Kose F., my brother 
Stephen F. and my ncpluws Hans Sloane aud Wm. Dickinsou for 500 years, to 
the use of my nephew John F., only sou of my late brother Henry F., for his life, 
then to liis sons rn tail, remaiuder to my brother Tho. F. aud his sous, my brother 


S^tciihen F. and his sons, then ^ to my nephew Hans Sloanc and ? to mv nieces 
Eliz. F. and Fra. F., dans, of lale bro. Jlcnrv F. ; if mv iiiea'S die' before 
me reni^ to my nieces Philippa wife of W" DickiiiM)ii and Sarah wife of s'' Hans 
Sloanc. An inventory of my estate in J. to be enrolled in the Secretary's Oflu-e. 
Whereas T am sei/ed of an estate tail with remainder to Kose Herring :\Iny of J., 
Esq. (nephew of my late wife Ithamar) in a pi" called Hop; IJole in ."S' Thos. in 
the Vale bv virtue of an Ind're ^juadrnpartite dated 20 April 1737 made between 
the Hon. K-i Mill of S' Cath., Esq , of the I*' ])art, Hose Fuller, doctor in idiysick, 
and Tthamar F. his wife, late J. ?dill, the only dau. and h. of s-^ W .Mill, "f the 2'' 
p'; Joan Mill and Ithamar ]\Iill, t:istcrs of the s*! 11'' Mill, of the y* part; 
Edmund Hyde of S' Andrew, Esq., and W" ]May, clerk, li. of Kingston, of the 
4"' p', my trustees to settle accounts with TJose" Herrins; ]*dav. "NVlieieas I am 
seized of a pi" called Gre2;orys pi" or Fullers Hall in vS' Thomas in the Vale 
adjoinin<^ Hoi; Hole, and have worked the two together and have but one water 
mill, my trustees to purchase Hog Hoie. My brother 'J'ho. F. £200. bro. Stephen 
F. £300, 2 nieces Eliz. and Fra. F.. dans! of bro. Henry, £1000 each. My 
nephew Jolm F., son of my late brother Henry, £',ivO a year for his eilucation. 
My ncpliews John F. and Kose F.,sons of my biother Tho. F., and nephews Hans 
Sloane and Henry Hunter and friend Jas. Dalrvmple £50 each. ^Iv sister 
Fra. F.. widow of late bro. Henry F., nephew AV"' Dickinson, niece Philippa his 
wife and niece Sarah wife of my Jiephew Hans Sloane, nephew Xash ila.-on, Esq., 
niece Eli/., his wife, nephew Capt. 11'' Hughes, niece Jane his wife, niece .Mary 
wife of my nepheiv Henry Htinter, nieces Hester Shiane. Eli/. Soutlierb\', Ann 
Southeby, Eose Smitheby and Philipj)a Sloane, tiephews A\'™ Southeby and Tho. 
Southcby and ne])hew Hose Hering May £10 each. To Mary Johnson liose of 
JVa a free mtilatto woman formerly my housekeeper, £100 c. a year ; legacies to 
other blacks. All residue to nephew .lohn F. son of Henry. T. to be Ex'ors. 

Codicil. 3 Dec. 1776. S** teim of 500 vears to cease when John is 21. Hro. 
Tho. F. £100 more. 

2nd Codicil. 27 April 1777. Estate to be yxit under the C of Ch>. Sworu 
9 May 1777, testator lale of Eose hill in Erightling, but of S' Ann, ~\\'estm'', dec"*. 

Proved 15 May 1777 by Tho. F., Esq., the brotlicr, John F., Esq. (son 
of H. F., dec"), the nephew, and Stephen F., Esq., the brother ; power reserved 
to the others. (211, Collier.) 

Frances Fuller. AVill dated at Offham 22 March 17GG. To my daus. Eliz. F. 
and Frances F. jewels except my dear husbands diamond hart to my son John. 
All residue to my s'' 3 ch". My brother l^ose F., Esq., of ]{ose Hill in Sussex and 
brother John F., Esq., of Pavkgate in Sussex to manage their estate and to be G. 
To be buried by mv hush'' Henrv F. at Northstcueham, Hampshire. 

Codicil. 22 Jan. 17(;S. S'' brothers to be Ex'ors in T. 

Proved G June 17S0 by Jolm F., Esq., the surviving Ex'or. (312, Collins.) 

Geo. TVenhnm Lewis of AVesterham. co. Kent, gent, ^ly nephew John 
Ftiller of Eoschill, co. Sussex, Esq. ^ly brother John Fuller of Catslleld, 
CO. Sussex, Esq. Proved 17f)7. (G07, Exeter.) 

See pedigree in Berry's Sussex, 278, Burke's "Landed Gentry," Crisp's 
Visitation of Enuhuid Notes, vol. ix., ]). 39. 

1711. Tho. F., b. at A\"aldron (near Hurst Green), Sussex, s. of Stephen F, 
pt; school Alerch' T. (Mr. I'arscll) ; adm. pensioner, tutor ami surety Mr. Anstey, 
ll'june a^t. IS. (St. John's C. Cam., p. 201.) 

There was another family of Fuller in Jamaica from Norfolk not connected 
witli the Sussex one. 



1720, April 2G. Eosius Fuller, Londineu.sis. (Leyden sludcuts.) 

1715, AiiiT. 4. John F. Esij ; at IJoye-Iiili in .^Sussex, who rcpresLiiteil that 
.,)i!i!ty in 1713. ('-(t.M.," 41i.) 

1777, May 7. Hose F. Esq ; laeniber for "Rye. in Sussex. {Ibid., 2-1:7.) 

17s!). .Stej)hen and lio.-e Fuller, merchants, 4 L'hurch-co., Clements-lane, 
L"nibard-st. (Kent's Directory.) 

1^12. Xov. 0. At Beceles, Suffolk, John Tlio. F., esq., royal horse artillery, of 
Calslu'ld 11 0., Sussex, to Fmily, youngest dau. of the late Tlio. Carthcw of 
Woodbridi^e, Suffolk. (Dorchester Journal.) 

1S21, -Nov. 10. In Tork-st. Portman-sq., a<,'ed 73, Eoso F. Esq. • (" G.M./' 

Ls;53, Nov. 15. In ]Monta<;ue-sq. the lady of Capt. Eose II. F., E.N. a sun. 
(/A/,/., 402.) 

l'^31, April 11. In Devonshire pi. aged 77, John F. of Eose Hill, Sussex, clc. 
(Long 7\otice. Ibid., lOG, 000.) 

1^.'!."), Feb. 24. At Ashdown Ho. Sussex, at an advanced age, the Hon. Anne, 
widow of John Travton F. &.Q. {Ibid., 44.').) 

Sir Ceo. Wm"Tn])ps, 2'' Bart. i\LP. m. 20 Sep. 1S20, Clara P' dan. of 
Aiiu'ustns i:ilic)tt F. of Ashdown Ho., Sussex. (lS3o, L, O.J!).) 

1S.'{7. Jan. HI. At Naph^s, a. GO, Wni. Dickinson, of Kingweston, Soni. barr.- 
at-i. f. -M.P. for that co He was the s. & li. of "\Vm. D., M.P. for Som. from 
17l>0 to l^uO, by I'hilippa eldest dau. of Stephen F. of J. &.c. (429.) 

Is37, Aj)ril 23. At Eosehill, Farnham, in her 03d year, J'lliz. wid. of 
'Iho. F. ( 

In 10, .\W2.. 29. At Dover, EJiz. .Anna, wife of John Hamilton, eldest dau, 
of the 1. Juhn Travton F. of Ashdowne Ho. Sussex, &. sister to A. Eliott .F. 

1n12. Lately, ?^Iari.h. At St. Jas., Piccadilly, Townseiul Ince, Chrisloton, 
Chi-shire, to I-urv, dau. of Aug. Eliot F., M.P. of Eo.sehilh Sussex. (322.) 

IS J.-., Mav •!. At Hall Lauds, Nutlield, Sarah-iNIaria, dau. of the 1. John 
Tr.iyton F. fltO.) 

1^17, .luly 13. A I Brighton, Jas. Ilarwood, to Charlotte, yst dau. of the 1. 
Jo!in Tray ton J'', of A.-^hdowii Ho. Sussex. (422.) 


l!vr<- ly.'tli inieii'd the body of ITHAMAE the wife of the Hon'''^' EOSE 
ITLLliirLMj. who d. t. 1. the 22'' day of April 173S, aged 17 years. (Archer, 

( I'iS ) 

ilist of MRxW^ rttoitJtt) in Bartatios tioton 
to tijc j)tar 1800.* 

Year. Xames of Testators. 

1759 Phiirip, Mary 

„ Proverbs, John 
Park==, Mary 

„ Pindor, Daniel 
Pliillips, Pachael 

,, Pullinger, George 

„ Perrvnian, M'illiam 

17G0 Pliillips, James 

1761 ]^uris, Edward 

,, PhiUipri, Margaret 

„ Phillips, Josias 

„ Palmer, Fidelia 

„ Popple, blagues 

„ Preston, Thomas 

„ Phillips, Deliverance 

17G2 Proverbs, :*Lary 

„ Phillips, John 

„ Pridcaux, James 

17G3 Phillips, .Mary 

,, Proverbs, John 

„ Perry, Thnuuis 

1764 Pilgrim, Eobert 
„ Parson, John 

,, Port, John 

„ Pearce, Elizabeth 

1765 Poyer, John 

„ Parris, Ilichar'd 

„ Perkins, Jonathan 

„ Pliillips, >.'athaniel 

„ Pierce, Thomas 

„ Pile, Ann 

Phillips, Piehard 

1766 Payne, Thomas Abel 
„ Pemberton, l.'arhael 
„ Poor, Kallnrin 

„ Parr, George 

„ Pearce, Kathorinc 

,, Parris, George 

1767 Pollard, Jiidiert Jeffrey 
„ Payne, Pichard 

„ Prosser, Eleanor 

„ Pinder, Francis 

„ Phillii)s, Penjamin 

„ Payne, Kichard 

„ Power, Pichard 

„ Parris, Alexander 

176S PendK-rton, Iknijamiu 

„ Palmer, 31ary 










Names of Tcstatorji. 
Perkins, Gooding 
Prentis, Jemima 
Payne, ^lary 
Poigrun, Cooper 
Perry, Jacob 
Porter, Charles Thomas 
Pile, Thomas 
Payne, Agnes 
Parris, Martin 
Pickett, Francis 
Pinhciro, Lunah 
I'adiuore, liobert Jones 
Pi-ice, Edward 
Porter, Thomas Oxnard 
Phillip. John 
Phil li [IS, Sarah 
Pinder, George I/ake 
Parris, Kichard Stanton 
Perry, Joliii 
Padmore, 'J'homas 
Puckerin, Elizabeth 
Proverbs, Sarah 
Pemberton, Chaides 
Phillips. Jcdni 

Pctchard, Clement Rowdier 
Preston, John 
Peters, Thomas 
Payne, Kichard 
Perrv, William 
Phillips, John Kandall 
Pile, T]ieophilu.s 
Power, Charles 
Price, Edward 
Pooler, IS'athanil 
Payne. Joseph 
Poyer, J'ricc 
I'hillips, Samuel 
Phillips, Heiin 
I'earen, Davit! 
]'liillii)s, Tliomas 
l^iliiier, Geor<,'e 
I'arkinsoii, James 
IViole, William 
Payne. Thomas 
Piggott, John 
Purchase, Elizabeth 
Pok'gnin, 'I'liomas 
Payne, Kichard 

• Co«tiuu«d from p. 120. 




Year. Names of Testators. 

177G Piivnc, IFearii 

1777 Pcrrj. Mary 

„ Polgrun, John 

„ Piiyiie, PMward 

„ Phillips, John 

„ Port, Snr , Josc])h • 

1778 Pollaru, John 
Vl'^'^^'tt, Mary 

„ Pilgrim, John 

„ Peters, AVilliam 

„ Phillips, Ann 

1779 Pearn, Ann 

„ Perkins, William 

„ Pi^'j;ott, J;iinc's 
Pollard, Jarcd 

„ Payne, Samuel Mapp 

„ Peri-y, Ambrose 

„ Parsons, Elizabeth 

1780 Priddu, Sarah 
„ Pierce, Euilin 

1781 Pare, Edward 

„ Payiio, Thon as 

„ Payne, Kallierin 

„ Pare, Jane 

„ Payne, Elizabeth 

„ Phi!lij)s, Josias 

„ Pinhciro, David 

1782 Pinheiro, Jael 

„ Piillinger, George 

„ Porter, Thomas Wesbnry 

„ Prince, Frank 

„ Parris, Sarah 

1783 Penny, Thomas Woodin 
„ Polgrun, Nicholas 

„ Page, ]Mary 

„ Piggott, Thomas 

., Parris, John 

1784 Parris, l{:uhael 

,, Phillips, Jnr., Evan 

,. I'olgrun, ]Mary 

1785 Puyne, Eleanor 
„ Power, Michael 

„ Pickering, William 

„ I'arrls, Edward 

178G Porter, William 

„ I'hillips, Susanna 

,, Phillips, Josias 

„ Pollard, ThonuiM 

„ Pariis, J:^li/.abeth 

„ Payne, Abel 

„ Peispotto, Abraham 

1787 Power, Sarah 

„ Penny, Thomas 

„ Phillips, Josepli 

„ Perry, William 

„ Perry, Hugh 

Year. Names of Testators. 

1787 Payne. John 

„ Pooler, Jonathan 

„ Price, AV'illiam 
Phillips, John 

17SS Phillips, Thomas 

,, Pile. Francis 
Platts, Edward 

,, Payne, Sarah 

„ Parris, Francis Butcher 

,, Pinder, Tliomas 

„ Patei'.son, William 

„ Peters, Mary 

1789 Pollard, Eicliard 
„ Perkins, Thomas 

„ Piggott, Snr., 1'homas 

„ Poore, Betty Buck 

1790 Pollard, James 

,, Porter, Edward Harris 

„ Paul, John 

„ Parr, Samuel Jieury 

„ Payne, Michael 

., Pcacocke, William 

1791 Payne, Richard 
„ Pispotto, Judith 
„ Phillijis, Joseph 

„ Polgrun, Rachael Pringle 
Pickett, Sarah 

1792 Phillips, Ann 
„ Packer, Eburn 

1793 Payne, Agnes 

„ Pierce, Thomas 

,, l^olgrun, Coo])er 

1794 Proverbs, Isaac 

„ Payne, Hannah IMaria 

179o Padmore, Chailes 

„ Pinheiro, Aaron 

„ Penny, Marry 

1796 J'orter, John 
„ Parris, David 
„ Payne, Joseph 
„ Porter, Alice 

„ Payne, John 

„ Port, James 

„ Phillips, Samuel 

„ Payne, Sarah llushworth 

„ Prixty, Kichard 

„ Pinheiro, Isaac 

1797 Parks, Edward 
„ Parks, Kobert 
„ Peck, Ann 

„ Poyer, Abel 

„ Polirrun, James 

1798 Penny, William 
„ Penny, i\Iary 

„ Pearce, IMary 

„ Pearson, Priseilla 




Year. X;inios of Tosliitor-. 

179S Part, J..lni 

„ ra\ lie, Eli/.alictli Ana 

„ rrovcrb.s, John 

„ Payne, Geov^^e 

,, Perry, Iliirrji 

„ Pollard, Tliomaa 

„ Pile, Peter 

„ Pickering, Tobias 

„ I'erkins, Pliiiip 

„ J'ouiHler. Ihiiiiel 

,, Pavne, !Marv 

iron Power, liieliar.l Dela 

., Pickering, ]Mary 

„ Pollard, James Sheplierd 

„ Packer, Jose])h 

., Poyer, Thomas 

,, J'rice, Surah 

16S1 Qulle, Tlugh 

](5SJ (^iiiii, Jeffrey 

1(3S7 Queen, Honor 

l(ii>;} (^iiiiityne, Mury 

IGOo Qiiintyne, Thomas 

1727 (^iiiiityne, Sarah 

17:n (,)uar!esy, William 

17;59 (^)Liiiityne, Thomas 

17")0 Quintyne, Henry 

17-5.'} (Quintyne, Edward 

17U7 Quintyne, Alleyne 

,, Quintyne, Elizabetli 

] 7G9 Quintyne, Ann 

1771 Quaileps, George Wil 

1772 Quintyne, Elizabeth 
1781 C^uoys, AViiliani 
17s)2 (^)noys, Mary 

IG.jO l!ead, John " 

„ 'Hichard^-on, "William 

„ ]{ennctt, Elizabeth 

KJol liickford, Peter 

KJo.S Jiohinson, John 

IGol Eadley. James 

,, lieade, Richard 

., lieynold, Robert 

Hio'y liichardson, Sauuiel 
l\c\ ii'dds, John 

1U5G Jvi|i|)on, IJalpii 

„ Robeits, I'^van 

,, ]{ogerman. Adam 

lt>r)7 ivulli<lge. l;ieiiard 

„ Kooper, Thomas 

„ ]{imgain, William 

1G5S Kegaime, C^bailcs 
vor,. V. 




N.iiiies of Te>lutor?. 
l{o\vlv. l'ri>cilla 











]vich, Charles 
]{os.s, Jolin 
liandall, Jolin 
Robinson, IJavid 
Rootsey, Thomas 
]!islev, Peter 
Ihimball, IJobcrt 
Jvcade, Tlinmas 
Pa\v]in2;s, Ileiirv 
Ryley, Hugh 
Raylson, R'ichard 
Red way, John 
]iicc, Thomas 
Ivussin, Iviehard 
Knnnick, Robert 
Jvoach, John 
l\obiiison, Joseph 
Endcr, Eavon 
Runsbury, Francis 
Rice, Griifiu 
]iyder, Peter 
Robinson, ItoLert 
Eobert.-?, S^usanna 
]{iice, iforgan 
]\\alton, Richard 
l^ayeson, ]{iciiai'd 
J-iiidderi'^ird, Jolm 
Rainsbnry, Francis 
Roy ley, Edmond 
K'oiis, Anthony 
]^i.-le\, .Mary " 
lioberts. Ricliaid 
]^issell, John 
Jiedwood, Johanis 
l\evell, Thomas 
Russell, Abraham 
l{i»usc, Anthony 
Koberls, Wdiiain 
Ro.-ewell, ^\'iili.^m 
Rene, l hiinias 
Rogers, Oliver 
Raiiisbury, Joano 
Rolison, John 
Read, Jolm 
Ro'is, Anthony 
i»icli:\rds>in, Ji)hn 
Raiiisd'ord, Jonathan 
liogers, Olccn 
lii-a'I, (u'ori:e 
l\rino'ds, Henry 
Read, ICdinuiid 
]{■ berlson, David 
h'ice, Marcus 
Rt>sse, Walter 




















>snmes of Testators. 
Eocoo, !Mor<_'au 
JJii-liard.-on. iiicliard 
KnclvH'by, John 
Eobbiii, AVilliaui 
I{ollf.>t>iii, Simon 
Kidi^'C. lioi'H-r 
Piows, Eli/abetli . 
lica.l. Joliu 
liilcy. Dciiiiis 
licc, Martin 
Ivcynold. John 
Kichard.s, ^larfjaret 
Kifliards, Ir^aacs 
Ivanifcy, George and John 
Kawdeii, ^NFagdalin 
Kobcrls, Jolin 
!l\;un.scy, David 
Kicc, rs'icliolas 
Tivcroft. Ellis 
l^alcM^'h, David 
]lfnny. Teagc 
llootsc}-, John 
liami-ov, liobort 
Kf.i>s, Kobert 
l\amsey, j^obort 
Ecynokls, .Simon 
liolstone, Alexander 
liiLdiardson, Antlioiiy 
]iou«, Thomas 
liaynes, Francis 
Eieh, ]{obcrt 
Kider, Pheby 
Ro.-sin, John 
Rulsini;, Grace 
Ixeniiey, John 
lianion, James 
Ko>c, ]{nbcrt 
Rean, ^Mnvlha 
Kice, ^Faria 
Rawliam, Daniel 
Koach. M'illiam 
Eead, Thtrmas 
Ricliards, Jt)hn 
liichaid>on, Jnhn 



Robinson, Jvicliard 
IJiddock, Alexander 
]^)l)in<on, Manus 
liilev, llu-h 
Kosi, IMnli|) 
Jio-.-c, \\'iliiam 
Kichl)all. lioberl 
l{o[)er, William 
lioe, Richard 
liobin.-<(ni, AVilliam 
liolLstone, .Samuel 

Tear. Namofi of Testators. 

IGSl Ricliards, Robert 

Roberts, William 

Rces, Lawrence 

Rollins, Williivm 

Revers. M'-^iy 

Richard.scn, Robert 
1GS5 Reed, James 

Rhenolds. Thomas 
„ Reece, jlartholou.ew 

RevnelJ, I'Mward 
1G86 Ramsey, ( George 
„ Roberts, -lames 

Read, Phillip 
„ Rice, George 
„ Rash, Edward 
„ Ross, Willi'"" 
„ Redman, Ji'lm 
„ Read, John 
„ Reaper, (J nice 
1GS7 Roebucl«', I'Mward 
„ Roger.s J.din 

Richardson, -Nicholas 

Roderioo, Symou 

Rondeil, Iv'iehard 
„ Reetis, John 
IGSS Randell, i'.dward 
„ Roberts, Ivlw^nd 
„ Eoss, AlesMii'^t'r 
„ Rainsford, Ivlward 

Reavcll, (land 
„ Rosse, Daniel 
„ Richards. Susanna 

Ruiig, William 
1GS9 Rinnev, 'i'n't' 
„ Riche.son. i'avid 

Robnck, Jidward 
1G91 Roaeh, Richavd 

Raven, Cai'l- Ji'lui 
1G92 Roach, E<lmnnd 

Ridgvay, J-dui 
„ Rous, Aml'i"^ 
„ Roj)C, John 

Revnold, I'avid 
1G93 Rouse, Th.'inas 
„ R<d)ens(', '1 liomas 

Reed (liea.l). -'olni 
„ Rows, Aim 
,, Rootsev, James 
1G9I ]iogers, "\\ dliam 
„ lieed, John 
„ Robinson, ( leorue 
„ Rumballs, l)eno.siiion of 
„ Geo. lvobins'>n re Geo. Robinson 
„ Rudyard, liiomas 
„ R(d)i"nson, (ieorge 
„ Read, Philii- 



Year. Nume^ of Testators. 

1G9.5 TJaiiloii, Eiliiior 

„ liiilloy, Foster 

„ liifliardsoii, William 

„ Ktes, Snrnh 

„ Rice, Walter 

„ Kous, Jolm 

„ Rose, Anne 

„ liobinson, Jolm 

„ Read, Goorixe 

lOnO Robinson, Thomas 

„ Ramlall, lulwaul 

1607 Roliortfion, Charles 

„ RiishbrooKe, Ileiiiy 

1700 Raa, James 
„ Reed, John 

„ RaiDsden, llenry 

„ Ruck, John 

„ Ramsey, Bnller 

1701 Jiidu'way, Susannnli 
„ Russell, Kiehard 

„ Russell, JaHies 

„ l{oo;crs, Jolin 

„ Ricliiiiond, 1Jartlu)lonie\v 

1702 Robinson, Tlioinas 
Relfe, John 

„ Richards, lialimer 

„ l^id^way, .Jonathan 

„ Rice, l^icliard 

„ Raynsford. iSoIomon 

1703 Re'cde, .1obn 
1701 Randolph, Ann 

,, Reynolds, 'I'liomas 

„ Roach, David 

,, Uucli, John 

1705 Rnssel, Andrew 

,, lieiiner, Dr. ls:iac 

„ Kichardson. Richard 

170G Ramsey. David 

„ Roy, John 

l^eirlon. ]''lri]ii) 

1709 Hoebucic, Edward 
„ liobcrtson, .lames 
„ Rickford, John 

1710 Redman, Thomas 
„ Head. John 

1711 Kawlins, Th. mas 

1712 Reeves, .luhn 
liushworth, .lolni 

17l;l Richards, l{oberi 

„ lioaidi. l-;ii/.alM>lli 

„ Rawlins, Mary 
Roach, .lohn 

171 1 Koc(|uitte. .lanie^ 

,, l\nw, i'di/abeili 

17I.J Jiavin, Ann 

„ l\i)i^ers, .Iose|i}i 

Yc:\r. Xnnips of T(«tafnr;. 

171.-, Russell, Patrick 

,, luuind, .^aniiiel 

,, Reli'e, John 

„ Ridofway, John 

„ Roberts, William 

„ RoGfei's, AVilliam 

171G Robinson, Renjamin 

,, Richardson, Phillis 

„ Rudder, Charles 

,, Ruston, ]]avtholome\v 

„ 3\ice, Kdwavd 

„ Keed, Robert 

,, Reeve, George 

„ ]^ichaidson, George 

,, Richardson, John 

1717 Reed, William 

„ Ridgway, Philadelphia 

„ Red war, John 

„ l^eyiioldson, Susanna 

„ ]{a\v]ins, Benjamin 

,, J?a])er, llenrv 

171S l^)sc, Jolm 

,, Reyley, Ann 

„ Roberts, AViliiam 

„ Red war, Ann 

„ Richardson, Mary 

„ Reeve, Dorothy 

„ ]?in!T, Susanna 

,, Raylie, Mnvv 

1710 Read, Rh'zabelh 

„ Roach. Richard 

„ Richardson, John 

„ Roberts, Henry 

„ Jiuck, Thomas 

„ Robinson. Williaui 

1720 l{ead, William 
„ ]{owe, Thomas 
„ ]iider, John 

„ I'fedwai', John 

,, liidlev. J(din 

„ liose,":\[nrtha 

„ Keke, Thomas 

1721 kdherts, Timothy 
„ Roberts, .lohu 

„ Jiedwar, I'jii/.abeth 
Robertson, Duncan 

1722 l^ibinson. David 
,, K'awlins, .lamr^ 

Ross, Ali'xandi'r 

172:} Robinson. l!li/.al>eih 

„ liolierts, Samuel 

„ Rawlins. IMward 

R.dYr, Marv 

1721^Mu. William 

Russell. .I(din 

172.-) Rau'i' Kduard 

M 2 



Year. XsuKJ of Testators. 

1725 Ivnl)ort.-on, J'obert 

17-2G HuIlt, Judith 

„ ]{olIick, Andrew 

„ Kyk'V, Oliver 

„ IJoacl), ]\[artlia 
]{oliock, William 

1727 ]{o^s, >i'icIiola8 
IJcnd, Elizabeth 

„ 3{oi,'ers, J(>hn 

„ Iv'oiis, Daniel 

„ ]{oberts, Saimiel 

1728 JJecvc, Eaciuicl 
„ 3\ilev, John 

„ ■L'o.^ll, AVilliam 

„ Uandoll, Jolui 

„ Jiudd, Ann 

,, ]iam.<ay, Gilbert 

1729 ]\ollstone, Thomas 
,, ]vnssell, William 

„ Kice, Xicliolas 

„ TJussell, William 

,, Eid^'way, John 

1730 l^iwlins, Chai'les 
,, }{ubinson. T?uth 
„ Kiee, Nicholas 

„ Bycroft, David 

1731 Ivamsay, Chamberlain 
,, ]?i(diards, Henry 

1733 l^obinson, Snr., Edward 

„ Ivucastle, Adam 

,, ]\oby, Thomas 

,, [Roome, Charles 

,, Kcedc, William 

173-1 l^obinson, Daniel 

,, Kobinson, IMary 

,, Jvcese, John 

„ Ix'nshwoilli, Ixachael 

,, Eidley, John 

„ ]^ldder, IJioliard 

,, ]\obson, Mary 

173j liiste, Philip 

„ Kowe, Thomas 

„ Jiobc, Johji 

„ IJobinson, Charles 

„ IJ'^acdi, William 
Ivi-hton, ]'fter 

173G licere. Sarah 

„ ]vo^y, Joliu 

„ l^idihn-k. jNoblet 

,, Ikichardsor., K(d)ert 

1737 Kobin.-on, Daniel 

„ Kobinson, John 

„ Ixund.l!, J'Muard 

„ lious, John 

173S J^i\ner, ]^llh 

„ J^obtTls, William 

Year. Names of Testators. 

173S Eobcrts, 3[ary 

„ Eawlins, Edward 

,, Eeynold, Jolm 

1739 Euddcr, Philip 
., Eollstone, John 
,, Eoss, ]vcbccca 

1740 Eundell, Elizabeth 
,. Jiiee, Eranois 

„ Eoatdi, Jolm 

., Koberts, Arilliam 

„ Eoach, E<Iward 

,, Eeece, Katlierine 

1711 Eupsel, William 

,, Eobson, James 

„ Eichards, Ann 

„ Eice, Thomas 

1742 Eiee, Edward 

,, Eider, Benjamin 

„ Eollstone, John 

„ Eeede, Jean 

„ Eamsay, John 

„ Enssell, Jonothan 

Eugt,^ Anno ^ 

„ ]iosbotham, Cornileus 

„ Eawlins, Thomas 

„ Eobinson, Eiohaid 

1713 Eoss, John 

„ Eay, Abraham 

,, Eedwar, John 

,, Eoacii, Eoso 

,, Eichards, Samnel 

„ ]\a\vlins. Charles 

„ Eycroft, Eichard 

,, Ensscl, William 

„ Eobinson, Peter 

1741 Eichardson, John 

„ Eamsay, Alexander 

,, Eolison, Elizabeth 

174j Eichardson, John 

,, Eichards, I'homas 

.. Eoach, Henry 

„ Eamsay, E^lizabeth 

„ Itobarts, Sarah 

,, Eobson, xVnn 

1740 ]\obiiison, Jfichard 

„ Eawlins, John 

,, Euck, John 

,, Ei'sbothatii, Deborah 

1747 Eawlins, Thonias 

„ Eudduck, Andrew 

,, Eidley, Eichard 

„ Ivobinsoii, John 

,, Eawlin, AVilliam 

174S ]^)l)ei'ts, ITnmphry 

„ liowe, Hilary 

„ Eons, Thomas 

Barbados wills. 


17 IS 











Names of Testators. 
Easli, yanili 
Koss, Aleiamlcr 
Kiulder, Charles 
Keeves, lSui.aniiah 
liutlierford, Thomas 
Kider, Eli.sha 
KusseJl, ]Mary 
iiichey, Ivichard 
Eoii8, ^rar^';a-et 
Eyci'oft, Maiy 
Eeed, Ivobeit 
Eeyiiolds, iiary 
Euek, Elizabeth 
Eidaway, John 
Eoss, John 
Eichards, Catherin 
Eenood, John 
Eeed, Johu 
Eose, Jolin 
Eiley, ^Villiain 
Eogers, Hcui-y 
l^awlius, Alary 
Eawlius, Charles 
EobiiibOM, Barbara 
Rudder, Thomas 
Robertson, Elinor 
Eoberts, Edward 
Rose, Eicliard 
Eudder, Ua\id 
Eudder, I'hilip 
Robinson, Elizabeth 
J^eed, Jeiinitt 
Eeed, M;ir.;aret 
Eoe, Littler 
Rudder, Philip 
Reed, Grace 
Rieliards, Latimore 
Richards, William 
Reeves, i'>lizabeth 
Revili, Richard . 
Ross, Alexander . 
Russell, Thon'ias 
Keeves, Joseph 
Rcdwar, Ann 
Eobson, 'Thomas 
Eoss, JJaniel 
Ridley, Mar-ret 
Recce, Alice 
lioso, Ro. Patrick 
i\ich:irds, ii-ibi'rt 
Ridji;v.a}', .ioiiJi 
ixobuisun, .Joiin 
Ra'as(>y, Thouias 
Riley, T'lioaias 
Eider, Ceonic 
EoLstone, Eleauuv 



















Names of Testators. 
Ridley, John 
Eiehards, Alice 
Rist, Dorothy 
Eiehards, Eichard 
Eussell, Ann 
Eice, Johu 
Eobinson, Alexander 
Eobinson, S:iinucl 
Eobinson, William 
Eobinson, John 
Eidi^way, Samuel 
Eedaway, Sarah 
Eowe, Hilary 
Eamsey, Titus 
Eiehards, John 
Rushbrook, John Pead 
Eous, Mary 
Eawlius, John 
Eobinson, Thomas 
Eobinson, Samuel 
Eamsey, Henry 
Eose, William 
Redwar, John Salman 
Eowe, Piuliji 
Reece, John 
Eichardson, Johu 
Eeece, Thomas 
Eudder, Philip 
Eawlius, John 
Eoach, Snr., Eichard 
Eichardson, Courtney 
Eoberls, "William 
Eedwar, iMargaret 
Eobinson, Janies 
Iveed, Thomas 
Rosell, Thomas 
Eoss, William 
Eico, Nicholas 
Eachill, Jos(?ph 
]{ayne, Sarah 
Euck, Jeptliath 
Robi-rlsoa, James 
Rider, Joseph 
Rayne, Sarah 
Euck, Jepthath 
Eobcrtson, James 
J\'icorft, Sarah 
]^Jlstone, Thomas 
lions, J\'acliael 
Eawlius. Mary 
Eussel, I'rancis 
Ross, William 
Eeece, \\'illiani 
Eosbotliam, Robert 
Richarils, Susannah 
Eous, William John 



Year. Names of Testators. 

1770 Kobcrts, Aim 

„ Ixobinsoii, Geor'^e 

„ lieevcs, Sarah 

„ Koss, Sarali 

,, l^urlflcr, Kiehanl 

,, Kollias-, Kifliard 

1771 Kobiiisoii, Thomas 
„ liobiiison, ^\'illialll 
„ Eecce, Jkniiamiu 

]<o?oll, William 

1772 Kiddan, Ic^Datius 
,, Koaeh, WiUiam 
„ ]\ider, George 

„ Eowc, John 

„ liaveii, Johu 

„ l^obinson, Alexander 

1773 Kogers, ^Mary 

„ ]?oberti^, Nathanil 

,, Robinson, John 

„ lieed, Thomas 

„ Eoach, Elizabeth 

,, Erdiuan, George 

177-i l^eod, Eebecea 

,, Eowe, Lawrance 

1775 Eogers, Thomas 

„ Eudder, Thomas 

„ Eeevo^, Joim 

,, Eice, Ambrose 

„ Eoilock, Mary 

„ Eamsey, yusanna 

177G Eobson. Sarah 

,, Eobinson, ]Janiel 

„ Eycroft, AVilliam alias AV^ikley 

„ Eocdi, Samuel 

1777 Eoach, Thomas 

,, Raync, John 

,, Eeece, Samuel 

„ l{o\ve, Snr , llihirv 

,, J\udder, William i'l'anois 

„ l\obinson, {"'raneis 

„ lieed. Elizab^'lh 

„ Jx'eyiiolds, Xitdiolj^ 

177s Eoach, John 

„ J{ollstoiie, Samuel 

,, Eoa(d), Eichard 

177!) Ivawlins, Elizabeth 

,, Eovvf, Hilary 

17S0 Kiiwc, Tl.omas 

,. Ece.H', liiizabclh 

„ Kiley, Wooteii 

,, Eidgway, John Whetder 

,, Eolistone, Joseph Pickering 
l\n.-s, Francis 

17^1 J{ock, Eiidnird 

,, Eice, ^lary 

„ Eaily, Edmund 













Names of Testntors. 
Eudd(-r, l\ichard 
]{yloy, Thomas 
Eawlins, Mary 
Eawlins, l^evelia 
Eowe, Sarah 
Eose, James 
Eycroft, Thomas 
Eice, Alice 
Eobinson, Hcnjamin 
Eobinson, 'J'homas 
Eeece, Snr., John 
Eobinson, Euth 
Eeece, Mary 
Eose, Thomas 
Eeece, Mai'garet 
Eobinson, Jacob 
Eocht'ord, Thomas 
Eeece, Eichard 
Eawlins, Edward 
Euck, Thomas 
Eiches, John 
Eeed, Jolm 
Eobinson, John 
Eouse, Samuel 
Eoberts, AVilliam 
Eawliu, Elizabeth 
Eamsey, Juhn 
Eoss, Samuel 
Eachaell, Elizabeth 
Eichards, AVilliam 
Eose, James 
Eogers, Gertrude Aris 
Eoach, Nathaniel 
Eowe, Sarali 
Eobson, Nicholas 
Eowe, Grishild 
Eaper, John 
Eiley, William 
liichards, Eieliard 
]{oacli, David 
J^obinson, Abigail 
Rogers, James 
Eose, Mary 
Eussell, John 
Eobinson, Eenjannn 
Eoach, Susannali 
Eawlins, J-ewis 
Eichards, Samuel 
Eosbolham, James 
Eudder, J^awlins 
Eiciiardson, John 
Eeece, Mary 
Eobinson, Ann 
liobinson, Elizabeth Atiu 
Eobinson, Margaret 







Names of Testators. 
Rich, Elizabeth 
Diobinsoii, CTeor'^c 
Kock, Martha 
Eock, Thomas 
Keeves, William 
]{o\vc, Catherin 
Eced, Elizahetli llaokett 
Rous, Elizabc'tii 
Kucklcr, Charles Straghn 
Koss, Benjamin 
Reece, Francis 
]{udiler, Ei'ancis 
Robinson, Samuel 
lioacli, Richard 
Russel, John Gill 
Riley, Edward 

Ycur. Names of Ti'slatoi's. 

179S Ruddcf, Thoiiia-< Charles 

,, Roberts, ]\lary 

,, Ricliards, I'^dward 

,, Riley, Francis 

„ Rogers. Thomas 

„ ]iice, John 

„ Ramsey, Sarali 

., ]{ock, .lames 

„ Riley, Thomas 

,, Ruck, Daniel Thomas Hooper 

1799 Redwar, Ricliard 

„ Rose, James 

„ Russel, Samuel 

,, Ross, Katherine 

„ Redman, John Reed 

(2'o he continued.) 

iJtmms of Jamaica* 

John llemiii'^ of J'ca. Will recorded there llJ72 — 82. 

Richard Hemiug of J., 1072. {Anie, II., 147.) Will recorded 1091—4. 

Samuel Heming of St. Anne's, J. Will dated' 
3 June 1720; sworn 20 Dvx. 1720; proved 17 
April 1724 (So, Bolton). 

-...., ? dau. 
of ^Irs. Eliz. 

Richard Heming,- 
1st sou and heir, 
under 20 in 1720; 
of St, Anne's. Will 
dated in London 
23 Jan. 1753 ; 
proved 3 iS'ov. 
1755 (2S3, Paid). 

Samuel Heming, 2nd son.^Eliz. Amelia, Eliz., 
under S in 1720; eN.'or youngtsldau. under 
1753 ; of St. Caili. and of of Sam. Long — 

'■ Saville '" in St. .Vnne's. of,].; born Marv. 

Will dated 19 July 1773; 1740. (JJurko's under 
sworn 2t Aug., j)rovod "' Laiuled 
25 June 17t>l (301, Web- , (ientrv."') 

Samuel Henn'ng, Eliz., 

proved liis father's under 

will 9 Nov. 1703. is. 

George Heming, Jvose, 

under 15. utuler 

— 12. 
]''rancis Heming. 


Sam. Scuda- 
more Hem- 
ing, cousin 
of his wile. 

Olarv Charlotte 



i the .; 
I fa'nilv, 

dan. of 
[,ong of 






Sam. Hcming of tlic parish ot St. Anne, J., E.?q. Will dated 3 -Tune 1720. 
:My dau. Eliz. i;20UU at 17 or .M. and £10U a year till paid. My dan. xMary H. 
the like .sum at IG. My y.<t. son Sam. my cowijcnn in S' Amies ealled the little 
Thicdscts and all my lands \s ithin 2 nnles round. My 1^' sun Eiili'^ to settle a 
sugar vrork there before Sam. i.-i "JO and clear 150 a. whereof SO to be planted for 
canes, 20 for a plantin walk and .30 for pasturage, and 50 working slaves, 
21 steers and 20 mules be put therenn. I give him also £1000 c. at 20 and £10 
a year till S years of age, £50 till 15 and £150 a year till 20. My M.-iu-law 
Eliz. l\ose now residing in L. £20 a vcar. All residue to my s'' eldest son, his Gr. 
to allow him £200 a year till 20. J a})()oint my couzeii Thos. Kose, Esij., uiy bro. 
John Charnock, 1)'' in Phy., and D' Tho. i'rice, all of J., and my bro. John 
Seracold, M' in L., Gr., togetlier with my couzin Tho. Green of Kensington and 
my eldest son Eich'', Ex'ors. In the presence of Edw'' Charlton, .loha Scott, Jn° 
Humphry. On 2o ])ec. 1720 Ed. C. was sworn before Isich. Lawes, li' Baillie, 
Sec^. . Certiiied by Eob. Eaiilie, Esq.. 9 June 1721 ami by Sir Nich. Lawes, K^ 
G-oy". Proved 17 April 1721' by John Serocold, one of the ]']x'ors ; power 
reserved to the others. (85, Bolton.) 

liicliard Ilemiug of the paiysh of S* Ann, J., Esq., but now residing in L. Will 
dated 23 Jan. 1753. To my son Geo. £4(J0U at 21 , £V)V a year till 15, then £150 a 
year till 21. To my s^'U Eraucis the like sum. To uiy 1^' dau. Eliz. H. £2000 at 
IS or m., aud £100 a year till then. To my yst. dau. Hose II. the like sum and 
£G0 a year till 12 and £100 a year till IS or'm' To R'' Holmes £20 a year till 
14, then £100 for apprenticeship and £SoO at 21. To Margaret ilawksworth 
£5 a year for 3 years. All my plantations, re d and personal estate to my eldest 
son Sam., my bro. -in-law Tho. Orby Hunter, Esq., and John Serocidd of L., iM'% 
G., they to allow my 1^' son £200 a year till 20, and together with my bro. Sam. H., 
Sam. Whiteluu'ne, Esq., 31'' Henry Tucker, M'' Israel Clark and my 1^' son, 
Ex'ors. L. IG Oct. 1755. To M'^ Lucretia Luxford, wife of M'' Era. L., £25 
yearly. To my black servant £10 yearly. Proved 3 Nov. 1755 by John Serocold, 
Esq.; power reserved to the others. Proved 11 .Nov. 1755 by T. O. H., Esq. 
Proved 9 Nov. 17G3 by Sam. H., Escp, the son ; power reserved to the others. 
(2S3, Paul) 

Sam. Meming of the jiarish of S' Cath.. J., Esq. AVill dated 19 July 1773. 
Weak in body. Affairs much unsettled owing to a Trust on my pi" in S^ Ann 
called Saville. I bequeath all my estate to my fi'iends John Hailing, Esq., 
J/-(iov. of this I., Sir Clia. I'i'icc, .Eart., Sctulamore Winde. Esq., and Ed. Long 
of L., Esq., on T. fur the support of my wife Eliz. Amelia and a[)ply the residue 
fiu- my 3 sons Kicli. ."-lam. ]']d. il., .Sam. Scudamore II. and Geo. Era. H., and such 
child as my wife is now ensient with, and appoint them G. In the presence of 
V. Jvighy lirodliilt, lienj. ],\on, A nthony liosUew. On 24 Aug. 1773 was sworn 
]}. Lyon before .I.ilm D.iI.uil', Iv'' ix'wing, Sec>'. Certiiied by John Hailing, Esq., 
Gov^ 4 April 1780, and Jv'' Lewing. \-]<\\. and Sec>. Proved 25 June 17Sl 
by Ed. Long, Esq. ; power reserved to J. H., Esq., and Sir Cha. Price, B', 
the other surviving E.x'ors. (301, Webfter.) 

l/Ol. Nov. 21. Ih'each of oromisi'. E'reemantle v. Hemming of J. 

In 1704 Lord Adam (ioidoii met in J"c:i Mr. IL-mndngs, a ncphew-indaw to 
Tho" (Irby Kuuter. (" (Jmealogist," \cw S., .\iv., 15.) 

1709, Sept. 19. Geo. Henuniiu:, Esq ; of J. to Miss liracebriilge, of AVed- 
dlngton. ("G.M.," 4G2.) 

( 153 ) 

JSlcnman of JSarbatJO^j* 

1G51, Jiiii. Elijiuor BlioiiKin. On tlie 27"' adiu'ou to liogcr B. sou of E. B. 
late of Stokewisey, vo. Soni. fo. 2. 

Geo. Blyaraan 1. of tlio eittv of BfistoU liiieadraper but now rc-idL-nt witliiu 
the I. of Barbadoes. Will diu'e I 29 Xov. 1702, 1 (}. Anne. To my l)rolliers 
John B. and l'"ra. Jl my mc's>ii;ii;\' called Buckmans in tlie town nf W'atelielt, p. 
of IS' Decninaus, co. .Soin., t;iven by my 1. dec'' father durinLC my term. .N[y sister 
Jane Steward wife of Tho. -S. of S' Malla in France .ClUO. Accounls depending,' 
between mo and Mary .tones of tu.^ I., wid., f. .Mary Didras, and bet. nit; and M'' 
Samps^on Wood of s'' 1., f;ent. I dcf^ire my frienils .Joseph Mole (>f Brifli;e Town 
M' and Tho. Denny of s'' p. M' and ^I'' Adam Shand of s'' p. to receive all sums 
dne and make them overseers. All residue to my said brothers whom I nominate 
Ex'ors. Wit. by Edw. Austen, Adam iShaud, :M:" M'^ Kaskeil. On 3 Feb. 17UG 7 
appeared Era. B. of Wiliitoji in the p. of S' Decumans, co. .Som., Esq., one of 
the brothers auil Ex'ors of test. 1. of B'oes, bach., dec'', and this deponent having 
been abroad at the siege of Barcelona and in Spain and Portugal came to the 
city of Exou in Nov. last whorfl lived M''^ Phillips Salter wife of M' Tho. S., 
goldsn)itli, sister of dec", who gave him the copy of will delivered her by M'' Hole 
M' of s:'' city, wdio received it from Joseph ilolc of Bridgetown in s'' I. 31' his 
brotlier aud was sworn. Proved 3 Feb. 17Ut5 by F. B., J. B. the ether E.x'or 
renouncing. (2(5, Poley.) 

Will also recorded in B'os. 

Edward Warner of Antigua, e.-n. Will dated 1/32. Jonathan Eleumaii of 
Barbados, esq., a guardian. 

Harry Slingsby of Barbados, esq. Will dated 1710. Hon. .iouathan Blcn- 
man of Barbados, an Ex'or. 

Edward Biemnan of Tempell in the city of Bristol. AVill dated the -i''' day of 
the 7''' month 1752. To my dau. Kachel Willett 2 of my sh;\res in the Brass 
Works. .My grands. Jacob Post, gunner, 1 share. .My grai:ds. l]dw. Tost 1 
share. My dau. l^idile llohvell 2 .shares for her and her hushnnn's life. My 
tenement in Deblford to my 2 grandsons Jacob Ager and l]dw'' .Ager. 31y kins- 
women Eli/,, (iodwin, Love Peters, Sarah Pcteis. W"' Tilly. My dan. Drew, 
dec'', without a will. Josej)!! Loscomhe, Bob. Payn, W'" I'iily and iudi. I'cters, 

all merchants of BL, lo be lix'ors. On 3 Jan. 1753 ad' to Kaeiiei 
the E\'ors having renouui-ed. (1, Searle.) 

Wdlett, \\i 

Margaret Be\ilia Blenman 1. of the 1. of B'oes, now at Welbeck Sir., S' 
Marylebone, spinster, si(dc. Will dated 2'.) Mav 1772. -My dvhu and legacies to 
be paid l)y my bri'lher W'" B.. h'.sij. Td my .Motiier .Mary B. tiie annual interest 
of sliall be due my said bruiiier, and after her tleath ] give lo my 
brother \\ :n., my brotlier 'Timotiiv and sister Cai-(<line ct'5(K) e;ieh. My nephew 
Jonalhan !). books, nephew W. B. my jii. rinu' tcu' my fiiiinr, ne[)liew Jos. B. 
a ruig. nei.'hiw Timothy B. a ring. .Mv 2 iiiiees l!li/, and Ann B. wearing apparel. 
Frienil .Miss .Mary (libbes a rin^. Mv friend liie Hon. K'' Salter, h^sq , and .^Iar- 
garet bis wii'e rings. Friend (ieo. James of B'es, Esq., n.y negro uonan. J-'riend 
W'" Forbes. Kemainder of monev to Htm. B'' Suiter and his wife for a eharita'ole 
purpose, aud to be T. for this fund. My .Mother and brother W'" Ex'orsi. 
Proved 23 Sept, 177-1 by W. B. the brother p. r. to Mary B. the Mother. (33U, 



AuMS. — Per chevron cnqraUcil Azure and Argent two lozenges in chief, a 
lee in base. 

CwESi.—A dexter arm holding a scroll. 

Thomas Elenuian of Crosoombe, co. Som.=j= 

Jonathan Blenman of Barbados, Atloruey-Gen. 1727;- 
Jud^e of the Admiralty 1731; Grant of arms 1731); 
:\I. of C. 1746. W.I. B'ookplate Xo. IGS. 

=Mary, . . 

Arms : 

., living 


William -- 
of Bath. 
AVill dated 
13 May 

mn ; 

proved 13 
Aug. ISOO 
(57(5, Ad- 

X=Eliz., dau. of 
j Jo.'seph Dotiu ; 
! born 1728 ; 
! mar. 17-lS ; 
j died U) Aug. 
I 1763. M.l. at 
• Clifton {ante, 

IT., 371). 
j Had four sons 
I and two dans. 

Timothy 151enman, 
born ] 72-5 ; of 
Christ Church, Ox- 
ford, matrie. 17 
Dec. 1741, aged 16; 
of Gray's Inn 22 
Jan. 1741-2; liv- 
ing 1744. ? Will 
recorded in 1799. 

man of A\'el- 
beck Street. 
Will dated 
proved 23 
Sept. 1774 
(330, Bar- 

Caroline Blen- 
man of Wel- 
beck Street. 
Will dated 23 
Feb. and 
proved 23 Sept. 
1774 (330, 
Bargrave) . 

Jonathan Blenman,=^Anua Maria, 

born 17.13 ; of (~'hrist 
Coll., Camb., 18 
Oct. 1769, aged 16 ; 
of Lincoln's Inn 24 
Aug. 1771; Solicitor- 
(icn. and Jmlge of 
Barbados; St. 
Geori,'el4Pcl). 1807. 
Will (363, Ely). 

born 1759 ; 
? dau. of ... . 
Cobham ; 
died 16 Aug. 
1817, aged " 
r>S. MJ. in 
crvpt of St. 
Paul's Cathe- 
dral (ante, 
IV., 232). 

I I 
Joseph Blen- 
man, d.v.p. 

Ann ]31en- 
man, mar. 
Tho., son of 
of Harbados ; 
living 1804. 

Kev. Timothy; 
roth son, went 
to Barbados 
1783. W.l. 
No. 169, quar- 
tering arms of 









Jonathan Blenman,=pSarah Tsa- Timothy Hlen- John Cobham Anna JNFaria 

born l7>o; of Christ I bella . . . ., man, born ]:51enman, Blenman, 

Cliureh. Oxford, -j died at 179.1; died 2S born 1798: lu.rn 4 Feb. 

matrie. 21 Feb. 1802, I Tonbridgc Dee. !s29, died 12 A])ril 1791; died 

aged 17; B.A. 1806: 1 AV'ells 4 aged 31. :\L1. 182S.aged30. 26 Aug. 

Liiieolii's Inn 1803; j Sept. 1850. at St. Pauls .M.I. m St. 1837. ^ M.I. 

died at Pen/ance 22 Cathedral. Paul's Cathe- m St. Paul's 

Jnlv 1813, aged 58. | dral. Cathedral. 

Caroline B. of Welln-ek Str. Will dated 23 Feb. 1774. To my 31other 
£500 and all my slaves in the J. of H'i)es. Cubbah to be free after her lieath. 
Koinco to bo free immediately. I'riend ^lary Gibbes jewels, :C300. M' Farquliar 
5 gns. .My 2 neiees VAl?.. and Ann H., 31'' Sam. Gibbes a ring. All res. to my 
bro. W'" B." .My friend .NP Geo. James 10 gns. My JNlother and Pro. Ex'ors in 
tho p. of Philip (iiblies, j', Sam. Osborne Gibbes. Proved 23 Sept.. 1774 by 
W. B. Esq., p, r. to Mary B. (330, Bargrave.) 




Win. Doltin Battyii 1. of B'n-, now of Bristol. Will cUited '2:i Oct. 179S. My 
relation .Tonal liaii Bleuinau, Esq., CLOUD. (It, Howo.) 

Ann Battyn 1. of B'os now of Bri,stol, widow. Will dated S March 1709. 
My cousin Jonathan Bleuman, Esq., £iOoO. (2lG, Howe.) 

The will of Tiinolhv B \\a< recorded in 1799 in B'os. 

W"' Blennian of Walcot Terr., Bath. Es,,. Will dale! 13 May 1791. My 
age. To my friend M''^ Fra. Jones, whose true name is Fyscot, who has lived m 
my house for 13 years, all my furniture, she paying my debts and funerah Books 
on music to my s. Joseph, the rest of my books to my 1^* s. Jonathan. Coil. Vo 
M" P. J.' arrears of H.M. bounty and the salary of a little employment 1 hold in 
S' Jas. Palace. Having agreed for the sale of a farm in X. Wootton in this Co. 
for £1000, and the books bequeathed to my s. Joseph lately dec*^ to my 1^' s. 
Jonathan. 17 Jan. 179S. Sworn 14 .luly ISOO. On 13 Aug."lSOO ad. of all the 
est. of tesf, wid'', dec'', gr. to Tho. CTi-eene, Esq, att>' of Jon. B., Esq., Era. 
Fyscot ah. Jones, spr., renouncing. ('376, Adderiey.) 

Jonathan B. of S' Mich., B'os, barrister. Will dated 9 June ISOl. Wife 
Anna Maria my Duke's farm. All res. to her and my ch". My sister Ann 
Graeme. My brothers John and R'^ Cobham and Tho. Graeme. Sworn 27 Eeb. 
1S07. Proved ISOS. (3G3, Ely.) 

Susanna Christian Cohliam late of B'os now of Bristol, widow. Will dated 
3 Dec. 1801. Mv godson Jonailian J31enman £1-500 c. My godson John Cob- 
ham Bleuman £1000 c. (191, Pitt.) 

1G76, Apr. 3. Francis Blyinnan uf Abbotslcigh and Penchqjc Pa_\ ton of 
ditto. (Bristol Mar. Bonds and .\llpg. Glouc. N. and Q., x., 81.) 

Deed between Hugh Fortescue of Filleigh, in the co. of Devon, Esq., and 
Eichard Blomnan, of the co. of Somer.set. clothier, relates to a falling mill and 
the land belonging, in the co. of Somerset, with line signature and seal of Hugh 
Fortiscue, dated 1700. (Dealer's Catalogue.) 

172G-7, iMar. 5. Jonathan I'lanman Uic), Ivi)., a[)pointed his Majesty's 
Attorney-(jleneral in the J. of P.. (llist. Peg., 13.) 

1728, Mar. 19. 3lr. Bloman (•<;>■), Ati.ii-ncy-at-Liw. a])|)ointed Attorney- 
General in the 1. of B. {Ibid., 18. j 

1731, Julv. Jonathan Blennian. I'^sq., .Yttomev-Cxencral 
Judge of the Admiralty there. {Ihid., 19, and '• G.M.," 391. j 

of Jonatlian I'. 

of B., made sole 

1741-2, Jan. 22. Tnnothy liienman, 
of B'os. (Gray's Inn Admissions.) 

liev. T. Blenman went out to Barbados 27 June 1783. ( Foiliergill's " Emi- 
grant Ministei's.") He was licensed to S' (Tcorge's parish on the 21"' inst. 

Jonathan B. s. of Wm , arm , b. in B. Scliovd. Kensington, under Mr. Laliy. 
Adm. fell, conniioner under iY Shiplierd, 18 Get. 1709. Age 1(5. liesided till 
Mids'' 1773. Gave two large silv(>r cuidlesticks as his plate. .Vdm. at liiuc. inn, 
24 Aug. 1771, as s. of W. B. of Welbeck Str. (Christ's Coll., Caiiib., Eegr. 11., 
p. 289.) 

179G. William Bleuman. (Eton School List, p. 20.) 




dpvantccs' of ^xim, 33:*, 1G87— 1898. 

(Part I., A. to J., Harl. Soc. Pub.) 

The fdllouiu'^ AVest Indian names have boeu abstracted. The Volumes men- 
tioned refer to tlie (n-ant. Books preserved in the Heralds' College: — 

Aberdktn to ir.vKVKV. John, of Covent Garden, L., and Grenada, Mateli 17 . ., 

Vol. XVJI, fo. i-2s. 
Arinukr, James, Bai'on, of Surrcv and Norwich, eo. Norf., and his descendants. 

183-5, A'o). XL, fo. 334. 
Adey to \\''ii,r.i:TT, John Willett. of Merlev Place, co. Dorset, 1795, A^ol. XIX, 

fo. I'J. 
Akers befoj-e DoruLAS, Aretas, of Chilston Park, Maidstone, co. Kent, and 

Eaads, IMinbur^^), 187.J, A'ol. LIX. fo. 110. 
Arcedeck'xk, Chak)ner, of llnrlev Str., L., 1 7S ., Vol. XVI, fo. 2S\. 
Austin, William Pierey, D.D., Oxf., Bp. of Guiana, 1842, Vol. XLVI. fo. 138. 

Baii.lie late Ketu, John, of Jamaica, 17 . ., Vol. XA'III, fo. 85. 

B.viLLiK, John, of Koeliamptuu, co. Surrey; St. James, co. Cornwall; Minard, 

par. of St. Anne, co. 3Iiddx., Jamaica, 1>)1 ., Vol. XXIX, fo. 71. 
Babektt, Capt. Samuel (s. of Kdmund*) of Cinnamon Hill, Jamaica, 17 . ., A"ol. 

XVIll, fo. 121. 
Barketx-Bauuext, Edward and brother Samuel (late 3Ioultox), of Cinnamon 

Hill, Jamaica, and New York, 17 . ., A'ol. XX, fo. 110; Ed. M. B. [Edward 

Moulion Barrett] of Hope End, [co. Hereford], 181 ., Vol. XXIX, fo. 25. 
Baukixi', Thonias Hercy, of Jamaica, 28 Oct., 17(38, Vol. XI, fo. 312. 
Bakkow, Simon, of Lansdown Grove, Bath, co. Som., 1S2 ., A'ol. XXXVII, 

fo. 28 1. 
Bauuii-Lovs.ida, Enianuel, of h., and Jamaica, 28 Jan. 1777, Vol. XIU, fo. 255. 
Beckfokd (and Gordon', wife), William, of Eoulhill-Gifford, Wilts, and 

Jamaica, Arms 1791, Vol. XVII, fo. 414. 
BKCKroKD, William, Quartcrinji; IlKHRiNCi, JMatch 1793, A"ol. X^'1II, fo. 103. 
Beckforu and IIamii-to', \Villiam, Matcli and augmentation 1799, Vol. XX, 

fo. 2S3, Crest. ISO, Vol. XXV, fo. 387. 
Beckford, William, of Fonthill-(Tifford, Wilts, 2nd Crest, augmentation 20 Alarch 

1810, A'ol. XXV, fo. 387. (Berry.) 
Beckfoim) to Prrx-Ki VERS, Baron Rivers, co. Dorset and llampsh. [1828 r], Vol. 

XXXVII. fo. 229. 
Beckwitii, Lieut -Con. Sir George, K.B., [1809, G.C.B. I8l5], Gov. of Bar- 
bados, r Arms and Supporters 181 ., A\)l. XXVIl, fos. 438, 431, Crest of 

Augmentation 181 .. Vol XXVI] I, fo. 2(30. 
BexdaeV, Hopefor, of Alile End, co. Middx., [8 Feb.] 1G92-3, Vol. IV, fo. 130. 

Harl. MS. 1085, fo. 57. (See Berry.) 
I^EXsox, Moses, of Kingston, Jamaica, Liverpool and Ulverston, co. Lane, 17 . ., 

Vol. 11. 
liER.NAi,, Kalph, of Lincoln's jnn, L., from Seville in Andalusia, Spain, Isl ., A'ol. 

XXX, fo. 252. 
Beuxaj-, Ka!])h Osborne, of Xewton Auuier, co. Tipperarv, 184 ., A'ol. Xr>VIl, 

fo. 20(). 
Bertie bef^'re GuEA-JUKKi), Aniu' C.iroline, of co. Essex, and Guvs Cliff, co. 

Warw., and Si. Kitis. 181 ., Vol. XXXI, fo^. 222, 224. 
Berth: (Guioatueel)), b^'fore Percie (ILui. (."haries) of Guys Cliff to AVarw. 

(mar. Anne Ca)-o!jue Bertie), l82 ., A'ol. XXX A', fo. 392. 

* Error for Edw»rd. 


GRANTF.r.S OF AKMS, IT., 1G87~1S98. 


BERTIK-:^rv^^E^^^ Browiilow, ISl ., Vol. XXXI, fo. 290. 

Bkimij.vM) late D'Axiilkhkkmks of J).imiiiica, l^L' ., Vol. XXXIT, fo. 17!). 

Bkthei.l late Couinxcncix, Christopher, of Dodingtoii, oo. Cxlouc., J7.., Vol. 

XX, fo. GS. 
Brtiiell late Codi:ingtox, of Swiiulon Hall, oo. York, 17 . ., Vol. XX, 

fo. 125. 
BiDGOOD late Stoane (? Stonj:), Henry Fislier. of l^)ekbeare, co. IJevon, and 

Tobago, 1822, Vol. XXXIII, fo. -.m. (.Sue Burke.) 
BiSL'OK, Anne, late E.vrle (widow of Timothy Hare Earle), of H(jlt(m Park, co. 

Oxf., and Swallowfield, co. BerLs, ls29, Vol. XXXVllI, fos. 71), SO. . 
Bishop, Edwai'd, of Essequibo in Guiana, and of Barbado.^, 181 ., A'ol. XXXI, 

fo. 21)0. 
BL.vcK->r\y to IIakxage, (Jeori^e, P>art., of Shropsh., s. of John Lucie Blackuian 

of L., 1S21, Vol. XXXIII, fo. 88. 
Blaohovk late Uraushaw of .Ab.-<hott, Ilampsh ; Ankerwvke IIo., Bucks.; Lifton, 

CO. Devon, and Woodinans, Kings Langlev, co. llcrtf., 1810, \o\. XLA', 

fo. 51. 
Blaouove to Bkadsuaw of Abshott, etc.. as above, 185G, \o]. LI I, fo. J)8. 
Bi,AGiiOTE late CoARE, Henry .lohn, of Orange Vallev, .St. Annc'.s, Jamaica, and 

Ankerwyke Ho., co. Bucks^lSl ., Vol. XLVl, fo.'li)l. 
BLEX-NfAX, Jonathan, Attorney-(Ten., of Barlad.i;;, and ui Croscoi.nbe, co. 8oin., to 

descendants of liis father Thomas, 10 Oct. ]78i), Vol. VIII, fo. 2G0 ; Add. 

MS. 11,88 l,fo. 119. 
BouciiEK late Ck.vbb, of Shedlield, and Droxford IIo., Hamp-sh., and Marlboro' 

Mount, Midd.v., Jamaica, 183 ., Vol. XL11, fo. 19.;. 
Bkaxigax, Henry, of Jamaica and L., 181 ., A'ol. XX J X, fo, 237. 
BitocicnEX, . . . ., of ]>arbados (Match with Hevsu.v.m). 172 ., \'oi. AH, fo. 158. 
Broj)i;elt, Erancis Eigby, ^M.U.. of Bath Easton, co. 8om., and Jamaica, 182 ., 

Vol. XXXIV, fo. 3. ' 
Brouncker, . . . ., of Beveridge, co. Dorset, and St. Chr., 183 ., Vol. XL II, 

fo. IGl. 
Beowxe, before Mill, George Gicni, oF Bath, and Cariacou, AV.L, 180 ., Vol. 

XXII, fo. 298. 

Briley, Joseph fs. of James), of Liverpool, co. Lane, and Tortola, ISO ., Vid. 

XXIII, fo. 112. 

Camm to TiiOKMiiLL, Christopher, of Thornhill, co. Durham, and Antigua, ISO ., 

A^ol. XXII, fo. 15G. 
Caiipbell late 3 1. vt kin. vox, . . . ., of Greenock, co. Eenfrcw ; Kilmodan and' 

Ormaig, co. Argyll, Scotland, and Tobago, 180 ., Vol. XXllf, fo. 130. 
Carroll, Edward, of Ivingston, Jamaica, Isl ,, Vol. XXA'I., fo. 1G3. 
Clake, ^licliael Benit,nius, ^l.l)., of Si)anish Town, Jamaica (Ballvshandy, co. 

Tipperary, Ireland), 182 ., Vol. XXXTI, fo. 221. 
Clarke, Bart., with H vuonrox. of Oakhiil, liarnot, co. llertf., and Jamaica, 

182 .,Vol. XXX ill, fo. 298. 
ConRixoTox, . . . ., of CO. Glouc, IG . ., Vol. II, fo. 533. 
ConuixGTox late .Mu.lek, Jane Charlotte, of Dodingion, co. Ghnic, nat. dau. of 

Sir William Codrin-^ton., 179 .. A'ol. XVllI, fo. 33. 
CouKiXGTov to Bi:tui;i,l, Wiiliam and Christojilier, of Dodingion [1798], Vol. 

XX, fo. GS, ami of Swindon Hall, co. Vork. 179 ., Vol. XX, I'o. 125. 
CoDRTNGTOX, Sir Edward. K.C.B., [Islo], of co. G louc, ? Arms for wife Jane 

Half,, 1^2 ., Vol. XXXI II, fo. li)2. ' Also Jasper Taylor Hall of Sutton 

I'ark, CO. Bedfoi'd, ncpliew of Jane. 
CoLEiunoE [Dr. William Hart, D.D., Bi.-liu|) of Barbados, 182-1 to ISll. 1S21 

(Her. and (xcneal., V, p. 280)]. 
CoLLKTOX' late Garth, Charles, of Hirst, co. Berks., and Hayncs Hill, and 

Devizes, co. ^Vills, ISO ., Vol. XXI 1 1, fo. 177. 




Coi.TE.\'n-l)AA\KT>"s, [Jninos"^, of OvcT'-Xoitoii, co. O^f.: Eicliinond, co. Surrey, 

[f. nnd h. of Hcnrv Dawkiiis (.f] StandliiK-li, co. "Wills, [CoUvear in tlie 2'' 

qiiaitor. 21 Jan. 1S:^g;. Vol. XXXJ, fo. IsS. 
Cooke to I'kkkm.w, John ^.t brotlier Stephen, of Fawley, co. Bucks, 17 . ., Vol. 

]X, fo. 301. 
CoAVARU, . . . ., of "Wliiteliall ami Tslin>;ton. Jamaica, ? L., IS . ., Vol. XXXT, fo. 

Crlsp (MoT.iNKi X before IMoMOOMKiiiic) of Garboklisliaui, co. X'orf., Qnartcrlv 

Arms IS . ., Vol. XXVIl, fo. 302. 

Davy, Geori,'e Tliouias, of Sussex Sij , L., and Jamaica, 18-3 ., Vol. L, fo. 39. 
Daavkins to Pfnxant, (icorire Hay. of Penrlivii. oo. Cnniarvou, Wales ; Stand- 

lynoli, CO. "Wills, and .Tamaicn. ISO ., Vol. XXIV, fo. -Il-l-. 
Dawkins, James, of Over-Norton, co. Oxf., etc.. 31 Jan. 173 1, Vol. VITI, fo. 

. 183". (Eerry.) 
])a'vvk]XS, TTenrv, of St. James'. A\'estininf;ter ; Oxford, etc., 20 April 17G1, A^ol. 

X, fo. 3.52. ■ (Berry.) 
Dei.pkatt , of Bristol, co. Som. ; Jamaica ; and Queen's Gardens, L., ISG ., 

Vol. LVT, fo. 31 G. 
DlLLOX before Tilvxt, Heiiiy, of Easingwold, co. Tork ; Eatliun'lo, co. Kos- 

common ; it Belgrade IIo., co. Dublin, (^uailerlv Anus, ISl ., Vol. XXIX, 

fo. 364. 
DoxALU to I1aj;vkt. of IMedmar, co. Aberdeen, Scotland, and Grenada, Match 

17 . ., A'ol. XV]], fo. J2(;. 
DoTTiN, Samuel l?ouse, of English in Nuillcld and Xewnham Murren, co. Oxf., 

and Barbados, 17 March ISl", Vol. XXX, fo. 107. (Berry's Supp.) 
Douar..\s after i\IoxTE.i.Tii, Col. Tliomas, C.13., of Kepp, co. Perth, Scotland, and 

Kingston, Jamaica, Arms with design (Douglas supjior. and Monteath), IS'jI, 

Vol.^XLTX, fo. -JJ2. 
DitAX, (EiJi.K-) after Sambuidgk, John, of Chai'borough, co. Dorset, 1S2S, Vol. 

XXXVII (? XXVII), fo. 3G1. 

East, Sir Edward Hvde, Iviit. (Bart. 1S23), of L., Calcutta, and Jamaica, 1S2 ., 

Vol. XXXJy, fo: 29. 
Eugixtox-Eknj.e, J. Llovd (s. of licv. John C) of Charboro' Park and Bere 

Kegis, CO. Dorset, aiid Ellert^.ii Al)bev. co. Vork, 1SS7, Vol. LXiV, fo. 71 ; 

ISSS, A'ol. LXIV, fo 193; and IsOO, Vol. LXVF, fo. 17., . . . ., of Sunning Hill, co. Berks, and Jamaica, ISO ., Vol. XXV, fo. 432., . . . ., of Antigua. 17 . ., \o\. XVIl, fo. 272., William, s. of Lewis, s. of Jacob, of St. Chr., 20 Sept. 177J, Vol. 

X]l],fo. 7. 
Ford,* I'rancis (liart.) [22 Feb. 1793], of Tl.ames Ditton, co. Surrev, and Lears, 

Barbados, 179 .. Vol, XVIII, fo. 1S7. 
FosTEii, Geori,'e, of par. of St. Joseph. Barbados, 3 ^lav 1703, A'ol. V, fo. 101 ; 

Add. MS.'l4.S31. fo. isi ; ILul. M.S. G,S3I, fo. 112. " (Genealogist XV.) 
FiiAXfKLYX to WEiuii: of Tnnbridgc Wells, co. Ivent, and Nevis and Court 

of Scindia, ISo .. A^)l. I-, fo. 1()(). 
Franco, Jac.)b (afterwartls Lovez). of St. Catherine Ccdeman, L. (2nd s. of 

Moses I'ranco. late of r.eghi)rn, deed.) ilO April] 17()0, Vol. X, fo. 227 

(Beriy) [Trans. Jewish Hist. Soc. 11, [). KW!.] 
Fkanco to Loi'Ks, .... [4 :\Iav ]n31]" (Bart.), of co. ]3evon, IS . ., Vol. 

XXXV 11 1, fo. 210. 
pREK^rAN after Williams, Adm. of Fawlev Court, co. Bucks, and Iloddesdon, 

CO. Hcnf., 182 ., A'ol. XXXllI, fos. MG, 14s. 

• See Graut, an(c III, 307. 

GRANTEES OF- Wl^l^, 11., TOST— IsOS. 


FREK:NrAy now Tno:NrAs, Iiiicrn, of Eat ton, co. Surscx, Arms 17RG, Tol. XY, 

fo. 1(51. 

Frekmax , of liattoi), CO. Sus-^cx, Arms 17 . ., A'ol. XVIT. fo. 410. 

FitYE lato Xewtox. ..... of '\Valliii<::loii. co. Surrey. IsO ., A'ol. XXI. fo. 1-32. 

Ffi,T,EKTOx late Dow>'r>G, George AlexaTuler, of Ireland and St. Anne".s, 

Jamaica (of Wadliam Coll. Oxf.), 179 ., Vol. XYIII, fo. -101. 

Gai.e, AVilliani, s. of John, of co. Tork and Jamaica, 17S ., Vol. XY, fo. 92. 
Gale late Mokant, Edward GreL:;orv, of Brockenluirst, Hauipssh.. co. York, and 

Jamaica, 179 ., Yol. XTX, fo. ISl). 
Galt.tmokk (.*ce Hamilton), ..... of St. Anne's, co. IMiddx., Jamaica, Match 

177 ., Yol. XT II, fo. 10^. 
Gafj.wet after Pavnk \2 March lSl-1', Lieut. -Gen. [Sir AVilliam]. 15art., of 

St. Chr., ISl .. Yol. XXYIIT. fo. til.' 
G-AEWEY, Lieut.-Gen. Sir Thomas Lionel Jolm, K.C..M.G-. [1SS9] (s. of Major 

John), 189 ., Yol. LXXT, fo. . . . 
Gai?ura>'d. Joshua, of St. Thomas, Jamaica, Quarterly to BAinuiT, 2S Oct. 17tjS, 

Yol. XI, fo. 312 (Berry). 
Gaedxek, John, of St. Olave's, Southwark, L. and Jamaica, 1 ]\Iarch 170^, Yol. 

Yll, fo. 17G. 
Garriques , of Yarmouth Estate, Yere, and Kingston in Jamaica, 1 S2 ., 

Yol. XXXYIT, fo. 2G8. 
GE^"T after Th.vri', of Chipperton Park. co. Canib., and I^fovers Park, Steeple 

Bumpstead, CO. Essex, LSG ., Yol. LIY, fo. ISl. 
GiBBES, .Sir Phili]), Bart., of Barbados, l^scutcheon of pretence Agnes C).sborne, 

177 ., Yol. XTY. fo. 71. 
GoMM, William, of Clerkenwell, L.. 21 Jan. 17(;L A'ol. X. fo. 278 (Berry). 

GoMM after Carr , of L. [1878], Yol. LX, fo. 130. 

GoMM, Gen. Sir "William jMaynard, G.C.B., of L., Supporters 10 Oct. 18o9, A'ol. 

LIII, fo, 226 (Alisc. G. et H. New S. II, p. 18-1). 
Gordon, . . . ., of Braes, Trelawney. Jamaica, 179 ., XA'IIl, fo. 308. 
Gr.ieme after Junes, Thomas A'alentine, Capt. PraLjoon Guards, of Oldbury 

Court, CO. Gloue. ; Bailbrook Ho., co. Som. ; and Barbados, 182 ., Yol. 

XXXIII, fo. 301. (Jamaica, in the entry under Jones.) 

Gr.vxt (Hon.) , of Jamaica and L., 17 .\, Yol. XYII, fo. 29G. 

Grant, Charles, Col.. of Hoi-.-^e. .Jamaica (s. of Ludoyic Grant, J^art., of Dalvey, 

Scotland), of Hopewell Estate, Jamaica, Crest, 182 ., A'ol. XXXYTIT, fo. s'.j. 
G-EANT, John, of Glciilochry, Jamaica, by J. H. Campbell, Lyon Ivin^^ of Arms, 

G XoT. 17S3 (Burke's Commoners II, ]>. G13). 
GREATiiEEn, see Bertie. 

Greev, Col , Gov. of Grenada, of L., ISO ., Yol. XXII, fo. 81. 

Grosett-Ml'irheaij after Stei'ai!T, .... of Bredisliolm, co. Lanark, Scotland, 

ISG ., Yol. LY, fo. SO. 

Haigh, Arthur S., of Baliamas, and Charles T. E., of Bradley and iliiddersfield, 
CO. York (sons of 'i'homas). IS . .. Yol. LXXL fo- . • ■ 

Hale to Bigbv. Francis, A[.l'., of Mistley Hall, co. J's.-^ix, 178., A'ol. XVIJ, 
fo. 20. 

Hall, wife of King, of I?i'id;jeto« n, Barbados. .Arms for self and descend- 
ants (see also Hat.i, Dark-). Isl ., Vol. XXIX. ins. 132. 133. 

Halt , oF Trinidad, isj ., \o\. XXXIII, fo. 333. 

Hali,-Uark, luihert Wesilev. of llford Lod<j;e, co. Iv'^scx, and Wretield, Cranbrook, 
CO. Kent, 1.^23, Vol. XXXIV. fos. 9 t. 9(;, 100. 

ILvLi.inAY to Tor,r,E\rACUE, Rear-Adm., of Leasowes, Shropli., and Ca>'Llenniins, 
CO. Kirkcudbright, Scotland. 1.S2 ., A'ol. XXXIl. fo. 3.'>1. 

Hamietox, (ieorge Bobinsou, of St. James, co. Cornwall, Jamaica, 13 July 1775, 
Vol. XI 11, fo. 1 OS. 

> » 




1TaM]>i>kx FKeini Dii-ksonl, ]ip, of Tfftffonl [lbl7-lS')S], of ci'. lit' i-t- ford, ISJ- ., 

Vol. Xr.lX. fos. ;j. ].' 
IIakkavoou, Baron oF '9 ,Jnlv 171)U, Julwiu Lascellesl, of co. York, 17 . ., Vol. 

XVII, fo. 2.31. 
Harkwood [Baron, 18 June 179u, Edward Lateelle.-^ ', of co. York [170G], Vol. 

XIX, fo. 2.S5. 
Haiuus, George David, of the Ba]iau]a.<, Castlebiir, Christchurc-Ii. for l]islio])rick 

of Xa^sau, Xeu- I'rov i.ience. Bal.aiuas IsG ., Vol. L\'1T, fo. 123. 
Hakvkv, . . . ., of L. ; ]*lidiiiar. eo. Aberdeen, .Seotland ; and (xrenada, 179 ., A"ol. 

XVI r, fo. 242. 
ILvuvEV late Kae, . . . ., of Grenada, 17 . ., Vol. XVJl, fo. 42-1. See also under 

A REuuKrx and Doxald. 

Hkkbkrt after Alonrox , of Xcvis, 182 ., Vol. XXXIII, fo. 2US. 

IlEV'suAic, William, of E. Greenwich, co. Kent, M.P. for Lancaster.. To the 

descendants of his orandfather (iiles. 9 or 3 I'Vb. 1722-3, Vol. VII, fo. loS 

(Illnslrated in ^li^e. G. et II. Xew S. IV, p. 37-5, and see Jjerr^y's Suppl.). 
HiuBEKT, . . . ., of Munden Ho., Moltram, co. Chester, lS-1 ., Vol. XLVIII, 

fo. 3.5. 
HiiiUJiiiT after Hof.i.AXJ). Arthur Henry, of Watford, co. llertf., 1S7G, Vol. LIX, 

fo. 234' (see llerrv's Suppl.). 
HoLLTUAX, James, of 'Barbados. IS . ., A^ol. XLiV, fo. 113. 
Hori.EY, Georue Augustus, of Charlestowu, 8. Carolina, and Liverpoo!, co. Lane, 

s. of Joseph, Gov. of St. Vincent [1863], A'ol. LV. fo. -30. 
IToiiSi-'oni), Lieut. -Gen. Georece, of Kaliuouth Estate, Aiiti2;ua [1S31J, Vol. 

XXXVIII, fo. 199 (Berry's Suppl.). 
HousFOi;:), Sir Alfred Hastings, (i.C]3. [29 Mav 187ol, of L., Supporters 1875, 

Vol. LIX, fo. 147 (B.errv's Suppl.). 
HtxTEi?, . . . ., of Crowhiud Abbey, co. Line. [1S03], Vol. XXII, fo. 17G. 

Jacksox (Sir John, Bart. [iSl-j"!). of Jamaica, and Ijury Arlscv, co. Bedf., "one 

of the Barons in the i'arliauient for Hover " [ISlO]^ A'ol. XXVI, fo. 41. 
James, ^fouta2;u, of Haughloii Hall. Hau'ivcr, Cornwall, Jamaica, 29 June 1772, 

A'ol. Xll.'fo. 201 (Berry). 
JAin;.VTT, Herbert Newton J., or Tn lawny, Jamaica, [1793], Vol.XVIM, fo. 218. 
Jeuyts late IHcketts [10 June ISO), 'William Henry, Capt. E.N. ], heir of Earl 

of St. A'txcext, of co. staff., 180 ., Vol. XXI, 'fo. 188. (There are other 


I\in5 of Antigua/ 

Pectiliar of AViuiborne Minster at BlaiuH'ord. Bundle K., No. 13. 3 July 

Joan King of Fni'seliill, Winiborno .^iJinster, widow, mentions will of husbauil 
John King, elated IG Auij. 1G77 and ftroved in Peculiar Court of AVimborne 
^Minster, probatef whereof is in m\ cnstodv. 

My youngest son Benjrimin KiuLr, living in the island of Antegoe ; my daughter 
Joaue Stevons, widow, living in the island of Antegoc. 

Proved 29 J uly I7i:). 

The will tjf Wni. Stevens, husband of Joaue, was recorded, at Antigua in 
IGSO. [Ed.] 

• Connnuiiicated bv Mr.'G. S. Frv. 

t Koto.— This is not iu the e.xisting Rc^'ister of Will^ (G, S. F.) 

( 161 ) 

i\aluliri^ of §t. Iiitts anD jScbi^.* 

The followiiiix additions and corrections liavc boon .supplied by ^Ir. .Tolm 
Bromley, ■\vlio lias collections of several old families of St. Kitts. — Ed. 

(Jnfe, p. OS.) 

Henry liawlins vlio heads the pedii^ree was doubtless son of Henry 
]?awlins, -whose will was dated TTdO. Pfe was buried 12 Aug. 17'33, but liis 
will has I'.oi been found. Kliz. his lj.t wile M'as dau. of Tho. Dinsev, aud lii.s 
will xNa.'^ proved 2G March 172S-n. ]]y her he had (besides Eliz.) 1, Thomas, 
2, Frances, ;l, Mary, mar. lil Sept. ]7;is Joseph Peets. Henry Eawlins, by his 
2nd wife Ann, had : 1, Henry, bapt. 17 Oct. 1724, but delete the marriage with 
^lary Hill Brotherson; 4, Charles, ba]it. 20 April 1720; add 5, .Joseph, boi'n 2-5 
and "bapt. :iO ]\Jay 1730. (Sec pKuiGifKU 13.) 

Buth Kawlins, mar. Islly .... Crarner, and 2ndlv Chas. Lowndes. She was 
bur. 22 .July 17G3. Bawlins (will dated 17SS) had nine children: — 

I. Stedman, born 23 Feb. 17o4; mar. Ij Jan. 17S1 Eliz. Taylor ANHiarton, dau. 
of AVin. and Ann AVharton. She died 18 Sox. 1707. 
IT. John, mar. Sarah Hart in 1704, not 17S4. 

I. ^lary, born 21 Xov. l~"i; mar. 15 June 1777 John Sattcrthwaitc. 

II. Ann, born 15 Hoc. 17r)S ; died young. 

Stedman B. the 2nd by Eliz. T. Whartoii had another dau. Eliz. Stedman B., 
born posthumously 14 July 170!-; mar. in L. 30 Sept. 1S18 Worthington B. 
Stedman B. the 3rd by Gertrude Tyson had an eldest .son Stedman, born 5 Sept. 
ISOG. Delete John aud add a 4th son Tho. Chas. Corry B., born 3 Eeb. 1813 and 
bapt. 1 Jan. 1S14. Anne Taylor B. mar. Ca])t. Stedman B., later a Colonel ; she 
died 15 Feb. 1S31. ^^'m. AVharton B. mar. a Miss Bayf<ird. 

John B. bv Sarah Johnson Hart had another dau. Sarah Ann B., born IS Oct. 
1706 ; mar. Stedman M. She died 1 Xov. 1877. Helcle on p. 00 the Bev. A\'m. 
Heni'y B. Anthoiiy Hart ]■{., barrister, Avas born posthumously in 1800; mar. 
Bosina Caines, and was bur. s.p. 25 Out. 1813. John Ifart B., born April 1705; 
bur. 5 June 1S4U, aged 45 ; had two other dans, and one son, viz. : — 

I. Sarah Swanston B., born 2G March 1823; mar. 21 Aug. 1S45 Heury 
Cliarles Newman. 

II. Eliz. Martha, born 2(J Dec. 1825. 

III. John, born 2 July 1830. 

Bichard B. by Eliz. A'anderpool Maillard (born 17G7 ; bur. 3 Sept. 1835) 
had six sons and live daus., viz. : — 

T. Stedman, born 1780; mar. 20 Aug. ISH! Sarah Ann B., his first cousin, 
born 18 Oct. 17i)G. He was bur. s.]).' 13 Dec. 1833. She left him in 1828, 
and died in L. 1 Nov. 1S77. 

11. John, burn 17'.".'. a doctor; mar. Louisa Morton Fahic. He wa.s bur. 
IS Mav 1850, ami his will is givon. 

IV". Henry, born 22 Feb. 1701; died bach.; bur. 7 Dec. 1824. 

Y. Joseph, dieil bach.; bur. 2i) Alarch l.s28. 

A''I. Adam Sprott, died bach. ; bur. Xov. 1S4G. 

II. Eliz., born 1 Julv 1705; mar. Kev. John Perry. She was bur. 9 IMay 

* Contluuoil from ji. 103, 

TQI.. V, 



III. Ami-Akcrs, born 29 Oct. 1709 ; mar. 28 Nov. 181G Capt. Geo. Molyncux 
Tahic fiercer. 

IV. Prances, inar. 3 5 May 1S2S Win. Jasper Bryan. Sbe was bur. 
16 Nov. 1S77. 

V. Loiiiba-Joluibon, mar. JoLn Josepli EsJaile. ISlie was bur. 12 May 1873. 

(P. 100.) 

Eliz. "Wilkes was dau. of Wm. and Sarali Wilkes. Of lier cbildrcn :— 

I. Stedman, born 17*^2. was a C'(ili)nel in tlic army; mar. at Eltham. co. 
Kent, 22 Au^-. lsO.*'i ,\nn Taylor ]Ja\\lins, fii'st cou'sin. .sbe died at AV^alke 
estate lo Feb. 1S31. Thev bad tliree otber sons: Jlcnrv, ba])t. 7 .April 1812; 
Jolm James, bapt. 21 Feb. 1813; died ]G Oct. 1839 ; Wm', died Jan. 1810. 

III. Wm. Henry, bom 17SS ; (iiiered ibe cburcb ; mar. li Nov. 1822 Eliz. 
Eawlins ^Nfaillard. He died 11 Jan. 18-10, as given on p. 99, wlicre his name 
was wroiif^lv placed. 

Y. AVortliino-ton, mar. at St. James's, Blackfriars, 30 Sept. 1813, Eliz. 
Stedman E., a first con^in. He died 13 J\ine 18t)S. 

lY. Sarali, born 20 Nov. 1793 ; mar. 14 July 1812 Eicbard Drew of Bri.stol. 

Y. Caroline, mar. Francis 'John Galpin. 

YI. Eliz. Frances, born 7 3[ay 1795. 

Yll. Eebecca, mar. James Fitzpatrick. Sbe was bur. 27 March 1830. 

Stedman Akers E. had two children Anna and Stedman, both bapt. 7 Jan. 
1839. The latter died o Feb. 1892, aged 50. M.I. at St. George's, Ginger- 
land, Nevis. — El). 

(P. 101.) 

Josejih E,, 5tb .son of Henry and Ann; born 25 and bapt. 30 May 1730; 
mar. at Sandy Point 29 Oct. 1751 Eliz., dau. of Geo. and Eliz. Linniiigtou, 
and bad issue : — 

I. Ilenrv, born 29 jNTarcb 175(5; mar. Mary Hill, dau. of Lewis Brotberson. 
She was born 21 Feb. and bapt. 11 INiarcb 1751. His will (119, Gostling). Their 
two children died young. 

II. Josej)li, uiar. 1st ..... by whom he liad a dau. Eliz., bapt. G Nov. 1791 
and bur. 15 Jan. 1798, aged 7. 

I. Ann, mar. 11 June 1770 her cousin John Hutchinson AValhvvn. 

II. Mary, born 21 Feb. and bapt. 11 :\Iarcli 1751; she died 22 Dec. 1823. 

III. Eliz., mar. Wm. van Wyck. 

lY. Eebecca, mar.. James AVarner Thomas. 
Y. Frances, bapt. G Dec. 17G7. 

Henry Eawlins of Nevis, ])lanter. AVill dated 11 Jan. 1709. To my sister 
Eliz. Perry of London a diamond ring and £5 per annum. To mv twourand- 
children Edward and Eliz. Ganliner lO.OuO lbs. of sugar between tliein. To mv 
dau. 31ary Eawlins one of my best yold rin^s, two of mv silver spoons anil 
£1000 St. al mari'ia^e or 21, and to continue in England under the care of 
Mr. Eicbard IVIeriwetlier,* but if she come to this island, a net;ro woman, a horse 
and a chamber. To my dau. Jane £5l.>0 at uuarriaire or 21. To mv dau. Bridget 

* llis will was dulcd 20 Dec 1713. lie rofi-r.s to his nioicly of Lrnly Bawdens aud 
SLurlowcs pl;iiitation.s in St. Tlio..Lo\vl:uid, Nt-vis. (9, Aston.) 

, . «.- 




Rice* my cornelian ring and inv neurro woman Eeity. To my godson Geo. 
Peinbertou a lilid. of suLijar. To niv goilsun Win.Evan.s 11)00 lb?, oi' siiL'ar. All 
my ])laiitations, .'^laves and all residue to my son Jlcnry Kawlius and solo E.\.'or, 
sullicient siiixar to he shipped to ^l'' H. .Meriwether to inake up with the 
£l(JOO st. in his liands the portions for my daus. Mary and .lane. .Mr. Azariah 
Pinney and Major iMicliael ymith of thus island lo be (ruardiaus of my r^ou 
and of my two dau.s. undcir 21. Signed with testator'.s mark. In the pre:ience 
of Koger Pemberton, .John Grillln, Wm. Peterson, .Jeoffrv Meriwellier. (Public 
Kecord Oliicc, CO., 2-13, p. 279.) 

Stedman Rawlins, S^ of S' Chr., Esq. Will dated 27 May 17SS. To my dau. 
Eliz. Youni^, wife of Anthony Young, the dwelling house in Irish Town where 
she resides and 7 slaves (named). To mv grandson Stedman, s. of my s. ileiiry, 
at 21 £1000 St. To each other grandchdd £50 st. To the children "of Edward 
Giliiard of S' Chr. £200 c. per annum during his life. To my dau. Mary -wife of 
John Satterthwaite £500 in satisfactiou of a parcel of negros left when she 
quitted tlie island. To my sons John, Henry, Richard and Joseph £200 si. yearly 
until 1 Aug. 1792. To Mrs. Eliz. Johnson, wife of Anthony Johnson, Esq., late 
Presidcjit, the reuts of properly in Irisli Town. I have lately contracted for the 
purchase of [)ro])erty with Beuj. and Tlio. Boddington of L., merchants. Estate 
called Hutchiusons. All residue to my brother .Joseph Rawlins, my son Stedmau 
Rawlins and my sons-in-law John Satterthwaite and James Akers till 1 Aug. 17!)2. 
I have already made provision for my eldest son Stedman, my dans. Mary 
Satterthwaitc, Eliz. wife of Anthony Young and Ann Akers, wife of Jas. Akers, J''. 
Testator died 6 June, probate 11 June 178S. (St. Ivitts Records.) 

{Jnte. p. 97.) In the will of Stedman Rawlins, dated 2-1 July 179."), add: — 
To my dau. Ann Taylor £5000 at 21, and to all my children the like sum. John 
Taylor, Esq., receiver of the late Wm. AVhartou's estates. Probate 17 Eeb. 1791'. 

1800, Aug. Letters of administration granted to Ricliard Rawlins of the 
estate of John Rawlins, lately deceased. A'alue of estate £21,.d97. (St. Kitts 

John Rawlins of S* Chr., practitioner in physic and surgery. AVill dated 
12 Jan. 1850. To my wife Louisa Morton all my estate for her lite, and at her 
death to Cath. Louisa, wife of Henry .lames Schooles ami dau. uf Hui,'h J\iley 
Semper of the said island. Esq., and al her death to her eliildi'i'u ('(luaUy. Wife 
sole E.N;'tri.v. Witnessed by A. C Ealiie .Mercer (now Wilson, wile of Rohoia W. 
of the said island), xlston LJavoren. Earlier i)robate (J May 1851. {Ibid.) 

1035, 3ray 21. To be transported to S' Christophers, Jo. Rawlins, aged IS. 
(Rotten, 80.) 

1035, Xov. 20. Henry Pawlins,t aged 25, for Earbadoes. {Ibid.. VM.) 

10(35. Giles Jiawlins in Viru:inia. 

1070. Euwara Rawlins owned 12t) acres in St. JijIiu's. .laiisalca. 

1073. John Eawlins, S"", M. of A. in the Somers Islanos. (Hctten, .So.'j.) 

* Sco (tii(c, II., "^(57, for llico rntric ;il .St. r;L'orL;i''s, Novis. 

t Inf()rin;itioii waiilcj by ilio " lialtimorc .Sun " /•«• Ilciiry Jluwliii?, cniii'nmt to America 
in 1(335. 



1070. Tlionias Eawlins, gunner, Austins Buy, Ijarljndos. 

1G77-8. Nevis. In C;ii.t. Jiobcrt Chuppin's Cl>mi)aiiy : — 
Chr. Jvuwlings ni., 2 w., i cli., 11 hIuvis. 

1077-8. Capt. 'J'lio. Iiuwling.s 4u a., 17 iiei^ros, fcst. Fliilip.s, liarbados. 

1077-8. John Kawlins, M. of C, .Vomers Islands. 

1070. John Eawlines, 15 a., Christ Church, ]3arbados. 

1080. John liawlings and wile 2 servants, I shue, .8' Micliaels, Barbados. 
(Hotten, 419.) 

IGbO. Benjamin Kawlings and wife 2 slaves. S' iMichaels, Barbados. {Ibid., 

1080-82. John Kawli)is. a King's subject in Suriniini, removed to Ai\tigua. 

1080. Cap' ]-iawlins in Col. Chr. Lynes' reg. of foot at Barbados. 

1080. M' Win. IJawlins 9 a. 4 slaves, S"- Andrews, Barbados. (Hotten, 470.) 

1093. Society of Apothecaries. List of members in or about London : — 
Mr. AVin. Kawlins, retired, " have left off the trade." 

1700. Wm. Kawlins, clerk of the A. in Barbados. 

1700. John Ilawlings, storekeeper powder magazine, etc. 

1700. John Eawlings in Boston, Mass, 

1700, Jan. 15. Attestation of John Eawiins, Dep. Marshal and Searcher at 
Bermuda. He was Marshal in 1702 and dead 1703. 

1712. Kevis. Eichard Kawliugs, merchant of a Liverpool sliip named in 
the Avill of Micliael Xowell. 

1713. jVevis. Deposition of Joan Svmonds, widow, witnessed by Wm. 
Eollins, Eich'' EoUins. 

1713. St. Kitts. Henry Rawlins was taken into custody by the Provoet 
Mar.slial ?-6> certain lands at Cayon he had taken possession of. (St. Kitls Records.) 

1713, March 25. Barber Surgeons of L. M'' John Kawlins. 

1717, Aug. 22. London. Letter from John Smith to the Lords Commis- 
sioners for the Phuitations ''on behalf of Henry Eawlings now residing in 
St. Christopher and having no lands there I liumbly propose to purchase a parcel 
of land in Basseterre quarter bounded at the N.E. witli the Canada Hills and 
at the S.W. with a silk cotton tree marked with 3 cutts and at the head with 
au old Trench and at the foot with the common path leading to Basseterre 
Town containing about 70 acres paying for the same i.'5 per acre." 

1719-20. London. John Kawlins, owner of tlie Mary galley 150 tons Cha. 
Burnhain master, 8 guns and 10 men bound for Jamaica and other ports. 

1727. Henry Jiawlins named in 'J'reasiiry accounts of S' Kitts. 

1734, Jan. 2. Ann ]{awlins, Ex'or of Henry Eawiins. On the previous 
]\rarch 13 a judgment was made against her for £151 and £0 costs at the suit of 
Tho. Pilkington, also for £300 and £0 costs at the suit of Jas. Verchild. Execution 
i^sued on 10 March. Slaves were sohi in June and realized £815 and title 
vested in Francis Phijips. 

1731-5, Feb. 17. Ann Kawlins, wid., conveys to Richard Wilson, Esq., land 
iu Basseterre for £100. 

1735, April 17. Ann Eawiins buys back tl.o above slaves for £815. 

1750, Ai)ril 20. Ind're between Edward Phipps and Ann Eawiins, widow, for 
5.-.-. s de of 100 a. in St. Tliomas, ^Jidille Island, also a second deed consideration 

1 700, June 12. Jo^eph Eawiins and P'liz. his wife. The said Eliz. Eawiins, 
Ann Hutchinson Wallwyn wife of Wm. Wallwyn, and .Mary ]''raser wife of 
Simon I'raser are the nieces and heirs-at-law of John Hutchinson, Esq., deceased. 

1791, Apiil 4. ^Marriage Settlement between John Kawlins and Henry Hart, 
Henry Kawlins and John (xarnett of St. Kitts re marriage between John Jiawlins 
and Sarah Johnson Hart. He entitled to 20 negros and she to 0. Manning and 

Anderton of L. agents for him Whitton, lawyer of King's Eoad, Bedford 

Kow. Power of attorney trom her. 

1819. £5500 due to Anthony Hart on the estate of John Hart Jxawlins 



mortgai^e of Joliiisnus cst.'ite subject to a first one to Manning and Anderton 
for £GUOO. 

In Chancery ISIT and ISGi. Advt^rtiseiiient. Antliony JIart ]{a\\Iius of 
iioswell Court, Fleet .Street, entitled under a deed dated LS-17 to participate in a 
sum of £.j.'JDG ioruiini,' part of the unclaimed funds of a club in Loiulon. 

In the Higb Court of Chancery. AtOdavit of trustee.s dated 10 April I8bl on 
the payment and tran.sfei- of funds into Court. Druces and Attlee, lU Billiter 
Square, i'iled by Roberts and Barlow of It) Lime Street, solicitors. £701 
consols and £G2 cash, heiiiLi; the wlmle of tlie trust fund, after deducting £G;3 
costs, subject to the marriage settlement dated li3 Aug. ISlG of Stedman fvawlins 
with Sarah Ann Kawlins. Trustees : 8tedman 1\., Sarah A. R., John Hart li. 
and John R. 

Ind're recited made 27 ]May Ib^oO between Sir John Eae Eeid and Eobcrt 
Chester of the one part and Sarah Ann E,. of tiie other to invest £701 for 
her benefit and at her death for whomsoever would be entitled in reversion 
to the plantation and slaves. This money was eveutuall}' paid out to the heirs of 
Stedman K. 

(7>) be coiitinutd.) 

iMoiuimcutal &i<5criptions iii eaglant! 
rtlatiufl to SMmx JIntiians/ 

Below the north gallery, west side. On a small white marble tablet : — 


late of Calcutta, 
Born 20"' November 1779, 

Died IS"' June lS3S. 

(11 lines. Also his brother) 


Late of Jamaica, 

Born IG'i' NovcMuber 177S 

Died 1-i"' February iSM 

They are both interred in the same vault 

Beneath this church. 

181-1, Feb. IG. John Clarke, esq. late of Jamaica. (" CM.," 410.) 

Below the west gallery near the font. A white marble tablet with cherub 
above raising a curtain : — 




THE }u;lovkd WIFK 01' 

• ContinuiJ from jv 8S. 

t The I'ullovvin:; M.I. appeared in '" Misc. Gou. ot Her.," :?r(l Scrips, Vols. IV. and V., but 
the editor has checked them with the orit;iiuls and udded notes and heraldry. 


18:50, Alitor. I'i. 
sliiie-placo House. 



or Tins I'AKisii ; 

OX THE I'i'^" OF AVLrUST lb30. 

(19 lines follow.) 

EtbeL-c-a Phipps, wife of H. Moretou Dver, cscj. of Devoii- 
(" G.M.," ISS.) 

Below tlie west gallery near the second window from tlie north end : — 




ON THE 27'''' DAY OF MAKCH 182-5, 












ISll, June 13. Thursday was married at Queen-square olnipel, by the IJev. 
Dr. Gariliiier, S. Franco, esq ; of Burlini,rtoii-str. Loudon, to jMargaret-i" ranees, 
dau. of Praiicis Franco, esq. of Amwell, Herts. (" Eath Chronicle.") 

1837, Feb. 1. In Great Portlaud-st. aged 83, Francis Franco, esq. 
(" G.M.," 32i).) 

184"), Feb. 7. At Paris, aged 53, Margaret Frances, relict of Soloinou 
Franco, esq. and dau. of the late Francis Franco, esq. of Great Portia nd-st. 
(Ibid., 678.) 

Leah Franco of Eath, oo. Som., vrid. of Hajjliael F., late of L., M^. Will 
dated 15 Sept. 1807. To be bur. ir\ ttie yv'' of Port, .lews in L. Son Jacob F. 
£'5 t'ov a rm^. Dau. Siniha, now wife of Edw" AVatts, a ring. Son Moses F. £o. 
Son E[)liraim F. £o. Dau., now wife of Saul Eonlil, £5. Dau. Saiah F. 
jewels and furniture. Plate to daus. Sarah F., lieb', wid. of Jacob Lousada. 
Son Solomon F. Nephew I'ra. F. My sister Abig. F. my F.'s picture. All 
residue to daus. S. F. and E. L. Dau. S. F. sole Ex'tn.x. 15 Sept. 1807. 
Sworn bv :Marg' F. of Walcot, spr., 17 Nov. 1808. Proved 22 Nov. 1808 by S. F. 
(881, Liy.) 

Joseph F. of Jamaica. AVill dated 1 June 1792. My Mother Leah F. and 
sisters Siudia F., Sarah F. and J{ebecca F., all of L., £-10 each. My brulheis 
Jaciib, Abr. and Solomon F. of L. £10 each. jMy sister Esther Eonlil of 
I;t.-^lu)rii. My bros. E[)hraim F. ot L. and Moses F. of J., merchants. My uucic 
Sam. D'Aguilar. Proved 8 Dec. 18U8. {i)oii, Ely.) 

This family, of Portugue.-c Jiwi.vli origin, ^ettled as merchants in Fenchurch 
Street, Leglioni and India. ^Vills, 110, llulton; 90, Eusliworth; 190, Hay; 
yOS, Collier ; 525, Webstei' also relate to them. 



Below the west gallcr}- near the fourth window from tho north end: — 




(3 lines ; erected by his widow) 
HE DIED 25'° xove:mbek 1831 AGEn 30 years 







(3 lines follow.) 
Above on a shield cut in marble. 

Ceest. — A spri/j of three tliistlcs slipped and leaved. 

Arms. — . . . . iliree hoars' heads erased wilhin a horditre enfjrulled ; iiu[)aling : 
. . . . A cross lozeii(/y. 

1787, ]S'ov. 2. In Percj-st. .Tn. Cruikshank, esq ; of Ballard's Yallev, Jamaica. 
("G.:\r.," 1127.) 

1812, March 31. At Bcrrv-hill, St Mary's Jamaica, J. Cruik.shauk, esq. of 
Ballnrds Valley, {ll'td., 591.)' 

1818, May 22. In Suifolk-st, Geo. Cruikshank, esq. of Jamaica. {Hid., G1.0.) 

1831, Nov. 25. In Gloucester-st. Poitmau-sq. aged 69, James Cruikshank, 
esq. of Jamaica. (Ibid., 509.) 

The will of James Cruikshank was recorded in J. in 1738. 

John Cruikshank of S' Mary's, J'ca, Esq., now of Percy Str. Will dated 28 
May 1 785. Ballards A'alley and Bcrryhill penn to my reputed son .lohn C, a Capt. 
3(j Uegt., and reputed son James C. To my reputed dau. Mary £IO,OOD. 
Proved 1787. (537, -Major.) 

John Cruikshank of Devonshire p!., Esq. AVill dated 3 Dec. 1801. My wife 
Prances £l()UO a vear. Brother James mv moiety of Ballards Valley and all 
residut. Proved 1812. (448, Oxford.) 

Below the west gallery opposite the pulpit on a white tablet surmounted by a 
draped urn : — 








(5 lines; erected by their mother.) 
(See An/e, IV., 241.) 




Above llic eayt gallery at tlio north end, on a marble tablet willi figures of two 
angels: — 




{G lines follow.) 
Below is a shield of arms. 

Crest. — Broken off (part of an animal's head). 

Arms. — (Quarterly of f<i\ : F. Or, a cliirf imknifed GuJcs [Dyer]. II. Gules, 
three Hijuare burklc^i i MoiiKTox]. III. Or, two liuiia pasaanf Oicles [Ul'cie]. 
IV. Qiiartei'ly, Or and Ermine, the \sl a)id Afh qnnrters cliarcjed with three pules 
Gules [Kniohti.y]. Y. Art/ent, on a hrnd Gvles, a crescent Leficeen tivo leopards^ 
faces; on a chiej Azure, three cathnrine wheels Or [Hardy]. YI. Or and 
Ermine, on a checron Gules, a hezmit between two leopnrds\faces ; a chief chargel 
u-ith n lion {or ? u-olf) pfnsoiit between twojleur-de-lis [Prestwich]. 

(Some of the tinctures of above are uncertain, the paint being old.) 

Motto: — xec vlla ixtkrmissio officit. 

He was son of Mark 'Dyer, M. of C. of Tortola, who d. at Alphington, co. 
Devon, in 1S82, aged 83, by Ann Arabella Moreton his wife, dau. of ^lajor the 
Hon. Chas. Moreton, younger son of the first Lord Ducie. He was b. 20 Oct. 
1775, and bapt. 12 Feb. 177G at S' George's Basseteri'e, S' Kitts, and was Judge 
of tlie Yice-Adniiralty Court in the Bahamas in ISIO. His grandfather John 
Dyer, chief justice of Montserrat in 17.31, d. Mai'ch 1781. His uncle Henry 
Dyer, also cln'ef justice of !Mon1serrat, d. 13 Jan. 17SS. 

crown : 

ow the east gallery near the 1st window from the south end, on a small white 
monument with grey marble background, surmounted bj'' a martyr's 

to the MEMORY" OF 








1829, Bucks, Aug. 19. Anna Maria, wife of G. Carrington, esq., of Mis- 
senden Abbey. (" G.INL," ISS.) 

There is a window at Great Mis.-^enden to Geo. C, who d. 8 July 1SG2. 

The late M'' Geo. C. b. iS.'iG, succee(lod his father in 18l)2, was at Eton and 
Trinity Coll., Cainb., and il. G June 19l(). Carrint,4ons, the family iilantation in 
Barbados, is well known for its fine works, of which a view is in Sinckler's " Ear- 
badoH Handbook." (See ante. 111., -j-j.) 

(To be continued.) 


'')'2kti^, ik^J:iC*,eTf.i,^Ai<^Z 


'6. ■ L 




«>P <2i.fcc^. 




Petition from Autigua in 1708-9 

( 1C9 ) 


The above docuinent hans^s in the Public Library in St. John's To\vn, tlio 
pliotoj^rapli having been supplied by Mr. Jose Aiijo. 

Ot its history the Editor knows nothing, but it is evidently a duplicate of the 
original, dated 8 Jan. 170S-9, which is in the P.K.O. in London. 

'I'lie 17 names in tlie two cdianns to the right iwe those of Men. hers of the 
Assembly who were returned on 15 April 17i)S. and wliose Ppeaherwas >i'athanie] 
Criunp. 'J'lie '?.(j names in the two columns lo the left are those of merchants 
and planters. 

rhe following document, being the Queen's response to the above Address, 
also hangs in the Library. The Govcrntir acted in a dilatory manner and did 
not seiid home his defence until about June 1710. ITis disputes with the 
Assembly culminated in his appearance in the Court House with a party of 
grenadiers. On 7 Dec. over 3U0 armed men requested him to carry out the 
royal command and quit the island. On his refusal his house was carried by 
assault, the total casualties on both sides being 75, including the Governor who 
was mortally -wounded. 

The humble Addrel'se and Petition of the Ynder Subscribeing ^Members of the 
Al'sembly Gentlemen Preeholder.s '^lercliants and other Inhabitants of 
yotir Majestys Island of Antigua. [170S-1).]* 
"Wee your JMatles most Loyall DiitvfnU and Obedient Subjects the Ynder 
Subscrib'jing Petitioners, most humbly Hc<y Leave to Alsure your Majestic, That 
none of your Subjects can be more truly tt Clearly Sensible what an Inestimable 
Blel'sing your jMaj'"^^ mot-t Aus]utious lleign has bin and still is to all your 
^Majesties Dominions In all the Parts of your most Just and Gracious Adminil- 
tration, our Joy and Satilfaction has bin ahvaves Such as wee want words to 
Exprelse, L'pon Every fresh Information of the iiepeutcd great and Siguall Vic- 
torys obtained by your Ma'tics Great Generalls and gallant Troops against the 
Coni'on Enemy and of all the other great and glorious actions of your Kei'^ne 
and more Esi)ecia!ly the Acconij)lishment of that great and ha[)py Union between 
viuir Kingdoms of England and Scotland [one line destroyed by the fold of 
p.iper] .... of ^'our great l^redeccfsers iJnt was Eeserved tor a further Orna- 
ment, and to adJe fresh Lusti'e stiil to the lieigne of soe Gracious a Queene, who 
Esteems tiie Provideing for the Present and future happinetse of her People, her 
greatest Glory "Wee very Vnwillingly take up your ]\Iaties Precious time. Wee 
(.v/c) the great affaires under your Coui^ideration makes it highly Valuable, Wee 
are very well afsured that it must be very Vnpleasant and Dil'agreeable to yimr 
Malic who (through all your Adniinil'tration) have appeared an Indulgent 
mother of all your People, to heai'e that any Part of your Dominions has bin 
Opprei"scd InsuUed and Tyrani/ed over, Yea such has bin the Case of your 
Maties good Subjects the Inhabitants ef the Island of Antigua, and other of your 
Subjects Tradeing to and from the same Ynder the admini [a line destroyed by 
the fold of pa])er — "General Daniel Parke Esq""" can be just deeiphereii] .... 
It will be found that It has fared little better w"' the lieat of the Islands under 
his Comand, Wee doe must humbly thinke it cuir Ynijuestionable Duty to apply 
to your .Malie for KeliclV ai^ainst the said Coll" Parke, our i''sent chiefe (Jovt-rn': 
wiio since his first Arrivall in this Go\erni': has bin Ever wanting in uiakeini; 
Provillon for the Defence and Security of this Island against the Com'on Knemy. 
and whoso Conduct in times of the most Imnunent Danger, Look'd more like 
])esigning to Surrender up than defend the same, and who in all his Adminiitra- 

* The Editor's additions urc within square brackets. 

TOl.. T, 



tioii lias ExercisM the higliest acts of Tnju.sticc; .... and Violence anel Disitensed 
with and Tnunplod on onr Laws, Wco liavc dniAvne u]) and SlL,'ned Articles 
ai,':i.iii>t liiin «"'' wee h:ive Transmitted* [a line destroyed by the fold of paper] 
.... And wrt-' hope at j)rescnt to give such sati:?faction .... to the truth of the 
Articles, as c;ui be Keafonably E.\;p\>ctedj from us, whilst this Yoke of Opprel- 
siun is sfill upon our nci-ks. by which wee are Debarr'd of Severall W'ituclses 
.... other E*ideni-es (uliich wee shall be Masters of alsoone as he shall be 
moved froni the duvcrnui': as will .'Sudlciently Justify and Mainlaine Every 
one of our Art:(.-ks. 

JMost Gracious Soneraiiijue 
\V'ee [lialf a line destr.iyed by fohP .... for such Itcliffe as yo'': .Matie shall tilt In your yreat AVisdom Justice and Clemency to afford us in these our 
J)isiiiall Melancholy Curcnm'.tancies, 

And AVee shall Ever Pray to God Almighty to crant your 
Matie a Lon::; & hap2)y Kuignc over your happy and 
Vtiitcd Subjects. 

Eow Williams. 
Bar Tankerd. 
Giles "Watkins, 
John Paynfer. 
Jn" Otto' Piaijer. 
Bastiaeu Otto 

Pai jer. 
H. Guichenet. 
liich'' Cochran, 
lien: Symcs. 
Gervas Turton, 
Sam: ilVvc. 
AV"' Lavuigton. 
Thomas Trant. 
Antho : Brown. 

Sa: Wat kins. 
Th Oesterman. 
Hopefor Pendall. 
John [? Ivoe]. 
Jacob Morgan. 
Alien Gilbert. 
AV. Glanvile. 
Josluui Jones. 
Jo^ A brains. 
Andrew Murray, 
!Rob' Duniug. 
AViU \. 

The Gent' of the Alsembly. 

Nath^ Crump. 

Edw-i Chester. 
Charles Kallahane. 
John Barnes. 
Ja: Eeade. 
Thomas AVi[rVril- 

Isaac Horsford. 
Charles Lloyd. 

AV: Thomas 
Dan: Mackinen. 
Fran Carlile. 
John Lighifoot. 
Bap : Loobv. 
[? John] Ducr. 
Sum": Phillips. 
Edw [? Perrie]. 
Ju" ffrye. 

(Signed) Axxe E. 

Trusty and A\''elheloved AVe greet you well ANHiereas several iMembers of 
the Alscmbly Gentlemen, Freeholder.-, Merchants and other Inhabitants of that 
Our Is];ind of Antigua in Ameinca liave by their humble Petition and Addrefs 
and Ariicles by thcnt ei'hibite<l made Complaint against yon of great Opprel'sions 
and ALil- Administration the same being humbly prelented unto L^s in Our Priv}-- 
Council, A\"e have thought lit with the Advice of Our said Council to Order 
Copys thereof to be transmitted to you and . . . .f and .... as We do by thele 
Prclents require <k command you, as you will answer the contrary at vour pci-il, 
forthwith npju Receipt hereof to leave thole Islands and return into Our 
Prelfiice ])rcpari d to make your Defence [end of first slieetj before L'"s in Council 
tipon the said several Complaints and all such orht-r Matters as shall be further 
elmrgcd against you provided the respective Com[)lain**: do deliver unto you 
belore your coming away Copys of such other Complaints for your Information 
the better to enable you to make your Defence and for the better dilcovcry of 
the Trat'u <d' the respective Allegations in the several Complaints bcforcmen- 
tione.l and ni your Defence thereui)on it is Our further A\'"ill and Pleasure that 
the Ciunplainants and all other Peribns concerned have full and . . ce liberty to 
make or procure to be made Ailulavits or Informations and Deposilions upon 
Oath of what they know of thefe imitiers before any Judge or other Magistrate 
who is hereby authorifed and directed upon the liei)ui'tt of the faid Complainants 
or any one or more of them to summon l)cfore him such pcrfon or peribns as the 
saiil Comphiinant or Com])]ainants shall name without . . . .f expecting an ... . 

The Iiupcaehment, consisting; of 25 articles, is in the 
t A line dc■s^troyed by crease. 


or Sigiiiticalioii from you thfrcin iiiul tli:it puldick notice sliall l^e given bv a 
Writiiii,' alllxc'd on tlie several Courtlioules of tliol'u Our l>;iauils of the tiiiu- and 
place of taking sucli Affidavits, Inforniatiou.s or J3epo;<itious [end of second sheet] 
tiu'ee days before the doing thereof, to the end that yourself and the said Coni- 
jdainants or some perfou or perlbns to be resp.^clivel}- appointed in that behalf 
by both partys may be prclcut to orol's examine the perlbn or perlbns making the 
same AVe do alio exprefsly charge and connnand you not (sic) give any hindrance 
cr molc.slaiion whatlbever directly nor indirectly to any such Judge or .Magistrati" 
in his or their proceedings in this Allair, nor any ways hinder or moloft the said 
Complainants or other Perlbns concerned or tliat shall be summoned thereunto 
or any of them from making Allidavits or Informations and Depositions upon 
Oaili as afiiresaid before such Judg(^ or ■Nfagistrate thereunto legally qualifved, as 
the Complainants and other pcrlims concerned shall think iit for the maintaining 
their said Complaints nor to employ either the Civil or Militai-y ])o\ver to prole- 
cutc at Law or otherwife to vex and opprels in any manner whatlbever or to 
alsault the said Complainants or any other I'ei Ton or Perl'ons by realbn or upon 
Account of the said Com|)laint or with intent to supprel's the same or prevent the 
difcovery of the Truth thereof which it is C)ur Juteution shall be examined and 
[end of the third sheet] enquired into with all polsible Justice Fairness and Impar- 
tiality. As soon as thel'e ExaiiTinations are finisht which it is Our PleaUire to 
have done with all polsible dispatch, you are then without any further delav 
immediately to deliver to the. said Complainants authentick Copys of all such 
Allidavits and other Proofs as sliall have been taken on your behalf and to receive 
from them interchangably authentick Copys of such AlUdavils and other Proofs 
as sliall liave been taken on their side relaiing to this matter to all which Depo- 
sitions and other Papers and Instruments you are to caule our Seal of thole Our 
Islands to be affixt and the same to be forthwith transmitted unto one of Our 
Principal Secretarys of State that he may lay the same before Us. And lastlv 
\Vc do hereby strictly charge require and command you that so soon as you shall 
have performed and executed the several matters and things hereinbefore recited 
which ^Vc expect you to do with all polsible Care Diligence and Exactnefs you 
embark in the first j\Iau of "War that shall be bound home and repair to Our 
Pretence to give Us in Council an Account of your [end of fourth sheet] Pro- 
ceedings and hereof fail not for such is Our exprtrl's AVill and Plealure and so We 
bid you farewel. Given at Our Court at S' James's the Eleventh day of February 
170y5- in the Eighth Year of Our Peigii. iiy Her Majesty's Command, 

(Signed) SuNUEiiLANU. 

[On the back.] To Our Trusty and "Welbeloved Daniel Parke Esij^ . . r 
Captain General and Governor in Chief of Our Leward Cliaribhee Illands in 
America and in his absem-e to the Comander in Chief or to ihe President of the 
. . ucil of Our Island of Nevis for the time . . . iiig. 

35aj)lj) anti CtilDarti^' of Bamaica^ 

'_>'2'' ^larch 17G3 Pestell &, ano^ by Att> to the llon'blo Zachary Payly V><n'- 
Conveyance of the Pev'on of sev' Penns Eands .MeisY'es 
Tenem-' Slaves Sc real Est'e in Jamaica under the AVill of 
Alger Peslell deceased. 

V .March 17()S Daniel Wright .t ano'' by Att^ to Zachary Bayly Esq^ Deed 
of Contlrmation. 




1'' Xov' 1770 ]\r:irv Bavly to \V™ Kevnolds. Duplicate Aisignm' o£ the 

£-iOUO I-lmrgL'd by the Will of Zuchary 13ayly Esq'' Jcceascd 

ou Nousucli it Uuity. 
IG"" May 1771 Bryan Juhvards Esq'' to Nathaniel Bayly Esq''. Afsignm* of 

Annuity of £3U0 p' Ann'. 
1»' L^li^'iNov"" 177G ]?ryau Edwards E.sq'' to INE'' Carletou. Ingrofsra' of Lease & 

Kc'leaso not Executed. 
3 ct -i Nov' 1 770 M"- Cai-k'toii to Brvan Edward.s Esq^ D°. 
2-1"' Si. 2.5 Nov'- 177G Brvau Edwards Esq"- to W"^ White Esq^ I)''. 
In ChaiK-crv. Bavley Esq^ a-~' Edwards Esq^ Close Copy of Bill filed 3'' Bee' 

Same. Olfu-e Copy of Amended Bill fo. 155 filed 3P' Dec'' 1770. 
22'' Jau'ry 177G Order for G Weeks time to Answer. 

In.*triictioiis for Answer to Amended Bill. 

!)'■' & Copy of Defts. Answer. Exceptions to Defts. Answer, 

A Schedule of all Sums of .Money rec'd or pofseled by M'' Edwards on Ace' of the 
Test'ors real & p'sonal Est'e & also of the jn'oceed of the Sev' plantations. 

11 June 177G Order to rejoin & for Comm'on to Examine Witnel'ses for the 


12 July 177G Co])y Xotice of Motion for Comm'on to Examine Witnefses in 

the Island of Jamaica. 
15'*' July 1770 Order thereon. 

Stia* to rejoin & join in Comm'on. 

Copy of Interrogatories intended to be Exhibited to the Wit- 
Dra' of Bond of Arbitration. 
22'' Dec"- 1777 Bayly Esq' to Edwards Esq-". Bond of Arbitration. 

Instructions for Council to move to make tlie Agreem' a 
Eule of Court — on behalf of JM"" Edwards. 
Thomas v. Sorocold Sc v^'. 
Ap' 1775 Dra' of Ijill to revive & answer. 
Eair Copy thereof. 
D" of Deft. Bryan Edwards's Ans-^. 
In Clianccrv. Jamaica Is.f Bavley v. Edwards & o''^ 

2 Copy's of Brief of' Bi'U filed 17"' April 1773 it Demurrer filed 10"' 
Dee' 1773. 
The like. Brief of Aft"'^ to Support Petition for Appointm' of Eeceiver of the 
produce of tlie I'lanrations. 
Copy of the Sev' Aff'^ of Tho^ Holmes, W" AVilliams Clerk, & W" 
In the King's Jk'iich. Bayley Esq'' v. Edwards Esq''. Brief in this Cause 

Zacliary Bayly'Esq'' Ace* Current with :\Iorse Sc Baily. 
In Clianccrv. Edwards Ksc]'' v. Bayley Esqf. Dr* of Exceptions to Defts. Ans'. 
Ofiice Copy of Atf of the Deft. 
Brief of Bill and Answer. 
20"' Ap' 1777. A Rpc' for £3 9^ from M' Morgan to :\I'' Blake. 
In Chancery. l!ayly V.^^f v. Mary Bayly & Elizth Edward. Stia* & Label. 
Sundry L'res. 

Endorsed : Easter Term 17S3. Bryan Edwards Ivmj. Dra'. Schedule of Deeds 
and papers delivered by John Blake Esq' to JMorgan Thomas Esq^ 


t Is = Iiisuh, 


Jt> L CTl'^fL 

( 173 ) 

Cimj^HQljam aiiD l\obci'iDeau of #t JUtt^* 

(^?i<c, 1., 101 ; III., IG.) 

Eobert Cunyn<:;:]i;im of Cayon wrote tlio history of his family in 1710, in a 
notebook of -10 pages, still preserve! by one of the Koberdeaus in U.y.A. 

On an ohl silver tea caddy is a Jacobean sliield with these anns: — 

Qiiarlcrly : 1 and 4, Argent, a shalcc fork Sahle (Ccnvxoii.vm) ; 2 and 3, Or, 
a fess cltechij Azure and Argent (.SrKWARr). 

On an inescutcheoii Vert, a chevron Or, between 3 garbs Arr/ent (Close, 
D-viMir, or GrKi:i;.\Acifi;. See Pajjworth, 43u). Around the whole a bordure Gules. 

Ckest. — An unicorn s head ccuped Argent, horned and maned Or. 

Motto. — ytktute et laroke. 

The arms of Rob. C. of St. Kitts are entered in Jvisbet's " Heraldry." 

lUustrations of the above shield and of a bookplate of " Eoberdeau " (see 
W.l. Bookplates, Xo. 698), are given in tlie following work: "The Genealogy of 
the Eoberdeau Pauiily. Ey Roberdeau Buchanan. Printed for private circula- 
tion. Washington. Jos. L. Pearson, Printer. 187G. 8", pp. 19G." 

A pedigree of another branch of the Eoberdeaus has appeared iu " Misc. Gen. 
et Her.," o S., I., 178. 

1728. Recital of a patent of 22 Dec, S Geo., to Robert Cunyngham, Esq., of 
the estate of Eliz. Salenave of 398 acres. (St. Kitts' Records, Vol. A., No. 31.) 

1719, July 10. Daniel Roberdcau of S' Chr., gent., sells his Pelliain River 
pi" of 150 acres. {Ibid., 4139.) 

Close Roll, 6017. 

This liid're made 20 Oct. 32 Geo. 2'", 17-38, Between Daniel Cunyngham, I. of 
the I. of S' Chr., now of Clapton, Esq., and Eliz. his wife, and Rob. C, Esq., 
tlieir 1"' s. anil h., of tlie one part, and Eliz. Fahie of S' C, widow, of the other. 
Whereas D. C. by Ind're of Dec. 17;j.j for £s000 sold to E. F. all that pi" in the 
p. of S' John Capesterre of 136 a., bounded X. with the sea and common path, 
E. with lands of Sam Okes Taylor, Esq., and lauds 1. of Tho. Buncombe, K.-q., 
dec'\ S. with lands of W"' Estridgc, Esq., dec'', and of W"' Johnson, Esq., dec'', 
and Era. Estridge, with the buildings mills they now contlrm the same to her. 

1753. Dan. Robertau. I |)lautation iu Trinity Palmetto Point. (Baker's 
1795, Feb. Daniel Roberdeau, A irginia. (European Mag., 215.) 


1722 July 13 Ann Judith, D. of Isaac and Mary Roberdraw, bapt. 

1723 8ber 15 Robina -Mary, ,, ,, ,, „ ,, 
1725 8ber 15 Cuningham, „ ,, „ „ „ 
1727 Xber 5 Daniel, S. ,, „ „ „ 

1726 Xber 1.5 Cuuiugham, D. 


(Will translated from the Erencli.) Elizabeth de Salenave. By an Act of 
13 April 1715 1 have made a guift to mv Nii'ce Judith I'lizabeth v»ir\' of .M' RidH-rl 
Cunningham of my land in tho Island of Sr. Christopher, cliarged witli the i)ay- 
ment of certain sums. To the poor French Refugees <-£' 12, viz., C12 for (i poor 
widows of Beam. To Judith Eli/.. Bonncfont Cunninu:haui mv riiece £100. To 



AuMS. — Salic, a chevron Or hctivcen ftro unniileis iv fess and a foicer in hase, 
on u chief drqent a cross-crosdet Giilcs (lioBEitDKAu). 

CuEST. — A demi-fjreifhound erect covpcd rct/uard<int, around its neck a cloth 
collar Sable, ivith a cross Arcjent on its end. 

Motto. — jje cede malis. 

Eicbard CimyiiKham, descended from C. of^pElizabcth, dau. of James 
Craigends, purcliaf^ed the Barony of Glen- i Heriot of Trabroun, jewel- 
irariiock ; raised a troop of lUO horse in i ler to K. Chas. I.; mar. 

1618 and 1G-3I ; was at the battle of A\"or- 
cester ; died 27 Oct. 1670. 

3 Oct. 1654; died 1672. 
Had twelve children. 

AVilliam Eobert Ciiiiyngham, Sth son,- 
Cun.yng- born 24 JMarch 1GG9 ; i<erved 
haul, 6th a yearwitli a merchant at St. 
son, born Kittg, tlien entered as a cadet 
20 May the "Duke of Bolton's Eegt. at 
1662 ; the Leewaid Isles ; Lieut. 
bound to when tlie regt. was broke 
a nier- 169S-0 ; rented aftd then pur- 
chant in chased a plantation at Cayoji 
Glasgow, and became a large landowner; 
then wrote an account of his famil v 
settled at 1740 ; dead April 1719. "Will 
St. Kitts. dated 27 Oct. 1743, but lost. 

=1. Judith Eliz.,= 
dau. of Daniel 
Mary de Bar at 
of Morlaix, and 
sister to 
Barat seigneur 
de Labadie, 
Gov. of Lisle ; 
mar. 26 Sept. 
1693. 1st wife. 

2. Mary Gaines, mar. 
late in her husband's 
life ; brought an 
action in 1749 in the 
Court of Chancery 
to establish his will, 
by which she re- 
ceived an annuity of 
£200. She )iad an 
only child Susannah. 



ham, born 
14 Aug. 

Eicbard Cunyug- 
ham, born 13 Peb. 

Eichard Cunyng- 
ham,born 29 July 

Mary Cunyngham, 4th child, born=pLsaae Eoher- 

4 April 1699 ; mar. circa 1723 ; ' deau, from 

her father left her £2000; after Eochclle, 

her husband's death removed to settled in 

Philadelphia ; remar Keigh- 16S5 at St. 

lev, s.p. by him, and died 13 Kitts ; dead 

M"'arch 1771'. 1743. 

]Mary=Daniol Eoberdeau, only son, bapt. at Cayon o Dec. 1727 ;^Jaue IMilligan, 



a merchant; Gen. Com. Penna. jNlilitia in the ]Jevo- 
lution; ]\L of Cinitinental Congress ; died 5 Jan. 1795. 

Isaac ]{oberdean, Lt.-Col.=pSusan S. 
Top. E)ig., r.S.A., and Blair. 
Chief of Bureau ; died 
lb29. i 

mar. 2 Dec. 


James ]M. Eoberdeau, =7^ Two 
>nar. 1st ]\1.L. Denny, daus. 

and 2ndlv M. L. I'rip- 

Three daus. 

James D. Eoberdeau^A\''' 

S. McCormick 


Susanna Brniu't'tMit, also my Xiece. 200 crowns, ])ayable at Bordeaux or Bavonne. 
i\Ir. Bernard de \'i'j;nan my relac'on ,CL 1 a year ami £100, and at his death one 
moiety of the said £14 a year to Bliz. Cunningham my goddau., and the other 
uuiiely to ]\ichanl Cunningham her brother. I give her also £20 and a negro 
wonum. Some years ago 1 gave a note for £100 to IMrs. de Stapleton for her 


Kew Tear pifr, ^v^lich 1 conllrm. ]\r:H!am Eliz. Ilelot de Lciise my t^orlilau. £10. 
Eliz. Aiiiic Jiufaniic awl Eli/.. L:i Coste and ^Mary Anno J>oiiiol iny i^U'ldaus. £s 
eacl). .loliii .Moses Kival J^aac Hat.iillc my i,'oiison £S. Mr. Rival .^lmiste^ £10. 
Mr. Lichigaray £G. ISlr. Isaac Hatnille .fSO. Henrietta Eataillo £10. Ann 
LafforcaiJe £15. IMy T/uly Stapk-tori. Mrs. Charron tlic Apotiiecarj' £S. 
Peter Passelaigiie my !<ervant 50 crowiis for .s-erviee when the Eimlish took my 
Estate at St. Chrif^topher. Mr. Uiiport £S. All re.sidue to my nej)liew Jiichard. 
Cunningham. If 1 die iir London to be buried in the Greek Cliurch and £10. 
My annuity of £G0. ]\ressrs. Peter Ixival .Minister, B. de Yignan my relation 
and Isaac Bataille, Ex'ors. 25 June 1715. Witnessed by David do Passebon, 
J. Peter JJc Lose. 

Isf Codicil. 15 Dee. 1715. Mesdamcs de Plnsun, de Lense. La Coste and 
Larquier. Fiirnittire to be returned to Ladv Stapleton aitd Mrs. Stai)leton. Ann 
Laforcade, iVl''^ Catin l^ournet, Demoiselles Mouchard, Dombiilaii, and ^lary 
Colombier. Mr. Hobert Cunningham's bill of £40 on Mr. Addison for two 

I. .11 M 

Daniel Cuuyng-=pEliz. Charles Susanna Cunyng- Heriot Cunynixham, born 

ham, born 19 . . . ., Cunyng- ham, born 29 Feb. 11 Feb. 1705; mar. 

July 1701, 1st ' living ham, 1701; mar. llobt. Clement Crooke of St. 

son and heir ; in 175S. bor2t 2 ]McKennen Kitt.s. (See Pedigree of 

1743 was rent- ; Oct. (youngest son of C, (uiic, III., 191.) 

ing his father's : 1702. Dr. Daniel ]McK. — 

estate of Cayon of Antigua). He .Tourdine Cunyngham, 

at £2500 a year; died at Pensacola living 1743; died un- 

of Clapton in ^ in Florida in 17G5 mar. 

175S. ! intestate. 

Eobert Cunyngham, 1st son and heir, 1758. 

Ann Judith Ivoberdeau, Kobina iMary Poberdcan, bapt. Cuningliam Ko' er- 

bapt. at Cavon 13 Julv 15 Oct. 1723. dean, (a dau.), bapt. 

1722; mar. 19 Jan. 1742 — la Oct. 1725 ; bur. 

AVm. Clymer. He died Elizabeth Kobcrdrau, died tin- 15 Dec. 172(5. 

17G0. . mar. in 1799, aged 75. 

horses sold years ago before my leaving the Islands. j\Ir. Hamilton, merchant 
in London. Messrs. Kowlaiid and Trvand,* merchants in Londoti. 

2iid C'odiril. 2S Dec. 1715. Proved 2S :March 171G by the 3 Ex'ors. 
(57, Fox.) 

A ]\[r. de Salnave was at Martini. pie in 1GS9. He was a confidential emissary 
of the Count de Blenac to Sir Nath. Johnson. (Col. Cal., p. S5.) 





Eliz. Pliilaadphia Pearce JIall of S' James, Bristol, wid. Will dated 12 Nov. 
1810. Whereas by an Iiid're trip, dated V2 .March 17GG, between Daniel 
Cunnvngliam of tlie P' part, Clia.s. Pearce Hall (then C. P.) and me his tlicn 
■wife forincrly E. P. C, spr., 1" dau. of the said 1). C, of the 2'' part, and iVndrew 
TiiDiiison and John Townson, since dec'', of the '6'^ part, being a sett, made on my 
marria2;e, whereby D. C. for securiuti; £5000, part of my fortune, demised to A. T. 
and J. T. a plantation in S' Mary Cayoii and all other his plantations and lands 
in Bas.seterre Town upon Trust to raise £-3000, and at our deaths transfer the 
sum to our children, viz., Charles Pearce, Daniel P., Eliz. Phil" P., then late the 
wife of Bedingtield Pogson, and Maria P., our 4 inf. ch", and every other child, 
and Dan' C. covenanted that all that other pi" purch.ised of Clement .Crooks 
called the ISpring. with the negroes and stock, and all other his estate in S' Chr. 
and (Scotland sliould also stand charged, and whereas the trustees raised £2500 
in the lifetime of s'' D. C, and D. C. d. many years ago and the £2500 was 
invested in £281G 8 per cents, consol, and And. T. died, and whereas my late 
Brotlier Uob. C, Esq., eldest s. of s^ Dan. C, by his will dated 1(3 March 1761 
devi.<ed the equity of redemption of the s'' pl^ to trustees raid gave his sister 
Henrietta C. £2000, and by Ind'res of 28 and 29 Aug. 1765 a sett, made by s'' 
D. C. previous to the marriage of his dau. the s'' JP", theii the wife of John 
Knight, Esq., D. C. released to J. K. the s"^ pi" in S' Mary Cayon to .secure the 
£2000 lo her, and whereas by Ind're 1 and 2 July 17SS AV"' INPDowell Colhouu 
(a mortgagee of s'' est. for £10,040) did in consideration of £10,040 paid by J. K. 
conveyed est. to him (subject to the equity of redeuiption of Anthony C), and 
there being then due to J. K. £ 18,551 with a large arrear of ijiterest J. K. was 
to file a bill for the foreclosure, it was agreed betw. him and C. P. Hall on 
1 June 1788 that £2000 sh'' be paid us and the niterest accumulate. John K., 
J'', Harriot K. and Tho. K., children of J. K. and Henrietta. Thomson Bouar, 
a trustee, and whereas by an Ind. of 4 parts, dated 21 Oct. 1796, made between 
Anthony C. and Edw'' Knight (the parties named in the marr. sett, of J. K. and 
H'" his widow) of the 1 p', John K., Esq., 1 s. and h. and sole adm'or of s'' J. K. 
and H. his wife the s'' Hen*=' K., Harriet K., spr., only dau. of J. K., dec"^, and 
Tho. K., only yr. son of the 2'' part, me then tlie widow of C. P. H., dec'', Bcding- 
field Pogson, Esq., and Eliz. Phil" his wife, Maria Cath. Antonia, HLarriet 
Lucretia Pearce Hall and Tho. Whately, Surgeon, and Caroline his wife, the 6 
onlv surviving ch" of us, of the 3'' pai't, T. Boiiar of the 4th part, reciting the 
deaths of C. P. Hall on 23 Juiie 1795, of the s^' J. K. on 24 Dec. 1795, and that 
Caroline Whaiely, y^t. dau. of us, had attained 21, as had Tho. K., yst. s. of 
J. K., dec''. £2000 was assigned to T. Bonar and interest £703 paid, and John 
Toun.-on died 3 Afarch 1797 (will recited), and I am now entitled to £2846 consol. 
and £1190 consol. and whereas by an Ind're of 4 parts dated 20 March 1796" 
betw. John Stewart and Cha. James of the P' part, myself of the 2'', B. Pogson, 
l]>(j., and Eliz. Phil'.' his wife, fiu'merly E. P. P. Hall, spr.. and Maria P. H., spr., 
Cat!). .Viitonia P. H., spr., Harriet P. H., spr., and Lucretia P. H., spr., of the 3'' 
part, the £2sJ6 was conveyed to trustees u[)on the trust of 12 Apr. 1766, and 
after a suit of Chan-^ £2568 bal. was paid to the Court, and whereas mv dau. 
Cath. A. 1*. H. halh married M'' John Lane 1 appoint that the £2568, £1190 and 
also £20(K) shall be divided anu)ngst my 4 daus. 1 appoint T. Bonar and T. B. 
the yr., I'stjuires, E.vors. 

On 10 Awj;. 1816 adm'on with the will of test., Hving at Clifton, dec'', was 
granted to Harriot Hall, spr., T. B. the vr., Esq., surviving Ex'or, not appearing. 
(138, Wynne.) 


( 177 ) 

ilist of (IMiUs rtcortirtJ m JSarbatios l^oton 
to tijc pear I800.* 

Year. Niiines of Te,<t;itors. 

1G17 Salter, Kichaid 

„ Sayers, Thomas 

1G50 yturdivant, Koger 

„ Steplieiis, Jonalliau 

„ simple, AVillinm 

1651 Starr, Peter 

,, Starr, Clement 

1652 Sweetcney, Wiiliam 
„ J>mytli, Tiiouias 

„ Smart, William 

,, Smith, Nathaniel 

„ Stanes, Thomas 

,, Smyth, Thoinas Knight 

1653 S-^ott, Michael 

„ Skering, Ki chard 

„ Saunders, James 

„ Summers, Thomas 

„ Simons, Nicholas 

1654 South, AViliiam 

„ Smither, AVilliam 

,, Sketch, Thonias 

,, Smith, Edward 

„ Stevens, Theodore 

„ Suddal, Joane 

Sunderland, Ilannlhald 
Strvtiiolt. Conrad 
Ski2)\vith, .lohn 
Symnnds, Thomas 
Say, 'I'iiomas 

„ Stevens, Henry 

„ Standfast. George 

„ Sprigge, Thomas 

„ Smith, Thomas 

„ Stone, Andrew 

,, Smitt, John 

„ Sevillesran, Teage 

1659 Sevan, .lohn 

„ Sparkes, Robert 

„ Sa\ re, Thomas 

„ Saer, Jane 

1660 Squibb, Lawrance 
,, Smellmg, William 
,, Sprake, Kicliard 

„ Scorey. (Jeoi'ge 

„ Smite, Michael 

1661 Symoiis, John 

„ Skellham, Edv\ard 
Sims, Elizabeth 












Names of Testators. 
Stephens, David 
Studd, Abraham 
Struton, Francis 
Sisnett, Cornelius 
Smith, John 
Stanford, .lohn 
Smith, Walter 
Soley, Elizabeth 
Smith, Jolm 
Sladden, John 
Sutton, .Tohn 
Styles, Walter 
Spicer, Stephen 
Scooler, Aiithony 
Sutton, John 
Stebbin, Rowland 
Simons, ]{ichard 
Sandeford, 'J'homas 
Sinclere, Robert 
Smyth, .Jolm 
Smith, i\Iargaret 
Saer, Habukuk 
Seaward, ]NJaiuchia 
Skillearne, William 
Shenton, William 
Smith, Thomas 
Scattergood, Ciiristoplier 
Shorte, Henry 
Sothcrton, Nicliolas 
Siuion, James 
Symons, Ann 
Shepherd, Jxobert 
Sellers, .John and Elizabeth 
Stone, Tlnnnas 
Small, AValter 
Simpson, George 
Sheldrack, Martha 
Sherraii, xVbraham 
Smith. John 
Seamoure, Thomas 
Stokes, John 
Sainclemenor. .lolni 
Smith, Francis 
Strange, Anthony 
Stones, Wdliam 
Sylvester, Constant 
Settle, Richard 
Stout, Nicholas 

* Coutiniud from p. 151. 













Names of Testators. 
JStiisses, TlioiiKis 
billfold, Ileiiry 
iStok't'S, Niclioias 
Stevens, Klizftbetli 
Sturton, Edward 
ycoit, John 
Sealton, Joiseph 
Stewart, Tlioiuas 
Shaw, Mar^'aret 
Sermon, John 
Skea, Daniel 
Simpson, W'illiain 
Sheaperd, Koger 
Scott. i\Jargaret 
Smith, Kobert 
Sharpe, Jolm 
Svmonds, Dorothy 
Scott, ]-ioger 
Sadler, Thomas 
Sinckhire, Patrick 
Stanley, AVilliam 
Skeett, Joseph 
Symouds, Thomas " 
Slocomb, 'i'honias 
Stone, Margery 
Sisters, Garrett 
Shipton, George 
Spcllman, Francis 
Sigley, Joh]i 
Smith, Jolm 
Sharpe, Thomas 
Symonds, John 
Satiders, Andrew 
Shelford, John 
Sweet, Henry 
Smith, Alexander 
Snipe, Thomas 
Sealy, AViliiam 
Smitli, AViliiam 
Shunck, A'alentiiic 
Seutton, Miles 
Settle, Francis 
Sharp, James 
Small, William 
Savers, John 
Stroud, Anthcny 
St'linore, Henry 
Sparke, John 
Stringer, John 
Stewart, Daniel 
Steward, William 
Seaton, Francis 
Smith, James 
Stevcman, George 
Seaton, Joiui 
Sqnires, John 

Year. Names of Testators. 

1679' Stuff, Jolm 

„ Sandeford, Thomas 

,, Stady, Thomas 

„ Strahan, Daniel 

,, Sellcom, AViliiam 

,, Smith, Thomas 

„ Sanders, Thomas 

„ Spa7is«ick, Joan 

,, Smith, Thomas 

1680 Shaw, Kichard 
„ Smith, John 

,, Sergeant, John 

„ Shelley, Thomas 

„ Stanfast, Jolm 

„ Simes, AViliiam 

1681 Smith, Sarah 

„ Swayne, Peter 

,, Sherman, Kichard 

„ Schenger, John 

,, Smith, Michael 

„ Shackmaple, Jeremiah 

1682 Skare, AViliiam 
„ Spiar, Thomas 
„ Scale, John 

1683 Sharpe, William 
„ Sword, Nicholas 
„ Stone, Sarah 

„ Shar2)e, John 

„ Smith, Joshua 

„ Swenho, Thomas 

„ Stretch, John 

„ Smith, Samuel 

,, Saule. Patrick 

„ Stever or WalHs, Thomas Cromc 

1684 Smythe, Francis 
„ SedM'ick, Samuel 
„ Stenans, Hector 
„ Smith, Joseph 

„ Spencer, John 

„ Simes, AVinnifrcd 

„ Stoneliousc, Elizabeth 

„ Shachness, Daniel 

„ Smith, Thomas 

„ Scott, James 

,, Segwick, Thomas 

„ Scott, Benjamin 

168-3 Scantlebury, Kobert 

„ Stephens, Jnr., Jcdm 

,, Sevenhoe, Joseph 

„ Smith, Thomas 

„ Sutton, John 

,, Salmon, James 

„ Smith, John 

,, Stoakes, Capt. AViliiam 
Smith, Thomas 

1686 Swan, John 



Year. Names of Tesiators. 

1G86 Sparkc.^, Susanna 

,, iSiininons, Piiilip 

„ Stevenson, Charles 

„ Sober, Robert 

„ Sober, 'J'homas 

„ Strutt, John 

„ Stantor, Thotnas 

„ Smith, Susaiiiinh 

„ Stewart, Charles 

„ Synon, Jolin 

,, Shepherd, Kobert 

„ Stroud, Henry 

„ Salauii, Anthony 

„ ' Scantlebnry, Jacob 

1687 Sanders, I'lionias 

„ Spencer, John 

„ Snarpe, Jane 

„ Steward, Daniel 

„ Spcer, Ann 

„ Siumck, Valentine 

,, Street, Michael 

IGSS Spicer, William 

„ Seawell, Thomas 

„ Scnct, William 

„ SherroD, Georp;e 

1683 Spense, James 

„ Stoakes, Nicholas 

„ Sandiford, John 

„ Sampson, John 

„ Stonham, Jeremiah 

,, Smith, Ann 

„ Snoocke, George 

„ Sliarlott, Peter 

1690 Smith, Byron 

,, Siurt, Thomas 

,, Sicart. Gabriel 

,, Soinerhay, Joliii 

,, S|)encer, John 

„ Smiihwick, V.'ilHaiu 

„ Seddon, Nathaniel 

165)1 Shipley, Jonathan 

,, Shattock, William 

„ Smith, Tliomaw 

1692 Snerlinir, Ann 

„ Smith, J'\'ancis 

„ Shahan, Jolin 

„ Sliockness, William 

„ Sesi\ett, IJizaboth 

„ Sisnett, William 

„ Stoker, Samuel 

„ Stone. INTary 

„ Stockdale, Elizabeth 

„ Sprntt, George 

1603 Sonlsby, Edward 

„ Sturton, George 

„ Shurland, John 

Tear. Names of Tustiitors. 

1693 Scott, Piiilip 

„ Skutt, William 
„ Sturton, Ann 
„ Swellivant, Tobias 
„ Savory, Elizabeth 
„ Scott, Kobert 
„ Spring, Thomas 
„ Stoo[), Mary 
„ Scone, Abraham 
Sandiford. Ruth 

1694 Scrope, Edniond 

„ Salmon, Snr., Joseph 
„ Snookes, Ellinor 
„ Spencer, Margaret 
„ Southward, John 
„ Saer, Thomas 
„ Stanton, Daniel 
„ Stoakes, Edward 
„ Smithy, Johu 
„ Swan, John 
„ Stillingilcet, Eobert 
„ Stephenson, Edward 
„ Steaks, John 
,, Simon, Nicholas 
,, Sutton, Ivicliard 

1695 Sherman, Thomas 
„ Smith, liich;ird 

„ Stewart, Johu 
,, Sampson, John 
„ Smith, Margaret 
„ Shorey, John 

Stubbs, Katheriiie 
Sturdiuiant, Roger 
Snipe, Johu 
Sober, John 
Smitli, Zachariah 
Spring, John 
Salter, liichard 
Salwev, Posthuiiuis 
SI re 1 held, John 
„ Shatterdcn. Urax 
,, Somers, Cornwall 
,, Shipton, Elizabeth 
„ Sullavan, Dermon 
,, Sears, John 
„ Stretton, Jcdm 
„ S?''geant, John 
,, Smith, Francis 
„ Shurland, Charles 
1701 Southron, Isaac 
„ Spry, Francis 
„ Springluun, John 
„ Snow, John 
„ Sadier, Thomas 
„ Shorey, Anthony 
„ Smith, Ephraim 






Ycnr. Xamo"; of Testators. 

1701 Savage, Francis 
„ Smith, Saiiuu'l 

„ Seaward, ^lallichy 

1702 Suttnn, Thomas 
„ Smith, Williatn 

,, Slop;rove, RirharJ 

„ Steevoiis, John 

,, Scott, Sarah 

„ Scott. Edward 

„ Stockdall, Georo;e 

„ Soiithwood, Epapliraditus 

„ Swiinsted, John 

1703 Starhely, Andrcw 
„ Swiiihoe, George 
„ Smith, Elizabeth 
„ Sutton, John 

„ Sampson, Jidni 

„ Sornmcrs, Elizabeth 

„ Sober, Thomas 

„ Sherren, Edward 

„ Smith, Kichard 

„ Sherard, Daniel 

„ Smith, Robert 

„ Slaughter, Joseph 

„ Seaward, John 

„ Sharpe, Eirhard 

1701 Sherman, Elizabeth 

„ Scantlebury, Jacob 

„ Stratton, John 

170-5 Stady, Thomas 

„ Sparkc, John 

„ Smith, Joseph 

„ Shipton, William 

„ Stede, Edwyn 

170G Snipes, Jxobert 

„ Steward. John ■ 

„ Sturt, Law ranee 

1709 Shene, Jo.-<eph 
,, Smith, Judith 

1710 Somers, John 

„ Sadlcir, Susanna 

„ Saile, Jolm 

„ Sterrup, Josepli 

„ Singleton. Edward 

„ Strut, Koliert 

„ Stcars, (loorge 

,, Strode, John 

„ Sholl, llMunali 

„ Stears, George 

1711 Smith, rranci.< 
,, Smith. Jolm 

1712 Skeete, Francis 

„ Shipman, Alexander 

„ Suttoii, Susjinnah 

„ Sharesmore, Elizabeth 

1713 Saudiford, Thomas 








Names of To^tntors. 
St. John, Elizabeth 
Sweeney, William 
Skreen, Parshona 
Staples, Mary 
Strode, Mary 
Simpson, Chi-istophcr 
Spence. George 
Stewart, Kobert 
Stewart, Eliza be tli 
Smith, Sarali 
Sweaney, Katherine 
Sutton, iNlavgaritt 
Sober, Thomas 
Shuller, William 
SmethAvicke, Stephen 
Simson, ^largaret 
Swan, Kobert 
Spooner, John 
Sealy, William 
Seaward, ]?icliard 
Seaward, Mary 
Sawyer, Elinor 
Star key, Koger 
Slow, Klias 
Stewart, James 
Seawell, Davers 
Salmon, Joseph 
Severs, Marinaduke 
Stuart, Elizabeth 
Stevens, Edwin 
Stevens, John 
Saunders, William 
Southward, Kichard 
Savory, Mary 
Sivcrs, IMarmaduIvC 
Siston, A\"illiani 
Savers, Nicholas 
Spooner, Thomas 
Stafford, Thomas 
Skinner, Abraham 
Scott, Kobert 
Stevens, Eilinor 
Sliejiliart.!, James 
Smith, J (dm 
Scston, William 
Spooner, Thomas 
Simons, Timothy 
Smith, Elizabeth 
Sanders, Ambrose 
Steward, Thomas 
Scott, William 
Saywcll, Alexander 
Simons, John 
Swan, Mary 
Seymore, Tlnnnas 
Seaward, Benjamin 



Ye:ir. Names of Testators. 

1719 Shovcy, Thoimis 
,, ^tui\rt, Tlioinas 
„ Smith, John 

„ Spai'i'ock, Jaines 

„ Scotr, Kichard 

1720 bfi^eiicer, William 
,, Skeett-, HediiKui 
,, Si^iiett, William 
,, Smith, .Idliii 

„ Shaw, Thomas 

,, Sistou, Lelitia 

„ Samlet'ord, Anne 

„ Suilevant, Deiniis 

„ Somcrs, Thomas 

1721 Stpplu'n;^ Mary 
,, Stroutl, ITiomas 
„ Small, W'illiaui 
,, Stoute, Francis 
„ Swan, John 

,, Sultou, John 

,, Swane, Joseph 

,, Sumers. John 

,, Santi'ord, Jaiob 

,. Skef*e, Edward 

„ Strode, Judith 

„ Skcete, licynold 

,, Sandeford, Anne 

1722 Savage, Joini Moore 
,, Somors, Jane 

,, St. John, Harnett 

,, Square, ]Mary 

„ Salter, Margaret 

,, Smith, ,-Vdam 

„ S})arrock, Jchji 

,, Sparrock, ^Faiy 

,, Stewart, Thoma.s 

1723 Senhouse, Thomas 
„ Seott, Audrew 

,, Shejiherd, Elizabetli 

,, Smith, John 

,, Sliovett, James 

,, Skriiii, I'arthena 

,, Sinitli, John 

„ Sienzne, John 

172-1- San<liford, T'liomas 

,, Spencer, William 

,, vSmith, John 

,, Slie[)herd, William 

,, Salanion,[)li 
St. John, Harnett 
Scott, Kli/.abeth 

,, Sampson, John 

„ Sullivant, lllizal)eth 

172J Sadler, IJalph 

,, Sandit'ord, Martlia 

,, Shar])e, llannal) 

Year. Naine.s of Testators. 

172j Simmons, Phillif) 

,, Spooncr, A\^illiam 

„ Snookc, Thomas 

,, Sonthward, Susanna 

„ Senior, Jacob 

,, Saiulit'ord, ^V'illiam 

172(5 Spat rock, Sarah 

,, Smith, JJenjamin 

,, Sober, John 

„ Stoute, John 

„ Shorey, John 

,, Scott, John 

„ Smith, Soloman 

„ Sandiford, Richard 

„ Stevens, Jolm 

1727 Suilevant, J^enjamin 

„ Smethwicke, Prancis 

,, Snow, Joliu 

,, Smith, George 

,. Sinkler, Adam 

172S Skeete, Zaeliarias 

,, Shepherd, John 

„ Sandit'ord, Elizabeth 

„ Smith, John 

„ Shillingt'oi'd, Tienjamiu 

,, Seawell, Elizabeth 

„ Scott, Robert 

,, Sutton, Edmund 

,, Shepherd. John 

„ Stryiiig, George 

,, Sandit'ord, Elizabeth 

,, Sutton, Edmund 

,, Seawell, Elizabeth 

„ Scott, Robert 

„ Soutlnvard. Susannali 

1729 Steward, Margaret 
,, Stewart, Charles 

,, Stocker, John 

,, Sinkler, Richard 

„ St. John, H.onor 

,, Scott, Walter 

,, Sharpe, Johannis 

,, Smith, William I'ool 

1730 Smith. William 
„ Smith, John 

„ Scott, Alexander 

„ Shute, Weaver 

,, Smith, Ann 

„ Sisneit, AVilliam 

,, Salter, Tinu)thy 

,, Sisneit. AVilliam 

„ Smalridge, John 

„ Somers. Janus 

1731 Scales, Erancis 
Sealy. ^Fary 

„ Shockues.s, Jolm 










Names of Testators. 
Smitliworkc, Kacliael 
ytoke.-*, Tlioin;i.s 
Still lev, liicliard 
ISpeiu-er, Haekctt 
Sherrcu, J^cbcccka 
Sinitl), A vi.s 
Sliorrin, Rebecca 
.Staiii'i)icL. Adam 
Savers, .loliu 
Soutlioni, Isaac 
Sisiiett, Ann 
yadlicr, Elizabctli 
Sinisoii, .lanics 
^liarjic, ilary 
Spencer. Arthur 
Stokes, Thomas 
Shepherd, Hester 
Smitli, Eh'/.abetli 
Scott, Joliii 
Seymour, Jolni 
Smith, John 
Slinj^slcy, x\rthur 
Stroud, JJichard 
Stuard, .lohii 
Seott, Philh'p 
Stretch, Jaspar 
SmethwTcke, John 
Siiae, William 
Street, Thomas 
Snow, Jane 
Sprin<!;liam, William 
Sullevaiit, Ann 
Sinith, Mary 
Sutton, Ik'iuy 
Sinith, Joliii 
Speght, riioma.s 
Sa_\ er.-i, Elizabeth 
Saiiderd, Geor;i;e 
Sandei'fioji. Jiichard 
Spavrock, Thomas 
Scott, John 
Shurlaud, Jolui 
Sandeford, Thomas 
S|)oncer, 'i'iiomas 
Sivers, John 
Seawell, Jiobert 
Sliewel!, Eilward 
Smith, I^i'arl 
Seaward, Samuel 
Speiuer, Dorothea 
Shorrln. Henry 
Savers, Thomas 
Si^m■tt, Edward 
Stewart, James 
Sandeford. Jolui 
Spencer, William 



Names of Testators. 
Stroud, Julm 
Scant lebury, Simon 
„ Smith, John 

,, Scutt, Kobert 

„ Stewart, John 

17-10 Spooner, Eebecca 

„ Sanders, Geori.;e 

,, Skcete, Francis 

„ Sndioi!, Patrick 

,, Scott, Jolm 

„ St. John, Charles 

1741 Salmon, Samuel 

„ Sargani, Charles 

„ Shepherd, James 

„ Stocker, Daddlestone 

,, Seuvzae, John 

1712 Sober, John 

„ Stevens, John 

„ Sanger, Y\'illiam 

„ Strong, George 

„ Silman, Henry 

,, Stroud, ]Matthew 

,, Shipley, I^Iar}' 

17-43 Simpson, J']li/,abeth 

,, Settle, Anne 

,, Sutton, JJichard 

,, Sanders, Mar}' 

„ Smith, William 

„ Seward, Thomas 

„ Strode, Sarah 

„ Skeele, Jean 

„ Suuth, Jolm 

„ Smirk, Sampson 

„ Savers, Jane 

1744 Sniith, Alice 

„ Spencer, Anne 

„ Skelton, J\icliard 

„ Simmons, Eliilij) 

„ Stevens, P'lizabet!) 

„ SuUivant, Daniel 

1745 Sarjaint, llenrj 
„ Spencer, Ann 

„ Stevens, Peter 

„ Stapleton, Thomas 

„ Scott, Eli/abetli 

1740 Sandeford.. AYilliam 

,, Salmon, 

,, Stevens, George 

„ Snow, iNtary 

„ Snow, Jolm 

„ Scale, Thomas 

„ Snath, William 

„ Santl'ord, Sarah 

„ Savery, ^Tary 

1747 Stevenson, Jolm 

„ Slingsbury, J Tarry 



Year. Names of Testators. 

17i7 Sinitli, Dirothy 

,, Siirjiint, ]l>)bcit 

,, Stiiai-t, Williaiii 

„ Sink If r, PoAfl 

„ Suarliiiji, .lolni 

,, Skiniicr, Ann 

174S fSii liven, .lolm 

„ Scott, Juhu 

„ Scantlobiiry, Joseph 

,, Skeete, Margaret 

„ Skeete, EdwanI 

„ iSamlefonI, William 

17-i9 Saii.leford, Kichard 

„ Smetliwcok, Henry 

„ Smith, Jolua 

„ Smitli, Benonie 

„ Stevens, William 

„ Salter, Ann 

„ Skcete. Elizabeth 

,, Sedgwick, Samuel 

17o0 Seaward, Mary 

„ Sutton, George 

„ Smith, Alexander 

„ Stuck, xVnn 

„ Smilli, Margaret 

„ Stanley, Mary 

„ Stanton, liiciiard 

1751 Scantlcbury, Giles 
„ Shcrrin, William 

„ Skeete, William Wheeler 

„ Sealy, John 

„ Smith, Samuel 

„ Sandeford, Cornelia 

1752 Smith, llenrietta 
,, Smith, Barbara 

,, Stewart, 3Iary 

,, Sainthill, Margaret 

„ Stewart, John 

,, Stewart, Thomas 

„ Southorn, Elizabeth 

,, Skinner, Jacob 

175:} Shield, William 

,, Stroud, ^Matthew 

,, Spencer, William 

„ Stroud, Kobert 

,, Steel, Alexander 

,, Scott, Jane 

„ Smith, (Teoi'ue 

,, Shockness, J:^li/,abeth 

,, Savers, Kdward 

,, Stanton, Ivichard 

„ Smethweck, J (dm 

„ Stanford, Adam 

1751 Starkey, Philip 

„ St. John, CMiarles 

„ Spencer, John 








Names of Testators. 
Scott, John 
Smith, William 
Speed, ^lary 
Smith, William 
Shurland, Elizabeth 
Spencer, Samuel 
Sherriu, l^lizabeth 
Subei-, .lulni 
Skinner, Isaac 
Simp:«on, -lolin 
Sherewood, Elizabeth 
Scott, AValter 
Sullivan, Patrick 
Stewart. Erancis 
Smith, Benjamiu 
Snarling, ]iobert 
Stuart, Bridget 
Southward, John 
Stroud, Mary 
Snelling, Elizabeth 
Seawanl, .Malachi 
Struud, Henry 
Smith, Tennison 
Smith, Edith 
Settle, 31argaret 
Sayers, Ann 
Smith, John 
Steart, Dyniock 
Smith, Kobert 
Steele, Sarah 
Settle, AVilliam 
Sparrock, Eleanor 
Shorcy, Cluistopher 
Sims-, William 
Shaw, John 
Spencer, ^Michael 
Simmons, Ivebecca 
Skeete, Edward 
Sair, l?osc 
Siddy, K(;bert 
Skeete, Francis 
Seward, William 
Seward. Ann 
Stroud, John 
Scruitou, Wdliam 
Shore, Margaret 
Seymote, JdIi'i 
Sellman, John 
Sayer, John 
Saver, Elliott 
Stanton, Daniel 
Sesnett, James 
Spencer, Ann 
Saudeford, .Mary 
Sharpe, Eit-hard 
Salmon, Jtichard 




Year. Names of Testalnrs. 

17G1 Siiniiuiii.-^. Philip 

„ Siivory, iSanmel 

„ Sober, Siirali 

„ Saers, Eciijamin 

,, Seynidre, John 

„ Sat-r, Elizabeth 

„ Stiirj,'e, William- 

,, Seott, .)a lies 

,, IShnekncss, William 

,. Siinpsoii. Andrew 
Stroud, Elizabeth 

17(!l? Salmon. 'I'homas 

„ Slacy. Edminul 

„ Slieilds, William 

„ Stede, JNIary 

„ Selllo, Ann 

„ Sheliee, Koger 

„ Saiuiet'ord, .lolin 

,, Stonte, Edward 

„ Spencer, John 

., Sacr, Jane 

„ Stewart, John . 

,, Swan, John 

]7t53 Skeen, Edward 

,, Skeete, Franci.s 

„ Seymorc. Aim 

,, Smith, ]^]lizabeth 

,, Sandeford, Sarah 

„ Swan, Samuel 

„ Spencer, Elizabeth 
Scott, Jane AVood 

17Gi Sharp, Ann 

,, Stevenson, Thomas 

„ Smith, John 

,, Stewart, Daniel 

., Sutton, Kicliard 

,, Sadler, ^Michael Coriier 

17tio Smith, Alexander 

„ Simj)son, Mary 

„ Stretch, (^eorge 

,. Sharp, I'rancis 

„ Shaw, Miiry 

„ Smith, Sarah 

„ Sealy, William 

„ Smittin, Thomas 

„ Sedi_i;wecl-c, Jamo.^ 

„ Smith, J(dni 

„ Scott, Elizabeth 

,, Searles, Catherine 

I7()l) Skeete. Martin 

„ Scale, Jacob 

„ Smellwveck, John 
Siiariett, Allen 

„ Sherren, Samuel William 

Year. Names of Testators. 

17GG Shersone, Ralph 

„ Salmon, Joseph 

17G7 Stoutc, George 

„ Serjeant, Hairison 

„ Smith, jNTarsjjaret 

,, Salmon, William 

„ Smith, Elizabeth 

„ Scott, Edward 

,, Sayer, William 

,, Shepherd, A\'illiam 

,, Swan, Margaret 

„ Salmon, Samuel 

,, Sanahan, Jolni 

17GS Shurland, William 

,, Smith, Samuel 

„ Sayers, Dorothy 

„ Scandritt, Christopher 

,, Smith, Margaret 

„ Smith, Hemy 

„ Stanton, Anderson 

„ Skeete, Bridget 

,, Sullivan, James 

17G9 Sanford, ilichard 

„ Shepherd, Kebecca 

„ Smith, Thomas 

„ Seale, John 

,, Sadler, Elizabeth 

,, Sober, Thomas 

,, Shurland, William 

„ Smith, Mary 

1770 Skeete, ]^-»bVrt 
„ Scale, William 

,, Sims, Katherine 

,, Stoute, Thomas 

„ Smith, Mary 

„ Scott, Agness 

,, Saers, Elizabeth 

,, Stoute, Philip 

,, Strutton, John 

„ Sarjeant, Samuel 

,, Shepley, Kevd. John 

1771 Sherman, John 
,, Selman, INlercy 
„ Scott, Ann 

,, Staudford, Mary 

„ Smith, Sarah 

,, Smith, Mary" 

„ Slade, Elizabeth 

„ Spencer, Thomas 

1772 Spry, Governor William 
„ She[)herd, Sanniel 

„ Spooner, Guy 

„ Siddey, John 

„ Sturge, Jane 

{To he contiiived.) 

- ( 185 ) 

aiOnttcr of 3iari)aD0Q' aati ^outl) Carolina. 

John AV'alter, Esq^ of AVoking, co. Surry. Will dated 30 Dec. 17:31. I 
appoint my oldest son Abell W. sole Ex'or, and Iiis Mother my wife G. to my 
young ch", and to my s'' son Abell I devise all my manors and lands in G' 
Britain and I. of B'oes, and also my per.^. estate in T.,to sell to pay £400 a year to 
my wife for Iier life, but I give her and her heirs for ever m}' mansion house at 
Hoebridge and all else purchased by me of Jas. Feild, Esq., dec'', and of K'' 
Bird and Cath. Iiis wife and all ])late and furniture, coach and pair of best horses, 
and 100 gns. To my s. Herirv \V. the moiety of my lands purchased in Grenvill 
Co. in S. Carolina from Capt. Douglas witli 20 negroes now on the same, also 
1000 aci'cs which I hold by grant from the Crown, being part of the Baroney 
lying at Days Creek in the said co. To my s. W"' W. the other moiety of said 
lands, 20 negroes, 1000 a. part of s'' baroney, atul c-C12.")0. To iny sons Jas. W., 
Alleync W., and Meyiiell AV. each 2000 a. in s'' co., part of the Barony granted 
me by the Crov.n, and to eacli £2000. To my 2 daus. Lucy and Mury £2000 
each at 18. My Ex'or to manage 1000 acres part of my said Baroney, Mith 20 
negroes, for my s. John W. for his life. To my s. Eicli'' W., who has already 
rec"^ a fine fortune from me, 1000 a., i)art of said Baroney, and £500. To iny 
grandson John W., the s. of Abell W., Esq'', all iny lands in Goose Creek, .South 
Car., called Eed Bank, and all the remainder of my Baroney, being 2000 acres. 
To my dau. Eliz, Dottiji £-300. ^fy dau. Lucy W. £.500 more at 21. If my s. 
Henry W. do not settle in 8. C. 1 revolve the gift of land and give £1500 r>arb. 
c. in lieu thereof, to be p'" by -M' W'" AValker, and the moiety of Dou^das' lands 
■I give to my s. AV™ in lieu of the 1000 a. and the 2000 a. taken from my s. 
Henry and W"'. I give to my yr. sons Jas., AUeyne and ileynell equ:iily. 
Whereas I may have 100 negroes in Car. I w'' have them valued and put on the 
land of -Jas., Alleyne and MeyucU, and the value deducted from their legacies. 
To my grandson John AV. £2000 to stock his lands. AV'itnessed by Tho. Bunde 
Alleyne, Benj. Mayuard. 

Codicil, dated IS March 1735. To my s. Henry A\'., if he shall settle iit 
S. C, £12.50. Sons Jas., Alleyne and Mevneli £10 a year till IS. x-VU residue 
to my s. Abel AV. Proved o June 1736 bv Abel AV., Esu"", the s. and sole Ex'or. 
(142, Derby.) 

Edward Baron of Aberiraveiniy. On 27 Oct. 1721 commission to Gideon 
Harvey, Esq.. the Guardian of Lady Cath., dowager Baroness of Abergavenny, a 
niiuor, the widow and relict. 

Abel AValter of IJaddesley, co. S'ton, Esq. Will dated 13 Aug. 17G7. AVeak 
in body. AVhereas I have by deed poll dated 12 of this present month cif Au:,'. 
executed a power for raising portions for my younger sons and dans. I conlirm 
it, and my wife Jane being entitled to a joynture of £siiO a year. 1 give ali uiy 
veal and personal estate to my s. John \V. of Parley Hill, co. BiM'ks. Ks(i.. in T. 
to sell and to pay to my wife £500, and as to certain plate and furniture for my 
uife, and to sell the remainder and divide proceeds into parts for my dau. Ann 
2-Gth, my dau. Charlotte l-(3th, my s. Neville 1-Gth, my s. Georije i-(jih. My 
s. John sole Ex'or. (Signed with a cross.) Proved 24 Oct. 17(J7 by John W., 
Esq., the son. (oS)7, Legard.) 

Jane AValter of Hadsley in the p. of Bidder in ilauij^shire. Will dated 
20 Sept. 170!), My dear children John W. and Anne AVi to be trustees, anil all 
real and personal estate. £20 for funeral. To my s. Jolm ail my family |)ictures. 
vor,. \. ' ' y 



AI;^rs. — Oi\ rjnitcc-dC'Sauj, iu:o sworcls in 
rampant Sable. 

iltire Gules, over all a lion 

Eictiard Walter of Barbados, merchant and planter 1G78 ;=p 
Donor of the font in 1 G8i in St. James's ; ]M. o£ C. 1G9S ; 1 
bur. at St. James' 17 An 2. 1700. i 

John "Walter of Barbados, tlun of "Woking, co. Surrey, M.P.- 
Surnv 1719 and 1722; bur. at AVoking 5 :Mav 1730" Will 
dated" 30 Dec. 17o-l ; proved 5 June 17olJ (112, Derby). 
Owned a barony of 12,000 acres in S. Carolina. 

=Lucy, dan. of the 
Hon. Abell Allevne 
of Barbados ; died 

Abel Wal-- 
ter, 1st son 
and heir, of 
Bad.-ley in 
BolJre, CO. 
ton ; sold 
his manors 
in Surrey ; 
bur. in Bath 
Abbey 15 
Oct. "1767. 
Will dated 
13 Auf;.. 
and proved 
24 Oct. 
17G7 (397, 

^Hon. -lane 
Xevill, dau. 
and even- 
tual heir of 
Geo., 11th 
venny, wlio 
died 1720-1. 
She died 19 
Mar. 17&6. 
Will dated 
20 Sep. 
17G9 ; 
proved 2 
May 17SG 
(31-1, Nor- 
folk). "W.!. 
No. 7-14. 

sold his 
hinds at 
in I7G1. 

William AVal-== 
ter of AVamjjee 
plantation of 
1000 a. in Ash- 
ley Barony, S. 


James=pEliz. Hillman 

AV alter, 
IS in 

of Salisbury, 
CO. AVilts, 
mar. at AVok- 
ing 28 Oct. 
1749 by lie. 



Lieut, in 
Col. Monl- 
to AVam- 
pec plan- 

-Jane, dau. 
of Dr. 
of S. Caro- 
lina ; raar. 
at Charles 
circa Feb. 

Elizabetli AValter, 
mar. in 3<]:igland 
AV^ni. Haggatt of 
Daggatt Hall of 
1300 a. in Ashley 
Barony, S. Caro- 
lina. Ho was born 
1743, and died 
1773. {Antc.lX., 





cousin of 



John AValter, lst= 
son and heir, of 
Farley Hill, co. 
Berks, 17G7, later 
of S. Badsley in 
33oldre : o\yner of 
Apeshill, ]3arba- 
dos. AVill dated 
19 July ISOG; 
proved 4"Mr, vis 11 
(2G3, Crickitt), 


Eev. Neville 



A\'alter, born 



1737; of Christ 


at St. 

Cluxrch. Ox- 



ford ; matric. 



24 ilay 1753, 


aged IG ; 

17 Nov. 

B.C.L. 17S4 ; 


B. of Bergh 
Apton, CO. 
Norfolk ; died 
Dec. 1S02. 


Charlotte AValter, mar, 
5 j\ray 17 OS at St. 
George's, Hanover 
Square, Ascanius AVm. 
Senior of Bray, co. 
Berks, where he died 
24 Oct. 17S9. M.I. 
AVill (559, Macliam). 
She Avas sole heir of 
lier brother John. Her 
will (554, Crickitt). 
{Ante, lA'., 281.) 

The money 1 owe them. AVhen the legacy of £500 left me by 'yV Shirk is 
rec'', I give my children Xeville AV. and Charlotte Senior -t:5() each. All residue 
to my dau. Ann W. Witnessed 19 .Tunc 1770. Proved 2 May 17.sG by John AV. 
tlie son and Ann A\'., spr,, the dau. (314, Norfijik.) 



John A\''altov of Soutli l}a<lsk'y in the p. of Boldre, co. S'ton, Esq. "Will <l:itpd 
19 July ISdG. To M/' llelt'ii AD<U;y \vift' of John Anstey. Esq., ami dan. of the 
late Ascaiiiiis Win. .Senior, Esq., iiiv gold ■\vatch. My cousin Cajit. John Abel 
Walter £'.jU. To Tho. Berkley of Lymington, co. S'ton, pjsq., and Chas. Harbin 
of Ringwood, gent., my plantations in the L of B'oes called Jlounf Wilson and 
Apeshill, with the negroes, and my dwelling house in Albemarle Street, St. 
Greorgo's, Hanover Square, now in the occupation of A\'m. Erie on Trust to sell. 
I give them also my frcehoKl and leasehold messuages in S. Badsley and Shar- 
purcks to sell to pay all interest to M'^' Charlotte Senior of Bath, widow of 
Ascanius AVm. Senior, Esq., for her life, and at her death to pay the interest to 
Jane Long wife of the Eev. Rob. Churelnnan Long of Denston Hall, co. Xorfolk, 

Sarah, dan.=f 
and coheir of 
Rich. Bird of 
Woking ; 
widow of I 

Eich. Winch 
of Bray, co. 
Berks, whom : 
she mar. 15 
Feb. 1742 ; j 
mar. lie. dated < 
7 Aug. 1754. I 
1st wife. 

Rev.AUeyne Wnl-: 
ter, born 1721 ; 
of Christ Church, 
Oxford, matric. 
24 Oct. 1740, 
aged IG; B.C.E. 
174S; D.C.L. 
1752; E. of Crow- 
combe, CO. Som. ; 
died April IhOG, 
aged 82. 






Elizabetli Wal- 




ter, mar. Abel 

mar. at 



Dottin of Eng- 




lish, CO. Ox- 

hill, CO. 



ford, and of 




Barbados. His 

24 Oct. 



will was dated 



19 Nov. 1759; 



proved 3 Jan. 


1 Sept. 


1G98 'at 

(9, Lynch)- 

St. James, 

Their only son 


Abel was born 

and at her death to divide the principal among her children. Trustees to be 
Ex'ors. Witnessed by Sarah Burrard of Lvmington, etc. Proved 4 May ISU 
by both Ex'ors. (263, Crickitt.) 

1G43, Julv 8. Tho. Walter, gent., sells 20 acres. (B'os Eecords, vol. i., 
p. 228.) 

1G78. The "Constant Warwick" returning to B'os as she came near the 
Island took an Interloper, connnanded by one Capt. Golding, and bound to this 
L with Negroes. The Ship belonged to Mr. Jviehard AValter, a Merchant there, 
and M'' John BowdtMi, a Merchant' in L. (Col. Cal., 3G.) 

IGSO. S' James. Eichard Waltors. 3 servants, 20G acres, 140 negroes. 
(Hotten, 50G.) 

1GS7-S. Mr. EicM Walter, a considerable planter. (Col. Cal., 43.) 

1697, Oct. 28. Mandates were given by the King in 1695 for the ai)|)oint- 
meut of Eich"! A7alter (and others) to the" Council of B'os, tho' owing to the 
miscarriau'e of the mandates by sea these gcntleuien have never been admitted. 
(7/;/(^., p.^2.) 

1G9S. Eich'i Walter, Esq., then a i\L of C. {Ibid., p. GO.) 

1G99, Jan. 25. Capt. John Walter appointed assistant to Judge Hooker. 
{I hid, p. 31.) 

1720. John AValter, ^l.V. for Surrey, and INI"" .VUeync his brother in hiw, 
men of great interest in B'os, were heard by the Lords Justices in the complaints 
against Gov. Hob. Lowther. (Oldmixon, ii., 69.) 

1736, May 12. John Walters, Wokin-, AI.P. for Surrey. (" G.M.," 292.) 

1745, April 14. John Walter, Esq., at Worcester Park, Surrey. {J bid., 220.) 

p 2 



1758. Hugh Hamersley by John "Walter and Newton "Walter his wife. 
(Close llvU.) 

17.S(), March 10. In H;niipshire. the hon. Mrs. Walter, dau., and at length 
.'^oic licirt'^ji. of Geo. Nevill, J^ord Abergavenny, first baron of England, wife of 
Abel W., e.Mi. (•'G.M.,'"i!7a) 

ISUL'. Lately (Dec). Ivov. Xeville AValter, rector of Bergh-Apton, and the 
nioietv of Ifolveston, Norfolk, in the gift of Lord Abergaveunv. He was of 
Christ Chuivli. Oxford; B.C.L,, I7SL {Ibid., 122G.) 

1S0(J. April. -At Crowcouibe, co. Somersci, of which he was rector, iu his 
S3rd yca'r, tlic l^ev. Alleyno Walter, LL.D. (Ibid., 3bS.) 

Duncan Grant, Lient. E.X., wrote 21 Oct. 1913 from Australia that his 
grandmotlier was a Miss 'Mary Eiiz. Walter of the Barbadian family. 


17GS May 5 Ascanius AVilliam Senior of Tewin Place, Herts, Esq"', "W., and 
Charlotte A\'alter of this p., S. Married bv Nevill Walter, 
Clerk, L.A.C. "Witnessed by John Walter and Nassau 

1757 Nov. 17 John Walter of this ^., Esq., B., and Newton Walker of S^ 
Mary le Bowc. Lie. 

17G7 Oct. 15 Abel Walter, Esq., buried. 


1679 Julv- 4- Alice y*^ Wife of Thomas Walter; buried. 

KiOS Sep. 1 Pvichard the S. of Cap''- John and Lucy W. ; bap. 

1700 Aug. 17 Tlie lIonbi<= JJichard W., Esq''; buried. 


The Peverend Alleyne Walter. D.L., of AVoking in the county of Surrey, 
Clerk, and ^l" Bridujet Butler of this parish were married by Licence, Oct. 2-1"', 
by me J. Thistlethwaitc. 1759. 


1740 Oct. 2S James Walter of ^\'okeing, captain, and Eli/. Hillman of Salis- 
bury, CO. Wills, at Woking. Pcv. Alleyne Walter of Chub- 
ham, clerk. (Vol. ii., 2US.) 

1751 Aug. 7 Alleyne Walter of Chobbaiii, abode several years, LL.D., clerk, 
bach., 20. and S.arah Wvncli ot" Woking, abode several years, 
wid., 29; at Woking. (ii;V/., p. 322.) 




Cliobham. — The Duke of Cleveland sold the manor to John "Walter, Esq. In 
1748 this goiitieniau's son Abel Walter obtained an Act of Parliament enabling 
the Crown to sell him the Freehold of this, with liisley and Woking (sec Vol. L, 
p. 126), A\hicii was done aecordingly. Of this family it was purchased, in 1752, 
by Lord Onslow's Trustees, (iii., 193.) 

Bisley.— The Uuchess of Cleveland died 9 Oct. 1709. In 171.5 her interest 
was sold to John Walter, Es(|. Mr. Walter died 12 May 1736, and was succeeded 
by his sou Abel, wlio in 174b obtained an Act of Parliament enabling the Crown 
to grant him the Freehold, wliicli was done, and in 1752 he sold it to Lord Onslow's 
Trustees. {Ibid., ISO.) 

The Manor of Fosters a//«i- Windlesham. — In 1717 it became the property 
o£ John Walter, Esq. About 1744 it was bought of him by the Trustees of Lord 
Onslow. {Ibid., 82.) 

The Manor of Bagshot. — It came into the hands of Jolni AYallei', Esq., pro- 
bably as purchaser of the Zouch Estate (see Woking). It was sold in 1748 to 
the Trustees of Lord Onslow\ {'Ibid., S3.) 

AYoking. — In 1715 this estate was purchased by John Walter, Esq., of Bus- 
bridge in Godalming .... in- 1719 was elected one of the Knights for this Shire 
iu Parliament, for which also he was a second time returned at the Ocneral Elec- 
tion in 1722 .... the estate was sold in 1752 by Abel W. {Ibid., i., 126.) 

Manor of Brookwood. — Tenement called " The Hermitage." M" Cath. 
Wood inherited from Jas. Zouch. She, after M'' Wood's death in 170S, married 
E"^ Bird of AYoking, yeoman, by whom she had two dans. Cath. and Sarah. Cath. 
married Tho. Lamhourn of ^Yoking. veoman. Sarah married (1) li'' "\Yinch, 
gent., of Bray Wick, co. Berks; and (2) Ilev. AUeyne Walter, LL.D., who pur- 
chased the other moiety and sold the whole. {Ibid., i., 129.) 

Hough Bridge in W^oking. — Purchased in 1730 by John Walter, Esq. In 
1735 he devised i1 to Lucy his wife, who in 173S devised it to Abel and Henry 
her sons, who sold iu 1761 lo Alleyne W., LL.D., their brother. He sold iu 1763. 

Busbridge, a capital messuage in Eashing. a hamlet in Godidming. — ]>;iu- 
rence Eliot sold it about 1710 to John Walter, Esq., of tho Island of J'arbadoes. 
{lbid.,i., 618.) 

John Walter married Lucy dan. of .... Allevue, Esq., of Barbadoes, and 
left Abel his s. and heir, ^^ho sold this estate in 1737. {Ibid., p. 620.) 


1742 Feb. 15 Were married M' Jiichard A\''inch of the parish of Bravwiek in 
the County of Berks, and M'^ Sarah Bird of this I'arish. 

1749 — Captain James AYalter and ]N[iss Elizabeth Uillman were married 

October 2S-i'. 


173G May 5 Was buried John Walter, Esq', of Hobridgc. ' ' '. 

[There is no memorial in old W^oking Church. — Ed.] 


190 CAlllBBEAKA. 


Alex. Skene, to whom Sam. Wragg sold 3000 a. in 1721, was also a man of 
prominence in the Province. 

He had originally come from Barbados, and was a M. of C. with Sam Wragg 
in 1717 .... He early conveyed away a tract of 1000 a. from the southern part 
of his purchase to \Vm. Douglas, who transferred it to John Walter of Wolciug 
Park or Tooting, County Surrey, England .... 1800 acres Skene continued to 
hold. He apparently called his plantation " New Skene," and at his death it 
passed to his son John Skene. John Skene died in 17GS .... His real and per- 
sonal property he devised to his friend Wm. Wragg, Esq., who in 1770 sold the 
1300 a. to Wni. Haggatt, who renamed it '• Haggatt Hall." Wm. Haggatt was 
an Englishman, who married Eliz, AValter the dau. of Wm. AValter and granddau. 
of John A\''aUer of Woking Park. She had been educated in England, where she 
married Haggatt. 

After Ha^gatt's death the property was acqtiired by Sam. AVainwright, who 
further subdivided it ... . The name "Haggatt Hall" still survives locally, but 
corrupted to " Hackett's Hill " . . . . 

The 1000 a. acquired by John Walter was called " AVampee " plantation, and 
was devised to his son AVilliain.^ John AValter owned considerable real estate iu 
S. Carolina, viz., a plantatiou called '"lied Bank" on the Co[)])er Eiver, and a 
tract of 12,000 a. called Walter's Earony, on Day's Creek or New Hirer in Gran- 
ville, now Beaufort County. AVm. AValter devised the " A\'"ampee " plantation 
to his sou John AUeyne AValter, who was for a tinre a lieutenant in Col. Wm. 
Moultrie's regiment, and married Jane Oliphant the dau. of D'' David Oliphant, 
a member of the Council of ^Safety, a prominent ilgure iu the Revolutionary 
councils. (S. Car. Hist, and Gren. Mag., vol. xi., p. S9 — 91. An excellent map 
accompanies the article.) 

1774. .ln° Allen AValter, Ash: lliver (married to) Jane Oliphant, S. C. Town. 
{Ibid., 102.) 

^aloltns Df ^t. 3i\itt5 anti iStbisj.* 


175 !• ]\rar. 11 IVfarv E.4ridge d. of Joseph & Eliz"' Eawlins, b. 21; Feb. ; bapt. 

l7oG Mar. 29 Henry s. of Joseph & Eliz''' Eawlins, 

17G7 Dec. G Frances d. ., ., „ 

1791 Nov. G Jenet d. of J. Eawlins, 

ISOG Mar. 29 Joseph Eawlins, Esq., Bach., & Eliz"' Caiues, Spin., by Eev'' 

AV'" Julius. 
1S13 Sept. S Tho' Tyson, Bach., .<t Eliz"' Thomas l^awlins, widow of late 

Jose])h K'awlins. lS^ Johns. 
1S12 Jan. 21 Anthony Hart ]^(wlins it Eosina Louisa Farrell Calnes, Spin. 
lSo3 Jan. 28 John Hart Eawlins, aged 22. Stonecastlc Estate. Burial. 


1799 Nov. 2o Ann Akers d. of Eichard & Eliz"' A\anderpool Eawlins, b. 28 

Oct. 17!I9; bapt. 
^M'l ^^^^- -*■' 'fi'-cph Eawlins & Eh/abeth Linnini^'ton. 
^I'J^ — John Hutchinson Wall win k Ann Hutchinson Rawlins. 

^~t'i'^ — Isaac Hardtman & Mary Eawlins. 

* Coutiiiued from p. 165. 


ST. PET]':irS, EAS.SETEiarE, ST. K1TT8. 
18.5G June 28 Eli/"' Martlia ]»a\vlins, at^oJ .'JO. Millikon.s Estate. Burial. 


17S9 Mar. 23 Stcdman s. of Stedman & Eli/,"' liawlin^, b. 20 July 1788, bapt. 
1798 Jan. 15 Elizabetb fl. of Jose[)h Rawlins, Esq., & wife, ai::ed 7 j'oars, bur. 
ISiG May 2G Thomas Berkeley Hardtinau & Alice Hart Rawlins. 


1821 Jan. 4- Theodore, aged 7, s. of Hon. W" "Wharton Rawlins & Marg' 

his wife. 

1822 Xov. .30 Gertrude Amelia dau. of Hon. W"» Wharton Rawlins & Marg' 

his wife. 
1838 — A\^"' Whartou Rawlin.<, b. at A\'alk estate 10 Xov. 1838. 

[The two following baptisms were also given by Mr. Bromley under this 
parish, but they are not in the printed volume : — ] 

1791' — posthuuious Elizabeth Stcdman dau. of Stedman & EHz"" 

Rawlins, b. 1-1 .July in Londcni. 
1795 ■ May 2 John Hart s. of Johii it Sarah Johnson Rawlins, b. 9 April. 



1751 April 11 Stedman s. of MT Stedman Rawlins & Mary h. w., b. 23 Feb. 

1751 Nov. 30 3[ary d. of „ „ b. 21 

1757 May 15 John s. of ,, „ b. 5 April. 

1759 .July 1 Ann d. of „ ,, b. 15 Dec. 1758. 

1787 June 22 Stedman s. of Stedman tSc J'^li/,"' Rawlins. 

1787 June 22 Ann 'i'avlor s. of Stedman & l'31iz''' Rawlins. 

1787 June 22 ."^aruh Worthingtun d. of Stedman ct ICli/."' Rawlins. 

1787 June 22 Mary .lohnson tl. of Stedman v*c, KHz"' Rawlins. 

1797 Feb. 7 Sarah Ann d. of John & Sarah Joimson ]\'awlins, b. 18 Oct. 17'.H). 

1807 l'"eb. 3 Stedman s. of Hon. Stedman i*i; Gcrtruile Rawlins, b. 5 Sfpt. 

1812 April 9 Henry s. of Stedman ]\awlins, Sen'', it wife Ann Taylor. 

1813 Feb. 24 John James s. of Stedman Rawlins, Sen', Sc wife Ann raylor. 
1S14' Jan. 1 James Tyson s. of Hon. Stedman ct (jertrudc Rawlins, b. 30 

July 1811. 

1814 Jan. 1 AV'" Wharton s. of Hon. Stedman .t (iertrude Rawlins. " 

1814 Jan. 1 Tho* Ciiarles Corry s. of Hon. Stedman it Gertrude Rawlins, 

b. 3 Feb. I8l3. 
1823 Aug. 9 Sarah Swanston d. of John Hart Rawlins A Martha Hart h. w. 
1S2G Jan. 22 Eliz"^ ^Lartha d. of John Hart Rawlins, b. 2t; Dee. 1825. 
182G Nov. 20 Gertrude Amelia d. of W'" Wharton Rawlins, Esi[., it Margaret 

li. w. 

































3 Heury inft. son of Henry & Eliz"' Kawlins. 
Hon. SteJuian Kawlins. 

John inft. i^. of JStcdaian & Eliz"' Eawiins. Monies Estate. 
Mary inft. d. of ,, „ 

Henry s. of „ „ Walk Estate. 

Joseph Ka\vlii\s, Esq. 

]\rartlia l-iawlins, aged 30. Johnsons Estate. 
M'^ S. .). E:i.\vlius, aged 7G. Johnsons fJstute. 
John Hart Jvawlins, aged io. Johnsons Estate. 
Ajuhouy Hart Eawlius, aged int. Johnsons Estate. 

1752 Dec. 21 




















M'' Stedinau Eawlins, Planter, and Mary Johnson dau. of Eliza- 
beth Johnson, widow. 
Stedman Eawlins and Miss Eliz"' AVharton. 
Capl" Anthony Young and Eliz"' Eawlins, Spin. Lie. 
.lohn Eawlins and .Sarah Johnson Hart, Spin. Lie. 
Stedman Eawlins and Gertrude Tyson, Spin. Lie. 
Stedman Eawlins, Esq., and Sarah Ann Eawlins. 
Henry Charles Newman and Sarah Swauston Eawlins. 


1788 June G Stedman E., aged G3, gout. 

1792 JNlaj' or June M'* Joseph E. d. in America. 

1793 Dec. 12 Stedman E. d. in England. 
1795 Jan. 31 Jo.soph E., Sen'", d. in America. 
1797 Nov. IS M-"' Stedman E. d. in England. 
1800 May 25 John E. d. in England. 


1812 July 11 At Henry Eawlins, Esq., Eichard Drew, Esq., to Miss Sarah 

The following baptisms were probably noted in Nevis, but Mv. Bromley omitted 
the name of the jjarish : — 

1830 Dec. 28 ]{ich'i Ed. AV'" s. of Henry and Eliz"^ Eawlins. 
2s James Davoron ,, „ ,, ,, 

28 Henry John ,, „ „ „ 

I'rancis Galpin ,, ,, „ „ 

Elizabeth dau. of ,, 

7 Anna dau. of Stedman Aker; 
— Steduian s. of „ „ „ „ 

by Ecv'' Pcmberton. 

The following arc from newspapers, almanacs, etc. : — 
1V21 Xov. G ]i. ]{,^ H^,^^ J. .^^ Sandy Point. S' Kitt's Gazette. 
182G Aug. . . Eliz. widow of Henry E., aged G5. 
1^27 — .lohn E., on j>assage to America. 

1S30 :\L'ir. 27 Eebecca Eitzpatriclc iu'e E., aged 25. 




73 IJ 

and Ellz^'^ Kuwliub of GiiiMiiand 

































Stedmau E., at Halifax, aged 46. 

Ami Tiivlor J{. wife of Col. li., at Walk Estate. 

.Jauie.s R. of Stoney Hill. 

Eliz. Marv K. of Muntpelicr, Nevi.s. 

Steduian R., at New Guinea Estate, aged 44. 

Miss Worchingtoii ]l. of Eotliergilis. 

Eliza ]■{ , at Svnionds Estate. 

:N['^ Rich' |{./at Rev. Parry's, Sandy Point, aged 68. 

John J.unt's s. of Stedman Ji., S^ at Eliza Brown's. 

Stedtnan Akers It., at Heiidricksena. 

,, ,, „ d. suddenly at Nevis, aged 43. 

D'' John E., at Burkes, aged 50. 
"Worthington Iv., aged 77. 
Sarah Ann li., at Castletnain Iload, Camberwell, Loudon. 

1828 May 7 Alice Hart dau. of John Hart Eawlius and Martlia ; bapt. 


1830 Nov. 1 John Hart Eawlius s. of John H. and Martlia A. E., b. 2 July ; 

1813 Sept. 30 AA''orthiugtou Eawlins and Elizabeth Stedman Eawlins. 

iMonumcntal I-uscrtptions in Cnslanti 
relating to efelcst Jrntitaiisj/ 


N.W. wall above the gallery : — 

Sacred to the Memory 


who departed this Life, the 17"' of .March 1805 j 

aged 44. 

He was a Native of ti:ki.and 

But pafled the greater Part of hi.-; Life in ameuica 

and the rauamas ; in which last Place 

he filled many OlKces of Triit't and Honour. 

(0 lines omitted.) 

He has left a AVidow aud three Cliildreu. 

See his will, fuife, IV"., 241. 

* Continued from p. IGH, 



ISin, Dec. 19. At Brighton, a^od S7, Jolin Got-Jou Haven, esq., formerly 
Major of the .30tli KeL;iiiieiit. (■' G.M ," 220.) 

The above ■\l'.I. appeared in "Mis. Gen. et Iler.," 3 Series, I., 202, but the 
Editor has checked it with the oris;inal. 


Xorth gallery. On a stone tablet surmounted by an urn : — 


WILLIAM VASSALL Esq'"^ aviio died on the 8« of mat 1800 



MARGARET wife of the abote said WILLIAM VASSALL 


M«3 ANN HUBI5ARD sfsTEu or the said MaUGARF<:T VASSALL 

■\V)I0 died on the 13'^" OF DECEMBER 1785 

LEONARD SAMUEL the infant gicandson of the above named 
and of 
MARGARET VASSALL daughter of the sxid WILLIAM and 




Below on a phiin shield: Azure, in chief a sun in its g^orj/, in lase a cup 
[VissALL] ; impaling, Gules, on a bend Or three lions rampant [HuebardI. 

ISOO, ?>Tay IS. . After a short illness, in his 85th vear. Win. Vassall Esq. of 
Batter.'^ea Rise, Surrey. (" G.M.," 491.) 

He was a son of Leonard Vassall of Jamaica and Boston, Mass., by Ruth 
Gale; b. 23 Nov. 1715; in. 1st, Ann Davis, who d. 2G Jan. 17G0, and 2ndly, 
Margaret Hubbard. lie was a M. of C. of Mass. in 1774-, and was banished m 
1778. In his will, dated 2 31 ay 1791 [l530, Adderley], he refers to his Green 
River plantation in' Jamaica. Sec "The Vassal's of N.E.," by E. D. Harris^ and 
Ante, p. 107, for Col. Henry A^assall, his younger brother. 

On a colliu-plate in the crypt: — 

Philip Holder 

Died 17" Oct': 

In his 25"" Year. 

William Thorpe Holder, formerly of Barbados tiieu of Grosvenor Place, was 
also buried in the crypt in 1787, but 1 could nut iiud any memorial of him. llis 



will was dated 4 Oct. 1785 and proved 5 Sept. 1787 [411, ^Major]. By Philipi>a 
Elliot his wife— will dated at Bath 7 Aug. LSl3. proved 1813," To be'buricHl at 
Battersea near my husband" [')(»1, Heatli6cld] — he had is.sue : 1. Wm. Philip 
Holder above mentioned, will [1)17, Exeter] ; 2. John Hooper Holder, m. twice 
and left issue; 1. Philippa Harbin Holder, d. young, bur. at Batter.^ea ; 
2. Margaret Dchany Holder, will dated IG April 1801, proved 10 Nov. 1809 
[821, Loveday], bur. at Battersea. 

On the west wall of the nave, north side, on a plain grey marble tablet : — 

Under"': lies y'' Body of 

Chrit"'; Brooks Elq'': of Jamaica 

Who depar'': this Life 4"': Se|/: 1769 

Aged 38 Years ; one of y'' AV"or^': of Men 

Friend to v'^ liirtref: 

truly Affecf^: & kind hufband 

tender Par': & a Sine"": Friend. 

(Transcribed 24 April 1917.) 

See his pedigree, Ante, II., 50, and his will, III., 171. 

On the east wall of the north gallery, on a white marble sarcopliagus-shaped 
tablet on black ; — 



COl.OXEL OF II. M. 44^^" JltHi'^, 


1843, AGED 79. 


JENNETTA, iiis wife, avho died at wi:ymoith, 
ox T]n: 25'° of may, 1838, acWvD 7G. 


OF HIS dauohteu, .tl'i.ta a>"xa, wno died 


1843, Jan. 12. At AVevuiouth, aged 70, General Gore Browne, Cohnud of the 
44th regiment. He innrned ]\[iss Bannister, dau. of the President of the Island 
of St. Vincent. (" G.M.," 534.) 

See pedigree of Browne of Nevis with note of James Browne of Weymouth 
in 1777. {Ante, 1., 35.) 

1787, Aug. 9. Gore Browne an Ensign of the 25"' foot it Janetta his v.ife 
(sister and heir-at-law of Robert Bannister late of S' Vincent, gent., who d. a bach. 
& under age) sell a plot in Church Street. .S' Jidm's, Antigua, for £105 c. She 
was single on 5 April 1785. ("Antigua," 1., 33.) 

St. George's, Hanover Square. 
1834, Jan. 30. Thomas Gore Browne, Esq., W. of S' I^Iartin's in the Fields, 
& IMary Ana Benyon, S. Lie. 



Oji the oast wall of the south gallcrv, the tablet a duplicate of the prececHng ; 





21"' OF NDYEMBEIt 1S3.3, AGED 13 YEAHS, 



On the south wall of the nave, oji a white marble i<arcophagus-shaped tablet 
Buriuounted by an urn : — 


to the mcmor_y of 


oftlie Count If of Jf.oncighan Ireland ; 

wlio departed this life at W^eyniouth, 

June the 10"' 1S30, Aged G9. 

His remain* are deposited near this Spot 

and by his affectionate Wife 

this Monument has been Erected. 


ANN HAMILTON wife of the above 




LIFE AT WEiMOVTU THi: li'^'^ MAIlCH 1837 


Below is the crest of the ducal house of Hami'tou surmounted by the motto. 

In the pedigree in Burke's " E.G." he is given as eldcs-t s. and h. of Sir James 
Hainiltuu of Coruacassa, co. Monaghan, Kut., was a Capt. in the Arm}', m. Mis3 
Gardner and d. s.p. 


On a floor stone in the south aisle of nave, opposite to tlie fourth bay from 
the west, the inscription somewhat indistinct: — 


wife of 


(oftlic Idond of 

Saint Christopher 

in the West Jndiea) 

Departed tins life 

20 Sepf ISIO. 

(Copied Aug. 1013. Sec this also in the "Ceuealogist," New Series, vol. vii., 53.) 

She was probably a dau. of IJenjamiu ^farkliam Brotherson of the same island, 
and was m. at St. Cioorgc's, Hanover Stjuarc, 5 July IsOl. Her husband, a 
clergyman, was at Eton in 17i)o, then Rector uf St. Ann, Sandy Point, for eight 
years till iiis death by fever about ISIS. His three orplian chibireii, two bovs 
luul one girl, weru in 1822 in the care of ^Miss >Larkham, his est\te in debt and the 
produce uul} half its former value. 



On a while marlilo ^liicld-sliapod tablet on the soutli wall of south transept : — 

ix iiKMORY or 


Axu OF CATHEPvIXE CEELY ins avtfe, 




AU6VSX 20'"^ 1S54, 



WHO DIED ilAY 7^" 1SG7. 

lu the south transept:* — 

In memory of j eliza Frances. | catheeixe ^fargaret massy, | and .tames 
ntAXCis, I children of the late | Major General mackik, cr. | and c.\.tuehine 
CEELY his wife, | they died of decline | ad. ISK), 1S41, 1S42, | at;ed 2G, 21 and 
IS years. | The n-maius of | eliza | are iiitia-red at Stoke Daniaral, J3evon ; | 
OATHERiXE and JAitES [ in the adjoining churclivard. 

Ou the east wall of the south transept ; — 














GEORGIXA JANE, his sister 


ON THE 27^" OF AUGUST 1S14. A(iEl) 18 YFARS; 



See a close-roll ivhitiiiL: to the ahove in Antiirua I . 2s. Tn Isl.'i Goo. ^^aL•kie the 
father, L' Col. oL' the (JOth J''oot, was residing; in Cheitenhaiu. His wife t^itherino 

• I did not iiolicu tins M.l. ulien vinitiug the church April ll)l:i; it was probably high up. 



Ccfly Edwards, wlioni lu' married 19 Jan. 1S09 at St. John's, Antigua, -^vas a dan. 

of Zaocliary IJayley Edwards of Dove Hall, St. Thomas in the A'ale, Jamaica, by | 

Catlieriiie his \vdc, dan. of IJowland Otto-]3aijor of Anticjua. Brvan Edwards i 

Mackie tlieir tliird son was of Dove Hall and d. 21 Eeb. ISSO. M.I. iu St. Thomas 

in the Vale. 


In the west portion of the cdiurchyard, on a stone allar-tomb within rusty iron 
railing. On tlie south face; — 

Adjoininf^ tliis Tomh are interred the Remains of 

JAMES INGLIS E?q'''^ late of Kingston in Jamaica 

■who died the 5^'' of November IS 15 

Aged 11 Tears. 

On tlie north face : — 


of this Parish 

and of Mark Lane London Merchant 

Died 5'" of September 1818 Aged id Years 

Deeply Lamented 

Also the Body of MARY HELEN INGLIS 

Daughter of JOHN B. INGLIS E.^q-- 

-who died 2"'' Feb-" 1S20 aged 5 months. 

1818, Sept. 5. At Walthamstow, the wife of John Inglis, esq. of Mark-lane. 
(•' G.M.," 470.) 

On a black marble floor slab finely polished and in perfect condition lying 
witliin the altar rails : — 

Here Lyeth the Body of 

M'' ARCHER MARTIN late of 

the Island of I.v>r.acA Merch': 

Obijt the 14" of Tune 1707. 

See his will, onfe, S8. 


In the churchyard. On a slab over a brick vault, near the south boundary 
wall : — 




AVlfO DIED 17^" OCT" 1824, 






* Transcribed 15 Av^. 1917. 


In the churchyard. On a head-sti)nc near the east boundary wall: — 

In Memory of 


of Walliboii, 

in the ITland of S' Vincent, 

who died 3'^' March IS20, 

• Aged -12 Years. 

1S20, ■March 3. In Cadogan-terrace, aired 12. John Grant, est]^. of Wallehow, 
in the Isl.uid of St. Vincent. 0' G.M.," 2S4.) 
See cinte, 111., 93. 


To the ^lemory of 


Member of the Supreme Council of India, 

And sometime His Majesty's Consul (Jeneral in I'eiu, 

Died T"" September, 1SG7, aged 91 years. 

Sacred to tlie Memory of 


Bengal Civil Service, 

Born 5"^ .Iune,'l7S6, Obir. 29^" July, 18(52, 

(3 lines.) [Causiek, p. 150.] 

George I'oyntz liicketts of Jamaica, b. 1750, Gov. of Barbados 1791, d. 8 April 
ISOO. He had married 13 Dec. 1772 Sophia dau. of Gov. \V''atts, by whom he 
had: I. Geo Foynl/. Ivicketts, Jr.. of the Bengal C. S., m. at Calcutta 20 Eeb. 
1800, Sophia dau. of Capt. Peirce, E.I.C.S., and d. at Benares April ISIG. 
n. ? Chas. ;Milner liicketts, b. 1770. ill. Mordaunt Ricketts, who m. Lin 
Bengal 21 Feb. 1S12 Maria Eliz. dau. of C. R. Crommelin, and 2 at Lucknow 
1 Nov. 1824 r«Irs. Charlotte X. Ravenscroft, dau. of Col. .Martin Fitzgerald of the 
Bengal Cavalry. 

Sacred to the IMcmory of 


Born in, y"^ year of our Lord 1777, died 21*' Dec. 1859 ; 

daughter of James Ma[)p Esq"-', 

and of Kitty iiis wife ; 

Adopted and ta ight by lier aunr, Sarah Rous, 

and by her grandmotlicr, Eliz. Rous, 

widow of tlie Hon Samuel Rous, manv years 

member of the Legishitive Council of i'arbadoe.'*, 

and twice I'resideut of that island. 

(2 lines.) [Cansick, p. 100.] 

The Hon. Sam. Rons of Clifton Hall plantation was acting (rovr. in 17('>G and 
1772, and d. in 17St. His widow Fdiz. d. 19 Nov. 179(5 an. I tluy were both 
buried in a v;iult on llalt.ins, formerly llauirhtoiis, in St. lMnb]i"s pai'i.^-h. In 
IGoi Tlio. Rous. Ks(j., for _Cl)500 c. soM to Geo. l'a.-tic!d a phuilation in ilie ab()ve 
parish of 217 acres. His eliler son John Rouf! ;ii. Margt. Fell (whose motlier 
remar. Geo. Fo.v the Quaker), and in his will dated 1()92 devised his plantation in 
the ab )ve parish to his son Xath'. (103, Irby.) There was also a Capt. Autlionv 



Eous of Barbados iu lOoO. The first settler appears to liave come from AVoottoa- 
■mulor-lvl^c. CO. Glouc. Anns: Or, an cnglc displaijfd Azure. 

In St. ['liilip's cluuvlivaril, Barbados, was a sione inscribed: "JanicsMapp 
E>q. died 17'j7."" 

James son of Jas. ^lapp of l?arbados was at Eton 17G3 — Go, and uiatricubited 
at O.xford from Christ Chunh 9 May 17GG, aged IG. 

(2'o he continued.) 

ilcttcr from tijc fl^oiu ^M. iHaclunncn of 



Monmouth, Sepf theS'' 17S2. 

Being obliged to go out of Town sooner than I expected, your obliging 
Note of august tlie 3L-' reached me at this Place ; it was not therefore polsible 
for luc to have the Honour oi^ waiting ou you on Tuesday according to the appoint- 
ment you were so good as to nialie. 

The principal reason for which 1 desired to have the Honour of speaking to 
you, was respecting the suspension of ]M'' Jeffreason a Member of the (.'ouucii of 
Antigua. J find by M.'' Xcpean, with whom I had some Conversation on the 
BusinelVi. that the governor had sent his Reasons for so doing. You certainly are 
the best jud^^e of the V:didity of those Reasons. This step was taken witliout 
the advice of the Council, the major Part of v.hich declared to M' Jeffreason, they 
wou!d not have advised it, had they been consulted. M'' Jeffreason is a gentleman 
of very good Character, a Man of considerable Estate in Antigua, and has had 
the best Education this Country affords. lie at present fills the seat of an 
afsistanl Judi^'o in the Court of Coiuuion pleas; and upon his suspension from 
the Cotmcii, having e.K])ressed his Tntentio]i to resign his seat on the Bench, most 
of the Barristers addrel'sed a joint letter to him, cxprel'sing their satisfactioit with 
his Coiuluct as a iudge, and dcsirintr him not to resiirn liis Scat, as thev thousfht 
it would be a Detriment to the publick. 

There was another Matter I wished to have the Honour of nientiouing to you. 
Upon M"" Shirleys going to his Goveriunent of the Leeward Islands, he carried 
witli him a ]\[andamus for one M'' Winstone, who had been a practising Lawyer 
in nominica, to be of the Council of Antigua. M'' AV^instune has no Property 
whatever in Antigua. You certainly know, Sir, that the Councils in the old 
Colonies are composeii of gentlemen of the best Fortunes and Families in the 
Colony; fhat the Council of Antigua constitutes the Court of Chancers' and 
Court of ICrror in that Island. Xot long before my .Departure, il'' A^instone 
appeared as advocate at the Chancery Bar, tho' a judge of the Court. I confeis 
I was a good deal surpri/dl at the inconsistency of a gentleman's sitting one 
Day as .Indge and the next appearing as advocate at the liar of the same Court ; 
1 tlierefore moved that he shotild make his Ijlcction, either to be judge, or Counsel, 
and not act iu both Capacities in tho Court of Chancery, which v,'as carried with- 
out opposiiion. The Governor, 1 h-ave reason to imagine, will endeavour, if lie 
has not already done it, to su])port ^V AVinstone, but I am coiiiidcnt, when you 
consider the evil Tendency of a Man's being judge and advocate in the same 
Court, you cannot approve of it; for such a Person might receive a large Fee in 
a Cause, di'aw the Pleadings, conduct the Procels to a hearing, then give his 
Brief to ;in 'ther to argue it, and sit as judge in the Cause, the Inconsi.stencv and 
evil Tendency of which is too glaring to be dwelt upon. I have not the least 
variance with the governor or -M'' Winstone, on the contrary ani upon Terms of 
Civility with the former, whom 1 look upon as a well-meaning Man. Tiiere are 



some other Matters, I ^^hould be glad to convercse with you upon, which I shiill 
reserve till 1 iiavc the lEonour of a perirenal luterview upou my rctuni to Town. 
In tlie mean time, if yon p'ease to favour me with a Line addrelscd to mc at iliis 
Place I shall esteem it an Honour done to 


with great Respect 
your most obedient humble Servant 

William Mackixxen. 

(Notes on the preceding letter.) 

Governor-Col. Tho. Shirley wrote home on 2 May 17S2, that he had suspended 
Mr. Jenffreson or the Council for saving: " The King could do what he pleased 
with his Privy Council, aiid that he had a corrupt Parliament to give him a sanc- 
tion for it, or AVords to that Effect," and on my calling him to order said : " Why, 
you yourself think so too, don't you?" Later in tho year the Governor was 
ordered to re-iii&tate Mr. Jeaffreson and not to act so hastily for the future. This 
Eobert Jeaffreson matriculated from St. Clary's Hall, Oxford, in 17GG, aged 17. 
He eventually sold his estate and died in England about. 1S07. 

In a list of the Council of July 17S3 W. Mackinnen was noted as absent. 
Col. Shirley had been Lieut.-Governor of Dominica, before being appointed, 
about 4 April 17S1, to succeed the late \Vm. Mathev/ Burt as Governor of the 
Leeward Islands. Chas. Winstone ou 4- Oct. 17S0 took the oaths as Solicitor- 
General, and the mandamus appointing him a M. of. C. was dated 30 April 1781. 
He returned to Dominica in 17S3, where lie continued to reside for many years. 

^mtv from gsa. 22Hoo^{Iet^ €sq,, ol 

My Lohd, 

Ever since I had the Honour of being seen by your Lordship at S' 
James's, I have been prevented paving my personal Eespects to you by the (jout 
which is only now leaving me; and I shall be happy if your Lordship will afford 
me an early opjiortunity of waiting upon you on a Businel's which some of my 
l''riends have already made knowu to you by their SoUicitaiion in my Behalf to 
succeed S"" Thomas Shirley in the Government of the Leeward Islands. The 
Governor's public Declaration for two years together of his intending to return' 
to England was the Reason of my miking the early Application I have done, as 

1 shall be able to explain to yuur Lordship when 1 have the Honour of waiting 
upon you. 

I am, with my great Esteem and Regard 
your Lordships very obedient 
humble Servant 


Stratford Place, Dec^ 21^' 17S7. 

(Notes to Woodley letter.) 

On 6 Jan. 17S7 Governor Shirley was granted six months' leave of absence, 
but did not apparently sail until IS .June 17sS. This is coniirnied by the letter. 
On 22 Nov. 1789 he wrote from Ibrbados that he had arrived tl;e previous clay, 
2S days out from I'ahuouth. On IS ^lay 1701 the King accejited his resigna- 
tion, and on 21 Sejit. it was announced that Wm. Woodley, then at St. Kitts, 
was to succeed him. \7oodley did not long survive, but died at St. Kitts on 

2 June 1793. 

YQL. V, q 

202 ) 

atinuni^^irattons' (^.€.€^ rdattua to 


B. = Biubadoois. J. = Jamaica. AV.I. = AVost Indies, bn. = batchelor. 
G, ~ G uardian, S.y. = States Service. T'' C"" = principal creditor. 



Jan. Eob. Scott. +23, to Eliz. S. y'^ rel. of E. S., 1. of y= p. of S' Geo. 
in 3-* B., but dyini; at Burton npon Trent, co. Stafford. 1 

April. AVni. 31arsliall. 5, to AV>» M. the f. of \V. M., 1. of Bristoll, but 
at Jlevi.s 70 

April. Jas, FocKett. 12, to Emc V., wid., }' rcl. of J. F., 1. in >■« ^Y.1. 70 

April. "\V"' King. 21, to Judith K., wid.,y^ rel. of \V . K., 1. of AVapping, 
but at Antigoa. 71 

May. Tho. Bavliif. G, to Mary B., wid., y« rel. of T. B., 1. of Kingston 
upon Hull, but in y' W. 1. ' lOL 

May. Sam. llawkes. 8, to Dorcas H., wid., y^ rel. of S. H., 1. in 
the W. I. 104 

Mav. Cap* Nath. Eockwell. 19, to Tho. E., the brother of N. 11., 1. in 
y^ ^V. i. 105 

May. Benj. AVillianis. 9, to Anne AY., wid., y'^ relict of B. W., late in 
y= ship v<= Phil]i])p of Bondon at sea going to y^ B. 105 

JNIpy. Tho. Hole al's Howell. 13, to W'" IL, 1. i]i y-^ AV. I., ba. 105 

j\Lay. Tho. Hill. IG, to Alice Hill, cozen jernian by y^ father's side of 
T. H., 1. in v^ B.. ba. 105 

May. Ei.-h'i Bainford, Esq. 13, to Anne B., wid., y^ relict of E. B., Esq., 
1. Major-Gen. in x^^Y.l. 106 

May. Eob. Tirrell. 15, to Eliz. T., wid., y« Mother of E. T., 1. in y^ 
shipp %"= Guift in y^ S.S. at J., ba. 106 

June. Chr. Codringtou.J 15, to Mary C, the relict of C.C, 1. of Bathe, 
CO. Som. 121 

June. AVm. Faise. 23, to Tho. P., the brother of A7. P., 1. of Chatham, 
but at J. 133 

June. Eob. Ts^ore. 2i, to Tho. N., father of E. X., 1. at J. in y<^ 
Gloucester frigott, ba. 133 

July. ^V'" Alder. 1. to Tho. A., bro. of ^V. A ., 1. in y'= S.S. at J., ba. IGl 

July. Tho. Edwards. 3, to MaryE., rel. of T. E. the elder, 1. of Tudnam 
in SuiL, but at J. 162 

Julv. Tho. Edwards. 10, to Mary E., M. of T. E. y^ y^ 1. in y^ 
S.S. at'j. 162 

Aug. John Talbott. 12, to Waller T., only bro. of J. T., 1. of G» Yar- 
mouth, Norf., but at J. 202 

Aug. Jildw' Talbolt. 12, to AValter T., only bro. of EdW T., 1. of South- 
would in Suff., but in y*^ ship y« G' Charity at J. 202 

Sept. Tho. Fisher. 2-1, to Dorothy F., rel. of T. F., 1. in y<= Gl"- frigott 
S.S. at J., ba. 221 

Sept. Tho. Falkiner. 30, to Martha F., rel. of T. F., I. of'Plimouth, but 
at J. 221 

• Continued from p. 86. 

t The words " Adm'on on the " at the iJCLjicning, and '■' deceased " at the end of each entry 
for the sivini,' of space 1 omit. 

X It has been thought by some that, this w:i3 the first settler from Barbados, but there is no 
evidence of identity. 


Sept. Miijor Rob. Seilgwiek. 30, to .Joliuinia' S., rel. of Major 11. S., 
J. in prs. Esq. 221 

Sept. Kacholl Ycainaus. 'A, to Sus'' Close, y^' si.ster of R.. Y., 1. of 
S' Peter's, Paul's Wharf, 1. wid., dec'', for y'' use of Geo. Y.* and Edw. Y., 
y^ sous, in pts. 222 

Kept. Eriant Hagau. 23, to Jolin Ward, y'^ coz. Jerman by y" mother's 
sideof B. H., 1. at J., ba. 224 

Sept. John Jones. 23, to Kath. J., rel. J. .T., 1. of Stepney, but at J. 224 
Oct. RiAvlaiid Kidge. 31, to Row. Eutcher, cozen german to li. li., 1. of 
Plym., ba. 251 

Oct. Arthur Dansey, 1, to Anne D., wid., the M. of A. D., I. at J., ba. 2.51 
Oct. Henry Lane. 16, to Anne L., rel. H. L., 1. in v*^ ship v® Success 
at J. _ ' 252 

Oct. John Palmer. IG, to Anne P., rel. of J. P., 1. in y"^ ship y*^ 
Success at J. 2'52 

Oct. Tho. Salkeild. 17, to John S., Esq., F. of T. S., at J. 253 

Oct. W"' Spencer. 28, to Wilmolt S., rel. of W. S., 1. in y<= ship y<= 
Sampson in y*' B. 253 

Oct. John Roafe. 2s, to Mai-y R., rel. of J. R., 1. at J. 253 

Oct. Tho. Barker. 28, to, Jir_\an Harrison, the uncle by y^ m's side of 
T. B., at J., John E. y^ father and John and Eiliuor E., y^ bro. and gist., 
renouncing. 253 

Oct. Tho. Bishopp. 2S, to R'' B., uncle of T. B., 1. of I. of Wight, 
but at J. 253 

Nov. .John Rondos. 18, to Rachell R., rel. of .J. R., 1. in y= W. I. 274 

Nov. Tho. Coppin. 4, to Daniel Webb, cozen Jerman of T. C, J. of 
Armton in Cornwall, but in v*^ Porti'^ frii^'ott at J. 279 

Nov. Tho. Ear)ies, 11, 'to Sarah B."; rel. of T. B., 1. in the AV. I. 280 

Nov. Tho. Rowe. 11, to Mary R., re!, of T. R., 1. at J. 280 

Nov. Soloman (xriffen. 18, to John G., bro. of S. G., at J., ba. 280 

IS'ov. Josias Hopkins. 18, to Eliz. II., mother of .T. H., at J. 281 

Nov. AV'" Brougiitou. IS, to R'' B., onlv bro. of AV. E., at J. 281 

Nov. A\^'" Hider. 20, to Henry IL, f. of A\^ H., at J. 281 

Nov. Mathew Daucy. 25, to Mary D. ai's Morris, wid., Moth, of 
M. D., at .J. 281 

Nov. AV'" Amy. 25, to Eliz. A., wid., M. of AA'. A., 1. a soldier at J., ba. 281 
Nov. Tho. Bird. G, to Jonalh. E., bro., n, in t. will nunc, of T. E., 1. in 
y" Torrington frigott. S.S., at .J. 2S3 

Nov. Jolm l.taldc. 28, to Doro. H., v^ M. and univ. leg. in will of 
J. H., 1. soldier, at .J. " 2S4 

Nov. Geo. Watts. 13, was p. y will of G. W., 1. at .7., by oath of R'' A\'. 
and Humph. W., brus. 285 

Nov. W'" Soward. 28, to R'' S., Path, of W. S., 1. soldier at .!., ba. 2i)8 

Nov. Isaack Nattris. 20, to AV" N., y<-' F. of 1. X., at J., ba. 2i)8 

Doc. AV'" Snelling. 2, to Martvn S., v« F. of AV. S.. soldier at .1. 314 

Dec. John Bishopp. 4, to Rub". B., V-' F. of .1. I^., soldier at J. 311 

Dec. Gilbert Eixtith. 4, to xAIarg' E,, wid., y>^ ]M. of G. E., 1. of 
Liverpool, at J., ba. 314 

Dec. Apharah Brigham. 21, to Cha. V,., bro. of A. E., in y"-" I. of E. 315 

Dec. John Spencer. 30, to Anne Fillioll, spr., sister i)y y"^ 3L's sidi' of 
J. S., at .L, ba., Pen. S., y<' ]NL, Tho. S., y" bro., and Jiachell S., the sister, 
renouncing. 31G 

Dec. Michael Kenrick. 15, to ^lich. Jones, v'^ uncle of M. K., 1. 
at J., ba. ' 316 

* Geo, was at Barbados. See his will proved 2 March ICofi (100, Kuthcii). 



Dec. Sam. Broacktrecte. 12, to llicb. Alworth, y<= Gr. of Sam. and Mary 
B., miuors, y^ ch" of S. B., late at J. 

Pec. Josepli Hall. 22, to Anno Sayer al's Symouds, wife of Johu S., 
creditor of J. H., late in y'= S.S. at J, 


Jan. Wm. Peddcr. 27, to Eliz. P. al's Oliver, wife of John 0., the M. 
of W. P., lute \n ye iS.S. at J., paup. 

Jan. Edw. Hunt. 29, to Kandall Hunt, y<= uncle of E. H., late in y"^ S.S. 
at J., ba. 

Jan. Wra. Buck. 29, to Eliz. Tymms al's Buck, ye only sister of W. B., 
late in y" S.S. at J., ba. 

Jan. Gerrard Hawtayne. 29, to Mary H., spr., y'= dau. of Gr. H , 1. of 
B., Mercht. 

Feb. Tho. Boylston. 27, to Sam. Cock, pr. creditor of T. B., 1. in ye 
I ofB. 

Feb. John King. .3, to Rebecca K., wid., y"^ relict of J. K., ]. of 
AVapping, but at J. 

Feb. Hejiry Little. 10, to Mary Taylor al's L., now wife of Wm. T., ye 
only sister of H. L., 1. in y'^ S.S. at J., ba. 

Feb. Tho Johnson. 10, to Eob. J., y^ brother of T. J., in B. 

Feb. Tho. liidley. 10, to Edw. E., y' father of T. R., at y; B., ba. 

Feb. Joliu Groome. 12, to Geo. G., y*^ father of J. G., 1. of S'^ Andre\/e6, 
Holbourne, but at J., ba. 

Feb. Gabriell Huntley. 19. to Henry H., y"^ brother of G. H., at J., ba. 

Feb. Rich. Crane. 19, to Priscilla C, wid., y« M. of R. C, at J. 

Feu. Henry Fanting. 19, to Jeremy F., ye oncly bro. of H. F., at J. 

Feb. Tho. Fanting. 19, to Jeremy F., at Constautiuoplc, ba. 

Feb. Job. Syar. 24, to Sarah S., v« M. of J. S., at J., ba. 

Feb. W"' Syar. 2-1, to Sarah S., y" M. of J. S., at J., ba. 

Feb. Mathew Smith. 24, to Rose S., spr., y^ onely child of M. S., 
1. of Aldburgh, co. Suffolk, but at J., widdower. 

March. Peter Roseman. 2, to Ame Salter al's R., wife of James S., y= 
onely sister of P..R,, 1. in y<= Sarah of L., at y'' B., ba. 

March. James I\Iills. G, to Edmond M., y« brother of J. M., 1. a 
souldicr in Capt. Moult's Co., at J., ba. 

March. John Grover. 11, to Tho. G., y-^ F. of J. G., 1. in y^ S. S., a 
souldier, at J., ba. 

March. Isack Rycroft. 11, to AV . R., y<= F. of 1. R., 1. in y^ S. S., at 
J., ba. 

March. Timuthv Ili.x. 18, to Cieilv H., wid., y'' relict of T. H., 1. in y= 
S. S., at J., ba. 

March. David Knowlcs. 14, to Joaue K., wid., y<^ rel. of D. K., 1. in y'= 
S. S., at J., ba. 

Marcli. ^V\n. Webb. IG, to Ellen Smith al's A\''ebb, wife of W'» Smith, 
y"^ .Mstt-r of W. "W., 1. :Mi- uf y<: Trayne, at J., widdower. 

^Earch. (ieo. Sympson. 2'), to .Jane Aloody al's S., y'= sister and only 
next of kin of G. S.", at J., ba. 

March. John Plumer. 25, to Riclr' P., y^^ brother of J. P., at J., ba. 

:\Jarch. Tho. Tinckliam. 26, to Joane T., wid., y' rel. of T. T., 1. of 
Plimouth, but at J. 

April. Jonathan Bowell. IG, to Bridgett B., wid., y-^ M. of J. B., 1. 
drummer in y'^ S. S., at J., ba. 

April. Rich. Tucker. 21, to Mercy T., wid., y^ relict of R. T., 1. of y"* 
I. of A\'ight, but at J. 

April. Elias Cox. 21, to Mary C, y-^ M. of E. C, at J., ba. ' 
























April. James Picroft. '23, to Judith Falkucr, y<^ Aunt and G. of Sarah 
P., a minor, y*' sister of J. P., a souldicr, at J. 78 

April. Arthur Keelcr. 28, to John K., y^ F. of A. K., I. of Corkshall, 
CO, Essex, at J., ba. ' 79 

April. AVm. Tracy. 28, to Mary T., wid., y'' rel. of ^V. T., 1. of Framing- 
ham, CO. Suff., at J., in ve 8. S. 79 

April. Tho. Willou'^iil.y. 15, to Tho. Midletou, E-^-'q., nephew of T. \V., 
1. of Virginia, but in Altialowes Barking, to the use of Tho. and Eliz. "W., 
y' children now beyond sea. 81 

May. Henry Middleton. IJ, to lialph Allen,, y^ [Master, and pr. cr, of 
H. M.,'l. in y^ 13. Further Ad. 8 Auj^. KJGO. 115 

May. Coli. Richard ffortescue, Esq. 1, to Mary ff., wid,, the relict of 
the hoii. Col. 11. ff., late of lliekfeild, co. South'"", but at J., Esq., dec'". 
29 July 1657. Cancelled and a will proved. 116 

May. Geo. Dudley. 5, to R'> D., ye ouely brother of G. D., 1. at J. 116 

May. John Barnam. 5, to Marg' Skinner al's B., wife of John S., ye 
ouely sister of J. B., 1. att J. 116 

May. Ricliard Elford. 7, to Nehemiah E., y= uncle and G. of Mary 
and W Elford, minors, y' children of R. E., 1. of Plimouth, but at J. 116 

May. Nich. Xash.' 7, to James N. the Elder, s" brother of N. N., 1. at 
J., ba. ■ 117 

May. John Barker. 14, to AV. B., y- father of J. B., in B., ba. 117 

May. Henry Rigby. 14, to Gilbert R., y' father of H. R., a souldier, 
at J., ba. ■ 117 

May. Eliza Bland. 14, to Bridgett B., onely dau. of E. B., in y« 
B., wid. 117 

May. AVm. AVickham. 21, to Anne Lee al's AV., wid., ye M. of 
AV. AV., at J., ba. 117 

I\Iay. AV. Blanch. 29, to Mary Hilton, cozen german of AV. B., at J., 
paup. 118 

May. Rob. Twittee. 29, to AV. T., y-^ F. of R. T., at J., paup. 118 

May. John Humbly n. 29, to AV. Stafford, y"^ brother by y'^ mother's 
side of J. H., at J., ba., Mary Mainwaring, y'^ mother of Huiiifrey S. y'^ half- 
brother, renouncing. 118 

June. Roger Gates. 10. to Dorothy Palmer, al's G. the M. of R. G., 
at J., ba. 150 

June. Sam. flirebrals. 10, to Jane Arpe, wid., y"^ M. of S. F., at J., ba. 150 

June. AVm. 8mallwood. 11, to Erasmus S., y^ brother of AV. S,, at 
J., ba. 150 

June. AV" Ward. II, to RJ AV., y^ ouely brother of W. AV., in y'' S. 8., 
at J. 150 

June. AV'" Huntley. 15, to Henry IL, y'= onely bro. of W. U., 1. one 
of y*^ fellows of New (.'oUidge, O.xford, at J., ba. 150 

"June. AV'" Cunslable. ' 15, to Mary C, wid., y« re), of AV. C, at J. 

June. Capt. John Cooke. 22, to \V'" C, y<^ nephew of Capt. J. C, in 
the S. S.. at J. 151 

Juno. Edmoml AValter. 26, to Henry AV., y' eldest Bro. of E. AV., 1. of 
Ashbury, co. Devon, but in B., ba. 151 

June. John AValter. 26, to Henry AV., y'= eldest Bro. of J. AV., I. of 
Achbury, co. Devon, but in Ireland, dec''. 1-jl 

July. Garrett Horonson. 2, to Geo. Cobdcn, pr. C' of G. H. ii\ theB . ba. 171 

July. Geo. AVhite. 4, to Tho. Ho^^g, pr. C of G. \V. 1. Leifi' to Capt. 
Blunt in Coll" Carter's Jieg. at J., ba. 172 

July. ]{ich" Hawkins. 7, to R'» H., y^ F. of R. H., 1. of Cockshall in 
Essex, but a souldier in v* S. S. at J., ba. 172 

July. Garrett Pellatorv. 20, to Hannah P., wid., y' M. of G. P. at 
J., ba. ' 174 



July. John Bcckford. 20. to Tho. B., v= F. of J. B. at J., ba. 174 

Julv. Tho. JucM. 21, to Tho. J., y= F. of T. J. at .]., ba. 17-t 

July. Hob. Jacob. 20, to \Vm. J.' y«^ oiu-'iy Brother of R. J. at J., ba. 171 
July. John SorcfS. 27, to Jolui Sores, y^ J'\ of J. S., 1. a souldicr in Capt. 
Haiidcock's Co. at J., ba. Hi 

Auj,'. W" Howe. 4, to Eli/.. B., wid., y^ rel. of W. B., 1. belonging to y« 
Ship)) y Lvou, in y'^ S. S. at J. 191 

Aug. Tho. Wood. 17, to Rob. W., y' F. of T. W. at J., in y-^ shipp y^ 
Bcare. 102 

Aug. John Philpott. 18, to Eliz. P., wid., y^ M. of J. P., 1. a souldier 
at J., ba. 192 

Sept. Chihl. 1 1 , to Jas. Thompson, pr. C'' of M. C. at J. 21(3 

Sept. Abr. tiinielicr. 2, to TJ-^ ff., \ ' Bro. of A. ff , at J., ba. 21U 

Sept. Sainj).son Jenkins. 5, to John J., y'' F. of S. J., at J., ba. 21G 

Sept. Gei). Nornioudv. 7, to Fra. N., y* F. of G. N., 1. a souldier at J. 
in Coll^ Biillwer's Keg., paiip. 217 

Sf^pt. R'' Stanning. 10, to Jane S., wid., y'^ rel. of R. S., 1. of Litnehouse, 
but at J., in y S. S. ^ 217 

Sept. Peter Raven. 14, to Wm. R., v'^ P. of P. E., 1. a souldicr at J. in 
Coll" Buiwer's K'eg , ba. ^ ' 217 

Sept. Dorot'nv Uyton. 14, to Jane Ellerton, spr., v*^ dau. of D. D., 1. at 
J., wid. ' ' 217 

Sept. Tho. Cornish. 14, to Dyana Davies al's C, y« M. of T. C, 1. in y« 
shipp the 1-yon, at J., ba. 217 

Sept. Tho AVillianis. IG, to Eiiz. Hai'ding, wid., y^ Aunt and ne.vt of Icin 
of T. W., in>« B. 217 

Sept. AVin. Ses.sio! s. IG, to Euielyn 8., wid., y« M. of W. S., of J., ba. 21S 
Sept. John Leisi.n. 17, to 3iatiiew L., y*^ onely Bro. of J. L,, at J., ba. 21S 
Sept. John Palmer. 21, to John P., y*^ F. of J. P., 1. a souldier at Ja. iu 
General Venables Reg., ba. 21S 

Sept. Geo. Browne. 2S, to Anne B., spr., y'^ Auut of G. B., a souldicr 

at J ba. 218 

Sept. W" Hudson. 20, to Daniel H., y^ only Bro. of W. H., at J., ba. 218 

Oct. 2s"ich. Bowden. 27, to Tho. B., the uncle & G. of iSicb.B., a minor, 

y^ only child of x\. B., at J. 239 

Oct. Edward Lee. 7, to Grace Jones, wife of Alex. J., y'= only child of 

E. L., at J. ' 240 

Oct. AV"' llurlestone. 7, to Amie H., wid.. y^ M. of W. H., at J., ba. 240 

Oct. John Lawless. 15, to Eliz. Moone al's L., y"^ Sister of J. L., 1. of 

Gravescnd, but at J. 240 

Oct. llowland Barker. 27, to John B., y« Bro. of R. B., in v« S. S., 
at J., ba. " ■ 241 

Oct. Henry Colleton. 30, to Eliz. C, rel. of II. C, 1. of B., but in 

Shoe Lane, L. 247 

IS'ov. John Towne. 10, to Eliz. T., wid., j'= rel. of J. T., 1. of S' Scpulchers, 

L., but at J., in V^^ S. S. in Cai)t. 

CO., p;iup. 


IN'ov. John Langdon. 17, to Bob. L., y<^ uncle of J. L., in y* B., ba., 
Ellen L., _V -M., renouncing. A 2'' entry gfves Ellen L., y"= Edict." 282 

Nov. l^ib. Liiugdon. 17, to Rob. L , ve Uncle of Rob. L., iu v« B.. 
ba., Ellen L., v^' .\|.. rcn. ' . '282 

>ov. J,)lni Wilson. 20, to John W., y^ F. of J. AV., at J., ba. 2S3 

Nov. John Eilwards. 24, to Eliz. Crowder, }"= wife of Jiob. C, y*^ sister 
of J. Iv, I. in y'' Marston Mcoro frigott at J., in the S. S., ba. " 283 

Nov. 'J'ho. Holmes. 24, to 3larv H spr., y"^ sister of T. 31., in y<' 
AV.L, ba. " 283 

Dec. Roger Manners. 3, to Roger M., the F. of R. M., at J., ba. 315 

Dec. Edward Casou. 7, to Peter Stockton, pr. C'^ of E. C, at J., ba. 315 

ADM'oNS (p.C.C.) KELATING to west INDIANS. 207 


Deo. Henry I^ull. S, to Anne B., \<= rel. of H. E., 1. of Dofford, oo. 
Kent, but in y*-' sliip v"-' (.'ouvertyne, at J. 

Dec. tsaiii. Wright. 17, to Eliz. Jones al's W., tlien -wife of Tho. J. y*^ 
ISister of S. ^V., at J., ha. 

Dec. Kob. Lane. 21, to Alice L., wid., y'= rel. of R. L., late slayne at 
sea in ye Lyme friqott, in ye S. S., at Sancta Cruze, paup. 315 

Dec. William ^tapleton. 21, to Sarali S.. wid., y^' rel., etc., a;^ above. 315 

Dec. John I^elton. 1-1, to Tho. Yigures tlie (jraudfaiher & G. of Eliz. 
I?., a minor, y" only child of J. B., in the B. • 317 


Jan. John Kendall. 13, to James K., y^ Father of J. K., in y'^ ship s"-' 
Gilljert, in ye B., ba. ' ' 8 

Jan. Tho. jvnaptou. 15, to Eliz. K., wid., y^ rel. of.T. K., 1. of New 
Sarum, co. Wilts, but in the I. of B. 9 

Jan. Tho. Younge. 25, to John Y„ y*^ Eather of T. Y., 1. in ye S. S., in 
Capt. Hancocks Co., at J., ba. 9 

Jan. Jerrard Gates. 2(3, to Tho. G., y^ E. of J. G., 1. in y"^ ship y*-" Con- 
vertync, at J., in y^ S. S., ba. 10 

Feb. AVm. A.Nscough. -1, to S'' George A., Kn', y'' Bro. of W. A., 1. 
Lieut, of }'' Laurell frigott, in ye S. S., att J., gent. 51 

Feb, Cap. Geo. Parsons. S, to Eliz. Pope, y= Sister of Capt' G. P., 1. 
in y^ S. S., in Gen. Yenables Reg., att J., ba. 51 

Feb. John Stgnoir. 5, to Geo. b., y' F. of J. S., 1. in y^ B., ba. Further 
Aduion. Jan. 1G70. 51 

Feb. Richard Ellis. 12, to Alice VfestiU al's Ellis, wid., ye M. of R. E., 
in y' B., ba. 51 

Feb. Symon Foulk. 19, to Eliz. Hills al's F., wife of Capt. W" Hill, y^ 
onely sister of .S. F\, 1. souldicr, at J., in Cull, llaynes' Reg., in y'" S. S., ba. 53 

Feb. Tho. Jeukes. 23, to John Lvddall, y"« Bro. hv \^ half blood of 
T. J., 1. in y= S. S. at J., ba. " ' " 51 

Feb. Richard Lydall. 20, to John L., v<= Bro. of W L., 1. in y-^ S. S., at 
J., ba. ' 5-1 

March. Edward AVillier. 3, to John W., ye Bro. of E. W., 1. a souldicr 
in ye S. S. at J., paup. G9 

April. Anthony JMoorecroft. 20, to Anne M., wid., y'' rel. of A. M., 1. 
of B. 87 

April. Robert Jacob. 2G, to Tho. J. and Eliz. J. lii.s wife ye F. and M. 
of R. J., 1. of y*^ ]Min(>ries, L., but at J., a souldier under Ca[)t. Allen, ba. 87 

April. J'Mward Craufeild. 10, to Eiiz C, wid., y" relict of E. C, 1. in 
B., of good.s left unad. by Mary Peasley v*^^ M. and also by Tho. Payne. The 
I''' ad. to Mary Peislev was in Dec. lois), y^' other in April 1G53. Revoked 
in July 1GG3. " ' 87 

Mav. Tho. Saxbv. 18, to Tho. S., y« F. of T. S., in y" .ship y<= Lidian in 
v«S. S"at J., ba. " 117 

May. John Pa-ett. 21, to Amy P., wid., y>^ rel. of J. P., 1. of South- 
wark, but in v*-' ship v"" Indian in v" S. .8., at J., paup. 127 

May. Era. Clifford. 21, to "John C, y« F. of F. C, 1. of Barkin in 
Essex, but at J., ba. ' 127 

I\Iav. Henry Tower.^. 21, to R*^ Mayduuui, y^ cozen gcrmau of IE T., 1. 
of Alg,^te, but at J., ba. 127 

^lay. Geo. Mawborne. 21, to Eliz. M., wid., y« rel. of G. M. in y'^ ship 
y<^ lndi,iu in y^ 8. S., at J., paup. 127 

May. James Martin. 21, to INIergery Payne, y* M, of J. M., at 
J., ba.' ' 127 




]Mav. Jacob Frost. 2-i, to Eliz, F., y'^ Sister of J. F. in y'' ship y'' Imliaii, 

at J., ba. 127 

IVIay. Kicliard Beaman. 2o, to John B., y-^ Bro. of R. B., 1. o£ B. 127 

June. John Alkin and llcnrey Alkin. 4, to Tho. A. y^ elder, y^ F. of 

.1. A., 1. of Flloxeter, eo. Staft'., biit at J., ba. 129 

June, liichard Bcaue. 4, to Effata B., wid., y^ rel. of E. B. in y^ ship 
Paul in y«= S. 8., at J., paup. "" _ 129 

Juir'. (ico. L:inder. 22, to Joaue L., wid., v^ reL of G-. L., at J. 130 

June. \Vn\. Harvev. 11, to Tobiah if., y^ Bro. of W. H. in the B. 13(5 

Julv. Enoch Ditty. 1, to Eliz. Pyott al's D., wife of EdAv. Pyott, y<= M. 
of E. 1)., 1. of ISiistol, but at sea, ba. " ' 19G 

Julv. John Swift. U, to Tho. S , y<= Bro. of J. S., 1. in y= B., ba. 19G 

July. Kub. Cradock. l-j, to Peter C, the Uncle of E. C, 1. at sea in y*^ 
ship Odwell coiiiincr from y'' B., ba. 197 

Julv. Edw. AVarbreake. 15, to Tho. ^V., y^ Bro. of E. AV., at J., ha. 197 
July. Jas. Buttery. IG, to Barbarah B., y^ rel. of J. B., at J. 197 

July, lulwiird Madox. 2-J, to Eliz. AE., sjjr., y" Sister of E. M., 1. of the 
ship tlie Convertine, at J., ba. 199 

Aug. Geo. J'Jlyott. 3, to Sam. Hill, pr. C'' of Geo. E., 1. iu parts beyond 
t!)C seas, outward bound to- the B. 225 

Xucr. ^\"' (Jaitford. 4, to Sarah G-., wid., y' rel. of W"' G., 1. of L., but 
in the B. ' 225 

Aug. Jolin Morrice. 3, to Frances Morris, tlie rel. of J. ]M., 1. of J., iu 
tho S. S., mariner, paup. 227 

Aug. Tlio. Bcuiister. 20, to Joanna B., y'^ rel. of T. B., 1. of the ship 
the John and Kath., in y« B. 227 

Aug. James Buttler. 23, to Eliz. B., wid., y"^ rel. of J. B., 1. Adjutant 
Gen., at J. 229 

Sept. None. 

Oct. Arthur Stuart. 6, to W. S., Esq., the F. of A. S., 1. at J. 255 

Oct. W" Phillipps. 8, to Anne P., wid., the rel. of W. P., in the B. 255 
Oct. W" Tratlle. 12. to Ualphe T., the uncle and G. of Anne, Ealph, 
Kath., and AV'" T., the cli" of W. T.. 1. in the B., widd. 25G 

Oct. John Day. 27, to Katli. Miller al's D., the onlv Sister of J. D., in 
the B., ba. " ' 25G 

Nov. Jas. Abney. 15, to John Croakelyn, pr. C'' of J. A., 1. of S' Mary 
Aldermanbury, at J., ba. 295 

Dec. Pob. Atkinson. 15, to 11^ Hutchinson, pr. C' of E. A., in B., 
widd''. ' 33G 

Dec. E' Walker. 1, to Tho. W., the Bro. of E. W., iu J., ba. 344 

Dec. Cap'' \Vm. Wiseman. 3, to Mary Bockingham al's W., the sister 
of Capt. W. \V., at J. ' 344 

Dec. Emanucll Sandys. 14, to Eliz. S., wid., the M. of E. S., iu J., in 
the Service of tlie Army, ba. . 344 

( 1^09 ) 

This ancient .stone mansion stands in the parish of fit. Peter in the nortliorn 
part of the Island. A'erv little seems to be kjiiwn abont its history or dale of 
erection. In appearance it resembles ;ui English manor iiouse of the cud of the 
17th century. 

Captain Charles J. P. Cave of Ditchani Park, Hampshire, its present owner, 
writes that the estate belonu;ed to Abraham Ciiinberbatch, who died in 17S-J. from 
whom it passed to his son Edward CarUon Ciimberbatch, whose daughter married 
Ciiarles Cave, the writer's grandfather. 

An earlier owner may liave been .\braliam Cumbcrbatch who died in 1750, 
leaving two danghtei's, of whom one mari'ied John Sober, and the other Ann, in 
172G, Edward Carleton. Their son Abraham Carletou, as sole heir to his grand- 
father, assumed the surname of Cumberbatch, and died as already stated in 1785. 
(See Anfc, II., 81.) 

Without an examination of the title deeds and other records it is impossible to 
give the early descent of the estate, as although testator in 1750 desired that his 
phvntation should be kept stocked with 2oO slaves and 100 head of cattle ho doe.s 
not name the estate. 

From inquiries just made 1)y my friend I\[r. E. Gr. Sinckler, who resides in the 
parish, it appears that thc.tlooring of the ground floor rooms was relaid in 1S13 
by an English workman named Thomas Shilstonc, and the house repairt'd. In 
1913 Mr. Thaddcus Uoane, the INfanager, renewed the flooring, and as the pre- 
vious one had thus lasted 100 years wo may reasonably assume that the one worn 
out in 1S13 (supposing; it to have been of equally lasting wood) dated from 
about 1713. 

An old man named James Cliandler states that in 1S31 after the liurricane, 
the house, being the only undamaged ime in the neighbourhood, was occuj)ied by 
several families. The drawing-room, dining-room and parlour have been com- 
parativel}' recently panelled with cedar grown on the estate. 

There is a ilue for a tire-place in the corner of one of the licdrooms, but I s;'.w 
no signs of a grate havijig ever been fixed, and the chimnej's are only au 
ornamental feature of the design. There are also a vevy old bedstead and grand- 
father's clock, but these wore not shewn me. A very beautiful arbor vita' tree 
grows near the entrance, rather filling up the fore-court. The mansion with its 
setting of trees and shrubs is a very charming bit of old-time building, and the 
only example of this style in the Island. Further information is desired. 

33riti3Uiatcr of ilM^* 

1077-8. Census of Xevis. Col. Edw. Bridgwater's Company. (Anfe, IN., 
29, 70.) 

1707-S. Census of Xevis. Charles Eridgwater. 3 whites, GO blacks. Tho- 
mas Biidgwater. 3 whites, 2S blacks. {IbiJ., 171, 177.) 

1710. Charles ]5ridgwater. a M. of Council. Tho. J3., a ^[. of .\sscmbly. 
(French, 7r>. Oldmixon. ii., 257.) 

1715. Hon. Tho. JJridgwater, then Chief Justice. (Xevis Kocords, p. I,' I.) 

1718. Harvard College Graduates: Edward Bridgwater from the of 
Nevis. Judge tiiere. Supposed death 17S2. (Xow Eng. Keg., xxxii., 232.) 

1727. Edward Iiridgewator. Treasurer, signs the levy. (C. (.).. 152.) 

1727. Tho. and }>largaret Bridgwater, then holding lands in St. Kitts. 
TOL. V. V, 



Col. Edward Bridgwatcr^pC:^ Eliz., party to deed 
of Xeviti, 1G77. of 1738.) 

Hon. Co!. Charles^Eliz.. 

Bridgwater, Ir^cn. ; 
M. of C, 1710; 

deed of 172S. 

2iid wife. 

Hon. Thomas Erid^water of St.=j=Eliz , died 

Peter's, St. Kitts; M.of A., Xevis, IG [May 1739, 
1710; Chief Justice, 171.3; bur. i agedCi;:}; M.l. 
atSt. George's, 9 July 1714. AVill ' at St. Peter's, 
dated23 June, sworul2 July 17-41. i Basseterre. 


Charles Bridgwater,=j^Elizabelh dau. of "Walter 
Juii., son and heir; Tobiu ; mar. ssett. dated 
owned Heg Valley 21 Nov. 1728. Slie re- 
ef 90 acres in St. : married .... Thomson 

James, which de- 


to his 2 

Her will dated 3 Jan., 
and sworn 1 March ITGo. 
(Anie, lY., 289.) 


Hon. Kichard 
of St. Peter's, 
1753 ; died 
27 June 1761. 

Chas. Mary, coheire.'^s, 

Bartlet mar. \Vn\. Smith, 

Bridg- 1st son and heir 

water, of Mich. Smith, 

born Ho sold his 

and moiety of Hog 

hapt. Valley in 17G-1. 

30 Apr. (Jute, IV., 

1734. 291.) ^.c.rS'' 

at St. <^e^ ■ 'y '^*''^ 

Thos. i]5'3. 

Eliz., coheiress, 
mar. 20 Oct. 
174S Kev. Ed- 
win Tliomas, 
M.A., Bector 
of St. John's, 
Eigtree, 17.'')0 — 
(ii, and of Bas- 
seterre 1704 
until his death, 
19 Jan. 1789, 
aged 09. 



mar. 21 



Chas. Bridg- 
water, bapt. 
30 Nov. 17 14. 

bapt. 7 Sept. 
1740 ; mar. 
before 17G3 
E.ob. Pem- 

172S, Nov. 21. lud're between the Hon. Charles BridgCAvater, Senior, Esq., 
and Elizabeth his now wife, Charles B. his s. and h. by Eliz. his wife, and Eliz. 
Tobin dau. of Walter Tobiu, planter, deceased, and John Tobin, planter, and 
Sarah Tobin, widow and relict of Walter Tobin. A marriage to be solemnized 
between Charles Bridgewater, Jun'', and Eliz. Tobin. Walter Tobin by his will 
made 10 April 1719 gave his dau. Eliz. £200 st. and £-500 c. (Nevis "^Becords, 
ii., 05.) 

1733, .June 29. Tho. Bridgwater of the Inner Temple, gent., Ex'or of the 
As-ill of Susanna -Cole, appoint Daniel Brodbelt of the I. of Jamaica, gent., my 
attorney. {.Uul., p. 185.)' 

1738, jMay 23. Eliz. Bridgwater of Nevis, widow, and Chas. B., Esq., her s. and 
h., convev 100 acres on mortgage for a debt ol £554. {Ibid, vol. I. ct J., p. 117.) 

1750." Tho. Abbott, for £1200, sold Hog Vallev of 100 acres to Walter 

1759. College of Chemistry, Scotland. Edw. Bridgwater. America. (Anlc, 
III., 3S4.) " ^ 

17G1. Tim. Bridgwater, a witness. (Ibid., 220.) 

177!S. Bridgewaters, then owned by .lames Smith. 

17S0. Tho. Bridgwater, a witness to the will of John Welch of St. Kitts. 
(Ante, III., 141.) 

1797. Dr. Swanston m. Miss Bridgwater, 25 Seiit. Cavon Diarv. (Ibid., 
1G5.) ■ • 

1811, Sept. 5. In Cliarlotte-st., Portland-pl., E. Bridgewater, esq., manv 
years a medical practitioner in the island of St. Christopher. '('• G.M.," 203.) 



Sus"^ Cole, late of the T. of S' Clir., now of S' Paul's Cluircliynrd, London, 
widow. "Will dated 1 Dec. 17;32. All estate in (t. B. and S' C. and negroe.s to 
my nephew Tho. Biid^Mvater, and sole Kx"or. Wit. : Dan. Brodbelt, 3Iaiy Taylor. 
Proved 22 Feb. 1732 by T. B. (35, Price.) 

Thos. BridgAvater of the p. of S' Peter in the island of S' Chr. Will dated 
23 June 1741. jMy s. Thadeus £-jO. Son Bichanl £100. ^[y 2 grand-^on.s 
Thadeus Macarty H. and Ivoger Peuiberton B., sons of my son Thadeus B., £100 

Thomas Bridgwater, 
? of Inner Temple, 
1733, and Executor 
of his aunt ]M''^ Sus'' 

Edward Bridgwater,: 
Graduate of Harvard, 
1718. Treasurer of 
Nevis, 1727. ":' died 

Eoger Pem- 
Esq., bur. 
at Charlcs- 
• town 20 
Jnjy ISIG. 

Uci.. Ik- i^ n?^ 

(w. (71 

:Sarah ^largaret Bridgwater, mar. 
. . . . Eich. Kowland, Esq. His 

will dated 17GI. (2G.3, 


Susannah Bridgwater, mar. 
Dr. Greo. Irwin. 

Thos.=pMary Edward Bridg-=pIIarriot 
Bridg- Paris water, of a j .... 
Avatcr, sisteroE Scotch Univer- | 
? bapt. Edward sity, 17;j9 ; 
8 Aug. Paris, ^I.D., prac- 
1730. mar. 10 tised in St. 

Jlay Kitts ; died in 
1701. liondou o Sept. 
ISll. Will 
dated 1810, 
proved 1811. 

I . I 

Mary Bridgwater, born 30 July and Eliz. Bridgwater, 
bapt. 27 Aug. 170.3 ; living 1770. 


Joseph Bridgwater. 

Sarah Bridgwater. 

Eliz. Bridgwater, ? 
mar. 12 Peb. 1771 
Eogcr Gardner. 
He was bapt. 4 
Dec. 1744. 

each. My estate in Xevis to my s. Edward, his ch" Tho., l-dw^, Joseph, Sarah 
and Eliz. My dau. Margaret liowland wife of M'' Ilich'' llowland. My dau. 
Susannah. Dau. Eliz. I'homas ClOO. i\[v s. Thos. Mv s.-in-l. M'' Tho. Bowrv. 
Sworn 12 July 1741. (Nevis Eecord.s, No; 3321.) 

Itichard Kowland, late of St. Chr., Esq. Will dated 10 June 1701. My 
moiety of the plantation in St. Peter's p., St. Chr., which I purchased of Dr. 
George Irwin and .Susannah his wife, and a parcel of land in Ihisseterre, also tlio 
other moiety of tlie said ph' which belonged to my late wife ^largaret, which were 
formerly the entire estate of Tho. Bridgewatcr, Esij., I give in trust for my dau. 

Edw'i Parris of Nevis, Es(i. Will dated :March 1770. Mv sister Marv 
Bridgwater. Her dau. Polly J]. £3liO, and Polly's sister Eliz. £300". 

Sarah Pcmberton of S" George's, Nevis, sp"". Will dated 4 Sept. 1773. :\Iy 
brother Bob' P. and i]ri<lget his \\ife (tnnnorly Bridget Bridgwater).' A ring to 
~^\.^ John B. of Nevis. 

V. 2 

i.\ y i^t-'j >-' ■ 

-' >-^» • I I ' 




EoM'. Brill gwater, late of S' Clir., now of rA)ndon. "Wife llarriot all estate. 
Mv friejid Eiuneiies Moore, Esq., late of IS' Clir., now at Colcshill, Bueks. IblO. 
Proved ISll. {-lS:i, Crickitt.) 


17-14 July 9 Thoin'.r^)ridi;ewater, E.-.q'', buried. (A)ife. J., 'ioo.) 

17.32 May 2S Fiaiici-s Ilauiiu to ... . es JJridi^water ; by L. 

'f 17r)3 — . . . . ni Suiilli to -Mary I5ridL;-uater ; by Lie. 

17.')5 July G liieh'' Jjiid!.;w . . . ., free luui.ltto. to Su.-^aiiuah llildiii, mulatto, 
beloiigiiiL;- to -M.'^ .... N. B. M'* Gei'ald .... me she would 
give lier her freedom by her last will. 

1757 — John s. of Bicli"' & Susanuah Ih'idgwater, b. 20 Nov. 1750; 

.ulff.i. 't^a 3- 17(55 Au- 27 :.Iary dau. of Tlu)^ .t Mary Bridgwater, b. 30 July, 

177G Sept. 23 Edward s. of 
17S3 June 3 A hueria dau. of 

b. 30 June, 
b. 3 E>ec-. 17S0. 

\- -^ 


1733 Nov. 2-5 John s. of Col" Cliarks Bridgewatei-, buried. 

1731 April 30 Charles Bartlett s. of Charles Bridgewater, Esq'', & Eliz. his 

Wife, Born & Bap. this day ; bapt^ {^Jhid., 233, 234.) 
17S2 Nov. 15 "J'homas Bridgwater, aged 42 years, buried. 
l7Si Dec. 18 Joseph Synionds Bridgwater, aged 43 years, buried. 


1740 Sept. 7 Brid' Bridgwater dau. of Thad"^ Bridgwater ; bapt. 

1744 Nov. 30 Charles „ s. of „ „ „ {Ibiil,TSrj.) 

ISIG July 20 Roger Pembertou Bridgwater, Esq'', buried. 


174S Oct. 20 Rev. Edwin Thomas & Eliz. Bridgwater. {Ante, I., 324.) 

1703 July 21 Thaddeus M^Cartv Bridgewater A Hannah Sunth. {Ihid., L, 

■ 378.) 
17()4 iMay 10 Thomas Bridi^ewater it Mary Paris. 

177] Eeb. 12 Ro<;er Gardiner to Elisabeth Bridgewater, spinster. (IbiJ., 
IT., 324.) 


1730 Aug. S Thomas s. of l^dward Hrid^ewater vt Sarah his AV. ; bapt. 
(7iH/., IJl., 218.) 

1830 Sept. 3 ]\oger Pembertou Bi idgewater A: Susan .Matiliui Adams. 

( 213 ) 

|lM'3iut)0tI)am of i^aitatios5'. 

The followiiif^ records were forwui'dril by Mr. William M. Sweeny of the 
Custom House, Xow Yorlc Cily. J'lu' Ivlitor lias made abstracts of the wills to 
save space. Tlie entries from the parish register are uiifortuiiately not in full : — 

17 iSept. 1619. I, Otwell Hif,'£^inbotli;iin. in the Ijarbadoes, being bouinl in a 
voyage for England. The ,£2-30 I am to receive by bill of exchange 1 be.^tow as 
follows: To my father Oliver Iligginbdtham and Anne my mother £20. To ni}- 
brother William £10. Brother John £2U. Brother Oliver £5. To William 
Higginbothani, son and heir of my boily, £50. My daughter Anne £25, 3Iy 
cosen Capt. .lohii iligginhothum in the luirbiidnes £5. Coseus John, Joan, 
Martha, Alice, ISara and Piiscilla, children of the .-^aid ('apt. John lligginbotham, 
£-iO amongst tliem. Cosen Mary lligginbotham, daughter to said Capt. John, 
£20. Katherinc, wife of John Bunce, and her children, £20. Alice Zeaie £-3. 
For my funeral £20. Ail other my estate in ICiigland or elsewhere, land or, I give luito my sou and heir AVilliam Iliggiuliutham, and I make 
Nicholas Higgiiibotham of Cheshire in i'lngland, and Capt. John Hig<,'inboiham in 
the Barbadoes, who is my attorney, my executors. Witnesses: Tho. liiggin- 
botham, Tho. Zealell. l^roved ■iO Jan. 1G-31.-2 by Nicholas Higginbotham, power 
being reserved to the other executor. (P.C.C. Bowyer, G.) 

John lliginbotham of S' Philip's, Barbados, Sen''. Will daied 19 Sept. 1G72. 
To my son Cap' John il. 2000 lbs. of sugar, besides the 70 acres 1 settled him in, 
and acquit him of all accounts when 1 sold unto him and Lcf' .Sain. Tweney the 
work and GO acres or for his voyage to Jamaica and Xew England. I also give 
him GO feet square of land on Carlisle Bay between M'^ GrlUJu's house and the 
sea. To Chas. H, my grandson lOoO lbs., and to his two sisters Jane and 3lilli- 
cent 500 lbs. each at the age of 15. To my dau. Joane Waitte, -widow, 
2000 lbs., and to her four children Tho. Gibbs, John Gibbs, liiginbotham 
Gibbs and Jane Gihbs 1000 lbs. each at 21 the two sons, and 15 the two dans., 
and quitclaim to her the plantation whereon she now lives, being 50 acres, she 
giving equal [loriions to them at 21 only to Tho. Gibbs lier eldest son to h;ive 
4000 lbs. more. To my dau. ]\[artlia Knightly oOOO lbs., and to her three chil- 
dren Shedou K.. John K., ami Martha K. all my plantation in the ThicKctts 
where they live, about 25 acres, with tiie houscing built when the eldest soi; .'^hrdon 
at'.aius 21, and I give them the negroes Sam|ison aiul his M'ife Mingo, AViubar and 
his child Pcfoe. My dau. to have the management or (iOOO lbs. apiece. To my 
dau. Mary Townsend wife of JJeut. J{ichard T. 2000 lbs., and to him 500 Ihs., ;uid 
to my three grauilchihlrcn Tlui. T., Alice 'J'.. ;u;d John T. 500 lbs. each at J5, 
and to the child wherewith n:y dau. now goeth 500 lbs. To Xioholas Bucker- 
lield late husband to my decea.><cd (lOildati. (sic) Alice 200 lbs., and 1o lii.< two 
sous my giaudchildrcu Niclidlas ami lligiiiboiijam B. lOOO lbs. each at 12. To 
my dau. >arah II. .11 acres iie.\t to M' l-'rancis Dcthickshire from livur.s Ioi;l,' 
gully square o\er to D' 'I'iio. Pai-kin.<, t)nt mv w'W- tn enjoy one halt' the ri-<i|i ol 
ginger, cane or eoi-n. and 1 gi\'e her one negro wnma-i Xen Judy, and one wcncli 
Ocain, and a girl Bkudc .lane, mic bedsted of Bull_\ tri'c and a cedar te.-ier :uid 
4000 lbs. and mie yeac's maintenance. To my dau. Pris' ilia l/'ng ."iOOO lli.-,. and 
to Iter two dans. .Merandila Clenen and ^leilicent Clei en 5(iO Ilis. e;ich at 1 ^. 
To my granddau. Jane IndclTe IcOO lbs. at 21, and have Ihm- .'^tnck of eau le :ind 
sheep. To my natu'ai brother L' Tho. iliginliotham 2uOt) lbs., and .ny !-i.>;ei- his 
vife 100 lbs., and to .Marg' Jones 5()0 !bs., and to liis two cniidi-cn .Nieh.'l.a.s and 
Eliz. each 500 lbs. at 21. To my nephews .Sam. Pinny :ind Ju>c|>h Ihumhutiiam 
500 lbs. eacli, and to coz. J''iniu'y's wife Mary 500 lbs., and to tbrir .-i>u .leffii-v 
my grand {xic, but Y god) son 500 lbs. at IG. To my dau. S:iiali 11. the liouNe and 
lands reuted to M'" (Jrillin at the Bay for which she pays 50,s-. b) the }car. 


21 1- CAltlliBEAXA. 

1 give my drai. Priscilla Long my tcnfmeiit ni the Carlisle Bay wlicreiu M"" 
llainptoii lives and pays 50.s'. rent. To my son Capt. Jolm H. my tenement on 
(..'arlisle Bay realed to.AI'" Bobcrt Oibson in lieu of the 00 feet square, and the 
latter I give to my two daus. Joane Waite and Martha Knightly. To my Avifc 
Alice all the rest of my estate, slic paying my debts and legacies, and leave her 
Bole E.v'tri.x. 

Codicil, 21 Peb. 1G72. If wife die suddenly the Ordinary to appoint a 
trustee. In the presence of Tho. Parkins, David Evans, Sibbeil Powell, Tho. 
AVormbarton. By hi.s Excellency, the 13 Oct. 1(573, D'' Tho. Parkins, David 
Evans and Tho. Wormbaton made oath that they did sec L' Coll. John H. seal 
and publish liis will. Signed " P. Colleton." Entered 27 Nov. 1G73. 

John Higinbotham of Barbado.«, bound off for the recovery of my health. 
Will dated 21 ^March 1GS2. 'J'o my wife Jane all my estate, and Ex"trix. To 
my kinsmen M"" John IT. and 31'' Joseph II. l^ls. apiece for a ring. To my good 
friends Majoj John Johnson and M' Geo. Mason each £10 st., and to be ovcr- 
seers. In tho presence of Will. Tusson, Edu-. Cutler. By the P' Hon. the L* 
Gov., M'' Edw. Cutler appeared and was sworn. Criveu at Eontabelle 7 Nov. 
16S7. Signed "Edw;yn Stede." -Entered 9 Nov. 1GS7. 

Tho. Higinbotham of Barbados and p. of S' Philip. AVill doted 13 July 1G79. 
Small estate. To my son Nicholas and dan. Eli?,, all my estate equally at 10, if 
both die then to my kinsman Sam. Eiiiney and his three children John, Samuel 
and Mary, he to be sole Ex'ov, and I give him and his wife a gold ring. In the 
presence of John Gibbs, "\Vm. Lewis. By Ij. E. appeared both witnesses and 
were sworn this IG March lG7!t. .Signed "^T. xVtkins." Entered 16 March 1G79. 

Joseph Higinbotham of Barbados and p. of S' Philip, merchant. Will dated 
G A.j)ril IGOo. 'J'o my wife Eli/,. li. all mv estate, aud sole Ex'trix. In the 
presence of Willburring ^lerrey, Tho. Oibbs, Sam. Finney, J'', Jolm Erizell, J'', 
Sam. Smith. By L. E. John Erizell, J^ appeared aud was sworu 9 JMav 1G98. 
Signed "Kendall." Entered 17 Au<'. 1G93. 

Charles llegonbotham of the p. of S' Philip and I. of l^arbados, geut. "Will 
dated 17 Aug. 1732. To my wife .Ann 11. the negro women Folly, Cubba and 
Accatnema, A'i"let aud Qiuishebali girls, and Benn, Cnffey and Bemass boys, and 
ail my household goods and cow. To my sou Cleavor H. the reversion of tlie 
above. To my granddau. Ann Heddin a negro girl Sarah. My granddaus. Ilcp- 
sibah II. aud .Ann JF. All residue to my son Jolm IT. My wife to be sole Ex'trix. 
In the presence of P'' Sandford, Tho. Heggenbotham. " By his Excellency 31'' 
'I'ho. II. appeared aud was sworn. At Pilgrim 20 3Iay 1731. Signed " Howe." 
Entered 2S May 1731. 

Ann ireggenbothani of S' Philips, Barbados. AVill dated 29 3Iarch 1710. 
'I'o my son John H. .j.s\ as a bar airaiust any demand. To my sou Chas. H. os. iu 
like manner. To my (hree sons 'I'ho., Joseph and Cleavor 11. £3 c. each annually 
for 1 years. To my son Tho. II. a negro Pobinson. To my grandson John 
Pedan at 21 .C20 c. To my gi'anddau. Ann K'c<lan al 21 a negro woman and the 
land anil buildirig whereiit 1 dwell. b(Mng 10 a., also goods and furniture, and to 
he Ex'trix. 3Iy friend Sam. Lashley and Ho^er Weeks Ex'ors iu trust and 
(Juardians. In the presence of John Irondall, \V"' Peckeriu. By his Excellency 
31 ■■ John Irondall .ippeared aiul was Bworu. At Pilgrim 2S Aug. 1710. Signed 
" ilobcrt Bvn''.'" 



"\Vm. lii-^giiibotliaiii of S' Pl.llip's, J5arbadns. Will dated 22 Sopt. 1718. To 
my cozen Jose^)!! Waith one iU';^n-() Jack and a woman 8esley, and sole Ex'or. 
Signed Avith liis mark. l>y his Excellency Jos. IJayley appeared and was sworn. 
At Pilgrim 7 April 1749, ' Signed '■ H. Greuville." 

Jolin Higinbotliam of the p. of S' Thomas in tlie East, Jamaica. Will dated 
5 Feb. 1730. To my son Tho. lliginbotham Alice Nusum, ■!■ negro boys {ate). 
To my friend Dorothy Nnsuin 2 negro boys. To my son Chas. II. my riding 
horse. All residue to my son Tho. lliginbotham Alice Nusnm. iMy son Joliu 
H. now re.-^iding in Barbados. Dorothy JN'usum to be sole Ex'trix. Signed by 
his mark. In tlie presence of John Plimly, Peter Bascom. On 26 July 1711 
appeared John PlimU-y and made oath. Signed " Edw'^ Trelawny."' Dorothy 
Is'usum renounced 215 July 1711, in the presence of Tho. Mascall. Entered 
26 July 1711. in Lib. 21, fo."l3.j. Jamaica. 

1G3S. John Higinbotliam, owner of 10 acres or moi-e. 

16GG. Barbadoes. Gentleinen of the countrj' : Lieut.-Col. Higgiubottom, a 
stout man and iit for command. (Col. Cai., p. -113.) 

Jolni Higginbotham was clerk of the Assembly from 1G70 — 1GS2. His salary 
was £U'0 or 20,000 lbs. His last letter was datc.l Jan. 4, 21, 1GS2, and at the 
new election of 25 April his name disappeared. The Election of his kinsman 
Sam. Finney for S' Philip's was voided. 

Census of IGSO. St. Michael's. Jn" lliggiubotliam and wife, 5 acres, 2 ser- 
vants, 3 slaves. (Hotten, 111 and loo.) 

Chr. Codrington II. leased on Eeb. 1GS3 for 11 years at the rent of £2200 
st. all those 2 plantations called Didmarton and Consett of 7o0 acres in the p. of 
St. John to Capt. John Higginbotham. (Sec Close Eoll of 1G99, "Antigua," i., 


Year. Name. 

1650 Higginbotliam, Bridget 

1655 Hcguiboiliam (Child of) 

1657 Higinbothami Joane 


















St. Pliilip. 







Jligiubotham, William 

St. Philip. 


„ Josej^h 



„ Charles 

Christ Church 


Higrginbotham, Sarali 

St. :Miehael. 


Higinbotham, Hcphzibah 

St. Philip. 


Iligginbothain, Mcliccnt 

Clirist Church 


lligiubotham (Son of John) 

St. Philip. 


Higginboiham, Benjamin 

Christ Church, 


Higenbotham (Son of Thomas) 

St. Philip. 


l{i;V-''inbotham, Su.-anua 

Christ Church. 


„ Eoebuck 

St. Michael. 


„ Elizabeth 

Christ Church 


,, John 

St. Philip. 


iliginbotham, Mary 



,, John 



Iligginbothaui, Benjamin 

Christ Church 


Iliginbotham, Cleaver 

St. Philip. 


lligginbotham, Esther 

Christ Church 


„ John 






„ John 



Year. Name. 

1674 Higinbotham, Sarah 
1G7G „ Joseph 

1677 „ J no. 

16S2 lligginbotham, Ecbecca 

1GS5 Higinbotham, Martlia 
1GS5 ,, Mary 

1G8S Iligginbothaui, Charles 
169.', " „ Sarah 

1706 „ Elizabeth 

1714, Jan. 11 lliginbotliam. Job" and Henry Dewick 

171.') Higginliotham, Thomas 
1717, Apr. 5 lligiiibolliam, John and Susanna Walker 
1717 ^ „ Mary 

1721 lligginbotham, Tiiomas 
1732 „ Cleaver 

17.j1 „ Elizabeth 

175-j „ Susanna 

1763 „ Beiijamin 

St. Philip. 

St. Michael. 

St. Philip. 

St. Micl)ael. 
St. Philip. 

St. :\Iiohael. 
Christ Church. 
St. Philip. 

St. Micliael. 
Christ Church. 
St. Philip. 

Year. Name. Parish. 

1674 Higinbotham, Marv St. Philip. 

1679 ' „ Hepzibali 

16S4 Hiu'ginh.itliam, Joseph ,, 

1681 „ John St. Michael. 


Year. Xiirae. Parish. 

1GS7 IIiggiiil)othain, John ^t. Michael. 

1G93 Iligiubotliain, Jane ,, 

1G93 „ (Son of Joseph) St. Philip. 

1700 iligginbotliam, Jno. St. Michael. 

1701 „ Mary 

1705 „ Jleiiry Christ Clmrch. 

1721 „ .Aravgart^t St. Michael. 

172G „ Benjamin Christ Church. 

1720 „ Mill'iccnt 

1732 „ Elizabeth St, Michael. 

1751 „ Esther „ 

1755 „ John „ 

1755 ,, Joiiathoti Christ Cluircli. 

Sijmiinstrations (33,C.CO rtlatiug to 


B. = Barbadoes. J. ==; Jamaica. "W.I. = West Indies, ba. = batchelor. 
G. = Guardian. S.S. = States Service. P'' C' = principal creditor. 

A. A Book. 1059. 

[It begins Jan. 1G58. English style.] 


Jan. 1G5S-0. Pavton ]Meeres. 3, to Bridgett Bauclovorth al's M., y'^ 
Sister of P. M., at J.,\vid'. '^ ' IS 

Jan. Hob. Brookstead. -i, to Anne Greenaway al's B., y' rel. of K. B , 
at J. IS 

Jan. Tho. Iddenden. 19, to 11^ I. y"^ Bro. of T. L, at J., ba. 19 

Feb. Tho. Wilberfors. 1, to Hester W., spr., y^ onely Sister of T. AV., 
1. in v'^ shij) y*^ Kose J'inch at J. 55 

Peb. I^' Starling. 11, to Bob. S., y-" onely Bro. of K. S., of ^lildeuhall, 
CO. Suff., but a souldicr at J., ba. 55 

Feb. Era. Marlcr. 10, to John M., liunifrcy M. ct .lane M., y Bros. 
& Sister of F. M., of L.. liut at .)., ha. " 50 

Feb. Bob. Dangcrfeild. 11, to K'' Floyd, C' of B. D., 1. of y j). of 
Alllialknves, llony Lane, I/., but in B. 57 

March. John Adams. 10, to Susan A., wid., y^' rel. of J. A., 1. of 
Stepney, but at .1. " 92 

April 1059. AV'" Husband. M, to W'" 11., \' V. of W. II.. 1. of I'almeto 
Hill in y"" p. of S' Lucv in v^' 1. of B., :\lerch'. biit at sea, ba. Ill 

April Luke Blacldock". 19, to .Mary H., \\id., y Bel. of L. 15., 1. of 
Bruinley next Bow, but at y' B. in y^' .«^hip tlie Scaven ]5roiliers. Ill 

INlay. Margery Jiawdon. (j, to .Marniaduke .hujucs, gent., the grandchihl 
of JNI. B., 1. of Crux p. within the city of Vcn-k. 177 

June. Arthur Clayton. S, to Eliz. Cotton, y'' Cozen Jcrman of A. C, 
at J., ba, " 232 

June. Abr. Wi-tlake. 10, to Joane Fox, wife of Tho. F., y'' Sister of 
A. W., 1. of Liuiehouse, co. Middx., but in y<= W. 1. 232 

* Continued fruai p. 208. 




June. Chr. Barrett. 13, to RfbccTii Cliiff al's Hall, tlie necce of C. B., 
1. of Limeliouse, in y" \V. 1. 31an- Hall, }'■ .Si.ster of dec'', renounced. 233 

June. W"' Fetherslon. IG, "to Tho. P., the only IWo. of \V. F., in 
y^ W. I., ba. 233 

July. No W. I. ones. 

Aug. Tho. Edwards. 13, to Mary Clough al's E., wid., y'= only dau. of 
T. E., at J., of goods left iinad. by Mary E. his 1. rel., since also dec''. 29G 

Sept. Marke Saxby. 3, to Anthony S., y*^ uncle & Gr. of i\mbrose & 
James S., minors, y*" ch'' of JNI. S., at J. 301 

Se[)t. AV'" Koberts. LH. to (ieo. Thorogood, y'^ uncle bv ye M's side of 
W. K., I. in the S.S., at J., ba. ' 302 

Sept. John Woodward. 22, to Marv W. al's Head, wife of Edward 
Head, v--' Kei. of J. W., 1. of Stepiiev, but at .1. 302 

ycpt Tho. Eastridge. 20, to ll'' E., ><= V. of T. E., at J., ba. 303 

Sept. John liichardsoii. 29, to 31ariha ]{., wid., the l^el. of J. R., at B. 303 

Oct. Geo. Stevenson. 3, to Susan S., wid., y*^ Kel. of Gr. S., at Mevis in 
y" W. I. ^ 338 

There are no adin'ons at all for Nov''. 

Dec. Jas. Carter. 12, to Joanna Eeainieter, wid., ye only cliild of 
J. C. in B. 370 

Dee. Tho. liowe. 22, to Eliz. 11., wid,, y-^ Rel. of T. R., 1. of Wapping, 
in y« B. 371 


[It conniieuces with ]Marcli 1059, and the entries are again in Latin.] 

■March 1059-60. Chr. Dawson. 27, to John D., the Bro. of C. D., 
1. of B. 4 

April 16G0. Sam. Bobycr. 9, to Mary B., the Rel. of S. B., 1. of Bristoll, 
but in the T5. 15 

[The top of fo. 23 for the first time is marked "Transmarine"] 

April. Elliott Sheares. 3, to Sarah S., Mid., y'= Rel. of E. S., 1. of 
Stepney, but at J. " 23 

April. John Sk-elen. 10, to Ale.v. S.. y^ onely Bro. of J. S., at J., ba. 23 

July. Henry Boucher. 20, to Eranees J)avy, y'' Grandm. & G. of 
Humphrey 15., a minor, y*-' s. of II. B., late of Serenam, in A7nerica. SO 

July. " Win. Akers. ' 11, to Isabcll A., v'' rel. of \V. A., 1. dyeing in y<^ B. 94 
Jul v. ]iob. Peasley. 23, to W'" P., the s. of R. P., in y*" 1. of Bermodus, 
widd^ ' 04 

Aug. Kich. Swan. 7, to Afary S., the sister of R. S., ba., in J. 108 

Sept. .John Poore. 5, to Joan P., nd. of J. P., in the A\^. I. 133 

Nov. W" Dickonson. 8, to John Winder, C of AV. D., in B. 170 


Jan. lGGO-1. W"' Dickenson. 21, to Sara 1)., ncp. & n. of k. of W. D., 
of B.. ba. 

Jan. Tobias Holden. Last dav, to Hester Billington, wife of Jolm B., 
the lister of T. 11., of B., ba. 

May IGGl. Sir liich'' Peers. IS, to Dame Marv P., wid., the rel. of Sir 
R. P., of B., Knt. 

May. Andrew Smith. 21, to James S., tlie F. of A. S., In., in B. 

July. Jenkin Gauuuou. 1, to Anthony Tutchen, C' of J. G., 1. of Poplar, 
but in B. 



[There are very mauy entries of " in partibua uUramariuis " with no jjlacc named.] 


Oct. Cha. -Aloore. H, to Joyce M., wit!., the rel. of C. :\1., 1. of B. !)9 

Aov. Sir MariiKulula' iioyiloii als Hiuvdoii, Kii'. IS, to Ambrose 

]3eiinct A ]iicli. Walcoti, C'"of Sir M. l{.,l.of ]j., incrcli", bui at ^Vallinglurd, 

CO. Berks, dec'\ resident of llotldesdoii, co. Hertf. 

[1GG2 is missing.] 


Marcli. John Segnior. 10, to Mary S., t]ie M. of J. S., ba., iu B. 33 
May. John Lea. (3, to Juditli J-.ea, ^Yid., the M., & Joan Brockett, 

cousobriniis of J. L., in B., ba. 57 

July. Tho. Andrews. 22, to Jonathan A., the F. of T. A., of B., ba. SO 
July. Edward Crantield. 10, to Edw. C, the son of E. C, 1. of B., left 

unad. by Mary Peasley al's C, the M. Previous adm'ons in Ap. IGoS, Ap. 

1G53 &'Dec. 1619. 83 

Sept. Jas. Young. 25, to Rich. Devon, C' of J. Y., of J. 93 

Oct. Sam. Tliompson. 2-1, to Sir Tho. Gonue, Kn\ C' of S. T.,in the B. lOS 


[Folios not numbered in this vol.] 

Jan. Edward Tonics. 13, to W. T., the Bro. of E. T.. of J., ba. 

March. John Kipj^ax. 21, to J\ob. Andrewes, consobriniis <t next of kin 
of J. K., at the Barbalhoes, ba , Egbert Iv. & Edward Iv , the brothers dying. 

iMarch. Egbert Kippax. 21, to Kob. Andrewes, etc., of E. Iv., of St. 
Olave's, Hart Str. 

March. Siiuou Gostlin. 21, to Alary G., rel. of S. G., at the B. 

April. James Larkin. IS, to Alice L., rel. of J. L., 1. of 8' Botolph 
without Aldgato, but at J. 

April. Will. Culvyn. 21, to Xich. C, the Bro. of \V. C, 1. at Mevis, ba. 

April. AVill. Pardoe. 26, to Sarah P., wid„ the rel. of W. P., at Movis. 

May. Bich. Shei'feiid. 26, to Bich. S., cousin germau of B. S., s. of 
"NYni. S., cit. & tallow chanudler of L., 1. in J., ba. 

June. Mathcw Yate. 2, to John Y., the F. of M. Y., 1. of B., at sea. 

July. A.rtluir Towne. 5, to John T., the Bro. of A. T., at J., ba. 

July. John Drowne. 19, to Sheai Turner, C'' of J. D., at Ic B. 

Nov. Tho. Edson. 24, to Ellen E., paternal aunt & next o£ kin of 
T. E., 1. of B., ba. 


l\[ay. Jlobert Slanipc. 30, to ^V'" Clarke, O of ]^ S., at V,. 74 

July. Jolin Foster. 7, to Tho. F., tlie Bro. of J. F., 1. of the sliip called 
Mevib and Antego, at sea. 06 


Aug. Fabian llill. Last day, to John Clements, C of F. II., 1. of I;., 
bur at J. 157 

Nov. Tho. Calverlev. 27, to AV'" Skvnner, C' of T. C, 1. of Kingston 
on Hull, but in B. " ' 205 

Dec. AV'" Leeds. -1, to Lambert Leeds, maternal uncle of W. L., " nupcr 
io Insula S' Christopheri, London " {sic). 22S 

• Iu this vol. there are cauioj of many sliijis and mariners, but not of places. 




(imthi) of 


Arms. — Azure, lltrce muUcis O'l 

Ivicliard ^Volc•l^, barr.-at-l., Chief Justice" 
of J'ca 1779, of llvde and Geor:^ia ; died 
15 Oct. 17S2, aged -W ; bur. in Bath 
Abbey {ante, II., 2:30). A^ill dated 23 
March 17^1, then of U[)per AViinple Str. ; 
proved 29 Oct. 17S2 (.325, Gos^tling). 

=Lucretia Mary Favcl, eldeat 
dau. of Geo. Dehauy by 
Mar\ Greijorv his wife; bapt. 
21 March 1751; niar. 23 Jan. 
1709; died July 1813. W.T. 
Bookplates, No. 502. 

Kichard Welch, born 1770, s. and=pAlice xAnue, dau. 

h., barr.-at-l., of Hyde estate; 
niatric. from Christ Cli., Oxf., 
7 Oi-t. 17S0, a-,red 10; B.A. ] 790; 
died 1809 ; bur. at Swaiiistoji. 
AVill dated 2 Oct. 1800; proved 
2 May 1809 (417, Lovcday). 

of Rev. Xath. 
Preston of 
Swaiiistone, co. 
.Meath ; died at 
Ex mouth 10 Oct. 

John Gregory" 
Welch, born 
1770; ofArle 
House, Chel- 
tenham ; died 
12 Jan. 1854, 
aced 78. 



Mary Eliz., 
named 1S02 
in the ■will of 
her <:;reat- 


A une 

Geo. Asser White Welch,= 
born 1800, of Arle House, 
J.P., D.L. Essex, J.P. 

Glouc. ; 
Magd. Co! 
1821, aged 

matric. from 
I.. Oxf., 8 Feb. 
21: died 8 Feb. 

-Frances As- 
ser, dau. of 
Tho. AVhite 
of Alstone, 
CO. Glouc. 

=Anne Cath. 
dau. and i). 
of Lt.-Col. 
^lannorich ; 
mar. 1828. 


Geo. Assev White Welch, born 1S29, Capt. R.N.,=f=.Mary Cath., youngest dau. 

of Arle House, 

J.P. Glouc; living 1901 {v. 

of Major 

Eu'daud ; mar. 

Geo. Asser White Welch, born 1SG5. 

The above pedigree has been taken from Add. M.S. 27,908, fo. 190, to which 
additions have been now made. 

Richard Welch of Upi)er Wimpole str., Escp AVill dated 23 March 1780-1. 
All my estate to Philip JJehany of this Kingd(>m. .las. Piiinock of J'ca, John 
Allen of J^erners str., Rob. Cooper Ecc of Ik-dford «([. and John Grant of J'ca, 
Esq''*, to pay my wife liUcretia .Mary £500 st. yearly and £3,000 c. out of the 
bonds granted me by Ri -h'" Brissett. I'-si]., for the purchase of Georgia est. and 
the remainder of the lionds to my children e(|ua!ly Richard my eldest son included. 
!My triL-tees out of the annual produce of my liydc est. and all other my est. in 
J'ca to maintain them and thin' to have the use of my leasehold house \ now live 
in. To each of my four daus. 3Iary Eliz. Lucretia Favel Jane and Georgia* 
£2,500 st. at age or marriage. All residue to my s. Rich''. To a rejiuted son in 
J'ca named John Welch £100 c. My trustees and mj wife Ex'ors and G. 

* Owing to the wording and absence of I'mjctuation it is dillicuit to sort the uaiuos. 



Proved 29 Oct. 1782 bv J. A., M. C. L., Esq-^", and L. M. W. llic relict. Vowct 
reserved to T. D., J. P. and J. U. Pruved 2!) ,\ov. 17b2 b\ P. U., E!^4. (525, 

Eicli-i ^rclcli (if Marylebone, Esq, AVill .laled 2 Oct. ISOG. "Sly wife Alice 
Auiie and cli" all my personal estate in J. Piiilip ])elinny oi" Hayes PL, Kent, 
Esq., etc., all real est. on trust for my l"' s. Arthur, 2'' s. Pob. Grei;(n-y W., 
dans. Marv Eliz. W., {xfraliiine W. and Anne Loiii-a W. Estate of Hvde in 
S' Tho. in the Vale. Proved 2 .Ma v ISO!). ( J17. Eovcday.) 


Robert G regory, Eliz. Lncretia, bui'ii 177 t; I'avcl, died spr. 1708. 

died infant. 

Mary, 1st daii. ; 
mar. Thn. Eeiuj- 
nold of the iScots 
Greys. ETc was 
killed at Water- 
loo in 1815. 

mar. 1815, at Uorchester, 
Sir Wm. L. G. Thomas, -lih 
Bart., of Dale Park, co. .Sus- 
sex. He was born 1778 and 
died2lAug. 185U She died 
21 Jan. 181-8,'aged 74. Eoth 
bur. and M.I. at J-fadipole, 
Dorset {an/e, IV., 182). 

.lane, 1th dau-; mai'., 
Anu' 1801), Sir V\nh. 
Eewis Eit/gerald, 

K.C.H., Vice-.Vdm. 
P.-\. He died at 
Path 17 Jan. 1844, 
a lied tJS. 

G corgi na, 
5th dau. ; 
died spr. 
Oct. 181G 
at East 

181G, Oct. 24. At Sir Geo. Thomas's bart. East Cowes, Miss Welsh, sister of 
Lady Thomas. (" G.M.," 470.) 

Jamaica, St. Tho. in the Vale, lS2;i : — 

Eichard Welch, Hill Side 112 slaves 38 stock. 
Hyde 150 „ 141 „ 

1S44, Jan. 17. At ]>ath, aged GS, Viee-Admiral Sir R(d)ert Eewis Eitz<:erald, 
K.C.n. Served at J'ea .... m. in An?. 1800, Jane, a dan. of liiclW Welch, e.sq. 
f. Chief Justice of the island of J'ea & sister 1o the ladv of Sir (3eo. Thomas, 
Bart. <^c. ("G.M.," 319.) 

1847, Oct. 10. At Exmoutli, at an advanccil age. Alice Anne, relict of lul. 
Welsh of Hyde J. esii. & dau. of the Jiev. Xath. Preston of Swainstone-, 
CO. Meath. (llj/'d., 554.) 

1854, Jan. 12. .At Chelleidiam. aged 78, John Gregory Welch, esq. 1. of Arle 
House, a magistrate of the co. of Glouc. (Ibii/., 331.) 

Mary Dehany of Devonshire Str., wid. 23 Oct. 18t)2. Wherea.s 1 have paid 
ni}' s. Geo. I of the proceeds of sale of the moieiy of Swan.^ca pi. in 
J'ea, the other J to be paid to those entitled to the same. To my i^randch" Mary 
Reynolds, Eliz. Encretia Thomas, Jane ]''itz<::cral<l .-ind (!cori,'iiia Welch rj(ii;"*(ach. 
Ti) my great-grand-dan. .Mary JCliz. Welch 20 i;"\ 4'o my «;iand-d;ius. .Maiy Srotl, 
Eliz. l''avell I'innock and T.ncretia Pinnoek 50 t:ns. ea. To my L'reat-i,'rand-dau. 
Mary I'innock Scott 2() g"*. .\ry grandsons John Lee .Mlrn and Jas. .Mien 5t) g"» 
ea. My s. Geo. 100 i^"^ and to my grandch" W'" Knight Del any, Kliz. While- 
horne D. and .Mary Eaveil D. 50 '?"* ea. Of residue \ to my Euc" .^hu•y 
Welch and sole l].\'iri.\, and \ to my dau. Eliz. I'innotk. 

Cotlicil. The ,' of proceeds of sale of Swansea pi. I have laid out in the 
purch. of .€8,500 4 per cent. aim. for mv 3 other ch" in names of myself and of 
Geo. Scott and Lestook Wilson. 17 March 1808. 




2i>J CoJici?. 22 Jan. ISU. Taiien to my dau. L. M. AVelcli, dau.-iu-l. Sarah 
])., <,n-andsoii W" Iv' D., grcat-srandsuii .Jnlni Jas. Scott, great-grand-dau. JMaiy 
Piiiiiock Scutl, great-^rraiidson Mattliew Iiob. Soott. 

nnl Codicil. 17 Feb. ISll. ]Mv dau. Taic. ]\l. W. is indcl)tcd to me in £-500 
nnd £200. 

4i'/i Codicil. 15 Sept. ISll. Great-grand-dau. Sophia Thomas, dau.-m-l. 
Sarali D. 

bth Codicil. Dau. Eli/,, rinnocdc to be also Ex'trix. Grand-dau. Luc. P. 
5 Julv ]S12. 

ri-oved 20 Aug. 1SI:3 bv Eliz. P., the dau. and surv. E.x'trix. Testatrix 1. of 
Cumberland Str. ^ill, lleathtieki.) 

See pedigree Anfr, 111., 200, to wliieh tliis is an addition. 

(An/e, p. 191.) 


It is obvious that in the second entry of 30 Xov. 17o4 the year shouhl read 
17.J-J. Mr. Bromley having been pressed for lime did not make all his extracts 
verbatim, but haviuLi; now lent me his transcript of the Eegister 1 repeat some of 
the entries in tluir fuller form wth the names of sponsors: — 

1787 June 22 Stcdmau & Ann Tavlor s. vt dau. of Stedman & Eliz"' Kavlins 
from ]\Iiddle Island. 
Also Sarah Worthington & Jfary Johnson daus. of Henry & 
Eliz*'' Kawlins from M, Isl''. 

1705 May 2 John Hart .s. of John & Sarah Johnson Pav.lins, b. Api'. 0, 
1705. Godfalliers: Henry Hart, Henry liawlins & ]iichard 
Eawlins, Esi[uircs. (lodmothers: Miss Henrietta Hart, M''^ 
Eliz«'' Young & M" Ann Akers. 

1797 Feb. 7 Sarali Ann dau. of John &■ Sarah Johnson Eawlins, b. Oct. 18, 
179G. Godfathers: lOdward Gilliard, Esq., Joseph Eawlins, 
ICsq., by his friend .John J?awlins, Esq., i*c Anthony Hart, 
Esq, bv his friend A ntlionv Youn'4', Escp ( Mulinothers : M'^ 
INfarv Sprott, iNI'^ Martjaret' Richards & 3P^ Ann Hart. 

1S07 Feb. 3' Stedniiin inf s. of the lIoii''i'' Stedman S: Gertrude Eawlins. b. 
Se|)t. 5, ISOt). Godfathers: Henry Eawlins & the Hon'''"-' 
James Tyson, Esq. Godmothers: iNl" Eliz"' Eawlius it Mar- 
garet Tyson. 

1812 April 7 Henry inf s. of Sredman liawlins, Sen.'', Esq., & his wife Ann 

LS13 Feb. 3 (Privately) Tlm^ Charles Corry (b. Sept. 11, 1812), s of the 
Hon. Stedman H;>wlins A ins wife Gertrude. 

Isl3 Feb. 21 Jolm .lames s. of Stedman Eawlins, Sen'', Esq., & his wife .Ann 

1S23 Aug. Sarah Swanston dau. of Jcdin Hart Eawlins, I^sq., &■ ^Martha 
Hart his wife. Godfathers : Hon. S. E:vwlins, Hon. Ja' 
Havoren Sc Tho' Swanslon. Es(i. Giidmothers: .... Eawlins, 
•lun', ]\l" Swanston, iMiss Eebceca Y'oun^. 

1S2G Jan. 22 Eliz"' ^[artha, b. Dec. 2(5, 1^25, dau. of '.John Hart Eawlins, 
Esq., & Martha Hart his wife. Sponsors: l^liz'*" Hart, M'^ 
Henry Hart and Henry Wilson, Esq. 

The entries of ISLl, Jan. 1, and 1S2(>, Xov. 20, do not ai)pear in the transcript. 

( 223 ) 

IL^trtiit x)f i^c\)i5'. 

Mountserat. Ivlward Herbert of Pjristoll, nierdi', now upon tlie Island afore- 
said. Will dated lift July l(!St. To my wife Anne all ^oods in her hands in 
Bristoll, with one eight part of the ship ""Miiry " of Bristol!, M'' A\''"' AVhetstdiie, 
com'', also 50,0U0 lbs. of sugar from here. To my T^atiiral bruilier Abrain Herbert, 
mariner, my fourth part of the sln'j) " Patience "' of ISrisloll. To Edmund Ellis 
my new tenement in the possession of .M'' r)i'0(Mne. To John Atwood the next 
and lower tenement, with my black horse. E. I'-llis to continue in my ]dantacon 
and storehouse basin(>ss until his a])])i't'nlioeshi}) be ex|)ii'ed. To I\I" ^lary 
Liddell my new feathei" bed, etc, in my storehouse. Further to Y,. E. 10.000 
lbs. of muscovada sugar. To my natural sister Eli/.. Pumfret X'oO, to be paid her 
by Cap' Humphry Nonth of London. My son Tho. II. to be sole Ex'or and all 
my estate real and personal to him, vi/., all my floods in the hands of Capt. H. 
South, my plantacon, viz., my part thereof, a storehouse at Plymouth in M., 
and negroes, my other houses and lands here and debts due in the W . ]., 
proceeds to be sent to Capt. South to invest for my son at IS, he to be sent to 
school if Capt. South die, then my wife Anne to have full possession of my sou 
and estate, she to then give good security to ^V Sam Wood of Bristoll, sugar 
baker, but if my son die under IS said estate to my nephew Julward H. son of 
my brother Wm. H., he ])aying to each of his hr.)lhers and sisters £30, ami to 
my sister ]']liz. Pumfrett £'.10. Capt. 'J'ho. Ellis, Jcdni IJramley and L' Geo. 
Liddell to be overseers. To mv loving friemls Caj)t. 11. South, Capt. T. Ellis, 
M'- S. Wood, J. Bramley. M' G. "Liddell and M'« Mary wife of s'' Geo. Liddell £6 
each. In the )). of Phil. Hrome, John Attwood. l.ondon, y*^ 2 of Oct. IGS-i, 
lately arrived from M., sick and weak. To my brother Abr. II. £100 and a 
debt of £;30 due from "Walter Kuinzcy, chyrurgeon. Commission 15 Julj' 1GS5 
to Ann H. the mother and guardian of Tho. H., a minor, the son and ex'or. 
On 4 Jan^ 1G90 proved by Tho. H. the sou and ex'or. (S8, Cann.) 

Tho. Harvey of Bristol, gent. AVill dated .... To mv dau.-indaw ^Martlia 
Parsons £-200.' Mv friend Tho. Tow of Xevis £100. All residue to my wife 
Mary and sou Thoinas H. Proved lUOl. (102, ^'ere.) 

James Lytton of Xevis, and Camberwell, co. Surrey. Will dated 171S- 
My niece Sarah Herbert and nephews Tho. H. and .loseph II., dan. and sons of 
my brother-in-law. Tho. H. and my sister Dorothy his wife. .Xiece Sarah 
Browne. 2sephe\v W"' Carpenter, (ol. Browning.) 

Wm. Fenton, late of S' Chr., now of Xorthaw, co. Herts, 1;S(]. Will d;ited 
1 July 17o3. All estate to tny dau. Jane and her heirs, and in default to Joseph 
Herbert, Esq., Judgi; of Xevis. His son Horatio Herbert. (131, Pinfold ) 

Eoberl Thompson oi' S' Chr., gent. Will dated .... \7')'l. My son-in-law 
George Herbert and Mary ni} dau. his A\ife. Adm'on S ,lan. l/'7<> to her, a 
widow. (11, Hellas.) 

Tho. AVilliams of Xevis, Es(p Will dated 20 Sept. 17(')(). Ttt my niece Eliz. 
wife of the Hon. Jnlm IJicharilson Herbert ."> negi'os, an<l to Martha Williams 
Herbert their dau. £1.">(H) c. at 21. One moiety of my plantation in .\ntigua to 
the said -Mrs. Eliz. Herbert. Proved S July 17()7. (21)0, Legard.) 



.Tospph Korbcrt, esi]. Will dated S Ausj;. 17G7. Mv s. Horatio, s. Tvrrell 
£oU0, J.iu. -AFaiT H. £700, dan. Sarali II. df-jOti. dan. Ann H. £500, dau. Fra. 
CanipbfU £.301)," dau. Luerelia rcmbLTlon £-300, dau. Aniillia !-5rodbelt £-20. 
j\Iy f^raiidcli" the sons and dans, of my s. George in Engbiiul £100 each. My 
granddau. Sally H. ll),0(K) lb=:. ; ber sister Einnia.^ All residue to uiy s. Edw^ H. 
Sworn IG Dee.*17(;7. (Xevis J3ook of Wills, p. 1^1.) 

Eliz. llulbcrd late of N'evis now of I'alli, co. Somerset, widow. AVill dated 
23 Nov. 1709. To my brother Jloratio Herbert £350 c. To my sisters Mary 
Herbert, Sarah Horbei't. Amelia JJrodbcK, I'ranees Campbell and Lucretia Pem- 
berton £235 c. each. To Sarah and Emma Herbert daus. of my brother Jo.-;epb 
Herbert, deceased, £235 c. equally. To Mary, Lueretia, Harriot, Eliza and 
Josei)b ]Ierbert the children of my brother George Herbert, deceased, £235 c. 
equally. To Mary Amelia Nisbet ilan. of Walter Xisbet of Xevis. Esq., a mulatto 
girl. To my frieiuls John ^lills the Younger, of Gicar S*^ Helen't*, merchant, 
Edward I'arris and John AVard of Xevis, Esquires, all my plantations, nogros, 
cattle, etc.. for my brothers Edward and Tyrrell Herbert equally. Trustees to be 
E.x'ors. Witnes,-ed bv Arthur Hele, Mary Clapp, ]\. Brigden Fowell. 

Codicil, dated 1 April. 1770. M'' and ]\r'^Mlele of Eath my tea-table. My 
2 nephews George and Jiichard Brodbelt suits of mourning. My sister l^rodbclt 
2 pair.s of silver candle.-<ticks. Witnessed by JdIhi Jarman, Eich'' Brodbelt. 
Proved 19 April 1770 by John Mills, power reserved to the others. (147, Jenner.) 
(Eecorded in Nevis J3ook of AVills, p. 584.) 

Tlio. Neale late of S' Vincent now of Nevis, esq. AVill dated 19 June 1773. 
My wife Henrietta, my sisler Ann Heibert, mj' sister Henrietta wife of John H., 
nephew John H., £5ub0. Sworn IG Sept. 1773. (Nevis Book of Wills, p. 333.) 

Ann Herbert, s[)r. Will dated 20 Sept. 1779. My sister Frances lies, widow, 
l- of Old Herberts. Sworn 22 Sept. 17S3. (Nevis Book of Wills, p. 57S.) 

John Eichardson Herbert, President of Nevis, now residing in Cavendish 
Sq. Will dated 21 Dec. 17SS. To John Lane and Tho. l-'raser of Nicholas 
Lane, L., M'^, Evan Haillie of Bristol, ^P, James Stevens if S' Chr., Esq., bar.-at- 
law, now residing in L., and James Huggins of N., Esq., Ex'ors, and £50 
each. To Aves Cocker of Little Stanhope Str., IMay I'air, spr., £100 for a ring. 
My niece Sarah wife of W'" Kelly of Plymouth, Capt. K,N., £1500, and my 
goddau., her ouly ch'' £500 at IG. My dau. Martha Williams Hamilton wife of 
W'"* IL of Heiu'ietta Str., Covent Garden, now gone to the W.I., the use of 
all my furniture and plate, in trust after her death for her 1'' s. AVhoreas I 
have allowed my niece Frances wife of Horatio Nelson, Capt. K.X. £100 a year. 
I give her £3000, and to Josiah Ncsbitt s. of s^^ F. N. by a former husb'^ £500 
at 21. To James Huggins £50 c. a j^ear on trust for ^lartha wife of ^P Tho. 
Winliam of N. To a free mulatto woman called Maria 3 slaves, and at her death 
to a free mustee called .John Herbert, my reputed natural s. by her, now living 
at W, also to her £200 c. a year, and to him £1500. To a free mulatto nuau 
called Tlio. Herbert, my reputed natural s., £300 c. Aly mulatto slave John 
Mintas hi.s freedom aiul £30 a year. Whereas 1 have p'' to t!ie li' Hon. Lord 
Cranstown £3000 duo to liim from my lato brother-in-law ^lagiius -^lorton. Esq., 
dec'', upon a mortgage of an estate at N., and wishing to discharge a further 
£4180 due from .M. i\[. to W'" Tuckett of Bridgewatcr, Esq., on a mortgage of 

? an error for Andrew. 



his estate at iST. T f^ive tlio !<'' £:3000 nuA £il'^0 to my nepliow ^ra^^rnus Morton 
the Yoii7iger of X., Esq. All rc.-^idue to Trustee for my dau. to receive rents 

A. Codicil, o Dec. 1792. To my dau. £'^00 a year till legacies are paid. I\ry 
niece Sarah Jvelly £1000. Niece Frances Nelson £1000. Nephew M. Morton 
to be also an Ex'ur. Witnessed by .Sliolto Arohbald, Jolin "Williamson, Joseph 
AVebbc Stanley, 

B. Codicil. Of Nevis, Es(]. 13 Jan. 170H. :My sou-in-Law Andrew Hamilton, 
Esq., £.")00 a year if he survive my dau. My nephew M. M as mucli more as 
will make np liis legacy to £10,000, and to be p'' £;]20 c. a year for management 
of my estate. To John Dascut the Eider s. of Jolin D., late of N., Esq., dec'', 
£100 and £150 a year for t years, and to the daua. and s. of s'' J. D., dec'', who 
usually reside on this Island in the iiouse of the estate late of their Eather, £20 
c. a year each for 4 years, then £2-30 c. each. To (reorge D, one other s. of s** 
J. D. the elder, now in England, £10 a year till 21. My lease under Lord Le 
Despencer to be renewed. If my nei)he\v Magnus Morton sh'' inherit he shall 
take tlie name and arms of Herbert. My friend John Stanley, Esq., of N., also a 
Trustee and Ex'or. Witnessed by Eobert 3^lbertson Jones, John "Williamson, 
Tho. Slaider . ., Sam. Hicks. Uep" of Evan Baillie that he reC" from John 
Stanley s'' Codicils sent on 27 Jan. 170:3. I'roved 23 March 1793. (151, 

Wm. Priddie of St. CIiv., Esq. AVill dated 1 Dec. 1792. To Joseph Herbert, 
Esq., of Montserrat, and his sisters jM"^* Sconce, M" Henderson and Miss Herbert 
£50 each, as a token of the early friendship I received of their father Capt. 
George Herbert. (109, Exeter.) 

"W" Mead of Nevis, Esq., petitioned on IS Dec. 1701 that he and his wife had 
owned the lease of a plantation there called llarveys, now claimed by a low fellow 
oue Tho. Herbert. 

In the Cul. Cal., p. 085, is also the petition of A\''m. Shipinan and Mary his 
wife and Tho. Harvey, a minor, by W . S., bis guardian, to the King. Pet'^ thro' 
their ancestors claiming for t5 j-ears have ])Ossessed 2 ])lantation3 in Nevis called 
Harveys, to which they are jointly entitled during the life of ^lary, and after her 
death the other moiety descends to Tho. Harvey. Tho. Herbert pretending some 
title, encouraged by Gov'' Codrington, ejecied (Wm.) -Mead, their tenant. An 
appeal was allowed, yet Mead's crop, worth £300i\ was seized. 

Archibald Hutcheson, Ati-^ Gen. of the Leeward Isles, reported on this 
31 Dec. 1701 tiiat John .Mountstephcu formerly owned the estate, whose widow 
married Earth. Harvey, who had issue Tho. Harvey, who was father to Tho. 
lEarvey the petitioner, a minor. Adm'on of tbe goods of the widow of Mount- 
Stephen was granted to her 2'' husband. Tho. Herbert is nephew and heir of the 
said iMountstephen. Jone wife of John Barnes was sister of John Mountstej)hen, 
since dead, s.])., and Merlx rt is the son oi another sister. Tho. Herbert has for 
15 years been endeavouring to recover his right. Tho. Harvey was living on 
G March IGSS. Tho. Harvey, a minor, now or late of iJrislol, gent. 

This plantation was formerl}' rented at £UK) per annum to one M' Edtly, and 
since to the pet' .Mead, who married l-ddy's widow. (The result of the ai)peal 
does not appeal'.) 

Census of Nevis. Thomas Herbert. 

Census of St. Kitts. Joseph Herbert, Jun', aged 25: 1 while man, 



1 woman, 1 boy, 1 girl and 1 negro. 

Census of Nevis. Tho. Herbert : 1 white male, 3 females, -1 negro males and 
6 females. Anne Herbert : 3 white males, 2 females, 1 negro males and G 

VOL. V. 8 



Arms. — Per pnlc Azwre and Gules, three lions rcniipanf. 
(Seal of J. 11. ircrbcrt.) 

Note. — It is uncertain wliether Dorothy Lyttoii married Thomas son of 
Edward Ilerbert or Tlionias son of Tliomas Herbert. Thei'e are other doubtful 
points in the pedigree. 

ad'morof Ins 
wife's estate. 
2nd husband. 



=.Tohn ^lountstephen 
of Xevis, ]dantcr, 

k;.").") ; dead inss, 

leaviui^ his neplicw 
Tho. Herbert, his heir. 

Thomas irarvey of: 
Harveys in Nevis 
and of Bristol, 
■gent. AVill dated 
at Nevis ; proved 
1G91 (192, Vere). 



re mar. 

living in 

=Edward Herbert of Bris- 
tol, merchant. Will dated 
in ]\[ontserrat T) -luly 
1CS4., codicil 2 Oct. IGSl 
in L. ; proved 15 .hily 
lOSo (SS, Cann). 


Thomas Herbert of Nevis,=pUorothy Lytlon, dau 

born l(i7S; only sou and of ^lajor Henry Lyt 

heir and a schoolboy IGSl', 

aged 21 in 1G09 ; claimant 

1701 ; (? in census of 

1707-S; M. of C. 173S, 

and died 1750). 

ton ; born 1US2-3 ; 
mar. 1699 ; died IG 
Jan. 1721, aged 41. 
Had ten sons and 
seven dans. M.I. 

Frances =f Thos. Her 


pAnn Wil- 

Joseph Herbert, living 1718; bur. 19 

. . . ., 

bert of 

liams, spr., 

April 1731. 

bur. 2S 


mar. 31 Jan. 


.3 une 



Wm. Litton Herbert, bapt. 9 Sept. 171G. 


2nd wife. 


1st wife. 



Charles Herbert, bapt. 30 Nov. 1718. 


Hon. John Eichardson Herbert, ^Eliz., dau. of Col. John 
bapt. 21 Dec. 1732; M. of C. Williams of Antigua; 
1757, President 25 years; died bapt. 1 Feb. 1734; mar. 
18 and bur. 19 Jan. 1793 at 1752; died 29 Sept. 
Eigtree. AVill (151, Dodwell). 17G9, aged35. M.i. 

^Magnus Mor- 
ton, Esq., 
dead 178S. 

IMartha Williams^.Vndrew Hamilton, 

Herbert, only 
child and lieircss, 
mar. IS i\lay 

Esq., President of Gen. 
Council of ];ee\\ard 
Islands 179S ; died 3 
April 1808. Ml. 


I " 

Maginis ]\r(U'lon-H(>r-=r^1i''i'=t'i"i'T' 

bert, nephew and heir I Forbes, mar. 

of .). K.Herbert, whose ; (5 Ajn-il 
sui'uame and arms ho 17il2: died 

took; died at Bri>s.-els 3 Mar. 1835 

31 Oct. 1831. '. in London. 

1715. No. 79. Private. An Act to settle tho estate of Tho. Herbert, eldest 
e. of M'' Tho. H., deceased, on him and his heirs and assigns for ever. (I'liuted 
liook of Acts, p. 75.) 

1718. Jos. Herbert, then a ^Member of the Asseiid)ly of Nevis 
1721. No. 87. Private. An Act for tlie settling an Estate in fee-simple of 
and in the laiuls and tenements, negroes and other the a])])urteiiances which were 
of Tho. Herbert, late of tiiis Islaml, dec'', in his 3 sons John, Wm. and Jos. 




H., and for tlie confirmiii!^ the estate of John l^ieliardson, Esq., and John Sniiih, 
planter, |mrchascis oi' part of tlie »'' estate from and under tlic s'' John H. 
(Book of Aets, p. !)U.) 

1727. Tho. Jlcrbert, S'-', then an inhabitant of Xevis. 

173S, Oct. 21. Tlio. Iferbert, I'^sij., sworn in as a Member of Council. 
(B. T., Leeward Islands, vol. 20.) 

1711. Jan. 27. Tiio. Iferbert of X., esq., about to marry Ann Williams, 
ppr., covenants to settle 10,000 ]hs. a year, llecorded 3 June 1710. (Xevis 
Deeds, iii., p. 272.) 

Horatio Herbert. Xotarj- public and Dep. Secretary. 1719. (Ibid.) 

1749. A mandamus for Joseph Herbert to be of the C was signed at 
Kensington. (America and W.I., vol. 103.) 

Thomas Herbert of Xevis 1(377, dead 1715. =p 

John "Will. Jose])h 

Herbert. Herbert. Herbert. 

All three named in Act of 1721. ., 

Thomas Herbert, 1st son and heir of Thos. ; 
his paternal estate settled on him by Act 
of 171.3. 

John Her-- 
bert, Esq., 
of Xevis, 
bapt. 20 
Aug. 1710; 
sold 115 
acres in 


? sister of 
Tho. X^cale 
1773 ; died 
at Bath 10 
July 1S13. 

Henrietta Her- 
bert, bapt. 10 
Jan. 1720- 1. 

James Herbert, 
bapt. 12 June 

Henry Her-- 
bert, Esq., 
bapt. 1 Dec. 
1723; Pdied 
17G2— 7. 

=A nn 

? of St. 

Frances Her- 
bert. Adm'on 
20 May 17G2 
to her brother 

Sarah Her- 

John Herbert, living 1773. 

Thomas Herbert, 
bur. 23 July 1731. 

Sarah Herbert, died 
5 Sept. 17S5, aged 

53. n.j. 


Marv Iferbert, mar. "Wm. AVoolward, 
Es(].' He died IS Feb. 1770. M.I. 
Parents of Ijady X'elson. 

Herbert, Capt. -ISth regiment^ 


1 . 

]\[agnus AVill. ]Morlon-Herbert, born 1850 ; at Charterhouse 
1872, later armv student. 

1751, Sep. 27. Joseph Herbert of Xevis, Juu^ enters into bond of £2000 
with I-kOger Pemberton to abide by arbitration. J. H. was administrator of tho 
estate of Simon Brown, V.>(\. His (.1. II. 's) wife's name was Sarah. In 17()7 
the Hon J. H., Esq.. was Prt-sidiMit and Ordinary of Xevis, and in 17(!2 llnraiio 
H. and Lucretia Pemberton were appointed 'guardians of her s. Jos. Herbert P.. 
and by petition of 23 Au<x. 1707 the minor slated Horatio II. was residinir bovond 
the sea and asked that Walter Xisbet and J-]d. Herbert, Esq"', might be his 

s 2 



lion. Jot^opli 3forbcit. born KisO ; Chief Justioe=j 

-Elizabeth . . . ., 

17-j4, President; bur. at 8t. Julin's 7 Oct. 17G7, 

bur. 2G Jan. 

aged 78 ("r). "Will dated S Aug. and sworn IG 

1703, aged G4-. 

17G7 ; recorded in ]Nevis. 


Edward Her- 
bert, 1st son 
and heir, born 
13 and ba])t. 
20 A[.ril 
1731; in.^ol- 
venl 1775. 

Tyrrell Herbert, 
born -1 March 
and bapt.2 April 
1733 ; bur. i) 
Xov. 1701 al yr. 
(Jeo., Antigua, 
intestate ; inv. 

a Ca[)- 

:Marv, dan. 
of Ilob. 
of St. Kitts 
and liis 

Joseph=pSara]i, widow 



1751 of 




of Simon 
J^rowne; mar. 
30 Aug. 1741; 
living 1751. 
(Anfe, I., 

Hon. Josepli Herbert, born^. . . ., died at Mary Herbert. 
1758 ; President of Mont- Montserrat 3 — 

serrat forty years ; of 3 Dec. 1705. 
Devonsliire St. and Agent ■• 
for Nevis 1779; died 20 

Dec. 1830, aged 78. M.I. 
at Dover, 

Lucretia Herbei't. 
Harriet Herbert. 
Eliza Herbert. 

Eliz. Herbert, 
bur. 20 July 

Sarah Herbert. 

Emma Herbert. 

l\Iary Ellis Herbert, eldest dau.. mar. at Leyton, co. Essex, 
22 Nov. 1808 Key. E. Kepton. 

1752, Dee. 1. John Herbert of Xevis, Esq., sells to Jer. Drowne of S' Clir., 
Esq., 2 pl"^ oE 09 a. and 48 a. (Nevis Deeds, vol. v., p. 34.) 

1754, June 21. At the Court of Kensington Jos. Herbert was appointed 
Ch.ief Justice vice John Dasent, l-lsq., dec''. 

1757, Dec. 0. A mandamns ap[)ointing John Ricliardson Herbert to the C 
was signed at the Court of .S' James. 

1700. JNIeniorial of Jose])h Herbert, Chief Justice, who has been impeached 
by the Assembly. Eeceived Jan. 24. 

Pet" of Ann Herbert of S' Chr., widow, that Henry H., your petitioner's late 
husband, obtained adm'on on 20 May 1702 of the estate of his sister Erances H. 
Hen. H. has died intestate. (Xevis Deeds, p. 173.) 

Petition of llie Hon. John Kichardson Herbert that adm'on of the will of 
Erances U. was granted to her brother Henrv H., esq., now dead. Adm'on now 
granted 10 Julv 1707. (Xevis Book oF Wills', p. 170.) 

1708, Jan. Lately. Hon. Joseph Herbert, Esq., president of the Island of 
Nevis. ('-(I.M.," 47.") 

1775. I'dward Herbert, an insolvent debtor, eldest s. of the late President, 
from whom he inherited a very considerable patriuionv, has had great misfortune. 

1799. Tyri'ell Herbei't and Jos. If. were witnesses to the will of Arthur 
Eroeman, l^sq., of Antigua. 

1785. The seal on a letter written by the Hon. John Ivichardscni Herbert, 
President, bears : F/'r pale Azure (ind Gnlcs 3 lion.-i /-(HiijitdiL (H.T., Leeward 
Islands, vol. 39.) 

1793, Jan. 18. In the island of Xevis, John Pichardson Herbert, esq., presi- 
dent of his Majesty's council in that island. (•' G.M.," ;)73.) 

Ind're of 1703 between Joseph Herbert of ^lontserratt, Esq., and Tyrixdl H. 
of the Island of Antigua, E.sq. (Antigua Pecords Lib , x., vol. 5.) 

1795, Dec. 3. At :\Ion1serrat, in the V\'.\., Mrs. Herbert, the ladv of the Hon. 
Joseph IL, c.s<j., of that islan.l. (" G.M.," X70o, 108.) 



1797. Loiive of absence given to President .To.s. Ilcrljcrt. 

1790. .Jos. llei'bert was "then of .3 Devonshire >Str., and acting as Agent for 

ISOS, Nov. 22. At Layton, Essex, the Ecv. E. Keptou to Mary Ellis, eldest 

Horatio Her-- 
bert,Dep 8ec. 
1719 ; not in 
Nevis 17G7. 

Peter Matthew Mills 
Herbert, bapt. 29 
July 17G1 at St. 
George Basseterre. 

Eliz. Herbert, mar. 
19.1ulv 1717 -With. 
HulbeVd.* Hcrwill 
dated at Bath 2;^ 
Nov. 1709 ; proved 
19 April 1770 (1-17, 

Mary Herbert. 

Sarah Herbert. 

Ana Herbert, 
bur. 7 March 

Amelia Her- 
bert, born 2-j 
and bapt. 81 
Aug. 1729; 
mar. 1 Jan. 
1755 James 

I I 
Frances Herbert, 

mar. 10 June 17G0 

Geo. Campbell. 

Lucrctia Herbert, 
mar. 1 Jan. 17G0 
Sam. Clarke Peui- 
berton. He was 
bur. 30 Nov. 17G1 
at St. George. 

dau. of the Hon. Joscpli Herbert, ])resident of H.M. Council of the island of 
Moutserratt. ("G.M.," 1039.) 

1813, Julv 10. At Bath, Mrs. Henrietta Herbert, widow of the late John H., 
Esq., of Nevis. {Ibid., 93.) 

1813, Oct. 21, Sat., was mar. Arcliibald Paul, esq., of St. Christopher's, to 
Miss E. Herbert of Bath- Hampton. (Bath Chronicle.) 

1830, March 17. At .Jamaica, a^^ed 29, i^lwY Cutlle Herbert, 5th s. of the late 
E. M. H. of Bristol. {IhiJ., G51.)^ 

1831, Oct. 31. At Brussels, ^lagnus Morton Herbert, esq., of the I. of 
Nevis. (" G.M.," 1835, IIG.) 

1835, April. On the 3''' ult. in Montagu Street, Portland Square, Christiana, 
relict of the late ^lagnus ^lorton Herbert of tlie J. of Nevis, Esq. (Court Mag.) 

183G, Dec. 20. At Dover. aL;cd 7,s, .Joseph Herbert, esq., late President of 
the island of Montserrat. (*• G.M.," ls37, 220.) 

1847, Oct. 12. In Oxford-terr., aged 57, Horatio Herbert. (" G.M.," 553.) 



1729 Aug. 31 Amelia dau. of .luscpli lleritiu-t, l'".sq., & Elizabeth his wife. 
Jjoru ye 25''' ins. it 15apli/.cd this day. 

1731 April 2t) J'^dward s. of .lose))!! llcrherr. Hsi]., it Elizabclh his wife. Born 
ye 13 instant it i^apti/.ed this il.iy. 

1733 \\n-\\ 2 I'yircU s. of Jose[)h Herbert, E.'^q., it Elizabeth his wile. Born 
^lar. 1 last past and IJaplizt'd this dav. 

1751 Bee. 29 Wdliam ,t Mary, Mulatloe children of William Herbert, bap- 

1773 June 20 Aim ■\Vhite, a natural dau. of Joseph Brown Herbert by Sarah, a 
negro woman belonging to Miss Sal!}' Pemberton, ami her 
mother were baptized. 

1781 Dec. 2G James it lllizabeih s. it dau. uf .Io-ej)h Brown Herbert. 

1787 Sep. 8 Walter s. of Joseph Brown Herbert. 

* 1727 -May 7 N.ithaiiicl s. of Ivhv.irJ Ilnlbird. Uai.t. (IJalh Abbey). 
■{• Sic <//</<•, \ ol. 1. 





17 00 

.7 an. 


































Eob"'^ Pcmbertou & Ann Herbert. 

Xath' Hulbunl & Eliz. Herbert. 

James Brodbelt & Emilia Herbert. 

Samuel Clarke Pemberton & Lucretia Herbert. 

George Campbell <t Frances Herbert. 

Andrew Hamilton, Esquire, to Martha Herbert, Spinster. 

JMagims Morton, Esquire, and Christiana Eorbes, Spinster. 

Joanna Herbert. 
Anne Herbert. 58. 

Elizabeth wife of the Hon''''' Joseph Herbert, Esq., President, 64. 
The Hon''i= Joseph Herbert, Esq'' Aged 7 . . (r* 78). 
Anne Herbert, Spinster, aged 41 y. 
M" Elizabeth Herbert, aged 34 years. 
Joseph Browne Herbert, Mulatto. 
J. E. Herbert. 

1745 July 26 Eliz'i" Herbert daug'' of Jos. Herbert, buried. 



1741 Aug. 30 Joseph Herbert & Sarah Browne. Lie. 
1741-2 Jan. 31 Thomas Herbert & Ann Williams. 


Auril 19 
July 23 
June 28 
Sept. 9 

iNfar. 28 

1710 Sept. 9 

17 IS Nov. 30 

1719 Aug. 20 
1720-1 Jan. 19 

1722 June 12 

1723 Dec. 1 
1730 Jan. 28 
1732 Dee. 21 


Joseph S. of Thomas Herbert, Sen'', and Dorothy his AVife. 
Thomas S. of ,, „ Jun'', and Prances his "Wife. 

Prances wii'e of Thus. Herbert, jun''. 
Anne Herbert wife of Tliomas Herbert. 
Jane Herbert. 


"William Eitton S. of Tliomas Herbert by Dorolhv his wife, 
of JM' Thomas Herbert, Sen'', by Dorothy his wife. 

John the S. of 
Henrietta dan. of 
James the S. of 
Henrv the S. of 
Sarah D. of 
John Eichardson 
his wife. 

S. of 


„ Jun"", and Prances his wife. 
Thomas Herbert, Jun'', and Prances 


July 29 Peter IMalthew :iMills s. of Horatio & Sarah Herbert, bapt. 

1774 July 29 Edward Herbert, buried. 

• AiKe, Vol. 11. 



1794! Nov. 9 Tyrrel Herbert, from lilacknians Estate, buried. 


Henry Herbert, d. in July or Aug. 17GS; decliuc. 
Mi.s.s Eliz. Herbert, bom 'in Sept. 'S2. 
Keid Peter Herbert, d. IS Sept. 17b7 ; decline. 
Will. Henrv Herbert, d. :U sea 11 Dec. 17b7; decline. 
W^ Jane Herbert, d. 1 Feb. 1700, aged 03 ; decline. 
Miss Ann Herbert, d. l2.j Mar. 1791, ab' 29 ; decline. 
Joseph Herbert, d. at St. Croix in Oct. or ]N'ov. 1791 ; decline. 
John Kicluudson Jlerbert, d. at Xevis 17 Jan. 1793: i'ever. 
John Herbert, d. o Ecb. 1793 ; leaprini^y.t 

Jos. Herbert (Mout.s'), mar. to Miss Ann Tucket S Jan. '97 ; separated 
the same year. 

Charles Herbert, d. 22 Oct. '3. 


Blue marble ledger : — 

Sacred to the Memory 


Dauijlitcr of Tuomas .t ri!.\.xcES Uehbert 

and Sisfcr 

To I he IIo>i'''' ihs Pn ESI 111-: Si of this Inland. 

who departed this J.j'fe ^ep''' 5"' 1785 

Aged 53. 

(20 lines omitted.) 

White marble ledger with two cherubs' heads at top corners: — 

Under this Stone 

is l)e[)orited 

the I\l<ntal part of 


Wife of the llon.hlc 

JOHN KICIl.\KL)St)N H1:KI5E11T Efif; 

Frrfidrnt of this If land. 

She Died UTiiverlally lamented 

Sep""; 29"' ; 1 709, in the 31"' ; Vear of her 

Age, it the 17"'; of her ^Marriage. 

(10 lines omitted.) 

AVhile stone 

Sacred to the Memorv of 

ANDRHW H.\:M1LT()\ Ms.i' 

who died cm tlie 3'' of .\[iril I SOS 

in the . . i'ear of his Age 

(several lines wurn auayj 

by his wife M.\.itrn.v wii.i.iams nAMii/tON. 

Ante, Vol. 111. f It '^'is very rarely that \Ylutes became leiiers. 




In sunk oval a Jacobean 

A blue marble ledger cracked across. In .sunk oval a Jacobean shield 
blank :— 

Here lieth Entomb'd MK-5 DOIJOTHY HERBERT, wife 

of M« THOMAS HERBERT, of this Illand Gen^ : & Daugliter 

of Major Hexrt Lytton, of the lame Place decealed 

When living she was an Ornament to y*^ Marriage state 

in wliich slio Virtuously liv'd Twenty hvc years & Ten 

Months, and had Ilsue .... Sons & Seven Daughters 

But to the Irreparable lots of her Alilicted Family 

Died in Childbed v/ith her tenth Son 

(G lines) 

She changed this Life for A Better Jan" 16^« 1721 

In the 42*^ i'ear of Her Age. 

The late Rector, Dr. L. B. Thomas (Jnfe, II., 31-3), gave the arms as "Three 
lious rampant," but did not state they were on the stone. I took great interest 
in the heraldry, and would not have wa-itten "blank" had there been even 
traces of arms. 

In the churchj'ard (copied 27 July 1001) : — 

IX MEitonx OF 


40 YEAilS )*i{ES1DEyT OF 



DIED 20^3 DECEMBER, 1836, 


Halstrt of Samaita. 

Mathias Halstod of London, moreh'. Will dated 3 Aug. 1G77, 29 Cii. II. 
" Bound out to the parts beyond the seas." All residue to Frances my wife, and 
make my brothers Abra. H. of Woodhani Feryes, co. Essex, gent., and Chas. H. 
of L., grocer, Ex'ors. Proved 8 Julv l()7f) by Cha. Hj power reserved to 
Abr. H. Proved. 4 March 1G7'J by Abr. H. (8.5, King.) 

The following wills are on record in Jamaica: — 

Lawrence llalstead, 1091—4, Lawr. H., Jr., 1G91- 
Eliz. H., 174G. 

7, Eliz. H., 1733, and 

Matthew Halsted of Jamaica, now of the Inner Tem))le, Esq. AVill dated 
8 Sept. 12 Geo. 1725. To my sister-in-law Barbara Ermiu Halsted of Chelsea, 
widow of my late brother Gerrard H., .C200 a year. My plantations called 
MowJcnhaU, Ducks, and lands in the mountains called Murnniriuq Brook and 
Fimento Giovc, Savanna huui.s to my nephew Gerranl Halsted, soii of my late 
brother Gerrard ii., remainder to my cousin Lawraiice H. of J'ca, Esq". All 

* Coimmuiicatcd July 1010 by .Mr. Y. Ciuidall, F.S.A., of Jamaica, who received it from a 




residue to my said ucpliow at 21. The lion. Tlio. 15ernard of .I'cn, Es(|.,E.\'or for 
that Ishmd, and ^P Sam. Bernard of London, merchant, Ex'or for G. B., and 
£2CX) each and to be T. and (}. Scaled (early armorial sealj. 

Aems. — Gules, an cc'/le (Jisplai/ed, a chic/' checki/ .... 
Ckest. — Out of a coronet a Jrmi-edf/le Ermine displayed. 

[This will, t'.ie original one, is on the folio sheets of paper in the Editor's 

.... Halted of Janiaica=^[Mrs. H., aged 4U in 1G88 (Sloane MSS.).] 



P .John Halsted 

of St. Dorothy's 

, M. of A. for St. John=pEliz. 

Halsted,* M. 


OG— 9, St. Dorothy's 1719, 

St. xMary 17 

21. AVill 


of A. 1691 


ited G Jan. 1 

721 (Livingston). 

and 171G.] 




Mathew llalstetl, liichd. 






Esq., M. ot 

A. Hals- 

1729 Denis 

of J., Esq., 

of Chel- 

of Chel- 

172G, and of 

the ted, 

Kelly, Chf. J. 

cousin of 



Inner Tempi 

e. M. of 





Will dated 7 . 

Mar. A. 

Their only 

H. 1720; 



172G; sworn 81 1785. 

child Eliz.mar. 



Aug. 1728. 

the 1st Earl of 




Edwd. Halste 

d, heir 

Tho. Hal- 

Sarah Grace, 

VVm. Hal- 

Gerrard John 

172G to his 


sled, (lied 

wife 17GS ot 

sted, M. 

Halsted, born 

Mathe^^■, and 

then in 

1745. a 

lid. Lowing 

of A. 

1721 ; matric. 

England ; died 

25 JJec. 

minor, in- 

of St. Cath^, 

17G9-70 ; 

from Q. Coll., 

17-41, .Tt. 2G, s 

p. intes- 



died 1771. 

Uxf., 17 Dec. 

tate. M.l 

. St 


1740, aged 19. 

Matthew Halsted (^f .Tanuiica, gent. AVill dated 7 INlarch 18 Geo. 172G. My. 
lands may be sold. To my nephew Gerrard H., son of my late brother Gerr.ard H., 
£8000 c. at 21, and in default to m\ throe cousins Kliz. H., Mary Emily H. and 
Maximelia Emily II. ■My Pen in the p. of S' Ddi'othy i-alletl the Savana Pen and 
my land on the Black Ki\er to J''avel Peeke, Es(| , of .1.. now in ICnglaiul. ^l}' 
Moirdeii IJall plantation in tlie p. of S' .luhn, and Ducks plantation and lands 
known as Mnrmurin;/ Brook and all other lamls in S' Johns, lands called Pimento 
Grove in S' Dorothy ami all rcsiihie to my cousin Jiawrcnce llalsleii's eldest son 
now in England and his heirs, in default to my nephew Gerrard H. Tho. Bernard 
and AVm. Xedham. I''squires. to be Ex'ors for J., M'' Sam. JJernard of London, 
merchant, Ex'or for (J. B. and :i:oO apiece. Sworn 81 Aug. 1728. Signed by the 
Scc^ Jos. Maxwell and Governor Kobert Hunter. [From an ancient certified 
copy.] Eridorsed : " Stephen Ivichard Kedwood, Esq'', in Spanish Town." 

Tho. Eidler of S' Dorothy, J'ca, Esq. Will dated 19 Aui,'. 17GS. Names 
l?ich'' Lewing of S' Cath., ]]s(j., and wife Sarah Grace, one of the daus. 
of Jjaurence Halsted, Esq., dec''. (8S, Bogg.) 

CounectcJ with tlio f;uuily of WLitgift Ayhaer (Archer). 




lGGl-2, Jan. 28. "William Kalsicd of S' Bride's, L., grocer, Bach., ab' 2S, and 
Eliz. Bie-kerton of ^)' Andrew.s, llolboru, bip'', ab' 2G ; consent of father — 
Bickerton. of Jk-ebv, co. Lcic, Gent. ; at the Temple Cli., L. (Lie. A'ie. Gen. of 
Archb. of C.) 

1GG9, July 1-1. Lawrence Halstcd of the iNIid. T., Gent., Bach., 28, & Alice 
Barorofr. Sp'', 21, dan. of John B. of 8' Martin in the F., Esq., who consents, at 
S' Dunstan in the E., 8' Ja.';., GarJick Hithe, or S' Bot., Bishopsgate, L., or 
AVickham, co. Glone. (Fac. Off. of Arcii. of C.)' 

1G70, April L liicliard Halsted of S' Andrew's, ITolborn, Gent., Bach., 
ab' 21, & llcbecca Gregory of Cornhill near the Old E.xehan^e, L., >Sp'', ab' 20 ; 
her f's consent ; at .S' Dnnstan's in the East, (Lie. Vic. Gen. of Archb. of C.) 

1GG7, 9 of lU''' nionili. Barhadnes. Church-dues demanded hv Laurence 
Jlaistead. (Hesse's Quakers, ii., 2S3.) 

IG71, June 10. fluent to Anthony AVestgarlli for 300 a. in the p. of 
S' Thomas bounded E. en Heneiy ILilsteed. (On one skin, p. the Editor.) 

1G8S. Mrs. Halstead of Jamaica, then aged about 10. (Sir Hans ISloaae's 
Vovage L, cxxiii.) 

'IG/S. Edw'i H., M', V. Price. {Ante, III., 272.) 


M.l. to Edward Halstead, Esq'', Lieut, of y'= Troop, son of Lawrence, died 
25'"' Dec. 1711, aged 2G. (Archer, 50 ; Eoby, iS.) 

Laurence Halstctl, lord of the manor of Sunning, co. Berks, Esq., 2nd sou of 
John 11. of ]-vow!ey, co. Liinc, a merchant of L., entered his pedigree in the 
Visitation of London IG^M, when he had the following sons living : (L) Laurence, 
aged 12, (2) Abraham. (8j John, (1) Oliver, (o) James, (G) Mathias, and 
(7) \\ iliiam. An e.xempliHcation of arms and grant of crest made to him in 1G28 
is given in the Visitation of Berks (Harl. Soc. Pub., ii., 13G). It is probably from 
one of the above sons that tlie llalstcds of Jamaica derive their descent. 

1G52, May. Jaine.-^ IIai>tcd. On the 5th adm'on to Laurence H.,the brother 
to J. II., in foreign pirts, bach., deceased, fo. 82. 

liaurence Hajst-ed, Dej). to Dr. Jii'ady, Keeper of Eecords, Tower of J^ondon, 
had a grant of arms in IGsS. (Grantees of Arms, p. Ill, Harl. Soc. Pub.) 

Sir Humfrey For.stei', JJart., d. lGt);5. had a dau. Sophia, late wife to Laurence 
llulsled of , , . ., by whom she had three dans., Sophia, Anne and Marv. (Visit. 
of Berks IGGl— G, p. ;3G.) 

Cluis. H. s. of Laurence of L., arn:. of ]3ras. Coll., 0.\f., matric. 23 ^larch 
IGDO-l, a. IG ; d. 1732 ; his f. keeper of the records in the Tower. 

Matthias IL, gt., of Bras. Coll., 0.\f., matric. 27 July 1G52, stud, of the 
Inner T. IGGl. 

Gerard John H. s. of Gerard of Chelsea, arm. of Q. Coll., matiic. 17 Dec. 
1710, a. li). (Foster.) 

IGoG. Lanrence IFalsted of lUirnely, Lancashire, s. of John IL, }eoman, bred 
at Burneley (]Mr. Aspden) for 10 years; adm. pensioner, tutor and surety 
lAlr Fogg. S Nov., a't. past 18. (St. Jolm's Coll., Camb., p. 130.) 

Adm. Sir liawrence \V'"' Halsted. G.C.!?., C. in C. on the Jamaica station 
1S21— 7, was son of Capt. \V. A. Halsted, E.X., died 1778, and was borii 
2 April 17G1. Died 22 Aj)ril 1811. (O'lJyrne's Naval Biog. Diet.) 

( 235 ) 

iLi^t of (lEliUs rccortitti in iSarliatio^ tioton 

to tijt j^tar 1800/ 

Year. Names c( Testator;. 

1772 Sealy, .loliii 

„ lS;iiiit Hill, Thouuis 

,, Swan, Sarah 

,, Saiulers, William 

„ Stewart, John 

„ Siiailc, IMary 

„ Shurlaiid, Joseph Sluirrett 

„ Spry, Gov., William 

,, Smith, John 

„ Sargcaut, Thou)as 

,, Scott, Judith 

„ Shepherd, Jnv., James 

1773 Sober, Abraham 
„ Saer, David 

„ Smith, Elizabeth 

„ Sharp, Thomas 

„ Settle, Kichard 

,, Stuart, Johii 

. ,, Shaw, John 

,, Stevens, John 

1774- Skute, Elizabeth 

„ Smethwei-'k. "\\ illiam 

„ Sesnett, AVilliam 

,, Squires, ]')eborah 

„ Sergeant, Ktcliard 

,, Stoute, Jane 

„ Sherson, Eii/.abeth ]\Jary 

„ Saudeford, ]{ichard 

J) Spejiht, Grant 

„ Stcven.son, Alexaiidcr 

1775 Snookc, Margaret 

„ Smith, Margaret 

,, Steward, Sarah 

„ Soulhwell, JSenjamiu ^- 

„ Smith, John 

,, Saudel'ord, Alexander 

,, Saudeford, William 

]770 Staples, Mary 

,, Smith, Mary 

,, Shepherd, Thomas 

„ Skcete, Kebecca 

„ Smith, IMary 

„ Skcctt, Eenjamiu 

„ Stewart, James 

,, Searle, Jaeob 

„ Stoute, Tliomas 

,, SiuunojH, J;Mue« 

1777 Salter, lvii;hard 








Names of Testator.*. 
Smith, Hirhard 
Straker, James 
Skinner, Isaac 
Scott, Elizabeth 
Springer, AVilliam 
Sutton, Ann 
Scott, Alexander 
Straghan, Abe) 
Swane, Joseph 
Singleton, W'illiam 
Squires, Sarah 
Steele, George 
Sheafe, John 
Siddey, Mary 
Sandefoi'd, "\\"illiaiu 
Scott, Mary Aim 

Siukler, Alice 

Smitten, Martha 

Suiethwick, Eraneis 

Simmons, Ifenry Peter 

Smith, John 

Smith, Thomas 

Shuiller, AVilliam Hoyte 

Saer, Mary 

Smith, Mary 

Springer, ]{ichard 

Stewart, Eebecca 

Skeete, Ann 

Sliaw, AVilliam 

Seymore, Edward 

Scutt, JNlary 

Smith, ]lenry Saclieverell 

Smith, JNIargaret 

Swan, Josepli 

Smitli, John Harrison 

Sharp, Joseph 

SaiKkioicl, Maiy 

Sheldon. Kichard Cure 

Sparrock, James Akermau 

Singleton, Jane 

Smart, Martin 

Scale, Benjamin 

Scale, John 

Seymore, Christian 

Sherley, James 

Standards, Adam 

Skeete, Eynohl 

Springer,. Jacob 

* CoutiDU«'A from p. idi. 












Nainos of Testators. 
JScolt, Jacob 
Sniitl), Elizalietli 
Nliarrctt, Anthony 
Salmon, Jolin 
SiiK'tlnvci-k, Francis 
SeluKin, Thomas 
Spcnco, Dout^'las 
IStraker, William 
Rtraghan, Charles 
.Stroud, Kobcrt 
Skc'cle, Kcynold 
Si in, J\obert 
Smitli, Sir Joliu 
Stoute, Snr., Ben jatnin 
Springer, William 
Slorey, ^\'^illiam 
Sharp, Jnr., William 
Siouzac, John 
Sander, AVilliam 
Scott, Sarah 
Senior, Nassau 'J'humas 
Smith, Henry 
Skocte, Edward 
Saiuihiil, Thomas 
Savery, Samuel 
Stuiite, Tliomas 
Stewart, Julian 
Sober, John 
Stragluvn, Francis 
Scaly, Greorge 
Sealy, Thomas 
Sinckicr, James 
Shepherd, William 
Stewart, James 
Skeete, Eli/abeth 
Simpson, I'^lizabeth 
Spriu'.ver, NVilliam 
Sandeford, Sarah Judith 
Sharp, AVilliam jMichael 
Simiiion-<, ^lary 
Savery, Sariih 
Sainthil], Kebecea 
Smith, Samuel 
Soutlicru, ^lary Ann 
Scott, John 
Stanton, Mary Hall 
Stewart. Elizabeth 
Smith, Jos,'[)h 
Straglia7i, Liiarles 
Spencer, rri>cella 
Scale, liebecca 
Straker, James 
Staeey, Eilmnnd 
Stammers, Sarali 
Shock ness, Jemott 
Sealy, Henry 








Names of To<tators. 
Stewart, Eobert 
Snarling, Elizabeth 
Spencer, John 
Scott, Henry 
Scott, ^Tary 

Snow, Franklin Jonathan 
Sisk, John 
Simpson, John 
Sherley, Thomas 
Skeete, John Brathwaite 
Stephen, Zachariah 
Springer, Aim 
Sesnett, .Mary 
Strong, lienjamiu 
Skinnei", Edmund 
Stewart, John 
Skeete, Elizabeth 
Skinner, AJice 
Sinclair, Priscclla 
Scott, Samuel 
Stewart, John 
Scott, Edward Wiggings 
Straghau, I'rancis 
Spellos, John 
Sober, Plulip 
Shaw, Mary 
Sharp, Cleorgo 
Sainthill, Jane 

Shepherd, Hon. James 

Scott, Sarah Elizabeth 

Smith, John 

Salmon, Sarah 

Shepherd, Thomas 

Sisk, John 

Smith, jMar}- 

Salmo]!, John 

Springer, William 

Smith, Elizabeth 

Stanford, J(j]m 

Spellin, John 

Storey, Mary 

Skeete, AVilliam Edward 

Standards, Kicliards 

Scntt, John 

Steele, Joshua 

Stewart, ]\Iary 

Stoute, Eobert James 

Sanders, ll^lizabeth 

Sober Martha Jiorsheba 

Sliutt, Shechaniah 

Steele, Samuel 

Swan, Philip 

Scott, ]S'atha.iiel 

Smith, Jnr., Thomas 

Smettcn, Jeremiali 

Savery, Francis 

Yenr. Names of Testators. 

179S Simp.sDii, William 

1799 Siiinuiers, George 

„ Sandiford Williuui 

„ Sarjcant, llainson 

„ Sulivan, '^1'Iioukis 

1650 Terry, Basil 
,, Terrie, ]\ic]iard 
,, Turner, John 

1651 Turner, Arthur 
„ Turner, .lolin 

1653 Towel), I'hilip 

„ Turner, John 

„ Toownsend, William 

1651 Thome, Stephen 

,, Tuc, liiehard 

,, Thode, Steven 

,, Thode, Ellinor 

1657 Thorneton, Katheriue 
„ Terrill, Edward 
„ Thomas, ^Villiaiu 
,, Taylor, William 

1658 Tristram, Pvohert 
„ Thody, .Stephen 

• „ Trolt", rulluetby 

1659 Turner, James 
,, Thompson, l']dward 

1660 'J'owuscnd, Walter 
,, Thomas, William 
„ Thomas, Jijhanna 
„ Tharle, Jfenry 
„ Tliurston, Tlioinas 
„ Thomas. William 

1661 Tibotts, Robert 
„ 'i'aylor, Hicard 
„ Thomson, Christopher 
„ Terrill, ^Michael 
,, Towncs. J'n-ian 
„ Tappin,* Jolin 
„ Trewman, Edward 
„ Thomas, Mai'V 

1662 Thom])son. Geori^e 

1663 Tibballs, Mt-holas 
1661 Thawyer, Kiehard 
1665 Thawyer, John 

„ Taiiener, Henry 
„ Terry, Tliomas 
,, Teneli, Rowland 
Taylor, JJhhard 
Thomas, Josias 
Tiiompson, John 
Thompson, JMward 
Thome, Thomas 
Talbott, Richard 
Tucker, William 






Names of Testators. 


Tothill, Robert 


Tudor, James 
Tilley, Nicholas 


Thorne, James 


Tixtover, John 


Tarry, Stephen 



Tennenr, I'dward 
Tyler, J (dm 
Taylor, John 



Taylor, William 
Tristune, Nicholas 

Torkiui^ton, (4eorj;e (J 



Thorn, Josej)!! 


Thomson, Katherin 
Tompkins, Roger 
Townes, Fraiicis 


'I'yler, Susanna 


'I'avlor, Arthur 


Turner, John 


Tiggley, John 


Thick penny, Thomas 


Taylor, Erancis 


Thwcat, James 

Tibbott, John 
Turbile, Hercules 


Trattle, William 


Tresleene, Nicholas 



Tuir, Thomas 
Thornbuigh, George 
Teyler, Robert 


Turpin, Ilemy 


Taylor, John 


Thompson, Sanuiel 


Taylor, Robert 
"I'urvill, Jvlward 


Tlierry, .liunes 


Taylor, Jidm 


Tliornburgl'., Ann 
Travers, Robert 
Tlioi'idiill, 1'iinothy 


Towni's, l]d\wird 
Travers, I'iiilip 
Triston, Ni(diolas 


Taylor, l'"lorvris 


Trindar, John 


Tate, Mary 



Titchboriie, I'l^mcis 
Turpin, Anno 
Tate, -Marry 


Turney, ludiert 



Tm-kar, Martin 
Thompson, John 
Trindar, J (dm 


Toppin, thdni 


Torvill, Philip 


Traversie, Alexander 


Probably Topjihu 















Nainf"i of Tostatoi-:, Year. 

Turneli.-un, IJol.crt 1G9S 

Tavlor, Jonathan ,, 

Tindall, Kieliard 1700 

Ta£;gavt, Juuics „ 

TuVbs, Edward 170l 

Towiios, .Tamos ,, 

Townes, I'lionias „ 

Tyson, James ,, 

Trimble, Walter 1703 

Turton, Francis ,, 

Thoriiliurgh, Edinnud ,, 

Trefiisis, Uridojet 170-1 

Taylor, Kobcrt ., 

Tixtover. AViiliam 1705 

Travcrs, James „ 

Turton, Edward ,, 

Tuniej^ Henry 170G 

Turner, John „ 

Temple, John „ 

Todd, Thomas - ,, 

Todd, John 1709 

Timr.ston, Edward ,, 

Toyn, Kathorine 1710 

TiJkie, Samuel 1711 

Thomas, Jcilm ,, 

Tucker, Walter 1712 

'J'opling, Paul „ 

Terrill, Micliael 1713 

Tjrou, Edward ,, 

Taprcil, Alexander ,, 

Trevanion, Nathaniel ,, 

Tcaguc, Phyladelphia 1714 

Tidcombc, Samuel „ 

Terry, John ,, 

Tysoe, AVilliam ,, 

Tag!];art, Alexander ,, 

'J'aylor, ^NTary 1715 

Trent, Lawrence „ 

Thouihy, Jone „ 

Terrv, Christopher, •"Deponant" ,, 

TriscoU, ]\fary „ 

Taylor, John ,, 

Taylor, l]dith „ 

Thome, John „ 
Taylor, E/ekiel 

Tukc, A'alentine • „ 

Tliomas, Jolm „ 

Twerton, l^li/abetli 1717 

Thorp, James ,, 

Tliomjjson, Joseph „ 

Taylor, Jennett 1718 

Thor[)0, IJobert ,, 

Q'horne, William ,, 

Taggnrt, Alexamler ,, 

Tongue, AVilliam ,, 

Tuder, Cap. JJichard „ 

N;nncs of Testiitors. 
Tate, John 
Tyler, Josei)h 
'Tolley, Thomas 
Taylor, John 
Towncseud, Eichard 
Taylor, Thilip 
Tyrwhitt, Francis 
Tabbott, Joaue 
Trefnsis, Bridget 
Thurbarne, James 
Turpin, Susan)iah 
Tliuigar, Thomasin 
Turpin, llenrv 
Trant, Eichard 
Tliomas, Charles 
Tubbs, Edward 
Tirrill, Michael 
Travors, Phili]) 
Taylor, George 
Trant, Eichard 
Taylor, John 
Toose, Ann 
Townsend, George 
Tatcm, Nathaniel 
TuU, Thomas 
Tildesley, Henry 
Thomas, Ann 
Toyer, Jonathan 
Thomas, Charles 
Thomas, John 
Tull, l^owland 
Tojjpin, Percival 
Tlioriie, James 
Thorne, Aunc 
Tayloi', John 
Tliomjisoiij ne]]jainiu 
Thomj)Son, Sarah 
Thomas, Ilopkin 
Todd, Joseph 
Terrill, Thomas 
Teage, Jane 
Tliomas, Eoger 
Trvwhitt, Cliarles 
Tonstall, William 
Thompson, George 
Thomson, Andrew 
Taylor, Andrew 
Terrill, Charles 
Taylor. John 
Turpin, John 
Toj)i)in, 'i' 
Thwaitc, Thomas 
'J'aylor, Amy 
Thorne. 3Iary 
Terry, I'rancis 
Taylor, ^largarct 















Name? of Testators. 
Turpiu, Susan 
TuH, Jolu) 
Taylor, .Siiniuel 
Thomsnji, ^lary 
Tyler, Aiitlioiiy 
Turucr, John 
Taylor, TJofrcr 
Tlioma?, .Iciliii 
Temnll, J'ldward 
Thrisc'ott, ZS'icliolas 
Tlioinas, Jolm 
Tapat;, Margaret 
Tlioinas, Steplicn 
Tliorpe, Alice 
Tysoe, "William 
Tyrwlritc, George 
Taylor Jolm 
Thwaite, Katherine 
Top])iii, Deborah 
Tonikins, John 
Toppin, John 
Tojipiii, Thomas 
Taitl, Hcnrv 
Tiako, John' 
'J'hwiat, Thomas 
Towscnd, John 
Tacey, Josejdi 
Tiiom])son, George 
Trott, George 
Q' inner, John 
Thweat, Thomas 
Townes, John 
Thomas, Alice 
Tcbling, Sarah 
Tudor, Thomas 
Thomas, John 
Tiiornhill, Timothy 
Taylor, Isaac 
Turner, Susannah 
Trannell, Thomas 
Thomson, John 
Toppin, Edward 
Treasure, John 
Tcrrill, Tlumias 
Ti'<.)tman, 1'homas 
Toppin, Joseph 
Timl'rcll. Tlnnnas 
'J\ip]iin, 3Iary 
Thomas, Ivlward 
Tiiornhill, 'I'honias 
Taitt. Thomas 
Taylor, John 
Thorjie, Isaac 
Tull, John 
Taitt, Kli/nbeth 
Tiiornhill, Dowding 












Names of Testators. 
Towne, liichard 
'i'erriil, ^Martha 
Thomas, J-iichard 
'I'liouias, \\'illiam 
Tliornliiil, l*liilli])pa 
Thurbarne, Benjamin 
Tappin, John 
Trent, John 
'J'resse, Joshua 
Ten ill, AVilliam 
Tiiomas, \Viliiam 
Tappin, Elizabeth 
Trent, AndreAV 
Taitt, l\obert 
Towill, Christoj^her 
Taylor, Patience 
'J'reasure, Thomas 
Taylor, John 
'I'reasure, Antipass 
Tuder, Elizabeth 
Toyer, Benjamin 
Taylor, John 
Tucker, Timothy 
Taylor, Bryan 
Thoi'iihill, Jane 
TInveat, Pris-cilla 
'^I'oppiii, Mary 
Triscoatt, I'^lizabeth 
'I'erriil, Jean 
Taylor, Elizabeth 
Triscoatt, Nicholas 
Taverner, Henry 
Tysoe, jMargaret 
Thomas. ]{;d\vard 
Thomas, IMary 
Taylor, Anne 
Tirrill, Martha 
Trendell, John 
Tyldesley. Jxobert 
Toppiii, Ann 
I'opjiin, Catlin 'J'homas 
Thweat, James 
Thompson, Katherine 
Toppin, Ivobei't 
Timlu'ill, \\'!l]iam 
'J'rent, Lawrence 
Thomas, John 
'I'opijin. Jose[di 
'I'eirill, William 
Tuxeira, Samuel 
Tei'rili, Jane 
Taylor, Henry 
'I'honias, William 
I'erriil, Ann 
'i'djipin, Ann 
Turner, William 




Year. Names of Tfstators. 

1717 Tail, Martin 

„ 'IVrrill, Miivy 

,, Towusend, Kiugstown 

,, 'J'ryoii, Sarah 

1748 'Javlor, John 

„ Toppin, Jonatlian 

„ Ti[)ling, Dorotliy 

ITiJ) Turtuii, Robert" 

„ Thornton, AVilliani 

,, 'l'h()rubur!j;h, Alicia 

„ Turton, I'rancis 

„ TanntT, John 

„ Towusend, Sarah 

1750 ■ Tlionins, William 
„ Taylor, J^obert 

„ Toney, John 

1751 Tiioinas, John 

„ Taylor, Patience 

Taylor, James 

„ 'j'horpe, Mary 

„ Thomas, Gabriel 

„ Thorp, Deborah 

1752 'J'o[)pin, James 
„ Taylor, Dorolhy 
„ Tappin, Thomas 
„ Taylor, AVilliam 
„ Teiiipro, John 

1753 Teap, Isabell 

„ Terrill, Michael 

,, Thorne, Daniel Greaves 

1751 Thorne, William 

„ 'J'horne, James 

„ Terrill, Joseph 

„ Thompson,' James 

1755 Terrill, Joseph 

„ Thornton, 'J'homas 

„ Taylor, John 

1756 Teale, Peter 

„ Thomas, George 

„ Thomas, Jane 

„ Triscott, David 

,, Tri^tmaii, Thomas 

1757 Terrill, jNIichael 

„ Thorne, Penjamin 

„ Trotman, William 

Taitt, Kobert 

„ Teague, Andrew 

,, Turney, Thomas 

,. Tvlsburv, Pobert 

1758 Taylor, John 

„ Taylor, Stephen 

„ Thomas, Tliomas 

,, Traverse, Judith 












Name^ of Testators. 
Thomas, Deane 
Thonihill, Timothy 
Tunckes, 'J'homas 
'J'otld, Samnel 
Thompson, Eatrick 
Turney, liobert 
Thorp, Joseph 
Tliody, Jolm 
Thomas, Dorcas 
Thomas, John 
Thornton, John 
Turton, Tliomas 
Thom])son, William 
Thorne, 15enoni 
Tliorne, John 
Toppin, Sarah 
Trywhitt, Praneis 
'J'aylor, Eobert 
Taitt, Henry 
l^riscoat, Susanna 
jIMionie, Sarah 
Thorne, James 
Twentynien, Thomas 
Turton, William 
Thomas, Pitt 
Thorne, Joseph 
Taitt, Abel 
Thomas, John 
Taylor, .AFartha 
Tull, William 
Thorne, Ann 
Thomas, George 
Turner, Pichard 
Tull, William 
Taylor, INIartha 
Taylor, Thomas Estwick 
Thorne, iMary 
Tempi'o, Sarah 
Tapshire, Jane 
Turton, Samuel 
Tubbs, Joseph 
Thornhill, Dowding 
Trute, Mary 
Tempro, William 
Thornhill, Hon. Henry 
Teague, Thomas 
Thomas, Pli/abeth 
^J'yhlesley, Henry 
Turpin, Prancis 
1'apers. John 
Tlmney, 'Hiomas 
Taylor, Jolui 
Thomas, Philip 


{To be couliiii'ed.) 

( 211 ) 

Eieliarcl Hawkshaw ]>o.->ack of Suffolk Stret't, St. Marylebone, E^q. To iiiv 
wii'e Christiana funiituro, china, liiR'U, an. I u^c of plate. The proporty bc(]ueatlio<l 
to luM- by her Mother. To my s-. Henry X'U). 1 eonfirin the bond for £l,Ot)Utoniy 
s. Kicliard at his marriage. .My s. Win. :C'-W. ]\[y a. "Woodley, now .1 eapt., 
£1,000. Contirni the bond to my dan. idi/.. W'liite on her marriage for £1,000. .My 
son-in-law D" John W. £10 for a ring. To my s. Geo., an admiral, my plantation 
in the I. of St. Clif. eharged wiih au annuity of £150 I give to ni}' wife, wliieli is 
more than one-third of the net ]>rocecds of s'' estate, and to pay my .s. Kieh'' £S00 
and s. Woodley €')00, diseliarged of my note for £0uO I owe my s. Geo. and of bills 
of exchange for £l,-l-20, and the paym' to .Messrs. Planning and .inderdon of the 
balance of my ace'. To be interred in the pari:?h churcb of S"- Anne, "^Vestm^ 
Sam. Bilke of Stamford Str. and (!eo. Hyde of Old Burlington Str., apothecary, 
E.x'ors. 22JunolSlo. -f (Signed with liis mark.) 

Codicil. To Jane Eli/.. Eliner AVatson, sjn"., oiherwifce called Eliz. Jackson, 
wid., of Upper Tichrield Str., an annuity of £loO charged on my plantation for her 
care and attention, and after the (feath of my ^vife a further £50 a year, and I also 
give her the lea.^e of my house 1 now inhabit, 2s'" 9 Titchileld Str., with all its 
contents and 1 pair of silver candlesticks in my house in Suffolk Str., my bank 
long annuities and arrears of my pav as Lt.-Gov. of the Leeward I. 22 June 
1813. His -f . 

2)1(1 codicil. 2G July ISl;3. Estate to Ivv'ors in trust. £2-1 a year for the 
nat. s. of my s. Col. Losack. 

Proved at London lb Xov. 1S13. (Long will and codicils.) (553, Ileath- 

Matilda Losack. "Will dated 20 I'eb. 1S15. All ])ropcrty to my dear Mother. 
My brother Beckford and 3Iary his wife. My child Charles, his father Capt. 

On 1 Dec. 1S15 a])])eared Eiimenes Moore of Charlotte Str., Portland PL, and 
Ann Clarke of Barner Str., Spr., and swore that they knew test*, wife of Woodley 
L., late of Burner Str., Oxford Str. On 1 Dec. adni'on was granted to Patience 
Gordon, wid. (015, Pakcuham.) 

1GS5-G, March 5. -To be a free denizen : Lewis de Lausac (sic), but probably 
Lausac. (Cooper's List of Aliens, 11.) 

1727. Deposition witli signature of James Losack, clerk in the Seeretarv's 
OtRce, 3 Oct. (C. 0., 152 ) 

1728, Oct. .M'' James Losack, tlien Dep. Sec. (Ibid., 211-2 and 211-3. 
Noted by Major Phijips.) 

Ind're of S May 1739 between llebecca llawkshaw, widow, James Losack. Esip, 
and Mary his wife as to the remainders to Z^Iargarct Heron, Dorothy Fletcher ami 
Juliana llawkshaw (now Gladwin) created by the will of Kich'' llawk>haw, 
mcrch'. Kich'' ILiwkshaw his son and Sarah llawkshaw one of his daus. dying 
within age, and Mary llawkshaw the other dau. mar. James Losack. Settlement 
of the estate. (St. Xitts Iveoords, No. 1,905.) 

TOL. V, T 




Aiitoinc dc Lus?ac, Comtc il' Eraii, siipposeil to liave emi^jrated from France 
to St. Kitts sooD after the Kevoeatioii of tlie Edict of Xautes iu IGh-j. 

Richard ITawkshaw of St. Kitts.^Rehccea . . . ., settled 

iiu'rehaiit ; dead 17;>n. 

her estate in 1739. 

James Losack of St. Kitts, ]^s(| , Dep.^^Iary JTawkshaw, Richai-d Hawksliaw, 

iSec. 172S ; Speaker 17-i I ; ^1. of C. dau. and h. ; bur. died a minor. 
aud of St. John's., Cappesterre, 17.">8 ; 2-j Feb. 1702 at — 

Judge of Vice-Admiralty Conrt 17-'31 ; St. Geo., Sarah Ha\vkshaw, 

bur. at St. Geo. 30 Nov. 175(J. terre. died a minor. 

Richard Hawkshaw Losack, b. c. 1730;= 
admitted to A\^c.stminster School Oct. 
174-1, aged 12; Lieut. -General of 
Leeward Isles 1769 ; President of St. 
Kitts 1770; died 2 Nov. 1813, ai^cd 
S3. M.l. in St. Anne's, Soho. Will 
dated 22 Jnne and ])roved IS Nov. 
1S13 (o53, Ilcathfield). 

=Christiana jMaclure, mar. James Losack, 
at St. George's, Hanover admitted to 
Square, 17 31 arch 17-33; Westminster 
died 2G 3Iarch 1818, School May 
aged 87, in Nassau 1746, aged 11. 
Street, Cavendish S(|. 
M.I. in Marvlebone Old 
Parish Church. 

R.N. ; 
died 22 
1829 at 

:...., dau. James Henry "William—. . 

of George Losack, born 4 March dau 

Story ; and bapt. 12 June 1755 

mar. 1796 at Basseterre ; died 21 

in H.M.S. Jan. ISlO, aged 54, in 

Jupiter at .lohn Street, Fitzroy 

the Cape Square. Lt.-Col. 23rd 

of Good Regt. M.I. in :\Iarvle- 

Hope. bone Old Church. " 


ZotU'h ; 
mar. 21 

Richard Ottley. 
Losack of West 
!Mal ling Abbey, 
CO. Kent, which 
was sold about 
1800; a stock- 
broker ; born 
1766 ; died 27 
Jan. 1839, aged 

, I I 

Augustus Losack,— Grace Grant Spald- A dan., born 

Lt.-Col., only son ; inLr, widow of 3[cl- 1 SU6 ; died 

died 21 Oct" 1854 ville Losack ; mar. 14 31arch 

at the Bridge of at All Soul's, Lang- 1863, aged 

Allan near Stir- ham Place, 14 Aug. 57, iu the 

ling. 1810. ' Harrow Rd. 


• ' ■ •^ 

5 June 
at Tun- 


James Losack, bapt. 
Dec. 1790. 

AVilliam Losack, born 
and bapt. 3 March 
1795 at Basseterre. 

Ind're of 9 Alay 1739 belwceu James Losack of Basseterre, gent., ami Alaiv 
his wife and Edwi Bourryau of tlie same place, gent. {Ihid., .No. 1,851.) 

1741, March IS. " Jas. Losack, Speaker," signs the Address of the Assembly. 
Richard l/aussac, admitted Oct. 1744, aged 12. 

James Lusack, admitted Mav 1746, aged 11, to Westminster School. (" Notes 
and Queries," 11 S., .xii„ 380.) 





^-=:=iii^---^. '" ''-"-=-" 'fH'^'.i'^^ 

"Woocllcy Francis Losaek,= 
born 5 Ocl. ami ba])t. 20 
Nov. 17(>9 at Basseterre; 
Capt. K.X. ISOG; mar. 2:} 
Auf^. 1S23 tlic widow of 
Capt. E. L. CroL'toii. 
EX.; died May Ib'-'.S in 

=!\Iati!da, dau. 
of Mrs. Pa- 
tience Gor- 
don ; died at 
Putney IS 
AuL,'. "ISI.^. 
A\^ill (Gl.j, 

Melvillc^Grace Grant 
Charles ■ Spalding', 
Losack, ' mar. 2ndlv 
11. X., I Lieut. - Cu'l. 
died i Augustus 

1S37-S. ! Losack. 

Elizabeth, only dau., 
mar. 22 Feb. 1796 
Dr. Jolm White, 
11. N. yhe died in 
Torrington Square 3 
Dec. 1S37. 

Henry Losack. 

Gcorire Lnsack,=pAuno Hatlev, reinar. 
Capt.ii'.nh Kc^'f., IS .April ls.30, at St. 
died 20 ^larch Marv's, Brvanston 
ISIS at Cape ' S(i., 'R,ib. B. Boyd of 
Coast Castle, ; 1st Koyal Dragoons. 




CM. Losack, 1 month x^Majnr Chadwick of 
old at her i'atlier's iiinsncss. Fiutlhorn 
death; now, 1!)1.">, J5ay ; purchased the 
of iMudhoru House, estate 1S71 ; died 
Forres, N.B. 12 Dec. 190S. 

Helena AYoodlcy Losack", born 18 
.lime ISOo ; mar. A\'"illiam Henry 
Frver. He was born 1SI»0 and 
died 1S12. She died 2:J Jan. 1S!)3. 
M.I. in Church of Farlcigh llun- 
gerford, co. Wilts. 

Only son. Grace, mar. CIeort:e Wynter Blathwayt 
of Melksham llcuise, VVilts. 

Two dans. 

The !ibovo i>late is irim ;i i>hotogruiihof tlio Anns v<vi\ by Ailmind Goorgc Loiuck, forwarded 
bjr Mrs. Ch idwick. U in;iy liavo boon from ii Ijook-iilaif. 



1753. Jloii. James Losock, one plantation in S' John's, Cappcs^turre. (Baker's 

17.J-1', Nov. James Lo?ack is Jiul^c of tlic Court of Yicc-Admiralt\-. 

17G9, July 23. Governor A\'ot)(lley announces the arrival at the Leeward 
Islands 'of "Mr. Losack, ll.M. Lieut.-Gencral." (Colonial Correspondence, 
vol. iv.) Mr. Losack (Eiehard Ilawkshaw Losack) was alj>o President of St. 
Christopher 1770, and used a seal to his ollicial papers bearing: — Crest : A double- 
headed eagle displayed over a French coronet of seven points. Arms : [Azure] A 
double-headed eagle displayed, on a chief party per pale [Argent and Gules] on 
the dexter side three crescents, on the sinister as many mullets. {Ibid., vol. v.) 

Eichard Ottley Losack owned Mailing Abbey, Kent, which was- sold about 
1800 to the Ahers family, who were also from St. Kitts. 


179G, Feb. 22. John "White, esq. of the roj-al navy, to Miss Losack, only 
daughter of Kichard II. L. esq. of St. Kitts, and lieutenant-general of the Leeward 
Islands, (p. 253.) 

1796, lately. At the Ca|ie of Good Hope, Capt. Losack, of the Jupiter man of 
war, to Miss Story, daughter of George S. esq. (p. 1051.) 

1810, Jan. 21. In John-street, Fitzroy-square, James Losack, esq. late 
lieutenant-colonel of the 23d Eegiment of Foot. (p. ISI.) 

1813, Nov. 2. Aged 83, ]{ich. Hawkshaw Losack, esq. of the Island of St. 
Christoplier, and lieut. -general of the Leeward Islands, (p. 622.) 

1815, Aug. 13. At Putney, the wife of Capt. I^osaok, E.N. (p. 279.) 

1818, March 26. In Nassau-street, Cavendish-square, in her 8Sth yeai", 
Christiana, widow of E. H. Losack, esq. late Lieut.-gen. of the Leeward Islands. 
(p. 473.) 

1823, Aug. 23. Capt. AVoodley Losack, E.N., to widow of Capt. E. L. 
Crofton, E.N. (p. 552.) 

1829, Aug. 22. At ^Milan, George Losack, Esq. Admiral of the Blue He 

was sou of Eichard Hawkshavr Jyosack, Esq. of St. Kitts .... was married on 
board the Jupiter in 1796 .... and had several children. He has left a brother in 
the Navy, AVoodley Losack, esq. who attained the rank of Post-Captain in 1806. 
James, another brother, died Lieut. -Colonel of the 23d foot, Jan. 21, 1810. 
(p. 465, long notice.) 

1831, Aug. 13. At St. Paul's Covcnt-eardcn, Mr. George Eobins, of the 
Piazza, to ]>Larian Lo.^ack, of Alfred-place, Bcdford-sq. (p. 171.) 

1837, Dec. 3. In Torrington-sq. in her 45th year, Eliza, wife of John AVhile, 
esq. (1838, p. 106.) The age nmst be wrong. 

1839, Jan. 27. In Nortlunid)erland-conrt Strand, from the rupture of a 
blood vessel of the heart, aged 73, liichard Ijosack, esq. of the Abbey, AVcst 
jNfalling, Kent; it a member of the Stock Exchange. His brother, a Captain in 
the Navy, d. suddenly at Florence, ii\ >Lay last. His sister also d. suddenly in a few months since, (p. 328.) 

1810, Aug. II. At All Soul's Langham-pl., Lt. Col. L., B.A.L. s. of the 1. 
Adm. L. ti) Graee-(irant, widow of M. C. Losack, E.A. (p. -123.) 

1S18, March 2i). At Cape Coast Castle, Capt. George Losack, of the 1st West 
India Eeg. (p. 331.) 

1819, June 5. At Tonbridge-wells, at an advanced age, Anne, widow of 
E. Losack, esq. forinerlv of West dialling Abbey, (p. 107.) 

1850, Ap. 18. At St. Mary's Bryan.ston sq. Eobcrt B. Boyd, esq. 1st Eoyal 
Dragoons, to Annc-llatler, widow of Capt. George Losack, 69th liegt. (p. 87.) 

1851. Oct. 21. At the Bridge of Allan, near Stirling, N.B. Liout.-Col. 
Augustus Losack K.S.F. only son of the late Admiral Losack. (p. 613.) 



1SG3, Mar. H. In ITarnnv-road, ai^rJ -37, ^[ Losack, ilaii. of llio late Adm. 
Geor;:(e Losaek, ami ij;raii(l(laii. oi K. llawii^haw Ljsack, L>i('ut.-Geii. and Gov. of 
the Leeward Island.^, (p. GGT.) 

The Eev. Arthur Ro'iiiis, Ciiaplaiii to the Queen and Rector of AVindsor .•^incc 
1S73, died Dec. iSitn. IFe wa- lioin L' 1 Jan. Is:] 1, the second yon of the late Geo. 
Henry Kobin-!, aiictioner. liy .Marian Ainidia, dau. of I'ra. Losack, iu direct 
descent from Admiral Losack' and llie Marijuess de Lussac. 3Ir. Geo. E. died in 
lSi(J, an.l his wife in L^Ji). Tiio late Jicctor entered IMat^dalene Hall and 
Hertford Collei;e, Oxford, in 1SU5 ; M.A. ISGG. A widow and several sons and 
daus. survive. '(Abstract from obituary in the '• Standard" of 2o Dec. 1S99.) 

Mr. N. Bosanquet has kindly searched the Huguenot Society's publications 
for Losack but fouiul uothing, so they probably emigrated straight from Trance 
to the Vi.l. 



173S, Nov. 30. Sarah Hawkshaw of l?asscterre. 
173S, Dec. IL M' liichard Hawkshaw of Basseterre. 
1751, July 2S. M'' Ecbecca Hawkshaw. 



175G Nov. 30 James Losack, Esq''. 
17G2 Feb. 25 Mary Losack (Vidua). 


1755 June 12 James Henrv AVilliam, S. of Richard Hawkshaw & Christiana 

Losack, b.'-pi' March 1755. 
17Gr) Nov. 20 Woodley Francis, s. of Jxichard Hawkshaw & Christiaua Lo.sack, 

b. 5 Oct'- 17C.0. 
1700 Dec. (L3 to 23) .lame.^ s. of James .... Losack .... 
1795 Mar. 3 AVilliam Losack, tlie s. of James L. iV Sarah his wife, b. 3 March. 


1753 Mar. 17 Ricliard Losack of tl;is p., B,, X Christiana ^laclure of S' Ann's, 
Westminster, Sj)r. L.j>.L. 


1S31 -Aug. 13 George Henry Robins of tliis P., Wid., and Amelia AFarian 
Losack of the 1'. of S' (liles in the llelds. in the Co. of .Mid., 
Spr. ; by L. A\' it. bv 3L D'Almaine, F. C. Losack. 





"In 1807 rubbin2;s were taken of nil the lejiiblo inscriptions upon the tomb- 
stones in the ait^lo p:issan:e.s previous to their beinsj; covered with Mosaic pavement." 
Among these was one to "II. H. Losack, Nov. 2, 1S13." (" Miac. Gen. et Her.," 
4th S., vol. i., 305.) 


On a flat stone in the floor of the sonth passage. 
places and a few words are mutilated : — 

The stone has flaked in 


Island of S^ Clir pli . . 

late Lieutenant Colonel of 

the 23''^ lierjimcnt of Foot 

who died Jannary the 21-', 1810 

Aged f54 Tears. 

Deeplji lamented hij all his 

Jfamihj and Friends. 



WIDOW 01' 

EiciiARi) Hawkesuaw Losack 
late LiEurFXAST gexehal 

of the LKJ'.WAliD ISLAXnS 

who departed this Life 

on the 2G"' of March .... 

in the 88"' Tear of her .... 



WlfK OV DOCTOR AV . . . . 



DIED .... 

The above ^I.I., but incorrectly cojiied, appeared in " Misc. Gen. et Her.," 
3rd Scries, vol. i., p. 211. I have checked it in the church this 27 Aug. 1917. 


Brass to AVm. Hen. Fryer, born 1800; died 1842. 

Helena Woodlev Losack Frver his wife, born 18 June 1805 ; died 23 Jan. 

Arms (which I omitted to take). 

( 247 ) 

iWomimtntal 3:nocription$5 in Cnjlanlj 
relating to e,23t5t 5:ntiiansi.* 


On the soulli wall of the norlh aisle, the only reniaiiiing portion of the cliurch, 
arc these two tablets. (Transcribed 23 ]\Iay li"»17) : — 

Sacred to the Memory 



Daughter of 


late of Exinouth. 

She died April S"' JS15, 

Aged 22. 

1815, April 13. Sat. d. at Exniouth, Mi?s Jane ]3ourl<e, dan. of the late 
Edmund F. IJourke, esq ; forn'ierly of Summerhill house near this city. ('' Bath 


to ANXE LYDIA, the wife 

of KALPH BICE, Esq, 

She died on the l^!)''' (Lny of Dec'' ISIG, 

after a lonu; and painful illness 

in the oP' year of her age, 

and lies in the same tomb w ith her sister, 


Her afflicted Husband placed this memorial 

of his love and of his sorrow. 

Mr. E. F. Bourlce left Jamaica about 1790, resided for seven years at 
Cromhall, co. Gloue., where his wife died in 1800, tlien removed to Bath and 
Exmonth, at mIucIi latter place he died in 1S12, but was buried at Cromhall. 
(See ante. III., 23.) 

There is in the churchyard a vault with inscriptions on the top slab to : — 

John TeschemiU<er LL.l). died 20 ^Nfarch 1SG7 aged 71; also two of his 

As sou of John of Essequibo, Esq., he matriculated from Exeter Coll., Osf., 
in 1S13, aj^ed 19. (See AV.I. Bookplates, No. 281.) 

Another vnult records the death of : — 

Frederick Thomas Emanuel Teschemaker 2G 8e])t. 1S53 aged 52. 

18')3, July 20. At Esmouth, Eliza-Ann, eldest dau. of J. Teschemaker, esq. 
D.C.L. (" G.M.," 323.) 

1S53, Sept. 2G. At Exmouth, aged 52, Thos. Teschemaker, esq. {Ibid., 5-10.) 

* Continued from p. 200. 



West side of tlie rliurcli^vard : — 

Saorod | to tLo Memory of | BEN.TAMIN PEEEIEA, Esq' | of Kingston, 
Jamaica | J. ate of Marvlebonc, London, | who departed this life | November S"', 
182S, Aged oG. 

Also to I M" ]\L\EGATiET CAEEOLL | tlie beloved mother inlaw [ to the 
above | who de])arted this life | .Tany 12"' 1S2G, Aged 72. 

("Mi.'^c. Gen. et Her.," -ith S., I., 211.) 

(To he conUiiuech) 


"Notes on Colonel ITciiry A^a.'ssall (1721— 1700), Lis wife Peiielope Eoyall, his 
lioiise at Cambridge, and his slaves Tony and Darby." By Samuel Erancis 
Eatchclder. Cambridge, i^rassaelinsctts, 1917. 8vo, pp. 85. Eepriiited 
from the Cambridge lli.storiral Society's Proceedings, A^ol. X. 

The subject of this interesting memoir was born in Jamaica on Xmas Day 1721, 
the fourteenth child of JMajor Leonard Vassall of that island, grandson of 
Col. John Vassall who removed there from Virginia in 1G72, and great-grandson 
of William Vassall, Esq., of Stepney, then of Scituate iu New Plymouth, but last 
of Sion Hill, I^ai'bados, at liis death in 1U.")7. 

Henry's wife J'eneloj)e was the only daughter of Isaac Eoyal of Eoyalls in 
Popeshe;',d, Antigua, who late in life removed to Cliarlestown, New Eii<2;land. 
Another relative who JMined in this migration Avas Col. Etjbert Oliver of St. Pliili])'s 
parish, Willoiighby ]jay, whose wife W"as a daughter of Mrs. Eoyall. 

These AVest Indians formed a coterie of men of Avealth, good education and 
cultured leisure. They erected superior houses and tilled them with line mahogany 
furniture, pictures, books, plate and china. They planted ornamental trees and 
laid out charming gardens. They kept full stables, and one of them. Col. Oliver, 
had his pack of hounds. AVith the advent of the rebellion, being loyalists, they 
were forced to quit their elegant homes, which were unjustly seized and con- 
li>cated by the rebels. Those who had ])lantations iu the Islands continued to 
draw ample incomes, but others less fortunately ^.ituatod retired to England to 
live out a miserable existence, dependent on the charity of the Government. 

As an example of colonial life of the period this little book is highly 
instructive, for it contains uuich original information derived from letters and 
diaries, being also well illustrated with portraits and views, including a practically 
nnknown Chippendale armorial book-plate by N. Hurd. A tabular jjcdigree of 
six generations serves to straiditen out the intricate intermarriac:cs. 

i^ntitjuciii ^ooI.platff5.* 



No. 7. 

■~ Vx-^^; 

No. 755. 

1 >^X^-^^i^!h/ fe'^t^ 

Cc/i/y C/yar-^ 

No. 756. 


No. 75S. 

ContribntoJ by :\Ir. Fredkric Cattle of llcanor. 


( 2d.9 ) 

^ohtv of ijartatio^. 


Eobcrt Sober of S' Andrew Overliill^. Will dalcJ 31 Oct. IGS-j. 
Mary. Proved lOSG. (Heeordcd at Barbados.) 

jNIy wife 

La^\rencc Trent of S' Peter?. Barbados, Esq. Will dated 2 July 17-12. 
tlie cbildrcu of uiy nephew Jolin Sober, Esq., £100 each. (278, Edmunds.) 


Jobn Sober, late of the p. of S' Peter in tlie I. of B'cs, now of Little Burstcd, 
CO. Essex, Esq. A\''ill dated 12 Oct. 1751. l\y father-in-law NicL. Wilcox of 
BY>s, Esq., Edw'' Clark Parish of L., Esq., A'br. Carleton Cuinbcrliatcli and 
Joseph Lindsey, both of J5'os, ICsq'^'*, on T. all my sugar work plantations and 
personal estate. 200 negroes, 100 caltle and 10 horses to be kept on my estate, 
QO a. to be planted in provisions, negroes to be well fed and clothed, and ca-sk.s to 
be made. 3Iy s'^ father-in-law >'icii. Wilco.x and Mother-iu-law Marg' Wilcox, 
Ed. C. Parish, A. C. Cumberbatch, J. Lindsey and my brother-in-law Xicli. 
Wilcox £50 each. ^My nephew and niece AV'" and Sarah Timbrill, cli° of my late 
sister Eliz. T., wife of Wm. T., dec'', £500 each at 21 and £40 a year each till 
tlien. My friend Kob. Wadesoii £10. Mv wife Mary S., late Mary Wilcox, dau 
of s'' Nich. ^V., Esq., £1500, our mar. s'ett. dated 25 Oct. 17-13, and £100 foi 
mourning, all my ])late with the coat of arms of her father, her riding horse, 
jewels, use of myliouse in B'cs until my eldest son be 21. My father-in-law Abr. 
Cumberbatch h;is by his will lately miuie bi'okc his contract in regard to four of 
my ch", Sarah S., Abr. S., ^Lary S. and Cumberbatch S. I give them eacli 
£3U00 c. at 21. My cousin Jose])h Pickering, now in L., £10. My eldest son 
John at 21 all my real estate and residue of per.sonal estate ; power to heir to 
charge estate with joynture of £200 c. Son John to go to Oxford at 17. T. to 
be Ex'ors. 

CoJicil. Late of G. B., vow of B'cs. My father-in-law Xich. Wilcox has 
died. 'J'o my w ifc my coaeli and G horses, the use of my house called the Castle 
on mv pi" in S' Peters and use of hnuse-neyroes and £150 a vear if she do not 
dwelfthere. My aunt iM'» Keb" Almond of S' Lucy £50 c. To poor of S' Peter 
£10 a year for 10 years. I\ly wife, my bro. -in-law jS". W. and friends lion. Ph. 
Gibbes of S' Jas., Esq*'^ and Eev. .lonathan Dennis, Eellow of Q. Coll., Oxf., 
with Edw. C. Parish and Jos. Lindsay Ex'or-^ and T. and G. of my 5 ch". Ecvoke 

app. of A. C. Cuuiborbatch. 
for mournin<r. I'h. Gibbes 

.Ion. JJciiiiis Cl(:0 for Jn's care of my 3 sous and £50 
£5i). Dated IG Nov. 1755 in the presence of Geo. 
Lavine, Edw. Willson, Ph. Lovcll. Jj'es hv the Presid' Ph. Jjuvell was sworn at 
Pilgrim 2 ])ec. 175r>, Ix'alph Wcekes. .\ tnie copy 2S May 17G2. Pucli. Husbands, 
J). Secy. Proved 3 Man-h 17G3 by ^NTaiy S., witlow, the relict, and Xich. "W 

Es(]. ; power reserved to E. C. P. and J. L., E.^q'^'^% surviving Ex'ors, and II 
Ph. G. and Kev. J. D. (152, Caesar.) 


Abraham Sober of ICensington, I>si|. Will dated 30 INIarch 1772. IMy 
Mother-in-law M^^ Mary Sober £300. My sisicr Sarah Sandiford, wife of D"^ s'. 
of B., £1000. All ii'siihie to my sister ]Mary Sober and my brothers John Sober 
and Cumberbavch Sober, Ex'ors. Proved 1(5 June 1772 by Mary S., spr., 
power reserved to the others. (231, Taverner.) 

Mary Sober. Will dated 2S July 1702. To be buried at S' Faiths under 
S' Pauls with my dear Mother ]M" I\!ary S. To my sister ^1'* Sarah Erewin £30. 
M''* Judith S. £30. Mary ( 'umberba'lch Cumberbatch £25 a vear. Sarah S. 
£500. .luhanues S. £500. Ellct.son S., now in the E. I., £2000. Peneloiie 

VOL. V. U 




Akms. — Enninc, a salfire Giilrs, on a cliirf Sahle tlirce crescents Or. 
CiiF-ST. — Ont of a crescent Or a lions head Gules. (Book-plate of John 

Jolm Sober of Barbados K;38. 

The. Sober of Barbados 1G3S. 

Eobert Sober of St. x\ndre\v's.=pMar\' 
Will dated \\\ Oct. KJS.; ; , . . . ! 
proved IGbG. I 

Abr. Cumberbatch of St. An- 

drew's. Esq. 
Nov. 1750 
(S, Searle). 
Kames his 

AVill dated 22 
proved 1753 

{Ante, IL, SI.) 

John Sobei'; 
of Barba- 
dos, gent. 

Lawrence Trent of St. 
Peters, Esq. AVill 
dated 2 .July 17-12; 
proved 1 Sept. 174G 
(27S,Ednniiids). Uncle 
of John Sober. 

1 -—John Sober of The Cast le"-^2. ^Nlary "Wilcox, dau. of Eliz. Sober, mar 


in St. Peter's, Esq., and of 
Little PiursteJ, co. Essex, 
born 17L5; of Q. Coll, 
Oxf.,matric 2-1 Aug. 1731, 
a?t. IG ; died in B'cs 1755. 
AVill dated 12 Oct. 1751 ; 
cod. IG Nov. 1755; sworn 
2 Dec. 1755 (152, Ca^sar). 

Nich. W., Esq., and 
Margt. (he died 1751 — 
'ih^ ; mar. sett, made 25 
Oct. 1743; of "Welbcck 
Sir. ; bur. in St. Paul's 
crypt. AVill dated 27 
July 1789; proved 21 
June 1791 (302, Bcvor). 

Wm. TiinbriU of 
St. ^Michael's 
Town, Barbados, 
merchant. His 
will dated 25 July 
1743 ; jH'ovcd 
1743 (530, St. 


Penelope Blake, dau.=pJohn Sober, 1st son and heir, of Sober- 
of Mnj.:\Iartiu B. of i Castle, born 1739; of Q. Coll., Oxf., 
matric. 8 A])r. 1756, let. 17: n.; i)re- 
sented font to St. Peter's in 17G7 ; 
named in 1772 in the will of his 
brother Abr.; dead 1795: bur. in St. 
Paitli's under Si. Paul's Cath. 

A.; mar.G Xov. 1760; 
died 29 Jan. and bur. 
2 Ecb. 1774 in Bath 
Abbev. M.L {xinte, 
IL, 231.) 1 St wife. 

■iMartha Bersheba. 
AVill dated 26 
Apr. 1795; ])roved 
7 Jan. 1797 
(19, Kxeter). 
2nd Mife. 


3 lope Elletson 
Sober, in the 
E. I. in 17s9; 
? left natural 
children by an 
Indian woman. 

r : 

John Middleton Sober. 

John Sober 


- Abr. Cnmber-=i 

^Ann, dau. of 


La t heron near 

batch Suber. 

Tho. Kemp, 



bori\ 1771 ; 

]M.P.for r-ewes, 



Capt. Dragoon 
Guaj'ds ; died 
in L. 7 Dec. 
1S13, iPt. 42. 

who died 3Mav 
1811. She died 
in 1855. 


(24y, Bridport.) 

i., 331.) 

jMarv Esther Sober, died 
inl/lGOct. IS32, a>t. IS. 

Abr. C. Sober the 
younger, 1791. 




i .<ii 

W.I. Bookplates, 
Xo. 235 

Abr. Sober, bur. 
ill crypt of St. 
Paul's Cath. 
Will dated 80 
Mar. and proved 
IG June 1772 

Cumberbatc-l) Sober,- 
born 1712 ;■ of Bar- 
bados 1772 ; heir 
1702 to liis sister 
Mary; of U. Geo. 
Str., Marylebone ; 
died 13 Jan. 1S27, 
jet. 85. 


Sarah Sober, 
wife of Ur. 
Sand ford of 
Barbados in 
1772 ; wife 



Mary Sober, died 

2-i Aug. 1793 ; 
bur. in St. Paul's 
Cathedral crvpt. 
Will dated ' 28 
July 1792; proved 
G Sept. 1793 
(478, Dod\vell.) 

Sampson AVood Sobef=p.Tcnnett, niece John 

of the Polygon, j to Tho. Wallce Sober, 

Southampton, later of | of Barbados; ? died 

St. Peter's, Barbados, | died in L. ISIG. 

only son and heir, 1 Dec. iSlo, ]M.l. St. 

died 4 March ISll v.]). hot. 42. AVill Peter's 

inU. Geo. Str. AVill dated 22 Nov. Font, 

dated IS April 1799 ; and provid 15 Barba- 

proved 22 A pril ISl 1 Dec. 1 S15 ((524, dos. 
(19S, Crickitt.) Pakenham). 

-Mar}' Cumber- 
batch Sober, mar. 
Abr. Cumber- 
batch, who was 
born 1754 and 
died IG June 
1796. She re- 
mar. 20 Aug. 
1797 Wm. Smith 
Forth of King's 
Dragoon Guards. 

Sarah Sober, 
mar. Samson 
Wood, Jr. 
ITe was at 
17G2— S; 
adm. to Mid. 

Han'ison Walke Sober, 
heir ISOO to liis great- 
uncle Tho. Walke, then 
under 1 (>; at Eton LSI 1; 
of 14th Hussars ; died 
short !v before 1SG3. 

Judith Sober, born=pl'rancis Onslow 
18 :\Iarfh 1791 ; \ Trent. Lieut, 
mar. 19 I'eb. 181S I Mth Light 
at St. (ieorge, ' Dragoons; died 
Hanover Square; , 10 April 1S4G. 
died 1S71. \ 

Eliz. Jeunett 
Sober, died 2G 
Doc. 1795, aged 
IS moutbs and 19 
days. JM.I. at St. 

Ilarri?. in Walke John Trenf-Stoughtnn, --Hose, youngest dan. of Wm. Plunkctt 
Col. of GStli L. 1., great-neidiew of I and widow of Tho. Anthony Stou';])tou 
.Tolm Sober, who died LSlG ; mar. Issl) ; cf Owl pen, co. Glouc, and Hallyhorgau, 
of Asliton llall ])lantation lb91 ; died | co. Kerry, who died ISS5. 
1899, /|s 

XT 2 



Vcntwortli S. £3000, plate, linen, furniture. To John S., now in Scotland, £20 
a vear. Ahr. Cumbcrljatch S. £20 a year. All residue in money, land or negroes 
to my broilicr Cumberbatcli S. and liis son Sampson Wood S. e*|iially and Ex'or.s. 
Ou 5 Sepl. 17'.t;5 appeared Daniel Coxe of Jolni Str., S' Geo., ]Ian. .Sq., Esq., 
Cuinberbatch SobcT of "Welbeek .Str., Esq., and Judith Sober his wife, and 
Peneliipe \V<nt\vorlh Sober of the same place, spr. P. "W. S. swore her annt 
died 21 ol hist month and sealed the will with her arms. Cuinb. S. is tlie brother 
of dec''. 'l"(ylx of S' :Mary Ic bone, sp''. Proved G Sept. 179;] hy C. S., Esq., the 
brother ; [;()\ver nserved to S. ~\V. S., Esq. (478, Dodwell.) 

Martha 15ersheba Sober, ^\■ll\ dated at :dari,'ate in y« J^]e of Thanet 2G Apr. 
179.3. All nn freidiohl and personal estate in the I. of B'oe.s which came to me 
by the will of my late husband unto Hope Elletson S. for his life, he paying to 
his next bruiher Air. Cumbcrbatch S. and his sister PeJielope Wentworth S. 
£100 per annum each, and at the decease of H. E. S. I give my estate to his next 
brutht-r Jnhn S. and iiis heirs male, he then paying to Abr. C. S. £200 a year and 
to his sister 1^. A\'. S. £150 a year, remainder to his younger brother Abr. C. S., 
then to my dau. -in-law Pen. W. S. I appoint Sir John Ga\ Alleyne, Bart., 
S()eaker of the Assembly, and "\V"' Bishojjp, Esc]., of Spring Hall, Trustees and 
Kx'ors, with Ti.o. King, Esq., of Chiswick McAl, co. Middx., Ex'or for Eng. To 
be bur. at S' Peters. 

Codicil, 20 Apiil 1795. Lord Harewood's mortgage on Sober Castle estate 
not ()uite liquiila'ed all sugars must be consigned to Messrs. Elliott Adams and 
"Whiiiley in Hylords Court, Crutihed I'riars. If any Ex'or be dead Nath' Elliott, 
Esq., Meich', Ctuiched Eriars, to be Ex'or for AV. I. afl'airs. I have left my 
estate to Hope Elletsou Sober for his life only, as I believe his attachment to the 
Indian is not legal and his ch'^' are illegitimate in justice to the rest of my 
husbmid's family. His handsome legacy from his grandmother and aunt. Ex'ors 

Codicil, 27 April 1795. My own £5000 in the 4. per cents. £2S00 for 
M' Sober's private debts the estate has cleared. The legacy of my father. Tn 
M'^ Eli?,, Middletou of Kensington Palace £1000 for life and at her death to my 
cousin John Crowan, Esq., of Chichester, and the portrait of my father by 
Gainsborough, then to J. G. To .\1" Gowan an enamelled miniature of my 
father and to J. G. a crayon portrait of our relntion Sir J as. Napier. To Sir 
J. N. a ring. My carriage to my sister-in-law Juliana King. To Sir J. N. the 
gold medal of II. M. given my 1''. when he was P. of Wales. .My late hu.sband's 
ch" as follows : To Hope E. S. £5(10 for his little Eliza. To John S. his next 
brother £100 and to his son .lohn Middleton S. also £100. To Abr. C. S. £100 
and Pen. W. 8. £100 and £1000. IV^^ John S. a silver pencil. :\l" Grace 
^Farler of Starpoint Ho., Powdeiham in Devonshire, £50 and the pcu'trait of mv 
mother and nn'niature ])ictnre of our dear sister Eeading with one of M''* .Middletoi'i. 
]{ob. Ladbroke, J'', Esq., £200. My sister-in-law Mf- Juliana King £100 
the locket of her brot])er (? Edw. Gascoigne), and the ring left me bv her mother. 
My bro. -in-law Tho. Kin.g, \W\., of Chiswick 3Ia]l my Ex'or for Eng. If 1 die 
in L. to be bur. in the chapel of S' Eaiths nnder S' Pauls n"" my late hush'' 
M'' Sober. M West Hoi'seley Place, Surrey, are two chests of mine to bo sold 
for the poor there. The things [ left at Kensington P.\lace. .Vccount of le'^ 
John S. of Scotland and his wife Ann. Latheron n'' Diinbealh. Sworn bv 
Abr. C. S. of Baker Sir. 10 .Ian. 17i)7. Test. 1. of Kensington Palace, after of 
jNlaruate, but late of Pail ]\[.ill, widow. Proved 7 Jan. 1797 by Abr. C. S. the 
residuary legatee. (19, Exeler.) 

Mary Sober of AVelbeck Str., Cav. So., co. jMiddx., widow. AVill dated 
27 July 17S9. To be bur. in S' Eaith's Cliurch nnder S' J'anl's C'alh. in or near 
the grave of my sou Abraham S., Esq. Eunei-al £50. ^fv Sarah 

SOBKU or EAllBADOS. 253 

rrewcn £oO. My sou-iu-law Cumberbatli {sic) S., Esij., now in tlie 1. of B'oes, 

i>100. My t'rieiiii and paslor tlic Kcv. Jat-ub Duch' .c of Sloan Str. £oO. My 

friend M'' Jolm J'edder of Chatliani Place £10U, ii lie die to his four uh" Sarah 

Ainslic, John P., W. P. and -Mary P. To my dau. -in-law M" Judith S. of B'oes 

£2-3 and to her daus. Mary Ciunberhatcii Cumberbatcli, Sarah Sober and Johanuas 

Sober £2-j each. To my !,n-eat-^randson Abr. Cumberljatch the y"" £25 for a ring. 

My friends M" Uarbara Kennedy 5 S'^s. M" .Mary Ashley 5 gas. and the silver 

bread baslcel she gave me wlien with me in S' James Place. M" Sarah Knight 

10 gas. Miss Eliz. Ivedwar, now living at Sir Philip Gibbes's, 10 gas. M" 

Eingstou o gas. M"' Alicia Wih-ox, widow of my dec'' brother, 10 gas. My 

goddan. M''^ Mary Prinulc £20. ]\[y god.son AV'" Stnrge Moore, Esq., £'iO. \ 

My grandson Elllsti)n Sober, now in the E. Indies, £L0U0, if he die then £500 to ' | 

his sister Penfiope, £250 to his brother John S. and £250 to liis brother Abr. S. ' . j 

To my Ex'or £1000 on Tru<t for my grauddau. Pen. S. at 25. My grandson 

Jolm S. £500. My grandson Abr. S."^£200. To the ch. wardens of Christ Ch., 

B'cs, £10 c, also of S' Peters £10 for poor widows. My grandson Samson j 

Wood Sober £100. My friend Sir Philip Gibbes, Bart., 10 gas., and John ', 

Brathwaite, Esq., 10 gas. Release my dau. Mary Sober and granddau. Pen. Sober •■ i 

from all sums owing for their board and lodging with me. All residue to my j 

dau.-iu-law Mary Sober. My s'^- dau. and Sir Ph. Gibbes, John Brathwaite, Esq., i 

and my grandson Samson Wood Sober, Ivx'ors. Proved 21 June 1791 by Mary S., , 

spr., the dan. On 18 Feb. 1791 proved by John Brathwaite, Esq.; power 

reserved to Sir Ph. Gibbes and S. W. Sober. (302, IBevor.) ' ' 

Samson Wood Sober of the p. of S' Peter and 1. of B'os. AVill dated IS April 
1799. My wile Jenuett S. £1000 and plate. My dau. Judith S. at 18 £3000. 
My dau. Eliz. Jenuett S. £3000 at IS. To my son Harrison Walke S. my 
sugar work phantation in S' Peter with the slaves, and all residue rem"^ to my 2 
daus. .My Avife, my father Cumberbatch S., Esq., my wife's uncle Tho. Walke, 
Esq., Ex'ors and G. In the presence of Jn" Howell, P. W. Sandiford, ^\''™ Cadogan. 
Proved 22 A(/ri] ISLl by Jenuett S., wid., and C. S., Esq., the father. 
(19S, Crickitt.) 

Tho. Walke of the I. of B'os, Esq. AVill dated 5 April ISOO. To my wife 
Eliz. Jonnett W. £1200 a year from my bank annuities in lieu of dower, to reside 
on my plantation of Aslielon Hall, power to bequeath £8000, if she marry then 
only £300 a year. My niece Jennett Sober £1000 a year for her stipport and 
the education of her .son Harrison Walke S. (not 10). To Judith S. and Eliz. 
Jenuett S.. dans of my »'' niece, £5000 each at 21. My niece Abigail Jane Thomas, 
wife of -M'' 'W'" Carter, T. fornierly A. J. Dmickicy. s|'r., tho foU^' sums duo to 
my late brother Harrison \\'., Esq., viz.: £3090 due from Cumberbatch Sober, 
Esq., on iudgment dated 15 May 1793 ; £l.s52 due from M'' Jacob Goodridgc on 
■judgment dated 20 Aug. 1795, and £1300 due from M'' Eyarc Pile on judgment 
"dated 20 .\ul':. 1795, making £()2 1-2 o. To Eliz. Jennelt T. and ^Nlarv Jane T., 
daus. of s'' W. C. T. aud Abig. Jane T., £3000 each at 21. My niece Mary 
Harrison DniKkley £12,000 annuities. 1 remit to Miss Dorothy Ijislc and Miss 
Marg' Warren liisle all sums duo incliuling £310 secured by their late Mother's 
note, and to Doro. L. £2Ui) a year, and to bequeath by her will £1000. To 
Marg' W. L. £109 a year with power by her will to disposo of £1000. My 
godson Tho. Harrison Walke Wharton, son of 31" .Mary ^V^, wid., £150 a year 
until is, £200 a year till 23, then £1000. To his M. £50 a \enr. M" Mary 
Walke, wid. of my late brother John \\'.. dec'', £50 a year. 3Ly godson 'J'iio. 
Walke Lemar Wood, sou of Samson Wood, J^ and Sarah his wife, formerly 
Sarnh Sober, £500 at 21. My godson Eilu'' Beaufoy, son of ^\'"' Henry B. and 
Agnes his wife, formerly Agnes Pavne, £200 at 21. (^o.imim Tim. Daniel the V^ 
of Bristol, M', £1000. " My godson" Tho. Daniel, son of s'' i'ho. D. the Y^ £1000 



at 21. My iro.ldaii. Maria Daniel .1. of ^'' Tho. Daniel the T', £yUO at 21. Joliii 
Daniel of '31incinL; Lane. M^ £1U00. W Ann Cave, wife of M'' .steijlu-u C, 
f lUO. John Cave, .son of s'' .Stephen C. bv Ann hi.s wife, £500 at 21. M^^ 
Eleanor BelfieJd, wife of Kev. Finnev B., £2uO. W Eleanor Gel! £100 and her 
sous JoJia G. and AA''» G., Edw. Gell and Tho. G. and Chas. G. £100 each at 21. 
To Miss Joan Worrell, dau. of Edw. W., Esq., dee'', £2.jO. To my wife Eliz. 
J. AV., Tho. Daniel the Elder of Mincing Lane, M', Tho. Daniel the y, John 
Daniel and W'" Cartor, Tliomas and W"> Prcscod of B'os, Esq., my sugar work 
pi" m the p. of ^^* I'ho. heretofore lieloniilng to the Hon. Jas. Carter, Esq., dec'', 
also my Ashton Hall pi" in 8' Peter, my pi" of Overliill in S' Andrew with the 
houses, niill.s and slaves to the use of Harrison Walke ISobcr, the eldest son of my 
niece Jennett y., at 23, remainder to the sons of my nieces Abis,'. J. Thomas and 
Mary 11. Dimckley, etc., 180 slaves to be kept on" Carters, 130 on Aslston Hall 
and 115 on Overhiil. To each child of my s'' 3 nieces £3000. All sums in tho 
hands of Messrs. Tho. Daniel and Co. of L. or Tho. D. and Son of l^ristol, and 
all residue to T. for IT. W. S. Trustees to be Ex'ors. In the presence of Tho. 
M<^Intosli, Eenn Hamden, AV" "Welch, Sam. INloore. Proved 3 Nov. ISOO by 
E. J. AV., Avid., Tho. Daniel the Elder, Tho. D. the Y' and John Daniel; power 
reserved to the others. (826, Adderley.) 

Abraham Cumberbatch Sober. (Will verv short and not dated.) My wife 
Ann the dau. of the late Tho. Kemp, ALP. for Lewes, co Sussex, all my estate 
and sole Ex'trix, she paying to each of my brothers and sister loO gas. Proved 
7 April ISll by Ann S. (21S, IJridport.)' 

Jennett Sober. AVill dated 22 N'^ov. 1S15. All sums due from tlic £1000 left 
me by my husband, the £1000 anutiily left me by my uncle Tho. AValke, tlie 
£300 c. annuity left me by my uncle Harrison AVaike and my jointure of £000 st. 
to my mother M" Alary AV'alke. £100 to my father-in-law Cumberbatch Sober, 
Esq., for Eliza ]\icc, late Allison, for the sui)port of Emily Allison her ehihi. 
Plate equally to my three ch" Harrison AA'alke Sober, Judith Sober and Eliza 
Jennett Sober. My father-in-law solo Ex'or. In the ])resence of Jennett Sober, 
Eliza Eranthwayt, Joan Trent. Proved 15 Dec. 1S15 by C. S., Esq. (G21, 

173T-5 Feb. IS Thomas Sober to Jane Pedman. 

173S-9 Mar. 2 John Sobers to Margaret Ceeley. 


1818 Feb. 19 Francis Onslow Trent, Es<|., B., of this parish. & Judith Sober, 
S., of St. Marylcbone. Lie. 

1638. John Sober and Tho. Sober, owners of more than 10 acres. (Memoirs 
of Ihe First Settlement, p. S2.) 

1760. Nov. G. John Sober, Esq., of Barbadoes, to Aliss Pen. Blake of 
Scvenoak, Kent. (" G.M.," 512.) 

SOBER or nvUBADOS. 25^ 

177-4, Peb. '2. liatli. .S;it. died ai Iwv lodniiiu.s in tliis City, tlic lady of Jolm 
Sober, E.-q., of tlie island of Barbados. (' Ixuii Clironielc.") 

1S02, Feb. 1'). At iier father's house, the wife of A. C. Sober, esq. a still- 
born clau. ("G.M.," IM.) 

iSO.j, July G. .Mr.-s. Jhuuiali Snbor, St. Michaels. (" Barbados Mercury.") 

]&0.5, Dee. 21. .Mr. Aarou Sober to Miss Sarah Elizabeth AVilkie, St. Michael's. 

1811, !March 7. In Upper George-fitreet, Portiuan-sq. Sampson 'Wood Sober, 
esq. of the Polvgoji, Southampton, only son of Cumberbateh Sober, esq. 
(" G.M.," ;W7.) 

1811, Apr, 23. On tlie Ith nlto. at liis father's house, London, Sampson 
Wood Sober, Esq., of this island. ('• Barbados Mercury.") 

1813, Dec. 7. Aj;ed 12, Abraham Cumberbateh Sober, esq. (" G-.M.," 700.) 

1815, Dec. 1. In Blaudford-st. Hiied 42, ^Mrs. Jennett Sober, relict of the late 
S. W. Sober, esq. of the rolygon, Southampton. (Ibid., G12.) 

1827, Jan. 13, In Upper George-st. Brvanston-sq. aged 85, Cumberbateh 
Sober, escj. (Ibid., 92.) 

1832, Oct. 16. In Torrington-sq. aged 18, Mary-Esther, youngest dau. of late 
Abraham Cumberbateh Sober, esq. (Ibid., -182.) 

Tho. Kemp of Lewes Castle aird llui'stmonceaux Park, co. Sussex, M.P., left 
a son Tho. li. Xemp, bora 17S2, and a dau. Aime, who mar. 1, Eev. Geo. 
Bythesea, 1{. of [ghtham, co. Kent, and 2, Capt. A. C. Sober of tlie Dragoon 
Guards. (Hurkes " Landed Gentry.") 

Eton, ISll. Harrison AValke Sober, formerly of the 14th Hussars, died 
lately. (Eton School Lists, published in 18G3, p. 73.) 

#rantct5 of ^nm, Bl, 1687-1898.* 

(Part 11., K. to Z., Ilarl. Soc. Pub.) 


Aberdein to Harvey. /bj- " 17 . ." read " [1701]." 

Bethell late Codrington, Christopher, ? for "late" read "hcfovc; Koy. Lie, 17 

Nov. 1707." 
Colvear-Dawkins, odd ■' [Crisp., PragJii. Gcneal., XIII, p. 23]." 
Dra'x, (ICrle-), iif/rr " 1S2S" add - [1820 I." 
Ellis, of Sunning Hill.yb;- " ISO ." read '' [1810]." 
Grant, Charles,/^;- " 182 ." read " [1830]." 

Kexxeut before L.\.ritiK, of .Jamaica and London, Quarterly Arms, [1802], 

Vol. XXI, fo. 425. 
Kexnion, ..... of Pinsbury Square, London, [1800], Vol. XXV, fo. 118. 

Laforky, John (s. of John), afterwards a Baronet, of Plymouth, co. Devon, 1789, 

Vol. XVII, fo. lUO. 
Lamkgo, . . . ., of London, Match with BAnuii-LoiSAnA, [1777T, Vol. XIII, fo 

Larocue, . . . ., Post-Capt., K.X., of Totnes, co. Devon, [1S031, Vol. XXII fo 


* ContiiiiuJ from p. ICO. 



Lascklles, . . . ., Baron Harewood, [1790"", of c6. Turk, Supporters [1790], Vol. 
XJX, [XVII?],fo. 2So. 

Lavixgiox (Ealpirr.vyNL), Baron, [1795], j,'rant to Williani Pavxe, liis brother 
of lialf-blond fwlio assumed llie uSurnaiuc and Arms ot' Gallwey, ISl-i ; 
Bart. 1S12], [1S18], Vol. XXVIJ, fo. 4ol. 

LtiiAN late OnGiLL, ^t.\., Xaunton Tliouiac*, of Brampton and Worlingham, co. 
Suff., 18US, A'ol. XXiV, fo. -672. 

Lf.tisom , of London, [1S02 r], Vol. XXI, fo. 289. 

Levi-, . . . ., of Porchosster Gate, Londoii, and Jamaica [1S72], Vol. XYIII, fo. 

Lexbojixe before Popiiam, [I)ri2.-Gen. Edward William Leybornc ?], of Little- 
cot, Wilts, [Gov. of the r] Ide of Grenada, etc., Quarterly Arms, [ISO-i], 
Vol. XXllL fo. 1U7, Quart erlv Arms, fo. 109. 

Le\-boi-k>'e, . . . ., of London and Larbado.s, [1S09], A'ol. XXA^ fo. 200. 

Ll>'DO, . . . ., of l)evon.<hire tSquaro, London, [18L9 ?], Vol. XXXI, fo. 177. 

Lo>"G, Edward, of Aldermaston House, Berks ; Tredudwell, St. Blaze, co. Coru- 
vall ; Saxmundham, co. Suffolk ; and the Itiland of Jamaica, 1797, A^ol. XIX, 
f 0.423; 179-5 [in pencil]. 

LoxG now NoKTH, Dudley, of Glemham Hall and Saxmundbam, co. Suffolk, 
[1797], A'ol. XIX, fo.-l-lO. 

LoNO, Edward, Charles and Samuel, of Saxmundbam, co. Suffolk, and Carshalton, 
CO. Surrey, ISOO, [1801 ?], Vol. XXIT, fo. 247. 

LoXG, Sir Cliarle.*, GX\B., [1820], Pavm.-Gen. 1o H.M. Eorces, Supporters, 
1820, A^ol. XXXIT, fo. 377 [?]. 

Lopes, Mana>:.seh Massch, of Clapham, co. Surrey, (Bart., died s.p.), [1782], 
Vol. XY, fo. 14. 

Lopes late Ekaxco, Sir lialph, of co. Devon, [1831], Vol. XXXA'ITI, fo. 240. 

LousAijA, Emanuel Barub, of Loudon and Jamaica (sec Dav. E. Cvkdonell), 28 
Jan. 1777, A^ol. XIll, fo. 2oo. 

Lyo>-s, Sir Edmoud, Knt., K.C.H., [1835], and Bart., [1810], Minister Plenipo- 
tentiary to Greece, Capt, II.N., of Lvons, Isle of Antigua, and St. Austin, 
Hampshire, [1841], A'ol. XLA', fo. 'loO, augmentation [1843], A"ol. XLVI, 
fo. 3G0, G.C.B., [1844], Supporters, [1844], Vol. XLVII, fo. 233. 

iVrAiTi.A>a), Maj.-Genl. Sir Peregi'ine, K.C.B., [18151, of Shrub's Hill near Lynd- 

hurst, Hampshire, 1818, A\.l. XXX, [r XXVllf, 1815], fo. 309. 
:\Iai;tin, ..... of St. Kilts, [1810], A'ol. XXAMl, fo. 123. 
Maxhkw (and Nayloi!), H. K., of co. Gornwall, and Shrub's Hill and Claiiville 

Lodge, Uampsbire, [1819], A'ol. XXX], fo. 293. 
Mathew to ]5ei(TIe, Jirownlow Bertie, of Shrub's Hill and Clanville L<^dge, 

Hampshire, [1819], A'ol. XXXI, fo. 290. 
Mat, . . . ., (Spr.), of Bath and Jamaica, [1S3S], Vol. XLVIIl, fo. 187. 
i\lAYEi{, . . . ., of London, Quartering with AVickham, [1785], A'ol. XA'I, fo. 45. 
Mill, GeorLre G., [? Ilavidl, of Balh, co. Som., and Carriacou, AV.L, [10 July 

I8ti3], Vol. XXli, fo. 294, [Crisp, Eragm. (ien., V, p. 00]. 
MiELEH to CoDDKiNiiTO", Jamcs, of DodiuLjioii, Co. Glouc, uat. s. of sir AVilliam 

Codrlngton, of Dodin-ton, [1792], Vol. X'nMJI, fo. 33. 
MiNXO, Capt. of ilil., of Water A'allev, i)ar. of Trelawnev, co. Cornw., and 

Jamaica, [1M5], Vol. XXA'IIl, fo. 332. 
Molim;ix before ^Io.ntgomeiue, George, Ca[)t. Norfolk Alit., Quartering [1782], 

Vol. XV, fo. 32. 
MoLi.NEL'X (Cinsp) before AroxTG(jMi:KiE, (ieorue, of Garboldisham,'co. Norf., 

Quarterly Arms, [1813], A'ol. XXVIl, fo. 392. 
MoOKE, . . . ." of St. :\lichael, liarbados [1784], Vol. XV, fo. 307. 
MoRA.NT to Gale, Edward G., of llampsh., [1790 ?], Vol. XIX, fo. 1S9. 
3ro){SE, . . . ., of Loudon and Jamaica, {see Gkiffitiis), [1810], A'ol. XXA''I, fo. 


,<■-■ CM. 


GRANTEES OF ARMS, 11., llis.7— 1898. 257 

MoRTOy-IlKiiJiKui- of llie Isle of XtM-i<, Arms oF Herbert, [1822], Vol. 

XXXI] I, fo 2US. 
Moss, Samuel, Capt. ut' Artillerv, of Kingston, Jamaica, [IS^.")], A'^ol. XLYIII, 

fo. 87. 
MOULTOX to (? riFter) Barkktt, Edward Barrett, of New York, and Cinnamon 

Hill, J^Uuul ol' Jamaica, and his brother Sainuei, [1797], Vol. XX, fo. 110. 
MoULTOX, Edward (.wife Bauhett), of Wakciield, is' laud of Jamaica, [ISl.j], 

Vol. XXIX, fo. 25 
Must, . . . ., of Cheslnint, co. llcrtf., and Kingston, Island of Jamaica, [1832 ?], 

To]. XXXIX, fo. 170. 

Xeaye, Richard, of St. Marv-at-llill, London, 17G:?, Vol. X, fo. 467. (Berry.) 

Neate, . . . ., of IJa'^Miam Park, co., [1795], Vol. XIX, fo. 17-5. 

Nelsox. A'i.scouuless!, (\Yoolavaki)), widow, E:^cutcheon of pretence, [1805], Vol. 

XXll], fo. 250. 
Xeteli., Marv, relict of Yice-Adm. John, of the West Indies, to descendants of 

tlie Admiral, 15 Dec. 1097, Yol. lY, fo. 289. 
Xe-wto>", (Jarratt), of Trelawnev, Island of Jamaica, [] 79:3], A''ol. XA'^III, fo. 

Newton- to Eiiye, . . . ., of co.'Surrev, Quarterly Arms. [1801], A^'ol. XXI, fo. 

NiUBS, James LAXC.rurcD-, of Antigua, and co. Som.; of St. John's Coll., Oxf., 

13 Oct. 1759, A'ol. X, fo. 188. (Berry.) 

Ogilvie late Pekuy, .... (Arms for Clarke, his wife), of Stanwell, co. Middx.; 

Laiigley Park, co. Forfar, Scotland; and of St. Mary, Jamaica, 1801, A'ol. 

XXI, fo. 102. 
OsBORXE late IjEknal. ]xal[)h. of co. Midd.v., and Ireland, L841, A^ol. XLAMI, fo. 

Ottley, . . . ., of York Terrace, ReL;:cnt's Park ; Stanwell, co. Aliddx. ; Uelafurd, 

CO. Dublin; and St. A'incent, [1818], Yol. XI.IX, fo 32 
OxTLEi' late H"ooki-:k, Jolm, of Ilampsh. ; co. Suff. ; Sussex; and Oriel Coll., 

Oxf., [1S20], A'ol. XXXll, fo. 123. 
OuGUTOX, [Lieut. -Gen.], Sir James Adolphus, Iv.B., [1773], Gov. of Anligua, 

Arms, [1773], A'ol. XII, fo. 234; Supporters, 1773, A'ol. XII, fo. 230. 

Palmer, . . . ., of St. James' Cornwall, and Island of Jamaica, [1791], A^ol. 

XVI T, fo. 4US. 
P-iYX?:, Ralph, of MaryU'hone. c^'. Alidl.v, and St. Christ .jilier's, Vv'est Indies, 

Quartering Carlisli;, 1770 ^771 r . \'.'l Xll. fo 4i) (iJerry). .Si.- Kalph 

[K.B., is Feb. 1771], Supporters, 1771, \'ol. XH, fo. 75, [afurwaids, 1795, 

13aron Lavingtun]. 
Payxe, Col. William (lialf-l>rotlier to ]5aron Lavington), of co. York, London, 

and St. Kills, [1S13], Yol. XXYII, fo. 451. 
Payxe before G.kllwky [7 Mar. 181 H, Lieut. -Gen. .sir AVilliam, IJart., of co. 

York, London, and St, Kilts, [1814', Yol. XXVlll, fo. (il. 
Payxe-Er.vxklaxu, Ladv, [widow of Sir \Villi:im Payne-Gai.lwky, 2nd Bart.l, 

of CO. York, [2 ()ct.i 1S82. Vol. LXIl, to. 1. 
Pesxaxt after IJAWiaNs. Georijje llav [Dawkinsl, of AVales, and co, AVilts, 

Quarterly Arms, 1^00, Yol. XXI V] fo. 414. 
Penxant after Dawkixs, . . . ., of Wales. l,sH, A'nl. XLV, fo. 57. 
Pexxaxt after Doiolas, ]\on. l-Alward Gordon l)o\iglas, of AValcs, [Arms and 

Surname of Pemuint], 1811, A'ol. XLY, fo, oTy. 
Pexnant after J)ou(ilas-, [Edward Gordon Douglas-Pennant], IJaron Pexruyx, 

[3 Aug. 1800], Supporters, ISGO, A'ol. LVl, fo. 148. 



1'j:ecy fGRKATiiEKD- Bertie), Lord Cliarlcs, of co. Warvv. [s. of the 5lli Duke of 

Xorthuiulierlaiidl, rSuniaine and Anns; of Groatlieed-JJertio, 1 April 182G], 

Vol. XXXV, fo.'3i)L>. 
Pehrv, Micajah, of the Citv of liOudon, 23 Jidy 1701, Vol. V, fo. 45 {see Ilarl. 

318., GS:U, fo. 121 ; and" Add. -M.S., l4,S31,fo. -IG, lias Micajah), (S Mar. 

1700, r.erry). 
PixxKY late PfiETOis, John, of Rettisoouibe, oo. Dor:?ct, and Ish^ of Xevis, N. 

Anieriea, IS April 177G, Vol. XI II, fo. 181. [Burke's Suppl.]. 
Pix>"KY now Pretoh, John Pinney ; Eev. John Charles, of Sonierton Erlcv, The 

Grange, yonierton, Carey Kivcl, Burton Pinsent, [all ?], co. Soui., 1877, 

A'^ol. LX, fo. 5G. 1, Frederick Wake, etc., of co. >*Som., L877, Vol. LX, fo. oS, 

[see Burke's Suppl. 1 
Pry.voch', . . . ., of Ijondon and Jamaica, [1790], A"ol. XX, fo. 3S5. 
PirT-]iiVEiis late Beckford, [2G Nov. LS28, William Horace, 3rd Baron], Rivers, 

of CO. Dorset, Gloue , and ilampsh., Vol. XXXVII, fo. 229. 
Plues, Samuel Swire, of liipon. co. York, Attorney-Gen. Brit. Honduras, [1871], 

Vol. LVIII,, fo. G. 
Plum(m)er, of Frome, co. Som., and Jamaica, [1S05], A"ol. XXIII, fo. 

Pope. Edward. D.D., oF London,' Archdeacon of Jamaica, [1812], A^ol. XLA'^I, fo. 

Peetost, INFaj.-Gen. [George], of Greenhill (xrove, co. Hercf., and Governor 

Isle of Jamaica [>'], [18u5], Vol. XXIIJ, fo. 272. 
Pketost, Lieut-Gen. [Sir GeorgeJ. Bart, [G Dec. ISO-j], (deed. [181G]), Sup- 
porters to widow and son, [1817], A^ol. XXX, fo. 12-i. 
Price, Charles, of Rose Hall, Jamaica, 13 Aug. 17GG, Vol. XI, fo. 182. (Berry.) 

Eae to IIaevev , of the Island of Grenada (Match), [1791], Vol XVII, fo. 

Rae to Harvkv (reputed dan.), wife of Lee, now Harvey, of Scotland, 

[18201. Vol. XXXII, fo. 23.x 
IIeu) to Baii.lie. . . . ., of Jamaica, [1792", Vol. XVIII, fo. 8a. 
KicivETTs, William Henry, of Ridglaiul, co. AVestmorland ; Longwood, Hampsh ; 

Jamaica; and the Jerseys, X". America, 3 Nov. 1773, Vol. XII, fo. 271. 
EiCKETTS to Jekvis (Eavl St. Vixcext), co. Staff., (Match), [ISOl], A^ol. 

XXI, fo. 188. 
EiCKETTS to Jeuvis, A'iscount St. A'ixiext, of co. Staff., [1823], Vol. XXXIV, 

fo. G2. 
KiGiiv late Hale, of co. Esse.x, [L788], Vol. XVll, fo. 29. 
RiVKRS, l5ai-on, I'lO .Mav 177fi. George], Pitt, Supporters, with tlie consent of his 

brother, [177G1, Vol. XIJ I. fo. 217. 
]{ivEKs. [■? (}eorge"(Prrr) 2nd], Baron, [1792], Vol. XVIII. fo. 100. 
IvivEiis. [3rd] Baron, [assumed the Surname of] Pitt-Kivers. 2G Xov. 1828, of 

CO. Dorset, late Bkckfouu (of co. Dorset), of co. Glouc, and Ham])sh., 

[lS2s], Vol. XXXVII, fo. 227. 
Eobekts, . . . ., Fentox, wife of, of London, Escutcheon of pretence, [1802 r], 

Vol. XXII, fo. 30. 
EuGEU.MAX to (.iiAMHERs, John, of Kingston and St. Elizaheth, Jamaica, [179.3], 

Vol. XVIII, fo. 437. 
CiiAMiiEKs,* Edward JIauover, of co. Corn., and Jamaica, 1771, Vol. XII, fo. lOG. 


St. Vixckxt, [Earl, 1797; Viscount, isull, Adm. [Sir John Jervis], K.B., 
[1782], Supporters, [1797], Vol. XIX, fo. loo. 

• This entry should have appeared an/f, p. 167. 

GKANTEES OF ARMS, II., 1087—1898. 


St. VixcENT, Visoount, Ji;uvis, of co. btnli., Ann.s [l!S2;j], Vol. XXXIV, i'o. 62. 

[Edward Jcrvi.s Kii'kctls, 'Jud Viscount, assumed Roy Lie. in 1823, the Sur- 
name of Jkuvi.s only.] 
St. Yi.vcent to Pahkeii before Jervis, . . . ., of co. Staff., [1861], Vol. LIV, fo. 

140; 2 S[urvivin^'l s[on]. 
Saxdila>d, . . . ., of Speight'.s Town, Island of Barbados, [1798], Vol. XX, fo. 

SA-WERiDQE-Eitr.E-lJiiAX, Jolin ^^atnuel \V. [Sawbridi^e to], of Cliarborougb Park, 

CO. Dorset, and ()lantef,'h, co. Kent, [1^2i)]. Vol. XXXVII, fo. 3J4. " 
Sawi5Ridue-Ek!.k-Duax, Wanley E., [8awbridi,a' to], of Holnest Place, co. Dorset, 

and 01autci;li 'lowers, co. Kent, 1887, Vol. LXIV. fo. 102. 
ScAELETT, [Sir] James, [Knt., 18271. Earon Adingeu, [12 Jan. 1835], of co. 

Surrey, Supporters, [183-")], A'ol. XL, fos. 334 and 336. 
IScAKLETT, [Lieut.-(ren.l, Sir James Yorke, G.C.E., [2 June 1SG9], of co. Surrey, 

Supporters, [lS70],'Vol. LVII, fo. 276. 
Seatoud, Karon, [1-5 Julv 1826"!, [Charles Aui^nstiis^, Ellis. [Earoii Howard do 

AValden], of co. Sussex, [ls26j, V(d. XXXVJ, fo. 27. 
Senior, Ascanius AYilliam, of Tcwin. co. Hertf., 26 Mar. 1767, Vol. XI, fo. 204. 

([26 May], Berry.) 
Sexior, . . . ., of Musquito Covc'and Sbafton, co. Corn., Jamaica, [1792], Vol. 

XVIII, fo. 89. 

SuiCKLE , of Clarendon, Island of Jamaica. [1793], Vol. XVIII. fo. ISL 

SiMPSO', . . . ., of I'^airlawu, Wroriiam, co. Kent; Tile^ton, co. Chester; and 

Bounty Hall, Trclawney, Jamaica, [1799], Vol. XX, fo. 306. 
SwETE, Adrian, of Train, co. Devon, and to the descendants of bis father, 13 
• Feb. 1711, Vol. \l, fo. 85: Add. My., 14,830, fo. 80. 

Tauleiox-Eotiiergill, Dame, of Hensol Castle, co. Glamorgan, Wales, (widow 

of Sir Rose L. Price, Bart.) ? this. 18SS. Vol. LXIV, fo. 138. 
Taylor after Wat.sox. (jcorgc, of Wilts and Jamaica, t,)uarterlv Arms, l8lu. 

Vol. XXIX, fo. 93. 
TuARV, John, of Good Mope, Ishmd of Jamaica, 11 Oct. 1776, Vol. XII 1, fo. 

Q'HARr-GEXT, Lieut., of cos. Camb. and Essc-k, [iSlili, Vol. IA\. fo. 184. 
TuoMAs late A\'hitk, Geoi-ge, of Chichester, co" .Sus-^ex, [1777-78], Vol. XIV, fo. 

Thomas late ERKE^rA^•, Inigo, of (.d. -8ussc.\-, and .Antigua. 17sO. Vol. XVI, fo. 

161; (3Iatch), [17911. Vo'. XVII. fn. 11(1. ri^errv.) 
ToBi.v, . . . ., Capt. in Army, (Malrhi. ilsH)i. \'ol. .\ .\ V. f,.. 39s. 
Toi.l.KM \cin: late lI\i,i.inAV, Kcar-Adm. .lohu Kiehard Dehi]), of Leasowes, 

yhropli., and Casllemains, eo. Kircud., Si-otland, [1 82 M, Vol. X.\ XII. fo 

Toi/LKMACUE, Baron, [17 Jan. 17861, John [formerly llalliday. of Psckfortou 

Castle, CO. Chester, (srr llAi.r.inw), and HcdminL'ton. co. .Siiff.1, Supporters 

1876, Vol. LIX, fo. 192. 
Traxt after Dillon [Trant to Dilhui-Trant^'. llcr.rv. of co. York, and Ireland, 

Quarterly Arms, ["^isKil, Vol X.\1X, to. :u;i. 
Trext-Stovg'iiton, H. \V. J'., of Saltwooil, llvtlic, co. Kent. lSs9, Vol. LXV, fo. 

Tkower, . . . ., of Lincoln's Inn, Loudon, and Jamaica. [1823 Y], Vol. XXXI II, 

fo. 352. 

Vassall, Lieut. -Col. [Spencer Thomasl. K. at M.mte Video, [7 Feb. 1S07], 

Arms to widow, LmiS— 10. Vol. XX\', io 

YlRGlx , of London, and. Hope Park. Clarendon, Jam.iica, [18101, Yol 

XXVI, fo. 15. 




Walkku, -Majur-Ucii. bii- Geo. Tuuuseiid, K.C.B., [1S151, Lieut. -Gov. of 

GrcMiarla, [1S1.5] ; of Buslicv, co. Hertf, Allu.sions, ^1.^15^, Vol. XXYI, fo. 

294; (x.C.J3., Supportt-rs, n'sl?], A'ol. XXX, fo. IGl ; Lieut. -Gen. and Burt., 

[ls:^5J, Vol. XL, to. 3.j9. ^ 
AValkkr, 'J'honias, ,s. of James, of How, co. Middi., descendants of his father 

James, 28 .laii, 17i:M4-. Vol. \l. fo. 12S {see Add. MS., 14.S30, fo. 53). 
WiiifK l>efore W'ilmam.s, . . . ., of Duckworth Plautatio]i, co. Surrey, Island of 

Jamaica, Quai-tering, [IStJO ?J, Vol. XXV, fo. 72. 
Wii-DM.\.>', Thouias and James, of Honiby, oo. Lane. ; Jamaica; and Lincoln's 

Inn, London, 9 Dec. 1770, Vol. XIII, fo. 247. 
AVii-u.M.iX, Capt., of CO. (Kent P), and .Arms of Oliv.a.r (his wife), reputed dau. 

of Su- II. Oakes, i?art. impaled, [ISIS], Vol. XXXI, fo. oo. 
AVii.DMAX, l-ieut.-C'ol , of CO. Kenl ?, and Arms of Pkeisig (his wife) 

impaled. ris24l, Vol. XXXIV, fo. 321. 

Wii.DM.vy-LusMixuTox of CO. Kent, [LS701, Vol. LVII, fo. 234. 

AVii-KFE, Patrick, of St. Vincent, W.I., 15 Sept. 1770, Vol. XII, fo. 30. (Fierry.) 
WiJJ.ETT late Am-E, J.dri Willett, of Merlev Place, co. Dorset, (Match), IL Mar. 

1795, Vol. XLX;, fo. 19. 
AVii.i.ocK to Dawes, . . . ., of cos. Kent and Susscv, [1S70], Vol. LVII, fo. 258. 
"WiLr.ocK, Ilenrv C. and Col. George AV., of Marine Parade, Bri^ditoii, 1S93, 

Vol. LXVU", fo. 156. 

fiflomuutntal I-nscrtptions in Cnglanti 
rtlatms to ilMt^x Kntnans,* 


Tl)e following four inscriptions arc from Glouc. X. and Q., iv., 645. 

In the church : — 


to the memory 

of Maky the wife 

of Eo.MUM) Leakox Boukke, 

of tlie Island of Jamaica, 

who resided at AVood End, in tliis Pari.sli, 

lor more than seven years. 

Ilor remains arc placed in a vault purciiasM, 

by a iaculty from tlie Diocese of Gloucester, by tlie 

said IvDMrxi) 1''e.\kon Bovuke in the cliancel of 

this Church for the iiitcrnient uf iiis familv. 

She died the 30'i' July, ISOO, 

and in the 38"' vear of her ivzc. 

Jn the church : — 

Sacrtd to the memory | of | Edmund Fearon Bourkc, Lscj., | of | the Island 
of Jamaica, | who | de[>arled this life | at I].\i]iouth, \ in the County of Devon, | 
on Tuesday, .Ian. 14''', | 1812, | aged 57 | uhose remains are deposited | in the 
family vauli | undernealli. 

"1772, Peb. Xieholas Bourke, Es.i; Jamaica." (" G.M.," 151.) 

* Coutiuued from p. 218. 



Xicliolas Burke of Clarendon, Esq., d. 11 Dec. 1771. Will dated 13 May 
1771, of vvhic-h hi.^ biolhcr John 15. of Ji., Esq., was a trustee. By Eli?,, his wife 
([)arty to mortgage of 170')) ho had : 1. Tho. B. of St. ]Mury, Esq., 1701 ; 
2. Etluuind Fearon B., late of Clarendon, but of Gt. B., 1791 : and 3. A dau., wife 
of Clia. Pallmer of St. Tlio. in the Vale, Esq., in 1771. See Livintrstone's Sketch 
Pedigree (which gives the year of death of Nich. as 1774 instead of 1771) and a 
d(-ed of convevanee of Bourke's of 192 acres in the parish of St. Dorothy dated 
1791. (Ante, III., 23.) 

Nicholas B. was cousin of Eob. Arccdeckne, and both fauiilies were from 
Ireland, lie was jM. of A. for Kingston 1751, '55, Portland 17GI, Clo.rcudon 
1757, 'G6, 'CS, '70 ; Speaker 1770, but resigned shortly after. 

Lord Adam Gordon met in 17(H at .Tamaiea " rs'ich^ Bourke, Esq'", a Counsellor, 
son in law to C. .1. Pearon." Pootnote says : ni. Eliz. dau. of Tho. Fearon, Chief 
.1 ustice. His dau. Era. m. Geo. Crawford Picketts, Atty. Gen. and Advocate G en., 
and of Combe, co. Hereford. (Genealogist, New S., xiv., 16.) 

Tho. B. was M. for St. :\Iary 1773, '70, 'SI, Clarendon 1790. 

Edm. P. B. was M. for Clarendon 1779. (Feurtado.) 

See W.I. Bookplates, No. 311. 

1S12, Jan. 23. On the 11th inst. died at Exmouth, I^draund Fearon Bourke, 
esq ; late a resident of this citv ;'a gentleman of most benevolent disposition, 
and held in tlie highest esteem in the first circles of society ; an affectionate 
and kind relative, a sincere and valuable friend. (" Batli Chronicle.") 

181 1, July 7. Sat. was m. at Topham, the Bev. J. C. Glascott, of Exmouth, 
to Georgiana, dau. of the 1. E. P. Bourke, esq ; of Exmouth. (Ibid.) 

Edmund ]'\-aron l^ourke of F:xmouth, P:sq. Will dated 30 ^lay 1808. My 
dau. Mary Judith wife of Henry Fellowes, clerk. My dau. l^liz. Ann Kath. 
wife of Chas. l^-eemnn, E.'^q. All my plantations in J. to T. to sell for my 
5 ch° Ann L;.dia B., Georgina Goodin B., Jane Peters B., Charlotte Woollery B. 
and George Bob. Goodin B. My eldest son Edui"^ F. B. to have the oj^tion 
of purchase of plnntations for £25,000. Proved 1 Feb. 1S12, (55, Oxford.) 
(See aufc, III., 23.) 

See the M.I. to his dau. Jane at AVithycombe Ealegh, co. Devon. 

In the church ; — 

Under this place 

(in the vault belonging to 

Edmund Fearon Bourke, Esq"") 

are deposited the remains 


Agnes Chisholme, 

daughter of 

James and Susanna Chisholme, 

who departed this life 

April 2.3'-'', 179S, 

in the twelfth year of her age. 

lu the vault underneath are deposited the remains of — 

Susanna Chisholme wife of 

James Chi.-liolme, Esq^, of Stonedge. 

in Boxburghshire, North Britain, 

who died December, 31", ISOl, 

aged 59. 

Also the remains of 

the said .lames Chi.--holme, Esq'', 

who ditd December 31", 1812, 

nged 68, 



1801, Dec. 31. lu Portlaiul-piace, the -wife of James Chisholme esq. of 
StonoJi:e, CO. Koxlnir^h. (•' aM." 1217.) 

1SU2, Feb. 13. In Portlaud-place, Lord Sinclair, lo Miss Cliisliohae, only 
dan. of Jarno-s C. c.-^q. (IbiJ., ISl.) 

1S12, Dec. 31. In Portland-place, aged G8, Jas. Cliisholme, esq. of Cliisholme 
& Stoned^'e co. Eoxliurgh, X.B. {Ihid.^Lu-L) 

ISll, July 1(). At^Xi^^bet-hoiise, co. l^crwick, N.B. E' Hon. Lady Sinclair. 
She was llie only dan. of James CliisLohne, of CliisLolme eso. & was married 
to the lit ii^,„ Cliarlcs Lord Sinclair Peb. 13, 1S02. {IbuL, 292.) 

Will. Clii.^holmc of Qucoii Ann Street, Marylebone, Esq. Will dated 2o June 
ISOl. To bo buried in .^cllnrk. Sister -^rargaret Scott of Edinburgh £500 a year. 
My one fourth sbai'o of Trout llnll and Green J\iver sugar plantations in 
Clarendon, Jamaica, and two penns, <me called Iveys and the other at Alammec 
A'alley, to my brother James Chisholmc of Portland place. My reputed son 
ChaHes, a waiter at ]]eiuj:al, £20,000. My su£;ar plantations and ])enns in 
Clarendoii called Thomas's Eiver and Xorth Hall, Health Crawl and Broadland 
Penn to be sold for the 8 children of my sister ^Margaret Scott, Miss Agnes 
Cliisholme (the dati. of my brother James) and my reputed son Charles cquallv. 
Proved 29 Nov. 1802. (8i2, Keuyon.) 

Janjes Cliisholme of Portland-place, Esq. Will dated 21 Jan. 1803. My 
lea.seluild house Xo. 5 Portland-place lor my dau. Mary Agnes Lady Sinclair. 
My liouse at Green liiver, co. Roxburgh, and all other real estate in G. ]i. and 
Jamaica to be sold and proceeds in trust for her. To be buried in the vault over 
the grave of mv late wife in the church-yard of Cromhnll near the village of 
Wick war, co. Glouc. Proved 1 Feb. 1813. (G2, Heathfield.) 


A tablet on the south wall of the chancel : — 

In the Chancel 

Near the Eemains of his Father and Mother 


and of his Brothers and Sister 


and those of his Xeice MAllY JAMES 

Daugliter of RANDYLL E.MILY who died at Jamaica, 

reft aho the I\emalns 


of Weft-Clandon, in this County Ehiaire 

who on the thirteenth day of May 17(J0 

and on the teventy third Year of his Age 

E.vchanged this Life for a better. 

(Five verses of four lines omitted.) 

Haughlon James of Jamaica, Esq., married Mary Emilv, and in the codicil to 
his will dated 17 Oct. 1710 bequeathed to his sister-in-law 3L-s. .Maximillia Emily 
£100 c. See tlie bookplate of testator's son with the ([uartercd coat of Emilv: 
Siililc, a man Arrjciii, in ihc dcrfer hand a cJiib. (Illustrated, ,in1c, II., ].) 

JMward Emily of Xew Inn, gent., made his will 1 Fi'b. 1700. De owned 
tlie manor of Woking which descended to his eldest son Charles, two farms in 
Heindon, co. X''ton, and a leasehold house in Henrietta Street, Covent Garden. 
He named also his wife .lovce, his vounij;er son l^dward, his dau. ]"hnelia and 
brother-in-law Chr. I^lanehard. (!i)2, Lynch.) A pedigree of Emyly of llelmedon 
waa entered in the Visitation of Northamptonshire of JG18. 




Mural tablet north side : — 

SAMUEL INIITCJIELL, o£ Hope Yale, Grenada, W.T. President of the 
Council of that Island, and Colonel of the Colonial Militia (for thirty years a 
resident in the AV.I.) born 5 Oct. 1750, died at Newport near Topsham -1 Feb. 
1805. He married Mary, dau;^liter of Daniel Floud, of Exeter, who was born 
6 April 1773 and died 12'-A[arch 1S(31. 

Arms.- — Gule^, on ct checron between ihree birds' wings erect Or, as many 
griffins' heads erased of the first \ impaling : Vert, a chevron between three 
tcolvrs' heads erased Argent. (Flucd.) 

CitEST. — A dragons head erased (lules, holding in the mouth a cross-ftchce Or. 

The .arms of Floiid as above described were confirmed in the time of 
Q,. Eliz. to Sir Tho. Fliidd in the county of Kent, and are now borne by the 
Irish family, of Vihich Henry Flood the orator was a distinguished ornament. 
("Devon Notes and Gleanings," iv., 159.) 

1S05, Feb. 4. At Newport, near Exeter, the Hon. Samuel Mitchell, president of 
his INfajpsty's Council at Grenad.a» He had spent the greatest part of his 
useful life in that island, which, during a period of dangerous revolt, the wisdom 
of his measures, & the prompt itude with which they were executed, prevented 
from falling into tlie hands of tlse French. 

For this conduct so ln\'hly lionournble to his character, he received a vote 
of thanks from the Council, & the grateful tribute of all those who were 
interested in this important event. In private lite lie was a man whose mild 
virtues eminently endeared him to his familv & his friends, <t whose active 
benevolence diifused happiness through a widely-extended circle. (" G.M.," IS!).) 

In his will dated 2G Nov. iSO-i he couiirmed his wife's joynture of £500 
a year and gave her £12,000 and the use of his estate of Newport. He desired 
to be interred in the midst of the clump of tirs on the mount overlooking the 
marsh. All his estate passed to his dau. Mary Eliz. Stewart, who in 1830 as 
wife of Wm. .las. D'Uj'ban. togethei with her mother, consented to the further 
proving of the will. (531, Nelson.) 

(To he contiiitied.) 

g^atrttvs of iJtbi^s. 

Jacob "Williams of Nevis, planter. Will dated 10 Dec. 173G. My sister Eliz. 
Saunders £2 for a ring. To lvli/..,dau. of George Saunders, a negro. My nephew 
Jacob Williams Saunders £25. ("Antigua," iii., 233.) 

Tho. AVilliams of Nevis, Esq. Will dated 20 Sept. 17UG. To Eliz. Sanders, 
spinster, my housekeeper £100 c. a year, my dwelling house at Saddle Hill and 
the use of the S. chamber. 'J'o my great-niece Eliz. Sanders, dau. of n)y late 
nephew Francis Saiulers, Esq., £l()ui) e. at 21, to forfeit it if slie marry Eoger 
Pcmberlon before her age of 21. Mv great-nephew John Williams Sanders, son 
of my said nephew Francis S., Fm|., (I(cea-e(l, my plantalimi in the p'sh of 
S' Tho. and mv ])lant" in Nevis at 21. Jacob Williams Sanders, Esq., deceased. 
Proved 8 July 17G7. (290, Legard.) 




Edward Paris of Ncvi?!, Esq. AYill dated G Marcli 1770. Francis Sar.ders, 
s. of inv sister Sanders £'3U0. 

Francis Sanders of Xcvis, IG77-8. 

Francis Sanders, Sen., planter.— Anne . . . ., bur, 4 June 1720 
"Will dated 17 June 1739. at St. Georjze's. 

George .Sniidcra=f=Elizabeth ..... born 1G93 ; siscer 173G of Jacob AVilliams ; bur. 
22 Oct. 17G1, a-cd 71, at St. John's. 

Jacob AViliiams Sanders, Elizabeth Francis Sanders,=pMartha, dan. of Col. Job 

born 1729 ; nephew 1736 Sanders, 
of his uncle Jacob Wil- 173G. 
liauis. "Will dated 22 
Sc])l. 1753 ; bur. G Jan. 
175G, aged 27, at St. 

Jun., nephew ! "W^illi:iuis of Aniigua; 
17GGofTho. I bapl. 28 Oct. 1729 at 
Williams ; died ' St. John's, Antigua ; 
intestate. ! mar. ci^-ca 17-l.S ; rcmar. 

24. Oct. I75G Tho. A\^en- 

ham, Sen. 

.lolm Williams Sanders, ojily son and=j=Elizabeth . . . ., Eliz. Sanders, onlv dau., 
heir, great-nephew and heir 17GG ot | P sister 1770 of mar. 1 Jan. 17G7 Kogcr 
Tho. Williams; a minor 17GS ; bur. | Edward Paris, Pcmbcrton. She was 

1791 at St. John's. 


bur. in 1783. 

Francis Williams Sanders, Esq., bapt. about 1769 at St. Tbo. Lowlaud ; of 
Lincoln's lull. (See W.I. Bookplate jN'o. G02, engraved aTiout 1820.) 

17-lS. Petition of John Le Sprainger Spencer Rossiugton and Eliz. Stephens 
his wife, one of tlie dans, of Sarah Saunders, late of Xevis, last of A., widow, 
.dec'", who d. intestate 22 Dec. 1718 and left 8 daus., pef her eldest dau. Ann 
wife of Walter liossington ; and Frances wife of John Butler. Filed 11 Jan. 
I74S. (Court of Ordinary, Antigua.) 

17G8, March 25. Ind'te trip. bclw. Wm. Wuolward of N. gent, of the 
1^' part ; Tho. Wenhani of N. gent, and Martha his wife 1. widow of Fra. Sanders 
I. of N. gent, and Tho. Williams esq. whicli said Martha AVenhani and Tho. 
Williams aie adm'ors of Fra. Sanders of the 2^' part ; Jidui Williams Sanders esq. 
and Eli/. Sanders spr. only ch" of the said Fra. S. by the said JNIartlia of the o*" 
part; Whereas Wm. AVoolward the Elder gent, by his will dated 10 March 1711 
biqucathed to his wife iMarlha i bis est. and \ to her for life and after her deatli 
to his iie])hew Wm. AVoolward paity to this, his nephew I'hos. and sister and 
Wm. Woolward party to tliis sold his \ to Fra. Sanders for £10L>0. (Xevis 
Deeds, L., p. 15.) 

17GS, June 28. Petition of John AViliiams Sanders, a minor, that vour 
petitioner's father d. intestate and your petitioner's uncle Jacob Williams S., "esq., 
by his will made 22 Sept. 17.")3 leit all his est. to vo'' pef. As to Guardians 
(.Nevis Book of Wills, p. l88.) 

1 have the signature of "John Williams Sanders, I7GS,'' which I discovered 
beneath a bookplate of John Piuney. 



1772, Dee. 22. ]\^tition of r\[;ir<::;t. Gardner, aged 19., for her brolliers-iu-law 
David Gardner and Win. ."Zanders, E.'-q aires, wlio ni. her two sisters, to be her 
Guardians. {Ibid., p. :510.) 

See Ante, IL, 22, for schedule of deeds of Stony Hill, the estate of Fra. 
Sanders, Esq. 

See Ante, Vols. 1. and IL, for several entries from the rep;isters of St. John's 
and St. Geortre's. 

Francis Sanders,^Sarah Clioppin, mar. 7 
Jun., born 1G91 ; ■ Sept. 171S at St. Geo. ; 
died intestate 22 Dec. 
ITJrS at Antigua. Her 
sister Pra. mar. John 
AVilliams and Eliz. mar. 
Tho. Stevens of A. 

died IS July 
1742, aged 51. 
M.l. at St. Geo. 
Will dated 2 
April 1742. 

John=pITenrietta, dau. and coh. 
Sanders, of Jas. Bcvon, Speaker 
of Nevis 1G9G ; bur. 30 
Dec. 174G, and M.I. at 
St. John's. See his will, 
Anic, III., 410. 

Eliz. Stephens Sanders, 
1st dau. and coh., bapt. 
9 jN'ov. 1722 ; mar. 
John Le Sprangcr Uos- 
sington of Antigua. 
His will dated 1759. 
She was bur. 18 April 


Ann SaTiders, 2nd dau. and coh., 

mar. circa 17 IS M'alter Eossing- 
ton of .Nevis, Esq. 

Frances Sanders, marr. sett. 
1740—8 with John Butler of 
Nevis, merchant; a widow in 

Jas. Bevon Sanders, 
born 21 July, bapt. 
29 Ang.. and bur. 
11 Nov. 1733 at 
St. John's, 

^anta Cnij or ^t Crx)i)i\ 

This island, one of tho group of the Virgin Islands, recently purchased from 
Denmark by the US. A., attracted during past years man}" .settlers from the Lee- 
ward Islands. British merchants v.ere also drawn thither by the large profits 
derived in war-time from the sales of cargoes. These men were often smugglers 
and sometimes traitors, as proved by corres[)ondenee seized hj Lord Eodncy at 
the capture of St. Eustatius. 

There is an early map of 1G71, with the names of ])lanlations, in Du Tertre, 
iii., 114. Tiic following list gives one a good idea of the status of the British 
planters, as there are Members of Council ami Olllcers of Militia among them ; 
evidence of their fair treatment by the Danish (invernment. A few notes have 
been added as a guide to the origin of some of the families : — 

A Treatise on Planting, by Joshua Peterkin, 1790. 
A List of Subscribers in St. Croix. 

Anderson, John, Esq. 

„ James, Esq. 
Armstrong", Edward, Esc|. 

TOL. v, 

Armstrong, Tinmias- T., Esq. 

„ Thomas, Sen., Esq. 

Avery, Christophei, Esq. 



Eaker, George, Esq. 
Barnes', Jolni, E*cj. 

,, John, Jun., Esq. 
John, j\[.D. 
Beiincrs, Isaac S., Esq. 
Bhuhvell, Thomas M., Esq< 
Bourke-, 31. L., Esq. 

„ William, M^q. 

Braklf^, John Van, Esq. 
Bretton^, Baron Paulns Van 
Buchanan, J. S., Esq. 
Burd, Kobert, Esq. 
Byaiii", V^'^iiliani, Esq. 

Cartlen, John, Esq. 
Castle, Henry, Esq, 
Cliahert, Charles, Jun., E.sq. 
Clark, Mr. William 
Co'iklcy", 3Ia]'or 
Colbiornsen, lion. Edward, Esq. 
Conoran, Patrick, Escj. 
Constahic, Jacob, Esq. 
Co|ipinger, Peter. E.sq. 

Gordon, Ilouert Melville, Esq. 

AVilliam, Esq. 
Grant'-, Alexander, Sen., Esq. 

,, Colin, Esq. 

Gumhs'"', Jacob, Esq. 

Ilartwell, Mr. Garrett 
Hatchet, jMr. John, Jim. 
Heitmann, Hemy, Esq. 

,, ,, Sen., Esq. 

Hendricksen, Cornels. Earrington, Esq. 
Henderson, James, Es(j. 
Hern, . , ,, Esq., for self and the estate 

of Sion-Hi!l 
Heyliger, INlrs. Catherine, AVidow of 

B. P. de Neilly, Esq. 
Heyliger'^, John De Windt, ]']sq. 

., Hon. Chamberlain 3Iajor 

Martin Meyer, Captain of Ercdc- 

ricksta^d Cuin])any 
Iliggins, J'hieas, J>--q. 
Huyghue''", Sanuul, Esq. 
„ William, Esq. 

Daly7, Charles, Esq. 
Davies, liowland, Ksq,, Captain 
Deianey*, John AVilliam, Esq, 
De Windt-', Jan, Esq, 

„ Lucas, Esq. 

Dogherty, Felix, Esq. 
Dunlop, John, Esq. 

Ellis, Charles, Esq! 
England, Erancis, Esq. 

Farrington, William, Esq. 
Eerrall'", lVu.r, |]sq. 

„ Kicliard, Es(j, 
Finlay, Thomas, Iv^q, 
Fitzpatrick, James. Esq. 
Flanagan, Christoi)her, Esq., Captain 

of Kings-Quarter 
Forster, Kichard S., Esq. 
Fraser, Janu-s, Es(j. 

,, Mr. John 
Fullcrton, Archibald, Esq., Lieut, in 

the Militia of West-End Quarter 

Gerairdt, J. P., Esq. 
Gordon, .Alexander, Esq. 

,, George, 1']s(2. 

„ ^' Johu, Esq. 

James, John, Esq. 
John&on, Christopher Eobeit, Esq. 
„ ])r. Christopher 
Dr. J. 

Kipnorse, Mrs. Catherine 
Kortrightic, C. II., Esq, 
Krausc, John, Esq., Lieut, in the Town 
of Christiansta-d 

Lang, Eobcrt, Esq, 

,, AVilliam, Esq, 
Love, James, Esq. 

]\PBean. AVilliam, Esq. 
M'^Evoy^", Christopher, Esq. 

„ INlichael, Esq. 
M'Farlane, Daniel, Esq, 

,, David, Esq. 

jNLardenbrongh'^, (leorge, Esq. 
IVrarkhoc'-', Abraham. Jun., Esq. 

,, ^\■illiam, Y.sq. 

Maynard, John, Esq. 
Meyer, Hon. John, Esq., Membei' of the 

BurLrhcr Council 
Millar, -Mr. Eubert 
Montgomery, Dnncan, Esq. 
Morton, John, I]sq. 



Navin, JoKn, Escj. 

Newton, Samuel, Ein\. 
„ -", William, Esq. 

Nugeut, Hon. ChriHtoplior, Es(i., Mem- 
ber of tlie Eur"lier Council 

Ryanc-S Jolm, Esq., F.K.S. 
Scmpill, John, Esq. 
Sobotkcr, Adam, Et^q. 
Stcedman-'', Dr. William 
Strideron, John, Esq. 

O'Connor, John, Esq. 

O'Ncil, Hon. Tully, Esq., Member of 

the Burgher Council 
Osborn'-^ Kobert Weir, Esq. 
0.\holm, Hon. P. L., Esq., Staadt- 

Hauptman of the Militia 

Parson--, Jasper, Esq. 
Pentheny--', Augustine, Esq. 
„ Estate of Peter, Esq. 

!Rayn, Cornelius, Esq. 
l^eid, Giles, Esq. 
Eobcitson, James, Esq. 
liodgers, James, Esq. 

Thompson, Robert, Esq. 

,, ''"'', Hon. Samuel, Esq. 
Todd, James, Esq. 
Tuite-", Hon. Chamberlain 
„ Richard, Jun., Esq. 

Yaughan, Paul, Esq. 

Walsh, Thomas, Esq. 

Walterstorff, his Excellcn. Ernest Frede- 
rick von, Esq., Major-General, Cham- 
berlain to the King, Grovcruor-Gen- 
eral, and President 

West-\ Rector 

Wyse, Mr. Peter 

P 1S17, Oct. 30. At St. Croix, in her 20th year. Eliza, eldest dau. of Edmund 
Armstrong, esq., of St. Croi?:. ('• G.M." for iSlS, 87.) 

1 1S07. Jan. 12. At St. Croi.v, John i^arkcr Barnes. (" G.M.," 37G.) 

' 1791, Oct. IG. At St. Croix, Ja.s. B. Thomason, son of the Hon. Tho. 
Thomason, one of h.,M. counsel in Tortola, to ]Miss Maria Bourke, dau. of ... . 
Eourke Esq. of the former island. (•' G.]M.," 1157.) 

Theobald Bourke of St. Cr.n'x. A\''ill proved 17S3 [G02, Coruw.allis]. 

^ 18-lS, June 2. At Paris. ^Mai'v Elizabeth, wife of John Van Brakic, esq. of 
the island of St. Croix. (" G.M.," Gil.) Grace Franklvu A^an l^raklc m. 18 .May 
1835 Isidore P. L. Hyctt, M.U. (J»/c. IV., MS.) 

* ISll, Aug. Latelv. At Guadaloupe, Lieut. Gumming, to Baroness Judith 
De Bretton, eldest dau. of Baron Frederick De B. of St. Croix. (" G.M.," 188.) 

^ Of the well-known Antigua family. (''Antigua," L, 99.) 

" 1790. At St. Croix, iNlajor John Coakley, a relation of Dr. J. Coakley 
Lettsom, of London, besides sugar estates and negroes, he is said to have died 
worth 20i),000 pieces oi eight. ("G.M.," 859.) 

^ Daly of Montserrat. {An/e, I., 115.) 

^ Perliaps of the well-known family iu St. Kitls. 

8 Clia. Pym Burt of St. Kilts, whom. Petronella, dau. of John Heyligcr, Gov. 
of St. Eustatius, in his will dated 1772. refers to his moiety of a plantation called 
St. John's, in St. Croix, and cancels the will he left in 1770 with his brother-in- 
law Johti Jacob de Windt at St. Etistatius. ^Irs. Adriana Gibbons {lu'e do 
Windt) m. at St. Kitts, 15 Xov. 1770, W'ni. :Mills. 

Will dated 21 June 179G. 1, Jan de Windt, planter, of St. Croix, with my 
wife Sarah, born Roosevelt, by our cmtract of marriage of G July 179t), appoint 
her Extrix., and my brothers Peter, Win. and James Dc Windt, with P(>ter lley- 
liger Robinson, Sen'', Exors. ]\Iy children Peter, Henry, Adolphus and Elizabeth. 
On 24 Dec. 1803 appeared James De Windt of Piccadilly, Ks(|., the brother. 
Testator, late of St. Croix, died last March. Proved 29 Dec. 18U3 by Win. and 
James De AVindt [9G2, Marriott]. 

i^» 1787, Aug. 13. Ed. Carv, of l^xeter, to Miss Bridget Farrell of the- Island 
of St. Croix. (•• G.:\[.," 739.) ' There were Farrells iu Montserrat. 

X 2 



11 Socnnfe,l, 77, for :\[.I. in Bath Abbey to Jolm Gordon, M.D., of St. 
Croix, wlio (liod IJ9 Jan. 1S(.)7. aijcJ ■'>'■). 

1- 1S35, June. On tlic 22iiil ^March, in the Danish IsLand of .St. Croix, the 
Lady of 11. J. Grant, of a dau. (" Court ^lag.'") 

'"> 1S29, Jan. 2J. At Clifton, ivs^ed (jS, yarali, relict of Win' Gumba, esq. of 
the island of St. Martin. (" G.:M.," ISS.) ■... 

1^ John lli'Vligcr was'.Gov. of St. Eu?;taliu3. John lleyli2;er of St. Croi^; 
f^raduatcd 29 .Sei)t. 17(5:^ at I.eyden. There \vore some in St. Kitts. See al«o 
Foster, the Kci^ister of the Duttdi Churcdi, and L. Archer. 

1^ See l'edii:;ree in "Antigua," ii. 
'!<= 1S50, April 0. At St. Leonards aged 32, AVin. Alex. Kortright, esq. 3d 
son of Cornelius Iv. esq. late of Porto liico. ('' G.M.," 553.) 

17 He died 11 July 1702. :\I.L at St. Pancras. 

1* Of a well-known family in St. Kitts. 

1^ Philip ]N[arkoe was Dep. Guv., and Peter a M. of C. of Spanish .Town, 
Virgin Islands, in 1737. Peter ^Nlarkoe, son of Abraham of St. Cmix, Xings 
Quarter, gent., uiatriculatcd from Pembroke College, Oxford. 17 Feb. 17(.)7, 
aged IG. (Foster.) Wm. Markoe of St. Croix died 9 Oct. 1707, aged 34 ; M.I. 
at St. Olave's, Jewry, London. The family intermarried w ith the Ilartnians of 
this island and of s"t. Kitts. A descendant, Francis Harmau Markoe, ]M.D., of 
Xcw York, died in 1912. 

-0 Probablv of St. Kitts, and died 12 May 1791, aged 7S. 

=1 See his Pedigree in " Antigua," ii., 300. 

-- Jasper Parson, 5tii son of K<hv. P. of St. Kitts, was living 1771. 

=3 Augustine Pentheny of Dublin, Esq. "Will dated 12 M.irch 1S()2. ]\fy 
brother Dr. Peter P., late of St. Ci'oi.x, left two dans., Mary and Ellen P. The 
eldest mar. Geo. B. Kelly, Esq., of the said island, and tiic second mar. AVm. 
Bourke, Esq., of Springfield in the said island; their issue to be my heirs. [191, 
Oxford.] Testator, a native of Longwood, co. Meath, died in Dublin, 23 Xov. 
ISU, aged S2 ; was a miser, formerly a cooper, and am.Tssed £300,000 in Antigua 
and St. Croix. (St-e " G.M.," 187.) Geo. Bourke O'Kelly of Acton House, co. 
jMiddx., and of St. Croix, mar.. 1799, Maria, dau. and coheir of Peter Pentheny. 
(Burke's "L,G.") 

•^ Sec cn/e, i., 293, for note of John Ryan of St. Kitts, who owned Negro 
Bay estate in St. Croix. 

-■' ISU, March 1. At Portobello, near Edinburgh, Lucretia Gordon, eldest 
dau. of Win. Stedman, M.D., of the island of St. Croix. ('• G.M.," OCO.) 

1S!3, Sept. 20. At St. Croix, Eliz. wife of Win. Stedman, M.D., K.D. 
(Ibid, G70.) 

IS-U. Apr. 7. At the Danish Island of St. Croix, aged 80, Win. Stedmnn, 
M.D., Knight. of J^umebrog. (I/jiJ., .) 

-*• He married. 

-7 Nicholas Tultc, died IG Xov. 1772, aged GO; i\J.I. in St. Pancras. (Anfe, 
iii., 127.) He owiud estates in Montserrat and St. Croix. Dis only son and heir 
Ivobert, Chand.)crlain to the King of Denmark, d. at Baltimore in 1813. llichard 
Tuite, first cousin of Ixobert, died in 1803. 

-^ Presumably Chaplain of the P-nglish Church. It would be interesting to 
know if there are any English registers existing. 

( 269 ) 

SList of iLMill^ rtcovtitti in Bartatios Wmx 
to tl)t ptar 1800.* 

Year. Xaiiics of Testiitors. 

1775 Thonic, ^Villi;lm 
,, Treasure, Jane 

„ Taylor, tiiiriili 

„ TodJ, Mor2;aret 

„ Thoina-j, Tubitha 

„ Tlioyts, Johu 

„ Tui'ton, Francis 

1776 Thompsou, Ann 
,, Q^ump, Levi 

„ Thorne, Ann 

„ Thomas, "William 

„ Thomson, Charles 

„ Trotman, Henry 

,, Trotman, Anu 

1777 Taverncr, Mary 
,, Thoine, Jolm 

,, Thorpe, Mary 

177S Thomas, Benjamin 

„ Ti'iscott, Samuel 

„ Thomas, Margaret 

,, Thouias, John 

177'J Tlionie, James 

,, Tunckes, Ivalherinc 

1780 Tcmpro, ^Tary 

,, Triscott, Jolm 

„ Thompson, \\'illiam 

„ Thurbane, James- 

., Thorne, AVilliaui 

1751 Tucker, Elizabeth 
,, Turncv, Henry 

Thornliill, Hcliry 

1752 Taylor, John 

„ Thomas, Edward 

„ Taylor, (Jcor^c Hiniso 

1763 Taylor, Abijj;ail 

1755 Thomas, Mary 

„ Toppin, William 

„ Trusler, Jacob 

1756 Tull, Johu 

,, Turney, Henry 

,, Trent, John 

1787 Tull, Beaver 

„ Thomas, Benjamin 

,, Tapin, Thomas 

,, Thorne, Juu., Joseph 

17SS Turton, Kdward 

„ Turton, Sarah 

„ Thomas, Mary 












Names of Testators. 
Thomas, ilar}'' 
Turner, Jolm 
Thomas, Prudence 
Turney, Francis 
Thompson, Mary 
Thomson, Christian 
Thorne, James 
Terrill, Edward Brace 
Taitt, John 
Thornhill, Alexander 
Thornton, Susanna 
Tucker, Johu 
Thoney, Thomas 
Thornton, David Aubiu 
Twine, lii chard 
Taylor, AVilliam 
Trewiu, Sarah 
Taylor, Johu Sutton 
Thoruborrow, Giles 
Tubbs, Thomas 
Thompson, Susannah 
Turuer, lictta Einbliu 
Tiiompson, Dorothy 
Trotman, Susanna 
Tubbs, Hall 
Tapers, Ixobert 
Turney, Mary 
Tull, Johu Thomas 
'J'asker, Thomas 
Trotmin, Ivobert 
Temjn-o, Sarah 
J'homas, Jane 
Trent, John. 

Bower of Altorjiey B 

Tcrriil, A\^illi;uu 
Taitt, Mary 
Todd, John 
Turton, Henry 
Thoi'p, 3Lary 
Turpin, Williaui 

(Keoorded in 
)ok iXo. 

16S1 Usher, (/ulhbury 

10S6 L'iu[)hrey, IMuard 

16S8 Usher, -Nicholas 

1693 Ulford, John 

1701 Um[)hrcy, Henry 

CouliuucJ from p. JiO. 















Namos of Tcstitors. 
Ulloa, l^aniel 
Uniplircy, Jonathan 
U fiord, Jolm 
Uslier, Nicholas 
Ulloa, Solomon 
Ulloa, Esther 
Umphrey, James 
Underwood, Francis' 
Uinphrcy, IMartha 
Umplu'cy, James 
Usher, James 
Umphrey, Isaac 
Upton, Philip 
Umphry, Edward 
Ulloa, Daniel 
Umphry, Edward Downcs 

Vines, Eichard 

Yanghan, Koland 

Vines, Kichard 

Villacott, Walter 

Vines, Edward • . 

Vassall, AVilliam 

Virty, Kichard 

Vodr}-, George 

Vincent, Kichard 

Vines, J cane 

Vrisbie, Thomas 

Vale, Isaac 

Vanderwherest, Francis 

A'auglian, Henry 

Valkurb, Isak, or Faulcon- 

boi'ongh, Isaack 
Veford, John 

Vcren, Joshua 
Vestin, .James 

Veryei', William 

Vawdrey, iSarali 

Vauglian, Margaret 

Vanderwarfin, Margaret 

Voss, John 

Vaughan, James 

Vigucra, Emanuel 

Vanghan, James 

Vigucrs, Thomas 

Vaughan, John 

Vonlengcrken, Herman 

A'alvirdee, Eleezer 

A'egars, Emanuel 

A^'onlengei'ken, George 

Vaughan, Margaret 

Vaughan, Kobert 

Valverdee, Jacob 

Vieguers, Emanuel 

Viguers, Mary 



< of Testators. 





Voniengerken, Eleanor 



, UnxH 



, John 



, Closes 






, Isaac 


Valve rde, 

Jnr., David 





































































Wight, Daniel 
AVhitiock, Thomas 
"Williams, Thomas 
AV^iscombe, George 
AVebb, Arch up us 
AVhite, William 
AVilliams, Thomas 
AVhite, Thomas 
Wolfe, Gabriel 
AV^ilkmson, John 
AVard, AV lUiam 
AVhitaker, William 
AVeston, William 
AV^aleredge, William 
AN^eston, Grace 
AVebster, Kichard 
A\'atson, James 
A\"atsou, Louis 
AVilliams, b'l'ancis 
AVildgoose, John 
AVood, Edward 
A\'oodcock, Kobert 
Williamson, William Ganes 
AV^oodwell, Patrick 
AVeekcs, Thomas 





105 7 










Names of Testators. Year. 

Whitehead. Thomas 1GC8 

"Weiiwcll, Thomas ,, 

Walker, William ,, 
Walls, KieharJ 

AValters, AVilliam 1669 

Winde, Arthur „ 

Woolcott, Philip „ 

AViimmill, Edward ,, 

Wilkiiis alias [Maebhyc, John 1070 

Wolfe, „ 

Williams, .John 1671 

Web.ster, Xieliolas „ 

Williamson, Xathanicl ,, 

AVillcox, Eobert „ 

Warde, Eichard „ 

Williams, Owen „ 

Webster, Eichard „ 
Williams, Ezekiell 
AYest, Dorothy 

Wilyhire, Eobert ,, 

Whittikar, .John ' „ 

Wood, J'homas „ 

Waad, Tliomas „ 

Wync, Edward ,, 

Woodley, Thomas 1073 

Wcekes, John „ 
AVeckes, Elizabotli 

AYilliams, Francis „ 

Ware, Thomas „ 

Willis, Nicholas „ 

Wass, William ,, 

AVaterland, .)ohu 1674 

Woodward, Anthony „ 

Williams. .John „ 

AVatson, AViiliain „ 
AVcbb, ]^)bert 

AVatercr, .lervis ,, 

WorfiJl, Ralph ,, 

Wi-lvcrv-tone, John ,, 

AVhitchead, Thomas „ 
AVtston, William 
AValkiiis, Philip 
AVhccler, AVilliam 
AVdson, .Joane 
Wattsiin, Nicliolas 
Welsh, Philip 
Witt ill!,', Eubes 
Ware, William 

AVaterman, Humjdiry ,, 
Wall, Eichard 

AVilliaais, I'lieophilus ,, 

Williams, Eico ,, 

Wood, Lockland ,, 

AValker. William 1679 

Wilknij^hby, Francis „ 

AVilliams, William „ 




Names of Testators. 
AVhite, James 
AVythers, Ann 
AVatson, Francis 
AYilliams, l^obert 
AVorson, John 
AVcbstcr, Jolin 
AVarner, John 
Wothersall, Thomas 
AVcbster, John 
AVilliams, Thomas 
AValcott, Evare 
Webb, Eobert 
AYelsh, AYilliam 
AYelch, Margaret 
AVhiston, George 
AVilliams, John 
AVills, AVilliam 
Walford, John 
AVebb, Eoger 
AValker, Peter 
Withington, AVilliam 
AValters, James 
Woodhouse, William 
Willoughby, AVilliam Lord 
AVhitehead", Samuel 
AVood, Thomas 
AVaterland, AVilliam 
AVilliamsongraft, William 
AValcott, Avre 
White, AVilliam 
Weese, James 
AVilson, John 
AVichham, Abraliam 
AVade, Dorothv 
AVade, Eichard 
^Vorsey, Kobert 
W.itson, George 
\Valmc>;ley, Andrew 
\Villiams, David 
Wc>toii, Henry 
AVilliams, John 
AVootl, Thomas 
AVollaston, .Kihii 
Williams, Thomas 
Wiliett. Jacob 
White, Patrick 
AVhite, William 
AValker, Joseph 
AVoodcock, David 
AVood, .\ndrew 
AVilliams, (Jcorge 
AVilshiii'. riiomas 
A\'inn, Daniel 
A\'cckes, .lidiu 
AVyse, John 
AVilloughby, John Lord 












Names of Testators. 
Wiitldus, Dim'wl 
AVilliauis, Eliziibclh 
\Villi;ui)s, A,nthony 
AVhytiu, Eicliard 
AVliitelicad, Thomas 
AVare, Thomas 
"Wolfe, Emauuel 
Watson, William 
Williams, liichard 
Williams, Jane 
AValroud, Alexander 
Williams, Evan 
Withers, Jacob 
AVatcrs, John 
Willson, AVilliam 
AVcst, James 
Wallcott, ^STieholas 
AYoi'sam, Johu 
Wilson, John 
AVarren, Thomas 
AVarreu, Garrett 
A\^ackins, John 
AVarde, Henry 
Willoughby, Ann 
AVallis, Thomas Crome alias 

Thomas Stever 
Wood, JaTucs 
AValke, Kobert 
A\''egc, Christopher 
A^ake, John 
AV'ood, Johu 
AV'atty, Henry 
A\^'itt, Alexander 
AVcbster, Patrick 
AVallace, Archibald 
Warren, l^iihard 
AVoodu aril, Jiilin 
Williauison, > alliauiei 
AV'alroml, Henry 
AVagg, jN'icholas 
AVelch, Edward 
AVbearby, Henry 
AVheclock, A\^illiam 
AVaterlavne, AVilliam 
AVatkius, Jean 
AVaruer, Jolm 
AVilshire, lialph 
AVright, Jk'njamin 
AVooldfoll, John 
AVhite, Nathaniel 
AVade, Thomas 
AViudsor, .lolm 
AVatson, I\[ary 
AValcott, Eyare 
AV'illiams, Kichard 








Numes of Testators. 
AVright, AVilliam 
AViirren, Jo.seph 
AV^ithers, John 
AVithington, AVilliam 
AVilson, AVilliam 
AVhitney, liichard 
White, Anthony 
AV^heeler, John 
AVillianis, AVilliam 
AVhitock, Thomas 
AValrond, George 
AV^ethinson, Peter 
AVatt, David 
AVilson, Thomas 
AVilliams, Katherine 
AVard, William 
AVatson, AValter 
AVebb, Eobert 
AVatcrs, Roger 
AVilliams, John 
Wynne, Richard 
AVright, Edward 
AViltshire, JNIary 
AVard, Kobert 
Wilson, John 
Wickham, Alice 
Wildgoose, Jacob 
AVatson, ]^)bert 
AVatts, Edmoud 
AVaite, AVilliam 
AVilliams, Elizabeth 
Wisher, Ann 
AVilson, Johu 
Walrond, Henry 
AVight, Rice 
AVilloiighbie, Richard 
AValsall, Francis 
AVilliams, John 
Weale, John 
AValion, Ellinor 
AVebb, Ellinor 
AVeddington, William 
AVcddington, Elizabeth 
AVilson, Hugh 
AValford, Musco 
AViltshire, John 
AVilliams, Robert 
Willie or UWWv, Raleigh 
Williams, Henry 
AVhitstone, John 
AVoodward, Samuel 
Winder, William 
Walrond, Thomas 
AVilson, George 
AVcbber, John 
Wilson, Richard 




Year. Nanips of Testators. 

IGDl Walroud, llcnrv 

1695 Wait, Jolm 

„ Watkins, I'rancis 

„ AVarkius, David 

„ ^\^•lke, Anil 

169G AVoodi'oofe. Jonas 

„ AVillis, iiichard 
Wagfx, Looe 

„ Walrond, Grace 
Wills, Mirajah 

„ "Walciictt, Kathermc 

1697 Warner, yieplien 

„ Wlialev, Zaohariali 

1698 "W^arreii, John 
„ Welbounie, — 

1699 Wait, Priscilla 

1700 AVilkinson, John 
„ AV^eale, Benjaniiu 
„ AValen, Mary 

„ Wells, Jonathan 

„ A\'rij;ht, Thomas 

„ W^eale, Jur., Jolm 

„ Williams, Hu-h 

„ AVeckes, I'alijh 

„ AV alter, Ku-hard 

■„ AVilson, Mary 

„ AVilse, Hope 

„ AVill, John 

„ AVillonghby, NiL'hola.=: 

17U1 Wfthins^tim, Mary 

„ AVackley, Thomas 

„ Wheeler, ]vlmnnd 

„ AVhecler, Joano 

„ AVells, 'J'honias 

,, Wilkiii.son, 'J'huiDas 

„ Williams. Tiiomas 

,, AVal^on, I'homa.s 

„ Waterman, John 

,, William.sop. , John 

1702 Willy. Kdwardan.l Ja 
Webb, William 

„ Whitaker, 13eiijaunn 

AV^alford, Elizai.eth 

,, AVoodhouse, William 

„ AVhilliker, Samuel 

„ Wahiip, William 

,, AVeale, ?k[ary 

„ AVeaver, Thomas 

„ AValcott, John 

„ Waterman, Jacob 

AVilli.s, Kiehard 

,, Williams, Roger 

1703 AVhitney, Jolm 
„ A\'cale, Robert 
„ White, John 

„ AVators, John 


Yeur. X.'iines of 'IV'stators. 

1703 Weller, Bryan 
„ AVhite, Roger 
,, AVhite, Edward 

AN^illshire, Eichard 
„ AVebb, Samuel 
„ AVilson, James 

Wells, Sarah 
1701 AVatcrman, Snr., John 

AVilliams, .Alichael 

AVhite, AVilliam 
„ AVrong, Jacob 

AValker, Robert 
,, AVebster, John 
1705 AValroud. Alexander 
„ AVaitc, John 
„ AVrigiit, Edward 
„ AValter, Edward 
,, AVright, Dorothy 
„ Wise, John 
„ AVilliams, Thomas 
170G AVright, John 
„ AVilliams, John 
„ AVeltshirc, George 
„ Walrond, Theodore 
„ AV'^eaver, William 
,, AValwyne, James 

"NVrii;hl, Elizabeth 
170S AVilcon, Edward 
,, Webb, Nathaniel 

1709 Waller. Henry 

,, Wilkinson, Riehard 
,, AVhecler, AVilliam 
„ Waters, EoLjer 
„ AVrenftord, John 
,, Wdson, Henry 

1710 Wiilson, Susannah 
Walters. Eli/abL-tli 
Wallesalle, -Ann 

,, Williams, 'J'homa> 
,, Waite, 'Jlituiias 
,, Wilson. A nn 
,, Wood, Dorothy 
,, AVeliber, John 

171'J Watts, David 
,, AVillson, James 
„ AVatls, Ann 
„ AVatson, Henjamin 

1713 Welch, Edward 
,, AVater, John 

1711 Wat kins, Abraham 
Wright, William 

„ W^ilkins, Margaret 
„ AValcott, Richard 
„ AVilliams, Ann 
,, Watson, John 
1715 Wood, AVilliam 











Names of Testators. 
A\''ateruian, Humphy 
Wells, Jereiniali 
AVilson, Mary 
"Wells, Nicholas 
Warner, Mattliew 
AVatkijis, liicli.arc! 
AValker, Elizabeth 
Wi 11 II t^'h by, Da r Idas 
Welch,' Elizabeth 
Ward, John 
Wiieeler, .Ann 
Webb, Christopher 
Waite, Thomas 
Wake, John 
Waite, Eobert 
Walrond, Deborah 
Wliecler, Thomas 
Webb, Demaris 
Whitehead, Elizabeth 
Wilson, James 
AVoodard, Joanas 
AVillioms. Elizabeth 
Whitfoot, Amos 
AVyer, Thomas 
Williams, Esther 
Went, .1(111 
AVovrell, John 
AValcott, liicliard 
Watson, Kalph 
Wiltshire, Kicliard 
Walters, Daniel 
Woodcock, William 
Wliitesido. Eobert 
Webb, Eoger 
AVoodbridge, Dudley 
AVicke, Mary 
Wallsalle, Anne 
A\'ads\vort]i, Jolm 
Wilson, Thomas 
AVaters, ]Marv 
AVest, AVillia'm 
AViggins, ]Clizabeth 
AValroiid, TJridget 
A\'e1)b, lioger 
AVyc, l^t])ert 
Whalcy, Thomas 
A\'atermaii, Marr 
AVright, Tlmmas 
AValrond, Charles 
AValerinan, I'^lizabeth 
Whitaker, J?eri jamin 
A\'rij:;ht, Jacob 
AVoodrooflV, John 
AVallsall, Ann 
AVallace, Daniel 
AVaiker, George 










Names of Testators. 
White, Pdchard 
Wilson, Hannah 
AVright, Eobert 
AVilcoop, AVilliam 
AVillett, Eichard 
AVooding, AValter 
AVright, John 
Webber, Elizabeth 
AVclls, Ann 
AVilde, John 
AVarriner, AVilliam 
Wiltshire, Elizabeth 
Ward, John 
AVilliams, John 
Walter, Margaret 
AVorsam, Eichard 
Wheelwright, Jolin 
Walker, AVilliam 
AVebb, Xicholas 
AVihvard, William 
Webb, Susanna 
AVcekes, Agness 
AVaterland, Tomaziu 
AVhite, Francis 
AVebley, John 
AVilliams, A nn 
AVright, Miller 
AAT'all, .John 
AVest, Jane 
AV'eare, John 
AVardell, Thomas 
AVard, Thomas 
Wcstwood, John 
AVilco.x, Jane 
AVorsam, Mary 
AVilson, AVilliam 
AVatkins, AVilliam 
"Whitebrcad, Nicholas 
Walronde, Jeane 
AVebb, Jane 
AVaiker, William 
AVhite, Aim 
AVilliams, 'Thomas 
AVaiker, Alexander 
AVharton, Gilbert 
Willsbire, Eichard 
AVharton, Ann 
AVillshirc, Margaret 
AValrond, JTenry 
Williams, Hciirv 
AVelch, ]?ichard 
AValter, John 
AVaiker, John 
AValter, John 
AVilliams, John 
AVall, James 



Year. Niitne-; of Testators. 

1730 ^rebster, E.)beit 

1731 A\'atennau, John 

„ AVilliams, William 

„ AVattTS, Mark 

„ AVard, William 

„ A\^i]son, Thomas 

„ A\'^i!]iains, Hicliarcl 

„ A\>iglit, Kli/abcth 

„ AA'hytc. Archibald 

1732 AViUon Josej)}i 

,, AVoodroorc, Charles 

„ A\'^ri();ht, Benjamin 

,, A\''ood, John 

,, AVhoelcr, Thomas 

1733 Wilkie, Thomas 
,, AVarnci", Edward 
„ Wright, Thomas 
„ A\''illsoi), Edvv'ard 

„ AA^hieloek, William 

„ AVynnell, rrancis 

„ AV^iles, Daniel 

„ AVebster, AVilliam 

„ Walker, llicliard 

1734 AVilliams, Thomas 
„ AVilliams, Aim 

„ AValcrs, George 

,, AVilliams, .Alartha 

„ AVattrman, Bcuoiiy 

„ AVest, Thomas 

„ AVhitehead, John 

1735 AVoodward, Godfrey 
,. AVheeler, 'J'homas 

AVrong, Ilcniy 
,, Williams, Hucfh 

„ AVnters, (."hri^tlanna 

„ AVhile, Dorothy 
„ AVarren. Kobort 
„ AVadsworth, Kobert 
,, Wildey, Daniel 
„ Wier, .lames 
,, AVarren, Timothv 

173G AVatt, Alexander 
„ Watson, John 
„ A\'hile^Yoo(l, Edward 
„ AVcllonglibv, John 
„ AVright, Susanna!) 
„ AViltsliire, James 
„ AVhvtc, Elnor 
„ AVilson, llcnry 
„ AVaterman, Jehuc 

1737 AValter, John 
„ AVorrell, AVilliam 
„ AVardeu, Mary 
„ AVheeler, AVilliam 

A'ear. Names of Testators. 

1737 AVroug, John 

,, AA'riu'lit, AVilliam 

173S AVilde, John 

„ AValcott, Eayre 

„ West, John 

„ Walker, Jacob 

„ AVadsworth, Kobert 

„ AVaith, John 

„ AVaterman, Arthur 

„ AVhite, AVilliam 

1730 AViltshire, Eichard 

„ AVhittaker, Ambrose 

„ AVhite, Edward 

„ Wallace, Elizabeth 

„ AVadesou, Samuel 

„ AVilly, Kalph 

„ Walters, Thomas 

17'iO Webber, Jolm 

„ AVoodrofe, Jonas 

„ AVard, Thomas 

„ AVilson, Elizabeth 

„ AVarren, James 

„ AValker, Samuel 

„ AVarner, Henry 

„ AVorsley, Henry 

„ AVillshire, Elizabeth 

1741 AVest, Thomas 

,, AVhittaker, Benjamin 

„ AVhittaker, John 

AVeekes, Elizabeth 

„ AVarren, John 

„ AViltshire, Thomas 
AVillonghliy, 'J'ui'pin 
AVaterman, AVilliam 
AVest, Barbara 
AVatkins, George 
AVilkinson, Eiohaid 

,, AA'harton. Henry 

„ AVard. Thoma.s 

AVillshire, Mary 
,, AVright. I Immas 
„ AVanl, Jolm 

„ AVorrell, Biehard 
,, AVaterman, Joseph 
,, AValrond, (loorge 
AVaters, Martha 
174-i AValrond, IJridgett 
„ AVade, Buth 
„ AVransford, EJizabeth 
„ AVilkinson. John 
„ AVashington, Richard 
,, AVye, Ivichard 
17-15 AV'ard, Bobcrt 
,, AVilson, AVilliam 



{To it coHt<Hutd.) 



Akms. — A fas heticecn three (jriffnui heads erased. 
Jolm Halse or Halsey of Elford near Plymouth.:^ 

Sir ^'ichoias liaise of Yeiiloii Collum, co. Cortiwall,=pGracp, dau. of Sir John 
kni2;1ite(l by K. Jas. 1^2 Hay 1UU5 ; Gov. of Pcntlenuis ' Arundcll of Tolvernc; had 
Caslle ; inventor of kilns for (Irving malt ; died l(Jo(3. i four sout^ ; mar. 43 Eliz. 
(" D.X.B.") Will, as of St. Bride, Fleet Sirect, not l(3Ul. 
registered, proved 19 Dec. 1030 by Anne Maddox. 

1. John Hals, ? went to Ire-- 
land in 1G3U, and thence 
to Barbados with his only 

:Jane, dau. 
of Tho, 

AViiliani Hals, Capt. 
li.N., served at La 
l^ochelle 1028. 

Eichd. Hals, 
purser of the 
King's ship 
"S. Claude." 

^^ajor Thos. Halse of Clarendon, born 103-1; went to J. iu--^EIiz., dau. of Tho. 
1055 with Vennbles ; owner of -100 a. in 1070 ; died 27 Feb. i Canning ; ? remar 

1701-2, aged 07; bur. at Halse Hall. 
(Archer, 303). 

M.l. with an 

Webber, and 

living 1702. 

Tho. Halse, born I07(i; died 24 Aug.- 
1702. aged 20. >I.I. with arms at 
Halse Hall. Stvled grt.-srrds. of Sir 
Nich. H. Wilfdated 2l'Aug. 1702: 
proved 20 Apiil 1703 (09, Degge). 

Olary. dau. of^pLt.-Col. Chas. Sadler, 
John Rose of | M. for St. Jas. KisS 
L. ; mar. T. H. ' and Port K. 1098 ; 
IS Dec. 1097; , -M. of C. 1701. 2nd 
livinir 1729. husband. 

Hon. Tho. Hals, ]i(jrn 1099 ;=i-^j1'^-i 'l;>u. of Sam. Ilening, Esq.; remar. Beiij. Hume, 
died 20 Nov. 1737, aged 3S. IM. for Poi't E. 1735-0, M. of C. 1715, Eecr.-Gcn. 
Arms, impaling Heniug. 1710, but dismissed 1753. 

Tho. Eichd. Hals, born 1721; died 1743-4- in 
Guernsev, bach., a lunatic. 

Eliz. Hals, born 1720 ; 
died 1739. 

Tho. Hals, Esq., of the parish of Clarendon, Island of Jamaica. AVill dated 
21 Aug. 1702. 'J\) my wife .Mary all my household goods, plate, jewels, coaches 
and S horses, and .1:400 st. 12 months after my decease. Mv aunt Grace Moselcy 
.(.'20 St. yearly. My mother YXv/.. Webber £'20. Caj)' Jti'^ Eose and liis wife £20 
each. Ceo. Osborne :t'20. VAv/.. Jleia'ings £20. Jolni Carver £20. Philcnion 
Dun £10. Eich. Thomas £10. All residue to my s. Thos. Hals, the care and 
education of whom 1 leave to my wife. H' he die witliout issue then to my cousin 
Greenviil Hals the s. of James If. of Merthar, co. Corn., i)ayiug yearly £100 st. 
to Tho. Eose, s. of Capt. John Eose of L., 'SVK 'My wife Mary, Emauucl Morton, 
])sq., John Peeke, Esq., D' Daniel Webber and Joshua Smith, J'^x'ors and £20 
each. Witnessed by 2Sath. Hale, Tho. .Morri.son, John Burrell, Eich. Osbourne. 
Proved 20 April 1703 by Joshua Staith, power reserved to the others. On 




22 Dec. 1729 com" to Tho. Ilals, E<q., tho son and rcsiduarv Icgntce, Joshua 
ISmiih being dead, as R. INUorton, .1. Poeke and D. Webber and Mary Sadler 
al's Hals the widow, the burviving Kx'trix renouncing. (09, Degge.j 

1700. Gov. Sir AVni. Beetiton writes of the following who has been recom- 
mended for the Coiuicil : — 

" Major Halse not long since kept a tavern: his wife now keejia a retail 
shop: ho is old, lives 'AO miles from town it is of very indifferent parts." 
(Colon. Cal., p. 51.) 

There is a view of liaise Hall in Clarendon in Cundall's Historic J., p. 396. 

James Hals of PentongoUan in St. ^lichael, Penkivel, co.=pAnne, dan. of John 
Corn., served at Ivochelle in Kii'S and later in the W. ].; , Martin of Hur.ston, 
? some time Gov. of ^lontserrat and sided with the I co. Devon. 

Grcnvillc Hals (cousin William lIal-< [lG.j.5 — 1737^, 2nd son, compiler of the 
of Tho.'. of .Jamaica, Parochial Hist, of Corn. ; born at Tresawsen jNEerther ; 
1702). died at Tret^ury St. AVenn ; mar. thrice, but s.p. 

(■• 1). X. B.") 

James Guthrie of Westmoreland.; 
Jamaica, died 10 Jnlv 1728. jM.T. 
(, 33G) ; Left three daus. 
and coh. 

Capt.Prancis Sadler-=pJaniiet Guthrie, - 
Hals, assumed name | 1st dan. and 
of Hals bv .Act of ' coll., iidieriicd 
15 May 1710; , Halse Hall 

settled Montpelicr frcnn her hus- 
17:!9; ^f. for St. Jas. band. 
17ir)-t; and 1719 ; i 
died 17o0. 


-1. .luhn Helen Guthrie, 2nd dau. and 
Hynes coh , mar. Tho. Storer, Esq., 

of West- of Westmoreland, 
more- — 

land. 1st Eli/.. Guthrie, 3rd dan. and 
liusband. c>di., born 1711 ; mar. 1, Col. 
\id. Haughlon of Westmore- 
land, who liied 15 Jan. 1710, 
aged 19, and 2, Major Edw. 
Clarke. Slie died 1-1 Oct. 
171)1, aged 53. 

Eliz. Hynes, 1st dau. and coh., mar. Helen Hynes, 2nd dau. and coh.. mar. Tho. 
Goiidin Elletsun. V died in N.Caro- IJeach, Chief .1.; bur. 1771 at Halse Hall, 
lina 10 l\ov. 17S9: did 31 Aug. 
17i!0; bur. at Halse 11 all. .^I.T. 

lie died 29 Jtme 1771. 31 T. at Cliapleton 
in Clarendon (.Archer, 302). 

Prom a pedigree in tho i^ritish Museum, Add. ]MS. 27,9GS, fo. 31, to which 
I have added. 




ab^tractci of #dus ^mil^ in tljt ^D.C.C/ 

Sir PuAXCis Mortox of Nevis, now in London, Knt. Will dated 2G June 
1G79. To poor ot: pMsli of S' Thomas in Island Nevis 15,0U0 lbs. of muscava 
sn^ar. To jj' church of 8' Thomas afsd. 5,000 lbs. of su^ar to puiYdia^^e Com- 
uuiiiion plate. To M" 8u.«anua Bres:^y daur. to wortihipful ivalph B., merchant, 
of Dort in Hulland, lately dec, a pearl necklace of £30 value. To my neiee iNI" 
Adriaua lieymes of Dort af^d, daur. to Col. Charles li., ibrmerly of S' Chris- 
topher's Ishiud in America, a like necklace and 2 silver tankards and 2 silver 
salts with lier anus:, which tankards and salts I had made at Barbados at my 
being; tliere. To my mother in law M''^ Jane Derinj; £800. To my brother in 
law Capt. Joseph Crispe £'20 for a sword and belt. To the 2 children of my sd. 
brother Capt. J. Crisp which he had by my sister in law Sybella Jordan his late- 
wife £50 a piece, to be paid when they are S to their sd. father, who shall pay 
them at 21 or marriage. To M'' John Lawson, Minister of God's Word in Nevis, 
0,000 lbs. of sugar. To the honourable Madam Adriana Bressy of Dort afsd. a 
£10 diamond ring. To 3Iadam Sarah Castelee, M'' John Sikos, merchant, and the 
worshipful Eichard Bressy of town of Dort a £5 diamond rins; each. To INfadam 
Bressy (wife of sd. Eichard B.) a 12.s\ mourning ring. To M'' Eandolphus 
Bressy, M'^ Anna Bressy, and to M"" Barney Sikes, M'' Bressy Sikes (sons to sd. 
M"" John S.), and to his 4 daurs. a I2.s-. ring each. 3 negroes now on my Planta- 
tion at Nevis named Daniel Betya and 31arean Eebell, and one negro man lent 
my mother in law ^l" Jane Dering, by name Mathias, to be put on plantation of 
my .=!d. neice M'^ Adriana Eeymes. Overseers to ship 9,000 lbs. of sugar and 
consign same to M'' George Morris of Bristol, who is to convert it into money, 
which I leave as follows, viz. : 12*'. mourning ring a piece for sd. Geo. Morris, 
his wife, my cousin Eobert Le^g, his wife and children, and ray uncle Eichard 
Morton, and the rest for my father's sister [bJank] in Worcestershire, or, if dead, 
to her children equally. To Edward Billingsly 0,000 lbs. of muscavado sugar and 
2 other of my negroes and clothes, etc. My godson George Littman to be kept 
to school till 15, and then to be bound apprentice to a good trade, and at 18 to 
have 4-,00t) lbs. of muscavado sugar. To John Billingly 2 cows, etc., Q'o my 
friends IM" Parnall Mills, Cap' Ansell, his wife, Cap' William Manning. M'' 
Claudias Gidds, his wife and hei' daur. Parnall Lusigne, John Smith, Lieut. John 
Sackveil, M^ John Griifen, Michael No well and Anne Greeiie, widow, a 12s. 
ring each. To Edward Howsman of Nevis and Frances his wife 2 other of mv 
negroes. To M"' William Wilkins a good horse for care he takes of my planta- 
tion. Eest of estate, real and persona], as follows, viz. : ', to sd. M'^ SusauJia 
Bressy in fee, the other ^ to my sd. neice M" Adriana Eeymes in fee, and these 
two to be ex'trices. 31'' William Williins, Capt. John Anscli and Lieut. -Col. Jolin 
Sotridge of S' Christoi)her's Island to be overseers, and to each a silver hilted 
swonl and belt of £5, and they to be Trustees for Edward Jolmson an orphan, he 
being recomuiended by his dec. father to my care, and als > Trustees of mv sd. 
neice .Vdriaua Eeymes' interest in S' Christopher's Island. Wits.: Jane Dci'ing, 
(itcor. Gay, Edward Billingsley, Robt. Ifodson, ser. Prob. 10 July 1079, by 
Susanna Bressy and Adriano Reynu's the ex'trices. (SS, King.) 

Henuv MicilF.r-L, planter. Will dated Insula Nevis 15 Dec. 1079. To mv 
briither Thomas M., r.ow residing in the county of Cornwul) in old Ent;land, the 
whole of my estate both lierc in the Island of Nevis and also the £120 acconliii"'- 
to lenour of the 8 Bills left in his wife's hands, being one from mv brother-in-law 
Win. SiuunoiH ninety being the contents of one ten the other one, and the third 
Bill being one from my sister .loan whose contents is £20. To my wife's sister 

* CoiitiniicJ from Vol. IV., p. 112. 



dAvellinc; in Tft'ortl Come £10 to be paid bj' my brother Thoma?, but if dead to ber 
children if anv i.<SLic. If mv sd. brother (who is to be ex'or) be dead, -whole of 
my estate to his cliiklren equally. -My friends M'' Solomon Daylie and Samuel 
Jeffery to be overseers. Testator made his mark. Witnesses : George Chapell, 
Win. Chedcey, Owen Camwell, .lohu Wall. 

Adm'on c.t.a. o Se]). IGSl to John Juell, guardian of Joanna Michcll, a minor, 
daur. of a brotlier and legatee named in will of II. 31. of Island of JN'evis, bach., 
dec., during lier minority, rh)nias M. the brother and cx'or liaving died before 
taking ex'orship. 

Adm'on c.r.a. 1-i April l(is8 to William Doubt (husband and guardian of 
Joanna J), als. M., daur. of a brntlicr and legatee named in will of dec. during 
minority and to her use), Thomas ]\f., brother and ex"or, liaving died before taking 
ex'orship, the grant to J (dm Juell having expired by his death. 

Adm'on c.t.a. 3 Peb. 16.s3'-l] to Joanna Doubt"ff/s. Mitchell (wife of William 
D.) nep'ti ex soror' (sic) anil IcLiatee named in sd. will, the grant to John Juell in 
Sep 1G81 during minority to sd. .loanna being cancelled by reason of death of sd. 
John Juell, and also grant to W'dliam l)oul)t (husband to sd. Joanna D. ah. i\l.) 
in April 1GS8 liaving ended by reason of full age of sd. Joanna. (131, North.) 

Henry SEDi-avrcK, of the Island of Nevis, cliyriirgion. Will dated 30 IVfay 
IGS'i. To yi' Samuel Home my silver hilt rapier at prtsent in custody of 'M' John 
Cecill. ily wife Mary S. to be ex'or and to her all my estate botli here and 
elsewhere. Frietul M'' Thomas Teuton and M'' Tho. AVall and ]M'' John Cecill to 
be oveiveers. Witnesses: Jcdiii Cliinn, James Cecill. 

Nevis, 21 June 1()S2. Ajijieared before Sir William Stapleton, Bt., Capt. 
General and Chief Covernor of the Caribe Leward Islands in America, John 
Chinn and James Cecill. witnesses to above and vouch for sd. will. Eecorded in 
books for inheritance, fo. l-">, per Lant. Stepney, Uept. Seer, 

Adm'on c.t.a. '.i A\)v. IG.^.j to Toby S., brother and principal creditor of dee. 
Marj"^ S., the relict and ex'trix having renounced prJiate. (49, Cann.) 

Thomas AYalk, of this Island, merchant. Will dated at Nevis 10 iNfar. 
37 Chas. II. 1GS1-.3. To be bur. at discretitm of M' Thomas Eelchamber my 
trustee. To the children (d' iny sister i\Iary A kerodge, tlie wife of Saiinicl A., 
£200 to bo paid to their parents to their use. To my sd. sister all that is due to 
me from my uncle John Cooke, his heir.-, etc. To the children of my sister 
Sarah Hughes, wife of James ][., £200 to be ]>aid to their jiarents to their use. 
To tlie eldest child of my sister Huijhes a silver tankard ■which 1 left in my sd. 
sister's custody. !M'' J(>hn Cary of Bristol!, merchant, to be ex'or and 1o him in 
fee rest of m}' estate real ainl personal. If he ■will not peiforni niv will niy sd. 
two sisters to be ex'trices. and they and their children to have sd. residue. 
M'' Thomas Belcbaniber. merchant, to be overseer and tru.-tee for legatees and 
ex'ors and to manage my wlude estate in these Island until other orders fnnn 
ex'ors from England. John Hughes that nuw lives with me to settle my books, 
etc., and lie to have >s000 lbs. of sugar to be paid him by my sd. Tru.stee. "Wit- 
nesses: Aaron Chapman, Jos. Loyde and John Conant, Wal. Ijiirchell, Eben'' 

Probate 20 June ItJSj by John Cary the cx'or. (7!), Cann.) 

Elizabkth Comhks, the now wife of John C. of the ciiy of Bristol, merchant, 
and formerly the wit'c of 'I'liom.-is Ayson, gent., dec. Will dated 2,^ Nua'. IGSo. 
Being by .Articles of .Aizreement licfore my inairi.i'^i' with sd. J. (.^nnbes 
suHlciently improved thereto (i.e., in m;ike lier will). I'o mv sd. husband 
J, Combes for life my plantations on the Island of Nevis in America which were 



fMnnorlv those of my sd. former husband T. Jlyson. I release my sd. huslnind 
,!. C^inhcs rhe 20,000 Ib.s. of su2;ar a year which by the sd. Articles I had liberty 
to raise and dispose of. The e.v'ors or adiu'ors of sd. husband J. Coiubcs to take 
from isd. plantations all improvements by hiin made. Sd. planiatious after sd. 
husband J. Combes' dec. to my kinsman Walter Symonds in fee subject to 
followiiit; Icacies : To my kinsman "William AVilliams for putting hiui apprentice 
£50. To my kinswoman Elizabeth Symonds, daur. of my brother John S., 
10i>.0000 lbs. of good cured Muscavado sugar. To sd. husband J. Combes 
inc-sua'^e in Lewins meade in parish of S' James in Bristol for life if my interest 
so lone- continue, remainder to sd. kinswoman Elizabeth Symonds. To friend 
Williain Foxall of Earton Eegis and his wife £20 for mourning. Sd. husband 
J. Combes to be ex' or. Witnesses: Fran. Teamans, Wm. Jenkins, Susanna 
Combes, Andr. Shirley. 

Trobate 7 Dec. l6i>o by John Combes, husband and ex'or. (1-lS, Cann.) 

EicnAED "Watts. Auditis . . . meritis cuiusdam negotii prubationis per 
testes Testam.enti Eichardi Watts nuper de Ne^is in partibus ti-msmarinis sed 
apud Dover in Couiitatu Cantii defuncti . . inter Saram Page consobrinam in 
"radu Semel removo dicti defuncti partem dictum negotium promoveutem ex una 
ct Carolum Watts executorem in testamento dicti defuncti nominatum, necnon 
Eichardum Woodford, Ilannam Collins et Juditham Cradock etiam consobriuos 
ill gradu semel reniovo dicti defuncti ad Yidendum processura fieri in hoc negotio 
us((ue ad jjrolationem Sententia) definitivic inclusive rite . . . citatos . . . partes 
contra quos idem negotium promovetur partibus ex altera vertitur : Uictis Eichardo 
Woodford, Haiinah Collins et Juditha Cradock . . . citatis . . . trina vice . . . nuUo 
iiiodo comparentibus . . . Nos Judex . . , deliberavimus . . . prrofatum Eichardum 
Watts defunctum . . . mentis compotum . . . testamentum suum ... ex parte dicti 
Caroli AVatts . . . exhibitum . . . condidisse . . . ac in eodem prajfatum Carolum 
Watts, executorem nomiuasse . . . die JoA-is 6 . . Maii IGSG. (17G, Lloyd.) 

EicH. (xiLMAX, of this Island, merchant. Will dated 7 May 1GS6. To my 
])artner >[■■ "William Uavies of S' Christophers, merchant, and his heirs 
20,(M)0 lbs. of good Muscovado sugar. To m}^ sister Eliza G. and her heirs the 
c.ime. To Williani Ling who now lives with me 10,000 lbs. of the same. My 
cousin "M"" John Cary of Bristol, merchant, and his heirs to be ex'ors, to whom 
rviniiinder of. estate real and personal. M'" William Davios of S' Christophers 
af>d. to be overseers. Witnesses: John Hughes, Eicli'' Ailaj"^, Jn° Maniug. 

Wm. I,il;i,r. 

rrobate 18 Jan. lGSG[-7] by John Cary the ex'or. (G, Foot.) 

I'liii.Mi';' TviF.R, of the city of Bristol, merchant. AVill dated IS Sept. lOSG 
Til In- liiir. in .S^ Ehilip's churchyard near my late father. To my wife Elizabeth 
.C"^u), .sill' to release her dower of my lands in England or beyond the seas 
eicfpting liouso liereinafter mentioned. For her life the house wlicrein I now 
dv^oll she paying yearly to my ex'ors -lOs. To my mother iNIary Haines, widow, 
for life, if uiy term so long continue, the rents of my 2 houses in Winestreet in 
I» i-h i>f Christ Church nis. Holy Trinity, city of Eristol, now in tenures of 
Cmu-^c Bryant, buttonmaker, and John Harris, cutler. To sd. mother £1(H), also 
b.'uctit of my contract lately made with Mayor and Corporation of l^rislol, for 
reversion or fee of my sd. now dwellini;]; house and certain other tenements in 
invcHicts of late demulished Castle of i?ristol in fee. To my brother-in-law 
Ceorgc Jleath of Loudon, phunbcr, £200. To each of the cliildrcu of John 



Haskins of Bussleton, co. SoincrH., mariner, and to each of the children of John 
Bilby of city of Bri.sto!, bridle cutter, £10. To my late servant John "W'hitsou 
£10. To James .Bisse, merchant, iiow resident in island of Nevis, my part of 
ship Eiiropa and her cargo as now at .sea, also all my houses and lands in Island 
of Nevis. To churchwardens and overseers of Christchurch af.^d. £10 for poor in 
bread. To sd. brother-in-law George Heath, the sd. Greorgc Briant and Henry 
Lloyd, merchant, £10 each and they to be ex'ors and to take to their assistance 
Francis Ycanians of city of Bristol, my friend and attorney usually employed in 
my concern'^, to whom £10. To churchwardens of S' Philip afsd. £10 for poor of 
in parish there. Eest of goods to sd. mother that she may consider her and my 
relations. "Witnesses: Nico Barnord, Bich'' Yeanians, Andr. Shirley. 

Probates Jan. IGSGT-?] by George Heath, George Briaut and" Henry Lloyd 
the ex'ors. (14, Foot.) . 

Nathakiel Kixg, now resident iipon the Island of Nevis. "Will dated 
25 Jan. 1GS6-7. To be bur. in S' John's Churchyard of the p'ish I now live in. 
£200 Nevis* out of my refinin^house for maintaining a free school that is in 
building this time whereof the parish books of S' John make mention to be free 
only for poor childrc]i of sd. p'ish which shall be so adjudged by my Trustees, 
viz.: M'' Thomas Salt, minister, Lieut. Col. John Netheway, Capt. Philip Lee, 
esq., and M'' Joseph Loyd, merchant. £200 Nevis out of same refining house for 
maintenance of 2 or more poor children. To all the poor of sd. p'ish that receive 
alms 20s. each. To my brother ]vichard K. and my sister !^Iary Chauncyes 
children moneys I have in hands of M'' Henry Loj-d in Bristol equally, survivors 
of each family to have an equal part of tliose that die under 16. To Eichard 
Hawke silver tankard marked B.O.B., gun marked H.C., etc. To "William Bould 
his freedom, a sword, gun and -wages as if he had served out his time. To 
M'' Joseph Loyd what may buy him a mourning suit. To M'' Jn° Covant a 
mourning ring marked G-.K. To Bichard Hawke, jun., £20 for a negro for him 
in the first ship that comes after my decease. To M'' Thomas Solt those boards 
and shingles I bought for hiui of Capt. Timothy Clarke and also £5 for a hat.' 
I remit to M"' Ivobcrt Needs the £;!0 paid his wife formerly in England by Bill 
of Exchange, also what he owes me by book here for his care during my sickness. 
To iVIary Bray a double double doonet of gold for her care during my sickness. 
All the interest of my refining house as negroes, lands, etc., to be equally divided 
into four (but not to be jiarted), one fiuirth for the children of my brother 
Kichard K. between them, one fourth to children of my sister Chauncy between 
them, one fourth to my cousin Nathaniell King son of my uncle Fulk K., and the 
remaiiiing fourth to Bicliard Hawke, all in fee. My kinsman Nathaniel King 
and my friend Bichard Hawke to manage affairs of sd. refining lunise and also 
the land lately purcliased of 'SV John Coker. Debts which I luive in this Island 
which are in partner.-<hip between me and M'' ][enry Loyd I leave to him, and he 
to be cx'or. Because of his absence I leave my friends Lieut. Col. John 
Netheway, Philip Lee, esq., JM"" Joseph Loyd and I\ich;ird Hawke to be ex'ors 
in trust. ^Vitnesscs : John CovaJit, Leon'' Jlancock, John Lewis, Tobias Pender, 
Tho. Fenton, scr. 

Probate 12 Nov. 1GS7 by Henry Lloyd the cx'or. (139, Foot.) 

SiH jAitES ErssELL, Kuiglit, of Nevis. A\^ill dated 10 July 1GS7. To my 
daurs, Elizabeth E., Peuelope li. and Frances E. half of my e;<tate in Nevis, the 
other half to my wife Penelope E. during widowh.ood, remainder between my 
'S daurs. afsd. in fee. To my brother E;uidall K. £o to cut him oil and debar him 
of all claims. To sd. 3 daurs. all money in hands of my correspondent or factor 
in England equally between them, also "half my estate in Antigua. The other 

VOL, T, 


t ? doubloon. 



half to my wife on same conditions, and she to be ex'trix. AVill dat. in Nevi;?. 
Witnesses: 'i'lio. lliU, U.sli. Tyrrell, John .'^niarrcin, Martin jMaJan. 

Prubalo 4 July IGbS by Dame Penelope 11., relict and sole ex'trix. 
(99, E.\toii.) 

Samukt, Cole, of city of Bristol, marriner. Will dated 30 IMarch IGSS. 
The 2 riiii^M now on my finder to the 2 sons of my brother-in-law Dcbro\v Brii!t;er, 
viz., one to Tliei»[)hilu3 and the other to Samuel B. . Kest of estate real and 
pVoiial to my wife Sarah C in fee and she to be ex'lrix. ]f 1 die in this Island 
M"" Kiehard .Saunders to take <;oods, beef, shoes, etc., I have here into his hands 
and account tu my ex'trix. Because I am to appoint a jMasJer in case of my 
death here 1 do, with consent of sd. M'' K. Sanders, appoint M"" Thomas l-iigg to 
be Master of the Ship Nathaniel. Witnesses : John Bankcs, Kicli'' Saunders, 
Jn" Chinn, Ebencz"" Kyrtland. 

Probate S Oct. IGS8 by Sarah C, widow, the relict and ex'trix. (134, Exton.) 

Sir John Bawdon, of London, marchant. Will dated 30 June 1GS8. To be 
bur. either at Newington, Middx., or at Bridgwater, Somers., as my ex'trix 
intends to be bur. herself. AVhereas by Articles of Agreement dat. 22 Feb. 
1GG9 made before man-iage Auth my now wife Lettitia B. between me of tlic P' 
part, the sd. Lettitia then L. Popham sole daur. of Edwaid P., esq., dec, 
2 part, and ^''illiam Carr of All Souls Coll., Oxon, esq., and Kdmond Wliite of 
London, men-hant. 3 part, I covenanted tliat if 1 died in my wife's lifetime before 
an actual settlement of lands of £-500 annual value for sd. wife's life, sd. wife 
.should have full third of all my personal estate in England, Barbados, New 
Enirland, Nevis or elsewhere, and a third of all my real estate in same places. Xo 
such setlleiuent having been nuide, I hereby give to sd. wife a full third of all 
personal and real estate as aforesaid in fee. To M' John Gardner who is at 
present pai'tner with me in my Commission £20 a year out of my plantation in 
Barbados during life of my sister Elizabeth Jones, wife of Moses J., upon trust 
for a[)pointment of my sd. sister, lier said husband having wasted and spent much 
of my money already and undtme her. To Moses Jones son of IMoses J. and my 
sisler Elizabeth £oL) at 2L I for':ive my sister Einor Oldmixou half of £100 and 
interest which she owes me by bond, the other half I give to her dauijliter 
M'^ Eln^r Coleman, wife of William C. To my cousin Ann Gardner tor mourning 
£10. To my cousin Elizabeth Myles £10. To my cousin Hannah Legg, wife 
of Hi: L, £10. To my cousin Sarah Uldmixoii £10. To ni)' cousin .)ohn 
Oldnn'xnti £10. To poor of town of Bridgwater £10 us my ex'trix and mv sister 
Oldmixou ihinl; lit. To such of my Barbados friends that were my Cor'espondents 
20s. rings. To Francis (jlwin, esq., 20 gu'as and to M'' John (Gardner my 
presetit partner 20 guns. Best of estate real and personal to my 2 daurs. 
Ann B. and Lettitia B. equally, if cither die under 21 or unmarried survivor 
to take all, if both so die then to sd. sister Elnor Oldmixou £200. to sd. Elnor 
Coleman £100, to sd. Elizabeth IMyles £100, to sd. Hannah Legg £100, to sd. 
Sarah Oldmixou £100, to sd. John Oldmixou £100 and to sd. Ann Gardner 
£100, and to sd sister 1-lizabeth Jones £200, and to licr sd. son Moses J. 
£100. Sd. wife Lettitia to be ex'trix. Sd. Francis Gwyn, esq., and .lohn 
Gardner, men-hant, my ])resent jmrtner in commission, to be overseers. \Vit- 
iiosses : Nicholas Battersby, (leorge Hughes, William J'arkhni-st. 

Probate 8 Jan. 108S[-9] by Dame Lettitia B., ridict and ex'trix. 

.Vdm'on c.t.a. 8 Nov. 1720 to Bobert Thornlull, esq., guardian of Letilia 
Thoridiill, mincn-, daur. of a daur. and n. of k. of Sir J. B., late of All Hallows 
tlie (ireat, T^ondon, knight, d.h.n.n. by Dame J^ettitia B., relict and ex'trix, also 
dec, during minority of sd. minor. Sir Kobert Thornhill, adm'or of Dame 
Lettitia Thornhill, surviving resid. legatee, renouncing. (1, Ent.) 


Captaixe Thomas Bltlek,* of this Island, Planter. Will dated 2 Dec. 10S7. 
To my daurs. Sarali Kowlaiul, Anne Oysterman and ]Mary 8initli £3 each. To 
my 2 daurs. Carolina and Frances B. GO.OUO Ibn. of sugar apiece at 21 or marriage, 
and meanwiiile to have their diet, etc., or 8U0U lbs. sugar a yc ar at their discretiou. 
To my -1 sons William, Duke, Thomas and James B. rest of estate real and 
personal equally in tail with survivors' clause, the estate not to be divided until 
my youngest son be of full age. 3Iy sd. 4 sons to be ex'ors. My friends Capt. 
Phillip Lee, Lt. Ileury Litton, M' Thomas Tovey, juu"", and Ebeuezer Kyrtlaud 
to be overseers and guardians of my 2 youngest sons Thomas and James till they 
be 21 or choose other guardians. Signed, Thomas Buttler. AVitnesses : Phillip 
Lee, Henry Litton, Michael Webber, Pliillip Payne, I'^benezer Kyrtlaud. 

Adm'ou c.t.a. 17 Oct. KiSO to Joscjih 3lartin, attorney of William Battler, 
Duke Buttler, Thomas Butler and .[ames Butler, sons and ex'ors of will of Capt. 
Thomas Butler, late of Island of Xevis, during absence of sd. ex'ors uow dwelling 
iu Nevis afsd. (134, Eut.) 

(7'() be contht7ini.) 

Bebertujc an"D (©age of jHont^'crrat* 

Sir "Wm. Gage of Firic, co. Sussex, Barronet and K.B. Will dated 13 July 
1737. To Mary Gage of Firle, widow, £3000. All real estate to the lit. Hon. Henry 
Pelham of Esher, co. Surrey, Esq., on T. to the use of Tho. Vise' Gage for 
life, then to the Hon. Wm. (iage his eldest son. Tho. Gage his 2'' son. Joseph 
Gage, I'^sq., brother of said Vise'- Gage. Sir Tho. Gage of llengravc, co. Suffolk, 

Goilicil, 20 Jan. 1737. Proved 10 May 1741. (122, Austis.) 

Sir Tho. Gage of Heugrave, co, Suffolk, Bart. Will dated 31 Aug. 1741. To 
my mother Uelai'iviere Gage, widow, my manor of llarlston, co. Suft'olk, and all 
mv personal estate, and appoint her sole Ex'irix. Proved 16 Jan. 17-11 bv D. G. 
(14, Trcnley.) 

IGoO, Jan. Nich. Devereux. Ad. on — to ]Mathew Edwarils, creditor of N. D., 
in parts, dec'', fn 1. 

1071, Dec. 7. John Devereux, late a!i inhabitant of Montserrat, and Lieut, 
of a Company iu the IviuL^'s service, has petitioned that on 10 June last he killed 
Capt. Daniel Jones in self-defence and iled the island. Tlie King orders that 
petitioner shall have a fair trial. (CtJ. Cal., .Aildenda, p. 14!).) 

1077-S. Caj). -liV^ Dcvereaux's Division. Census. {Ante, II., 31S.) 

IGSl, Sept. 2k DccA of John Devereux. (Montserrat liei-ords, A. fos. 70-80 
in old volume sitice destroyed. Eecorded again 1772, Xo. IssO, \>. 3:5.3.) 

1GS4, June. John Devereux, a Member ef Council of ^lonlserrat. (Col. 
Cal., p. (.148.) 

108-5, Dec. 30. Lieut. -Col. John Devereux, a Member of Council of Mont- 
serrat. {Uiil, 132.) 

1GS7, Nov. 23. Col. John Devereux, [Marshal of ^Montserrat. (Ihi,l., 470.) 

178o, June. Essex Dcvereaux. On the 7''' adm'ou of goods of E. D., a 
Lieut, in H.M. 67 reg' of foot, Esq., a batch., granted to Edw'' Keddish the 
cousin germau. 

* See poJijrou' ante. II., 09. 


Sir Tlio3. 


Sir Thomas, 
3rd Bart. 


Sir John Gage of Firlc. co. .Sussex, cr.=j= 
Bart., 1G22; died 1U:J3. 

Marv, dau.' 
of Sir AVil- 
liam Her- 
vcy, Kt. 
1st wife. 

=Sir Ed\vard-r2. Fra. 

Gage, 1st 
Bart., of 
Hen grave 
Hall', CO. 
Suffolk; or. 
Bart. 1GG2; 
died 1707, 
a.fjed 90. 

dau. of 

Jolui J3evereux of= 
JMontserrat, Esq.; 
Lieut. 1U71 ; 
Grantee of a 
plantation in St. 
Anthony's of 2G0 
acres ; Ca])t. in 
1077— S ; dead 

Sir John, 
4th Bart. 

=2. Mary. Joseph. =f 

Sir William, 
2nd Bart. 

Sir John, Sir AVilliam, 7th Bart, and 
5th Bart,; K.B. of Firle,i\LP. for Sea- 
died 1700. ford; succeeded to Deve- 
— reux's or Gage's ; died 
Sir Tho- bachelor, 23 April 1711. 
mas, Gth AVill dated 13 July 1737 ; 
Bart. : proved 10 Mav 1744. [122, 
died 1713. Aiisti.'^.] 

Thomas \ iscount- 
Gagc, succeeded 
to Dcvereux's or 
Gage's, which he 
mortgaged in 
174o, and sold in 
1747 to hia wife. 

"Benedicta Alaria 
Teresa Hall, 
only child and 
heir of Ik'nedicl 
Hall of High 
Meadow, co. 



AVilliam Hall Gage. Thomas Gage. 

Their mother settled " Gages " on them in 1747. 

This Indenture made the 2 Xov. 1 Anne 1702 Between Francis Gage of 
London, Es(|., and Elizabeth his wife late Elizabeth Dcvercux sole daughter and 
lieir of John Dcvereux Esq. late of tlie Isle of Mountscrrat one of the Caribbce 
Islands in America of the one part, George Carleton and Bicliard .lames 
both of Symond's Inn Loudon gentlemen of the other i)art; Witne-seth that in 
consideration of a marriage already had between the said Francis Gage and 
Elizabeth they have agreed that a line shall be levied upon all that plantation of 
200 acres in the parish of St. Anthony bounded witli the Great liulian (iardeu on 
the South side and with Col. lieid, Col. — ami Capt. — (names dillicult to read). 
(Close Jloll, 4S9b, skin 37.) 

This Indentui-e of lease made tiie 1") Alay 1730 3 George III. ]>etween Dcve 
reux Ciage of the ]>arish of S' Georgo-the-Nlartyr Es(]. of the one part am.l Wil- 
liam Goosetree of S' Clement Danes gentleman of the other \\''itues.-;cth that for 
55. Hevereux Gage hath sold all that plantation of 2()0 acres in the parish of S' 
Authouy Isle of Mountscrrat bouudedi East with Thomas Lee Esq. JN'orth with 



Samuel Cole and "West with Samuel Colo and John Cockram Esq. deceased South 
\Yith Grace Parson widow and Martin ffrench deceased wilh the wayte lands tliat 
lye between the top of S' Gcori^^e's Hill and the top of the mountains that lye 
East-South-East su'j;ar works ncgroe slaves horse3 mules cattle houses for one 
year ])aying 1 peppercorn. 

This Indenture tripartite made the IG May 1730 between Uevereux Gage only 
surviving son and heir of Franci.s Gage late in the parish of S' James West- 
minster Esq. deceased of the 1-^'part; AViiliam Goosctree of the 2'' part ; and 
James Travors of S' Andrew Holborn gentleman of the 3'' part "Wirnesscth that 
for docking all estate and 10s. Devereux Gage hath released lo AViiliam Goose- 
tree all that plantation a recovery to be executed to the only use of Devereux 
Gage. (Close Koll 3112, skins 24 and 25.) 

Francis Gage, only son and heir of his- mother ; inherited =[^E iz. Devereux, only 
PackiniTton Hall, co. Stafford, from her; died G Sept. surviving child and 
1729 in St, James's, Westminster. See ante, IL, 28S, heir. Post-nuptial 
for his mortgaKe of Devereux's in 1723. settlement dated 2 

Nov. 1702. 

John, 2nd^ 

Devereiix Gaii:e, only son and lieir, of St. Giles-in-the-liehls, 
Esq., 1741 ; of DevereuxV or Gage's of 200 acres, which he 
leased in 1741 to Tho. Meade; d.s.p. before 1744. 

Sir Thomas liookwood Gage of ^Mary, dan. of Dr. Patrick Fergus of 
Ilengrave, succeeded as .jth I !Montserrat ; mar. 30 July 1782, 2nd 
Baronet in 17G7 ; died I7i).j. ) wife; dieil ].") April lb20. 


This Indenture made 2.s Feb. 14 (.ieorge 2'' 1740 Between Devereux Gage 
late of the parish of S' Georso-tlie-Martyr but now of S' Andrew Ilolbnrn Esq. 
(only son and heir as well of l''rancis Gage late of S' James \Vestminstcr Esq. 
deceased as of Elizabeth his wife also deceased which said Elizabeth was the sole 
daughter and heir of .lohn Hevereux I'^sq. long since deceased formerly of the 
Isle of IMountserat) of the one jiart and Philip Bennett of Widcombe county 
Somerset Esc|. and James I'ravers of S"' Andrew Holborn Ljentleman of the other 
AVitncsseth that for barring all estate tail an<l for 10s. Devereux (}ai,'e sells to 
them all that plantation of 2G() acres in the parish of S' Anthcniy boumlcd with 
the lands of Thomas Lee Esq. East ; the lands of Dame Cole to the Xorth ; the 
lands of said Dame Cole and of .lohn Cockran Esq. dec'' to the West and tho 
lands of Grace Parsons widow aiul of Martin French deceased te the South with 
lauds now or late in the tenure of John FarriU Esq. with the waste lands lying 
between tho top of S' George's Hill and the to[) of the mountains that !yo East- 
South-East with the buildings mill sugar worke the ne<;roe slaves horses mules 
and cattle coppers stills in Trust for Devereux Gage for ever. (Close Jvoll o433.) 

Tin's Indenture tripartite made the 31 July 21 George II. 1717 Between 
the Kii^'ht lion. Eeiicdicta Maria Teresa A^iseountess Gage daughter and only 
child of Benedict, llall late of High ^Meadow county Gloucester Ksq. deceased 
and wife of Tlionias Lnvd Gage Baron of Casile I5arr and Viscount Castle Island 
in tlie Iviiigdoin of Ireland i.f the l^' part, the Right Hon. George Henry Karl 
of Litchlleld and the Hon. Wiiliam Murray of Lincoln's Inn Esq. II. M. Solicitor- 
General of the 2'' part ; and .lames Book- of Clanny county Gloucestershire Esq. 
of the 3'' part AV'herea.s the said Benedict Hall by his will dated 7 Aug. 171!) 
gave to Geor-e lleuiy hite Earl of Litchlleld ami James Kooke of i'iubury county 
Gloucestershire l]<q. all his l.mds in trust to sell for the use of his said daugliter 
then wife of Tliomas Gage Esq. and testator being seized of several messuages in 
county Oxford and a reversion on the death of Sir Francis Eortescue Bart. s. p.m. 
of a uunety of i^everal manors in county IJuchs and Sir Francis Fortcscue after 
the death of Benedict Hall died s.p.m." recites deed of 13 Nov. 1730 re sale of 
lands and by deed jioll of 1(5 J une last indorsed an Indenture of 17 Dec. 17-1-1 
Viscountess Gage called in .£li),l)t)0 lent on nun-lgai^e to the Duchess Dowager 
of Norfolk and to lay out in the purchase of plantation which Lord Gage was 
seized of in the Isle of Montserrat and it was paid to her and her Trustees have 
agreed for the purchase of the said plantation for £jOOO out of which jtL'-loi 


Thi.s Indenture tripartite made the 11 Dec. 19 George II. 1715 Between the 
Bight Hon. Thonia.s Lord Viscount Gaire in Ireland cousin and heir-at-law of the 
Bight Hon. Sir William Gage Bart. Jv.B. lately deceased who was couyin and 
heir-at-law of Devereu.x Gage of the parish of S' Giles-in-the-Fields Esq. lately 
deceased who was the eldest son and heir-at-law of Francis Gage of the parish of 
S'' .Lames Westminster Esq. lately deceased and of Elizaheth Devereux wdfe of the 
said Francis G;ige also lately deceased which said Elizabeth was the sole surviving 
child and issue and heir-at-law of her father John Devereu.x heretofore of the 
Island of ifontserrat Esq. loii:^ since deceased which said John Devereux was the \ 

original grantee of the platuation hereafter mentioned of the 1^' part ; Thomas i 

Meade of .Montserrat gentleman now residijiii; there of the 2'' part; and Nicholas | 

Tuite of Lime Street London merchant and Peter Hussey of Mark Lane London | 

merchant (being 2 trustees of Tliomas Meade) of the 3'' part Whereas Thomas 
Lord Viscount Gage is seized of the plantation descended to him etc. now in the 
tenure of Thomas Meade by a lease dated 17 Nov. 1741 for 15 years from the 
2 July 1713 gjanted by Devereux Gage and Thomas Meade erected a new stone 
windmill and is entitled to an allowance for it agreed at £1200 currency and 
Thomas Meade placed several negroes Thomas Loi'd Gage has agreed to pur- 
chase for £13G3 currency conveyed them bv Indenture of 9 inst. Dec. and Thomas 
Lord Gage hath applied to Phomas ?i[eade for a loan £1700 currency besides 
the above 2 sums total £l2tJ3 to be secured by a mortgage and Thomas Meade 
iiath remitted to Nicholas Tuite and Peter Hussey the said £1700 now this 
Indenture 'Witnessetli that in consideration of £1700 ciuTency or £1000 sterling 
and in consideratiou of the £1200 and £1303 owing Thomas Lord Gage doth 
sell to Nicholas Tnite and Peter Hussey all that plantation demised on 17 Nov. 
1741 by Devereux Ga'j;e containing 200 acres bounded East with lands of Thomas 
Lee Esq.; North with lands of b:ime Cole; West with Dame Cole and lands 
late of Johi! Cockran Esq. deceased; South with lauds of Grace Parson widow 
and lands Lite of ]\Iartin French deceased with the buildings slaves as per 
Inventory taken by John Davis Molineux and John Chilcott on 1 July 1743 
(names and A'alucs given) 22 negroes valued at £91S 9s. mules at £40 each 
IG draft cattle at £10 each £(J1G, buildings £1950. Total £156G currency o£25G3 
of which was placed there by Thomas Meade now agreed to ajid included in trust 
for Thomas Meade legal interest of 8 per cent., plantation to be insured during 
the war at 7 per cent. In the presence of Ferd : John Paris, H. Weston. (Close 
Boil, 57-15.) 



slioiild on 2 July be pni.l to Nii-liolns Tuite of Lime Street niercliant and Peter 
Hiissey of -Mark- I/nu- mcn-liaia ui d scliuvs^'e of a inort:,'.i[,'e dated 11 Dee. 174.j and 
Lord ('jriii;e tlur<-tore s -1 i all thai plautatioii late of Dcvercux Gage of «' Gilcs- 
in-tlie-Fields E^<[. deceased wliie i i)y an Indenture of 17 2sov'. 1711 was demised 
bv Devereux (ia<4e to Thomas .A[(-ade' for 1") rears wltli tlie slaves as by Livcntory 
taken by John Davis Molineux and Joiin Chilcott on 1 July 17-13 and the 'I'riis- 
tees are'to hold this £1(1.1)0;) for her for life and at her di^ath the plaiitatioii fur 
her children William Hall (iaL,'e. Thomas (^a^e and £'5000 to her daughter Teresa 
Gat^e. Signed in the pies nee of Charl.-s Pym Burt. (A very long deed of 
settlement of her fathn-'s propeity.) (Chjse lioll, -3787.) 


I7-l;5 June 2 Esex Devereaux, a Surgeon, by Cap' Maxwell and pall. 
17G0 April 11 John Hall Devereux, buried. 

(5i^'crnon?5' ^3lantatton, Sntigua. 

'J'liis Lulenture made 20 Jan. HS Geo. 111. 179S Between John Joseph James 
Vernon of Whitehall co. York* Esq. of the one part and Justinian Casamajor of 
Potterells in the parish of Ni>rth Minims co. ilei'lford and of St. ilary Axe 
London mei-idiant of the other AVhereas by a lease made 13 Sept. 1755 between 
Slingsby Bethell Esq. of the one part and Duncan Grant Esq. of the other 
Slingsby Bethell leased to Duncan Grant all that ])Iantation in the parish of 
St. Peter and Division of New Xorth Sound together witli 212 slaves from the 
P' of Angiist then last past for the terui of 15 years at llie rent of £1500 st.^ 
n year and Sliiii:sby IJetlndl died having by his will devised the said plantation to 
John Vernon E-(j. and hy an agreement dated 13 April 17G3 between John 
Vernon of the one part and Duncan Gr.nnt of the other reciting tliat Duncan 
Grant's tenancy would expire on 1 Aug. 1770 Jolm Venuo) agreed to give a new 
lease for 1 !■ years and Jidin Vernon died having by his will devised the said 
plantation to his son .lames Veiiuni for his life in tail male and in default to liis 
son John Joseph James A'ernon and James Vernon flied without male issue and 
Duncan Grant also died liaving by his will appointed Lydia Giant his widow and 
othei's Ex'ors and appointid liis estate to his said wife Lydia and to his dan. jNTarv 
the wife of Justinia'i Casamajor and J. Casamajor became entitled to tlie said 
lease and Viiercas by indenture of demise dated 30 Oct. 1771 Hctwcen 
J. J. J. Vernon s. and h. of John Vernon deceased of the first part, '1 ho. AVirner 
and Asht(m AVarner Hyam of the second part and J. Casamajor of the thiid part, 
J. J. J. Vern(ni lea-ed to J. Casamajor the said idantation from 1 Aug. 1770 for 
11 years at tlie rent of £1500 st. a year and AVhereas by a lease dated 31 Jan. 
17S5 from the 1 Aug. then last past for 1 1 years at the rent of £1350 a vcar and 
by a lease dated 1 and 2 ."ept. 1794 between J. .1. J. Vernon of the first part, 
John A'^ernon of P<.terln'nse Coll. Camb. l".<q. eldest s. and h. of J. J. J. A''crnon 
of the second part, the Bev. Bandle Andrews, M.A Vicar of Orniskirk and Tho. 
Wilson of Presi(m co. J.ani-. gent, of the thiril ]iait. and AVill. Cross of Lincolns 
Inn Esi]. and J(diii Sauter of New Lni gent, ol' the fourth part the plantation was 
conveyed to AV'" Cross and Jolm Sauter that John N'ernon during the lives of 

* Apparoutly error for "Whitfluill ia Clitlieroe, Lanca:liire, us noted in a rough ppdigree 
in my posscssiou. 




him and of his fiither J. J. J. Vernon should receive £250 a year now in 
consideration of the surrender of tlie lease of :31 Jan. 17S5 J. J. J. A ernon leases 
to J. Cas'amajor the said plantation of iOO acres bounded East willi the liiL;h road 
AVest with Edward Byam Esq. ^S'orth witli Parliani Harbour S. with tlie late John 
AVickham Esq. from 'the 1'' Aug. last past for 1-i years at the rent of I'JIGOO st. 
a year and they appoint Henry Eenseombe [recte Benskiu. — Ed.] Lightfoot, 
Daniel Hill Sen'' and .... Scholes Esquires as their attornies. 

Indorsed : Lease of plant" and slaves iu Antigua from 1-' Aug. 1797. Johu 
Joseph James Amnion, Esq., to Justinian Casamajor, Esq. Kecorded in the 
Eegisters OfOce lib. Q., Taul Horsford, ])ep. EegS lion. H. B. Lightfoot. Before 
tlie Hon. James Athill, an A.ssistant Justice of the Court of C. P., api^earcd 
Samuel Oliver, now of Antigua, master mariner, and swore to the signatures of 
J. J, J. A'ernon and J. Casamajor 21 June 1798. Signed by " Sam^ Oliver of the 
Ceres." Oil ten large skins iu the Editor's possession. Noted ante, I., 32. 

The Great House of A'ernons occupies a delightful position ou a steep hill 
overlooking I'arham Harbour. 

AYhen visiting in 191-4 the Hon. John Eoote, who as attorney resides at the 
adjoining estate of Parhanl, I -was informed that Mr. Tudway, the owner of the 
hitter, had recently purchased A'ernons, the works of which were then being 
"scrapped," as the" canes grown on both estates were being crushed at the great 
central factory at Gunthorpes. 

Cabib Eemaix.s. 

On land adjoining the high road near here Dr. Cook of Cedar Hill discovered 
many Carlb imidements. He took me to the spot and we soon found several 
Indian conch, shell scrapers by turning up the loose soil with our sticks, but no 
regular digging was attempted. The same day. iu company with Mr. Eoote and 
a guide, we explored a neighbouring wooded hill, the supposed site of an Indian 
castle; but beyond a low bank of stones, which might have been an estate 
boundary, there were no signs of foundations, iutrenchments or other earthworks. 

The proximity to the harbour, uh.ere there would bo good shelter for their 
canoes, would lead one to suppose that there was probably a large Indian settle- 
ment in this locality. A few miles to windward is "Indian Town Creek," and 
there are various caves which, if explored might possibly give evidence of early 
Carib occupation. 

In several islands I examined small private collections of Indian relics, and 
one of the largest and most repri'scntative ones found its way several years ago to 
the Blackmorc ^Museum in Salisbury. 

An article by Mr. Branch, from an American magazine which was lent to me 
in Barbados, treats of the Carib remains. 

Xow that there is in every island a public library or institLite, I would sui,'gest 
that all objects of antiquarian interest should be there deposited so as to form a 
local collection. In tliat charming Carnegie library at Koseau in Dominica 
I noticed that a start had been made in this direction. 

Ilolborii (or Foiitiibello) House, Bridicctown, liarbados. 
Built in 1C50. (Set- p. 2S!).) 

( 289 ) 

l^olboru [or ifontabrUc] Spouse, 33viti£t:: 

To the J'Aliior. 


First Battle Sqcabhox, 

13 Sej^t. and 5 Oct. 1915 

I thought possibly you might like to have llie enclosed pliotographs (of 
paintings) of Ho] born House, Earbados, in view of the article in your July- 
number {(Dife, IV., 113). 

The paintings were water-colours, and were painted fi'om photographs wliich 
were laiven when my fatlier was living there. 

They wei'e cleverly done by a young arlist in London, wliosc name I do not 

The house and estate uere in the of my family from about 1.S50 
until ul)out 1901, and it was my father's seat in the W.I. during that time .... 

During the Pope Heunesy riots [in 1S7G] mv father, who was at that time 
Speaker, put up some (50 guests at lloiborn for over a week, until it was safe for 
them to return to their homes in the countrv. The trees meeting overhead near 
the entrance were bamboos, and this was arranged by my father. The large 
tree in front is what was called out there an " ever-green," and the one at the 
bade, with a trunk some IG feet in circumference, I think was a cotton tree. I 
cannot, however, remember very well, as tlie last time I visited tlie Inland was 
27 years ago. 

Pkrcy Gkaxt, 
(Capt. E.N.; 

The Editor confirms Capt. Grant's interesting description. Tiie two small 
dome-like structures just iuside the entrance gates are stated to be the original 
sentry sh.elters, and they are still standinsr. The magnillcent old cotton tree is 
now uuich broken and decayed. 

Lvgon wrote : " 1 drew out at least twentv plots when T came first [KSi?] 
into the Islands Avhich they all lik'd well enotigli, and yet but two of them us'd, 
one by Capt. Midleton and one by Capt. Standfast, and those were the two best 
houses I left finish'd in the Island when I came away [llJoU]." I have l;itely 
found an earlier will than those given anfc, IV., 113, viz., that of (leorge ^^Ulnfast 
of Bristol, merchant, •' now resident in the I>land of Barbadoes," dated L'3 Feb. 
lGo7. — •' My sun JofnV to take charge of the deed of sale of tlie Liulian Kiver 
Plantations made by Col. Humphrey Walrond to me for securing the payment of 
£293G St." In Mayo's Survey of 1717 are marked " Fentabell Fort" and 
*' Fontabell river," and as this latter was an old Indian creek, where Carib 
remains have been found (" Schumbur<ik," p. 219), it seems likely that ihe Indian 
IMvcr plantation must be v.hat was later known as pontalx'!!. Ccd. .lohu Stan- 
fast, the son, owned in IGSO the Mcunt Sianfast ]>hintati(in near Hole Town 
(N. of I'orters), but his father .•-ctiled that on hiui at his mariiage |irevious lo 
1G57, and I do not tliink it was near tlie ci'cek. 

The earliest reference lo the mansinii in the Colonial Calendar of State Papers 
is in IGGS, when the Council ordered on 30 Dec. that "JOt) barrels of powder bo 
put into Pontabell House. The preceding April William Lord Willoughby 
wrote of the terrible lire that burnt three parts of the town and blew u|) the 
magazine. On 19 Au<j;. IGG!) .Major William Bate was ordered to remove the 
})owder from the new church to Fontahell llou.^e. On S July l(i7J the Treasurer 
was ordered to pay Col. John Stanfast the rent of i'ontabel plantation leased to 
his Excellency. 

VOL. Y, ' K 


!3tiain?^, iHartorll anti (iSflalfeer of 33avbatJt^s/ 

In ior-kiiig over an old Law Book, entitled "' Ciues witli opiuious of eminent j 

Counsel in nintters of La\v E(|uity .an;l Conveyancing," I eame across the t'ol- i 

lowing two items: — | 

Vol. I., p. 358. Elizabeth Maxwell, widow, late of the Tslaiid of IBarbadoes, | 

deceased, by her ^vill disposed of the re-^idue oF lier Estate, which she loft to her * 

" <T''-i"d nephew Thomas Maxwell Adauis, an infant son of my nephew Thomas 
Adams, Esq.." in tail general, whom failini; to ''Frances Adams, sister to the said 
T. ^I. Adams," whom failing to my biother in law George Graeme and his heirs 
and assigns for ever." 

The said T. M. Adams was living in 17(JS, and had issue a son and a 
dau., infants of tender years. The said Frances Maxwell was also living but 
sans issue. 

Vol. L, p. 3U. Alexander A^alker, Esq., being then (i.e., 19 May 17-I-2) in 
Barbadoes, made his will whereby he bequeathed to his dau. and only child 
!N'ev,-ton AValker all his estate in the Island and elsewhere in the world, to be 
delivered to his said ilan. on^attaining 21 years of age or on marriage, whichever 
should lirst happen, but should she die s.p. then to his brother William W'alker, 
Iiut should Willia'n Wadu'r die s.p. living at his death then to his brotlua- in law 
Captain Thomas Wallcer, but should lie also die s.p. .sni'viving, then t(.i his cousin 
(Tcorge Walker. Alexander Walker died in 1750. ami soon after his death 
Xewton Walker married John \V'alter, Esq., and died in 1772 without ever ha,ving 
had issue. [This corrects the pedigree ci/ife, p. 18U.] AVilliam Walker pre- 
deceased his brother Alex. Walker. Thomas Walker was apparently living at 
the date of Newton's death in 1772. 

Notes bv the Editoe. 

" jVff.rH'cZ/^- " is a well-known plantation in the parish of Christ Church, close 
to the high road running from Hastings to Oistins. 

In IGbO Tho. Maxwell owiied 2-1 acres, 2 while servants and 30 negroes. 

In 1715 the Hon. Lt.-Gen. Tho. Maxwell, Eliz. his 'ady, one son and five 
daughters were entered in the census. 

Thomas son of Tho. ^Taxwell of Christ Church, Barbadoes, Esq., matriculated 
from Christ Ciiiirch, Oxford, 23 Aug. 1717, aged 1-1. '^Graemes" was an 
adjoining estate. 

The family of Adams was also an old one in the parish. 

A\ iiliams Adams, u ho had recently jjurchascd a very considerable estate, was 
Ml 17ul recommended for the Council. He is slated to have married Frances, 
only child and lu'ir of Col. Tho. Walrond by Frances his wife daughter of Sir 
Jonathan Atkins. Ivnt. (Eurlie's " E.G.") 

The Hon. Tiio. Adams of Adams C'asth was buried at St. ^Michael's, 4 Sept. 
17(J1. ."\Iargaret his wite died 30 June 174-3 (r), aged 3S, and was also buried 
there with several of her children, in the M<=Nemara vault. 

Their son, Tho. Maxwell Adams, entered Eton School 21 Jan. 17G0 ; was 
admitted a student of Jjincoln's Inn 21 Jan. 17G2, and matricnlat;d front ^lerlon 
Coll., Oxford, 13 Aug. 17G1, aged 19. This would give his birlh about 1715, two 
vi'ars atter his mother's death, so the year 17-13 on her tombr-Ume must be wrong. 
He married in 1770 Ainie J<\)idjlanquc, and f-he died his wiclow at Brompton. 
27 ^IaI•cil 1S12. See his book-plate No. IGO. -Mr. Austen-Leigh in his MS. list 
"f Etonians has a note of an earlier Adams, who entered Eton in Jan. 1753; 
perhaps William, elder brother of Tho. .Maxwell Adams. 

* Coutributed by Mr. Erskiue E. West of Dublin. 


A. will of Eliz. ^Maxwell, probabiv the oue in question, was recorded iu 

Alex. "Walker was son ot' Alex. W. of St. Peter'.^, a JuJi;c, and f^randson of 
the Eev. Wm. W., the lji-;li()|) of London's Commissary in this Island. He and 
liis brotlicT Win. niairiL-Lilatcd at Oxford on 17 Doc. 1715, ai^jed resjiectivelv 18 
and 17, but lie did iiut Lrr.idiiate. He died '2'-i ^tay, and was buried in West- 
minster Abbey 2 June 1757, a<;ed GO, the date of 1759 in the ]Q^a\ case being 
therefore incorrect. His will was proved 21 Feb. 175S by his daui^hter, then wife 
of John Walter, Esq. (50, Ilutton.) 

of Jamaica. 

Ralph Parkinson of the pai^ish of St. Jame.s iu the County of Cornwall and 
Ishind of Jamaica. "Will dated 12 June 1S05. If I die in this parish I desire to 
be buried in the churchyard near to my nephew and nieces, and that an elei^ant 
tomb* of marble be scut foi- and i>ut over my <;;rave with my age and place of 
nativity. 1 was born at Piclcton in the Xorth J^iding of Yorkshire on the li 
AuiT. 17(32, and ca-nc to this Island on the 12 April 177S. Not one of the name 
of Si-arlelt to be asked to my funeral, and if I should die in the parish of West- 
moreland 1 desire to be buried at White Hall* my Pen, near to my brother 
Eobert, and that my tomb bo placed there witli an iron railing. To my four 
quadroon children which I have had by a mulatto woman, Betiy Grant, that I 
purchased from Tryall Estate in Hanover and set free — the names are Kichard, 
.lane, John and iiobert Parkinson— £2000 st. each. They are to be educated iu 
Kugland and never return to Jamaica. !JIy negroes Kosc, Lilly and 3Iinerva and 
wench Sally to serve them, and upon the s.aid children going off the island 1 i;ivc 
tlicse negroes to Betty Gratit, together with -Moggy and her two daus. Nancy and 
Mary, and Nancy and her children may be sold to ]Mr. Wm. T<nikin for ,C100 
each. I give her also £50 a year, and at her death the negroes to my godihui. 
Ann Watson, to whom I also trive my beaulct with all my china therein, to be 
handed to her father and mother, and it she die to her sister Ivnth. To Betty 
Grant also my licjuors and the funnture of my b(>dchamber. To Mrs. Kliz. Cnn- 
in'iighamt my sett of mahoi^any tables containing eleven leaves, and at her dealh 
to her dau. Ann. 'J'o Mr. Wm. I'onkin my boidvcasc, and all the rest of my turni- 
turc to my nephew Maithcw ParkinsoM, and my watch, gold buttons and rings to 
my son Kichard. To my brother Leonard I'arkinson a house and land in the New 
Town called Polly, purchased ol' Jolm I'crry, J'-s(}. To my nc[)hews, sons of my 
brother Leonard, viz., Leonard anil Kicharii P., 20 guineas each for a ring, also 
the like to my niece Mary P. The large fortune my brother possesses. I'o my 
eldest sister ^Mrs. Johannah Beiiuetl .L'oU a \ear, and" at lun- deatli one half^ the 
ju-incipal to iier dau. ^Irs. Johannah (iames, and the other halt to the dau. of the 
said Johannah Games — the name is Jamina WHkins by her former husband, lo 
my sister Jane (James £50 st. a year, and at her lieath the principal to her chil- 
dren and grandchildren. To my brother John P. 200 guineas, if he die to his s.)n 
Chr. P. To my nephew Isaac Games £;J00 st. in England. 'J'o my niece Johannah 
(James the wife of Isaac Games .Coi) st., as she comes iu with her dau. tor halt ot 
what I leave to her niothei'. i'o mv niece Luerelia (iamcs £100 st. in l^m^kunl. 

• There is no M.I. in Archer. 

t "Wii'o of the lion. John Ciuniin-jham ; she died 180!!. (Archer, 310.) 



To mv niece Tolinimali Dinsclale £100 st. in Enfjlnnd. To mv Tiieco Jane Gamca 
;C30o' St. at 21. To my nephew Clir. P. £800 st. To my'iu'i.hew .Matliew P. 
£.jOO St. All re.-idiie \n my brother Chr. Parkin-^on's children eiiually, and if he 
does not come to tin.-; ishuid to he remitted to liim in America. To each ot' my 
Ex'ors 20 miinras for a rin<^^ I appoint as Trustees and E.x'ors my brotlier C!ir. 
P., my Tiephew .Matliow P. and my friends G-eorge Watson, Wm. Appleton and 
Henry Parry, l]M|nirLS, with ]ui\vcr to sell all my estate. AVituessed by AVilliain 
Plummcr. AVilliam Allen, "William 'JVmkin 

Codicil. 23 iMay ISOO. 1 i(wv to my nephew Ealph Parhinsun Graines son of 
Isaac G. of London £2000 st. at 21. 31y Ex'ors to purchase for Betty Grant for 
£700 c. a houso in the town of MonteLro Bay. To my friend ]Mr. John Pender 
of the jiarish of bt. James 20 guineas for a ring. In case 'SV Wm. Tonkin m_v 
clerk shall settle my books and accounts I 1)equeath him £200 c. Witnessed by 
Janifs Irvini:, William I'uvd, \\"il;iam Allen. 

Endorsed "The Will of ]{alph Parkinson, Esq." 'Mv. Cardalc, Ik-dford Mow. 
And in peni-il, "}>['■ Games, Xo. 5 Pear Tree Jiow, Lambeth M." [^ Marsiil. 
[Abstracted from an old copy in the Editor's possession.] 

Testator's brother Leonard P., formerly of the parish of St. James in Jamaica, 
purchased the estate nf Kinnerslcy Castle in irerefm-ilshire. where he died 
11 July 1S17, and a pcdi^iee of his descendants appeared in JUirke's " L.Cf." In 
a deed relating to Eehidere Estate in Manover it is recited thai Leonard Parkin- 
son, Esq., as surviving partner of George Goodin Barrett, Esq. (who died S Oct. 
1795), recovered pidgsnent against Tho. Keid, Esq., for £2S,<JU0 and £31,057 and 
costs, on jiavment of which sums he signed a release. 

amorj) of Bu %\\tt^* 

[From a bible printed by Baskerville in 1769.] 

Benj. Amory Sen'' was bni'u .Vug' ]o''' in the year 1739. 

Mary Amory wifu of I'enjamin Amory s^en"" was born November the 22'^ 17-1-1. 

.'!*' lyO(J, on Sundav 

Benjamin Amory Sen'' departed this Life September the 21*'- lyO 

Evening, nino nnnutes of nine o'clock in the 67"' year of his age. 
ISIarv Amory. wife of tiie above Bi-njamin Amory Sen'' departed this l^ifc An.gust 

the P''- ISOS on .AUmday evming at half i>ast ten o'clock in the 61''' year of 

her age. 
Isabella Amory l)auu;hter of Benj. .\niory Sen'' was Born Sept. 4"' 17G1. 
Ann Amory Daugh"' (d' the above B. i.'i; ^Mary was Born July SO"' 176S. 
Benj. Amory Son id' the above B. A .ALary was Born 19"' Ocf 1769. 
Frances Amory l)anL;li"' of tlu above B. it Alary was Born 2'' Jan>' 1777. 
Susanna .Anuuv Dauuli"' of the above B. it Alary was Born 6'"' Feb>' 1778. 
Alary .Vnuu-y l)augh'' id' the above B. it Alary was Born S,>pt. P' 17S1. 
Widiain i>enj. A:iiory, sou of B. Amory :>' was Born S h Doe'' 179(j. 
Frances Amory Dauijhter of B. .t .Mary departed this life, on Wednesday moriis 

the 27''' Deeeud'cr Iblo in the 39 '' year of her au;e much lamented. 
Benjimin Amory 3'' son of Benjannn it Alary Amory dei arted this life October 

11"' lbl7 on Saturday morning at one o'clock in the -IS"' year of his a'l'C. 

Communicaicd by ilr. John Eroiuley. 

( 293 ) 

SLi^t of '3Hill5 rccorticti in Jiartatios tfolvin 
to tl)t j^rar 1800,'' 

Year. Xaiucs of Tc-t;itors. 

174.5 Wasliiii<,'ton, Klizabolb 

„ AVliittakcr, JMary 

,, Whitehead, ISanuiel 

„ AVilloiighby, JJorcas 

„ AVilkiiison, Anna 

„ "Whetstone, John 

,, • Wacldington, Samuel 

AVri^rht, Jacob 

„ AV'ak-ott, John 

1746 Abaters, Anthony 
„ AVackley, James 
,, A\^ent, John 

„ Warren, Henry 

,, Aralvefield, Lnc.y 

1747 A7atts, Samuel ' 

„ AVildey, Elizabeth 

AVard.' Peter 

„ AYall, Eichard 

,,, Humphry 

„ AVhilc, &cori;e 

,, AVitrell, James 

,, A^arren, Francis 

,, AV'ilson, Mary Ann 

,, White, John 

,, Araternian, Marv 

„ AYhilehouse, William 

A\^hite. David 

i71S Walcutt, ■lliomas 

,, AVebb, Xathaniel 

,, AVayles, AVilliam 

,, AVoodbrida;e. Dudley 

„ AVhiteliead, Pope Ashford 

AV heeler, Thomas 

1749 AVoodbrid-o, ]{uth 
„ AV^rons;, -lacob 

,, A\'eeks, Henry 

,, AVal!, Andrews 

,, VriltshiiT. Alargaret 

1750 Wilson. Charles 
„ A\'allaoc, James 

,, AVitiiers, 'J'liomas 

,, AWntworth, AVilliam 

,, Walters, Ann 

„ AViddincjton, Oswall 

,, AValrond. Anthony 

175L Wah'otl. John 

,, AVhitaker, Alexander 

„ Wliitcside, Elizabeth 

A'ear. Names of Testators, 

1751 AVilliams, Th.omas 
„ AValcott, Evarc 

1752 AValoott, AVilliam 

,, AVhitaker, Alexander 
,, AVhitaker, Snr., Samuel 
,, AValrond, I'llizabcth 
,, AVilliams, Hugh 
,, AVood, John 
„ AVatkins, Abraham 
,, AVhitney, Kit-hard 
,, AVoollt'ord, Thomas 

1753 AValter, John 
,, AVelch, Joseph 
,, AVatts. Samuel 

AViles, Daniel 
„ AViltshire, Kichard 
„ AVesterman, Elizabeth 

AVebsler, Peter 
„ AVeaver, AVilliam 
,, AVorrell, Jonathaii 

1754 Woodroll'e, John 
,, AVood, Samson 

,, Welch, ]\lary 
,, AVaite, Honor 

1755 AViles, Margaret 
,, AVileox, Nicholas 
,, AVarren, luibert 

I75() Williams, Jxobort 
,, AViliouudibv, 'J'iir])in 
AVelch, William 
Wharton, Devonish 

1757 Whitaker. Thomas 

„ AVatennan, .iohn 'J'liomas 

AVorrell. Minx 

Welch, AVilliam 
., Walters, .losejih 
,, AValker, Alexander 
„ Walker, ("atlierine 
„ AVilkinson, Constance 
,, AVood, William 
,, AVilson, Sarah 

AVhitehall, William 
,, AVoodin, Samuel 

1758 AVorrell, Sarah 
AVelch, Edward 

„ AVilliams. John 
„ Warren, Alary 
,, AVhoehvright, Henry 

* Contiuued from p. 275. 




Xamos of Tc«tatorp. 

Wall is, Sarali 

AV'ulkcr, William 

"White AV'illiam 

,, Webb, Samuel 

„ "Walker, Mary 

„ Wilson, John 

„ Ward, Mary 

„ A\^hitaker. \Villiam 

17G0 Wright, Arthur Eainer 

„ White, Praiicis 

„ Webster, Ann 

„ Whiiiaker, AVilliam 

„ White, Thomas 

„ Walker, Jlary 

„ Wilson, Edward 

„ A\''ebb, .Nathaniel 

„ Wan-en, AVilliam Henry 

,, AVhittaker, ITenry 

„ Welch, Elizabeth 

,, Webber, x\na 

1761 Wilson, Barbara 

,, Wiltshire, Alleync. 

„ Whalcy, "William 

,, Wiggins, William 

,, Wiltshire, .losepli Jordan 

,, White\yood, Henry 

1762 Walcott, Mary 
„ Wilson, John 
,, Wrong, Ann 

„ Webber, John 

Worrell, Elizabeth 

„ Wori'cU, ^'athanicl 

,, Williams, Thomas 

1763 V/ilson, Nicholas 
,, AValrond, George 
„ Webster. Isalu'lla 
„ Welch, "\'alentiiie 
„ Wilson, 8te])hen 

„ Wrong, Kallieriuc 

,, AVarren, Eli/.abeih 

,, Watson, Joliii 

1761 AVharton, Elizabeth 

„ AVatt, Thomas 

AViiloughby, .Sarah 

„ Weekes, Thonuis 

„ AVeekes, Koger 
A\^eekes, Mary 

,, AVoodiu, Thomas 

1765 Wcekes, Johii 

,, Walcott, Sauiuel 

„ AValroud, Prudeuce 

„ AV'ilso, Francis 

„ AValcott, Ivobert 

., AVilson. Jiichard 

„ Wilson, John 

„ AYeckcs, Nathaniel 



Names of Testators. 
AV'ebstcr, AVilliam 

„ AVoodroffc, Charles 

,, AV'hitney, Elizabeth 

„ AValker, Jane 

„ A\^hite, George 
1767 AVhite, Elizabeth 

„ Whitstone, Sarah 

„ AVilliamson. Isaac 

,, AVayles, Bathsheba 

„ AVane, Thomas 

„ AVatt, Margery 
Webb, Charles 

„ A\^alcott, William 

„ Williams, Richard 

„ AFalcs, Bathsheba 

„ A¥hit:itone, Sarah 

AVhile, Elizabeth 

176S AVadcsoii, Eobert 

,, AVatson, Thomas 

„ AVhitc, Thomas 

„ A\''inter, Abigail 
A\^ebb, William 

„ AVilcox, Margaret 

,. AVatts, Jones 

,', AYilkey, AA^illiam 

,, AValler, Isaac 

1769 AVilkinson, Christopher 
,, AVilliams, Mary 

„ AVashinsitou, G-corge 
„ Waterman, John 
„ AValroud, Theodore 
„ AVilkinson, Josejijh 
„ AValter, James 

AValter, Abel 
,, AVilliams, Kebecca 

1770 Williams, William 

„ AVoodbridge, Wiliiam 

„ AVih'S, AVilliam 

„ AVeatherhead. John 

,, AValker, IMargarct 

„ AVilliams, John 

,, AVobble, Junas 

„ AVheeler, John 

,, AV^oodbridoe, William 

AViltshire, Kalph 
,, AVatiuns, Prudence 
,, AVaite, Lucretia 

1771 AVhiltakcr, Evare 
AViiloughby, Elizabeth 

„ AVoodiu, JNIarv 
AVest, Jacob " 
„ White, AVilliam 
„ AVilliams, Alexander 
„ AVilliams, ^[nrv 

1772 AVoodroiTe, IVfary 

„ Walpole, A^ictoria Arrabella 








.1 1 i 


Nninp^ of Testators. 
AVok'li, John 
Wallace, "William 
AYrong, Isaac 
^rost, Thomas 
Walter, XeAvlon 
AVlicalcr, Ambrose 
A\'^illiams. Ijeiijamiu 
"Williams, ]\Iary 
Webb, Sarnli 
Wheeler, William 
Williams, "William 
Williams, Thomas 
AVilliams, Henry Joues 
Williams, "William 
Ward, Eobert 
Wood, SamsoTD 
Walcott, Pvichard 
Walrond, Henry 
White, Snr., John 
Waitli, James 
Welcli, William 
AVood, John 
Williams, John 
Wignall, Jonas Bailey 
Walcott, Alarv 
AVhitehall, WUliam 
AVatts, Kebccca 
AVarren. Eobert AVairen 
AVhile, Burgess 
Wilson, John 
A\*alkei', ^\iiii 
A\'illiams, ICli/.abcth 
AYilkinson, Jonas 
AYaith, Thnmas 
A^ildey, William alius Pyeroft 
AYeallierhcad, Mary 
AYall, Snr., John 
Whiteside. AVilliam 
Walcott. l^enjamin 
AA'ard, Thomas 
AValrond, Jane 
AYoolford, Thomas 
AYilliams. i\lercv 
AYatts, William" 
AYcbb, Hcnrv 
AYebb, John' 
AVilliams, Kli/.aboth 
AYood, ^lary 
AYarner. Henry 
AYhitaker, Elizabeth 
AVelch, Samncl 
AYalker. Alari^arot 
AVhili'liouse, Mli/iibeth 
AVoodin, .Martha 
AVilliams, Thomas Willlani 
AYingoud, Ann 




XMiiifs of To-:1ators. 
Welch, James 
AYakc, George 
Whitaker, Sarah 
AA'iltshirc, John 
Whitney, Kichard 
Whitfoot, Ann 
A\'ells, John 
AV'illiams, John 
AYebster, John 
AVheehvri'Tlit, AVilliam 
AVickham, John 
Wells, William Arnool 
AYiltshire, Ealpli 
AVhitfoot, James 
AVest, Edward 
AYorrell, Bathsheba 
AYest, Sarah 

1781 AA'hittaker. :*[ary 
,, AValcott, Thomas 
„ Watt, Alexander 
„ AYilson, Henry 

,, Walcott, Ste]ihen 
,, AYalker, Alargarct 
,, Williams, Mary 

1782 AYhite. Thomas 
AVall, A an 

„ AYebb, Samuel 
„ AYalker, Thomas 

AYatt, William 
„ AValrond, Thomas 

AYalcott, ^rary 
„ AYorrell, Sarah 
„ AVrong, John 

AVatt,' Elizabeth 

1783 Willnuohby, William 
,, Wah'ond. .VntlKMiy 

,, AYebster, 

„ AVilliams, Eebeoca 

,, AVaith, Pearce 

„ AYhitcfoot. Eli/abotli 

,, Williams, Wiltshire, Hooper; 

„ AVilson, (Jrace Barnstcd 

„ AVard, Eobert 

„ AYalker, Eobert 

,, Williams, Tliomas 

AYaliotl, Alargarct 
1781 Wake, Dorothy 
,, AVik-ox'. Nicholas 
„ AYorknian. 'I'houias 
,, AValter, Tliomas 
,, AVhalley, .losepli 
,, AVaterman, Thomas 
,, Walker, Katherinc 
,, Wilson, Susanna 

AVhecler. i:ii/.abeth 

AYalker, Thomas 












Xame? of Teftators. 
"Whcolcr, Mary 

AVood, Jane „ 

AVilcs, Ann „ 

"Wnlrond, Francis „ 

AVilliam.son. John 1791 

AValcott, John „ 

Woodman, Willia.m „ 

Wharton, ^Samuel ,, 

"Worrell, John ,, 

Worrell, William 1792 

AValkcr, George ,, 

AVorkman, Elizabeth ,, 

Woodiu, ^\nn „ 

Walcott, John ,, 

White, Isaac „ 

"Wood, William „ 
AVal t, Richard 

AVilbhire, Eleanor ,, 

Witakcr, Jnr., Henry „ 

Wie;gins, Edward " 1793 
AVall, John 

"Wilson, Mercy „ 

Waith, Joseph „ 

Wilh:on, Edward „ 

Wilson, Eenjamin ,, 
Wcist, Thomas 

AVhaly, Ann ,, 

AVatcrman, Henrietia ,, 

VV^illiams, James ,, 
AVatt, Nathaniel 
AA^ildcy, Alice 

AVoodroffe, Benjamin „ 

AVoodroiTe, Charles ,', 

AVatson, George ., 

AVoodr<.lTp. Ecnianiin ., 

Wiirr(>n. Christian 179-i 
Wiles. AV ill iam 

AViijhtman, Rebecca „ 

AVaddin2;toj), Alary „ 

Wood, James ,, 

AVard, Daiuel, nh'as Hrisbutham „ 

AValcott, -Eyare ,, 

AVooding, IClizabeth ,, 

AVickliam, John ,, 
AVhitfonr, Charles 

AVhitehal!, Ann „ 

AVarner, Ashton, Dr. „ 
\\'illin'::, Charles , „ 

AValton, l?obert „ 

AVard, Austin ' 179-5 

AVeekes, Ralph ,, 

AValcott, Love „ 

AVolch, Samuel „ 

AVilsoii, .Ricliard „ 

AVliarton, Rev. Thomas „ 

AVatcrmau, Jur., Bcnony 179G 

Names of Tc stilt ors 
AVorkman, Ann 
AVaterman, Thomas 
AValrond, Ann 
AVclls, Elizabeth 
AVright, Francis 
AVilson, Nicholas 
AV'^arriner, Henry 
AVoolford, Thomas 
AValcott, Dorothv Carrington 
AValcott, John 
Williams, John 
AAHiite, Alarv 
AVhitfoot, AVilliam 
Welch, Mary 
AVharton, John 
AVelch, Edward 
Wiltshire, Elizabeth 
AA'^aterman, Jane 
AVillcy, Ralph Uxnard 
AVebster, Joseph 
AVood, Ursula 
AVaterman, Thomas 
AVood, iDarnard 
AVilliams, Lewis 
AVoodward, George 
AVright, John 
AVilliams, John 
AVall, John 
Williamson, Ricliard 
AVilliams, Robert, 
AValker, Greorge 
AValtcr, AVilliam 
AVebber, Lt. John Inclcdon 
AVaterman, 'i'homas 
AVeekes, 'Mu.r\ 
AVaterman, Thomas 
Walter, James 
AVilloughby, Edward 
AVilliams, William AViltshirc 
AVelch, Eanicl 
White, Henry 
AVatson, Robert 
AVcnt, James King 
AVhite, AVilliam 
AVilsmi, AN'illiam 
AVhitfoot, Ihirnett 
AVilson, James 
AVhitney, Thomas 
AVorkman, Hamlet 
AVestbroolce, George 
AVhitcwood, Mathew 
AVilliams, John Archibald 
AVharton, AVilliam Henry 
AViles, Daniel Thomas 
AValke, Harrison 
AVildey, Sarah 

1 '--^5^ 



Year. Names of Testntors. 

1790 U'alcott, John 

„ W'illiiit,', Eliziibt'tli Raunali 

„ AVilliain-s, Thomas 

„ Walton, Eubert 

„ Wheeler, Stephen 

„ AVchster, Anthony 

,, Whitfoot, TlioiiKi.- 

,, AVhccl\vri£;ht, .lames 
AVilliams,' Kit-hard 

„ West, William 

„ AValtery, iJe liverance 

1797 Wliitfoot, Willoughby 
„ AVarner, Thomas 

„ Webb. Roger 

„ Williams, William Brinton 

„ AVoireli, Mary 

„ AVeutworth, AVilliam 

,, AVilson, Jennctt 

„ AA'^arJ, Margaret 

1798 AVelch, Elizabeth 
AVebb, Charles 

,, Whitaker, Margaret Ann 

,, AValrond, Xathaniel 

„ AVatson, AViiliatn 
,. A\"ills, Nicholas 

■ 1799 AValke, .Francis 

„ Webb, AVilliam Tliomas 

„ AA'"ood, AVilliam 

„ AA^ilkinson, John 

„ AA^ilcott, Samuel 

„ AVay, AVilliam 

„ AVaterman, Ann 

„ Walcott, Martha 

„ AVharton, Mary 


A'ate, Thomas 


Young, John 


Yeo, Abraham 


Yeoman, Robert 


Yeoman, Jolux 


Y'ouni^e, Robert 


Young. Robert 


Yeamans, Jolm 


A'ate, I^lary 


A'earwond, William 


Y'ard, John 


Teomans. Elizabetli 


A'carwnod, J(>hn 


Young, John 


Young, Eleanor 


Yeldhall, AVilliam 


Y'oung, James 


Y'eamans, Joiin 


Xiinics of Testators. 


Y'eamans, .Sarah 


Yiiung, Ma ry 


YearwDod. Sumuel 


Yelling, Joiiu 


Y'caman, .Margaret 


Ycaman,-<, 3Iarixaret 


Yearwood, William 
A'earwood, Snr., AVilliam 


A'oung, Henry 
Y'eats, Daniel 


Y'earwood, Henjamiu 



Yearwood. Joseph 
A'^oung, .loseph 


Y'oung, William 


Young, William 

Y'earwood, Ricliard 
Young, Joseph 


A'carwood, yainuel 


A'oung. Francis 


Young, .John 



Y^oung, John 
Y''cats, Cornelius 


Yearwood. Samuel 


ATard, Jolm 


Yard. Ratliff 


AToung. Jame;» 


A'ard, Thomas 


Yearwood, .loseph 


A.'ear\vo(ui, Israel 


A^canians, I'hilip 


Young. \Villi;im 


A'earwoiid. Al.-illliew 


A'earwood, I'cujamin 


Yearwood, William .Sam 

if on 


Y'earwood. Alary 


Y'ard, l-Mward 


Yard, 'I'homas 


A'earwood. Benjamin 


Young, James 


Yard, Ann 


Yeamans. J. dm 


Year \v Olid, Iji/abeth 


Yard, Adams 


Young. Eli/alu'lh 
Y'oung, I'raiui-! 


A'earwood. Mary 


A'oiiiig, William 


A'ard. .lohn 

1 79 1 

A'ard. Mary Elvira 
Younu:, Thomas Aloore 
Young, Ihomas 


Yearwood. Eii/abeth 


Yearwood, Mary 

The above list of testators was copied in 191 I by Henry Waite, a clerk in thtf 
Ecgistrar's Oillce, Earbados. 



JStdilt^' nf l^artiatJO^*' 

25 ChaM. II.. 1G7'2, Fob. 15. Robert Bccldes, Complainant, states that a letter 
was sent to I'arba'loos by defmidant Tiiuothv Wliittingham, E?q., of Hobnside, 
CO. J-)urliain, to Complainant to tlie eft'cet that it' the said Comiihiinant M'ould 
redeem "Wm. "WliittinLdiam son of Defendant from shivery in Barbadoes and send 
him over into Enojland lie would pav to Comj)lainant what he should lay out. 

Kichard Beckles, father of Complainant, was on a visit to his sou in B. and 
brought back the said Wm. W. to En2:land Dec'' 1G70. 

liedemptiou, transportation and other necessary expenses cost £02. 

1672, March 11. Eich. Beckles of Crosgate in or iiitrh the City of Durham, 
dyer, 52, is father of complt. Says he lent to sd. W"' at Barbadoes and in 
England £G2 at least, and confesses tliat he did cause the sd. W" "\V. to be 
arrested and imprisoned at London for part of the sd. money so by him pd. 

Timothy 'W. had complained that his sou had not been brought to Durham as 
had been specified. 

Eich. B. again Was in F'arba(Joes when tlie letter of Timotliy AV. 
arrived. He pd. to Thos. Berisford in B.. with whom the sd. W'" W. was then 
bound by indent as servant or ;!p])rentiL-e (to serve in any imployment the sd. 
Thos. B. might tliink fit to imploy him in for the space of 3 yis.) fiu' releasing him, 
and some small necessary a])])arell, C20. W'" W. after tlio time of his being 
bound by the sd. iudenl. couunitted sonu> misdemeanour to his sd. master Berisfurd 
for wh. he was committed to prison, ami was then sold by his said master for a 
slave to go to Jamaica for £1>), of wii. the sd. B. upon satisfaction of the sum of 
£20 to him as aforesd. did likeuise acquit the said \V"' AV'., and delivered up the 
indent, dated 16(59, July 28. iJepoui'nt hn'd otit more for other necessaries of 
apparel iind for moneys lent unto the sd. W'" W'.. and moie other money paid and 
laid out in and about the transportini; of the sd. AV'" AV. into England £12, for 
this dep. and A\'"' AV. were a great while at sea at a great cliarge there and in much 
danger of suffering shipwrack in their voyage from the Barbadoes. Their vessel 
llie AV'" and J* of London did spring a leak and break in pieces by violence ef 
weather and this de]). and the sd. W"' W. witli some danger escaped near Fayall 
within the King of Portui^all's territoryo where this dep. was at mtich charge and 
was constrayned to stay by the space of a month, and then was at a second charge 
to contract for the sd. W'" A\'.'s pas.sage into England with a ma-ter of a Dutch 
Tcssrli tliere. wh. likewise fayliinj; at tea he, this dci'., was again at a greater 
charu'C, enforced to en>,'at;e anoiliei' vessel called by the name of the Foi'tune of 
Dovei'. wiie'eof one AV'" Hare was th(>u master 
landcvl sjife at Dover in Euglaud about the month of Dec 1670 

"E. B." 
1). 2 OS 119 and ISl ; D. 7.51. 

The reference is Durham 7/51 , i.e.. iMnidk' 51. of Durhaui Chancery l)ep(si- 
tions, the suits in which are not nuud)ered. 

]/)urham 2 GS, 11!) and ISI the corresponding B. and A. in bundle GS of 
Durham Ciiauccr_\ I'roceedings. 

Capt. Kobert Beckles nientimied ia the above suit d. 19 .Ttily 1GS2, aged 82. 
IVLL at St. Michael's. Barbados. His wife Snsaniuth Povey d. 8 Sept. 1GS8, acrctl 
27, and with two e'lildren was buiied with her !nish;ind. She was a dan. of Caj)!. 
AVin. I'uvey, Provost Alarshal of B'os i()G2, by Ann his wife, which Ann d. 22 Fcl). 
1700 anil was buried in the Jvockles \ault. The Boveys were very much interestetl 
iu the Plaiuations. Wm. Povey's father Justinian was a commissioner iu the 

• Communicated by the llev. T. C. Dale of Crojdon. 

md this dep. sometime after 



Caribbops in KJ:^" for tho F-'arl nf Carlisle. Wi''s brot'icr Tlinmns 
M.P.. was clerk to the CouiK-il for I'i.uiiaiions (see '" U.X.I5.''). Aiiotlicr 
IMajor Kicliard Povey 'vvas Sec. ot" Jamaica ItJfJl — 71. anl a luplu'W Win. 
■wavt, M.P., was a comiiiissiuner for the Pl.uitations ami clerk to tlic 

Mr. Tlionias Becklt s, perhaps a brotlicr of Eobcrt, was burird at JSt. 'M 
10 Jan. 1G77-S. Fro!ii one of ihes^e probably descended Henry Ik'ckles, A 
Gen. of Wo^, Avho d. 2t; Feb. \77'2. 

Edward Hj'ndinan Heclcli's w;is Bi.sbnp of Si.-ri-a ficone in IsiiO. 

Who is the present representative of tiie fannly "r" — [ICjjitou.j 






9l3Stracts ol iStbis (IS^tUs in tijc ^3.£X** 

Michael Peeey. Ex'ois to Capt. Perry's will. Accordin<:; to his desire tliat 
M'' John lliue to be one, M'' Joseph Earle to be second, M"" Wni. Ji)neR the third, 
Capt. Win. Daves tho fourth, and that it is iiis desire that these Gcnth'nicn 
should make up the account that depends between him and .M' I'huuias W'alden 
which have been of long standiuLC between them at that time, he the sd. Pery had 
moneys in S'' Wm. Canu's hand, and that the sd. Waldin would not Jet him alone 
before sd. Pery gave a noat oti the sd. Sr. Wra. Cann for about £']0 odd and 
upon giving that noates pronn'sed to refer the Acct. to any 2 men, therefore it 
tis my desire that those Articles shall be inspected into by those desired to be my 
ei'ors, for never a one of his articles dated after his receipt which my wife have 
am I any ways liable two knowing that after that we contracted no acciuint 
between us for there was £50 that \\as in the (h\neis I'ndeavours hooi^ in 
M"' Hind's hand that 1 know not how it was answered. M'' Walden was pur.-er 
two voyages ago and makes the sd. Pery Dep' for the oiii]\in<4 frayt for wliich 
there is a great deal y' have not bem golherd in as the .Shi[)s bnck will make 
appear in Sr. Wm. Canu's baud as M'' 13un;es fia\t for his suns siiuar M' .huMli 
Beales frayt and Sr. Wm. Cans frayt, and whereas the sd. Pery paid damage to 
several other men liis pt. althou'^h that lie had damage himself as appears by Acct. 
that his wife have, he coidd not bo alh>wed any mnv her rotjirivth his ]iart of 
damage answerahle to the other, likewise there was £-51) which was to be received 
from M'' Carv which everyone received his part but myself, Init M' Cann could 
not get his piart from M'' Gary but stopt it from me the sd. Pery, and if an\ tiling 
should be lost 1 ought to lose no more, but my ['art likewise they cut of my 
Commissions which was due to me at Jamaica which was abotit C12 not allowing: 
me anything for my e.vpences.'' M' ]\ogers now my Chief 31atc to succeed me as 
Master and Commander of Shi)) Owners Kndeavour, ^V' Li\»ch to be Chief ^latc, 
"aud likewise the last voyage to iS'evi.s in my absence at sea the owners of the 
ship Owners Endeavour passing the ships book makes me debtor for £'■) oi\i\ 
moneys frayt for sugar liuU was not in the ship as ^U Wahlen well knownc- '" 
1 have left in hands of M' William .NFinor resident in Nevis .'JO jiipes of .Madarro 
wiue for which I was to pay him half Commissions and the ctfccts he was to sliip 
Lome at 12 months ago. Likewise £20.') in bamis of M"" William Dane, al.-o my 
quarter part of ship ()wners I'bideavour with t'le value abmil L'2(I0 or ,Co()i> 
aboard sd. ship as will appear bv liio (in cntory. all which u'ooils heri' iin'iiti'iicd 
and what herself is jwivy \o 1 leave to niv 'tear and espon.-'d wife but if siu' die 
before it come to her hands to .lolm i^ipwcdl C ll'O and .f lOiM n p.n Mi ef Tcm|dc 
in Bristol, to my father .t'ltU). and to ovei-seers of my will f'li' between them and 
the rest to the 2 daurs. of M' Cuilham whose names are .Mary and t lie oilu-r 
sister unmarried. Witnesses: John Papwell, John liogers. Joseph Leach. 

* Contiuufd from [i. 283. 



Jolin rapwell of city of Bi-istol, iitariiicr, s\\x>ars tliat on 10 Sep. IfiSf) he. nt 
request <if Michael reri'v, late of sd. eity, since dec, urote his will (as above) 
which uas (July executed in tlic liarliour of London Derry in the KiiiL^dom ,t\' 
Ireland wlicro sd. ^l. Perry was Couiuiander of the iSliip Owners J'^ndeavour cjI" 
Bristol in Service of their Majesties, tliis Deponent bcini;; then and tluro 
Connnaiiiler of the vShip Jerusalem in the same service, and there afterwards in 
Lonilon Dcrrv afsd. on Sundav 1-j Sep. the sd. M. Perry died. Sworn 21 Dec. 

Adui'on c.L.a. i Jan. 10^9 to Sarah Perry, widow, relict of Michael Perry, Lile 
of city of Ih'istol, but at London Derry, Irel., dec, John IJine, Joseph E;irie, 
esquires, William Jones and AVilliani Davies the ex'ors renouncing. (9, Dyke.) 

"William Daviks, of this Island, merchant. Will dated 20 Aug. 1G89. To 
be bur. at discretion of M'' John "Whitson and 31'' William Minor iny Trustees 
hereinafter mentioned. To sd. J. AVhitson and AV. Minor of this Island, 
merchants, a beaver hat to each. To poor of parish of Charles Town m this 
Island 500U lbs. of Muscovado sugar to buy bread for poor. To William I/ing 
wlio now lives with me 5U00 lbs. of Muscovado sugar. M'-' John Gary of Bristol, 
merchant, to be ex'or and residuary devisee and Jeuatce. Sd. J. ^\'hitson and 
W. ]\Iiiior to be overseers and trustees for my ex'or, etc AVitnesses : Ebenezar 
Kyrtland, Thomas Harner, John Cliinn, William Linge. 

Probate IG May lG90"by John Gary the ex'or. (GS, Dyke.) 

Sarah Hiclxies,* of Island of Nevis, solo ex'trix of Robert H. of same, dec. 
Will dated -i Oct. 1GS7. Tiic £500 left by my dec. husband to my sister 
Christian Ilelmes. for whii h Ca|)t. Philip 1-ee hath at my request entered into 
obligation to ])ay, to be pd. to sd. Ca[)t. P. Lee out of money due to me in hands 
of M'' .John Maryon of Brenntree, co. Essex. I'o my sister Elizabeth the wii(! of 
Capt. William Freeman, clothes, etc £200, for which 1 have entered into bond 
this day to M'' Joseph Liltle of Island of Mountserrat, to be paid him. To 
Silvanus Tayler of Island of Nevis, merchant, £20. To my 3 servants Humphery 
I'Mwards, Elizabeth Hughes and Elizabeth Latchfeild £10 each. To my verv 
good friend Capt. Philip L(>e afsd. large silver tankard. To friends M'^ Jane 
31asculine of city of London my wrouL;ht bed being now in Ivigland. To 
-\["' Mary Maryon, daur. of sd. AT' John M., silver basin. To my 2 aunts M''^ 
Alary Ijaxler of London and Al'~ Alary Little of Alseburv, Bucks, £25 apiece. 
To sd. I'llizabcth Latehfeild £2(.). also £U) more, last being so much due for wages. 
To my bro. Capt. AVilliam I-'reeman £U'0. £.")0 to AT Henry Freeman, bro. of 
.-d. Wdliaiii. lusidue to ueice Al'M-'lizabcth Baxter of London, onlv daur. and 
s(dc heir of my brother William B. of London, lately ilec, and she to be ex'tri.x. 
James Houblin, esq., and sd. luo. Ca|it. AV. Ereeman of London and Pbiliji Lee 
and Henry Carpenter, esquins, of Xe\is. to be overseers. To sd. J. Uoubiiii and 
n. Carpenter, esquires, a hlnl. (darei. AVilnesses : Arch. ][utches(,u. I\a. Lomax, 
Silvanus Taylor, \\'illiam llarrin^'ton. 

Adm'on c.l.a. 17 Alay IGiK) to .lames ILndilon, esq., lawful L,niardian of 
Eii/.abeth Baxter, a minor, daur. of a bro., ex'trix and resid. legatee during her 

I'robatc 25 June 1701 bv Elizabeth J3axter afsd., she being of full age. 
(72, Dyke.) 

JosKi'U Lovi), of Island of Xevis. merchant. AVill dated in Nevis 1(> Nov. 
1GS9. To my kinsmait John Lewis who now lives with mc £150 at expiration of 
his apprenticeship. To my kinswoman Sarah DulVicld £50. To. Ai'' KicharJ 

• Sec pocliL;rco, anif, V., 40. 



Sreriwpllier £') in full for wlmt Lc can claim of my estate in partnorsliip. Eesjt 
of es'tc* to my bro. M' Hciirv L. of lJI■i^tul, merchant, in ive and ho to Ix' t-x'or. 
Col. Jolin Xttlnvay am! Capt. I'iiilir. Lcc to he overseocs. Witncs.-^es : Ehcnc/.t-r 
KyrtlanJ, Francis Simcnds. ]{ii:liaiil MiTicr, David Th( inns +. 

lo Jan. 1(jS9-J)0 before Hon'''' Ctd. .loliii Nctlu'wav, J)cj)iitv (idvcriior, 
appeared Ebonezer Kyrlinnd, Eichard 31e>scr (xic), i'rancis Simons and David 
Thomas, all of full ay:c, and swore they saw testator execute the will. 

Probate 13 May IGOO bv llenrv L", bro. and ex'or. (74, Dvke.) 

TiiOM vs H.vnvKY, of city of Bristol, c;ent.. now resident in this TsImikI fXevis). 
"Will dated 12 Dec. l()s;)." To my daiir. -in-law Martha Tai'soiis CliOt) at 1(J or 
marr'e. To friend Thomas Tovy of this Island £l(K). ]?est C(]iiallv to mv wife 
Mary H. and my son Thomas and they to be e.x'trix and ex'or. Frier.ds .M'' J(dui 
Freeke and M' Thomas Hicks of city of l^ristol, and .M"" .liihn Stre.iter and Tho. 
Tory of this Island to be overseers, and to each £10. Witnesses: .In" Chinn, 
Ja. Browne, Tho. Bis.?e, Jan., Law. Jerome. 

23 Dec. 1G90. Appeared ^M'' John C'liinn, Capt. Ja. Browne and M' Law. 
Brome, witnesses, and vouched for sil. will. 

Probate 2 Nov. IGOl by Mary H., widow, relict and one oF the ex'ors. Power 
reserved for Thoma.s H. the son and or. ex'or. (192, Vcre.) 

A\'^1T,L1A>[ A\'i!AX.vr,h, ot" city of Brist(d, mariner, now resident in Island of 
Nevis. AVill dated 29 Jan. lG9l)-l. To my son William W. my 2 houses and 
laud in North Street, Bcdminstcr, co. Somers., in fee and £.jO in my \n ife's lia.nds, 
but if ship Sea Flower, now in this Koad, arivc with her car^'o safe in^land, I 
give him £-50 more to be jjaid him at expiration of liis apprenticeship. To my 
daur. ISIary W, £200 and her own mother's weddiuLr rin^- and £.ji), if sd. siiip 
arive, at 21 or nnirr'e. To !\['' Jolm .Slrealei aipl William Minoi', mci'ch.ints in 
Nevis, M'' Abraham Elton and my bi-o. IVier W , merchant and m irincr of 
Bristol, £5 each. To M''' Penelope Harris for care of me in my sickness ClO. To 
iny 6 sons Peter, Andrew, Nathaniel. John, Samuel and Joseph W. two third parts 
of all the remainder of est. e(|ually at 21 or marr'e. If child my wife now uocth 
withal live, he or she to have equal share. To my wiPe .Mary W . rest of este. in 
fee, and she to be ex'trix. My sd. fiiemls M'John Streater and M'' William 
Minor, M'' Abraham Elton and my bro. Peter W. to be ex'ors and overseers in 
trust and guardians ot sd. childi'cn. WitiiCsses : Azariah I'enny, Leon'' Hancock, 
Nico. Downinpf. Jti" Pichardson. \\'iliiam tiodman, M'^m. Jjates. 

Probate 18 Feb. 1091 [-2J by Mary \V., relict and ex'trix. (."JS, I'ane.) 

Wirj.iAM "W'atlks, late of citv of Bristol, but at present of Islam! of Nevis, 
merchant. "Will (htted G Nov. I(i9(). To S' Thomas parish piOO ibs, of su-ar to 
be laid out in a piece of plaie To M'' Thos. Gear my luam, scales and w I'i .;lii-'. 
To !M'^ I\ath. ^Mannini^ my negro woman Vendah. To lileamn- Murphy my ncu'ro 
boj- named Nevis. To Thomas Avres £10. To M" reneioiie Harris 3 nei^ro 
women and a child J piirclid. of John llcndv. The £."'0 I am indebted lo 
M'^ James (ia]h'[) lo he paid out of ^ooiis >!ii[)|H(l liome in p.irt nei-sliip with 
]\l'' William W'oruan. J'o .M'' Thomas Tovy £.3it out of renls cf i>'ic in l!n;,'!and. 
To M'' William Woru'an £30. To my honouied na)ther M'' Anne Harris all my 
cs'te for life, remr. to my 2 nepliews Thomas Harris and William Wilkins in tee 
in common. Wh'as there is mine and my mother's life in. house known as Pal[)h 
Grant's House in Patcliif Street. Bristol.", my motlicr aipl .M"' William Wori^aii to 
purcliase same for life of my sister Aiuie Hariis, and after mother's death 1 



bequeath same to scl. sister. ^lollier M" Ann H.irrls and friend William 
"WoiuM.ii to !)f ex'or.s in EnL;Iaiiil and IM'' Tliomas Tow to Be ex'or liere. 3Iy bro. 
Jolm Wilkins to be disciiar^ed any debts lie may owe me. Witnesses: Tbcop'' 
^lo.-^e.s Lfvermore, Jobn Isaacks. ,Io1in Streatcr, Ebenez"' Kyrtland. 

20 Nov. IGOO A[)i)i.arid D' Theophilus Closes Levermore and Ebeuezer 
Kyrtland and voticb for will. 

Probate IS .Maroli 10.)l^-"2] by Ann Harris ami William Worgan, two of tlie 
ex'or.*. (GO, Fane ) 

Ad.vm Co:mbks, ihe now husband of Joanna C, of city of Bristol, mariner. 
AVill dated 1-S ^Sepr. lOOl. To uiy danr. Eii/.abeth C, the daur. of my former Avife 
Eli/.abetli C, loO.OOO lbs. of suLrar. to 1 e paid by IMr. Walter Symotids, planter m 
Nevis. To her the 'W'estraoe or tcnmt. in Lewinsmead, p'ish of S^ James, Bri-stol. 
All goods equally between mv wife Joanna and my 2 children Elizabeth and 
Susannah C., sd. wife Joanna 0. and my 2 children to be ex'trioes. Witnesses: 
Phillip Skrine, Nathaniel Coates. Jial])h i3arrow, Thomas Sampson, Jonah Jackson, 
Edward Darville. 

Piobate G Ajn-. 1()92 by Joanna C, relict and one of the ex'trices. Power 
reserved for l^lizabcth C. and .Susanna C. the daurs. and other ex'tiiees. (Gi, Fane.) 

Cull. Joux Nethewav,* of tliis Ishuul (Nevis) Governour. Will dated 23 July 
1G91. To my sister-in-law Ainic Ifanscombe, Avidow, living in London £300, she 
to clear my es'tc frmi all debts of licr former husband, Mr. Matihew H. dec. To 
my sister-in-law Elizabeth Smith in Loudon £300. To my mother-in-law Mrs. 
Marg' Netlieway, A\idov.', livin;^ in Bristol £100. To my kinswoman, Mrs. Sarah 
Gnniey's first child S,000 lbs. of sugar at age of li. To my cousin John 
Eichardson S,000 lbs. of sui,'ar at 18. To my wife's kinsman ['s] son, Phillip 
JJewitt, son of Phillip D., -10,000 lbs. of sugar at IS. To godson John Huffam 
5,000 lbs. of sugar at IS. To godson Wil'iam Chisurs 8,000 of sugar at 18. To 
godson Simon Ijrown sou of SiiiKui B., dec, 3,000 His. of sugar at IS to buy him 
a young negro boy w <x\v\. To .Mary Thompson 4,000 lbs. of sugar aud to Elizabeth 
TumpsoM 2,()iiU l!:s. ot suu'ar lotii ai 11 or marr'e. To Thomas Thorne 2,000 lbs. 
of sugar for \\ilLinL,' my ^\'ill. Best of cs'te to my wife Mrs. Mary N. for life and 
to kii.sman Mr. .loiiatlian Netheway of Loudon, gent., in tail male in deft, to next 
of bliHid of the name if any, otherwise to the heiresses of sd. Jonathan Netheway. 
Sd. wi'e and kinsman to be ex' Capt. Walter Simonds, esq., Capt. Wiliii'.m 
Jielmes, tapt. .lohn Staiuiley, Dan' Smith and Lieut. Pliilli]) Dewitt to be overseers, 
to each 1,000 His. uf sugar to buy lliem beaver hats. Witnesses: John Smargin, 
Tho. J5elmaii, Tho. 'I'lioriie, AVm. [Maiden, .lames Ixawhigh. 

Picbate 17 Sij)f. 1G1)2 by Jonathan Netheway one of the ex'ors. Power 
reserved for JMary N. the relict autl other ex'ors. The Governor died 12 Feb. last. 

17 Sept. 1G!)2. Appeared Jotiathan Netheway, of city of London, gent., aud 
swore that on 27 June he received a letter by the Post from Nevis dated 
1() Apr. ]G'.)2 signed John Stanley, Phil. Dewitt, Dauiidl Smith em losing a copy 
of Will of deceased and believes cojiy to be ■written by sd. Phillip Dewitt, who is 
a man cd' good reputation and es'te in Nevis. I.") Se[>t. 1092. Appeared Joseph 
Martin, of city of London, merchaiu and vouches for letter and copy of will as 
being in hand of I'hillip Dewitt who had formerly been his servant. (171, Fane.) 

Thomas Ri;i.t'iiAMi;Kii, of Island of Nevis, Esq. AVill dated 9 Peb. 1G02.3. 
To my s ster Elizabeth Pennington's children £00 each, they having greatest 
occasion thereof to be paid imu eiiiately. To my sister Meriam Shelberrie's chil- 
dren £10 each. To my sister Augustiu's children £lO each. To my god-daur, 

* Sec iiedigieo, ante, V., oC. 



Elizabeth Ttolt 1,000 ot iniv^cnvalo .su,';if a vear until she be 21 or married, off onr 
,\ntei;ua Planfatioii. To inv i'noiul Col. ('havlos Pyin, riiliii'jr horse, etc. To 
Charle.s Town Parish of this i'slaibl C'iO piece of phite for service of Communion 
'l'al)!e. To friends Siivanu:^ Taylor and ilciry ImiUou oE this islaii'l t:!00 between 
tiieui to settle accounts in partnership wiili llenry Carpenter, etc. ilec, as we were 
concerned for the Customs and the Jioyal .Vfrican Co.. they also havin.; re^rard to 
our debts to .Mr. Cary and myself. Col. llowhind Williams, Capt. Samuel Home 
and IMr. Alexander Graff )rd to have nrinaj^ein't of our Anticjua piautation and to 
ship home sugar to Jvichard Carv. To each a beaver hat. Kichanl Caiw, merchant 
ill London to be heir and sole ex'or, Col. Charles Pym, Aaron Chapm in. esq., yir. 
Phillip Jerome and Sdvanus Tavlor to be overseers and to each a Ikmvct hat. 
A'/itiicsses: Thornt.ju Jones, Bridget Hogers, Dinah Muiule, .Mai-tha .Moore, Hen. 
Boll on. 

Probate 5 Se])t. lGO-3 by Ricliard Cary the ex'or. Brought in and later will 
proved Nov. following. (13G, Colcer.) 

TnOM.vs Belcii.vmbek of Island of Nevis, esq. "Will dated 2-i May IGDS. 
Same a.s foregoin;^ except Silvanus Taylor is not joined with Henry Bolton to 
settle testators acc'ts, and ]Mr. Wifliam Ling is stibstituted for him as an overseer. 
"Witnesses: Charles l^owland, Geo. Jvichardsun. Geo. J.ittman, Henry Houltiui. 

Nevis 12 Aug. 1003 a])pearcd before lion''''' Col. Samuel Gardner, Lieut. 
Governor, Doctor Charles J-iowland, 'Siv. Geo. liichardson and .Mr. (tco. Littman 
who vouclied foL" Avill. 

Probate 21 Nov. I(i03 by Ixichartl Cary the ex'or. Probate of an earlier will 
made o Sept. last having been brought in and declared void. (17G, Coker.) 

Jou\ SxiiKATKK, of Island of Xevis, merchant. Will ilated 12 Nov. 1091. 
To poor Quakers of this Islanil ClU to the IMen"s .Mcctini:. To p lor of Charle.s 
Town jjarish £10. To my bro. Ih'iiry S. £o for a piece of pl.iie and to each of 
liis childi'en 20*-. To my bi'o. Samuel S. £5 for plate. To ni} sister Waller £3 
and to each of her children 206-. To my sister Kliza Barnard o£3 and to each of 
her children 20^. To my sister ]Mary H(ddcn £3. To my partner Cant. Edmond 
Scroope £10 for ])iece of i)Iate and 20.v. each to liis chi!drei\. To .\za I'inney £5. 
If I have a child by my wile Sarah S. then half of residue of es'te and what 1 have 
as ex'or to my bro. \Villiam ]\linor, to him or her when of age and the other halt" 
to bim or her after mv wife's death in fee, but if ] have no child my whole es'te 
to my wife Sarah in tail in deft, io my 2 brothers. Henry S. and Sanniel S. in fee 
in conunoi:. Sd. wife to be ex"trix. Friends Capt. William Meade, Hbene/er 
Kyrtlatid, Sylvanus 'I'ayior and .V/.a Penney to be overseers in Nevis and my brot!iei-,s 
Henry and Samucd S. in England, and to t-ach a beaver ii;it. Witncs-es: \\ m. 
Bunt, Law Brome, The. Bridgwater, Wm. Lim,'. Adnron c.t.a 20 .Inne l(;i)t 
to Henry t'treater and Samuel Streater ex'ors and lesid. leuat<i's in will ot Sarah 
Streater, dec, relict ex'lrix of will of .luhn S., late of isLnid of Nevis, ti.erchant, 
dec, tiie sd. Sarah S. having died before taking Probate. (.110, Box.) 

SAttAll SiKKATKi:, relict and ex'lrix of .bdm S., late of this Island (.\evis), 
merchant, dee. Wili dated 9 .Mar. lGii2-3. To my moll. ei- Sarah .Mino.">.f 15iistol, 
widow, all nu)ney. etc, now iu my possessim!, also dwelling house in .Marsh Street 
iu Bristol, bequeatlml to me by John .Minor of Bristol, luariner, for life, also C-'iO 
anny. out of my sil. late iiusband"s estate for her life, to bepaui by my iu-others 
Henry Streater and Samuel Streater, w hon\ 1 a])point ex'urs. Tu liiem all rest of 
estate in fee. To my negro woman Baly feu- her lidebiy and care towards me her 



freedom. Friends Aaron Chapman. William Meade and Silvanus Taylor to be 
ox'or.f in tru-^t in abH'u.-c of my c.v'iirs atVd., and to each a beaver liat. Whs. : 
Wm. Lin;^', Tiio. Evans. II u_di (inriicy, -Sarah Caminell X. 

Probate 20 Juno Kii)-! bv Jlenrv ^treater and .Samuel Streater the ex'ors. 
(140, Box.) 

Edmo.vd Scuopk of sd. Isiland (Barbados), esq. AVill dated 21 Aug. IGO-i. 
]Mr. Robert Yate of BrI??tol, merchant, and -Mr. Eobert Henly of Londou, mer- 
chant, to be trustees of my will and guardians of my 3 daurs. Ann, Mary and 
Kli/abetli S , whom 1 appoint cx"trice.s. AI"" James Aynsworth, AI' William 
Godmaii, both of the .-^d Jshiiid, merchant.-;, to be ex'ors in trust for sd. daurs. of 
all goods in sd. Ishmd. To my sifter Ann Castle £100. To my niece Ann 
.Adams £-30. To my danr. Maiyall the <(old in my little Ivast India Escritoire. 
To Kev. .M'' Eranc'is Alakenny £LU. To sd. E. Yate and 11. Heuly £10 each. 
To sd. ex'ors in trust £l(J each. To Gcorgj Alassey in lieu of all -wages £30. 
To M'' Jonatlian Wills a mounnug rin^^. To my sd. daurs. I uf house and land in 
Charles Town in Lslaiul of Xevis. which was between AI'' Streets and myself, in 
fee. To my neice Elizabeth Castle £-30. AYits. : James Lewis, Cicelia Lewis, 
Jane Jope, Nicli. King. 

Adm'on c.t.a. 10 Feb. U)9±[--3] to Eobert Yate aiul Robert Henley, overseers 
and guardians, during mimn-ity of Anne, Mary and Elizabeth S., minors, daurs. of 
dec. and ex'triccs. (32, Irby.) 

Joiiy Lloyd of London, mariner. "NVill dated 27 Jan., "Wm. and ]\L, 1G93. 
Bound on a vo3'age to East Indies, To mv wife Hannah LI. all estate in fee, and 
she to be ex'trix. Wits. : Xath U^nwin, J. Wilmers, Zach. Hallings. 

Codicil, dated at Xevis 10 ALir. IGOo. To be bur. at discretion of AI'' Foreman 
Bas.«e, M'' John Conway and AI'' Sautuel Cooper. I confirm Will left with my 
wife before leaving England. As to (Toods on board stdp " Nassau," to ex'trix 
Hannah Lloyd GSOO jembe canes. 1200 canes that was AL'' Coojier's, 190 bundles 
of rattans, and everything else of mine on board the " Nassau.'" £20 to Col. 
Gardener, Governor of the Island, £20 among company of ship " X'assau, and 
£S0 for my entei'ment, and £1200 due to me per AI'' Cooper's accounts to my 
e.t'trix to be paiil by my owners. Jercnn'ah Basse and Beitninham West to talce 
into custody all things bchuiging to moon board ship '" X'as.sau," and -lohn A'aleu- 
tiue, tliey to manage aii affairs till tiiey get to England, ^\'its. : Samuell Gardner, 
Jos. Jordan, Ro. Stewart. 

Probate 27 ^May 1090 bv Hannah Lloyd, widow, the relict and ex'trix. C73, 

WiLLiA-M AIixoii of this Island (X'evis), merchant. AVill dated 12 Oct. 1091. 
To my mother Sarah AI. of Bristol £100. To William Ling 5000 lbs. of musca- 
vado suLjar. 'I'o William Christophers oOOO lbs. of same. Rest to my brother 
John Streater in fee, and he to be cx'or. Aly friend Charles Jones of liristol and 
Silvanus Taylor of X'evis to he overseers, and to each a beaver hat. Wits. : 
AValter Hamilton, Jn" fiowis. Lawrence Broome, Arthur Plomer. 

Adm'on c.t.a. 4 July 1G90 to John Cary, principal creditor of testator (a 
baclielor), John Streater the cx'or having also died before taking Probate. J'ticaf 
quia net sii/illut'. (1G2, Bond.) 

AVdl apparently ideiilieal with above. 

Adm'on c.t.a. 1 Sept. IGOG to Henry Streater and Samuel Streater, ])rothers 
and adm'ors c.t.a. id' .)(dui Strealer, dee. ex'or and residuary legatee of William 
Alinor, junior, late of city of Bristol but at Xevis, a bachelor, dec, by the declara- 
tion of fed. H. and S. Streater. (IS8, l^ond.) 



Thomas Dittie of city of Bristol, merchant. Will dated 22 Jan. 1G9G, 
8 Win. III. To Master Thomas Attwood, uiercliant, on Island of Mountscrrat, 
my moiety of young ><\'^ro man Joiiiiy, he to nialce up all account.^ of our part- 
nership of factorage and merchandico. My mother Elizabeth D. to be ex'trix, 
and she to have all personal estate of sd. partnership and also of partnership ^vith 
sd. T. xVttwood on Island of Xevi,^, Barbadocs, or in Colony of A'ew England. 
Friends Lieut. Col. Anthony ITodgcs, Capt. John Davis, merchant, of Mount- 
serrat, and M'' Edward Foy, chyrurgeou, of Bristol, to be es'ors in trust, and to 
each 3 gu'as for a beaver hat. Witnesses: Thomas Kead, Sarah Borrow. 

Probate 22 Feb. lG9G[-7] by Eli/.abeth Ditty, mother and ex'trix. (28, Pyuo.) 

Humphry Lewis, Commander of the ship " Scarborough. Will dated at 
Nevis 8 Oct. 169G. To my sister Sarah a gold ring. To ray sister Elizabeth the 
like. My fatlier and mother Eoger and Hannah L. to be ex'ors, and to them all 
due to me from the owners of said ship, also silver-headed cane and what is n-iine 
on board sd. ship, viz., 3 tierces of muscavado sugar marked H.W. one to three, 
and 12 barrels of sugar, a bag of cotton wool and a bag cotton in partnership with 
George Mills, and also 2 hhds. and a tierce of tobacco. Witnesses : Joseph 
Chapman, Hugo Parker, Charles"'Treeton, James Allison. 

Probate 5 Aug. 1G97 by Eoger L., the father and one of the ex'ors. Power 
reserved for Hannah L. the mother and o'r ex'or. (1G3, Pyuc.) 

,• TiMOTHt Moresby of the ship " Scarbrow," now riding in Nevis, under the 
command of Hugh Tucker. Will dated at Nevis 13 Oct. IGOG. To my sister 
Cate -iOs. To Thomas ^Martin 2()s. iivst of wages to Tnomas Tcap, miiriner, 
belonging to said ship, aud he to be ex'or. Witnesses: Eiias Eichards, John 

Probate G Aug. 1G97 by Thomas Teap the ex'or. (IGo, Pyne.) 

John Brewett of Island of Nevis, planter. Will dated 19 June 1G90. 
Bound off this Island. Wife Anne B., now living in Lambeth, i-o. Surrey, 
England, and my daur. Anne B. living with her to bo ex'trices. Friends ^I/ 
John Streater and M' Christopher Clitton, seu. to be overseers and feoffi'cs iii 
trust (for estate in Nevis), together with my brother in law ^P Walter Gore of 
parish of S' G-eorge, Southwark (for estate in England). 3ly sd. daur. not ti) 
enjoy mv estate until 17 or mai'ried. To sd. 2 (Nevis; overseers GOU lbs. uf sugar 
each for a hat, and to my other overseer \V . (Joar X'G. Witnesses: Tho. Fenton, 
scr., Francis Franklyn, Margret Fenton, Anne Franklyn x. 

Adm'on c.t.a. 2l'July 1GI)9 to W;ilter Gore, uncle and guardian of Anne B., 
minor, daur. and surviving ex'trix of .1. B., hue of Lambeth, co. Surrey, but at 
Nevis, dec, during her minority. Adm'on of sd. dec. as intestate 7 .Inly 1(191 to 
Anne Schoolar ah. Brewett (then wife of Isaac S.), ndict of sd. dec, having been 

Adm'on c.t.a. 8 Feb. 1G99[-1700] to .lohn Stone, husband and guardian of 
Anne S. aJs. Brewett, minor, daur. and sutwiving ex'trix of sd. dec, during her 
minority. Adm'on c.t.a. of July last to Walter Goare, uncle and guardian of sd. 
minor, having expired by reason of the marriage of sd. Anne with sd. J. Stone. 
(lOS, Pett.) 

JoHX WiiTTSox of Nevis, merchant. Will dated 27 Aug. 1G90. To tlie i)oor 
of Charles Tov.n parish 5000 lbs. of sugar. To my eldest sister Mary £100. To 
VOL. Y, A A. 



my sister "Elizjibeth £100. To my wife Elixabetli the rest of my estate in fee, 
and slio to be cx'trix. Fricuils M'' .roliu StreatiT, ]N['' Win. Minor niid Ebenezer 
Kyrtband to lie cx'ors in trust. "Witnesses : \Ym. Tuclier, Ebenezer Kyrtland, 
.Tuiin Sinitli, Wilini. Lin^'. Jeriah "Wall. 

Adm'ou c.t.a. 12 Au>^. 1601) to Thomas A\'.. father of dec, Elizabetli AV. the 
rc]ict and ex'trix having also died before taking Probate. (liO, Pett.) 

AIEXA^"nER Strenxoh, now re.siilent in sd. Ishand (Xevi.s), chyrurgeon. Will 
dated 27 Feb. lG9i), 12 Wm. HI. All e>te. real and per.^onal to the children of 
my brother-in-law John ILdl of Peckliam in Kent, England, by my sister Jone, 
now living at full age. Ex'or -\['' Thomas Wych of London, merchant. Joseph 
Jewell, Commander of the ship the .lohn and L'oger now in sd. J.shand, to be ex'or 
in trust of goods in the Island. Ex'or in trust to pay Dugall Grey, D'' ISemple's 
apprenliee, 10 pieces of eight := £3, my nurse Katherine Weston 10 pieces of 
eight. Wits.: John Moi'rison, Ja. Tavlor. 

Probate 2 July 1700 by Thomas Wyoh, the ex'or. (105, Noel.) 

Bernard WirrtE, now resident in Lsland of Nevis, merchant. AVill dated 
2 Oct. 1G1)9. To M^ Thomas Bridgpwater horse, clothes, etc. To liis wife £10. 
To my brother M'' Samuvl W., merchant in London, ail este. in tliis Island, etc., 
in fee and to be ex'or. M'' Solomon Israel of Island of Xcvis, merchant, and 
M' Azariah Pinney, merchant, to be my ex'ors in trust for concerns in this 
Lsland and in all parts of America. A\"its. : Ja. Taylor, Jo. Shank, .lames Ingles, 
Jos'' Borrow, Caleb Peirce. 

Cod. undated. To sd. M'' T. Bridge water a horje, to M" Bridgewater 2 
small silver cups. To my sister Hannah Jenkinson £20. Same Avitus., omitting 
Jo. Shank. 

Probate IG May 1701 by Samuel AV., brother and ex'or. (74, Dyer.) 

Jonx Lewis, of the Island afsd. (Nevis), merchant. AVill dated 21 Deo. 1G99. 
To my sister Elizabeth L. a three ]iiiit silver tankard, etc. To my father Thomas 
L. £40. To my kinswoman Grizell Lloyd, daur. of James LI. of New England, 
£10. To Mary Gurney, daur. of .John Q-., £5. To Sarah Morris, daur. of 
John I\[., formerly my overseer. £5. To James Taylor silver hilled sword. 
Friends Arthur Plomcr and AViliiani Ling, both of Nevis, merchants, to be ex'urs 
in trust for my concerns in this Island and to each £10. Best of este. to 
M'' Henry Lloyd, merchant of Bristol, in fee and he to be ex'or. AVits. : Kichard 
Johnson, Kichard Coo[)er, Thomas Nowell. 

Probate 9 July 1701 by Henry Lloyd the ex'or. (99, Dyer.) 

JoxATiiAX Nethkway, citizcu and draper of London. AVill dated IG Aug. 
1701. To be bur. with my mother and children in my burial ground at Bnnhill, 
expenct's not more th;iu £10, of which £10 to be exi)cnded in a stone. To my 
cousin George Netheway, his wife aiul children, my cousin Warren, his wife and 
cliiklren, my cousin Lawrence, in's wife and children, my cousin Denhv, his wife 
ami children, my cousin Edith Seward, my ccnisin Thomas .\twood, liis wife atid 
children, my cousins i\Liry and Charles Richardson, my cousin John liichardson, 
liis wife and children, to iMadam Netheway, the widow of mv late cousin Col. 
Johu N., dec, to my cousin Wm. Ward, hi.s wife and children, and to my cousin 
Doringlou Adams, his wife and children, 20s. each for rings. To my mother 



Clarke £5 for niournin? ami to my brothers Samuel and Joseph CLirke 203. 
a piece for ring's. To my brother Cudsden, Iris wife and children, L'O.^. a piece for 
rint^s. To my brother \\':ixiiam, Ids wife and cliiltlren. to my cousin ^Tary Nolal, 
and to my aunt Sarah Clarke, tlic like. To my wife Mary 2s. my 1 houses in New 
Court, Throc;;morton St., Jjonduu, in tenures of AVm. Stubbs, Nathaniel GifforJ, 
[blank'] Hcrtrain and Edmund Day, for her life if my term so lontj continue, also 
my '2 houses in Throgmortou Street afsd. in tenures of Jolm Hitchcock and ~\Vm. 
Smith, for life, they beinti: already settled on her upon marria'^e, .she payini^ 
ground rent. All cste. in island of Nevis, one of the Caribbee Leeward Ishiuds 
in English riaulations in America, vi/. : my ])lantation there, neL,'roes and other 
servants to my sd. brother .lohn AVaxham and my 2 friends 'M' Jolu) Skinner the 
elder and Juhn Skinner the younger, his son, apothecaries in Whitcchapel, in fee 
upon trust for sale. Residue of purchase money for my son Jonathan N. ]\Iy 
este. in New West Jersey in America and my 3.j shares in West Jersey Co. to- my 
sd. son Jonathan N. in fee. .My G black slaves in hands of widow Symonds of 
Charles Town in Carolina in Ameiica to my sd. son. My 11 shares in the lilue 
Paper Co. and my one share in the (ireeniand Co., my -la- shares in the i?oyal 
African Co. and my one share in the old East India Co. to my sd. son. 5ly 
copyhold lands held of Recconden Manor, co. Essex, to sd. son in fee. My 
2 leaseh. mess'es held for 200(J years at a peppercorn in Eell Alley in Coleman St., 
Loudoii, in tenures of John Gladwin and Nathaniel AVinchestcr, to sd. son. ^ly 
2 freeh. messes, in tenures of Jolm Hitchcorke and Wm. Smith, after sd. wife's 
death, to sd. sou in fee, and to him freeh. mcss'e in I'iver St. or Savage Garden 
near Tower Hill. My sd. 4 mess'es in New Court and Throckmorton St. in ]j'ish 
of S. Bartholomew Exchange, now in tenures of sd. Wm. Siubbs, Nathaniel 
GifFord, Ibhmk'j Bertram and Edmund Day, after death of wife, to sd. son, and to 
him 2 mess'es in Shorters Court in Throckmorton St. in sd. pish, in tenures of 
Benjamin Gladman and John Blanch, and my 3 mess'es in the Little Minorics iu 
p'ish of Trinity Minories, iu tenures of Jonathan Afatson, Nathaniel Clement 
[blank], and my 2 mess'es in Buttolph Lane iu p'ish of S' Geo., Botolph Lano 
near Billingsgate, the one in tenures of Henry ilarten, D'^ William Bedford, and 
the cellar under M'' Marten, the Grocers Shop in my own hands, and the other in 
the occupation of ]^obert Dodd, and mv mess'e iu Little 'J'hames Street called the 
I'lying Horse, in p' of S' ]\[aguus, London, in tenure of Sir Bartholomew 
(Jracedue, my mess'e in Thredneedle St. in p'ish of S' Chri.stophers, in tenure of 
\Vm. Peepys, and my 2 mess'es in S' Alary .\x in p'ish of S' Andrew L'nder.diaft, 
in tenures of Joseph Jacob and Thomas Dashwood, my G mess'es in Lamb Court 
in Abclmrch Lane near Lumbard St. ii\ p'ish of S' ^lary Abchurch, in tenures of 
I'ilizabeth Smith, Anne Waterman, Thoujas Ci.adwell [bhmk], Wm. Chees(>ma'u 
and Briilgec [blank], my 3 mess'es in Clements Lane near Lumbard Si. in pisli of 
S' Cleinenfs, East- Chea.]', in tenures of Thomas Hackley, [blmik] Townsenil ainl 
Thomas 'Jraytoii. and my m(>s-;'es in S!;ue Lane in eccupati^n of Jtdin Call. Tn 
my sd. Sim n.y iibi-ary, about 1,(100 bouks. To my wife Mary N. all luiusehdld 
goods, etc. To sd. son, bed Avhich his grandmother Netheway wrou^lit a little 
before her death. The house 1 now dwell in and hold of Esij"' Austin to lie 
ilisposed [of]. Sd. son to be put out to lioard to a pious and ^ood sclmol. 
nsaster at £'.iO a year until lie be 12, then .I'll); from 11 to IG Ci)t>, that is, if )io 
shall for the hist 2 years be bred u]) at the University, otliervsise but C 10, at 
which age he is to bo put forth to aii .Vttorney t\)r 7 years. Upon his 
articling he to be entered into one of the Inns of Court so that he may the 
sooner come to the i5;ir. During such service he to have £10 a year. Kest of 
j^ootls to my sd. son, ex'ors to manage sanu- until he be 22. My sd. brt'ther John 
Waxham and 2 fiieniis John Skinner, senior and junior, to be ex'ors until n:y sd. 
son bo 22, and to each £10, a'so £.50 on surrendering' their tru-t. wiien my sd. 
son IS to be ex'or. Wits.: Samiiei L.iylieid, Jn" Hane'ock, Edm. Wood, Tiionuis 
Seth, servant to .Mr. John Carretl Ser. 

Adm'ou c.t.:i. \2 Sept. 1701 to Marv N., widow, motlier and guardian of 
Jonathan N., son and substituted cx'or of will of J. N., late of S' Lei)nard, 

i. A 2 



Shnreclitc-}!, co. "Midrl?:., until sd. ex'or be 22 or sd. Mary N. be married ; JoTni 
ykimier, ?cn,, and John Skinner, jun., 2 of the ex'ors in trust, having renounced, 
John W'axhani. the otlier cx'or in triut, being at present in the Indies imd 

Trobnte 21 Jan. 1702[-3] by John Waxliani, one of the ex'ors. Adrn'on 
c.t.n. of Sept. 1701 having expired by reason of death of sd, Mary X., -widow. 

Probate IS July 17 IG by Jonathan jS'., son and ex'or. Probate of Jan. 1702 [ 
bavin" ceased by reason of sd." Jonatlian 2s. being 22. (129, Dyer.) 


jMai;tix Mawax, bate of Xevis iji America and now of London, esq. AVill 
dated 17 IVfarch 1703, 3 Anne. To my eldest son Martin M., over and above the 
plantation called Sussclls with negroes which I and niy wife have settled on him 
by deed lately made in England, £2000 at 21. To my daur. Penelope M., in 
addition to her provision under sd. deed, £3000 at 21 or marriage. To my .s('n 
James Piussell ]\r. £2000 at 21 in addition to the 2 plantations in Nevis settled 
under sd. deed. To my yst. son Eichard ^\., in addition to his provision under 
sd. deed, £2oOO at 21. To my wife Penelope M., on whom the phmtations in 
]S'evis are settled for life, all houseliold goods, etc., £;'j00. To my motlier-in-law 
Dame Peneloi^e Kussell £20 ff>r mournin?, al.^o £20 annuity for life. To my 
si.-ti'i' Oirnldir.c in Dublin £-j0. To my brother ]vobirt JM. £.50. To my sister 
M;iiLiaret ('who>e surname 1 do not know) £30. To my sister Dame Frances 
Stapleton £25 for mourning: 'IVi my friend Col. Wm. Ling of Xevis 20 Fj'cncb 
pistolls. To my maidservant Mavgai'et Wroth £10. Priojids M'' Joscpii IMartyn 
(>f London, merchant, and bis 2 sons-in-law, M"" Wm. Peliowes and i\I'' Thomas 
Andrews 1o be ex'ors, and to each mourning and £20 for a. diamond ring, liest 
of est'e to sd. ex'ors in trust for my sd. 4 children equally at 21. ^Vits. : \V. Cock- 
burne, P. Allix, W'" Rolt(>n. 

Probate 20 Mar. 170;'.[-4J by .l.sijdi Marlyn, William Fellowes, esq., and 
Thomas Andrews, tlie ex'ors. (GO, Ash.) 

(7'o le continued.) 

CJjmlian of antir^tia. 

This Ind're of four ]inrts made the 15 Nov., 39 Ceo. TIT., 179S Ik'twcen James 
Tayior of Wan.sioad co. l>sex JCsq. of the l'^' part ; Tbo. Eodie late of the town of 
Liverpool but now of the is!and of Antigua merchant and Geo. Ma.cTntosh of the 
Poyal b'.\change in^uI■auce broker of the 2'' part ; llie said Geo. Macintosh and 
Jvichard Thorntoh uf the borough of Southwark, co. Surry merchant creditors of 
the said James Taylor and trustees of the 3'' part; and several other creditors of 
the 1''' part. Wheieas by an Ind'j'c dated the 12 Sc])t. 1781 made between John 
l\o>e i:.Mj. dop. pro\ost nn\rshall of Antigua of the 1'* part, 13oyi'e Lcdwell and 
Alex'' Scott of the same island merchants of the 2'' jiart, Natlu Evanson of the 
^aule island, Escp of the 3'' part, reciting that sundry judgments were obtained in 
the I'ourt of C.P. in 1778 against Malihew Christian for several considerable sums 
U])0ii which executions were levied upon Ins ])lanlations which were also charged 
with divers m.u'tgages aiuiuitios it was agreed between tlie heirs at law and 
c-xecinion creditors thai his right and title and e(iuity of redcin])tion should be 
sold iri one lot and on the 10 July 1781 Poyce Ledwell and Alex. Scott jjurcbased 
the same at auction for £5200 and he John Hose with their consent sohl to Nath. 
Evaiisou all the said plantations and slaves upon trust to permit IJoyce Lcdwell 
and Alex. Scott to take the renl.^■ and prolits and "Whereas Alex. Scott died the 



13 Jan. 17S7 in the f.un i«l;ind liavini,' niadf Lis will on the 10 Aul^. 17SG wlicroby 
he giive tlic? residue of his estiite to Wni. J3utler, Tlio. Kodic, John Scott inul 
Henry Pearson i'ov >cver;il triisjs and ;i])pn!nted them liis -executors wliich ^vill was 
recorded in AnuL,'ua and AVliereas by Ind're dated tlie 27 Jan. 1700 made between 
Bovce liCdwel' 

,.iw. interest at G per cent, by a inortgaf;o it is now witnessed that the_\ ,-v.. 
him All that jdantatiou t'ormerly of ^latrhew Clirisiian deceased and afterAvr 


purchased by Ledwell and Scot I called ScJ lliU in tlie division of Faluiouth ai\d 
parish of St. Paul containing -110 acres bounded E. with the sea, 8. with tlie 
plantation of Eilward Byani and Godschall Johnson Ksq. called the Savannah, W. 
with the ]daut;uion of Archibald Cockran Esij., N. with the plantation of Sam. 
Eedhead Esq. called ffrye.s with the shwcs, also all that other plantation formerly 
of the said 31atthew Christian and also purchased by Ledsvell and Scott called 
Bijjins or Bevans lying in Xew and Old Eoad divisions and parish of St. Mary 
eoutaiuing 200 acres bounded E. with another plantation formerly belonging to 
]\ratthew Christian called linyghes, S. with lauds of Sir "\Vm. Young Bart , AV. 
with lands of the heirs of Ifoster deceased and anotlier jilantation formerly of 
Matthew Christian called the Vallev, X. ■with lands of W^m. Allan h]s(p Avith the 
slaves, and also all that other plantation formei-ly of the said Matthew ChristiaTi 
and also purchased by Ledwell and Scott called the Vdllci/ lying in Xew division 
and parish of St. Mary containing '6b0 acres bounded E. with lands of Yv'm. Allan, 
S. with Biflins, S.AY. with lands of the heirs of John Ei'ster, A\'. with lands of 
John Bott Esq., X. with lands of Kobert Pearce deceased called lilubber N'alley 

and with 

pui'clui-ed by 
on~i;ch and 

ands of A\"ni. Allan with the slaves, aUo all that other ])lantatiiiii 
_. . if the said Matthew Christiiin and also purchased by Ledwell and Scott 
^...■vd llui/f/lu's lying in the division of Old Koad and ]);irisli of Si. .Mary containing 
200 acres bounded S.E. and E. with lands of Stephen Lynch J^■<q. deceased called 
Tom Moores, N.E. with lands late of .luhn (rilchrisr Y.m\.. X. with lands o!' Fi-a. 
Farley, W. witii other lands late ot the said .^^altllew Ciiiisiian, S. with !an<ls of 
Sir AVm. Yiamg B' called the liiver estate wiiii the slavis, also all ihat 
plantation formerly of the said ^Litthew Christian and also latclv 
Ledwell and Scott i-allcd El)ncs Creel: estate Ivin^- in liie dl\i-ic.m of -\ 
parish of St. Philip containing 149 acres bounded A. with lands partly of S;cph(Mi 
Lynch deceased and John Lavicount Esq. and late of Kob. (iray i-".-;(|. S. with i.mds 
of John Xibbs gent, and comitry lands of .lohn .Jackson and .Sti'plini Nor.len, 10. 
with lands of Sir Ceo. Colebro(d{e B' and late of Stephen Lyncii, \V. with other 
lands of John Jj\c)ns ]'"sq. and John Lavicount. also ail tliat otlur [ilanlaiion etc. 
called JUnici WiiubfarJ lying in the division of Xon>iicii au'l pari-h of S; . PI 
cojitaining IbO acres bounded X. with lands of .\le.\. W iIKk-I^ INq., Sir ( 
Colcbroo'kc and Xich. L3uch Esq. deceased, S. with laiivls late of .-^aid .\icli. J;_\ 
E. with lands in the possession of ])ersons to whom gr:iuls lia\e been made oi 10 
acres with the slaves and the dwelling houses, still hou>es. windiuiils ami cattle 
mills, cattle nudes and other stock utensils, also all that parcid of lanil in .\cwi,'ate 
Street in the town of St. John bouiiileil E. with IavI.c's Wharf and lands late of 
AVui. Carratt Jlilihousc deceased and then oi T-iyloi-, W. with l.ind> o\ .lohii 
Payne, X. with Xewgate Street, S. with the sea hitc of .Saiu. Ilrowii and sol,! by 
Ind're dated l") June 17^2 by him and Ph. llirksof .\. Km|. in trust for Li.l.\iil 
and Scott, also the messuage built tliercon, also that parci'l ot 
of St. John and division of Dickenson's Bay containini; l-l acio 
with lands of \\\\\. ^Iclviinien S. with lands of John Tavfir an 
also all tliose 2<.l negro men slav<^s all which said plantations am 
use of Jas. Tavlor his heir> sidijcct to a provf-i 
a deed })o'd dated the 2s i'eb. 171'") alter recitin 



ui in the pari.-li 
mndrd \. and )•]. 
W. w II n the St ;i, 
-lave-' are to the 
or i'i-<lemption and Whereas by 
that !.'2('ii() i-.tit ot- the above 

ana .IS 

i!lO,00(.i was tiie money id' Tiio. iiodie. Jas. Tav lor dclar.-d he 

trustee for that Mim and by another deed poll dated the ;) Dec. IT'.lo it was declared 



that £-2000 waa money of Geo. ]\raclnt.)sli and Whereas the wliolc of the fAO.OOO 
reniain.-i owini; and Jas. Tavlur is iudebu'd to Geo. .Macintosh anil lliidiard Tliornton 
arxl to the other parties of the 1'" part in tlie sums opposite tlieir names in the 
schedule annexed Jas. Taylor hath a'j;reed to assitrn and L-oiivey the plantations to 
Goo. Maclnto.-h and Eichard Tliornton upon Trust that they may eall in the 
£10,0U0 and apply £G000 in di.sL-harf;c of his debts, &c. and Tho. Scotland and 
Anthony Browne Esquires are appointed attornies. Signed and Sealed (plain seals) 
by James Taylor, George Ma-ciutosh, and l{ich'' Thorntoji. Signed also by 21 
creditors for a total of about £2000 in various sums. 

(On eleven wide f^kins — purchased May 1917 from a dealer by the Editor). 

By Ind'rc of 2S Jan. 1779 Wm. Gnnthorpe the Tr. and Margt. his wife only 
sister and h. at 1. of Mattlio'sv Christian dec'' conveyed all the above plantations to 
Godschall John.son in trust for the use of T\. G. (Antigua I., 135). 

fvonx 1813 'to 1816 inclutube.* 


Mary Langford 

31 Healhfield. 

Sam. Turner 

1G8 Pakenham. 

Tho. Foot 


Jose])h L. AValrond 


Barbara ^v'ibbs 


Sir Geo. 'J'homas, B' 


Joseph G. Buckley 


Clement Tudvi'ay 


Andrew Lessley 

22 Bridport. 

xlnn Jones 


Sir Eich. -Veave, B' 


Cath. Potter 


John Dcwar 


John Lyons 

206 AVynne. 

.ArchJ Cochran 

342 „ 

Cha. Young 


Edward IJigg 


Tho. L. Brooke 


Eob. ilathews, L'-Gov 

4S4 „ 

John Dncr 


Anthony .1. P. Molloy 


Louisa M aclvinnon 


Ani> V. Duer 

. IS Pakenham. 

]{ich'' Donovan 


Jane Baroness Dow. ]J 


Will. Prescod 

41 Pakenham. 

252 Heathficld. 

Sir Wm. Gibbons, B' 


f ) 

C'lea-.ent lloilon 


George James 



I'hiiippa Elliot Holder 


Edw. Bob. Lasoelles 


J ) 

Jamos ^Maxwell 

157 Bridport. 

Jeunett Sober 


1 > 

Jonathan Worrell 

191 „ 

Sir Ph. Gihbcs, B' 



Abr. C. S,)bcr 

248 „ 

Will. Cadogan 


iSarah Barrow 


Dorothy Bruce 



John Lane Payne 

578 „ 

Eliz. P. E. AViltshire 



Hugh r.. Caruiichacl 

12 Bridport. 

Edward Ellaway 



John Ivlk's. 

02 „ 

Kobert KingstoTi 



James Wollen 


John F. Kendall 



Ivoberl Gibbons 


Tempest Coulthurst 



Jame.'^ Anslice 

217 Pakenham. 

* Continued fvoia Vol. III. 

WILLS PllOVED IN THE I'.C.C, F1105I 1813 TO 1816. 311 


1813. " Heathfield." 

Anna El!?;a Duchess of Cliandos 1 

Chark's Long 32 

Daniel Crokatt Go 

Smart Aldrcd 113 

Alice Eciinion 143 

Alexander Liiido 14G 

Charles Goodhall ]95 

Elizabeth Lythgow 202 

ITcnrv Shirlc}^ 215 

Sarah Whetcombe 227 

Edward Lougj 257 

David Patrick I\rolony 259 

Benjamin D'Aguilar 410 

Mary Dehany 
Thomas Aspinall 
"W'illiaTu Dick 
Simon Taylor 
AVilliam Dwarris 
Charles Joshua Manning 
Thomas Alexander Beach 
Susanna Coppell 
Tliomas Sutton 
.John Borrows 
William Grrecn 
George ITduey jNPKcnzie 


1814. " Bridport." 

JoJin Scott 

Tho. PuUarton Warren 
Key. Tho. "W'arren 
Edward ]^Iart)n A\^hitehead 
Fyft' Ellctson King 
Bice Davis 
Joseph Boyall 
Joseph Wilson 









Henry Dawk ins 
Bichard Crewe 
John Clark 
Joshua lluffhcs 
George Hobkirk 
Bichard Latimer 
John Orr 
John Boiirke 


1815. " Pakenham." 

George Atkinson 
John WiUey 
Zachaiy Hume Edwards 
Honry Hough. 
William JS'asmvth 
William Pavke" 
William Shackerley 
Samuel Virgin 
George Ellis 










Cath. Knowles Evans 30S 

John .M/^Lran o-N 
Sir Simon R. B. Taylor. B' 351, 409 

Daniel Bodrigues als. Cardozo 19S 

Adam Suiitli 517 

Samuel (^)uonoborouc;h 581 

Isaac Dias Feruandc? Gii2 

George Phillips G19 

1816. "Wynne." 

Sir Simon B. B. Taylor, B' 49 

Henry Wild man 52 

Sarah Coscns 70 

Bobcrt Ingram 145 

Lachlau MHIillivray 154 
Martha Countess ot S' Viuceut 161 

Sauuiel :\rainlev 213 

James Wildmaii 229 

Aun Sus* Baroness Dow. oi Pou- 

ihyu 276 

Daviil Lopes Torres 341 

ThouKVs Winder 346 

jS'athaniel Gray 

Esther J/iudo 

Thomas Prince 

James Worsfold 

Stci)hcn Hill 

Tho. Garland ^^lurray 

James W'.illccr 

3Iichael CoUman 

James Bobertson 

Marv Louisa Arcedecknc 

:\Iary Powell B'oyall 





Eliz. !Matlie\v 
Kobcrt CJaxton 
Andrew Perrott 
Frances AVoodley 
W JI. Losack 
Jolm Julius 
Jo>cph E.-<trid;5e 
AVill. Armstrong 
Mary Mat hew 
Benj. Archer 

33 Heatlifieia. 


317 Bridport. 


619 „ 
170 Pakenham. 

Lucas Garvey 
•lohu Julius 
Arill. Ottley 
Matilda Losack 
John W. AVillett 
Mich. O'Loughlin 
Cath. Staploton 
Anne S. Elake 
Eliz. P. V. Hall 
Aretas Akers 

503 Pakenham. 





157 Wynne. 
394 „ 
416 „ 
438 „ 
602 „ 


James Jordan. Dominica 

John Wardrobe. 
Andrew AVhiteman 

James Eonayne. Ilayti. 

AValter Sheen. Tortola. 
Justin M'^Carthy. St. 

Dominique Pechier. 
Ackcy Lawrence, 
llobert Tuitc. St. 
Francis Tucker 

30 Heath- 
49 „ 
Grenada. 108 
IGO Heath- 
Croix. 205 
Martinique. 377 
St. Lucia. 554 
Croix. Vol. XL 
Bermuda. 40 Brid- 



344 ,, 
374 „ 
393 „ 
459 „ 
501 „ 
010 „ 
12 Paken- 
George Morison. Tobago. 94 ,, 
Duncan Campbell. Dem. Tob. Gren. 
125 Pakenham. 
AVilliam Alexander. St. Vincent. 170 


John Corlet. 
Bobert Smith. 
Alexander Begbie. Bahamas, 
Samuel Chollct. Trinidad. 
Ann Wyke. Montserrat. 
Isaac Ilartiiian. St. Croix. 
John Clark. St. Vincent. 

James Bruce. St. Vincent. 

John Tate. Grenada. 
John Beid. „ 

Thomas S. Gore. 


226 Pak- 
285 Pakenham. 
Bahamas. 372 Pak- 
Bridget and Tho. Meade. 
Montserrat. 155 Pakenham. 
James Menzies. Bahamas. 458 Pak- 
John Ward. Nevis. 48G Pakenham. 
James Gordon. Honduras 504 Pak- 
Mary and Sarah Meade. Montserrat. 
510 Pakenham. 
Dom*^" St. Vincent. 
567 Pakenham. 
Tobago. 576 Paken- 
Charles K. Du A^nmet. St. Lucia. 15 

John Norris. St. Croix. 
John Ker. Grenada. 
John C. Lettsom. Tortola. 
Sir C. Sliifjley. Grenada. 
John jNliller. Bahamas. 
Stephen Castor. Curacoa. 
Andrew De Vaux. Bahamas. 511 

George Godwin 

William Akid. 















j^otts antr (Olutrits» 

AKEllS. {Ante, IV., 97.) 

St. Geokoe'3, Basseteere, St. Kitts. 


John s. of James and Jane Akers ; b. 2 April. 
Isaac Dupny s. of James and Jane Akers ; b. 11 June. 
Isabella dan. of Aretas and Jane Akers ; b. 7 May. 
Mary Ba^\lin^ dau. of James aud Ann Akers; b. 16 July. 






















(? 1752, 1753 Jan.) i Arelas Ak^rs to Jane l)ouL,'las. 

17G0 OS Akcr^ to Jane Abbot, Widow. - 

1775 July 20 Eobert Houston and Mary Douglas Alvcr.s. 


Jane wife of Aretas Akers. 

I'ldmund Alici's, a<4ed 3S. 

Mary Kawlins dau. of James, jun^, and Ann Akers, aged-2i m\ 

Hugh Yanco Akers. 37. 

James Akers. (57. 

John Akers, Jlarrisler at Law, aged 27. 

(A7ite, IV., 9S.) 

Aretas Akers now of Holies Street, Esq. Will dated 9 June iSl-i. "Whereas 
in March 1795 I intermarried with my wife Jane, and I have issue by licr 
two sons, Aretas A. my eldest son and Jas. lianisay A. niy youngest and only 
other son, and two daus. Marj*- A. and Caroline A., and I secured by my bond 
£400 a year to my wife during her widowhood and her fortune was vested in 
trustees for our lives and then for our cliildrcn. I appoint my said wife and 
Geo. Douglas of Tunbridge Wells, co. Kent, Esq., and the Ker. Rich'' AVarde of 
Talding, clerk, Ex'ors, tliey and Rob. Houston of G' Cumberland Street, E.s(j., 
G., a suit in Chancery to be instituted, Government securities to be purcliascd 
wWch shall yield £1000 a year, my wife to have tlie income. I bequeath her 
all furniture, etc., £i0,000 apiece for each of my daus. at 21. €15,000 for my 
son Jas. Eamsay A. at 21, £25,000 for my eldest son .Aretas A. at 21. All 
residue of personal estate to my said eldest son in tail, and on (Kvith of ail is>ue 
to the children of my brothers Edmund Fleming .\. and John Houston A., an<l 
of my late sister Isabel Morson. To my wife £200 innneiliati'iy. I L.'ivc niv 
100 acres of uncultivated land in S' \'inceiu to my eldest son, and all my books, 
watches, seals and family portraits. To my dau. Mary the small bedstead which 
her sister Jane used. My son Aretas not to be educated at a public school e.xci-pt 
to a University. My wife to i^ive up all control over my )iep]iew Hein-y .Miuxm 
the son of my sister Isabel .M. A black marble to be put over the grave of my 
two children wlio were interreil in ?klargate church and a small monument near 
it, and a monument to be placed over the grave (d' my son burieil in \'aidi!:g 
church. Proved 24 IH-c. ISIO by Jane .Akers, widow, the relict, and the J^ev.' 
Eichard AVarde, p.r. to G.D., Esq." (G02, AVynue.) 











9 Jan. 

















AUDAIN. {Ante, W., 214.) 

St. Anne's, S.tNj)r Point, St. Kitts. 


Peter s. of Andrew .\uilain. 11 July 1725. 

]Maria .Mluisia .\tidaii\ dau. of .\ndrew .\tidain. 

Gorges Andrea s. of Andrew .Vudain. April ID. 172l>. 

.... dau. of .\braliam .Vndain. 

Lucy (b. July 4. '40), dati. of Abraham and Tabitlia Andam. 

Susanna (b. Au^'. 21. '17), dau. of Jolm and .Mary Aud.iin. 

Isaac VAvr Audain (li. Jan. 5, '1^;, s. of Abraham and Tabitha. 

-Alary Elizabeth dau. of John and Mary .Vinlain. 

Isaac Peter (b. July 1, 1751), s. of John and Mary Audain. 




]V'2') July 11 Doctor Peter Audaii). 

1729 April 10 Prancis s. of Andrew Audain. 

17-3L' iN'ov. 9 J)'' Jj^aac Peter Audaiii. 

17-j1 Dec. 2G Tabitba wife of Abraham Audain. - 

17ol AoT. 26 Lucy Audain, aged o years, -i uionth'^ and 2i days. 

17;ilJ Oct. 3 Abraliam Audain and Tabitlui Planning. 

St. Geokgk's, IUssetekre, St- Kitts. 

1781 Nov. 28 Ann dau. of Philip Audain. 4 years. 
1799 Aug. 2 Thomas Audain, Gentleman, aged 19 years. 


Edward Buncombe late of the Island of Mountr-eratt but now of Bristol, Esq. 
Will dated 26 Aug. 11 Q. Anne, 1712. Whereas I have conveyed to mj^ eldest 
son John my share of the Manor of Goathurst, co. iSom., and in consideration 
thereof he gave me a bond dated 10 Aug. of £800 conditioned for the payment of 
.ClOO I con linn the same. My son W"'"B. £200, and my two so)is Charles and 
.lor^cph B. £100 each at 21. If they die tlie said bond to my sons and dau. 
Edward, Tho., Georne and Ann E. eiiuallv at 21. IM^y Mary ]Molineux wife 
ot .folm M. of the J. of 3Iount^eratr, planter, £1(3. To each of my grand 
children John Davis Molincu.\ and his ?i,sler ?i[ary Molineux 3000 lbs. of Musco- 
vado sugar at IS. My son Tho. B. 60,000 lbs. at 21, and during his minority 
•JOOO lbs. yearly with meat, lodging, and permission to keep stock. My dau. 
Ann i^. 80,000 fbs. at IS and 4000 lbs. vearlv, etc. ^ly sons Charles, Joseph and 
Geo. p. 30.000 lbs. each at 21 wilh " sudlcieut Apparell, Meat, Drink, Washing, 
Lodging and Schoolling;" if they die their shares to my s. George. IMy wile 
Ann 1}. { of the produce of and libertv to live on niv plantation with the use of a 
hor.v.'.' uTid boy and 2 negro women and their children and furniture of her 
chamber. My friend Edward Hackett of Bristid, :\l«'rchant, £-3. .My jdantation, 
iiCj^'i-os, hor>e-^, jdate and all residue to mv s. Kd. 15. and I]\'or for the Leeward 
l>iaiMis, and Kd. Hackett E.x'or for Great Britain. 

Witnessed by Kli/.. .Stayner. ft'ra. iTreeman. Ji'' Hi^'gins. 

Pioved 30 Oct. 1712 "bv Ed. Hackett. nowcr reserved to Ed. B. the son. 
(P.C.C, 1S2. Barnes.) 

aclvctt, ])i)wer rcser\ 

On the 1-^ wall of the chancel of -St. Niidiolas Church, ]3ristol, was formerly a 
laidct to iiini reording his death on U .Sept. 1712, aged 53. (Aii/e, IT., 27o.) 
He \\a.-< Spi-aker c. 1710. (Oldmixun, ii., 233.) 

1'''.'.3, Oct. 17. Govr. Codrin^ton writes: About 10 days ago a Erench 
priviitcer in ihe night carried off one Cant B. and 10 negroes"from Montserrat. 
OV.I_(;d., p. LS3.:) ^ 

173s, .\pril 10. Edward Buncombe, Esq. Gift of a slave to Ik-njamin 
Estridge his father in law. (St. ICitts liecrds, N\'. 1S23.) 

Edward Buncombe. E.<q. AVill dated 1 Anu'. 1711. My father Benjaniiii 
E-tridgf, I'].v,[. :Mv brothers Thomas, George and Charles B., etc. Sworn 1 .Sept. 
17n. (//./,/., Xo." 2209.) 

C.iOi. I'^stridge Buncombe, s])r.. ot S' Chr., now residing in S' i\larylebone. 
Will dated G ,Iuuo 1772. To my valuable friciul M' .lohn Calfe of S' ■:Mary 
Koiiierhithc £200. .AL" Cath. Hammond, sp"-, of M'bone, £2uO. To my goddau. 



Miss Eli/."' Cninos, cImu. of Clia. (\, I's.i., nu<! Jiulilh his y.vWe, £50 at 21. Tu every 
oue of tliiit amiablo faiiiily a ni. nii:,' aiucre. To .lolin .Esirid^'e, Es!|., now rosi'liir^ 
in S' Geo , lianovcr Sij., uwl liis 1 cliililrt'ii a rlwj; a]nocc as a mark of 7ny tender 
love, in partifulai- my dearest 'j,iv\ Polly — her ample fortune. To my fi'ieiid .M'" 
Marg* \Vill<on (once nallida\) l'">() tor ;i i-inL;, being >e(Mnd in ujy aft'i ciions. To 
my more than mother .M'-' Leigh, to lier mother, Iierhu^^band .-uid her fatlier a ring 
each. To my si:jter M'* Ann Catli. Perreau £1UU. To mv >islcr ^i" Mary 
AVylly* £100, herljiisbaud -M'' Tho. W. .My negro women Fildry and liemba 
their freedom. To little Geo., s. ol' ^S'elly, dec'', hi.s freedom, £oO, and to be in the 
care of Capt. Calfe. o gas. to !Marv Lei^li the negro woman serving her mistress 
M'^ A. M. Leigh. Dresses to Miss .Mary Estridge, Mi.s.s H.-.rriot t'aines. Miss 
Fanny Caines. and my goddau. Miss Betsey Caines. ^l''^ Ualliday the mother of 
my dear M" Willson. 3ly watch chain to Master Geo. Leigh, s. of L'ha. L., li.i>q. 
To s'' Cha. Leigh, Esq., and his wife £1U0 for 2 rings as a mark of my .sisterly 
love. To poor old M''^ Jones and her dau. £10. To ^liss Otto and Miss Wills a 
25s. ring. All residue to my good and tender parent (for she has been all that 
but the name) M''^ Anna Maria Leigh, widow, of S* Chr., now of Great Q. Ann 
Str., M'bone, and sole E.v;'trix. Cod. : To my gods. Geo. Bryan s. of M''* Mary 
Buncombe Brvau of S' Chr. and mv goddau. Miss Ann Caines dau. of Cha. C, 
Esq., of S' Chr., £25 each. Proved 2 Dec. 1772 by A. M. Leigh. (130, 

BUET OF ST. KITTS. ^Anfe, 89.) 
St. ANXii'a, SA>"nT Point, St. Kitts. 

1725 Ja7i. 6 Arnie ^larhew dau. of Colonel Wdliani Pirn and Loiiisa Burt. 
172G Nov. 22 diaries Pvm J^urt s. of Colonel William Pirn Burt and Louisa. 
1728—1729 Jan. or Feb. 15 Abediiego Van Lempit s. of Ccd. W" Burt. 
1733 May 10 Marv (b. May 7, '33) dau. of \V'" Pvm Burt by his wife Louisa. 
173S April 15 Margaret (b.' Ap' 15, 1730) dau. of W"' Pym' Burt by his wife 

1735 Jan. 19 Edward Blake B. (b. Dec. G, 1731) s. of AN'illiam Pym B. by his 

wife Louisa. 
1738 Aug. . . Maihew dau. of .... Pvm and Louisa Burt. 
1751 April 29 Charles Pyui Burt (b." Ap. 29, '51) s of Charles Pym and 



1730 June 29 Abodnego Van Lempit Burt. 

1750 April 6 The Honourable William Pvm Burt, Esq. 

1751 April .30 Charles Pym Burt, aged 1 day. 
1738-39 Jan odrin'irton Burt. 

1738 May 25 Margaret Burt. 
1738 May 27 Edward Blake Burt. 


1730 April 19 ^V"' Alarkham and M" Hb/abeth 15urt. 
1730 Aug. 2S Benjamin .Marklnim ami ^I"* I'nrt (Prances). 

.James \'erchild and Pene!o|)(> Burt. 

Alexaiider Kraser and Louisa Burt. 

Francis Phipps aiul .Susanna Burt. 

Dan' Everard Guillien and Mary Burt. 

James I'^inra and Catherine Burt. 


J une 














* B, 1733, s dau. of .]obn Kitridje by Eli/.. riii]ip> hin wifn. 



St. Gkoegk'^, ]5asseti:;rre, St. Ivitts. 

1753 Dec. 2 Jane A\'ood dau. of Cluirlcs-Pym and Catlierine Burt ; b. 20 
Nov., bapt. 

COTTLE OF ST. KITTS. (^Atifc, IV., 210.) 

St. G-^OKGe's, liAbSETERKE, St. KlTXS, 


1750 July 24 Sarali Grace Bell, dau. of Thomas & Grace C, b. 29 Dec. 1754^. 

1759 June- 10 John Duraudt, y. of Tho^ & Grace Cottle, b. 15 May. 
17G2 April 23 Elizabeth, dau. of Tho^ A (irace Cottle, b. 29 .March. 
1763 Mar. 27 Johu 3Iark, s. of Thu'' & Grace Cottle, b. ye 14 March. 


1760 May 16 Johu Durant Cottle, an iufant. 
17G5 Nov. 19 Tho^ Cottle. 40 vcars. 

CllOOKE OF ST. KITTS. (Aufe, 111., 193.) 
Teinitv, Pai.mktto Point, St. Kitts. 


2(1 Clement, s. of En.^ign Tl'.o^ Crooke it ^Mary his \vife, b. Xov. 1-1. 
31 Henrietta Garnctt, dau. of Capt" I'ho' Peter Crooke it Henrietta 

his wife. 
27 Eli/"' Assily, dau. of Tho^ Peter Crook, a Lieut., & Henrietta hid 
wife, b. Nov. 10, 1756. 
7- John Kerie, iut'^ s. of W'" Greatheed & Christina Crooke, b. 

A p. 15, 1S04, etc. 
14 \\'"' l'hipi);<, inf s. o( \V'" Greatheed & Christina Crooke, b. 
Jan. 16, 1SU7, etc. 
2 Christina, dau. of W"' Greatlieed Crooke ifc Christliui liis wife, 

b. .Aug. 31, l.s(.i5, clc. 
2 Milward Piekwoad. s. of "W"' Greatheed Crooke & Christina his 
wife, b. July M, 1S09, etc. 


21 Clement, s. of Ensiu'ii 'J'luj' Crooke & 3lary his wife. 

2S M'' Henrietta Crooke from Basseterre. 

21 Henrietta Crooke, ageil 20 years, from Basseterre. 


1753 Feb. 26 Peter Tliomas Crooke, Esq., S: Henrietta Gibbons, dau. of ]M" 
Henrietta G., widow. 



















St. Gt;oi{GK's, I^assktekkk, St. Kiits. 

21 Milwanl Crooke ^t Anne Siuith Clarke. 

31 The Jlououiable Samuel Crooke ct Mary Duport. 

2S llenrielta Crooke, spinster, aged Iblaiik], car'' to Palmetto Point. 


St. Anxe's, Sandy Point, St. Kitts. 

172.5 ]^^ay 21 John C'rooke & W ^Martha As-^^alie. 
1737 Dec. — Sam' Crooke & Sarah Milward. 


1750 May 3 Elizahoth Assailly Cronlce (b. Ap. 25, I7o0), dau. of Assailly & 
Prances of the p. of S' John. 


172o Junp 1 Jolin Crooke. 
172G Dec. 31 Douson Crooke. 

AVm. Crooke, hite of the Island of .S' Chr., now of Nottin;rl);un Phice, Marv- 
lebone, Esq. Will dated 17 July IbU-j. My house and lands in the Town of 
Sandy Point wliich I inherit from )ny der'' uncle Henry Bennett which lie pur- 
chased from Stephen Payne to my sister Parker Prancken -wife of Parker Bennett 
P. of S. P' and the land called Oli Fort with the buildins^s also from my s'' uncle 
to my ncph. Vi''" Crooke Wood and the land formerly litv. John BaMrick's, dec*^, 
and since inlierited from my uncle and lying between the land I have given to my 
sister P. V. and land late of Stafford Somarsall, dec'\ and Jo)iath. Clarke to my 
serv' Tho. Phijtps. To my friends Jcdcdiah ICerie of S* C, Esq,, Cornelius llcn- 
dric'kson Kortright, late of S^ Cruix, now of Hylands, co. E^-sex, K>^ti., I'.jOUU to 
pay the interest to my sister and lier husbiind. I give her all my plate, ilnen anil 
china. My ue|)hew ^\'"' Henry F. at 21 £1000 and £SO a year until then, ."^ly 
niece Jane P. at 21 £1000 and £su a yeai-. Xe[)hews \\'"' Ci'ookc Wood, Henry 
Bennett "Wood, Jas. Yf., Edw. W., Decimus \\., £1000 each. To s'' Trustee's 
£1000 for my niece Ann Henville wife of Fra. I'liipps H. of S' C. and dau. of my 
sister Mary Vrood. My niece Mary Crooke Deeble, wife of John D. of S' C. and 
dau. of my sister Mary W., £1000. My niece Jane Baldrick Wood £lUUO. 
Niece Eliz."Sprott, wife of Henry S. of S' C". and dau. of s'' sister, £1000. £1000 
for my niece Mary Xesbitt, wife of D'' A\'. X. and dau. of my dec'' sister Jane 
Hewson. My niece Jane Hcwson, dau. of my s'' sister Jane Howison and lialf- 
sistei- of Mary Xesbilt, £500. To the 2 clans, of my dec'' ne[)liew Airhibald 
Henry Esdaile and Jiebecca liis wife £300 between them, serv' Tho. Phippj- £100, 
housekeeper Eli/,. Spree £100, serv' W'" Clarke £200. IMy goddaii. Eii/.. Keric, 
dau. of Jedcdiali K. and jNIarv his wife, £100. Goddaii. Alarv Kerie Walrond, 
dau. of Cha. Wills W.. £100. "(-Juds. W'" Kortright £100. My mulatto Wm. s. 
of a mulatto girl Polly Audian (sic) and reputed dau. ot Abr. A., dee'', by a neirro 
■w. Nancy, £100. Fi'lend Mrs. Fra. C'aines £100. Ex'urs £100 each. " All my 
plantations and lauds in (t. B. and the W. J . to s'' trustees and all leasehold est., 
goods and money to sell and residue for iny sister Parker F., lu-phew W"' H. F., 
uiece Jane F., s'' g. nephews and nieces ch" of sist. .Mary Wood and ilu> eh" of my 
niece Ann Henville in e([ual shares. T. to be Ex'ors. Proved 20 March l'Sl7 by 
C. H. K., Esq., power reserved to J. K. On 23 Oct. 1S18 adm'on of est. left 
iiuad. by C. H. K., Esq., dec'', gr. to Henry Ik'nnetl Wood, Esq., J. K. having 

On 15 Dec. 1S27 adm'on to John Stewart Wooil, Iv-cp, the attx of Patrick 
AVoodley Henville, Esq.. a child of Ann II. wife of Fra. P. IL, now rcsiiiiug in 
S' Chr. (117, .i:ilingham.) 



DALT OF MONTSEREAT. {Ante, I., 114.) 

1G7')-G. Daniel Oaiv, iii^oii Hi), his ileposltiuu. ("Atitigua," I., lii.) 

1G77-S. Lieut. Edmoiid Diily. 

170-', Aug. 8. ^lajoi- Joliii Daly, in the arinj many years and served in all 
the expeditions iu the Lite wars in those parts, is recommended for a scat in the 
Council. (Col. Cal., p. 512.) 

1710. John Daly, Esij,, and Dciinis Daly, Esq., ^Icmber of the Council or 
As.veinlily. (Uldniixun, ii., 'l?,'.j.) 

lices Daly, s. of .John Daly of M., esq., Exeter Coll., matric. 18 July 1731 ; 
aged IS. (Foster) ; 

17.":i-'), Dee. IS. lie went out as a nu'nister. (Fothergill.) 

1779. Tho. Oliver and Richard Oliver then owned the Bugby Hole planta